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Ely’s Cream Balm
This Remedy Is a Specific,
Sure to Give Satisfaction.
It cleanses, Boothes, heals, and protocts the
diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell.
Easy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size, 60 cents at Druggists or by
mail j Trial Size, 10 cents by mail, «
ELY BROTHERS. 56 Warren St.. New York
The pills that aot as a tonic, and not
ea a drastic purge, are Do Will's .Little
Early Kisers. They cure headuche, con
stipation, biliousness, jaundice, etc.
Early Kisers are small and easy to take
and easy to act. For sale by I. 11.
Peculiar Disappearance.
J. D. Kunvau, of Butlerville, 0., laid
the peculiar disappearance of his pain
ful symptoms, of mdigestion and bili
ousness, to Dr. Kings’ New Life Pills,
lie says:“They are a perfect remedy for
dizziness, sour stomach, headache, con
stipation, etc.” Guaranteed at ail drug
gists, price 250.
After a hearty meal a dose of Kodol
Dyspepsia (Jure will prevent an attack
of indigestion, Kodol is a thorough di
gee taut and a guaranteed cure for ludi
geetion, dyspepsia, gas on tne stomach,
weak heart, aour risings, bud breath and
all stomach troubles. Hold by 1. 11.
Myers, i
Nothing on the Market Equal to
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhea Remedy
This fact is well known to druggists
everywhere, and nine out of ton will
give their customers this preparation
whan the best is asked for. Mr. Obe
Witmer, a prominent druggist of Joplin,
Mo., in a circular to bis sustomers, suys:
"There is nothing on the market in the
way of patent medicine which equals
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dia
rrhoea Remedy for bowel compluints.
We sell and recommend this prepara
tion.” For sale by all druggists.
Never in the way, no trouble to carry,
easy to take, pleasant and never failing
In results are DeWitt’s Earley Kisers.
These famous little pills urea certain
guarantee against headache, biliousness
torpid liver and all of the ills resulting
from oonstipation. They tonic and
strengthen the liver, Sold by I. 11.
Fiendish Suffering.
is often caused by sores, ulcers and cau
sers, that eat uwuy your skin. Wm.
Bedell, of Flat Kook, Mich., says: “1
have used Buoklou’s Arnica Salve for
ulosrs, sores and cancers. It is the best
heeling dressing I ever found.” Soolheb
end heals outs, burns and scalds. Only
25c. At all druggists.
They Appeal to Our Sympathies.
The bilious and dyspsptiu are constant
eufferera and appeal to our sympathies.
There le not one of them, however, who
may not be brought back to health ana
happiness by the use of Chum L>erluiu’t>
Stomach and Liver Tablets. These
tablets invigorate the stomach and liver
and strengthen the digestion. They
also regulate the bowels. For sale by an
The salve that heals without a sour is
DsWitt’s Witch ilszel Salve. No rem
edy effects such speedy relief. It draws
out indummutiou, soothes, cools and
heals all cute, burns and bruises. A
sure cure for piles und skin diseases
DeWitt’s is the only genuine Witch
Hazel Salve. Beware of counterfeits,
they are dangerous. Sold by I. 11.
Siok headache reeulto from a disorder
ed oondition of the stomuch and is
quickly cured bv Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets, For sale by all drug
Public Is Aroused.
The public is aroused to u knowledge
of the curative merits of thut great ined
icinal tonic, Electric Bitters, for sick
stomach, liver and kidneys. Mary 11.
Walters, of 546 St. Clair Ave., Colum
bus, 0., writes: "For several months, 1
was given up to die. 1 had fever and
ague, my nerves were wrecked; 1 could
not sleep, and my stomach was so week
from useless doctors’ drugs, that I could
not eat. Soon after beginning to tuke
Electric Bitters, 1 obtained relief, uud
in a short time I was entirely cured.”
Guaranteed ut all drug stores; price 50c.
For sunburn, tetter and all skin ami
scalp diseases, DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve has no equal. It iB a certain cure
for blind, bleeding, itching uud protrud
ing piles. It will draw the tire out of
a burn and heal without leaving a scar.
