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Little globule* of HUUBbiae th at drive
the clouds away. DovVitt’e Luftlie
Marly Kumra win scatter (be gloom ot
aiek-ueuJaoue uud biliousueaa. i'uey
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improper action of the kidneys causes
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lieve these diseases. Flcasuut to taae
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Bros. '
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“In 1897 I bad a stomach disease.
Some physioians said dyspepsia, some
consumption. One said 1 would not live
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on boiled milk, soda biscuits, and doc
tor's prescriptions, I could not digest
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Cornell, Roding, Ga., 1900. The above
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The News—No Pure Drug Oough
Cure Daws would be needed. It uil
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Commissioners' Proceedings
Olllco of the hoard of County Uotnumsiouors
of Prowers county, Colorado.
Jau. 4th, 1097.
hoard inot pursuant to ndjourutinent, all
members being present.
Approved the minutes of last quarter.
Movod aud carried that tlio Hoard inspect
the roadway, prayed for iu the petitiou, being
located in township 28, range 43.
Approved the following claims on the poor
fund and ordered warrants drawn for same:
Goo D Hobiusuu, cash adv poor $ 111 60
.Silver hros, inso >1 00
Moved aud carried that Geo. (,'. Pollard's sal
ary he raised to 545.U0 per mouth aud he con
tinued at such sum for the year IVU7. llnuui
iuous vote
Approved the County Clerk's roport.
Approved the following uud orderod warrants
drawn on the ordinary county fund :
(irauuda Lumber Co. lumber for booths $ 4 70
A K Downer, insurance premium 4."» 00
Strain llros, coal 8 00
.1 K Curry, watcher pruc No 1, 2 50
(100 C Pollard, salary 45 00
1 E Swadluy, Juror IS 10
Elizabeth Merwiu, wit co court 2 50
(leo u hohinson, services 40 00
Oeo D Hohinson, cash adv stamps, etc.. 44 45
lleo h Merrill, printing 355 10
Out West Priuliug Co, supplit s 104 «0 1
E M Mears water com 35 (JO
Approved report of C 111 Korumau dist No 4,
and ordorod warrants drawn as follows:
C II Korumau, roadwurk 03 40
I'lioe Stickler . '* 10 50
Clarence Slmy " 14 ou
I p lioss •• «oo 1
Ed Kassel " 1 25 i
Loon Wright " 8 00
Jucob lloliugur ** 31 00 '
Damon Kinney " 4 00 '
Ahjourued to meet Jau. 7th.
Attest, lioo. D. Uobiusou, Clerk.
Jan. 7. 1007, 1 KX) p. M.
hoard met pursuant to adjournment, all
members presout.
Approved Report of (leo. -E. Case dist No. 3
and orderod warrants drawn us follows :
J W Kichardsou, roadwork $ 22 75
II C Murphy " 28 50
P A Eborlo *' 57 75 ,
(100 E (.'ase " 17 50 i
Approved report of O E Vincent dist No 1 and
oiderod warrants drawn as follows:
E E Vincent, roadwork 3 60 i
Robert King '* 575 i
Ou motion the road petition praying for the
establishment of a road iu township 23, range ,
43. was granted as designat 'd on said petitiou. i
On inotiou the road viewers report upou road <
designated iu the above mentioned petition was
adopted as presented.
Ou motion the following claims were allowed i
on the ordinary county fund mid ordered war
rnuts drawn:
Dau Carl juror coronor's court 2 50
Fred Kelsey *' 2 50 i
Jim HoSlolou " 2 50 i
E M Steward " 2 50 i
J A Downing “ 2 50
8 Barrel " *... 250 .
Ray McGrath wit Frishie inquest 2 00 <
Tom Kuckuer " 2 00
Peter Lyach " 2 00
DrEEßartelt " 10 00
Roy Shaub " 2 00
(leo 11 Thomas *' 2 00
J V Saylor " 2 00
Isaac Aimiuer " 2 00
J T Lawless " 2 00
G K Creagh " 2 00
(1 ▲ Watson, auditing com... 50 0o
M L Stewart " 60 00
WE Fee “ 50 00 ,
Fred Lee coroner 14 00
J A Rosehruiigli salary, miieago.etc ;«J3 5o
McLeun Hros livery li re for coroner 2 50
Lamar Electric Co Lights 13 05
Colo Tel Co, telephone first quarter 10 50
Paul Denning photos pris 500 ]
l.aiiinr ildw Co, mdse for I'll 3 05 ,
F M Rosncrans salary .A dept lure 3rd (Jr 3n5 00
4 W Cressy. water coin 51 00
C Frost Liggett puli coin proceedings — 84 3e ,
K E Piko, people »a Conley 4 I‘.
