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Dealers say that ns s'»m as a cus
tomer tries Defiance Starch It Is im
possible to sell them any other cold
water starch. It can be used cold 01
A Kruss widow is seldom as verdant
as her title would Indicate.
Do you make it right
Do you make it right
Do you make it right
Do you make it right
In e*rrj |*. k».ri> of Schilling's licit Ten la n
booklet: lion to Mnke flood Ten.
• < o-nan with an ugly
husband is all right. hut a handsome
husband with an ugly wife is a com-
' tf
sftW Twice as
tf One Third the Cost
19 Every day is bargain day in the
JV Wave Circle. Come in and get ac- VKg
quainted. K C will help you cut
i iji! down the living expenses and make leL
I IA I*! |jj doctor’s bills a thing of the past. Do
![ m. Ijt you realize that you can get the best
fpflj and purest baking ' owder in the world ki|
RaUNa Uiwm at one-third what you’ve been paying
r lor an Ywhere near K C quality. A2}
B cOa ounce mi costs 2se. Think of the saving!
IV . t A Can you make money any easier ? Get JKf
** to ' da y' The grocer returns the BB
price of can if you are not satisfied. jrj
~/lU Grocers
Srn.l for the beautiful
“Book of Present*."
Winchester Rifle and Pistol Cartridges of all
calibers are loaded by machinery which sizes
the shells, supplies the exact quantity of
powder, and seats the bullets properly. By
using first-class materials and this up-to-date
system of loading, the reputation of Win
chester Cartridges for accuracy, reliability and
excellence is maintained. Ask for them.
W. L. Douglas
*3 j?£c *3=SHOES me"
W. L. Douglas 54.00 Cilt Edge Line
cannot bo equalled at any price.
tin nnn REWARD toinyonswhocan
$ I UjUUU ditprov* this statement.
• W. 1.. Douglas $.1.50 shoes have by their ex
cellent .style, easy fitting, and superior wearing
qualities, achieved the largest sale of any $3.50
shoe In the world. They are Just as wood as
those that cost you $5.00 to $7.00 —the only
difference Is the price. If I could fake you Into
my factory at Brockton. Mass., the largest in
the world under one roof making men’s fire
■hoes, and show you the care with which every
pair of Douglas shoes Is made, you would realize
why W. L. Dou las $3.50 shoes are the best
shoes produced In the world.
If I could show you the difference between the
■hoes made In my factory and those of other
makes, you would understand why Dougla.'
$3.50 shoes cost more to make, why they hold
their shape, fit better, wear longer. and are ot
greater Intrinsic value than any other $3.50
shoe on the market to-day.
nr. L Dou a! mm St mono Mm dm Shomm for
Man, 02.80, 03.00. Baym’ School 0
Brass 5h00m.02.80, 02, 01.70,01.00
CAUTION.— Insist tipon li.iTlrg \V.l..Doug
las sin**-*. T.»ko n«» substitute. None oentiiuo
without hi* name an<l price stamped on bottom.
WANTKI). A shoe dealer In every town wliero
W. 1,. Douglas Shoes are not sold. Full line of
samples sent free for inspection upon request.
Fast Color Eyelets used; they will not wear brassy.
Write for Illustrated Catalog of Fall Styles.
W. 1.. UOI'GLAS. llrocUton, Mass.
Denver Directory
Metal nl<> ligl.t*. mumped steel rellllia*. pip
ing an>! slate, tile and inctal roofs, etc.
IlnininiK'k*, Ciinip Furniture, Finis*.
1021 I.a\vrence St.. Denver, Colorado \
Hardware A Iron Co.. 15th & Wnsee. Denver.
IJO7 Kith St.. Denver. Colo. Write for catlog j
Test 12 per-lar hotel In the Wei. A'ti»rlotn plan
European plan. $1.50 and upward.
Oxford Hotel
Denver. One bloek from I'ulon Depot.
1 I reproof. I'. 11. 3IOICSE. Mgr.
fok your drains
We aro eomplllng a book of or..verbs and
ton sis to be used for udvertMng purposes.