Boils, old sores, carbuncles, etc., ure
quioklev cured by the use of the genu
ine Dew&itt’s Witch Hazel Sale. Accept
no substitute os they are often danger
ous end uncertain. Sold byl. U. Myers.
A little forethought may save you no
end of trouble. Anyone who makes it a
rule to keep Chamberlain’s Colic, Choleru
and Diarrhoea Remedy at hand knows
this to be s fact. For sale by all drug
A Touching Story.
ie the saving from death, of the baby
JirlofGeo. A. Eyler, Cuiuberlain, Md.
[e writes: “At the age of eleven mouths
our little girl was in declining health,
with serious throat trouble, and two
physicians gave her up. Wo were ul
most in despair, when we resolved to try
Dr.Kings' New Discovery for Consutup
tion, coughs and colds. The first bottle
gave relief; after taking four bottles she
was cured, and is now in perfect health."
Never fails to relieve anu cure a cough
or oold. At all drug storos, price 50c uud
$1 e bottle, guaranteed. Trial bottle
There is no way to maintain tbe health
end strength of mind and body except
by nourishment. There is no way to
nourish except through the stomach.
Te stomach must, be kept healthy, pure
end sweet or the strength will lot down
end disease will set up. No appetite,
loss of strength, nervousness, headuche,
oonstipation, dyspepsia uud all stomach
troubles that are curable are quickly
oured by the use of Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure Sold by L H. Myers,
SI 12500 for a Prescription.
The largest su m over paid for a pre
scription, changed hands in San Fran
cisco, Aug. 30, 1001. The transfer in
volved in coin and stock $112,500.00 and
was paid by a party of business men for
a specific for Bright’s Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable diseases.
They commenced the serious investi
gation of the specific Nov, 15, 1000.
They interviewed scores of the cured
and tried it out on its merits by putting
over three dozen cases on the treatment
and watching them. They also got phy
sicians to name chronic, incurable cuses,
and administered it with the physicians
for judges. Up to Aug. 25, eighty-seven
per cent of the tost cases were either
well or progressing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent of
failures, the purtios were satisfied and
closed the transaction. Ihe proceedings
of the investigating committee and the
clinical reports of the test cuses were
published and will be mailed free on ap
plication. Address Joint J. Fulton
company, 420 Montgomery St. San Fran
cisco, Cal.
Excursion Rates
Lewis and Clark Ceutennial exposi
tion ut Portland, June 1 to October 15;
Women’s Genorul missionary society of
the United Presbyterian church at Al
bany. Oregon, June 6; National Wo
men’s Suffrage association at Portland,
Juno 20 to July 5; American Medical
association at Portland, July 11 to 14;
National conference Charities and Cor
rection, Portland, July 15 t 022; conven
tion National Association of Letter Car
riers, Portland, September 4 to 9; gen
eral a.-sembly of the Cumberland Pres
byterian church at Fresno, California,
May 18 to 20; International Printing
Pressmen’s and Assistants’ union of
North America, San Francisco, June 19;
American Surgical association, at San
Francisco, July 4 to 7; Christian Wo
men’s Hoard of Missions, San Francisco,
August 17 to 24; Woman’s Christian
Temperance Union convention, at Lofr
Angeles, October 25 to November 2.
Portland, Seuttle and Tacoma; dates of
sale. May 24, 26, 26, 30 and 31; June 1. 2.
3, 14, 15, 10, 20, 24, 25, 28, 29 and 30;
July 1,2, 3,4, 7,8, 9, 11, 12. 13, 14, 20
27 and 28; August 11. 12, 13, 14, 15, 10,
17, 18, 30 and 31; September 1,2, 3,4,
6, «, 13, 14, 15, 27, 28 and 29. Rate for
round trip, $42.10; routed via Hunting
ton and return sarao way. Rate re
turning via San Francisco. $52.10
San Francisco and Los Angeles; dates
of sale. May 2,3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 30
and 31; June 1 and 2; August 11. 12, 13,
14 and 15; October 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.
Rate, $47.10. Final return limit, ninety
days from date of sale, not, however, to
ixceod November 30.
