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T. aC- 330V3HTY
City Editor
The only set o< Aw •
Abstracts of /».*• • •■'■o: rf
Prowers County. Abstracts
to Farm and City Proper
ty furnished on shortest no
tice. Also owners of Bald-
Jay da Co.’s Abstracts
of Prowers County Rec
ords previous to the fire of
1888. Terms reasonable.
T Colorado
Plenty of Cheap Money for
q;ood Farm and City Loans.
Call and see me.
The Woman’s Club will meet on Jan.
10, 1906, with Mrs. G. J. Garvin.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lee are at home
again after their vacation in Pueblo.
J. A, Keating of Pueblo, spent last
week in Lamar, visiting with friends
Ben Mace, who has been sojourning
at Holly, is at home visiting his parents
Fred Lee and wife spent part of the
holidays visiting with relatives in La
Mies Ellen Cooper spent the holiday
week among her friends at her old home
in Las Animas.
Dr. Jay Snyler went to Pueblo nnd nt
tended the Elk ball. He expected to
have an immense time.
Robert Small of Denver cauie down
to Lamar this week to visit with his
sister, Mrs. O. W. Auman.
Miss Nellie Goodale ret urned the first
of the week from Denver, where she
visited during the hulidnys.
Mr. Fred Myers nnd Miss Roso Ze
mau are to be married this evening.
May all happiness attend them in their
future life.
W. F. McCue of the MoCue Lumber
Co. is in Pueblo attending to business
matters. Probably he also took in the
Elk’s ball.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Sayler enjoyed a
short vacation during the holidays vis
iting with friends and taking in the
sights of Denver.
Richard Klett, more generally known
as M Dick” was down from Las Animas
last Saturday, attending to some busi
ness matters.
The Register made a mistake last week
in announcing the lucky winner of the
doll at McLean Bros, store. It was Sam
Smith instead of Fred Cooper.
Chester N. Young, formerly a Prowers
county stockman now living near Colo
rado Springs, was attending to business
matters in Lamar the first of the week.
Miss Birdie King and Miss Amie
Mourning went to Pueblo to see the
great play of Ben Hur. They anticipate
having a great treat in witnessing the
Miss Iva Markham left last night for
Baldwin, Kansas, to finish the school
year. She enjoyed the holidays at home
and returns to her school work with re
newed zest.
The streets are all having name signs
put up and the houses are having num
bers placed upon them. In a short time
one can tell where one lives all the same
as in a big city.
The county commissioners are in ses
sion this week, but beyond transacting
the usual monthly grist of business,
there is nothing of particular import
ance to occupy their attention.
Miss Geneva Morehouse, who has been
speeding the holidays with relatives in
Lamar, returned to Denver last Monday
morning, to resume her duties aB a
teacher in the public schools.
The Misses Gauss received the sad
news on New Year’s day of the death
of their sister in Denver, and all left for
that city to attend the funeral. They
have the sincere sympathy of the com
munity in their great sorrow.
Carlton is enjoying a boom. The rail
road has established a station there
with both day and night service nnd will
soon build a depot. Other improve- |
ments will soon be made that will make
it appear very much like a city.
Monday was the “Happy New \ ear’
day and the greetings were very hearty
among our people. We have a lot of
prosperous people here and they all
ought to be in a good humor, no matter
what the weather may be.
T. J. Cooper has bought the residence
property of Fred C. Schmidt on Sixth
street. Mr. Cooper and his family have
been living in the house for some
months and liked the location and the
property so well, that the property was
bought as a permanent home.
There were nearly three hundred and
fifty instruments more filed in the coun
ty clerk’s office last year than the year
before. And there was a big lot the
year before, too. This shows that the
real estate is moving and that a great
deal of business is being done.
A marriage license was issued last
Saturday afternoon to K. Swndley and
Miss Nellie Lyvere. These young peo
ple reside on the north side of the river
and are well known. Their neighbors
and friends wish them all the joys or
life and many years of prosperity.
The ladies of the Social Circle wish to
extend their thanks to all who assisted
with the bazaar and supper, and the
muny who encouruged us by their pres
ence as well as their liberal patronage.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Curran and famil)
came in from the south country, lasi
week, and will make their home. They
are at present stopping with Mrs. Cur
ran’s parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. G. W. Rob
ertson, on south Fourth street.