" people vs Johnson 5 45
'• piNiple vs Alarcon 0 Ml
J C Jones, witness 2 On
4am Downer, witness I Oo
Nestio Ocliioa. witness 2 00
ilrauby llillyer.salary Co aity. 4th (Jr 75 00
W A Merrill, salary dept dist atty 4ft (jo
(leo 11 Thorne, surv and fees 81 0U
Davis A Davis mdse for jail 85 Oo
Fred Lynch Muiutouuuceof Pris M 0o
Approved tho following claims on tho poor
fuud and ordorod warrants drawn;
Lamar lldw Co burial of pmqiers SO 00
J 8 Hast\, salary coph>a:ciau 2, 3 A 4'Jr 405 00
Mrs 8 E Moreland, nursing poor. 60 Ou
A|iproved the following claims mid ordered
warauts drawn on special contingent fuud :
John C Ford, cleaning cess pool 20 00
R I) Wilson, Fumiguiitig 5 00
1 II Myers. Formaldehyde. 4 50
Approved the follow claim and orderod wat
raut drawn on dist 4 road fund:
Lamar lldw Co, mdse 5 80
Adjourned to meet at H a. in. Jau Btli 1007.
Attest : (leo. D. Kobiusou. Clerk.
Jan. Bth 1997.
Board met pursuant to adjournment, all mem
hors preseut.
Approved the follow claims and ordered war
rants drawn on road dist No, 4:
T J Sayler, roadwork 17 50
Approved report of J, R. (Jordon, dist No. 2.
aud warrauts ordered drawn to pay tho follow
ing claims:
li II Reruns, road work 8 00
J R (Jordon, cash adv blacksmith 8 45
Alzada Karu, storage lumber gun fuud.. 12 50
J R (Jordon, roadwork 57 0u
Alva Deuter " 8 75
Noble A Kosebrctigh, mdse 3 Uo
Approved claims «>n ordinary county fuud as
follows and ordered wnrauts druwn:
('has W Luck, elk dint court & 55
(100 II Thomas, fees 160 40
*• lumber for court house 10 tin
Fred Lynch, deuty sheriff 25 ©•
K E Pike, people vs Vagus 5 00
-loe Trusuillo. witness 2 On
Henry Kinher, witness 2 Oo
Remliait Steiuley. wituess 2 00
Fred Lvncli. witness 2 00
Freil Soclofaky. witness 2 On
Joel Kuuwlen, services 2V 6u
Adkins A Robinson,cash adv add niach.. 375 0>
Granby llillyer. cash adv co tax case 2145
Approved the following cairns and ordered
warants drawn on the sprecial contingent fuud
Geo II Thomas, meals aud hod 0 25
-rauby llillyer, cash adv 7 00
City Live)}, teams for posse 21 50
McLcauliroa " 14 60
Frank Means, moats 4 30
Ou motiou the following resolution was
Rosolved.’ That wo the hoard of County Com
missioner* in regular session convened here
with confirm the roward offered for the slaver
or slayers of Marshal J. 11. Frishio. Tho fol
lowing being a copy of the same.
51000.00 REWARD.
Lamar, < 'olo., Doc 27, 1003.
SSOO will ho paid by the city of Lamar and
5500 by the County of Prowers, State of Colora
do, for the arrost and delivery at the City of
Lamar, Colo., of the slayer or slayers of Night
Marshal J. 11. Frishie of Lamar, described as
follows: One man sft 11, age 26, thiu faced
and freckeled, cheap new suit of dark ohithiug.
cheap shoes and gauntlet gloves. Tho oth*»r
man about 30 yearn old. s't 8, dark cheap cloth
ing. new. dark sandy mustache, heavy set.