Second-class colonist rates to Califor
nia, March 1 to May 15 and September
15 to October 31; in effect daily. Rate.
$25 for one way ticket, also to all inter
mediate points en route via Albu
querque, El Paso, Doming or Ogden
Stopovers aIU wed at all poiuts interme
diate to destination except Los Angela?-
and San Francisco.
Second-class colonist rates to the
northwest, daily March 1 to May 15 and
September 16 to October 31. Rate, one
way ticket to Pacific coast points, $25,
and from S2O to $23 50 to intermediate
points. Stopovers may be had not to
-xceed 10 days. For further Informa
tion call on agent at Lamar.
Fremont County Fair, Canyon
City, Sept. 20-21-22. Fruit day
Sept. 21. Kate $0.70 rouud trip,
dates of sale Sept. 20-21-22, final re
turn limit Sept. 23.
Now Mexico Territorial fair, Albu
qnerbae, N. M., Sept. 18-23, 1005—
Dates of sale Sept. 10-10, final re
turn limit Sept. 22. Kate for round
trip $12.00.
Northern New Mexico Fair and
Fall Festival—Las Vegas, N. M.,
Sept. 20-20. Kate SB.OO for ronud
trip, date of Sept. 25 to 20, final re
turn limit Oct. Ist.
Watermelon Day—Rooky Fcrd,
Colo., Sept. 7lh. Kate $2.00 for tbe
round trip, one day limit. Special
train leaves Lamar 7:35 a. m.
Annual Couveutiou Nat’l. Fire
man’s Assu. —Kansas City, Mo., Aug.
20-31, 1005. Kate sl7 for round
trip, dates of sale Aug. 28 to 31
Final return limit Sept. 5, 1005.
Glenwood Springs, Colo., Sept.
18-20—Annual Couveutiou of tbe
Colo. Electric Light Power aud
Kail way Assu. Kate oue standard
first-class fare for round trip, dates
of sale sept. 1(5 and 17, teu days
National Encampment G. A. K,
Denver, Sept. 4to 7, 1005. Dates
of sale Sept. 3, 4 aud 5. Final re
turn limit Sept. 11, 1005. Kate
$0.35 for round trip for general pub
lie. For members of G. A. R. $4.70
for round trip, tickets for G. A. R.,
to be sold on certificate issued by
post commander.
Second class Colonist rates to
California —March 1 to May 15 aud
Sept. 15 to Oct. 31, 1005, in effect
daily. Date $25, oue way ticket
also to all intermediate points en
route via Albuquerque, El Paso,
Doming or Ogden. Stop overs al
lowed at all points intermediate to
destination except Las Angeles and
San Francisco.
Second class Colonist rates to tbe
Northwest, daily, March Ist May
15 and Sept 15 to Oct. 31, 1005.
Kates, one way ticket to Pacific
coast points, $25 and from S2O to
$23,58 to intermediate points. Stop
overs may be bad not to exceed 10
days. For farther information call
on agent at depot, Lamar.
Lamar, Colo., July 21, 1905.
Reduced rates to Chicago and return
dates of sole from now to Sept. 30th.
Final return limit Oct. 31st. Kate
$31.00 for round trip.
G. J. Garvin, Agt.
WANTED—A girl to do housework.
Call ’phone 503 red.
Mrs. D. E. Cooper.
Ladies hair dressing and shampooing
will be done at your homes by Mrs.
Jessie Johnston.
Trees. Trees.
I am representing one of the very best
nurseries in the U. S., The Miami Nur
sery of Louisburg, Kansas. Our stock
is strong and vigorous and true to name,
and I guarantee you get just what you
order. If you wish anything »in this
line drop me u card and I will call.
Ed. Williams,
Lamar, Colo.
Excursion to
Atlantic Coast
Why not spend the summer down east—at the
seashore? Breathe the health-giving air, bathe
in old ocean, and at night be lulled to sleep by
the music ot the restless, seething surf as it
dashes on the beach. You'll find these and oth*
er attractions at Asbury Park. New York city
is distant only a couple of hours ride. Santa Fe
is the block signal line.
