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Or. William’ Pink Pilla, Used After
the Grip, Arrest Fatal Decline and
Rebuild the System.
Any bodily weakness caused by a
deficiency in the blood can be cured
by the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
because these pills actually make new
blood. After attacks of the grip the
blood is generally run down and the
patient continues to decline.
"About three years ago,” says Mrs.
Jennie Cowan, of 718 N. Henry
Street, We3t Bay City, Mich., “I
caught a severe cold, which ran into
the grip. I was confined to my bed
for two weeks. At the end of that
time I was able to be about, but was
completely run down. I was so weak
I could hardly stand, my cheeks had
no color and I felt faint. My heart
would flutter and it was difficult for
me to breathe at times. Neuralgia
settled in the back of my head and
stomach and I suffered from rheuma
tism in my shoulders.
"I had the care of the best doctor
in town but became no better until a
friend told me one day how she had
been cured by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and I decided to try them. I
soon felt better and continued using
them until I was entirely cured. They
built me up again to perfect health
and I use them now whenever I feel
at all sick and they always help me.”
Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills are inval
unable in such cases, as well as in
other blood diseases, because they not
only drive off the germs of the disease
but build up the system. The pills
have cured anaemia, rheumatism, af
ter-effects of fevers, neuralgia and
many other severe disorders.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold
by all druggists, or sent, postpaid, on
receipt of price, 50 cents per box.
six boxes $2.50, by the Dr. Williams
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
Makes Plea for Dance.
It seems a very great pity that some
determined efTort cannot be made to
make dancing more popular. Nowa
days, when exercise is a kind of re
ligion to men and women alike it Is
odd that one recommended by all doc
tors and recognized all the world over
and In all ages as an attractive pas
time, into which the art of fascination
largely enters, should be more and
more neglected among us. —Lady's Pic
By ' following the directions, which
are plainly printed on each package of
Defiance Starch, Men’s Collars and
Cuffs can be made just as stiff as de
sired, with either gloss or domestic
finish. Try it, 16 oz. for 10c, sold by
all good grocers.
People who are fond of music usu
ally draw the line at amateur con
PAZO OINTMKNT Is guaranteed to cure any eaM
of Itching, Ullnd. Bleeding or I'rntrudlotf I‘ilea in
• to It days or money refunded. 60c.
If you want to see a man act silly
hunt up one who is jealous.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
For children teething, soften* tliegnm*. reduce* In
flammation. allays [tain,cure* wind cullu. 25c a ixHUe.
Love your enemies —but not John
The Proved Remedy
For Over 50 Years.
Price 23c and SOc
= —Positively enred by
fIADTTD C these Little Fills*
Ire S 3 from Dyspepsia. In
■PITTLE digestion and Too Hearty
WM |\/ r Q Eating. A perfect rem-
SgS | V UIT edyfer Dizziness. Nausea.
JM P| IP Drowsiness. Dad Taste
ajf ~ * In the Mouth. Coated
Tongue. Pain In the Side.
3*5515 I TORPID LIVER. They
regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
PADTnfcl Genuine Must Beer
uANICItO Fac-Simile Signature
The one Infallible method by which
Eczema can be quickly and permanently
cured 1* by the use of llkiskki.i.’h Oint
v k nt. For Haifa century this great remedy
hue been the means of curing skin diseases
of every nature. Krynlnelnfl, Tetter, L leers.
Pimple*, Ringworm, Blotchy Hkln, Krnp
tlons. Hough Skin, Suit llheum, Hrald
Head—all yield a>t readliy to the marvelous
curative virtues of Heiskkll’h Ointment
as the dread disease—Eczema. Beforoapply-
Ing the ointment, batho the nfTocted parts,
up the liver and cleanse the blood. Oint
ment, 60 cents a box ; Boap, 23 cent* a cake;
Pills. 25 cents a bottle—nt all druggists.
Hend for Interesting uool: of testimonials to
JonssTON, Holloway A C0.,631 Commerce
Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
arc cot an expert
men t, but with prop* r CU,II 'W^V
vat ion. they assure success
from the start. Users Have no
M doubts at planting nor dlsap-
at all dernier*. I- amous for over
50 year*. 1007 Seed
free on
M. FERRY A CO.,^Mf§g
Most Important Happenings of ths
Past Seven Days.