, . ...in, v ..in :i i•. unn are wining to pay
for It. We therefore mak.- you the follow
Issued in our usual form, g>»«i on any new
l lano in our stock.
t.et ltn*y lit tune mid nmM or bring to
; Thompson's Eys Satsr
There is good and bad
tea; there is good and bad
tea cookery.
Which have I ?
Muggins—"Do you think women will
ever nil. ct-ed in polities?” Hoggin- -
"Certainly not. They would never i.uv
votes. They would just go around
pricing them."
Storekeepers report that the extra
quantity, together with the superior
quality of Defiance Starch makes it
next to impossible to sell any other
There are some npnn'«
were to speak a kind word would sur
prise l heir own
wouldn’t believe themselves.
their sex, used as a douche is mar\
cessful. Thoroughly cleanses, kills disease germs,
stops discharges, heals inflammation and local
Paxtine is in powder form to be dissolved In pore
water, and is far more cleansing, healing, germicidal
and economical tlian liquid antiseptics for all
For sale at druggist*, 50 cents a box.
Trial Box and Book of Instructions Free.
Thk r. Paxton Company Boston. Mass.
Beautify Your
Walls and Ceilings!
A Rock Cement
and beautiful
tints. Docs not rub or scale. Destroys dis
ease germs and vermin. No washing of
walls after once applied. Any one can
brush it on —mix with cold water. Other
finishes, Ix-arlng fanciful names and mixed
with either lint or cold water, do not
have the cementing property of
Alab&stine. They are stuck on with glue,
or other animal matter, which rots,
feeding disease germs, rubbing,
sealing and spoiling walls, cloth
ing, etc. Such Finishes must be washed
off every year—expensive, filthy work. Buy
Alabust ine only in five pound pack*
ages, properly lubcled. Tint card,
pretty wall aud ceiling design, “ Hints on
Decorating” and our artists’ services in
making color plan*, free.
Grand Rapids, Mich., or 105 Water St.. N. Y
If you have cream to separate a good
Cream Separator is the most profitable in
vestment you can possibly make. Delay i
means daily waste of
time. la!>or and product.
Im&A $ 10 '“ P er cow per year
lW every year of use over all
AJv gravity setting systems
iVit 11M ■» a»d $5- per cow over
/JjDa all imitating separators.
fA JBF They received the Grand
Prize or Highest Award
at St. Louis.
Buying trashy cash-in-advance sepa
rators is penny wise, dollar foolish.
Such machines quickly lone their cost
instead of saving it.
If you haven’t the ready cash
DE LAVAL machines may be bought
on such liljeral terms that they actually
pay for themselves.
Send today tor new catalogue and
name of nearest local agent.
The De Laval Separator Co.
Randolph & Canal Sts. t 74 Cortlandt Strttl
BTHc original It ,
. Tomvs

A. J. TOWER CO., BOSTON, mass., u.s.a.
Says He Has Found Doan’s Kidney
Pills Invaluable in Treating Sick
Hon. Timothy D. Sullivan of New
York, Member of Congress from the
Eighth New York District, and one of
the Democratic leaders of New York
State, strongly recommends Doan’s
Kidney Pills.
Senator Sulli
van writes:
"It is a pleas
ure to endorse a
remedy like
Doan’s Kidney
Pills, having
found them of
greatest value
in eliminating
the distress
caused by sick
kidneys, and in
restoring those organs to a condition
of health. My experience with your
valuable remedy was equally as grati
fying as that of several of my friends.
Yours truly,
Foster Milburn Co., buffalo. N. Y.
For sale by all druggists. Price, DO
cents per box.
’’.Mr. Bjones complains that bis wife
is bard to please.” “She could not
have been when she married him.”
If you don’t get the biggest and best
It’s your own fault. Defiance Starch
is for sale everywhere and there is
positively nothing to equal It In qual
ity or quantity.
The fellow who parades bis vices
may be more to l»o trusted than ilia
one who parades his virtues.
Here Is Relief for Women.
Mother Gray, a uurso In New York, dis
covered a pleasant herb remedy for women’s
bis, called AUSTUALIAN-LKAF. It is tho
only certain monthly regulator. Cures
female weaknesses, backache, Kidney and
Urinary troubles. At all Druggists or by
mail Miets. Sample mailed FREE. Address,
The Mother Gray Co., Lclioy, N. Y.