B. C. Barton has opened up a mer
chant tailoring establishment in thi
Burke block opposite the Union hotel
and is prepared to do all kinds of clean
ing and repairing of clothes, as well ns
making first class suits to order. He is
an experienced workman.
The Sabbath School and Sabbath
morning services of the Presbyterian
church will be held in the Masonic
temple (north room) this week. The
evening service will be held in the
church. The Sacrament of the Lords
Supper will be administered at the
evening service.
C. S. Curran, recently from Kenton,
Oklnhoma, has purchased a hnlf inte
rest in the City Livery Barn from J. W.
Golladny, nnd the firm name will here
after be Golladay & Curran. Mr. Cur
ran is well known here as a popular and
ngreenble gentleman nnd a squnre bus
business man, and his coming into the
firm will add to its already great popu
larity with the public.
A business meeting of the Presbyter
ian church was held after the morning
service lust Sabbath nnd among other
business transacted the congregation
decided to formulate a call to Rev. Cou
ncil to be installed as their permanent
pastor, the trustees were also authoriz
ed to present as a New Year’s gift to
Rev. Connell the title to a building lot
40x100 adjoining the church property.
The niueteenth annual ball of the La
mar Firemen occurred at the opera
house on Monduy night. There was a
great big crowd present and as it was a
masked atfair, the costumes were of all
sorts. Grotesque, funny, simple and
ellegant. The music was fine and all
had a great deal of fun. The surprises
when the hour came for unmasking
were almost as funny as some of the
costumes. The firemen’s fund netted a
neat sum from the ball.
Messrs. Smart & Simon have started
a new deal at their Golden Rule store
iu the shape of a Profit Sharing Certifi
cate to their customers, which makes
their store on the same line as the co
operative institutions. The certificate
is printed in their ad on the firßt page
of this pnper. and will enable all regu
lar customers to share in the profits of
this prosperous firm. Read it and see
if it is not worthy of your consideration.
Las Animas is now assured a sugar
factory for the season of 1907 and two
spurs from the railroad that will bring
their entire agricultural region in eusy
hauling distance of the market. The
foundation of the factory will be con
structed this year and the American
Beet Sugar Co. will take care of their
crop at its factories this season and have
the new factory ready for the opening
of the campaign in 1907. , We extend
congratulations to our neighbor.
On last Saturday two bunk houses on
the Hardscrabble ranch were set on fire
and a telephone message to the officers
iu Lamar resulted in a man named I*.
F. Conner being caught at the bridge on
his way to town. He had a box of
matches and wore rubbers that just fit
tod the tracks in the sand near where
the houses stood. He had had trouble
with Mr. Koen, the proprietor of the
ranch, which had resulted in a trial in
Judge Pike’s court, in which Mr. Koen
came out victorious, Connor is now in
jail awaiting his preliminary trial.
The Happy Hooligan Blondes got a
large bunch of sweet revenge on the
Brunettes this eyening for their past
defeats at the bowling alley. The score
for the match was as follows:
blonihc* l2 8 Totals
Mrs Kay 81 rain. ..101 W7 187 360
Ml** Miller 1W 157 104 Til
Mrs H Applegate 120 106 148 8»>»
Miss Huddleston. 121 115 HI 830
Miss Silver 184 122 855
Totals 651 573 600 1821
Mlsstioodale 112 110 101 323
Mr* Bentley 108 HI 122 836
Miss M. Creunite 110 112 117 839
Miss Tewell 123 114 117 857
Mlhs Wadsworth- 106 115 122 348
Totals 567 562 579 161*8
Lish House, mnrshtil of Holly, and
well known as one of the cooloßt and
bravest officers in Prowers county, was
shot three times on New Years day by
Howard Brown, while attempting to nr
rest him. Brown and a man by the
name of Deweese hnd an altercation in
which Brown used a revolver and Mar
shal Housestepped up to disarm Brown
who turned the revolver on the officer
and fired three shots all taking effect.
Mr. House clubbed Brown ihto insensi
bility nnd then took him io a doctor’s
office before having his own wounds at
tended to. The wounds were a slight
fiesh one in the arm and another in the
side, and a much more serious one in
the leg, which is causing some trouble,
but is not cousidored dangerous. Brown
was brought to Lamur on Tuesday and
is now in jail awaiting bis preliminary
Will Close Thursday, January 11.