Interesting; Items Gathered from A1)
parts of the World Condensed
Into Small Spsie for the
Benefit of Oar Renders.
Capt. Boyd of the St. Louis police
force died after a brief illness Iroui
a carbuncle on his neck .
Rudolph Koradi, who has been con
sul for the Swiss government in Phil
adelphia since 1850 is dead. He was
said to be the oldest consul in the
world in point of years and service.
Senor Torrionete, the Cuban minis
ter to Spain, who resigned recently
has made a statement saying his
action was caused by shame at the
spectacle his country has presented
to the world.
Walter Spess and BUI Debolt, mem
bers of a gang of outlaws, who recent
ly shot up Mannford, I. T., have been
captured by federal officers.
Oliver Dyer, who is said to have
introduced stenography in this coun
try and who was the first shorthand
reoprter in the United States died
in Boston, aged 83.
King Peter of Servia, denies that
he has any intention of resigning or
permanently leaving the country.
Rear Admiral Sigsbee, who com
manded the battleship Main when
that vessel was destroyed in Havana
harbor in 1898, has been retired on
account of age.
Mayor Dunne, of Chicago, has an
nounced his candidacy for the demo
cratic mayoralty nominatiin In that
Senator Reuben R. Adams has been
expelled front the state senate of Ar
kansas for accepting a bribe.
A number of Chicago publishing
houses burned recently causing a loss
of $500,000.
Albert B. Cummings has been In
augurated for his third term ns gov
ernor of lowa.
John D. Rockefeller has been re
elected superintendent of the Euclid
Avenue Baptist Sunday school at
Cleveland. 0.. He has served In that
capacity for 25 years
Senator Bailey recently made an
Impassioned address to the Texas
legislature denying that there was
anything wrong in his connection
with the Waters Pierce Oil company.
John R. Walsh, former president of
the Chicago National bank, which
failed December 16, 1905, has been in
dicted by the federal grand jury Tor
alleged misconduct in the manage
ment of the finances of the bank.
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson was
re-elected president of the American
Breeders' association at the annual
meeting at Columbus, 0., recently.
Horace E. Hand, social leader and
chief clerk of the 'Frisco railroad at
St. I-ajuls, was arrested, pleaded
guilty to forgery, received a sentence
of five years and was taken to the
penitentiary all within u space of 18
Joseph Holdebler, an Inmate of the
Nebraska asylum for the Insane, has
appealed to the emperor of Germany
to secure his release. He is a citizen
of Germany and there is considerable
doubt of hls Insanity.
Fred Elerbrook, who attempted to
assassinate Probate Judge Charles S.
Cutting, of Chicago, has been de
clared insane.
President Roosevelt has sent to the
senate a special message on tno
Brownsville. Tex., affray giving
the evidence collected by Assistant
Attorney General Purdy, who was sent
to Investigate the occurrence for the
The senate committee to investi
gate conditions In Indian territory
has submitted a report recommend
ing various changes In the present
laws. Secretary Hitchcock was cen
sured for withdrawing lands from al
The senate has struck from the
legislative appropriation bill the
bouse provision for an increase in
the salaries of the vice president,
speaker of the house and cabinet
The senate has passed the legisla
tive appropriation bill carrying $30,-
By a vote of 133 to 95 the house
agreed to Increase the salaries of sen
ators and representatives to $7,500,
and fixed the pay of vice president,
speaker and cabinet members at $12,-
In a Missouri Pacific wreck four
miles east of Salina, Kan., engineer
Jake Rose was killed and Fireman
Jones suffered a broken leg.
A violent earthquake shock recent
ly visited Kingston, Jamaica, caus
ing widespread destruction of pro
perty. Many buildings that remained
standing were destroyed by the fire
which followed the shock. First ac
counts estimated the loss of life at
100 persons.
Norris Brown, fomer attorney gen
eral of the state, has been chosen by
the Nebraska legislature to succeed J.
H. Millard as United States senator.
Simon Guggenheim has been chosen
United States senator from Colorado
to succeed Thomas M. Patterson.
France has six large battleships in
course of construction.