(’bus. Maxwell, Geo. 11. Thomas.
Mayor. Sboriff.
Approved the ro|M>rt of County Judgo.
Adjourned to meet at 1 p. m.
1:00 P. M.
hoard mot pursuant to adjournment, all
members present
Approved report of E. C. Gordon, overseer of
road district No. 5 as follows:
J E llyers. roadwork 21 00
It C Gordon, roadwork 86 75
\V T Turpin, roadwork 7 CO
Approved the following bonds:
Fred Burger. constable precinct No 1.
W. W Edwards, justice of tho peace precinct
No. 7.
J. U. Newman, justice of tho peace of pre
cinct No. (>.
Win Melilnshen, justice of tho peaco product
No. 4.
W. C. Oelfko, justice of tho peaco precinct No.
A. Deeter, Justice of the ponoo priciuct No. 1.
E. B, Pike, justice of tho peace precinct No, 1.
Geo, H. Thomas, sheriff.
C. (J. Smoltz. County Supt.
C. R. Hoardsloy. County Surveyor.
Chan, F. lloag. County Clerk and Rocordor.
On motiou the llourd achmrued siuo die.
Attest: Obo. I>. Rohinsux, Clerk.
. Jan. Bth. 1007.
Office of tho Hoard of County Commissioners
of I’rowers County Colorado.
8. (J. Gregory, county commissioner oloot for
commissioners' district No. 2 appeared, audit
1 appearing from the records of the County
Clerk's office that his official Koud as such com
missioner hull boon duly approved by tlio Hon
orable Henry M. Hunter, Judgo of the 3rd.
Judicial Dist., of Colo , as roquirnd by law. and
that tho County Clerk had duly tiled said offi
cial bond us such commissioner, aud the time
having arrived wheu such county officer elect
shall take aud asmmo his respective offico. The
hoard proceeded to organize by electiug the
Honorable T. J. Saylor, Cliairniau for the en
suing year.
Approved report of County Treasurer for Nov.
aud Doc.
Approvod appointment of E. A. Bannister as
1 deputy county clerk, at a salary of 575.00 per
Adjourned to meet Jan. Utli. 1907.
Attest, Chas. F. Hoag, Clerk.
Jan. 9th. 1907.
hoard mot pursuant to adjournment, all
members present.
Appointed road overseers ns follows:
J. R. Gordon for Dist. No, 2,
Goo. E. Case for district No. 3.
Al. Mayliow for district No. 5.
On motiou. Dr. J. S. Hasty was reappointed
as County Physician at n salary of 345. per
Approved bond of Dr. J. 11. Kellogg as Coro
Endorsed 8. W. Creasy, as water commission
er for reappointment.
Approved bond of J, T. Adkins as county
Petition of John W. Robinson for redemp
tion of taxes erroneously paid was allowed.
Petition of J. J, Sarah for rebate of taxos er
roneously ns-essod was allowed.
Petition of Daniel Moagbor for erroneous as
sessment was rejoctod.
Allowed the following claims and orderod
warrants drawn on the ordinary county reve
nue fuud:
G H Thomas, Postal Tolograph Fees ... 33 49
Adjourned to meet at 1 p. m.
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment, all
member* present.
Appointed ('has. 11. Kornman, overseer of
road district No. 4.
Approvod the following claims and ordered
warrants drawn on tho ordinary county rovo
•Hias Townsloy witness poo vs hattiorez.. 2.50
J H Frishio '* •• SSO
John Russell •• “ a 50
Dr J 11 Kollog, expert witness 10 00
Approyed bid of The Out Wost Printing and
Stationery Co., for supplies for the ensuing
Ou motion bids for printing stationery and
notices for Prowers county for the ensuing
year, were all rejoctod. unanimous vote.
Bond of John T. Adkius us Public Truatoo
wus approved.
Adjourned to moot on the 10th day of Jau.
Attest, ('has. F. Hoag. Clerk.
Jan. 10th. 1007.
Hoard inot pursuant to adjournment, all
raomlMjrs present.
