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Published Wiwkly by
»ao. 39. vcTßiwmxXiX*
Bdltor and Proprietor
Nubaartptlon Rat—:
Out To— ft AO Thrae Month*.... 40c
HltKoathi Tft Nlnalo Copy So
W»SM»AVt April 3, 1007
Prof. Gilette, of the state agricultural
college at Port ColliDs, has been looking
over some of the wheat Helds in this
section of the vallejr, where the ravages
of the “green bug” is in evidence. In
an interview the Professor said that the
outlook in the fields which he had ex
amined was serious, and he did not be
lieve that even irrigation now would re
sult in a favorable crop. He advised all
farmers whose crop is badly affected by
the pest to plow it under now, while
there is still time to plant some other
crop. Ho advises most any crop but n
grain. Alfalfa, cantaloupes, beets, etc.,
will do all right. He says that it is the
same bug that has injured the crops in
Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. '
The eleetion yesterday while ex
tremely quite resulted in the election of
the regular Citizens ticket composed of
Chaa. Maxwell for mayor and J. T.
Lawless, L. H. Manville and D. L. Sil
ver for trustees. All the real estute
propositions submitted to the taxpayers
were carried also by substantial majori
ties. The result is very gratifying to
moot of our citizens, as all wish for a
continuation of the present businesslike
and progressive administration. Es
peeially were most of our business men
Interested in the re-election of Mayor
Maxwell, who has given so freely of bis
time and business talents to the better
ment of Lamar during the past year.
Mr. Maxwell as secretary of the fair
association and mayor has probably in
the past few years devoted more labor
to the good of Lamar and Prowers
county than any other citizen, and did
it without any mometary consideration,
and his re-election is only a small recog
nition of wnat he bos done. The elec
tion insures the construction of the
server system and securing of an addi
tional water supply, the building of the
Carnegie library and we hope will re
■ult also in a new city hall.
Church Notes.
M. E. Church— All services at the
Court House. Sunday School 9:45;
morning services, 11:00, sermon “God’s
Providence and the Laws of Nature.”
Epworth League, 7:00; evening service,
8:00, sermon “Judgment every Morning."
Prayer meeting at the Parsonage Wed
needay evenings at 7:30. 3ocial and
buainaas meeting of the Epworth
League at the Court House next Friday
evening at 8:00 o'clock.
Baptist Church —The ladies’chicken
pie supper and Easter sale last week was
a decided suooeea in every way.
The Bible school officers and teachers
spent a very pleasant and profitable eve
ning on Tuesday at the home of Mr. W.
D. O’Neal.
The Bible sohool meets Sunday morn
ings at 10 o'clock. Adults as well as
young people and children will find s
pleasant hour and hearty welcome in
the classes.
“The conversion of one Day in Seven”
will be the timely topio for the Young
People's service at 7 o’clock Sunday
eyening, led by Coy Barnard.|
“Christ’s Law of Service" will be the
pastor’s theme at the morning worship
Sunday at 11 o'clock, Following the
sermon will be the welcoming of new
members and observance of the Lord’s
Supper. In the evening service at 8
o’clock the pastor will speak ton “The
Answer to a Soul Craving ”
Strangers and any without a shurcb
home are cordially invited and welcom
ed at these services.
Frsartm for tho Meeting of the
Prowers County Toaohera As
sociation ot Holly* on Sat
urday, April 6, 1007.
The purpose of Discipline
Miss Anna Batman
Miss Cora Burger. Miss Rosa Thoman*
The Duties of the School Board
Mr. W. M. Wiley
Miss Mable Graham. Mr. W. E, Fee.
Can We do More for the Bad Boys
Supt. E. R. Jones
Prin. Lamson. Miss Nellie Ferguton.
For General Discussion—
How oan teachers arouse greater inter
eat on the part of parents?
How can the superintendent or princi
pal be most helpful in his visits?
School room docoration.
A Big Scenic Production.
Manager Lee of the opera house an
nounces Linooln J. Carter’s brand new
"Fast Mail” aa the attraction on Mon
day, April Bth. There is no better
known play in exiatanoe than this start
ling drama of aenaational scenic effects.
None of ue are so old but what onr pul
see beat faster as “The Fast Mail”
dashes across the stage at the rate of 45
milee an hour. The production is en
tirely new this season. Severn! new
electrical effects have been introduced
together with numerous specialties, and
the engagement promisee to be one
of the most successful this season.
Prices 25-50 and 75c.
ggSgafgu, FtL
To the Owner* of Real Retate In thl* San
itary Sewer District, to be Known as
Sanitary Sewer District No. One, Sit
uate In the Town of Lamar, Colorado,
Said Dlatrlct to Conalat of tha Follow
ing Real Estate, To-wlti
Blocks, Lota.
