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New York’s Sewers.
If the sewers of New York city were
placed end to end in a straight line
they would reach from there to Pike’s
peak. 1,710 miles, and the paved streets
of the city would make a road along
one side of them all the way.
Will nW ninkp you norvnuH. A*k your rtwiler or The
M. l!j iiKin Ciyur Go.. Hill 17th Street. Denver.
When we ask for good eggs we mean
eggs that are good physically not mor
Denver Directory
Finest rooms and equipment, best
teachers, actual business methods.
Awarded many gold medals for super
iority. Fall term opens August 21st.
Lowest rates. Write to-day for beauti
ful free catalogue. W. T. PARKS. Dr.
Com'l Sc.. Principal. Club Building,
1731 Arapahoe St.
ssmnsasa 4smSbS
In tin- I'. S The I red Mueller Saddle A IBir
iicm* Co.. 1413-10 I .rimer Kt.. Denver. Colo.
For our «•« mi>le!e Tnlktns Much
ine ratuloiMiei*. We Hell outfits \
. on o'iey terms. All styles mat'll- \
§ Inet and thousand* of record*. \
T-* The Knlglit-< uiiii.lh-II Muhlc Co.. \
JE 1(725 Galifornlu Street. Denver. a
“Ota M««TM-a voie«-
CTfWF REPAIRS of every known make
Ol UIL „I move, furnace or raufce. »•«•». A.
Pullen. 1831 Uwrent-e. llenver. Phone It*.
A*k your dealer for them. Take no other.
I'.iiropean Plan. fl.Ml and Upward.
depot. The beat $2 per day hotel In the
West. American plan.
Oxford Hotel
Denver. One block from Union Depot.
Fireproof. C. H. MORSE. Mgr.
Established in Colorado.lB66. Samples by mail or
express will receive prompt and carelul attention
Gold & Silver Bullion " , r R , ',"JK« , S" , ‘
Concentration Tests - m , fi?,f. r a r ££.! ott '
1736-1738 Lawrence St.. Denver, Colo.
Secured nil Krailunlrs In TeleKraphy,
11 <■ ok keep lii ic, Short liu ml, Typrurl I Inn
l-'nll term, Sept. 4. lIMIII. t ntiilogin- anil
'l'eleurnpli I'oliler Pree. A. VI. Kearns.
I’rliK'lpul. Modern School of lluslncsa,
Denver, Colorado.
306 Enterprise Block, Denver.
2Hlli years oldrat nml nruTsli linok
kecplng, Mliort lininl. I cleg ru pli y .
Pall term opens September till.
CnlnliiKur free.
-All first-class gunrnn
tt, yrjitccil Dentistry at reduced
f-J f fil prices for next CO days.
Wfiw r ~'4loDenvtr, Colo., 929 17th St.
Scales,Feed Grinders. Supplies
Manufactured and Sold Direct by
Fairbanks, Morse& Co., Denver
TV AN I t U for the NAVY
ages 17 to 35, must bo able bodied, of
good character and American citizens,
either native born or naturalized. Ap
ply to Navy Recruiting Office, room 22
Pioneer building. Denver, or room 410
Postoffice building. Pueblo. Colorado.
i- - i ■ » In any lenstli. Semi for
i- i .k. ~ catalog of cut*. I»enver
. -■■ -E- -r Saw A Pence Co.. 1627-29
I, _ i-kl— .'..A.:- J Isth at.. Denver. Colo.
Excursion to the
Frontier Days
August 15 and 16, 1906
Union Pacific
The Woman’s Relay Race.
, Bucking and Pitching Contests.
Indian Squaw Races.
Steer Roping Contests.
Wild Horse Races.
Dances Each Night.
Tickets on sale August 14th, 15th and
16th, good to return until August 20th.
Also very low rates Thursday, August
15th, return same date.
For rates, schedules and full particu
lars, see small bills, or ask
General Agent.
Nothing Succeeds Like “EGG-O-SEE."
The man who preaches the best ser
mon; the man who tells the funniest
stories; the man who keeps the best
store; or tbe man who makes the best
goods soon finds that people come to
him. Merit is the best advertisement
in the world. People speak well of
things they know' are good. They pass
the good word along.
The best breakfast food is EGG-O
SEE, for it contains all the life-giving
properties of nature's best food, which
is wheat.
