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Entered >t the Poatoffic* in Liinir. Colorado
at —oond class mail matter.
Published Weekly by
Editor and Proprietor
Sabeerlptlon Rates:
Oae Tear ft JO Three Moo Um.... *oc
91 1 'Months H Single Copy Se
W VHMDiT, August 7, 1007
still Playing Polities.
The fourth trial of Caleb Powers
in Kentucky ended before it fairly
began, the judge vacating the bench
following the oharge of prejudice,
and aa the attorneys could not agree
on a judge the trial must await the
appointment of a new judge by Got.
Beokham, whose party in all the
trials for the assassination of Goe
bel haa schemed entirely for political
effeoL Democratic politicians hare
avoided the identification of the ass
assin or assassins in order to smirch
the Republican state officials who
were driven from office after that
event, and who wonld have been ex
polled anyway under the workings
of the Goebel election law that re
duced returns to a sure thing for the
Democratic ring manipulators. Re
cently they lost 2000 offices in
Louisville and Jefferson County on
aooount of similar frauds on the bal
lot, the slate courts deciding that
they vitiated the eleetion.
Powers, the state attorney general,
has been in jail seven years. Tay
lor, the governor, has been a resi
dent of Indiana for the same period.
Indiana's governors have refused to
oomply with the demand that he be
returned to Kentuoky on the ground,
whioh is self-evident, that he could
not get a fair trial there. The Su
preme Court of the United States
denied Powers a hearing asked, but
remarked in its decision that "the
trials of the aocused make an exhi
bition of misoonduot on the part of
administrative offioers connected
with these trials whioh may well
shook all who love justice and recog
nise the right of every human be
ing aecnsed of crime to be tried ac
eording to law." What are called
the assassination trials in Kentucky
have been merely a venomous politi
cal porenit of Republican state offi
ciala and an attempted anaingment
for murder of the whole Republican
party of Kentuoky. But for this
Democratic policy the assassin of
Goebel would have been singled out
and punished long ago.—Globe-
WANTED—Msn sod women to sell
our teas, coffees, spices and extracts.
The Union Pacific Tea 00., 707 N. Main
street, Pueblo, 0010.
"We never repent of eeting too little,'
was one of the ten rules of life of Thoe.
Jefferson, president of the United States
and the rule applies to every one with
out exception during this hot weather,
beoauee it is hard for food, even in small
vuantities. to be digested when the blood
is at high temperature. At this season
we should eat spairingly and properly.
We should also help the stomach as
much as possible by the use of a little
Kedol for Indigestion and Dyspepsia,
whioh will rest the stomach by digest
ing the food itself. Sold by the Up-to-
Date Drug Co.
Want Column
FOR SALE CHEAP—6 horse power
gasoline engine. First-class condition.
Elite Steam Laundry.
—Ail makes of sewing machines re-
CiredbyJ. L. Simpson, office at the
unar Machine 00., opposite postoffice.
rSk BALE —Fly Nets and Dusteis.
-W. E. Nogal.
Get your flour at Mmgrave'e Caah
Store. 501 b. aacks only 11.40. See us
for bargaina in all kinds of groceries.
WANTED—Men and woman to aell
our teas, coffees, spices and extracta.
Tha Union Paoifio Taa Co., 707 N. Main
St, Pueble, Colo.
Had Ce tested a Turtle Net UMfftelently
Speaking of the tur/lea that ware re
seutlr feaaf in Jersey, bearing datea
of fifty and sixty years ago, recalls
an incident that once occurred on the
farm of the late Henry L Deacon, a
wall-to-do and influential resident ot
•he land beyond the Delaware
A youngster, who waa tend of roam
lug over the fine, well kept farm,
found a turtle one day and it occurred
to him to make it one of the ancient
Nothing short of the George Wash
ington era would do. So, taxing out
his penknife the boy Inscribed, “G.
W.’ 1776," on the reptile’s shell. The
gutting, of course, looked very mod
«rn. but this was easily remedied by
VMbblng In It mud and petlahiag it on
the grass.