Only $46.90 if you buy ticket from La
mar to Asbury Park and return. For
particulars apply to
Agent The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry.
The Smart Set
A Magazine of Cleverness
Magazines should have a well-defined purpose.
Genuine entertainment, amusement and mental recreation are the
motives of The Smart Set, the
Its novels (a complete one in each number) are by the most brillian
authors of both hemispheres.
Its short Stories are matchless—cleau and full of human interest.
Its poetry covering the satire field of versa—pathos, love, humor,
tenderness —is by the most popular poets, men and women, of the day.
Its jokes. Witticisms, sketches, eto., are admittedly the most
No pages are wasted on oheap illustrations, editorial vsponnga or
wearyiog eaaaya and idle discussions.
Every page will Interest, charm end refresh yon.
Snbsoribe now—s2.so per year. Hemit in obeqae, t*’ O. or Express
order, or registered letter to THE SMART SET, 452 Fifth Avenue, Mew
N. B.—Sample Copies Sent Free On Application.
Register and Globe-Democrat $2
Dr. Bremen and the Fiddlers.
The Rev. Milton P. Bremen, D. D.,
for thirty-five years pastor of the
First Church of Denvers, Mass., retir
ing In 1861, was widely known as a
preacher and theologian. He was,
however, conservative to the point of
bigotry, and eccentric withal. One of
his eccentricities was his determined
opposition to Instrumental music in
church, whch he seemed to regard as
little short of sacrilege. Therefore, It
may readily be understood that when
the parish Introduced a first and
second violin and bass as accompani
ment to the singing of the choir, the
doctor’s ire was aroused, and he took
no pains to conceal it.
On the Bunday after the introduc
tion of the carnal instruments, when
the preacher rose to announce the
first hymn, he Old It In this wise:
“The choir will now please to fiddle
and sing to the glory of Ood the 100th
Misunderstood T
“I don’t like the Honorable Strut
tan Bough," remarked the lady presi
dent of the Helpful Band of Upllfters.
“Why,” murmurs the lady secretary
of the Earnest Association of Sympa
thizers, “he always Impressed me as
a man who Is perfectly willing to
lend his voice and Influence to the
cause of reform.”
“Yes, but I asked him to do what he
eould to suppress the drink evil that
la causing the expenditure of so much
money every year.”
“And he refused?”
“No. He said he would be glad to
4o so—and then he introduced a bill
prohibiting Ice cream soda fountains.”
A Harder Name Than Stone.
Two men were Introduced to each
other. One, failing to catch the
other's name, asked him to repeat It.
“My name is rather hard,” said
No. 2.
"Well, said No. 1, “I don't believe It
Is any harder than mine.”
“I’d be willing to bet $lO it Is,” No
t replied.
To this No. 1 assented without hesi
tation, and the bet was made. Then
No. 2 said: “My name is Stone, F. W
"Im sorry, but you lose.” said the
other. “My name Is Harder, T. B
Domestic Bliss.
“Have you and your wife stopped
boarding at hotels?"
“Yea. We are living with a cool;
Alfonso and the Anarchist.
Still a stream of anecdotes from
Paris about King Alfonso. He is said
to have a prejudice against asses, and
when his automobile ran over a Span
ish ass near San Sebastian the other
day he compensated the owner liber
ally, and then remarked, “I wish there
were no asses in my dominions.” At
San Sebastian he went into a tobac
conist's shop to buy cigarettes. There
was another customer In the shop,
who seemed anxious to escape ob
servation. The king looked at him
and thought his features familiar, then
remembered a portrait of one of the
Spanish anarchists arrested after the
bomb explosion In Paris. “I see,”
said the affable monarch, with a
laugh, “you are one of the anarchists
arrested by mistake. You had noth
ing to do with the affair, of course.
It was some other fellow. Well, well,
the police will make their little blun
ders sometimes!”—London Chronicle.
Answering Abernethy.
Although one of the main character
istics of the famous Dr. Abernethy
was the readiness with which he could
administer a sharp and witty retert
when occasion arose, he was once con
siderably nonplussed by the remark of
a medical student.
