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Citizens Convention.
The mass convention of the citi
zens party was held at the oonrt
house last Friday evening, being
oalled tsgether promptly at 8 o’clock
by L. M. Markham, chairman The
convention transacted business in
short order making L. M. Markham
chairman and Geo. B. Merrill secre
Mayor Ghas. Maxwell was unani
mously renominated and was oalled
for and made a short speech on the
work to be done in the next year for
the good of the town. For Trustees
a number of names were presented
and on ballot the three highest were
J. T. Lawless, L. H. Manville and
D. L. Silver and they were declared
the nominees.
The tioket is composed of substau
tial business men of the town and
there will probably be no opposition
at the polls.
City Clerk Heaton, Mayor Max
well and Hon. C. C. Goodale on be
half of the library board made short
talks explanatory of the real estate
propositions whioh the people will
be called upon to vote for or against
at the election, as follows: To sell
the hose house for not less than $5,-
000; to perfect title to the city park,
and to sell for SI.OO to the Library
Board lots in the city park. A
thorough understanding of these
propositions will result, we believe,
in their unanimous approval.
A committee on vacancies consist
ing of W. C. Gould, C. C. Goodale
and W. J. Johnston was appointed
by the ohair. The chairman and
secretary were made the centrnl
committee for next year.
Propositions for Voters.
The voters should read carefully
the three real estate propositions to
be submitied to their judgment at
the city eleotion. There should be
a full vote out on these questions
and we believe that they will be fav
orably considered if properly under
stood. The present oity ball is so
located as to be valuable business
property and is not large enough or
suitably constructed for the city’s
needs. Its sale and the building of
a good substantial oity hall on the
property now owned by the city on
Elm street will add much to the apj
pearance of Lamar, and much to the
convenience of the city officials. The
park is also a much needed improve
ment to add to the looks of our city,
and as the title has been mostlv se
cured already, the fayorable vote on
this proposition will add little ex
pense but enable the city to secure
good title to the property. As for
the third proposition all our people
favor securing the Carnegie library,
and it should be remember that the
site must be donated by the city.
All possible private subscriptions
will be needed to start the library
after the completion of the building,
and it is advisable to vote for the
donation of the lots by the city rath
er than take the funds raised by sub
scription to purchase a site. Let all
who favor these propositions come
out and vote and there will be no
question as to their favorable con
Dry Lands.
A section of Prowers county dry
land sold last week for $5,000 spot
cash. These are the same lands
that only a half dozen years ago our
own people refused to pay the taxes
on as most of us did not suppose they
weie wurth the $lO per quarter
which the county was asking for the
back taxes for several years. The
demand for land has become so
strong in the west of recent years,
however, that investors have turned
their attention to the cheap lands in
this valley, and the price has beea
constantly advancing from its start
when buyers were few at the amount
of the taxes, and afterwards at the
government price of $1.25 per acre,
until now they are bringing from $5
to $lO per acre. The above sale of a
large tract at a price of about $8
per acre cash being one of the larg
est transfers yet made. Several
smallest sales have been made at a
price even higher.
Santa Fa Trail vs. Ditto Railroad.
Chief Engineer Sam G. Porter of
the A. V. S. B. & I. L. company de
cided that Holly would be better
spited to the conduct of the business
•of his office, so he packed up his of
The Lamar Register
We have just received our spring line Sweet Pea Day
of Base Ball Goods including Spauld-
ing’s, Reach’s, Victor and other stanard A , , , , ....
i j* ii it , As has been our custom tor several years we will give
makes of Balls, Bats, Gloves and Mitts. , , „ ( 1 cduc d i
* . * i ’ ' i , , away to every lady who calls tor same a rKEh Package
Our prices are as low as they can besold California Sweet Peas. These are theseeds supplied by
for. Call and see US. Paul Rieger, the California Perfumer, and originator of
of Sweet Pea Day—We all have imitators, but
When vou want the best call on us
PHONE NO. 13 LAMAR BROTHERS Druggists and Jewelers
fioe furniture and moyed by wagon
because the Santa Fe Railroad com
pany had so many jobs ahead that it
was unable to promise the prompt
completion of the little one be bad
for it.
Freight still swings backward and
forward like the pendulum of a clock,
stopping at various stations on eith
er side, sometimes passing Holly six
oi seven times, due doubtless to its
tremendous momentum, before it can
stop here, tho there has been some
improvement in this since the sugar
factories closed their campaigns.—
Holly Chieftain.
Land Ruling Revoked.
The following order of the Presi
dent issued last week revokes the
stringent order issued in February
in regard to final proofs:
Washington, March 12, 1007.