“I’ll give,” he wrote, "u million
..i n.,.irMc your scope.
You'll hud It good clean money;
1 made It sidling soap.”
Lewis’ “Single Binder” straight 5c cigar. 1
No other hr*id of cigars is so |>opulurwith
the smoker He has learned to rely upon
its uniform high quality Lewis’ Factory,
Peoria, 111.
Women fail in love as easily as men
go around trying new brands of cigurs.
j <ro not believe PI ho’a Cure for Consumption
has an equal for coughs and colds.—John F. j
lloT kk, Trinity Springs. I net, Feb. 15, IVOO.
Some men-give according to their
means and others according to their
How much does it cost to
money back tea?
Depends on the tea.
Your armor returns .vour money If you don’*
like tklillllng's Hot.
The Man With the Hoe.
President James J. Hill of the Great
Northern railroad, in a letter to the Ir
rigation congress at Portland, grows
very eloquent in relation lo homes upon
the arid lands of the West.
••'rite forest falls, the mine is de
pleted of its precious contents, even
the seas might, if searched too se
verely, eease to give tribute, but the
soil is the last unfailing resource," said
Mr. Hill. "Play games as we may," he
continued, "with picture cards adorned
with other names, the man at the bot
tom, the man with his foot upon a
plot of ground, tho man who Is draw
dug from the earth food for himself and
others Is the foundation of all advance-]
ment, as well as all prosperity. Make,
way for him, for where he Is decaying
the pillars of the state are weakening,
and all the more Impressive forms of
wealth are trembling toward the dust.”
Expert Engineering.
An Oil City laborer, who Is some
thing of a character in his way, was
sent the other day to dig a ditch from
the street curb to a certain point in a
yard. He was given a two-foot rule
io assist In his measurements.
At the close of the day he duly re
ported to the "boss.”
"Did you dig the ditch. Jimmy?”
asked the latter.
"I did," replied Jimmy.
“How long was the ditch, Jimmy.”
"The length of the rule, the length
of the pick, the length of two bricks
and the length of a stick,” answered
"Have you the stick?” asked the
"I have," said Jimmy.—Oil City Bliz
A Tussle with Caffee.
There Is something fairly demoni
acal in the way coffee sometimes
wreaks its fiendish malice on those
who use it.
A lady writing from Calif, says:
"My husband and I, both lovers of
coffee, suffered for some time from a
very annoying form of nervousness,
accompanied by most frightful head
aches. In my own case there was
eventually developed some sort of af
fection of the nerves leading from the
spine to the head.
’T was unable to hold my head up
straight, the tension of the nerves
drew it to one side, causing me the
most Intense pain. We goi no relief
from medicine, and were puzzled as
to what caused the trouble, until a
friend suggested that possibly the cof
fee we drank had something to do
with it, and advised that we quit it
aud try Postum Coffee.
"We followed his advice, and from
the day that we began to use Postuni
we both began to improve, and In
a very short time both of us were
entirely relieved. The nerves became
steady once more, the headaches
ceased, the muscles In the back of my
neck relaxed, my head straightened
up and the dreadful pain that had so
punished me while I used the old kind
of coffee vanished.
"We have never resumed the use of
the old coffee, but relish our Postum
every day ns well as we did tho
former beverage. And we are de
lighted to find that we can give it
freely to our children also, something
we never dared to do with the old
kind of coffee.” Name given by Pos
turn Co.. Battle Creek. .Mich.
Postum Coffee contains absolutely
no drugs of any kind, but reliever the
coffee drinker from the old drug
There’s a reason.
The London dlamor;>l syndicate has
made another advance <>f five per cent,
in the price of rough Muncy.
A cholera epidemh • ems to be
spreading in Manila. X microns deaths
have already been rej :i >l.
The American st< nrucr Montarn.
hound for Petropavlov.- was captured
by the Japanese in the Bering sea Aug
ust 23d.
An imperial edict < ares that tel
ephones anti win! telegraphs
throughout China an w rnment mo
Charles King, the At • ican who was
to be hanged at Ednu on, September
Ist, has been granted a reprieve until
September 30th.
President Palma ha unod tho bill
passed by the Cuban Mouse and Sen
ate for the liquidation of the remaining
half of tho revolutiona: y soldier’s pay.