Appointments as follows were mado:
U. S, Akers ovorsoor ro*d district no. 8.
Granby llillyer county attorney at a salary of
$300.00 per uunuin.
(Jeo. C. Pollard, Janitor.
Ou motion, the Hoard of County Commis
sioners submitted to the Lamar Registar the
following pro|Misitiou: to do all the county
printing for tho year 1907 except contracts
formerly awarded, and the commissioners pro
ceedings at 5c per lino or 59c por inch for the
tirst insertion, and 2gc per line or thirty coats
per inch for each subsequent insertion.
Delinquent tax list at 95c por inch.
Letter heads, standard quality por 500 $1.90
Note hoads *• •• 1.00
Memo heads " *• 1,79
Envelopes gH " •• 1.70
Eeuvelopos uo 10'* •* 2.20
Ou motion the Board of County Commis
sioners submit tod to the Prowers County News
the following proposition.
To print the County Commissioners proceed
ings at 5c nor lino or 500 i*er ioch for tirst inser
tion. mid -Jtic per line or thirty cents por Inch
for each subsequent insertion.
On motion, offer of J. W, Bent for purchaso
of tax salo certificates at 25 per cant of face
and 25 nor cent of subsequent taxes as extend
ed ou the tax lists, to aud including tbe 1905
tuxes, for the assignment to G. A, Bent of all
eertillcatos now held by Prowers covering the
following described property in Granada, Colo,
was accepted as follows :
All Prowers County holdings in blocks No.
31,32. 33, 43, 41, in Original Town of Granada.
al*o lots 7. 8. 9. 10. 11, 12. 13 in block 27 D A D
additiou to Granada. Also lot 7, iu block 29.
Granada O. T.
Allowed following claims on the ordinary
county rovenuo fuud and ordored warrauts
T J Saylor services 30 00
W W Reynolds sorvicos and mileage 42 CO
S C Gregory " " 18 00
Adjourned to moot on the sth day of Febru
ary. 1907.
Attest: Ciias, F. Hoao, Co. Clk.
Fob. 4, 1907.
hoard met pursuant to adjournment, all
members preseut.
Approved the report of U, 8. Akers, overseer
of road district No. ft as follows
U S Aker* roadwork 42 00
Apppoved re|M»rt of ('has. n. Kornmau, over
seer of road dist No. 4 as follows and ordered
warrants drawn.
Jacob lloliuger roadwor 13 00
< 'has Kornman ** 18 60
Geo W M ay •* 23 00
Approved the following claims on the general
road fund and ordored warrants drawn:
Chas II Korumau repairing rivor bridge. 775
Approved annual reports of (’has H Kornman
road district No. 4. and U. 8. Akers overseer of
district No. 8.
Approveii the following bonds:
Chas, Kornmau overseer road district No. 4.
M. A. Grant constable precinct No. 6.
Joseph 11. Hargraves justice of the peace No.
L. A. Doblo, constable precinct No. 6.
G. W. Sliormau justice of the peace pracinct
No. 8.
Fred Lynch, coustablo precinct No. 1.
Approvod monthly report of Troasuror for
Nov. A Doc, 1908 and of the County Clerk for
Jau. 1907.
Approved tho appointment of M. S. Bragg for
overseer of road district No. 1.
Allowed the following claims on the ordinary
couuty rovenuo fuud aud ordored warrants
drawi j
( has. i . Hoag clerk of Board 15 00
•* cash adv stamps etc 10 90
K M Hears feud on hunt for Fribble mur
derer 10 25
K M Meats services water com 32 60
S W Cressy •* 45 00
Goo C Pollard janitor 45 00
Strain hros coal 2 75
Adjourned to moot on February sth 1907,
Attest: Chas. F. Hoao. Co. Clk.
Fab. sth, 1907.
hoard met pursuant to adjournment, all mem
l*ers present.
