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Ailrew Johnson, Convicted of Killing
Frisbie, To Be Executed Week
of August 21.
Andrew Johnson, No. 6787, who is
under sentence of death at the peni
teutiary, was today removed to the
execution bouse, where be will be
kept under clese surveillance of a
constant death watch until some
time during the week beginning
August 20, when he will pay with
his life the penalty of killing Mar
sal Frisbie of Lamar last December.
Johnson is a Swede about 35 years
old, and as he was being conducted
to the execution house he remarked,
“Now I am on the home stretch.”
He is of a jovial nature and has been
over sinoe his reception at the prison.
He apparently expeots the sen
tence of death to be carried out. He
has expressed no wish for a com
mutation, neither is he asking for
any influence in his behalf. He
states that he has a father and
mother living, but he will not di
vulge their identity, claimiug that
they are Christian people and that
they will never suffer the disgrace
of knowing that he died on the scaf
fold. The prison officials do not ex
pect Johnson to be reprieved. He
receives daily visits from the chap
lain and so far has shown no dispo
sition to be unnerved by bis ap
proaching death, Johnson is the
osd who was hunted by posses all
4>ver eastern Colorado and was finally
located and oaptured in a school
ihouas across the Kansas state line.
—Denver News.
Would Demand A Bonus.
A spicy prison paper published by
the convicts in the Ohio state peni
tentiary has been foroed to suspend
publication beoause there is not now
a single printer among the convicts.
There are enough bankers to handle
several big financial institutions,
plenty of lawyers and doctors and
several preachers, but no printers.
J&lbert Hubbard explains the ab
sence of printers by saying that they
are the busiest people on earth, and
a busy nan baa no time to get into
*>isohief. Hubbard is right. The
Man who spends his time in useful
honest effort is the last man to
into trouble. But there is another
reason why printers are so scaroe in
prison. They handle so little money
that they never get contaminated
with the spirit of graft and greed.
A printer wants only a dean shirt
and a meal ticket and a plug of hill
side navy. Add to this a full oopy
hook and plenty of job work and he
would demand a bonus before swap
ping jobs with St. Peter.
Let 'Em Kick.
Kvery institution calculated to
benefit the p/»ople meets with oppo
sition. One ot the late demonstra
tions of this sort, is the kick pub
lished in a Pueblo paper last week
against the building of the Arkansas
Valley Inter-Urban Railway, which
company has been incorporated by
Hon. A E. Bent, with other well
known citiaens. Since the publi
oation of the article in question the
commercial bodies of the valley
towns have expressed their appio
bation of the Bent eotnpaoy and
confidence in his statement that the
road is to be constructed and opera
ted. The great need of better trans
portation advantages for the people
of the valley is too apparent to be
disputed and fhe soonei the oppo
sition takes to the tall timber the
better will be its standing hereafter.
—Fowler Tribune.
A Hugs Shell of Iron.
The Pueblo Foundry and Maohine
company has successfully cast the
largest single piece of iron work
ithat has ever been cast west of the
iMississippi river. The piece is a
whell for a vaouum pan, which was
ordered by the American Beet Sugar
Co., for its plant at Lamar. It is 11
fest and 3 4 of an inoh in diameter.
The shell looks like a huge iron tub
without a bottom. The shell is 7 ft.
KnA 3 inches in width and is only 1
And 1-8 inches in thickness
The Lamar Register
We have purchased the entire stock of Paints, Oils and Glass from the
Lamar Lumber Co. which together with the stock already carried by us,
makes a very complete assortment to select from. We are prepared to make
you the lowest possible prices on all kinds of paints, including three differ
ent lines of House, Barn and Carriage Paints. Interior finishes, Hard Oils,
Varnishes, Stains, Jap-a-Lac, Alabastine, Kalsomine, etc. Glass and Putty.
Everything exactly as represented.
Remember we are giving away a pot of money to onr customers; also
55.00 to the party or parties that guess how much money it contains be
fore it is opened.
PHOME HO. 13 UIU | BROTHERS [ Druggists and Jewelers |
From Our Exchanges.
W. G. Boyd, a prominent mer
chant of Oanyon City, was in town
Monday and while here oloeed ar
rangements for opening a dry goods
store here about September Ist. He
has leased the new store building of
George Hollis* and will start with a
fine fresh stock of up-to-date goods.
—Holly Chieftain.
Mr. Boyd is a biother of J. G.
Boyd of this oity.
Roasting ears which were raised
on dry land in the Wolf Creek coun
try are on the market in Granada
this week. They look just as fine as
any raised under irrigation. —Gra-
nada Times.
The lower fifteen miles of the
Amity canal will be deepened aud
widened according to a contract
wbioh has just been awarded to the
Sayler, Dredge & Construction Co.
The improvement will enlarge the
oapaoity of the ditch and will prove
of great benefit to the agricultural
interests which depend on it for ir
rigatioQ.—Granada Times.
Jessie Mendenhall died Tuesday
evening, July 30, at about 5 o’clock,
after a short illness with typhoid
fever. He was buried Wednesday
at 10 a. m. in the Granada oemetery.