“What would you do,” the doctor
asked the student at an examination,
“if a man was placed in your hands
with a broken leg?”
“Set it, sir,” was the reply.
“Good, very good; you are a witty
young man; and doubtless you can
tell me what muscles of the body I
would move If I were to kick you. as
you deserve, for your Impertinence?”
“You would put Into motion,” re
plied the student, not In the least
abashed, “the flexors and extensors of
my right arm, for I would forthwith
knock you down.”
Princess Hatzfeldt Popular.
The adopted daughter and heiress
of the late Collls P. Huntington—the
well-known railway magnate —Princ-
ess Hatzfeldt—has long been a recog
nized leader of Anglo-American so
ciety. Fond of country life, she goes ir.
greatly for hunting and entertains her
friends magnificently at Drayton
manor, her beautiful place In Wilt
Not Enough to See Snakes.
b"uuyn iv
“And you never saw any sea ser
“No; there was a big party of us
U 4 eee kenel Mat «o tor.“
A. T. & 8. F. Time Card.
Daily, Lamar, Colorado Daily.
Wbbtßoond. Eaht Hound.
No. 1 2 5 a. m No. 2 12 15 a. m
No. 5 1 12 a.m. No. 6 2 58 a. in
No. 7 •> 13 a. rn. No. 8 12 15 p. in
No. 8 755 a. in. No. 10 350 p. m
No. 83-Frt 10 00 a. rn. No. 84-Frt 12 15 p. in
No. 1 is California express and makes local
stops between Lamar and La Jnuta.
No. sis Denver express, stops on liatf at Las
Animas. Carries freo ciiair car and Pullmans.
No. 7 is tire Mexico and California express.
No. 1 and No. 7 both carny tourist and Pullman
sleepers. No. 7 connects at LaJuuta for Pueblo
Colorado Springs and Denver.
Train No. 83 runs to Lu Junta and will accom
modate passongors for intermediate points.
No. 2 is through California express and con
nects at La Junta with a train from Denver car
ries passeuger through to Chicago without
chaugo. Has Pullman and tourist sloepors.
No. 6is Donvor express and ruus through to
Chicago without change. Carries free chair
car and Pullman sleeper.
No. 8 is local passenger and makes all stops.
Carries chair car and Pullman sleopor. Huns
through to Chicago*.without change of cars.
Inquiries solicited and promptly and cheer
fully answerod. Descriptive literature and
time tables folders free by applying to
(J. J. Uabvim. Agen.t
Postofflce Time Table
The following time tuble will be ef
fective on and after Nov. 18,1904: Mails
close going east, 12:40 p. in., going east
and west G:3O. Mails due from west
12:05, a. m., 1:05 p, m., 3:02 a. m.; from
east 2:35 a. in., 9:13 p. m., 5:25 a. m.
Ollice open, Ba. m. to 0:30 p. m. Sun
days Bto 9 a. m. Money orders and
registry 8 to G, except on Sunday.
D. B. Cooper, P. M.
Buy the genuine Bromo-Qulnine a
McLeans Drug Store 25c.
For cheap town lots see C. B
R-I-P-A-N-S Tabules
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The ft-cont packet is onough for usual occasions
The family bottle (60 couts) contains a supply
for a year All druggists sell them.
The Denver
Is clean, trothfal,
reliable and pro
gressive J* J*
It prints more news
than any other paper In
Colorado. It stands for
the best Interests of the
state and enjoys ths
confidence and esteem
of all intelligent readers
THE New York Herald
-1 Denver Republican news
service gives the only com
plete and accurate accounts
of the Russo-Japanese war.
Special Correspondents at
the seat of war and
in all foreign capitals
c 2«
MAIL —Postpaid, per month,
WEEKLY Postpaid, per
year, $l.OO.
J. W. MACE, Prop.
First-class accommodations for regu
lar boarders and transcients.
When in need of
which is right in Quality, Variety
add Price, see or write to
T. o.
Lamar, Colo.