The Catholic university at Washing
ton through Its atto; • >, has filed
proof of its claim for "" "no against
the bankrupt estate ot l.uas E. Wag
Senator W. A. Cla of Montana,
who is recovering ft"i> a surgical op
eration, sailed Augu mi for Paris,
where he expects to i t main several
Lieut. William May. ■ > f the Chicago
fire department lost l I*i•• by suffo
cation August 29th .attempting to
rescue four children supposed to be
cut off by the flames.
Ben F. Elbert, a protein- nt lowa cap
italist, was drowned a small river
south of I)es Moines ' n t 23d while
driving. Elbert carrh i life insurance
aggregating more than ?;:<)(>,000.
William Cook, son • I). W. Cook,
vice president of tin Beatrice (Ne
braska) National Dun was drowned
August 29th. He rei : • nted tho Be
atrice high school at 1 1.. inaugural cer
emonies at Washing'"i 1). C\, March
The French authorities have been
ordered to hold two < misers in read
iness to proceed to Morocco in case
the sultan does not comply with the
French demands regie !mg the release
of the French-Algerian merchant now
A deal has been coi ludod whereby
ihe Kansas Natural CL. Company, con
trolled by Pittsburgh \ with T. N.
Barnsdall as president, has purchased
the People’s Natural <> Company of
I Coffeyville, Kansas. The price paid
1 was |900,000.
I The Department of Public Instruc-
I lion and Board of Education of Mexico
, are preparing to stait a congress of
| Mexican educators, 11 1 «• first ever held
I In the country. The object Is to pro
[ mote unity of edura’i..iial methods
ihroughout the republic.
Two years ago the 1> minion govern
ment abolished all cuna! lulls for two
years as an experiment. The officials
iound that it work- ; satisfactorily,
and the council order* 1 a continuance!
of the no-toll policy and he discharge
of all '.ne staff of coll* < tors.
Building operations in New York
City have reached un« xainpled propor
tions during the past six months. From
January I st to Jlint Ih< re were
filed in Manhattan tiion- 2.421 plans
for new buildings and alt* rations, rep
resenting a cost of fOt’i.ldC.llC.
Sir Thomas Lipton. who was re
; cently Interviewed on ils yacht, the
Erin, said: "I am quit- .is desirous as
. ever to go on with a fresh challenge
for the America’s cup, but it would be
a futile effort un r the measurement
j i iiles of the New Y ork Yicht Club.”
I The annual report of Chief Wilkie of
the secret servic* Tiows a total of ‘.72
arrests, of which forty-one related to
the counterfeitin'' of currency, fifty
, two to altered obligations. 344 to the
i counterfeiting of < in and the others In
I connection with various violations of
the fed uul statin* s.
A Phoenix. At /'*na, dispatch says
that Robert Howard, son of a promi
-1 nent Date creok rancher, who was
struck by lightning ami killed, to
gether with his i rse. was the fifth
person to be kill* i by lightning within
a week in Arizona.
An Internationa: bank with a capital
of $1,000,000 is h'-ing formed in N**w
j York City for the purpose of carrying
on hanking operations between the
! United States am Hungary and to
’ open accounts o’ ‘‘migrants to this
country from the Balkan peninsula.
Tile visit of the British channel fleet
to German Baltic ports, beginning with
Swinemunde, hu>- been received with
every show of co rtesy and pleasure
by the German naval authorities. The
newspapers caret / y avoid saying any
thing unpleasant and there is evident
I determination to treat the visitors
As the result of the conference be
tween the President and J. I». Morgan
at Oyster Bay. tl>. Chinese Develop
ment Company h a meeting ami rat
ified the sale of Hankow railroad
back to China. Tin plan was arranged
at the meeting I- ve«*n the President
and Mr. Morgan an>l is satisfactory to
both of them.
By a terrific e\; sion of giant pow
der at Paris, fifty ne miles from Ba
kersfield, Callform . Mrs. A. W. Mc-
Rae. wife of a pr* merit mining man.
her son, Georg*’. d Oscar Unclose,
another mine ow!>*r, wore instantly
killed. Mr. McR. received injuries
from which it is f* *’d he will die. and
at least three oth-r men were badly
hurt by the explo on.