At the time of his death he was 32
years of age the greater part of
whioh be had spent in Granada and
vioinity. A large crowd was present
at the grave to pay the dead their
respects. —Granada Times.
A large number of Republican
newspaper men seem to take special
delight in saying oontemptible, little
things about Mr. Bryan. This does
not hart Bryan, hot it may gratify
the pin heads, who indulge in it.
The eagle pays no attention to the
gnat. —La Junta Democrat.
Rest easy Mao. All the proof
yon Democrats will have in a few
years to show that Bryan really ex
isted, will be your paper files.
It is annonnoed that the mail or
der houses have quit the field at
Emporia. Little by little they have
lost ground until now their business
is gone. This remarkable state of
affairs is explained by s prominent
Emporia merchant who says that it
was caused by Emporia merchants
quoting prices. This shows that
the home merchants can compete
with the mail order houses it they
will quit hiding their light under a
bushel and advertise their goods.
—Cimarron Jacksonian.
The above will not inolude any
of onr merchants. They quote their
prices and a mail order house de
pending ou this vicinity would soon
go to the wall.
The sugax beet industry in ex
panding eo rapidly that a number of
new factories are being promoted in
Colorado. In the Arkansas valley
more than 70,000 acres are being
cultivated in sugar beets this season.
This means an income to the farm
ers of $5,250,000 from a single crop.
Is it any wonder that beet land is
rapidly selling at SBO to S2OO an
acre in that section.—National Farm
3rnsis.il iTsar3Px.rsß of covittt
Notes from The Lamar Register of
Aug. 6, 1887
The arrival of trains draws a orowd
to the depot.
Granada ie to have four papers.
The business men bad better take to
the sand bills.
Seibers circus showed here Mon
day afternoon and evening, drawing
good orowds. The performance was
very good.
A Kansas girl says men are always
harping about patronizing their own
towns, but nearly always go away
from home to get married.
This is the season of the year
when the ministers gets a mouths’
rest, a summer vacation, which re
minds us when does the newspaper
men get a rest
The little town of Lamar raised in
twenty-fonr hoars $2,500 to pay for
advertising the town and vioinity in
eaatern and other papers. Enter
prise like this will tell in favor of
any place whioh exhibits it. Lamar
bas set an example which Denver
and other cities of the state might
well afford to follow. There ought
to be a great awakening in Colorado
in favor of Advertising the state in
the east. —Denver Republican.
Some time next month will com
mence Lamar’s first graded school.
Prof. L. L. Burton has been selected
as Principal, and Miss Alice Diokey
and Miss Della Jones assistants.
The term will continne six monte,
and will be kept in suitable rooms
rented for that purpose. All the
instructors are highly recommended
to ns and are teachers of expeiience.
One hundred and fifty desks have
been purchased lately by the teach
ers and all will soon be in readiness
for efficient work.
Will Be Tough On Some.
It is now the law in Colorado that
any person who shall take, steal aud
oarry away domestic, imported or
game fowl or fowls in the night
time from the premises upon which
the dwelling house of another is
situated, shall be deemed guilty of
grand larceny and may be imprison
ed in the penitentiary for one year.
Any body purchasing fowls known
to be stolen shall be likewise gnilty.
Uuder this law a person would be
justified in shooting one prowling
around his chicken coop in the night
time. This law is of considerable
interest to some people in Lamar
and it would be well for them to
bear it in mind. Chickens are
sometimes stolen as a practical joke,
bnt it won't go any more if the joker
should be caught.
The Pueblo Democrat has ceased
to breathe. It dosed its eyes some
daye ago. Its last expiring note was
a feeble squeak against the unions,
whose conditions were each as to in
crease the hardship in the industrial
field. The Farr Bros, were quite
successful in rnnning a print shop
and weekly at Sngar City, bat they
found things different in the city.
Adiosl —Pueblo Post.
———We have bought the entire stock of M. G. Coley &
Company of Denver at
Real 57 cents on the Dollar. I
The stock consists of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats,
IsR Furnishings, etc., and will be sold here upon arrival. This
a comparatively new stock of goods, but will -fee cleaned
up at prices that are real snaps. Watch the daily paper for
date of sale
The Golden Rule Store fo"
The W.M.Dickinson Lumber Co.
Yellow and White Pine Finish
Sash, Doors! and Mouldings
Lime, Cement and Brick
| i
isn’t necessary for au old sportsman.
He knows without asking where to
locate game, when to go for it and
what kind of a dog to take along.
He also knows his hunting trip wont
pan out if be hasn’t the right kind of
We are happy to say he buys of
ns. He gets the best made and no
fancy price asked. That’s why,
when he returns, his bag is full of
Who’s Your
d , |
; | Hun t Brothers. A trial will coaTince
Leading Ca»h Crocen OtfICFS t.Q&t 11118 IS A
Successor to Frau Bros. _ . 1 •
l none Lamar 6 good place to buy their
LAMAR. COLORADO eatable#''
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