EGG-O-SEE is deeply in debt to the
ihousands of wives and mothers who
use it in their homes, for these good
women tell their neighbors about this
great food.
Children and aged persons alike are
friends of EGG-O-SEE.
Merit and common sense are the
hings that advertise EGG-O-SEE
most. EGG-O-SEE is chiap. A 10-
;ent package contains ten liberal
breakfasts. EGG-O-SEE is sold every
where. Grocers must keep it if they
want to keep their good customers,
for good customers insist on buying
The fact that no preparation, no
;ooking is required, makes EGG-O
SEE very popular. Open the package;
put as much as you like In a dish;
Dour on milk or cream and cat. It
is delicious. It ia wholesome. It
nakes you strong.
A lot of Interesting facts about
EGG-O-SEE have been published in
aook form entitled. “Back to Nature.”
This book also has a course of phys
ical culture —fully illustrated. Any
one wishing this book will receive it
Tree by addressing EGG-O-SEE Com
pany, 10 First St., Quincy, 111.
No One Wanted Box 13.
In no other western European coun
try Is superstition so prevalent as In
Austria-Hungary. Quite recently the
chamberlain’s office changed the num
ber of box 13 In the Imperial opera
house anil the Imperial Court theater
to 12a, because the public objected to
sitting in a box bearing this unlucky
number. None of tbe rich subscribers
who takes a box for the year wanted
No. 13. and for single performances it
was just as hard to dispose of.
This superstition reaches Its height
in medicine. Speaking at the health
exhibition. Dr. Heinrich Grun declared
that In many Instances superstition,
and especially local superstition, was
an absolute menace to public health.
In the Austrian hospitals one finds
no block or pavilion 13, no ward 13,
no staircase 13. Very few patients
will consent to be operated upon on
the thirteenth day of the month, and
In this respect Friday, too, is consid
ered just as unlucky. At Carlsbad.
Marienbad, Gastein.and other famous
Austrian cure resorts nobody wants
to begin hls cure on a Friday.
The Eton College Chronicle expresses
the opinion that lawn tennis is fit for
“tame curates" only.
The Welsh national eisteddfod Is the
biggest open-air concert In the world.
At least 20,000 people attend it every
The greater part of the almost
$2,000,000 worth of firecrackers annual
ly exported by China conics to Now
York. And the United States stands
next to China In the use of them.
An anticipated calamity that actual
ly came?
A sycophant who turned out to be a
real friend?
A bad man who was really as bad as
he was reputed?
An actor that wasn’t thoroughly de
lighted with himself
An absconding cashier who wasn't
"a trusted employe?”
A man who went wrong who wasn’t
"a highly-respected citizen?”
A woman criminal who was not
“beautiful and apparently refined?”
A horse that could trot as fast as the
man who sold him to you said he
Anybody who achieved sinlessness
before starting a fusillade of stones at
A successful man who used up nine
tenths of his time telling what he was
going to do next
A prize fighter that wont through the
throes of the championship without
becoming demoralleil?
That Coffee Was the Real Trouble.
Some people flounder around and
take everything that's recommended
but finally find that coffee is the rea»
cause of their troubles. An Oregou
man says:
"For 25 years I was troubled with
my stomach. I was a steady coffee
drinker, but didn't suspect that as
the cause. I took almost anything
whbtli someone else had been cured
with but to no good. I was very bad
last summer and could not work at
“On Dec. 2, 1902, I was taken so
bad the doctor said I could not live
over 24 hours at the most, and I
made all preparations to die. I could
hardly eat anything, everything dis
tressed me, and I was weak and sick
all over. When In that condition cof
fee was abandoned and I was put on
Postum, the change In my feelings
came quickly after the drink that was
poisoning me was removed.
"The pain and sickness fell away
from me and I began to get well day
by day, so I stuck to it until now I
am well and strong again, can eat
heartily, with no headache, heart
trouble or the awful sickness of tho
old coffee days. I drink all I wish of
Postum without any harm and enjoy
it Immensely.
“This seems like a strong siory,
but I would refer you to the First
Nat’l Bank, the Trust Banking Com
pany, or any merchant of Grant’s
Pass, Ore., in regard to my standing,
and I will send a sworn statement
of this if you wish. You can also use
my name.” Name given by Postum
Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Still there are many who persist
ently fool themselves by saying “Cof
fee don’t hurt me." A ten days’ trial
of Postum In its place will tell the
truth and fiiany times save life.