I All
a Ito 3 both iucluaive.
8 1 to 4
4 l to 4
6 1 to 6
• lto 12
71 to la
8 1 to IS
V 1 to 12
10 1 to 12 “ “
II 1 to 12 ••
14 I to 12
15 1 to 12
10 1 to 12
17 1 to 18 “
18 1 to 18
19 1 to 12
20 1 to 0
21 1 to 0 ** “
22 1 to 12
24 1 to 18 “ ”
24 1 to 18
25 1 to 12 “ “
20 1 to 12 “ “
27 1 to 14 “
28 1 to 12
29 1 to 12 “ “
80 1 to 18 " “
81 1 to U
82 I to 12
38 1 to 8 ” “
84 1 to 8
85 1 to 12 •* “
80 1 to 18 " ”
87 1 to 18
38 1 to 12
80 1 to 12 “ **
40 1 to 14
41 1 to 12 “ “
42 1 to 12
48 1 to 12
44 1 to 16
45 1 to 14
40 1 to 0 “ “
47 1 to 5
Totrathor with a cortaiu unuumbored tract of
laud lying, boing and aitusted iu the Orig
inal Town of Lamar in tho Northwest corner
tin-roof. Maid tract boiua bounded on the
South by Msplo street, ou the East by Sixth
at reel, on the North by tho north line of the
Ormiual I'owu of l.aiuar, and on the weat
by t lie went line of the Original Town of Lainar,
Together witli a cortaiu unumubored tract of
laud situated in tho Original Town of Lamar,
Colorado, ehowu upon the plat of amid Town aa
the Stock Yard* owned by The Atchison, Tope
ka and Hants P« Railway Company, said tract
being bounded on the oast by the eaat line of the
Original Town of Lainar, on the south by the
north line of Olive dtreet iu said Town, on the
west by the eant line of Second Street iu said
Town, and on the uorth by a line lying parallel
to the ceuter line of the main
truck of The Atchieon, Topeka and
Santa Fo Railway Coinpauy and dietant two
hundred and fifty [2SOJ feet south therofroin;
i»l'o that curtain portion of tho right-of-way of
l'h<- Atchieon. Tokeka and Sauta Fe Railway
Coinpauy deecribed ae follows, to-wit: Com
mencing at tho noutheaet corner of Block
Eighteen (18), iu tho Original Town of Lamar,
eaul cornor being eituatod on the North line of
the right-of-way of Tho Atchison, Topeka and
santu Fe Railway Company, aud running thence
Southwardly along tho West line of Main street
iu eaiil Town to the ceuter- line of the main
truck of Atchieon. Topeka aud Santa Fe Rail
wuy Company, thence Weslwardly along said
center line of eanl Railway a distance or Six
Hundred and eighty (080) feet: thence North
wardly to the Sothwest corner of Block Nine
teen (19) iu enid Original Town of Lamar;
thouce Kastwai dly aloi g the North line of The
Atchieon, Toi»oka aud Sauta Fe Railway Com
pany’s right-of-way a distance of Six hundrod
aud eighty (O0»d feet to tiie point of beginning
also that oertain portion of the right-of-way of
Thu Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Company more particularly deecribed as fol
lows, to-wit: Commencing at tho Northeast
coruor of Block Twenty-four (24) in the Origi
nal Town of Lamar, said cornor being situated
ou the South line of the right-of-way of The
Atchiuson, Topeka and Sauta Fe Railway Com
pany, running thouce Northwardly at right
angles to said South line of said right-of-way to
the ceuter lino of the main track of The Atchi
son,Topeka aud Sauta Fo Railway Coinpauy:
thence Westwardly along the center lino of said
main track a distance of Three hundred (300)
foot; thence Southwardly tc the Northwest cor
ner of Block Twenty-four (24) in said Original
Town ; thence Kastwardly along the South Hue
of tho right-of-way of The Atchison, Topeka
and Sauta Fo Railway Company a distance of
Three hundred (3UU) feet to the place of begin
Block. Lots.