A detachment • marines and sail
ors from the Cor:: m cruiser Bussard
surprised about ! 00 Insurgent na- ;
lives, half of win were armed with :
rifles, near Kowu: German East Af- <
rica, August 25th The Germans kill* d
seventy-three of ' ■ insurgents and
drove many oth* i into the River Hi
flji, where they v• re drowned. No
German casual!i* ; ! ave been reported.
The will of tin late Wilmon W. |
Blackmar, comma: er-ln-chief of the ]
.Grand Army of M Republic, provides j
for a legacy ot ? .000 to Nancy T.
Creel of Jy.uisv. ■ Kentucky, whose
mother served as trso to Mr. Black- *
mar after he had n wound* d in the
Civil War. Tin- a “»r leaves to Re
united States P* rnment the chair |
in which General ' rant sat when ar
ranging the surr* : r of General L*' i
of the Confederal army at Appomat
Theodore W:/ Todd, for more I
than fifty years ! 'd of what Is said
to be the oldest ’ mss establishment
in New York < died on the, 29th
ult. Ho was <.• years old and the
firm of which ! aa the head, until
he retired fiv < ”s ago was' estab
lished prior to 17:
The German ral stn-ff is working
out a plan to o' n colonial army
from thopres.n.' -tablishin.-nt. Ma
rines are to 1* in< led and their nmn
b< !• w i: be • for the pui
of garrisoning AM 111 a, *d Asiatic col
onics. They v.i:. be placed on the
regular basis with periodical reliefs.
Did Not Disappear Until the Blood
Was Renewed by Dr. Williams’
Pink Pills.
Typhoid fever is sometimes railed nor
Tons fever. During the course of tlie
fever tlie nerves «re always profoundly
disturbed, and when it is over they uro
left so sensitive that tlio puiicnt has to
he guarded agniust- all excitement. In the
tonic treatment thou demanded, regard
must he paid not only to building up flesh
but also to strengthening iho nerves, A
remedy that will do Ihjili, make sound
flesh to repair waste and give new vigor
to feeble nerves, is the most convenient
and economical. Such a remedy is Dr.
Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People.
One proof of this is the experience of
Mr. Charles Worth, of Kast Vassalboro,
Maine. He says : 1 had a severe at
tack of typhoid fever late in the fall
which left me very weak and debilitated.
My heart palpitated, my breathing Int
erne difficult after the least exertion uinl
there was numbness in both hands. I
suffered in that way for fully six months.
As 1 did not grow out of it, did not in
fact see the slightest improvement ns
time |»iNsed. 1 decided to use Dr. Wil
liams’ Pink Pills as 1 knew of some cures
they had effected in cases like mine.
“Almost as soon as I began taking
them I could see decided improvement
and after keeping on with them for
several weeks I was completely well. I
consider l)r. Williams' Pink Pills a most
valuable remedy, and I am in the habit
of recommending them to others afflicted
ns T was.”
When the nerves ache and trem
ble it means that they are starving. The
only way to feed them is through the
blood, and the best food is Dr. Williams*
Pink Pills. They are absolutely guaran
teed to he free from opiates or ot her harm
ful drugs. They are sold by all drug
gists, or may bo obtained directly from
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schenec
tady, N. Y.
"Johnny, I thought 1 told you not to
go outside the gate.” "Yes'in, but you
: said 1 could play dog, and’ 1 had to run
j an’ bark at a wagon.”
Ask Your Dealer for Allen’s Foot-Ease
A powder. It rests the feet. Cures Swollen,
Sore, Hot, Callous. Aching, Sweating Feet
and Ingrowing Nails. At all Druggists and
Shoe stores. 25 cents Accept no substitute.
Sample mailed Pit MM. Address, Alien S.
Olmsted, LclCoy, N. Y.
J "What a funny bathing suit that
Bjones girl wears.” "Yes. She evi-
I dently believes that brevity is the soul
of wit."
Is strength all ?
If money is plenty, no.
Schilling’s Best.
Tour grocer return* your money If you don't like It.
Teacher— Why «lld the children of
Israel build a golden •. 1 1 f V Sdiol.tr
they didn't have gold enough to
make a cow, I guess.
i Hundreds of dealers sny the extra
! quantity and superior quality of De
fiance Starch is fast taking place of
all other brands, others say they can
not sell any other starch.