“There’s a reason.”
Look for the little book, “The Road
to Wellvllle,” In pkgs.
Tyson S. Dines, One of the Stratton
Estate Executors, Attacks J. K.
Mullen, Millionaire Flour Mill
Owner, in His Own House.
Denver. —Attacked in the library of
his o\. home at Ninth and Pennsyl
vania avenues, Sunduy afternoon, J.
K. Mullen, the millionaire milling man,
was struck several times with a dog
whip by Tyson S. Dines, knocked to
the floor, and Mr. Mullen, it is alleged,
was threatened with death by Mr.
Dines, who carried a large-calibre re
volver. Mr. Mullen swore out a war
rant charging Mr. Dines with assault
to kilL
Mr. Dines is a man six feet tall and
of great strength. He Is u compara
tively young man. Mr. Mullen is In
his sixtieth year nnd is short, being
but five feet eight inches tall.
As reported in the News, the cause
of the assault was an alleged insult of
fered to Miss Virginia Dines, daughter
of the assailant of the millionaire, over
a telephone. Mr. Dines and Mr. Mul
len are on a two-party line. The lat
ter attempted to use the telephone
shortly after 12 o'clock Sunday noon to
call a physician In an urgent case, but
found It busy. According to his state
mint he wuited thirty-two minutes,
during all of which time Miss Dines
kept up tier conversation with a young
man. He at length requested her to al
low him to use the telephone for .t
lew minutes, explaining that it was a
matter of life and death that a physi
cian be called. Mr. Mullen claims that
Miss Dines answered him imperti
rentlv and told him not to "butt in."
He replied that he would hold the
line until she allowed him to uhc it.
Courtland Dines, Mr. Dines’ second
son, Interefered and told Mr. Mullen
that he talked like the colored coach
man, and Mr. Mullen said that no lady
would hold the telephone under the cir
cumstances that Miss Dines insisted
on keeping up her conversation.
As a result Courtland Dines and a
friend, a Mr. Woods, left the Dines res
idence at the corner of Colfax avenue
and Vine street, and went to the Mul
len homo. They demanded to see Mr.
Mullen, the affair was talked over nnd
the two young men started away ap
parently satisfied of the trivial charac
ter of the controversy.
Hardly had they left the Mullen resi
dence when Dyson Dines appeared on
tie scene. He carried a dog whip
used In thp Dines stables for keeping
the hounds In leash, and walked into
the hall of the Mullen residence and
demanded to see Mr. Mullen.
Mrs. Mullen anil her daughters asked
Mr. Dines to step Into the drawing
room. He saw Mr. Mullen and went
to meet him, demanding in strident
tones whether he had said that Miss
Virginia. Dines was no lady. Mr. Mul
len replied that if Mr. Dines would
calm himself and be seated he would
talk the matter over with him nnd ex
plain just what the telephone conver
sation had been.
Mr. Diner, again demanded to know
if Mr. Mullen had said that hls daugh
ter was not a lady. Without wraiting for
a reply, It Is charged, he advanced
upon the aged man in whose house ho
was and struck at him •ith the heavy
dog whip.
The thud of the blow seemed to In
furiate Mr. Dines the more, while Mr.
Mullen was too astonished to defend
himself. Mr. Dine* knocked his vic
tim down cfd knell on him. striking
him In the face with his, lists and
breaking his glasses.
By this time Mrs. Mullet) and her
daughters, frightened n* arly to death,
attempted to drag Mr. Dines from their
father. In the melee a revolver either
fell from Dines’ pocket or was dropped
by him. He picked. It up immediately
and waved It around the room. The
women screamed and Mrs. Mullen im
plored Dines not to kill her husband,
telling him that a man was dying In
the room above. Dines Is said to have
replied that he did not give a If
there were four dead in the house.
However, the Infuriated lawyer took
ills revolver and whip and left the
house, returning to his own residence.
Mr. Mullen Immediately consulted
with his attorney, Frank Gotidy. and
had a warrant drawn for Mr. Dines’ ar
rest, charging him with assault with
Intent to kill. The warrant was
sworn to by Mr. Mullen in Magistrate
Carlon’s Court and was served by Con
stable Edward W. Phillips at a. late
hour Sunday night on Mr. Dines, who
gave bail for his appearance before
Magistrate Carlon.