The New York Store will be closed
Thursday, January 11, to prepare for the
January clearing sale. This will bo the
biggest sale ever had in Lamur. See
circulars and newspapers for bargains
next week.
Fatal Accident.
During the Monday night shift at the
factory C. E. Evans, who recently came
here from Oxnard, California, was at
tempting to kick a loose belt in position
when he lost his balance and fell on the
shnfting. His clothes caught in a set
screw and he was carried around the
shaft until his clothes were torn oil of
him and then he was thrown against tne
wall and fell to the floor below killing
him iutdantly. In the absence of Coro
ner Lee, Judgo Pike was called to hold
un inquest blit after a careful examina
tion decided that there was no necessity
for an inquest as it wus an entirely un
avoidable accident. The remains were
shipped today to Missouri where the
young man’s parents live for interment.
They have the deepest sympathy of the
community here in their great loss
Church Notes.
Presbyterian Church, Next Sunday—
-10:00 a. ai., Sabbath School.
11:00 a. m Morning Service.
7:00 p. m., Christian Endeavor.
8:00 p. m. Evening Sermon
Wednesday—B:oo p. m., , Topic:-
“Spiritual Power.”
Christian Church—Services next Sun
day morning, 11, morning subject, “A
Man Without a Mirror.”
Evening service, 7:30, subject, “Heart
Sunday school, 10 a. m., prayermeet
ing Wednesday evening, 7-30.
Wesley I. Houston,
Sunday morning: Bible School at 10;
Public Worship at 11.
Sunday evening: Baptist Union at 7;
Evangelistic Services ut 7:45.
Wednesday evening: Prayer Meeting
at 7:30.
Love Is life’s Interpreter.
The driest religion Is the gushing
Some pain is the price of any
When hypocrites meet the devil has
time to eat.
He cannot be a saint who will not
boa servant.
Every man owes every other man
a happy face.
“Time to burn” keeps the devil’s
furnace going.
You soon lose the religion you try
to keep to yourself.
A bushel of potatoes may be worth
a ton of philanthropy.
Most of us believe that fasting fat
tens —the other fellow.
It takes more than the Sunday suit
to make the solid saint.
You do not cleanse yourself by
smutting every one else.
We find no better feelings in others
than we foster In ourselves.
The man who puts his heart into
his work will always get ahead in It.
You cannot esscape your taxes
here by talking about your citizenship
When “the good things of life” are
our best tilings they become our
When a man wears his piety as an
ornament you can depend on its be
ing paste.
If vinegar would preserve morals
some men are sour enough to save
the world.
When you come to say good-by to
old sins it is unwise to hold a fare
well meeting.
The seamy side of sin never shows
up until we have nothing with which
to smooth it down.
You have no right to complain that
the sermon is thin if you are keeping
the preacher on a water-gruel salary.
—Chicago Tribune.
Handed around—the time.
Put to it for breath —the cornet
Only two letters in the alphabet are
of “no" use.
The baker can give the actor points
about creating rolls.
The key to some women’s luxuriant
looks is a false one.
There are really few novel situa
tions in some novels.
“Anyhow,” thought the old derby
hat, "I don’t look slouchy.”
The least said on some subjects,
the better, to say the least.
All the roomers in the world would
not fill the room for improvement.
It takes more than four washers to
keep the wheels of a wagon clean.
There’s something new under the
sun fcfr the girl with her first freckles.
Some people do not seem to have
any more patience than a young doc
The trouble with running expenses
sometimes is that we cannot keep up
with them. —Philadelphia Bulletin.
A broom on earth may be better
than many an anthem in heaven.
It’s a poor bargain when the head
grows at the expense of the heart.
The man who never prays except
when he petitions never prays at all.
No method of raising money can be
right which succeeds in debasing man
Commencing Saturday, January 6. Watch
for particulars of this most important sale
w. j. Johnston
on a good thing
and don’t forget
They are moving every
day. Guaranteed to
give satisfaction or
money refunded
Price 25c and 35c
FOR SALE—Malcolm-Love piano,
good as new. Cull and see it. Mise
Kate Erb.