1 Ito 4 both inclusive.
2 1 to 0
8 1 to 6
4 1 to 0 “ “
6 1 to 8 ” “
6 1 to 10 “ **
71 to 10
10 1 to 12
11 1 to 12
12 1 to 12
18 1 to 12 “ "
14 1 to 12 ** “
15 1 to 12
10 1 to 12 “ **
17 1 to V “ “
18 1 to 12
1» 1 to 12 “
20 1 to 12 “ “
21 1 to 12 “ “
22 1 to 12 “ “
n i to 12
40 1 to 12 *•
41 1 to 12
42 1 to 12
48 1 to 12 "
44 1 to 12 *• "
45 1 to 12 “
40 ltoo ** “
47 ltoo “ “
48 1 to 12 “
49 ltoll “
50 1 to 12
51 1 to 12
52 1 to 12 “ “
58 1 to 12 “ “
50 1 to 12 “ “
57 1 to 12 “ “
58 1 to 12
59 1 to 12
60 I to 12 “ “
01 1 to 12 “ “
02 1 to 0
C lto 3 “
D lto 6
E 1 to 0
F 1 to 6 both inclusive
O ltu 6 "
H ltoo
K 1 to 0 “ “
Together with all that fxtrtion of the follow
ing Blocks and Lots in said West Bido Addition
lying north of a lino parallel with tho conter line
of the main track of The Atchison, Topeka and
Sauta Pe Railway Company and distant North
ward therefrom One bundled [100) feet, vis:
Blocks. Lots.
20 Ito 6 both inclusive.
27 1 to 0
20 1 to 0 “ **
29 ltoo
30 1 to 0 " “
31 ltoo “ “
A 1 to 3
and togothor with all that portion ef the follow
ing Blocks and Lots in said West Side Addi
tion lying South of a line parallel with the cen
ter lino of tho main track of The Atchison. To
peka and Santa Fo Railway Company and dis
tant Southward thorefrom One hundred [loo]
feet, viz:
Blocks. Lots.
32 Ito 0 both inclusive.
88 1 to 0
34 1 to 0
85 1 to 0
80 1 to 0 “ “
87 1 to 0
B 1 to 3 “
Block. Lots.
42 lot 0, being all of block 42.
48 13 and 14.
44 12, IS and 14.
45 15 to 19 both inclusive.
40 9 to 12
47 6 to 8
48 lto 8 “ “
49 1 to 18 **
60 1 to 18
01 1 to 18
62 1 to 12 **
58 1 to 12
54 1 to 12 “
55 1 to 12 “
50 1 to 18 “ “
57 1 to 1*
58 1 to 12
59 1 to 10 “ ”
60 1 to 10
•11 to 12 •* “
62 1 to 12 “ “
68 1 and 2
04 1 to 12
65 1 to 12 “ “
00 1 to 12 “ “
07 1 to il
08 1 to 12
69 1 to 12
70 1 to 12 “ "
71 lto 12
72 lto 12
73 1 to 12
74 1 to 12
75 1 to 12
70 1 to 11
77 1 to 11 “
78 1 to 18
79 1 to 12
80 I to 12
81 1 to 12 "
82 1 to 13
and all of Blocks E. U. H. I. J, and K. together
with tho following portion of Holmes and I’arm
onter's Addition to the Town of Lamar, known
as The Hank's u ub Division of Blocks A, H, C,
aud I)of Holmes and Parmenter’s Addition to
the Town of Lamar, Colorado, more particular
ly described as follows, vim:
Block. Lots.
A Ito 14 both inclusive.
B 1 to 12
C 1 to 12 “ “
D 1 to 12 “ “
Block. Lota.
11 and 2.
2 1 and 2.
2 1 and 2.
0 lto 12 both inclusive.
71 to 12
8 1 to 12 “
9 1 to 12 “
10 1 to 12
11 1 to 12 ** “
14 1 to 12 “ ••
16 1 to 12 **
10 1 to 12 “ “
17 1 to 12
18 1 to 12
19 1 to 12 “
22 1 to 12
28 1 to 12 “
24 1 to 12 “ ”
25 1 to 12 •*
20 1 to 12
27 1 to II
50 1 to 0
81 1 to 0 “ **
82 1 to 0 ** "
as shown by tho map of said proposed Sanitary
Sewer District now on file iu the office of the
Town Clerk of tho Town of Lamar, Colorado.
You, and each of you, are hereby notified
iu pursuance of Proviso Six of Sec
tion Three [B] of an Act of the Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Colorado, entitled
“An Act to Provide for the construction of lo
cal improvements in Cities of all classes (etc.)"
Approved April Bth. 1899, the same being Chap
ter 151 of the Session Laws of 1899, that the
Board of Trustees of the said Town of Lamar.