.1. K. Mullen is president of tho Colo
rado Milling and Elevator Company
and general manager of the Hungarian
Mills Company. He has been a prom
inent citizen of Denver for thirty-five
years and has borne a spotless repu
tation both for business Integrity am!
for his honor as an old-school gentle
man. He Jives in a magnificent resi
dence at 890 Pennsylvania avenue. He
has a family of five daughters.
Hls assuilant. Attorney Tyson S.
Dines, is one of the most prominent
lawyers for Denver. He was for years
in the law office of C. J. Hughes. Jr.,
but attained an independent position
from hls appointment as one of the ex
ecutors of tin* will of Winfield S. Strut
ton. the Colorado Springs multimil
lionaire. He made a large fortune out
of the fees attendant upon the legal
work of the Stratton estate and since
then his rise has been rapid until he
now is regarded as one of the most
prominent lawyers in the West.
Miss Virginia Dines, his daughter, is
a beautiful girl nnd is popular In the
unartest circles of Denver society. She
took a leading part in the Kirmess
last February b •' has been held to be
the most beautiful girl in Denver/ The
Dines are southerners, coming from
Longworths Coming Home.
Beyrouth.—With the exception of
one day, which was taken up l>> an
automobile excursion to the Austrian
baths. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Long
wnrth spent the entire week here.
They left Sunday byway of Nurem
berg and Munich for Paris. They will
sail Saturday for the United States.
Hospital for Children.
Denver. —Limiting its patients solely
to children, the Blanche Roosevelt hos
pital will be opened soon in this city.
About fifty women, headed by Dr. Min
nie C. T. Love, Mrs. E. A. Colburn and
Mrs. Thomas C. Hayder, have been
at work for the last month and plans
for securing funds and building the
new hospital are well under way. The
hospital will be a non-sectarian insti
tution. equipped with a large staff of
physicians nnd nurses, and although a
charge will be made those able to pay,
;here will be a number of free beds In
the institution.
United States Court Decides Against
Dow •
Chicago. —Judge is of the
United States Dist - mrt gave his
decision Friday in i mioversy be
t'veen the adherent- John Alexan
der Dowie and Wilbt ‘Ivia over the
pioperty of Zion Cit
John C. Hately " appointed re
ceiver of Zion. His were placed
kt $26.t>00. The a- at ion in the
bankruptcy proceed!: ainst Dowie
was set aside.
The court holds tl Xion City and
its industries do no; ong to Dowie
— that, while the e. utors of the
funds did not expre- formal declar
atlon of trust, a tru; created and
Dowie had no right u-ut the prop
erty as his own.
The court refuser appoint Alex
ander Granger receiv. i.»r the reason
that Granger made w recognizing
Dowie us “a mes. r 0 f the cov
enant, the prophet I 1 uhl by Moses,
?nd Elijah the restow <> which vow
“all family ties and • at Ions and all
iciations to human - iiments shall
l.o held subordinate- Tin* court said
!i*> was not obliged to — confidence
in a man so constitu l that, living in
this republic, he wi serenely vow
Ids readiness at all ■ to abandon
Li-s family and betra :s country.
The court ordered a . lection on the
third Tuesday of St t •mher of a gen
eral overseer, all :• inkers of the
church residing in Zi « ity, male and
female, to iiave on* vote. lie an
rounced tliai suitabl* ...vision would
le made for Dowie • . count of his
services as trustee.
The effect of the <1 on is to place
th* industrial affair.- : Zion City in
the hands of the c> . ■ through the
agency of Mr. Ha while the
church’s spiritual matins will come
under tlie supervision of tin- overseer
to be elected in September.
Claims against Dowie are now
claims against the receiver.
Mr. Hately is a men. her of the board
ot trade, a capitalist anti is active in
charitable ami reform movements.
As to the election bulge l.andis as
sured the litigants that lie took the re
sponsibility for its f.a in S3 on ills own
Dowie was not tn court, illness con
f.ning him to his hot. 1. A number of
members of the churcl.. who still cling
to him, were present.
Except Small Bequests Property Left
to His Wife.
New York. —Except for a few small
bequests to relatives, tin fortune of
Russell Sago is left to his widow.
