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Ibitarad at the Postoffice in Lamar, Colorado
M Mooud class mail matter.
Published Weekly by
04300. 3s. XXTEmJtXI^X.
Editor and Proprteiov
Babaoription Rates:
Om Tear $1.60 Three Months....4oe
Ac Months T« HtngieCopy 6e
Wbomkbdat, September 18, 1907
All Kansan will grow angar beets
now as a Kansas farmer haf discov
ered a process by which eaoh farmer
oan distill his own alcohol from beet
It is qaita evident Roosevelt will
have to do the declining act onoe
more, or also serve oat another term,
and about three fourths of the people
prefer that he does the latter.
Oklahoma held its first election
yesterday and the indications are
that the constitution and democratic
ticket are both elected, and it looks
as if prohibition had carried also.
The drop in the price of copper
the past month has brought Senator
Glark’s inoome down to a milliou
dollars per month. He still hopes
with a reasonable economy to pull
The Western League base ball
season dosed on last Sunday, and on
the last day Pueblo beat Denver out
of fourth place. Beat by both Pu
eblo and Trinidad is a sorry story for
a usually live town like Denver.
Rocky Ford and Las Animas
wound up their base ball season last
week by the former playing the baby
act, jumping the game and leaving
the Las Animas boys in peaceable
possession of the valley champion
A lot of papers are now boosting
King Ed of England because he left
a theatre on aooount of the play be
ing too tough. This sounds to us,
there are many rotten plays on the
stage, but if any of them oan beat Ed
die's daily social stunt for toughness,
it hasn’t advertised the fact yet.
Grover Cleveland is said to be dy
ing at his home in Prinoeton, He
is the only ex-president of the
country living now, and has held
that dignity longer than any presi
dent since Hayes. He has lived a
dignified and quiet life sinoe his re
tirement, and has held the respect of
the entire nation.
Sugar City Factory Starts.
The faotory of the National Sugar
Manufacturing oompany at Sugar
Oity was the first one in the valley,
and in the state as well, to begin
harvesting beets this year. The same
faotory also had this distinction last
year. The first beets were received
into the sheds on Sept. 2nd and the
slieing began on Monday, Sept. 9th.
Acoording to the Saooharine Gazette
beets are testing splendidly, not
infrequently 18 per oent with 88 per
sent purity.
Items from Prowers
Miss Thatoher, who will teach one
of the schools in this distriot, arrived
from Rocky Ford last Sunday.
Mr. Southard, of Wiley, is now at
work on our new sohool house south
of the railroad.
The Twenty-four Circle outfit
shipped 10 oar loads of cattle on the
18th inst.
Mr. Vaughn is still painting the
dwellings here, thereby greatly im
proving the appearanoe of the com
J. B. Carley opened the Star
eohool on the 16th. X.
Alice Same Santa Fe Flyer
Last Monday when "No. 3” (the
Missouri Paoifio’s overland meteor)
was raoing madly by the beet field
at the terrifio speed of eight miles
per hour, a Pullman passenger poked
his pate out of the window and the
wind blew away his wig—a beautiful
blaok, curly ’toupee.’ Mr. John O’-
Connell, the big beet boss of the
northside, saw the distressing acci
dent. He rode to the traok, secured
the wig and then galloped his gal
lant grey alongside the flying train
and handed the top pieoe baok to the
astonished but grateful tourist. They
exchanged oards and commented on
the weather and the excellent orop
of beets. Then Mi. O’Connell shook
hand with the conductor, borrowed a
pipe of "Lime Kiln” from the engi
neer, and rode gaily away over the
While the train sped on. —Sugar
Oity Gazette.
| Want Column
[jnstobance to gel a key to the pot of
money—free at McLean Bros.
WANTED—PupiIs to learn dress
making. Fall class now open. Mrt*.
Phillips, 301 2nd street.
FOR SALE CHEAP—O horse power
gasolioe engine. Firet-clasH condition.
Elite Steam Laundry.
—All makes of Hewing machines re
paired by J. L. Simpson, office at the
Lunar Machine Co., opposite postotlice.
FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms
for light housekeeping, 104 N. 7th St.,
F. A. Thomas, lit
FOR SALE—BO feet of store sheh mg.
Inquire of C. i\ Margrave. t
LOST—Ladies hat, leghorn, trimmed
with roses and dasies Finder leave at
this office and receive reward.