Approvod tho following claims and ordered
warrants drawn <>n the si»ecial contingent fund
Cal Downing hauliug patient to pest houae 3 00
John T Adkins cash adv care of K K etigs 15 00
Approved the following claims and ordered
warrants drawn on the ordinary revenne fund:
Kred Lynch care of prisoners 113 00
John I'etticrow, deputy sheriff 5 00
A J Hasty juror dist court— 2 65
(Jeo li Morrill printing 33 90
City Livery, team for poses 2 50
Win McGlashen j p Every vsConloy 4 16
Win McGlashen do 4 15
E House do 0 85
do do 9 85
Approved the following claim on the general
road fund and ordered warrant drawn:
$1 cl’ue Lumber Co 75 15
Approved tho following claim and ordered
warrant drawu ou road dist No. 5.
(Jordon Lumber Co, lumber 73 70
Ou motion the County Treasurer was allowed
SSOO for deputy hire for the year 1907.
Ou motion |M>titionof D. E. Cooper for refund
of taxes erroneously paid was granted as pray
ed for in petitiou.
Adjourned to meet atlpm.
140 P.M.
hoard met pursuant to adjourmant all mem
bers present.
Approved the following claims on the ordin
ary county roveuue fund and orpetd warrants
Lamar Sood Co, coal aud grass seed 50 05
H B Mauvillo, lupplies for court house.. 1 20
Out West Printing and Stat Co supplies 15 53
H C Gregory wit dist court 5 20
J L May Meld do 10 40
G F Pearl juror dist court 6 65
J T Adkins services 132 79
W A Merrill, dept diet atty 40 U 0
Gertrude Harndnu dept assessor 60 00
'••u Russell wit peo vs Yagas 2 10
Approved report of Geo 11 Thomas as correct
ed for'inonth of Jan. 1907 amounting to 596,82.
Approved r#i>ort of County Judge for month
of January.
On motion, petition of The A. V. 8. B. A I. L.
Co., for refund of taxes erroneously paid was
allowed amounting to Ift 20
Ro|K»rts of J. R. Gordon, overseer of road
district No. 2, Geo. E. Case ou district and Chas.
li Kornman of district No 4. for th* year ondlng
Dec.il, 1906 weie approvod.
Allowed claims ou road district No. las fol
lows and ordored warrants drawn.
L E Baker, roadwork 3 00
C W Merwiu do 8 50
Frank lliney do 13 7o
Win ('handler do 5 25
On motiou, petition of The Wost Realty Co.
for refund uf taxes erroneously paid was al
lowed amounting to SB.OO.
Adjourned to meet on the 6th day of February
Attest: Chas, F. Hoao, Co. Clk.
Feb. 6. 1907.
Board meet pursuant to adjournment all
members present.
Checked Treasurers Semi-annual statement
for half year ending Doc* 21,1906.
Adjourned to moot at 1 p. m.
„ , 100 P.M.
hoard met pursuant to adjournment all mem
bers presout.
Ou motion Treasurer’s somi-annual state
ment approved.
Approved tho following claim on general road
fuud anil oedered warrant drawn.
City Livery, team, road viowers 4 00
Approved report of E. C. Gordon, overseer
district No, 5 aud claims allowed as follows:
K C Gordou, roadwork 14 00
J E Byers do 7 oo
Approved the following claims and ordered
warrauts drawu on the ordinaiy county reve
nue fund.
Lamar Lumber Co, lirao l 75
T 11 Graham, casa advanced 5 36
> A(- Hickman sorvtand exposes 4 days.. 450
Rejected hid of G B Huutidgtou for tax sale
certificates iu Lamar, Holly aud Granada as
i por bid at 40 per cent of face and tendered him
certiHcates on lots as follows at 50 per cent of
face No, 1032 Grauada lots 9. 10. 11 and 12, blk
34 DA D 1903 sale. No. 40>S Granada lots 6. 6. 7
and 8 blk 13 O. T. 1903 sale. No. 4132 Granada
: lots 6.6. 7. and 8. blk 13 O. T 1901 sale.
Ou motion, petition of Walter Creek for tax
sale certificates for blk 17,GransdaOT at 50
per cent of face, was granted os prayed for.
Approved the following claims on tho ordin
ary County revenue fund and ordered warrants
T J Saylor sorvicos 15 00
SC Gregory services and mileage 18 AO
W W Reynolds services and mileage 21 00
Adjourned to meet March 5, 1907.