There is no charitable bequest In the
will. There was nothing in the will
to Indicate the value of Mr. Sago’s
< state.
Each of Mr. Sage’s nephews and
nieces is left $25,000.
There is also ab« quest of SiO/KO
to Mr. Sage’s sister. Mrs. Cliapin, now
The section bequeathing the bulk of
the estate of Mrs. Sam r<*ads that site
Is to “have and to hold the same abso
lutely and forever.’’
The executors of ll.t» will are Mrs.
Sage, Dr. John P. Munn, for many
years Mr. Sage’s physician; and
Charles W. Osborn . who has had
charge of Mr. Sage’s office in this city.
The will contains a section forfeit
ing the bequest t. any beneficiary whe
objects to the pi .bate of tiic will or
directly or indite: !y contests ft.
Good Templars Election.
Boston. —Georg F. Cotterlll of Se
attle was re-ob. < d national grand
chief templar at s iturdav’s session of
the national lodg< f the United States
Indenpendcnt O; r of Good Tern
pars. W. H. Cla . of Wyoming was
chosen national ? and secretary, anti
A. A. Anderson o 1 McKeesport. Penn
sylvania, was lit ed national grand
treasurer. A Hie 11. Parker of Provi
dence was appoh ■ d national grand
secretary. After ■ o installation of of
ficers Seattle was elected on the first
ballot as the plac. or holding the con
vention of 1907.
President’s Son Cuming.
Laramie, YVyo. 'harlcs W. Dekny
of this city has r ivod a letter from
his brother-in-law Lieut. Emory S.
Land of the Unit' States navy, writ
ten from Washi: gton, saying that
Land would visit l ; parents at Gunni
son, Colorado, m ‘month, being ac
companied Wer.* Theodore Ron:
velt, Jr., and G< ■ c Roosevelt, son
ana nephew, resp- ively, of President
Roosevelt, nnd th. they would spend
several weeks nt f. unison where Lieu
tenant Land's fat' is superintendent
of the fish hatch- • The lieutenant i
a graduate of th.- ' aval Academy and
a naval construct and has been vis
iting at the Whiti oust?.
Ticket Broker Released.
Denver. A sup. edeas was granted
by Justice Luthi i I. Goddard of the
Supreme Court S\ trilay, releasing I.
C. Well, a Pueblo cket broker, from
Jail. Well was ied S7OO by Judge
Dixon for violatin' the injunction by
which the judge i a stop to the sail*
of scalpers’ rail' tickets In Colo
rado. District Ai' ney White of Pu
eblo, in his prlvi-i opacity as lawyer,
represented Weil He claimed that
Judge Dixon mm’ the order n unit
ing Well to pay th fine while In Den
ver and outside hi listrict. The Wei!
case will come up i its regular order
In the Suprrm" mrt, nnd in tho
meantime the lie: broker will have
hls liberty.
Debs Uses Strong Language.
St. Louis. —Euc • V. Debs, formei
presidential condi '■ on the Socialist
ticket, Sunday in oeech at Riverside
patk. caused a : ' among the work
ingmen of St. Lou and Illinois when
lie advised all kinsmen of the
United States to Jot in the freeing
of Charles Mo. ei. A\ D. Haywood,
and George H. p -bone, the three
Denver miners < fined in jail in
Idaho, nt any cot v,, n if it took a
revolution to do : "More than a mil
lion workingmen i: '-he United States
will rise up :tnd mnnd that these
men bo liberated. dd Dabs. “I will
be at the head of ' s million to assist
in liberating the:, by blood shed, if
necepsary, but pen ably, if possible."
Root Hon ored in Brazil.
Rio Janeiro. —Tl banquet given by
Baron Rio Branco blister of foreign
affairs, in honor «■: Secretary Root, at
the Palacio Pa;; was of the
magnificence unpe deled in Brazil.
The furnishings f< 'he occasion had
been Imported « - ‘dally from Paris
at a cost of SIOO. Eighty covers
were laid and th< mats were Ameri
cans, deputies, s* t. ors and represen
tatives of the am and navy. Secre
tary Root, who am 'I at the palace in
a carriage built foi 'be occasion, at a
cost of $12,000, toi" Mme. Assla Bra:-;:
'nto dinner and r - Root was •
oil id b> Barer P Branco.
Harriman Resents Overcharge.