Ladies of Lamar—Mrs. Phillips, of
Chicago, will make to order coats, jnck
f ets, tailor suits and evening gowns, has
had years of practical experience in this
work. Call at 301 2ud street.
Don’t worry about your kidneys when
you can obtain 30 days’ treatment of
Pineules for 81.00. These little globules
bring relief in the first dose, backache,
Lumbago and Rheumatism yield quick
ly If not satisfied our money refund
ed. This is a fair offer |y° u can’t lose.
Sold by The Up-to- ale i>rug Co.
It is a well known fact that persons
living in the pine forests do not BufTer
from kidney diseases. One dose of Pine
ulee at night usually relieves backache.
30 days treatment 81.00 Your money
refunded if not satisfied. Sold by The
LJp to-Date Drug Co.
$*20,000 just received for farm loam
No delays.
L. Wirt Markham
Try Carley’s Cough Cure
It comes put up in a collapsible tube
with a nozzle, easv to apply to the sore
ness and inflammation, for any form of
piles; it soothes and relieves pain, Roll
ing and burning. Man Zsn Pile Keiuo
dy. Price 500. Guaranteed. Sold by
The Up-to-Date Drug Co.
Money to Loan—On farm property
No appraisers.inoney paid as soou as ab
stract approved. J S. Hasty.
*lo cure a cold first move the boweis.
bees Laxative Cough Syrnp acts gently
on the bowels, drives out the cold, clears
the bead. It’s pleasant to take and
mothers highly recommend it for colds,
croup and whooping cough. Guaran
teed to give satisfaction or money re
funded. Fqually good for young und
old. Sold by The Up-to-Date Drug Co.
Mothers with little children need no
longer fear croup, oolds or whooping
cough. Bees Laxative Cough Syrup
tastes good. It wo 'ks oft the cold
through the bowels, cuts the phlegm,
clears the head. For youug and old.
Guaranteed. Secure a bottle at once.
Sold by The Up to-Date Drug Co.
We want to buy a car of fancy honey.
Anyone interested can call aud we will
give you oopy ot Association grading
rules, prices, etc.
F. 11. Kelsey, Manager.
DeWitt’s Carbolized Witch Hazel
Salve is good for little burns and big
burns, small ppratchee or bruises and big
ones, ft i’ healing and soothing. Good
for piles. Sola by The Up-to-Dsto Drug
Dressmaking and ladies tailoring to
order. Call on Mrs. Phillips, 301 2nd St.
Lamar's best Flour is sell in g at Mar
grave’s for $1.35 for 501 bs. He makes
the low prioes.
If you take I)eWitt's Kidney aud Blad
der Pills you will get prompt relief from
backache, weak kidneys, inflammation
of the bladder and uriuary troubles. A
week’s treatment 25 cents. Sold by The
Up to-Date Drug Co.
Does your buck ache? Do you fsel
tired and drowsy and laoking in ambi
tion? If so, there is something wrong
with your kidneys. DeWitt’s Kidney
and Bladder Pills relieve backaohe,weak
kidneys, and inflammation of the blrd
der. A week’s treatment 250. Sold by
The Up to Date Drug Co.
When the Heart Is Touched.
It *s an exquisite and beautiful thing
n our nature that when the heart is
nuched and softened by some tran
tiil happiness or afTectlonatc feeling
h«* memory of the dead comes over It
most powerfully und Irresistibly. It
would seem as though our bettor
thoughts and sympathies were charms,
In virtue of which the soul is enabled to
hold some vague and mysterious In
tercourse with the spirits of those
whom we dearly loved In life. —Dick-
Surgery Extraordinary.
Some Dakota surgeons claim that
they operated upon a man's leg a
short time ago and took out from it
“a chisel, several nails, a screw,
three good sized chunks of wood and
a piece of tin." Those surgeons must
be the same fellows who reported over
the wires not long since that in a re
cent operation they took from a
man's vermiform appendix two large
Try Carley’s Cough Cure
You never have any trouble to get
children to take Kennedy's Laxative
Cough Byrup. They like it because it
tastes nearly like maple sugar. Ken
nedy’s Laxative Cough Syrup is a safe
sure and prompt remedy for coughs and
colds and is good for every member of
the family. Sold by The Up to Date
Daug Co.