This done to the satisfaction of the
boy. mahed to the jolly-faced farm-
Or, exclaiming:
"Look, Mr. Deacon. I just found a
turtle more than 100 years old with
Ooorge Washington's Initials on the
"Thee has?" said Dr. Daacon, hold
ing out his hand for the .urtle.
“Tea, air," returned the youngster
With a very straight face.
The good old farmer glanced at tha
reptile Just one second, and then burst
out Into a merry laugh.
“Willie, thoe darned fool * a.
•that turtle Isn’t half gr« V
adslphla Record.
Thoee who have stomach trouble, no
matter how slignt, should give every
possible help to the digestive organs, so
that the food may be digested with the
lent effort. This may be done by tak- a
ing something that contains natural di
gestive properties —something like Ko
dol for Indigestion and Dyspepsia. Ko
dol is a preparation of vsgetable aoida
and oontaina the very same juices found
in a healthy stomach It digests what
yon eat. Sold by the Tp-to-Date Drug
$30,00® juat reoeived for farm loans
No delays.
L. Wist Makkham.
A huge raindrop fell upon Kate’s
cheek, and, mindful of her best hat.
ahe fled to the first doorway until the
storm should pass. It was only a
summer shower, but she wanted the
hat to wear at the picnic to-morrow
and she hurried for shelter.
It happened to be the open doorway
of a business block. A fire had emp
tied the place of tenants and there
was a smell of wet, burned wood that
was unpleasant.
But still more unpleasant was the
fact that the doorway was already oc
cupied and by Harris Hitchcock, of
all persons.
“If my presence distresses you.” he
said coldly, "I might find some other
"Do not disturb yourself on my ac
count," she said coldly. "There Is
plenty of room for us both.’’
"It will only be for a few moments,’’
he said with a smile." These furious
storms seldom last.'
Kate made no reply to this state
ment of self-evident fact. She was de
termined not to be drawn into a con
Hitchcock only smiled again. No
sense of guilt hung heavily upon his
conscience. He had made fun of
Kate’s favorite matinee hero, and she
had angrily declared that she never
again wished to speak to a man who
was so lost to the appreciation of
artistic endeavor. He had attempted
to defend,his position and had only
succeeded In angering her the more.
He knew how frightened she was
by thunder showers, and every time
she shrank from the heavy reverbera
tions he longed to take her in his arms
and comfort her, but he knew better
than to soak to force the conversation
when her every nerve was Jangling.
But when an exceptionally heavy peal
rent the air, he sprang forward and
grasped her arm.
‘‘Don’t be afraid,’ he said, reassur
lngly"That struck nowhere near here.
There is not the slightest danger.”
Kate regarded him indignantly. He
had sometimes teased her about her
fear of lightning, and she was keenly
sensitive about her peculiarity.
In her overwrought nervous condi
tion she believed that he was again
tormenting her and, at hla touch, she
shrank back, her face white with
anger and her eyes biasing.
“Since it appears that I am not safe
form annoyance here,’’ she said, hot,
ly, "will you kindly permit me to
Hitchcock barred the doorway.
will go,* he said, quietly. “Believe me,
I did not mean to offend."
Before he could step out into the
deluge she had thrust him aside. He
did not anticipate the move( and was
thrown off his balance. Before he
could recover himself Kate stood in
the doorway, gathering her skirts in
sne hand
Just at that moaaent a dazzling flash
■hot from the heavans and rent a tree
on the opposite side of the street,
while the discharge was accompanied
by a terrific clap of thunder.
With a little cry Kate turned and
blindly ‘sought Hitchcock, who sprang
forward to catch her. She threw her
•elf, sobbing. Into his arms, and he,
oblivious to all else, sought to calm
her. Gradually the sobs softened, and
fct last Kate lifted her head.
"You always said I was a silly about
lightning." she said, smiling through
her tears, "but I never supposed that
it wonld lead me to be quite so fool
*1 ean understand It." he said com
fortingly "I shall forget all about lt
and consider that lt never happened.
We are still our friends the enemy."
"Ton don’t suppose that I can quar
rel with a man. when I’ve been cry
ing in hla arms the past ten minutes,
do you?" she demanded. “It was a
Judgment upon me for being so head
"And you are not angry?” he cried.
