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County Notes.
rProm the Holly ('hieftaiul
Mrs. Butler of Lamar visited with
our townsman, N E. Butler, coming
down on No. 8 Sunday.
• • .
Dr. Saylor of Lamar was down
Sunday to see the big ball game and
root a little for his home town and
team. But the rooting didn’t do
any good.
• • •
The Amity ball team played the
Holly Seconds at the former place
Sunday forenoon, resulting in a
score of 9 to 3 in favor of Holly. In
the aftoruoou, after the Holly boys
had won a game from Lamar, the
same teams got together again aud
Holly took the game by a score of
12 to 11. Really, Holly bus the best
| ball-players in this neck of the woods.
• • •
A trainload of bridge men arrived
last week at Amity and thoy are
rapidly putting the finishing touch
es on the work that was started last
winter. This is a $250,000 improve
ment that will save the Santa Fe
company much money directly as
well as indirectly, for the trainn have
had to slow down and crawl over th
- bridge for more tl an a year and
this has necessarily cost much loss
in time, especially in the case of fast
• • •
[ From theOruuadH Time*.)
County Assessor Rosacrans was
down from Lamar last Friday.
• • •
Verne Robinson came down from
Lamar Monday, returning yesterday.
• • •
A ward school has boeu organized
at Koen, which is under the control
of the directors of district No. 8.
• • •
The McCue Lumber company at
this place has been reorganized. It
will hereafter be known as the Gra
nada Lumber company, with S. O.
jwGregory as president. E. F. Sell-
Jhorn will be retained as manager of
the new company,
R. R. Work Progressing.
The new engines for the Arkansas
■I Valley R. R. have been returned
from the La Junta shops and are now
ready for work on the new road
After years of waiting the farmers
of the north side can hear toot of the
iron horse in their fields and will
soon be able to ship their products
from home. The bridge is oomplet -
ed and construction trains are now
crossing, and the work is going
ahead rapidly.
The right of-way is now being
fenoed all along the line and will be
ready for the trains just as fast as
the track is put in. The stations
and beet dumps which will be com
pleted this season have been an
nounced by the company as follows:
The first beet dump north, in the
nw corner nwj Sec. 8-22-46, will be
opposite Mr. Lay’s farm, and will be
oalled “Lays,” being exactly 4 3-10
miles from Lamar.
The farth est beet dump north,
Aq the nw corner nwj Sec. 29-21-46,
will be opposite land owned by the
State Bank of Lamar and will be
called “Msyvalley,” being 7 8-10
miles from Lamar.
The first beet dump west on the
main line, located in the se corner
nwj Sec. 10-22-47, south of Mr
Tweedie’s property, will be known as
“Sugardale,” being 7 4-10 miles
from Lamar.
The beet dump located in the se
corner Sec. 15-22-48, opposite
the new town site in Big Bend, will
be known as “Duval,” and will be 10
3 10 miles from Lamar.
The beet dump located in the sw
corner Sec 24-21-48, right ad
joining the Heller place, will be
known as “Big Bend” and is 14 4-10
miles from Lamar.
The beet dump furthest west on
the main line, located in the se cor
ner nes Sec. 15 22 48, west of Mr.
Ellenburger’s farm, will be known
as “Bent” and is 13 5 10 miles from
Lamar Schools.
The Lamar Union High School
«d the Lamar School District have
iployed Prof. E. It. Joues as sup
erintendent for another year. In
addition to Prof. Jones the high
school has employed the following
assistants: Miss Anna C. Batman,
The Lamar Register
y I y | L We have just purchased from a large wholesale Jewelry
** - I _ House in Kansas City their entire stock of Watches and Cases
V A I p at 20 per Cent off regular net wholesale prices. These movements
'U ■■ ■■ are all standard makes including Waltham, Elgin, and other
f| r standard movements. Cases include Boss Crescent and Royal
II I" 20 year gold filled cases. Also nickel and silver cases. We are
___ _ a* ■ ■■■ ** now in position to sell watches at regular wholesale price. Don’t
Uf All Uli V miss this opportunity as they will not last long. Cali soon and
WW I Ul IL W see our goods and get our prices.
PHONE NO. 122 BLACK M G LEAN BROTHERS Druggists and Jewelers
who was in the schools last year,
and Miss Elma Woods and Edwin
Green, both of Denver.
In the common schools there will
be twelve teachers the coming year.
There will be three at least, and per
haps four rooms occupied in the
new north side building. All teach
ers have been employed but one of
the second grade and the seventh
aud eighth grade teachers. The list
of appointments are as follows:
Misses Jessie Sammons, Rachel
Ford, Louise Gauss, Myrtle Marx aud
Mrs. Ella D. Barnes, of last year’s
faculty, and Miss Margaret Watson,
of Denver, Miss Mabelle M. Joy, of
Maryville, Missouri, and Misses Ida
Wilson and Rosa Thoman of Lamar.
This list so far as the teachers are
known will give general satisfaction
to the patrons of the school, aud the
new teachers come with highest rec
ommendations. There are several
names missing which all would have
liked to see in the list, but these have
all gone to better positions else
State Politics.
* The Register in oommon with a
number of others in this vicinity
last week received circular letters
from the republican county commit
tee of Otero couuty booming G. W.
Swink for governor this fall. Just
why a republican committe should
be sending out these circulars is be
yond our ability to explain. Mr.