250 IONS of WILD HAY for Bale on
the Abe Peterson farm near Caddoa,
with good pasture. Same ib uIbo for
rent for senson 100G. Apply to Ameri
can Beet sugar company, Lamar, Colo
Luinar, Colo., 12-11-'05. Mgr.
Another fine lot of Queensware and an
excellent assortment of fancy lamps in
all colors, just in. They must be seen
to be appreciated.
Davis «fc Davis.
$20. 000 just received for farm loans.
No delays.
L. Wirt Markham.
Stove Wood For Sale, also Good Top
Buggy and Single Harness. Inquire of
S. B. Whitlow.
For Rent
80 acres l\£ miles east of Lamar, un
der Lamar Canal, 25 acres alfalfa. Good
lund for cantaloupes or sugar beets. For
terras apply to W. B. Cade, 714 E Gth
St. Pueblo, Colo.
For Rent
320 acres of land north-east of Cnddoa
with water rights in 1’he Fort Lyon Ca
nal. 240 acres in good stand of alfalfa,
for terras apply to
Crank Kkkyiiill.
Las Animas, Colo.
A Living
If we were to assemble all
those who have been cured of
heart disease by Dr. Miles*
Heart Cure, and who would
to-day be in their graves had
not Dr. Miles’ been successful
in perfecting this wonderful
heart specific, they would pop
ulate a large city.
What a remarkable record—
a breathing, thinking, moving
monument, composed of human
lives, —that for which every
other earthly possession is sac
The Miles Medical Co. re
ceive thousands of letters from
these people like the following:
“I feel Indebted to the Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure for my life. I desire to call
the attention of others suffering as I
did to this remarkable remedy for the
heart. For a long time I hnd suffered
from shortness of breath after any
little exertion, palpitation of the heart;
and nt times terrible pain in the region
of the heart, so serious that I feared
that I would some time drop dead upon
the street. One day I read one of your
circulars, nnd immediately went to
my druggist nnd purchased two bot
tles of the Heart Cure, and took It
according to directions, with the
result that I am entirely cured. Since
then T never mNs an opportunity to
recommend this remedy to my friends
who have heart trouble; In fact I am
a traveling ndvertisment, for I am
widely known In .hi.
Manager of Lebanon Democrat,
Nashville. Tenn.
Dr. Miles’ Heart Cure Is sold by
your druggist, who will guarantee that
the first bottle will benefit. If It falls
he will refund your money.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
The Best m Groceries
At Reasonable Prices
TBe Old Reliable Firm has been in business in Lamar
dor years and has handled nothing but the best goods,
and at prices so low that no one can afford to buy
inferior goods or send away for Groceries. If you
are not already one of our customers, give us a trial
Twelfth Year
We are now beginning on the new year and will soon be
gin on our Twelfth Year in the DRUG BUSINESS in Lamar.
Starting with a very small stock we now have the largest Drug
Store in the county, and of course are very proud of our record.
We are now better equipped than ever to handle your business,
and assure you our aim will be to sell you better goods than
ever, if possible, for the money.
Don’t forget that we are also after the Jewelry and Optical
Trade of this community. This department will be in charge
of Mr. Fred Hanson who has proven himself to be a first-class
Jeweler. His Watch and Jewelry repairing as well as Optical
work speaks for itself, and we have contracted with him to take
charge of this work for another year at the highest wages ever
paid by any firm in this part of the state.
We guarantee everything that leaves our store to be exactly
as represented. If not we cheerfully refund your money.
Yours for a square deal,
Reliable Druggist and Jewelers
Cigar Stand
At the Opera House
Barber Shop
Holiday Cigars
All the best anti latest
brauds of Cigars. No
nicer or more accepta
ble Holiday present can
be made. Bee onr stock
“The Central Life Assurance
Society of Des Moines, lows,**
is purely a Westers Life Insurance and
an Investment Company. Your Policy
and Investment is Secured by interest
bearing Securtiee Deposited with the
State of lowa. See or Write F. R.
, Mathews, DisL Mgr.
We want to buy your alfalfa seed
and will pay the highest price the
market will allow. New seamless
sacks furnished free. We have the
best threshing coal ever brought to
town. Don't fail to get our terms
and prices before contracting.
Yours for Good Crops and Prices,

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