The Missouri house of represent!!
tives has passed a resolution indors
ins the action of President Roosevelt,
in discharging the negro troops Tor
complicity In the Brownsville, Tex.,
Unusual cold weather has been pre
vailing in the northwest recently. At
Browning, Mont., the thermometer
was said to have reached 65 degrees
below zero. The entire country is
covered with snow to a deptif of four
President Hill of the Great Northern
railroad Is authority for the statement
that it would require an investment of
$1,100,000,000 each year for five
years to furnish the country with ad
equate transportation for the busl
ness in sight not counting futurt
Oil of the White Pine Tree Used Suc
cessfully by Physicians in Treat
ing Consumptive Patients.
The Oil of the Pine Tree Is sup
posed to be the balm of Scripture. It
contains great medicinal properties
and was regarded witn the utmost
esteem by the ancients, and to the
present day is peculiarly prized by
the people of the East.
A noted authority on diseases of the
throat and lungs, who established a
camp for consumptives in the Pine
Woods of Maine, says that his entire
treatment consisted of fresh air,
nourishing food and the Pure Virgin
Oil of the White Pine Trees, mixed
with Whisky and Glycerine In the fol
lowing proportions:
Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure).. y a oz.
Glycerine 2 “
Good Whisky 8 “
Used in teaspoonful doses every four
It is claimed the above mixture will
heal and strengthen the lungs, break
up a cold In twenty-four hours, and
cure any cough that Is curable.
The Ingredients can he secured
from any good prescription druggist
at small cost, and can be easily mixed
in your own home.
Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure) Is put up
only In half-ounce vials for dispensing.
Each vial Is securely sealed in a
round wooden case with engraved
wrapper with the name—Virgin Oil
of Pine (Pure), prepared only by
Leach Chemical Co., Cincinnati, O. —
plainly printed thereon. There are
many rank imitations of Virgin Oil
of Pine (Pure), which are put out
under various names, such as Con
centrated Oil of Pine, Pine Bal
sam, etc. Never accept these as a
substitute for the Pure Virgin Oil of
Pine, as they will invariably produce
nausea and never effect the desired
Life of Horses and Dogs.
The statement has been made that
horses average from 20 to 30 years of
life, and dogs from 12 to 14 years. A
French encyclopedist credits the horse
with 30 to 40 years, the dog with 20
to 24. There is a sufficient range of
uncertainty In these figures to cause
doubt whether detailed study has been
made of the subject
Laundry work at home would he
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is usually necee
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric Is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trouble
can be entirely overcome by using De
fiance Starch, as It can be applied
much more »hlnly because of its great
er strength thai* other makes.
Judges on Their Dignity.
The ceremony of the United States
supreme court judges marching from
their robing room across the corridor
to take their scats on the bench,
which occurs at high noon every week
day while the court is holding session,
is always a matter of interest to the
average visitor at the capitol. Every
day there is a small crowd waiting to
see the stately procession. The other
day Justice Moody, as the youngest
member of the august body, brought
up the rear. A flicker of a smile ap
peared on his face as he noted the
black-robcd figures ahead of him. but
it passed away instantly and he be
came as solemn and grave as the
No Longer Novel.
When James P. Magenis was chief
deputy in the internal revenue service
he was stricken with a severe attack
of typhoid fever, and it was some
weeks before be was able to resume
bis duties.
Before his illness his hair was lux
uriant, but after it a bald spot began
to show, which was noticed by a dep
uty. who spoke to him about it.
"Pardon me, Jim," he said, "but
you are getting bald, and you know a
head of hair like yours is quite a
novelty these days.”
•‘Yes,” said Magenis. "I have been
told ray hair was quite a novelty,
but do you know," he said, and a
gleam of fun was in his eye, "I no
tice since my illness, that every time
1 run my hand over the top of my
head the novelty is wearing off.”
Makes Trouble for People with Weak
Intestinal Digestion.
A lady In a Wis. town employed a
physician who instructed her not to
eat white bread for two years. She
tells the details of her sickness and
she certainly was a sick woman.