Thomas A. Edison, the great American
inventor, says “Fully eighty per cent of
the illness of mankind comes from eating
improper food or too much food; people
are still inclined to over-indulge them-
Holve* ” This ie where indigestion finds
its beginning in nearly every case. The
stomach cun do just so much work and'
no more, and when you overload it, or
when you eat the wrong kind of food,the
digestive organs cannot possibly do the
work demanded of them. It is at such
times that the stomach needs help; it
demands help; and warns you bv head
aches, belching, sour stomach, nausea
and indigestion. You should attend to
this at once by takiug something that
will actually do the work for the stom
ach. Kodol will do this. It is a com
bination of natural digestants and vege
table acids and contains the same juices
found in a healthy stomach. It is pleas
ant to take. It digests what you eat.
Sold by The Up to Date Drug Go.
Do you know that Pineealve Carbol
ized ucts like a poultice in drawing out
out inflammation and poison? It is an
tiseptic. For cuts. burns.eczeiiiß.oracjc
ed hands it is immediate relief. 25c.
Sold by The Up-to-Data Drug Go.
Your skin should be clear and bright
•f your liver is in normal condition.
Dades Little Liver Pills act on the liver
and headache, constipation and bilious
ness disappear. Price 25c. Sold by
The Up-to-Date Drug Co.
Get a free sample of Dr. Shoop’s
“Health Coffee” at our store. If real
coffee disturber your stomach, your
heart or kuineyH, then try this clover
ooffee imitation. Dr. Shoop has closely
mutched Old Java and Mocha Coffee in
flavor und taste, yet it has not a single
grain of real coffee in it. Dr. Sboop’fl
he dth coffee iuntntion is made f r otn
pn e tousled grains or cereals, with malt,
uuts, etc. Mnde in a minute. No tedi
ous wait. You will surely like it. Sold
by Hunt Bros
It is claimed indigestion is the Nation
al disease. Thais why the demand for
Rings Dyspepsia Tablets increasing be
cause they do the work. Stomach
trouble, dyspepsia, indigestion, bloating,
etc., yield quickly. Two days treatment
free. Ask your druggist about them.
Sold by The Up to Date Drug Co.
Obstinate cases of constipation and
nasty, mean headaches promptly disap
pear when you take DeWitt’s Little
Early Riser Pills. Sold by The Up-to
Dule Drug Co.
Summer Excursion Rates effec
tive May 18 lit to O-tober 31 1007. Sat
urday or Sunday, roiurn Mo - ay; Colo
rado Springs and return.so.2o: Manitou
und return, $0.35; Palmer Lake and
returu, Sfj.OH. Sunday only; Colorado
Springs and return, $4.55; Manitou and
return, $4.70; Palmer Lake and return.
$5.30; Pueblo and return, $3.50
Albuquerque, New Mexico, New
Mexico Territorial Fair, October 7 12;
Rate $l2 round trip; Dates of -ale.
Octobc*- 4-8; Final return limit Octo
ber 14 1007.
Special Summer Tourists Rates
to Canadian anil Northern New York
Resorts, on *»n!e daily to Sept. 30th,
also to Vow Fog land Resorts on -ale
Aug. 10th, 20. b and 24tb, Sept. 10, 14
24, 28, one'fare plm two dollars for tl e
round trip, final limit 80days from da*e
of sale. Also low round trip rates to
('hicago and St. Louis, in effect daily,
final limit Oct. 31st.
Jamestown Exposition, Norfolk,
Virginia, April 20 to November 30, 1007.
For thp aoove occasion the Santa Fe
route will sell tickets at tho following
rates; Season tfokets pn sale Apfi 28
to November 30. 1007; fi• t»l returu limit,
Deo tuber 15, 1007; Rate, $07.40. Sixty
day tickets on sale dally April 20 to
November 30, l!f07l final return limit
sixty davs from dale of t-ale; rate $5B 9d.
Fifteen-day tickets on sale dailv April
20 to November 30 1907, and good for
return leaving Vo-folk not later
15 day* from dat** o' sale; rate §48.05.
Seas >n and t>o day *. i ’kets quoted above
msy also be so'd in one direction via
j New York only at a slight advance over
rates quo»ed. For further particulars
' call on Santa Fe agrat, Lamur-
Q. J. GAVIN, Agent. Lamar, Colo.
Lamar Opera House
FRED LEE, Manager
Saturday, Sept. 21st.