"You were nice and didn’t laugh,"
■he explained. "I’m sorry I was so
eroas the other night. Though,’ she
added, “you were not right In saying
what you did about Mr. Kernochan.”
"If you had let me finish what I
was going to say I could have told you
my reason." he said with a smile.
“Mrs. Kernochan, or Mrs. Cassidy,
rather, is suing him for divorce be
cause of his cruelty. I am her attor
ney, which is how I came to form my
estimate of his character. He wae In
jail once for wife beating.’
"Harry,” she said. He bent hla
head to catch the whisper.
"What is it, dear?” he asked.
“You won’t beat me when we're
married?” she asked.
“I should eay not. Look, Kate, it*s
clearing up. Let’s go and get the
"It was such a lovely storm,” she
sighed contentedly as they stepped
out on the streeet.
A Clue.
H. K. Adair, the noted western de
tective, had come east on a divorce
“I have just been dictating some
evidence to a stenographer who
doesn’t know her business,” he said,
wearily. “Reading over her copy, I
thought of a detective story. A de
tective had been put on an anony
mous letter case. The recipient of
the letter said to him:
‘ ‘The thing consisted of but one
■hsrt page, and yet there were 11
words spelt wrong.’
" Then the criminal,’ said the de
tective promptly, ‘was either a type
writer or a sign-painter. Is there a
•usinesa directory handy ?’"
The Real Live
: :
• •
and his dog Tige coining to town
2 They will hold a Reception at our store, to which young and old are cordially invited. ADMISSION FREE. 2
5 2
S Come and Talk to these Famous Characters in Flesh and Blood •
: ;
2 WE are all acquainted with w have traveled the country J
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1 funny prank and philosophy ./y ._j CHAF £ of w , hl f h 18 cnhve " c , d by •
5 ral "rocnlitrion ” Ymi hav, IMMwlHffiSGf-;!I n „ / Im>oki ■/111 I I Buster s humorous delivery •
S probably thought that these BUSTER BROWN I U TooM! UStßfcP IW L and Tige’s remarkable in- •
1 characters were imaginary. I L #AN FARTH tdligence which rivals that of J
tor existed only in the inkand SHOES $j' UN " tL/’houW’ S
2 Ku of n^ ie th e un Mse. S The ■«* —that’s what ? tore wUI ? ne of p^ ce f- |
8 Brown Shoe Co., of St. Louis ‘ , Joyment to whoever atlends, J
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\’ ’ 2
| Buster Brown and Tige are Touring the Country Under the Management of THE BROWN SHOE GO., •
2 St. Lous, Mo., makers of Buster Brown Blue Ribbon Shoes, for Boys—for Girls •
I august 23 ' E. E. Butler ®> Son. |
To Be Happy.
A Chinese proverb says that, “To
be happy on earth, one must be born
in Soochow, live in Canton, and die In
Llsnchan; for In the first are the
handsomest people. In the second the
richest luxuries, and In tha third the
beat coffins."
Athenian Summer Resort.
The small island of Poros is a fa
vorite summer resort of the Atheni
ans. It is famous for its fruit trees,
which yield, among other things, 2,-
600,000 oranges, 800,000 mandarins
and 16,000,000 lemons a year.
Iceland’s Eiderdown Production.
Iceland produces most of the world’s
■apply of eiderdown, the annual sale
amounUng to something oven 7,000
pounds. Most of this is shipped to
Copenhagen, and commands from
$8.41 to $2.60 a pound.
Effective Chinese Censorship.
The censorship is a very real thing
in China. There, any one who writes
an objectionable book Is punished with
100 blows of a heavy bamboo and ban
ished for life. Any one who reads is
also punished.
Crater of Mauna Loa.
The crater of Mauna Loa. In the
Sandwich islands, the largest volcano
in the world, is twenty miles in diam
eter. Sometimes the stream of lava
leaning from lt Is fifty miles long.
Cut Off Early In Life.
A woman, the thirteenth child and
barn oo tee Mth of the month, re
cently died in Alabama at the age of
M. Might have known something
would happen he*
Tsars Out of Fashion.