“In the year 1887 I gave out from
overwork, and until 1901 I remained
an invalid In bed a great part of the
time. Had different doctors but noth
ing seemed to help. I suffered from
cerebro-spinal congestion, female trou
ble and serious stomach and bowel
trouble. My husband called a new
doctor and after having gone without
any food for 10 days the doctor or
dered Grape-Nuts for me. I could eat
the new food from the very first
mouthful. The doctor kept me on
Grape-Nuts and the only medicine
wan a little glycerine to heal the
alimentary canal.
“When I was up again doctor told
me to eat Grape-Nuts twice a day and
no white bread for two years. I got
well In good time and have gained in
strength so I can do my own work
"My brain has been helped so much,
and I know that the Grape-Nuts food
did this. too. I found I had been
made ill because I was not fed right,
that Is I did not properly digest white
bread and some other food I tried to
live on.
“I have never been without Grape-
Nuts food since and eat it eveiy day.
You may publish this letter if you like
so it will help someone else." Name
given by Postum Co.. Battle Creek,
Mich. Get the little book, “Thu Road ’
yo Wellville,” in rkgs. |
Five Weeks in Bed With Intensely
Painful Kidney Trouble.
If fra. Mary Wagner, of 1367 Kossuth
avenue, Bridgeport, Conn., says: "I
wa: so weak
en*'i| and gener
al 1 run down
with kidney dis
ease that for a
long time I could
not do my work
ami was five
weeks in bed.
Then* was con
tinual bearing
down pain, ter
rible backaches,
headaches and
at times dizzy spells win n everything
was a blur before me. The passages
of the kidney Becretiom were irregu
lar and painful, and there was con
siderable sediment and lor I don't
know what I would have done but
for Doan's Kidney Pills I could see
an Improvement from the first box,
and five boxes brought a final cure.”
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co.. Buff;.!.. X. Y.
Priscilla's Revenge.
It was In the days of old when
knights were bold an.l dressed in
gleaming armor.
“George, dear," said Priscilla, over
her daily task, "wilt thou not help
me with my skeins?”
“By the tower of London—no!’’
roared George, us he sharpened hls
lance. "You haven't a spinning
wheel for a husband."
Two hours later Geoige returned
frem the fray with his armor bat
tered and torn.
"Dearest Priscilla." he said, soft
ly, "wilt thou not put a few patches
on my dress suit?”
"No, George," replied Priscilla,
sweetly. "You haven't a blacksmith
for a wife.”
And the bold knight was so hu
miliated he went over to Ye Frozen
Heart tavern and stood the tavern
keeper off for a tankard
A Big Bargain for 12 Cents Postpaid.
The year of 1900 wan one of prodigal
plenty ‘on our need farm*- Never l»efore
did vegetable and farm seed* return such
encrinoiiH yield*.
Now we wish to gain 200.000 new cus
tomer* this year and hen- • oiler for 12c
1 pkg. Garden City Beet.. 19c
1 “ Earliest Ripe Cubb.".' 10c
1 " Earliest Emerald Cm umber 10c
1 “ Lt Crosse Market Lettuce 15c
1 " 13 Day Radish UJc
1 Blue Blood Tomato 10c
1 " Juicy Turnip l (,c
1000 kernels gloriously beautiful How
cr seed* . “Tc
All for 12c postpaid in id.r to intro
duce our warranted seed- and if you
will semi 16<- we will add one package of
Berliner Earliest faulifl- ' er. together
with our mammoth plant, nursery stock,
vegetable and farm seed and tool catalog.
This catalog is mailed fiee to all in
tending purchasers. Write tn_day.
John A. Salzer Seed IV. Box \> , La
Crosue, Wis.
Developing the Sudan.
There Is talk in England of the pro
posed development of the natural re
sources of the Sudan through scien
tific exploration. immense forests
line the banks of the Blue Nile along
Its upper reaches, extending to the
Abyssinian frontier. The ebony tree
Is met with along that river and also
near the Sobat. Along the White Nile
the India rubber creeper, a valuable
source of rubber, abounds. There ar«
large forests In the Bahr-el-Gliazal
province and gold has been mined in
some of the mountains. Search will
be made for fuel.
Then They Went Off.