The Joseph
Newman Co.
In a delightful evening of songs,
music and plays. JOSEPH
NEWMAN, Song Humorist;
Miss Creta Rost, Contralto;
Miss Carlotta Bizler, Violinist;
Miss Asile Tockey, Pianift.
Two New Laughable Comediettas
“A Terrible Plot” and “A
Quiet Little Evening at Home”
Reserved Seats at
iMyer’s Drug Store.
Are said often to bo buried six feet under
ground. But many times women call on
their family physicians, suffering, as they
Imagine, one from dys|>epsla, another from
heart disease, another from liver or kid
ney disease, another from nervous pros
tration, another with pain here and there,
and in this way they present alike to
themselves and their easy-going or over
busy doctor, separate diseases, for which
he, assuming them to bo such, prescribes
his pills and potions. In reality, they ara
*11 only symptoms caused by some uterine
isease. The'physician,"Ignorant of the
cause of suffer Ing7*Vi‘ pa upTS<traatment
until large bills are trade. /TLe>uffering
patient gets no bettenJjwJfrastwtJtytho
wrong treatment, but probably wotmt A
proper medicine like Dr, Pierce’s
Prescription, >Hr,ct±,l t» tj ie range, won,.T
h» v f '? ill r.' ,|v --VTOIV.-.I ly aiw iTCT?
by aispemng an tnosc distressing'symp
toms, and instituting comfort instead of
prolonged misery. It has been well said,
that "a disease known is half cured.”
I)r. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription is a
scientific medicine, carefully devised by
an experienced and skillful physician,
and adapted to woman’s delicate system.
It is made of native American medicinal
roots and is perfectly harmless in its
effects in anil cotununn or me t, 7o777?
twit fin.
As a powerful Invigorating tonic "Fa
vorite Prescription" imparts strength to
the whole system and to the organs dis
tinctly feminine in particular, for over
worked, "worn-out.” run-down." debili
tated teachers, milliners, dressmakers,
seamstresses, "shop-girls,” house-keepers,
nursingmothers, and feeble women gen
erally, Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription
is the greatest earthly boon, being un
equaled as an appetizing cordial and re
storative tonic.
As a soothing and strengthening nerv
ine "Favorito Prescription ” is unequaled
and is invaluablo in allaying and sub
duing nervous excitability, irritability,
nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration,
neuralgia, hysteria, spasms. St. Vitus’s
dance, and other distressing, nervous
symptoms commonly attendant upon
functional and organic disease of the
uterus. It induces refreshing sleep and
relieves mental anxiety and despondency.
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets Invigorate
the stomach, liver and bowels. One tc
three a due*. Easy to taka aa oaaay.
Land Office at Lamar, Colo..
Aug. 14, 1007.
Notice is hereby given that Michael O’Laugh
liu. of Lamar, Colo. lias filed notice of Tils
intention to make final commuted proof in
anp|x>rt of hia claim, viz: llomostead Entry
No. Saw made July ax, lym, for the northeast
quarter, hoc. 20. to. 2:1 •, rug 45 w, and that said
proof will be made before Register St Receiver
26 iss Colorado, ou Thursday. September
lie name* tho following wituoaaea to provo
hia continnoua residence upon ami cultivation
of Haul land, via;
John Arganbright. Henry tlersteulauer. 8. B.
Moore, b. B. Otteu, all of Lamar, Colorado,
aiiggl John a. Williamh, Register.
W. E Nopal, harnessmalcer. Harness
and fly nuts oiled while you wait.
Batata of John A. Mutchler. Deoeased.
Tho undersigned, having been appointed ad
ministratrix of the estate of John A. Mutchler,
late of tho county of Prowers, in tho State of
Colorado, deceased. hereby give# notioo that
hbo will appear before the County Court of said
Prowers County, at the Court House in Lamar,
in said County, on Monday. tho twenty-first
day of October. A. D. 1907. at tho hotu of 2
o’clock P M. of said day, at which timo all per
sons having claim* again-! said ostato aro noti
fied and requested to attend for tho purpose of
having the name adjusted. All persons indebt
ed to saiii ontato aro roquoHt to make immedi
ate payment to the under signed.
Administratrix of the estate of John A.
Mutchler, Decsasod.