Every student of contemporary fic
tion must be struck by tbs fact that,
for soma unexplained cause, weeping
has undoubtedly gone out of fashion.
Text from Brother Dickey.
"Don’t try ter whip de devil ’round’
do stump, kace de stump’ll ketch fire,
aa’ you’ll blase befo’ you know!’’—
Atlanta Constitution.
Makes Odd Mistake.
Charged with striking a woman on
the street, John Moore, of London en
tered this defense, "I thought she was
toy wife."
One Water Right in Fort Lyon
Canal. Inquire of
Usurp Man’s Privilege.
"The only real vantage I can see
In being a business woman,” said one
of them, “is that you can break an en
gagement when you want to, like the
men do. You can say teat an impor
tant business matter came up unex
pectedly that you were obliged to at
tend to."
Poison Used by the Ancients.
The deaths of Socrates, Demos
thenes, Hannibal and Cleopatra testify
•o the pharmaceutical knowledge of
the ancients. Phrysa poisoned Queen
Statlra, in the reign of Artaxerxes 11.
(B. C. 406-359), by cut . ing food with
a poisoned knife.
First Cigarettes In England.
Laurence Oliphant, the celebrated
author and traveler, is said to have
Introduced the cigarette Into England
about the year 1844. They became
quite common after the Crimean war,
owing to their use by the Turkish
Really Clever Scheme.
A waggish tobacconist named a
fbvorlte brand of cigars "Strictly Pro
hibited,” so that when his attention
was callod to a notice “Smoking
Strictly Prohibited,” he could say,
"That’s Just what I am doing.”
Officiousness Rebuked.
At Leigh (England) police court a
man was recently fined £1 and costs
for having pulled the trolley pole of
an electric tramcar off the overhead
wire to stop the car because a man’s
hst had been blown off.
Keeping Interest In Life.
If a woman isn’t worrying because
she hasn’t everything she wants she
is usually fusßing because she has
what she doesn't want. In this way
Mfe never becomes monotonous.
A Matter of Time.
If an untruth Is only a day old !t is
called a lie; if it Is a year old it Is
called a falsehood; but if it is a cen
tury old it Is called a legend.
The Bum of Knowledge.
If a man knows that other people
are not any bigger fools than he is
he knows all about human nature that
is worth knowing.
If men thought as much about their
clothes as women do about theirs the
tailor would rank in importance above
the president.
The Better Way.
It is always best to know a person
thoroughly before marrying him or
her. This is an absolute preventive.
John Riba, a prominent dealer of Vin
mg, Ind., says, “I have been eelling De-
Witt's Kidney end Bladder Pills for
about a year and they give better satis
faction than any pill I ever sold. There
are a dozen people here who have used
them and they give perfect satisfaction
in every case. I have used them myself
with fine results." Sold by the Up-to-
Date Drug Co.
Some youn K mares, one
Mammoth and one Spanish
Jack and two large Jennet Colts.
W. P. Bailey,
Springfield, Colo.
Clarke & Rosacraos
Plumbers & Steamfitters
Gasoline aid Steal Bagiie
Wert. Fuips & WiateUs
Oar Prices are right. Give os a call
Shop one-half block east of
Main SL, sooth of Laundry
1 Positions at j
* Holly and Slink *
| Sugar Factories j
I Application books are now 1
open for position! during the X
campaign at the Holly and X
ISwink sugar factories. X
Early applicants will be X
given the preference. X
I Holly Sugar Company i
X Holly or Swink X
Bristol Underglazed
Twentieth Century Kitchen Assortment
Consisting of Mixing Bowl, Covered Butter Jar, Water dH
Jar, Rolling Pin, Meat Pounder, and Covered Salt Jar. 11 W C
Price for the six pieces •r * •^
Two Years for $1.25
A complete history of two history-making years—l9o7
andjl9oB. The entire proceedings of all the important
sessions of Congress to be held daring those two years. The
fight to a finish of the impending battle against the gigantio W
trusts and monopolies, Every detail of the next national
oampaign, including all the party conventions and the final
result of the Presidential election of November, 1908. In
The Twice-a-Week Issue
of the
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day aod Friday. The BEST NEWSPAPER in ihe United
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