Physicians Recommend Castoria
C ASTORIA has met with pronounced favor on the part of physicians, pharma
ceutical societies and medical authorities. It is used by physicians with
results most gratifying. The extended use of Castoria is unquestionably the
result of three facts: first— The indisputable evidence that it is harmless:
s econt it not only allays stomach pains and quiets the nerves, but assimi
lates the food: Third—lt is an agreeable and perfect substitute for Castor Oil.
It is absolutely safe. It does not contain any Opium, Morphine, or other narcotic
and does not stupefy. It is unlike Soothing Syrups, Bateman's Drops, Godfrey's
Cordial, etc. This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to say. Our duty, how- ,
ever, is to expose danger and record the means of advancing health. The day
for poisoning innocent children through greed or ignorance ought to end. To
our knowledge, Castoria is a remedy which produces composure and health, by
regulating the system—not by stupefying it—and our readers are entitled to
the information. — Hull’s Journal of Health.
Cl- -- ' A Letters from Prominent Physicians Addressed lo Charles H. Fletcher.
Hr. R. Ilalotcnd Scott. of rhloago. Ilia . ray* "I hnr* prcrcrlhvd your Cash »
FU often for Infam* during my practice, and find it very aatlafactory."
fl J>r. William K-lmont. of Cleveland. Ohio, nays "Your Caatorla aland" fir-f lo
IM Its class. In my thirty >.»i» of practice I can auv | nr\er have found anything rliat
- :. ■ .-,7,ryp,', : au hllcd the place.”
~ fl Hr. J 11 Taft, of Brooklyn. N V . says: ”1 have used your Caatorla and fo;u.d
mm mt Q| It an excellent i m-dy in my houpHcM and prlvu « pra d-e for many yean
■ 9 fit B fl ■DI ■ MM formula la
■ I Mm Sw I nI n B |»r »Vni r, Itfe-mnn. of Retrain. V Y. says: “I am pl-a*ed tn nc ■ 1
■ m a||H 5M word for your • «-•••■• m I flilnk s>. richly of it that I in' only recomniend it
m ” ll othcra, but have lined It In my own family."
rri, '■ .**?■-/ ji r r ./ iiamlen. of Detroit. Mich., envs: "I preurlbe your CiU rla ••
AVcficlablp I’rcparalionlbrAs ■ SEjff’SS'SM’fir.' .LV'eaVe-u-,' I"
siinilating tl\cfoodancJHernia fl i i t iirr -.
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of nr Wm T M'f'aon. of nmnh.l. Neb. anya : "Ab the father Of thirteen clilldre-i
c; BH * certainly know ".rau-thing about your great ineillelne. and aaldc from my own
jMaiMpi|MWßr»jpiiMWMe»roM wj lamily i Xperi. in » I in m> years of pra< tb •• found 1 ustor..- a popular 1
B|y| S | '|yll VraLS il nIJ >lvlW gW ,-n |. ~-n; p 1111-dy in aln every home."
fl Dr J. It. ri«ti?« n , of Philadelphia. Pa., any* : "The name that your Pas' ,-’a
n . IV . 1- rt. ,r..1 B h.n made f..r Itself in the tens of ilmusands ..f homes hleaned by the prwuc- '
Promotes Digestion.! nceriui n . .u,i r ,. ri . 1. b •.. 1.- supplemented i»>- n.e ~r mi-di.i.; •.
Conlains nnlhfr fl but I. for one. most heartily endorse it and believe it an excellent remedy
(Sum Morphine ..orMineral. ■ ou-oj. «• gyp* gy-s. «gj T&’SvV:.