Colorado, having complied with all of tho pro
visions or the said Act, will on Monday, 'he 15th
day of April, A. 1). 1907, at eight o’clook P. M. of
said day, finally consider an Ordinance ordering
the construction of a District Sanitary Sewer,
with all nocessary man-holes, inlets and ap
purtenances iu and for said District Sanitary
Sewer District, above described, and such
mains of such reasonable extent outside the
boundaries of said District as may be necessary
to connect the District with a natural drainage;
and that the said District Sanitary Sewer shall
bo of tbo following construction and material,
All pipee aud specials shall be No, 1 vitrified
earthenware standard sewer pipe of boll aud
spigot pattern and shall be of the following di
ameters. to-wit: Eight JBJ inch. Twelve 1121
inch. Fifteen [ls] inch. Eighteen [lß[ inch and
Twenty-one (21) inch.
All manholes shall be constructed of No. 1
commit brick of one to seven composition, thor
oughly seasoned, provided with wrought iron
stops and cast iron covers aud rings.
All lamp holes shall be constructed of Eight
[Bl inch vitrified tile aud capped with cast iron
All Hushing tanks on the long subsidiary
sowers shall be Ten [10) feet by Ten [lo]
feet square aud Four (4) feet Six (0)
inches high, inside measurements. The
bottoms and tops shall be constructed of rein
forced concrete and the sides of No. 1 well season
ed one to seven cement brick. Each tank shall
bo equipped with an automatic flushing device,
a water supply with compression cock with a
stop and waste, boxed, aud shall have wrought
iron steps, and a cast iron ring and cover to
gether with proper vent pipes.
All Hushing tauks on short subsidiary sewers
shall be Four[4J foot internal diamoter and shall
bo constructed of No, 1, one to seven well season
ed cement brick on ooucrete foundation and
shall have same equipment as large tanks
alxive described.
Thelower Forty[4o]feet of sewer at the outlet
shall bo laid upon two heavy parallel reinforc
ed concrote beams whioh shall lie tied together
by reinforced concrete and supported br three
bents of concrete piling, two piles in each bent,
oxtending 2) feet into the earth at a lateral
batter of one to eight.
All materials shall be of No, 1 quality.
The cost of said Improvement will be assessed
upon all the real estate iu said District in pro
portion as the aroa of each piece of real estate
is to the area of all real estate in the District,
exclusive of Fublie high ways, and ail that por
tion of the right-of-way of The Atchison, Topeka
A Santa Fe Railway Company, not hereinbe
fore specifically described.
Said assessments will be dne and payable
within Thirty [3OJ days of the publication of
the assessing ordinance, without demand, [and
if so paid an allowance of five per oantam wilt
be mude] or in default thereof, in Sixteen (16)
equal aunual installments of principal, with
interest thereon. payable semi-annually,
at five per centum (5 %] per an
num on unpaid aud deferred in
stallments, the first of said installments being
due and payable five [s] years after the expira
tion of said thirty [3o] days after the publica
tion of the assessing Ordinance; and the re
mainder of said installments be due and pay.
ahlo successively ou the same day in each year
thereafter until paid in full.
The extent of the District to be improved as
aforesaid is aa hereinbefore described.
The probable cost of said improvement* [ex
clusive of six per centum [O%l
for the cost* of inspection, collection and
other incidsntals and of intercat to the time the
first installment come dne] as shown by the es
timate* of the Town Engineer of the Town of
Lainar, is Seventy-seven thousand Dollars
[077.000.00J and the probable share of said
amount that will be assessed upon each piece
of real estate in said District having an area
of Seven thousand 17,0001 square feet, being a
lot tlfty feet by one hundred and forty feet, is
ijpo'n each piece of real estate having an area
of Throe thousand Five hnnered 18,500 J square
feet, being a lot twenty-five feet by one hun
dred and forty feet, is $22.47;
Upon a square foot of real estate in said Dis
trict is 0.00642.
That for piece* and parcels of real estate of
other areas than given above, the probable
share of said total cost will be proportionate.
A map of said proposed Sanitary Sewer
District, and estimates of the total
cost of said improvements. and a
schedule, showing ths approximate amount*
thatvhall be assessed upon the several lota or
K a reels of property within said District, made
y the Town Engineer, and all resolutions and
proceedings in the premises, are on file and can
be seen ana examined by any person interested,
at the office of the Town Clerk of the Town of
Lamar. Colorado, at any time or times bsfore
the time of the final consideration of said Or
dinance, upon the date hereinbefore specified,
and all complaint* and objections that may be
made in writing concerning the proposed im
provements by the owner or owners of any real
estate to be assessed will be beard and deter
mined by tho Board of Trustees at the Town
Hall of the Town of Lamar at any regular
mooting of said Board of Trustees before final
action upon said Ordinance is taken.
Dated at Lamar, Colorado, Match oth, A. D.
C. W. Heaton.
Town Clerk.