Swink is a good man, but his candi
dacy was sprung by the Rocky News
and has been carefully nursed by
the democratic press. The La Jun
ta Tribune, the leading republican
paper of Otero county, Mr. Swink’s
home, had the following to say when
his candidacy was first sprung by
“The great trouble breeder, known
to fame as the Denver News, nomi
nated George W. Swink, of Rocky
Ford, as a republican candidate for
governor of Colorado. * We will have
to consider the source in this in
stance. Mr. Swink has probably
done more for the Arkansas Valley
in the boosting line than any other
one man. He was the instigator of
Watermelon Day and is the recog
nized father of the sugar beet indus
try, for all of which he is entitled to
due credit. From a republican
standpoint he is decidedly off color,
politically, having been affiliated
with almost every party, except the
republican during the last ten years.
The nomination of the News, so far
as we are concerned, is respectfully
The only knowledge the republi
cans of this section have of Mr
Swink’s politics, is that he ran against
and defeated D. E. Cooper, the reg
ular republican nominee for state
senator, a few yoars ago.
It is evident to every one that the
Arkansas valley can have but one
place on the state ticket, and Hon.
A. E. Bent, who in two years as
•tate auditor has given the state
the best administration of that
office we have ever had, and ban won
more recognition for all the valley
counties than their entire legislative
representation has in the past, will
be a candidate for state treasurer.
By all the rules of party fairness
and public bolicy he is entitled to
the position, and should have the
united support of the valley in his
fight, and the springing of a new
candidate is done mainly for the
purpose of trying to weaken his can
didacy. When Mr. Bent was defeat
ed for the nomination for state sena
tor by an Otero county man, he ral
lied immediately to the support of
the successful candidate, and it was
Prowers-county that saved that can
didate’s election.
Prowers connty will take pride in
presenting sncb a stalwart repnbli
can and faithful public servant as
Hon. A. E. Bent to the state con
vention as her only choice for a place
on the state ticket.
Defection of Colorado's Senators.
In the interval of Senator Patter
son’s going from and coming to Den
ver, say a month, this city had done
well. His failure to create one of
his old-time stampedes served the
community. The people determined
that an end should be put to the
after-election excitement, which
conld serve no good purpose.
At Washington, at this hour, there
would be need for Senator Patterson
and Teller were they in harmony
with their constituents. If the two
senators from this state had carried
ont the will of the people at home
they would have been on the “firing
line” during the struggle that has
been going forward to secure legis-
lation demanded by President Roose
velt and the nation. These are the
trying moments at the nation’s capi
tal, where the opponents of the pres
ident have sncceeded in getting a
deadlock on the important measures
in the conference committees.
But Colorado is a nonentity in
the upper body where the anti-
Rooseyelt strength is fortified. The
two senators from this state are play
ing peanut politics at home or at
tending to their corporate interests
elsewhere. On the great issues be
fore congress at this session neither
of them have been heard from. We
doubt very much whether a vote was
recorded from Ibis state on any one
of the critical votes called for.
Throughout the railroad rate bill |
debate, the unmerous discussions on |
the Panama canal, the pure food
bill, the regulation of the packing
centers and other matters, the Colo
rado senators, if they were in their
places at all, remained dumb as oys
Denver has been much interested
in securing an appropriation for a
new postoffice building, but when
the question was brought forward in
the upper body a day or two ago the 1
seats of the Colorado senators were
vacant. Benator Warren of Wy-I
oming, always a sterling friend to
this state’s best interests, stepped
into the breach and aided by the re
publican members in tbe house of
representatives, secured the “half
loaf” which is better than none.
Colorado has been most unfortu
nate in her senatorial representation
in recent years. Senator Patterson
has made everything a personal mat
ter. His hundred of speeches were
delivered on “personal privileges.”
Senator Teller seems to have been
obliterated by his younger collea
This year the duty will devolve on
the republicans of Colorado to elect
a legislature that can be depended
on to send to the United States sen
ate a man who is known to be in
accord with President Roosevelt and
who can be depended on to support
his policies through thick and thin,
against all opposition, not. excluding
the powerful railroad combine. Ex
Wanted Teams and Men
500,000 yards to let on the Ft. Lyon en
nui in lots to suit outfits. Near Rocky
Ford, Colo. Nice, dry work, cheap feed.
Call on or address
T, J. SAVEER, Lamar.
Information wanted as to the
present residence of the follow
ing named persons v.’ho former
ly resided in or near Lamar:
Address J. K. Doughty. La
mar, Colorado.
Dealers In
ole Agents * or t *' e Ce,e * >rate< *
k, ' SHOES
We also carry a large stock of
other makes. When you need
anything in footwear, remember
we have them.
Dr. J. H. Kellogg
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Laud Office Bid.
Lumtir, Colo.
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iI THE FAIR |ito£Sfc
Who Made That Break?
Well, no matter what broko It, or who broke it, bring it
to our new shop and we will repair it.
Oh yes, wo have the agency for the old reliable Singer
and Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines, TUB TWO
a. m. zxxaxjca. <* 00.
B. B. Brown, Pres. A. N. Parrish, Vioo Pros. W. 0. Goold, Oasher
The First National Bank
Capital $50,000 Surplus 810.000
B. B. Brown. T. M. Brown. W. O. Gould.
M. D. Thatohkb. A. N, Pakhihh.
Real Estate, Loan
Insurance Agent
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The Febri-Tone Chemical Co., Greeley, Colo.
8 Paok-a

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