To the Secretary of the Interior:
My order of February 12, 1007,
relating to the issuance of evidence
of title under the public land laws,
is hereby oanoelled, for the reason
that Congress did not appropriate an
amount sufficient to enable the Com
missioner of the General Land Office
to properly carry out the purposes
of that order, whion were to have
such examination made of all
applications for patent as would fa
cilitate the issuance of title to bona
fide settlers and home-makers, would
reduce illegal entries to a minimum,
and bring the work of the Laud
Office up to date. With the amount
actually appropriated it is not possi
ble to carry out the order, or to pro
vide with certainty for the detection
of fraud without causing unreason
able hardship to bona fide settlers
and home-makers.
In order to accomplish as much as
can be accomplished with our pres
ent means in preventing illegal ac
quisition of publio lands the Com
missioner of the General Land Office
will detail all available field and office
force in suoh manner, by ooncentra
tion or otherwise, as will as effective
ly as possible with the actual appro
priation restrict fraud, enforce the
existing laws, and promote the bona
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware, Harness, etc
We carry the largest stock in our line ever oarried
in eastern Colorado and can sell to you at lowest
prices ever known in the Arkansas valley.
omsxiii irsuraPiTZia of p»o-orBzts ooTT^mr
fide settlement of public lands by
Theodore Roosevelt.
Notes from The Lamar Register of
March 19, 1887
The Lamar Sparks is the name of
the new paper which is expected to
issue its first number next Thursday.
A. V. Scott and Holmes Bros have
let the contract aud work begau
Wednesday on a two story building
with brick front 50x70 feet, next to
Spivey Ac Holmes Bros, store. The
lower story will be divided into three
store rooms. [This was the old
Merchants State Bank block whioh
burned a few years ago.J
F. Schmidt, of Topeka, purchased
a north Main street lot, considera
tion $1750, and has let the contract
for a two story bnildiug 25x00 feet.
[This was a popular resort in its day
but burned in Lamar’s first big fire.
The lot is just across the street from
Mr. Simon’s store ]
A tender of SSOO a month rent has
been made for the three story stone
hotel when completed. [lt was 12
years before it was completed, and is
renting for somewhat less than SSOO
per months.]
One hundred filiugs were made at
the land office Wednesday aud near
ly as many every day this week.
Rooms to Rent—lnquire at this office.
See H. P. Syp for Fire luauranoe
Farm Risks a specialty.
R. M. Ziegler & Co., just received a
new lot of Bicycle Tires. Baby Buggy
Tires and New Bieyoles.
Afflicted With Rheumatism.
“I was and am yet afflicted with rhu
maoism,” says Mr. J. C. Bayne, editor of
the Herald, Addington, Indian Territory
“but thanks to Chamberlain’s Pain
Balm am able once more to attend to
businees. It is the best of lioiments.”
If troubled with rheumatism give Pain
Balm a trial and you ure certain to be
more than pleased with the prompt re
lief which it utfurds. One application
relieves the pain. For sale by all drug
Has installed a
5 and 10 Cent Store
*-'■ on [the side
We have placed on our counters for sale 150 dozen different articles to sell for 5,
lo and 15 cents, consisting of Wooden Ware, Willow Ware, Glass Ware,
Crockery, Enamel Ware, Notions, Kitchen Utensils, Ect. Things
which are in daily use and demand.
Specials in Clothing Spec. Dry Good, Etc.
Men’s $7.50 Suits at $5.00 Ladies’ 75c Petticoats at 49c
Men,s $8.50 Suits at $6.75 Ladies' $2.50 Walking Skirts $l,OO
Men’s $lO.OO Suits at $7.95 I Extra Large Towels, each 7c
Men’s $12.00 Suits at $8.95 Fine $ I Lace Curtains per pr gOQ
Men's $15.00 Suits at $11.95 Ladies’ Black Hose per pr 4c
Men’s $12.00 Top Coats $8.95 45c Table Linen, bleached, yd 34c
Men’s $15.00 Top Coats $| 1,05 45c Table Linen, colored, yd 34c
Men's $2.50 Pants at $1.95 4oc Table Linen, colored, at 29c
Men’s $3.50 Parts at $2.95 35c Table Linen, colored, at 24c
One lot Men’s Pants worth 6 1-4 Indigo Blue Calico 5c
$2 and $2.75, special $1.95 I 7 1-2 Outing Flannels 5c
These Prices are (Catalog Busters.
We will sell
Ingain Squares worth 85c and $l. per yd at
5O Cents
Opposite Davies Hotel M. SIMON, Proprietor
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