For Colds and La Grippe
Boyd's Up-10-date Drug Store
IS Best Couuh Syrup. Tastes Uood. bee
FT! In time. Sold by druKKWts. Ml
H ■ The J l .OO bottle contains 2% times the trial stie, which sells for 30 cents,
For Bale bv I. H. MYERS
Barber Shop and Bath Parlors
On the Corner North of Depot.
A sharp razor and a clean
towalfor every customer
Attorney and,Counselor at Law
Office in Goodale*Block
Office in Foley Bldg.
Second Floor Foley-Bent Block
Lamar, Colorado
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Lamar, Colorado.
Becond Floor Coodalo Building.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Lamar, Colorado.
Ofllca In Bent Blk., East Main St.
_S.ttom.ey at Xja sxr
Lamar, Colorado.
Offices in east rooms on second
floor of Irwin Building
ad Floor Blodvett Bulldlna
Will receive a limited number of med
ical, surgical, gynecological and
obstetrical cases.
J\ S. HASTY, M. 3D.
On Second Floor of the Good
ale Block.
Hours 8 to 12 a. m. an«l 1:30 to 6 i>.in.
Gradual*) A. T. Still School. Kirks
villn. Mo. Examination and con
sultation free.
Drs.Seabury & Mutchler
Physicians and Surgeons
Eighteen years’ experience. Special
attention given to diagnosis, surgery,
diseases of women and children, and
the eye, ear, nose and throat
Practice limited to the medi
cal and surgical diseases of
the eye, ear, nose and throat.
Glasses fitted. Office hours
9 to 12 and 2 to 5.
State Bank Block, Lamar, Colo
Physician and Surgeon
Office over New York store,
or inquire at McLean’s Bros.
Drug Store
M. L. CONWELL, Prop.
OneMinuteCough Cure
For Cough» a Colds and Croup?
_ " r ™ Dr. King’s
New Discovery
Fflß I OUGHS.ed 50c & $l.OO
1 un Free Trl.l.
Surest and Quickest Cure for all
C. Tv£- LEE
Dealer in
Water Rights, Farms
and City Property
A small cash payment
secures an improved
E. M. STEWARD, Prop.
manufacturer of
granite and marble
All kinds of Cut Stone Trim
mings for Brick or Stone
Houses furnished on short
Cream Vermifuge
the senuine frcpahed only by
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co*
14.00 Per Year. Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
Maxaoxk. 47 V . 2STII ST., M(M 1 OllE.
# Wt have closed a contract with the
publishers of the Los Angeles*Times
which is of the grea.ost importance,
as it enables us lo offer our readers
our paper and the Illustrated Weekly
Magazine Issued by them at a figure
far below their regular subscription
price and only slightly In excess of
the charge we make for paper.
Wo wish to direct the readers' at
tention to the publishers’ announce
ment which appears in this issue and
request that after investigating the of
fer we make you write at once for
sample copies, which will be mailed
free of charge. A request written on
a postal card, giving name and ad
dress, is all that is necessary, and tho
application carries with it tio obliga
tion to become a subscriber. It is
practically certain, however, that if
you inquire into the merits of our
proposition you will gladly avail your
self of the opportunity to obtain such
a vast amount of good reading mat
ter as our offer permits.
• The Times Magazine consists of 23
to 32 large pages which, if made into
the magazine of average size, would
require 320 pages. The contents is the
work of the brightest writers i.i tho
newspaper profession and the articles
embrace every subject likely to in
terest those who appreciate all that
i 3 good in journalism. The pictures
are In keeping with the text and the
political cartoons reprod M cel fr m all
the large newspapers are eloquent
stories in themselves. The magazine
is published each week and can be ob
tained by subscribers of this paper at
a price that barely covers the cost of
mailing, and when the fact is borne
in mind that the regular charge f-.r
the magazine is $2.50 per year, the
favorable contract we have made with
the publishers becomes apparent. O ir
arrangement makes It possible for us
to offer you our paper and The Time;
Magazine at less than you could buy
the Illustrated Weekly if you sub
scribed direct. Read the announce-
3cnd for a simple copy, then
let us hear from you. **

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