State of Colorado. 1
County of Prowers, I sß
I, ('has. F. Hoag, County Clerk in and for
said County, iu the State afurosaid to hereby
certify that the foregoing is a full, true and
correct copy of tho proceedings of |ho Board
or Commissioners of Prowers County for the
months of January and February, 1907.
Given under my hand and official Beal this 11.
day of March, A. D. 1907.
[skalJ Chas. F. Hoau.
County Clerk.
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware, Harness, etc
We carry the largest stock in oar line erer carried
in eastern Colorado and can sell to yon at loweet
prices ever known in the Arkansas valley.
MORTON STRATN.lPresideot J. W. PAXTON. Vioe Pres. L. F. ADAMS, Cashier
CAPITAL $30,000
We want your business, large or small, and offer every
facility consistent with safe and conservative banking
Accounts Received Subject to Shock. Money Order* Sold
B. B. Baown, Prei. A. N. Pabbish, Vioe Pree. W. O. do old, Oash
The First National Bank
Capital 850,000 Surplus 820,001
B. B. Bbown. T. M. Bbowh. W. O. Gould.
M. D. Thatches. A. N, Pabbish.
Real Estate, Loan

Insurance Agent
Colonist* C
One-way tickets on sale daily March 1 to April 30.
Free chair cars.
Tourist sleepers (small extra charge).
Personally conducted parties tri-weekly.
F - S ri. E„r«b. • G - J - G»KVIN, agent,
“Ban Juaqn'in Valley." The Atchlaon, Topeka & Santa Pe Ryr.,
"Free U. a. (lovernmeat Lands." Lamar, Colo.
colds I
/ v you need |
" T'hemifyou
p A couch or cold is generally a torerunuer of many serious
U sick spells. It should not be neglected, tho human breathing
£ system is a combination of tubes and cells, which must be
kept in order to insure good health.
Ballard’s Horehound Syrup
Cured of a Chronic Cough.
J J. H. Ellis, Butto, Mont., writes: “i cheerfully recom
• j mend Mallard’s Horehound Syrup to all people afflicted
1 with chronic coughs. I suffered for years with a chronic
J cou;'h which would last all winter. Ballard's Horehound
j Syrup effected an immediate and permanent cure.”
2sc, 50c and $l.OO.
j Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
500-502 North Second Street, ST. LOUIS, MO.,
L 111 I I ■! —MB—iai
Sold and Recommended by
Ely’s Cream Balm
This Remedy Is a Specific,
Sure to Give Satisfaction.
It claanw, soothes, heals, and protects the
diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drivas away a Cold in the Head quickly.
Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell.
?-y to use. Contains no injurious drugs. I
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size, 60 eenta at Druggists or by
mail; Trial Size, 10 cents by mAil. •
ELY BROTHERS. SB Warren St.. New York
Sold by The Up-To-Date Drug Co.
Weak Women
Ts weak sad alUna wmam. these Is at least sas
wartehel». But wtth that war. twe treatment*
■cst be eomblned. Cm Is local, one la oocetlta
Banal, but both are Iwoertant. both eesentlaL
9r. Eboeo’i Nl#ht Case Is the Local.
Dr. Sheep's KutaraNre. the OonsßtHonaL
Tbefomer—Dr.fbeeo'sNlsbtCure —lsatopiesl
Beas'i BestoraNre Is wholly aa lateral Waat
asst Iks Baslevsßvs asaebee tkieoihool the
aaHre trvtetn. —Hag the repair e t all mw*
all Nana, and all blood ailments.
The "Mlfkt Care", ae He aame ImpUes. deee Na
work while you Bleep. It eoothee tore and lnflaas>
ad mueoae aorfaoea. haala local waahnaaaaa and
dleehenea. while the Beatoratlre. eaaee nerroas
aaredtemeat. ffivea renewed Tl*or and ambit!ea.
halide a» wasted tisaaaai bcin*ln* about reoewad
Mreaath. vl*or. and aaeryy. Take Dr. Shooa’e
Eeeteraßra—Tsbletaer liquid— ata general toale
tatbeaydim FarpoaMlrelaealhalp. ueeae waß
Dr. Shoop’s
Night Cure
Offloe hours 0 to 12 and 2 to 5; by appoint
ment after boars and Sundays. Phone, reeidene
Black 541; office Red 1002.