"It strikes me that you are loaded."
said the pistol to (he double barrel
"Oh. not quite." rejoined the latter
"I'm only half-shot "
Whereupon they both exploded with
laughter.—Chicago Daily News.
u\// / \ yh~\l Many women suffer in silence and
111 j x[ p '\\\ | rom had *° worse, know-
II ( **** T \\U How many women do you know
111 I IWJfew l M who are perfectly well and strong?
11l | 7 j ||| The cause may be easily traced to
111 I i■' I lij some feminine derangement which
\l\ \ . y '"i i I Jil manifests iiseif in depression of
Y\ \ / j . / IJJ spirits, reluctance to go anywhere
V\ \ / I . . J II or do anything, backache, dragging
V* I J// sensations, flatulency, nervousness,
\ / These symptoms arc but warnings
\ rffiyX. J that there* is danger ahead, and un
less heeded, n life of suffering or a
serious operation is the inevitable
MISS JULIE FLORENCE WALSH result. The best remedy for all
I these symptoms is
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
made from native roots and herbs. No other medicine in the country has
received such widespread and unqualified endorsement No other medi
cine has such a record of cures of female ills.
Miss J. F. U of 32s W. 3<-th St . New York City writes:—“Lydia
E. Pinkharo's Vegetable Compound has liecn of inestimable vulue in
restoring iny health, I suffered from female illness which caused
dreadful headaches, dizziness, and dull pains in my back, but your
medicine soon brought about a cliuuge in my general condition, built
me up and made me perfectly well.”
Lydia E. IMnkhnnTs Vegetable Compound cures Female Complaints,
such as Backache. Failing and Displacements. Inflammation and Ulcera
tion. and organic diseases. It is invaluable in preparing for child-birth
and during the Change of Life. It cures Nervous Prostration, Headache,
General Debility, and invigorate*- the whole system.
Mrs. Pinkham’s Standing Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to
write Mrs. Pinkhain. ut Lynn. Mass. Her advice is free.
m lO It 3 C FISTULir4BmS-SgSIWSSSSaS^iSShoney
■BM' ■ Lj . J DISEASES OF WOMEN. Of the thousand* of prominent oeoole cared b* our mild r..cU»9O.
Mr n P L NONE PAID a CENT TILL CURED—»«furni«h their name* and lelters on aodicatmn. TPB I
B ■ Eka DR#>T . iOHfnOH &mihor,
Pains at the waist, back, front, or side, are nearly sure proof of female trouble.
jL Some other signs are headache, pressing down pains, irregular functions, restless-
Mja Tj ness, cold limbs, nervousness, etc. These pains may be allayed, the system braced
JL JL g, and the womanly functions regulated by the use of
the Wine of Cardui
Mrs. Annie Hamilton, of Stetsonville, Wis., writes: "Cardui saved me
»a ’T • m from the grave after three (3) doctors had failed to help me. It is a good medicine
mi®# l and I recommend it to a-1 suffering women.” For sale at all druggists, in $1 bottles.
wf DllklL brniTC lie A I ETTCn Writ* today for a free ropy of valuable 64-paze Illustrated Rook for Women. If 4 ou need Medial Aj-
V W gUlfl If* 11% A I ri I fix vice, describe your symptoms, stating age. anj reply will be sent in plain senleJ envelope. Address:
A/sJ fa LtLm ■ I a** a Advisory Dept.. The Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn. Bl
most twice as much as any other dye and
coat you the same. 10c per package.
Naturally a man would rather part
his hair than part with it.
Take I.AXATTVK 11HOAIO gulnlnu Tub'ut*. linig-
Itls m refund uioner it II fall* l>» cine. U. W
UHUVKU bignaluru In on each ho*. -50,
Virtue is its own reward —or its own
punishment, as the case may be.
Gurfiekl Ten (the Herb remedy which i*
Guaranteed untier the Pure rood and
Drug* Ltw) should he taken lit regulate
the Liver, Kidneys, stomach und bowels,
and to purify the blood.
Some day a long suffering genius
will invent a safety razor with a pho
nograph attachment —then it will b«
good by for the garrulous barber.
How’s This?
W* offer One Hundred Dollar* Reward for any
-axe of Catarrh that cannot be cured by llall •
V. J. CHENEY , CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the undertilKiied. have known K J. Cheney
for the UMt 15 year*, and believe him perfectly hon
orable in all hiialneMi traiwuctlou* and nominally
able to carry out any obligation* made by hi* Arm.