ISOT NAR C OTIC. ■ B nd never obje... .1 to bj bl dren, which i* a great ■ onalderatlon Id view ~t the fa
n mat most medicines of this d._racter arc obnoxious and therefore difficult of a 1
■ 1 - B mlnlatratlon. A a laxative, 1 consider II tbe peer of anything that I aver pi
ftuifKofOIHDrSAML'LLPnUBKR iff J)r R M yvard. of Kansas City. lto.. says: •'Physicians generally do net p-»
I\intplin Snl~ fll c rllir proprli-taly i.icpuralions, hut in 11.* huh of t'astona iny experience, like
Jlx.Jtnnm • 1 ~f n.anv other phvsi.inns. lIS'- is 'Kht me "> make an ex-cptlon. I pres.-rile
/Ms/l, SHa - f H < ’astorln in my practice because I have found It to boa tborotighly reliable retu-ir
Jsutt .W • 1 ffl f„r children s 'complaints Any physician who has raiaed a family, u» 1 liav*-, >v.
Jkffnrnnt - j BB j o i n yj,. i u heartiest recommendation of < astorla. ’
JU Coiima* S*£m • I BM
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Shapes the Destiny of Men—The Influence of »•
Healthy Woman Cannot tie Overestimated.
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Seven-eighths of the
men in this world m«trry
a woman because she is
beautiful in their eyes
because she has thequali
tie.s which inspire admira
tion, respect and love.
There is a beauty in
hrulth which is more at
tractive to men than mere
regularity of feature.
The influence of women
glorious in the possession
of perfect physical health
upon men and upon the
civilization of the world
could never be measured,
itccuiiscof them men have
attained t lie very heights
of ambition; because of
them even tlirones have
been established and de
What a disappointment,
then, to see the fair young
wife’s beauty fading away
before a year passes over
her head ! A sickly, lialf-
w om an,
especially when she is
the mother of a family,
is a damper to all joyous
ness iu the home, and a
drag upon her husband.
The cost of a wife’s con
stant illness is .a serious
drain upon the funds of a
household, and too often all the doc
toring does no good.
If a woman finds her energies are
flagging, and that everything tires her,
dark shadows appear under her eyes
her sleep is disturbed by horrible
dreams; if she has backache, head
aches, bearing-down pains, nervous
ness. whites irregularities, or despon
dency, she should take means to build
her system up at once by a tonic with
specific powers, such as Lydia 12. Pin Il
ham's Vegetable Compound.
This great remedy for women has
done more in the way of restoring
health to the women of America than
ali other medicines put together. It is
the safeguard of woman’s health.
Following we publish, by request, a
letter from a young wife.
Mrs. Bessie Ainsley of (ill South 10th
Street, Tacoma, Wash., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinklmm:—
“ Ever since niv child was lmrn I have suf
fer'd, n.s I hope few women ever have, with
iridaniimitioii. female weakness, liearing-dou u
’ niiis. Inckfi' he and wretchisl hnudnehes II
iTecieil inv stornneli so that I could not en
joy my meals, and half my timo nos s|ieiit i
lulled. I
lydiu E. PfoßtnirT* Vegetable Compound Succeeds Where ©then Tail.
When a boy likes to K< t up in the
moinlmr It Is a sign there is no school
that day.
Do you think it worth J
while to servo good tea at j
your table ?
Honestv cannot lie bought or sold; it I
Is lint il marl.i-tabl • commodity. *
“Lydia E. I’inkhnin’s Vegetable * ’oni pound
made me u well woman, and I feel -*• grate
ful that 1 am glad to write and tell y<i • t
my marvelous recovery. It brought use
health, now life and vitality. ’’
What Lydia F. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Compound ilid for Mrs. Ainsley i‘ \\ i; I
•lo for every woman who Is in poor
health and ailing.
Its licneHts begin when its use begin*.
It gives strength and vigor from tbe
start, and surely makes sick women
well and robust.
Hemeinbcr Lydia K. Pinkham - Vege
table Compound holds the record for
the greatest number of actual cure-, of
woman’s ills. This fact is attested to
by the thousands of letters from grate
ful women which arc on fll*- in the
I’inkhnin laboratory. Merit alone can
produce pitch results.
Women should remember that :i cure
for all female discuses actually e\isU.
and that cure is Lydia K. Pinkham'*
Vegetable t’oinpouud. Take no subat.
If von have symptoms you don't
understand write to Mrs. Pint liain.
Lynn. Mass . for speeial advice it is
| free and always helpful.
\ ' Oldest. ltn«M «
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j' lM " '"t.. \. Alt NO 1.11. IVr*Mei»f.
\v. N. I . DENVER. NO. • LlDfi.
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