An Ordinance to regulate tho construction and
niftinteuancu of awnings projecting over the
sidewalks in the town of Lamar, Colorado,
and to repeal all Ordinances, or parts or
Ordinances, iu conflict herewith.
Be it ordained by The Board of Trustees of
the town of Lamar, Colorado:
Section I. That all awnings hereafter built,
constructed or placed upon or in oonjnnotion
with or appurtenant to any bnilding or build
ings within the town of Leraar.Colorado.which
shall project over any sidewalk in said town
shall bo so bnilt, constructed or placed, that
the same shall bo. when lowered seven (7) feet
from the surface of such sidewalk and the outer
edge of tbe same shall be, when lowered nine
(9) foot from tho lot line on which the building
to which such awning or awnings shall be ap
purtenant; provided, however, that tbe re
quirements of this section shall not apply to
awnings bnilt. constructed or placed for the
protection of windows on any but the first
or ground floor of buildings within the town of
Lamar, Colorado. , . .
Section 11. That from and after the passage
of this ordinance no awning projecting over
any sidewalk within the town of:Lamar shall be
so built, constructed or placed, aa to require
any support therefor from the sidewalk over
which the same shall be »o bnilt or placed, and
no such awning so pi ejecting over any sidewalk
shall from and after the passage of this ordin
ance be constructed of wood or lumber and
from and after taking effoet of this ordinance
no person shall place upon any sidewalk within
this town any support of any kind for any awn
ing or other structure of a like natare.
Section 111. If any person or persons, shall
construct, or cause to bo constructed, any awn
ing projecting over any sidowalk in the town of
Lamar, and tne same shall not be *o bnilt and
constructed according to the provisions of
Sections One and Two of this ordinance, the
Street Committee of the Board of Trustee of
tho town of Lamar, Colorado, shall be author
ized to cause any such awning or awnings to be
removed at the expense of the person or persons
owning the same. .......
Section IV. Any person who shall build,
construct or place any awning which shall pro
ject over any sidewalk within the town of La
mar without complying with the provisions of
Sections One and Two of this ordinance in the
material, bnilding and construction thereof, or
who shall build, constructor place any support
of any klbd for any awning or any other similar
structure on any sidewalk within the town of
Lamar shall be doomed guilty of a misde
meanor, and shall upon conviction of any such
offense be fined in a sum not less than Fivo
Dollars (03.00). and not exceeding Twonty-five
Dollars (025 00). for each offense, and jurisdic
tion is hereby conferred upon the Police Magis
trate's Court of Lamar, Colorado, for the trial
of any person charged with tho voilation of say
of the provisions of this ordinance.
Section V. This ordinance shall take effect
and be in force from and after five (5) days
after its pablication in Tho Lamar Register.
Passed and adoptsd this Ist day of April A
C. W. Heatot, Crab. Maxwell
Clark. Mayor
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styles is |to admire them; but to wear them
is to grow enthusiastic. We are sole agents.
Tha Hamilton-Brown line for men, is unexcelled in work
manship material and style. See onr “Amerioan Gentleman."
$30,00$ just received for farm loans
No delays.
L. Wirt Markham.
FOR SALE —8 brood mares aod 40
brood sows. Inquire of J. S. Hasty.
See H. P. Syp for Fire Insurance '
Farm Rieka a specialty. 1
Try Carley’s Cough Cure *
The Novelette
You can’t forget
‘’Dr. U. Ess and His Patient”
By J. B. e»RLET
For sale at all the local Drug Stores
Tin Utsh with Irrigation works completed
lust placed on sale at opening price. Water
In abundance and purchase carries perpet
ual rights to ft. Ws will Cultivate for two
A years and turn over lands with crop grow
ing, or we will continue to cultivate for halt
the crop, or you can do that and make it
your home. Write for full description of this
H interesting proposition. Good live agents
607 Pioneer Press Building, St. Paul, Minn.
Major is deep bay, weight 1700
pouods, good action. He will make
the season at my farm 4} miles north
of Lamar.
Term-11l to losare
Are you going to paper your
house this spring? Ask to be
shown samples at The Fair
Store. W e have the Largest
Stock of W all Paper in Lamar,
showing all the newest designs.
Our unheard of low prices will
be a pleasant surprise to you.
All Paper Trimmed
By Us Free of Charge
We Also Handle
w "™ uric 1 THE FAIR U°““ r » ik
PH Excursions
Second Claes Colonist Rates to
the North went— $2O to Butte, Garrison,
Helena; $22 60 to Huntington, Spokane,
Shoshone; $25 to Pacific coast points.
On sale daily during month of March
and April.
G. J. GARVIN, Agent, Lamar, Col

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