Waldino. Kinkan & Marvin.
Wholesale Druggl't-. Toledo. O.
Hall'* Catarrh Cure I* taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and tnucott* aurfacea of the
ayatein. Teat 1 nionlal* tent free. J'rlcc 75 centa per
bottle. Sold by all DriivgUt*.
Take Huil'a Family Pill* for constipation.
Washington a Shingle State.
The state of Washington produced
10,500,000,000 shingles in 1906 fiscal
year, or 68Vi per cent of the total out
put of the United States. Washington
has 459 mills, with a daily output of
47,940,000, or 18 per cent more than
in 1905. In no other other state does
I the yearly output approximate 1,000,-
I 000,000.
Thoroughly Reliable.
■ iiviuujmi; iibiiauib.
If ever there was a reliable and safe
remedy it is that old and famous por
ous plaster—Allrock's. It has been in
use for sixty years, and is as popular
to-day as ever, and we doubt if there
is a civilized community on the face
of the globe where this wonderful pain
reliever cannot be found. In the selec
tion of the ingredients and in their
manufacture the greatest care is taken
! to keep each plaster up to the highest
standurd of excellence, and so pure
and simple are the ingredients that
even a child can use them.
Allcock's are the original and gen
uine porous plasters and are sold by
Druggists all over the world.
Scrupulous Senator.
Senator Spooner of Wisconsin sur
prised some members of congress with
whom he was chatting the other day
by announcing that he has never taken
part in a congressional junket of uny
kind "I never shall undertake such a
Journey at government expense." he
snid “There is something very objec
tionable to me in members of congress
going on such expeditions." For the
same reason that made him sidestep
a congressional Junket Senator
Spooner said he had never been
shaved In the senate barber shop,
which is maintained at Unde Sam's
Freak of Dublin Corporation.
The Dublin corpoiation adopted a
proposal to provide the captain and
mate of the mud barge Shamrock with
gobl-laced uniforms of Irish manufac
Preparation lor As
similaling the Food andßctfula
ting the Stomachs and Dowels of
Promotes Digcslion.Checrfuh
ness and Rest .Contains nci liter
Opium.Morpliinc nor Mineral.
Not >JAitc otic.
ysivfer arou Ur.SAMUEL PtTC/ffli
/brnpkut Seut~ »
Jlx Sennit • 1
AnLvSevd a I
&X3XU*. )
IKrmSemd I
Apcrfccl Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
Sloejvs ,#PH
Fhr Cough, Cold. Croup. * }|
Sore Throat, Stiff Neck*yr\
i Rheumatism and
Neuralgia I • A
At all Dealers y
Price 25c 500 6 HOO < 1
"Sloan's Book on Horses
Cattle, Hogs & Poultry
Address Dr. Earl S. Sloan ~) /■
A y \ JFy Yaii can always depend on the wcarlag qaailty -;X
#f Mayer wark shoes for all uses and in all kinds of £S
Built solid, of selected and seasoned leather,
they are by far the best work shoes for farmers, : : B
j££U£Bm'/f Miners. Prospectors, Lumbermen, Mechanics, and
Working Men to wear.
Mayer" Work Shoes” like all Mayer shoes
mEt are built on honor and wear like Iron. Get them from
MT ( your dealer, but be sure the Mayer trade-mark appears B
For a "dress-up” shoe wear the *‘ Hoii&ibilt”\L f
AiiwtiiM i'ii jiii'Vii iiwii ~^MWPfr.i.iww
A substitute for and superior to musiard or any other plaster, and will not
blister the most de.icate skin. The pain-allaying and curative qualities of
the article are wonderful. It will stop the tootha- ne at once, and relieve
Headache and Sciatica. We recommend it as the best and safest external
counter-irritant known, also as an external remedy for pains In the #>est
and stomach and all Rheumatic. Neuralgic and Gouty complaints. A trial
will prove what we claim for it. and it w.li be found to be invaluable in the
household and for children. Once used no family will be without it. Many
people say “it is the best of all your preparations." Accept no preparation
of vaseline unless the same carries our label, as otherwise it is not genuine.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the I %
Signature / )\Xi
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Thirty Years
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I W. N. U., DENVER. NO. 4, 19D7.

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