Residence, 500 Third Street I ana , f.|.
Office, Btate Bank Block LMUT, U)I0.
|L L STEW AM, top.
manufacturer of
granite and marble
All kiuda of Cut Stone Trim
mings for Brick or Stone
Houses furnished on short
Nature’s Way Is Best.
The function strengthening and tissue
building plan of treating chronic, linger
ing and obstinate cases of disease as pur
sued by Dr. Pierce, is following after
Nature’s plan of restoring health.
He uses natural remedies, that la
extracts from native medicinal roots,
prepared by processes wrought out by
the expenditure of much time ana
money, without the use of alcohol, and
by skillful combination In just the right
Used m Ingredients of Dr. Pierce’s
Golden Medical Discovery. Black Cherry
bark, Queen’s root. Golden Seal root,
Bloodroot and Stone root, specially exert
their influence in cases of lung, bronchial
and throat troubles, and this "Dxscov
■BY" Is, therefore, a sovereign remedy
for bronchitis, laryngitis, chronic coughs,
catarrh and kindred ailments.
The above native roots also have the
strongest possible endorsement from the
leading medical writers, of all the several
schools of practice, for the cure not only
of the diseases named above but also for
indigestion, torpor of liver, or billous
ness, obstinate constipation, kidney and
bladder troubles and catarrh, no matter
where located.
Yon don’t have to take Dr. Pierce’s
“7-s? Alone as to this; what he claims
for, bis "Discovery" is backed up by the
writings of the most eminent men in the
medical profession. A request by postal
card or letter, addressed to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for a little book
of extracts from eminent medical au
thorities endorsing the Ingredients of his
medicines, will bring a little book free
that is worthy of your attention if
needing a good, safe, reliable remedy of
kiumm comporltion tor the cure of almost
any old ohronlc, or lingering malady.
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellete cure con
stipation. One little " Pellet»ls a gentle
laxative, and two a mild cathartic.
The most valuable book for both men
And women is Dr. Pierce’s
Common Sense Medical Ad-
WHP viser. A splendid 1008-page
_ IfiiSfi volume, with engravings
and eolored plates. A copy,
VRI3I paper-covered, will be seni
to anyone sending *1 cents
I in one-cent stamps, to pay
attorney and Counselor at Law
Lahar, Colorado.
S.oond Floor Goodol. Bulletin*.
attorney and Counselor at Law,
Lamar, Colorado
Office In Bent Blk., EaetMolnSt.
-H.ttom.e3r at Xjatzr
Lamar, Colorado.
Offloe in Foley Bldg.
Dr. J. A. Mutchler
Office second floor Irwin
Bldg. Day and night calls
promptly attended
I telephones:
Office, Blk. 0152. House, Blk. 314.
—Offloe —
Rooms 1 A 3 over First National Bank
Phone Lamar 67 office.
Physician and Surgeon
Office over New York store, or
inquire at McLean Bros.’ drug
Dr. J. H. Kellogg
Office on 2 floor
Land Office Bid.
Phones: Offloe. Red 1521, . Roeidonoe Red lf2!
Resideuae 506 6th Hi.
Lamar, Colo.
Offices in east rooms on second
floor of Irwin Building
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Office in Goodale Block
Dealer in
Water Rights, Farms
and City Property
A small cash payment
secures an improved
(Siqar Stand
Located in the Opera I
Honse Barber Shop I
Handles H Different Kinds I
Sole agents for all styles I
Ckaacellors, Lawrence Barrett, U I
Caafesion, aid Key Vest Qaeea, I
test Sc Cigar oa earth. |
Special Rates by the Box |
Also a fall line of I
Come in see ns I
Clarke & Rosacrans I
Plumbers & Steamfitters I
Gasoline and Steam Engine I
Work. Pomps & Windmills I
Oar Prices are right. Oive ns a call I
Shop one-half block east of I
Main St., south of Laundry I
The I
M. L. CONWELL, Prop.*l
mast main strbkt. I

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