E. H. Harriman aent his SIO,OOO
automobile to a repair shop In New
York city in January, and when he
pot a bill for $1,797. refused to pay
It. The owner of the repair shop re
fused to surrender the vehicle and
Mr. Harriman proceeded to recover It
by a writ of replevin. The men who
are trying to collect this large sum
will now have to sue for their money.
Mr. Harriman evidently believes that
the charge was made In accordance
with his supposed ability to pay.
Starch, like everything else, Is be
ing constantly improved, the patent
Starches put on the market 25 years
ago are very different and inferior to
those of the present day. In the lat
est discovery—Defiance Starch —all In
jurious chemicals are omitted, while
the addition of another Ingredient, In
vented by us, gives to the Starch a
strength and smoothness never ap
proached by other brands.
Railway Tariff Simplified.
Germany has just revised its rail
way tariff, which Involves a multi
plication of tickets. It Is calculated
that a traveler with a small family
going from Mulhouse to Hale will find
himself furnished with CO tickets. In
additiou to which are those for bag
By following the directions, which
are plainly printed on each package of
Defiance Starch, Men's Collars and
Cuffs can be made just as stiff as de
sired, with either gloss or domestic
finish. Try It. 1C oz. for 10c, sold by
all good grocers.
International Cyclopedia.
Tho medical faculty of the Paris
university plans an International tech
nological encyclopedia. It Is to be
Issued in ten languages, including
“Esperanto,” the world language.
Rapid Increase in Population.
In eight years the population of
Osaka. Japan, has Increased from
£II,BOO to over 1.02C.000. The number
of factories has Increased by 991.
Short ladles should avoid much
trimming on their skirts, says a fash
ion writer. Yes, and so should long
ladles if their husbands are short.
Mamma —“Remember that every
cloud has a silver lining." Little lless
—"Then why don't God turn 'em In
side out?"
The man who docs all he can gen
erally finds that some one elee will do
the rest.
I JmSwm Dainty, Crisp, Dressy
I JPf Summer
wHTM™ Skirts
I: . are a delight to the refined womar. every
||!|HF y I where. In order to get this result see
J ( ; that the material is good, that it is cut in
| VM/Mm Defiance
|\ in the laundry. All three things are im
§1 1 1 / Ay M portant, but the last is absolutely neces
>7///AvX l J sary. No matter how fine the material
I / ,j,V or how daintily made, bad starch and
poor laundry work will spoil the effect
\\ j) Jl/flMK and ruin the clothes. DEFIANCE
l _ Ti] . /. STARCH is pure, will not rot the clothes
/ V-e/fi"' // ll nor cause them to crack. It sells at ioc '
Wy / H \\ a sixteen ounce package everywhere.
/// \ u\ Other starches, much inferior, sell at ioc
///\ I'l j\ 11 for twelve ounce package. Insist on
; \ 'W\ |l getting DEFIANCE STARCH and be
Defiance Starch
(jfjlpyHr Company,
Omaha, Nebraska.
Perfect Food For Man
The food which contains in itself every element necessary, in
right proportions, properly prepared by a physician and chemist
which makes the perfect food for man, is
Persons whose diet is composed of most wholesome foods are com
earativcly free from disease and are active mentally a«d physically.
•r. Price’s Food being thade from the whole grain of the wheat, if
eaten daily, disposes to keep the bowels regular. ,
Palatable- Nutritious-Easy of Digestion and Ready to Eat
Cm be served hot. Put In a hot oven for a few minutes; or cook in boiling milk to a mush;
10c a package, p.rs.i. b,i “
An mitcli nnnrl.hmrnt GrOCtrS | packagm /VX, (0, WtcCA/ '
Pric.e*\he flnvau vxy*t\. ih. ut«tor Dr. 7ric«‘» Crenir Bnhli.* Towder, Eeliciout
Flavoring Extracts. Ice Crew Sugar and Jelly Deaaerta, haa never been compellad, ,
not wi t hxtur. ding atrenuoua Food laws, to chsngs any of his prodacta. Tba* have always 1
conformed to their requirement*. This is aa absolute guarantee of thsir quality and purity. |
Sheer white goods, in fact, any fine
wash goods when new, owe much of
their attractiveness to the way they
are laundered, this being done in a
manner to enhance their textile beau
ty. Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory if proper attention was
given to starching, the first essential
being good Starch, which has sufficient
strength to stiffen, without thickening
the goods. Try Dofianco Starch and
you will ho pleasantly surprised at tho
improved appearance of your work.