J. K. Doughty. Attorney.
Notice of Trustee’s Sale
IITHEREAS, Walter J. Wayte, of tho County
* » of Sau Francisco, in the Stato of California,
did by hie certain deed of trust. dated the 13th
day of December, A. D. 1004, which said dood of
trust wat* duly recorded in Hook 28, on page 578
thereof, of tho record* of the county of i'rowora
in the state of Colorado, convey to the Public
Trustee in and for eaid County of Pro worn.. State
of Colorado, in trust the following described
real property, nituate, lying and being in the
County of Prowers and .State of Colorado, to
wit: Lot* Eleven RIJ und Twelve 112], in For
rent Park Place, a r%ub division, un nhowu by
the plat of Aaid Sub-divi-iou recorded in tho
ollice of the County ( lurk and Recorder of
Piowera County, Colorado, naid lota containing
Fifteen and Bft lOu [ls,Bt>| acre* more or let**, the
titlo no conveyed being a fee title to the above
dencribed preminut* then vented in said grantor
and nubject only to the Icm of a certain deed of
truut theretofore made to tho Public Trunteu
of said County aud State, (to secure the pay
ment of a certain promissory note for One thou
sand, five hundred Dollar- (5i,500.00;,] to secure
the payment of two [2] certain prominnory noton
made by the aaiii Walter J. Wayte, dated De
cember 12th. A. D. 1004. aud payable to the or
der of W. C. Could, hotli naiu no ten beariug in
terest at the rate of Ten per ceqtqm Ro?f] per
annum, from maturity until paid, the tiret of
which being for the sum of Seven Hundred Dol
lars [S7UO.OO], payable tldrtv laoj days after
date, aud tho soooud of which being for the
num of Six hundred Dollars [ftiOO.OOj, payable
ninety [Wj days aftor date, aud
Whereas, the said deed of trust provided,
among other tilings, tliut in case of default in
tho payment of tho principal or interest of said
notes, or either of them, or any part thureof,
according to the tho tenor and elfeot of the said
notes, an set forth in the naid deed of trust, on
tho writteu application of the legal owner and
bidder thereof the said trustee shall sell and
dis|*osu of all tho right, title, bouotlt aud equity
of redumption of the said Waltor J. Wayte. his
heirs ami asaigun, in aud to the above described
premises, at public auction in tiie maimer in
said deed of truut provided; and
Whereas, default ban b-en made m the pay
ment of the principal of the naid note for Six
hundred Dollars [$800.00). and of a portion of
the interest due upon tbn naid note for Sevcu
hundred Dollars IS7OO.(X)J and said principal
sum, together with tho interest due on skid
notes, is long overdue and unpaid, and thesaid
promissory notes are by their terms past due
and wholly unpaid; ami
Whereas, the said W. C. Gould, the legalowu
nr and hojder of said notes - , has api>|lu<T to tiie
undersigned, the PtH)! o"fnut«e *4 aqo for the
County of Rfotfer* and state of Colorado, as
provided by tho «*i d deed or trust and the stat
ute in such case made aud provided to sel| anil
diiqMise of the above described premises, apq uf
all tho right, title, bemdlt and equity of ledoutp
tion therein, of tip* sg| l Wqljo, J. Yfm yto. Tub
hoira, repr«ti e ntanypv of g.> ? n;ns, at public Auc
tion, ae pruvidod by terms of the said cfeed
or trust.
Now, Therefore, J. John T. Adkins, public
trustees in aud for t|».. -aid County of Pruwor*.
mate of Colorado, at the request of the legal
owner and bolder of said notes, and under au<l
by the power aud authority in me vustod by tho
■ rtn* of the said deed of trust aud uf tho stat
ute in such case made and provided, will, on
Monday, the 7th day of Oetober, A. D. 1007, at
the west front door of tho County Court House,
in the Town of Lamar, in the County of Prow
ers and State of Colorado, at the hour of 10
o'clock ia tin- fur>:;ioqn of aaid day, sell the
above dose, it od ;ugl tV|t.ts. a ml all the right,
title, liouetlt and eqdßy «f WiemptloU, of the
said Walter H. Wayte, hie heirs, reprenentativbn
or assigns, in aud to the saiu property, public
auction for tlie highest price tlm same vyill
bring in cash for the purpose of paying the
abn vo tijetjt ion e<] indebtedness, and all costs,
charges fud as nrqyidM Ui said deed of
There ia due upon said promissory notes up Id
and inclusive of this 10th day of August, A. D.