“Cruising for Salvage.”
One man in .New York says he
makes a good living by what lie calls
cruising for salvage. He goes about
in an nhtomohile and follow* yovlces
trying to operate recently purchased
machines. If the machines break
down or stop he comes up in time to
offer his services as a tug or to offer
about half the value of the machine
if the owner Is so disgusted that he
wishes to sell.
Avoid Government Service.
The students from the Itulian uni
versities and government school are
no longer content to seek poorly paid
government employment or to enter
Into the ranks of the overcrowded pro
fessions. but are seeking technical
Instruction so that they may join in
the new movement and make an ade
quate future for themselves.
Ireland Loses Population,
The number of marriages registered \
In Ireland in 1904 was 22,901. The
excess of births over deaths was 24,- 1
298, but this was more than offset by
the emigration of 30,902 persons.
A Certain Cur, for Ttrod, Hot, Actilng Foot.
DO NOT ACCEPT A SUBSTITUTE. ou eTcry box. LoKojr, Jf. if.
i English Language in Antwerp.
Nearly one-half of shipping traf
fic to and from Antwerp Is carried on
under the British and American flags,
and this has made Antwerp almost an
English-speaking port. Free night
schools for exclusive classes in Eng
! lish, organized by the city authori
ties. are attended by thousands of
pupils, while special attention Is paid
to the study of English in • all tho
grades of the day schools, public as
well as private. This de3lre to pop
ularize the English language is not
| confined to Belgium, but ha 3 extended
to Germany as well, where schools of
I instruction have already been estab
lished at Munich and Nuremberg by
| tho German government.
' Defiance Starch—Slxtren ounces for
. ten cents, all other, brands contain
1 only 12 ounces for same money.
The people who believe most
strongly in luck are tho a e who never
| have any.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup.
For rhll«lri*n tocthliiK, boMcds Hip K'lmn, roilurc* lr>
lUimuutluu. alia) Kpalu, cure i wladcollu. iv » ix.iiio.
Hoys will bo boys, especially ihe
gay old ones who have passed 60.
A Square Deal — Sixteen ounces De-
I flame Stnrcli for lUc.
To sneer at success Is the prernga
tlre of failure.
The Greatest Boarunuj College in the World
University of
Notre Dame
U’t guaranty twr foints: Our slu.lrnti
ttiii/y and our i/udru/t brkai't thfmwhft
18 Buildings 75 Professors 800 Students
■ .•HIM - In ti.-1.-Ht ami Sli>il<-in I ji|i.-'ih. «•-. Kdr.
It.l. 111-lot v. an.l FV-niioiiiln., I lirml-m, lit-.1-<rv.
l-1.m0m.-i Civil, Kin--trlml. mol M<-. lianli-nl Kniri
in vi li-ir, Ari-lilti i liirb, Ia« , Slim tliaml, 11... k-kvep-
IniC. Tj |«--wiHli.x
TERMS: Bonrd. Tuition, and Laundry. WOO.
Send len cenia lo the Regitirar tor Calalogae
VA I t x T A TTOKXK ys.
QIT PU'TC Trade llarka. De
rß I ell I o
Nathan Bicxroiiu, 014 V Hi . Wuahlmiuin, l>. O
W N. U.. DENVER, NO. 31, 1006.
You Cannot
all inflamed, ulcerated and catarrhal con
ditions of the mucous membrane such as
nasal catarrh, uterine catarrh caused
by feminine ills, sore throat, sore
mouth or inflamed eyes by simply
dosing the itoinach.
But you surely can cure these stubborn
affections by local,treatment witty
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic
.which destroys the di cr.segcrnir.,rJio. 3
discharges, stops pain, ar.d heals the
inflammation and soreness.
Paxtine represents the most successful
local treatment for feminine ills pver
produced. Thousands of women testify
to this fact. 50 cents at druggists. ;
Send for Free Trial Box
THE R. PAXTON CO.. Boston. Mwt,
tndlUni Wsetalnetoo. iX V.
r Successfully Prosecutfes Claims.
Late Principal Examiner t T . 8. Pension Bureau.
yy | Wltml. fiO t.u.hrl.

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