1007. both principal an 1 interest, the sum of Six
hundred, thirty-eight and 30-100 Dollar* [*tMv3o]
" Inch sum Is Koourod by the said deed of trust,
hereinbefore rsferrt.il to, and under the terms of
which this Notice of Sale is made.
Dated at Lamar. County of Prowor*. State of
Colorado, this 19th day of August, A. D. 1007,
Treasurer ami Public Trustee In and for
the County of Prowers and State
[heal] of Colorado.
We Use The Famous Majestic.
Why Don’t You?
majestic wanokm nolo in all or thi a»ovi counthih.
You are cordially invited to attend the Cooking Demonstration at our store during the week of
SEPTEMBER 23 to 2fith. Remember that we give SJO worth of ware FREE with
MAJESTIC RANGE sold during this week.
The Lamar Hardware Company
One Water Right in Fort Lyon
! Canal. Inquire of
One Day
OCT. Ist
Union Hotel
Dr. K. C, Sapero
Oculist and Hurist
Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat
Specialist QWjjM
of Denver ®
I* too well known to need any introduction.
His roforutioos aro his putieuts—yonr friends
aud noighhurs.
Hundreds of Patients in this Vicinity
No Incurable Patients Taken
Cataracts removed and cross-eye- -trnighteued.
Granulated eyelids, ttoro eye- and catarrh suc
cessfully treated. (Hasses scientifically adjusted
by the latest and most approved up-to-date
methods. Difficult cases anti school children
Over 7,000 Patients
Treated in ( -dorado, A large stock of gltotse*
gnd art ilit.ial eyes on liAtid. A large proportion
of headache and hysteria, insomnia, corua, (St,
Vitus Dance)and nervous prostration are caused
by ear strain. Tl»e removal uf tho oauso effect*
a permanent cure,
Physicians Especially Invited
Jo call nnd investigate his methods of oorreot
lug errors of rufractiun
Dr. Sapero
has been praotioiug in Colorado for many years.
Ho i 4 a graduate of tho loadiug medical colleg
es of Europe and this country, aud is licensed
to practice by tue State Board of Modical Ex
aminers of Colorado ami other states.
Thoso uufortuuato ami unable to pay will re
ceive modical attention free.
arnWhod from of the leading oitiaons uf
*m ar end vicinity, now under treatment.
Dr. Sapero does not experiment. He euros
Where others faill. Oyer 17 yoars praottoal ox- ,
of testimonials from grateful patients whom
ho has cured, furnished on demand. l»r. Sapero
liob been vUU2ug Lamar for many yoarl.
All Work Guaranteed or Money
If you desire to consult the doctor, please make
appointments earls
Consultation and Examination for Gla sacs
Queensware (Shinaware
Glassware Tinware
Granite ware
j Ladies Tailoring j
• My class in Ladies Tailoring and Dressmaking begins now. This is •
• a school for ladies, young and old, to lean howto sew, out and fit, take £
• measu res, designing, make their own dresses, eto. This is a school for •
• dreesnmi-era to improve in their work, by taking thorough course in Stor •
J ey's Ladies Tailor System, by an experienced teacher and ladies tailor J
• and dress maker. Perfect lit ting dress patterns out to order for anyone a
• leaving the order. g
• Patterns for Waist, Sleeves, Collar, Jacket or Princess. •
• Every young lady should learn to sew. The present styles demand •
• better cutting than can be done by charts, patterns, models, eto. The •
J genuine Tailor system is the only thing now and ulways will be. The idea 5
• of cutting garments out wrong and then trying to make them right by ft- •
• ting them! Oh No! Two wrongs never make a right. •
: :
j Mrs. Phillips, 301 2nd St»., Lamar •
The W.M.Dickinsoo Lumber Co.
Yellow and White Pine Finish
Sash, Dooraland Mouldings
Lime, Cement and Brick
180 fornia I
• a
t Daily until October 31, J 907, |
S Accepted in tourist sleeper on payment i
• Pullman fare; also in free chair cars. °
• Through service on fast trains. •
• Stop-overs enable you to visit Grand Canyon, •
• Phoenix, Prescott, and many other points. •
• Sa^ta f< Fe Southwest T J* GARVIN, Aeent, •
• San Joaguin Valley The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Co. •
• Tourist Leaflet. LAMAR, COLO. J

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