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fclwid M Km PftoflM in Lamar. Colorado
MMoadolMimui nii»n
PmbUehed Weekly by
ooDo. m. ifnmx.l.
Editor and Promt—
finbeeriptioo Rates:
OmTmt IUO Three Months....«oo
ftilortti T§ Sinaia Copy te
Whmtudat, Octobbh 2, 1007
Taft’s wonderful popularity has
beau explained. He is an enthuai
aetio base ball fan.
That big democratic majority in
Oklahoma means that the new state
is only a little over a half oentnry
behind the times.
President Roosevelt will go to
Louisiana next week to hunt bear.
He will at least find as many as be
did in Colorado.
Oklahoma will send an Indian
and a blind man to the senate, and
we oan see their finish in that great
American poker club.
Mexico ohanged from a silver to a
gold basis and the government
transactions show a heavy surplus
last year, the first for nearly twenty
Jehn D. Rooks feller announces
that he no longer works overtime.
We wonldn’t either if we oonid
make $2 per second during regular
working hours.
Fool Killer Still at Work.
Again this week the papers are
filled with the aooounts of a num
ber of speed cranks being killed in
auto races, and still more races
to be run before the season is over
Bo long as they only kill each other
there is not mnch room for objec
tions, but if the practice is not stop
ped it will lead to some recklessness
on the publio roads.
Soak 'Em Again.
The federal grand jury at San
Francisco has just returned 'an in
diet men! of 120 oounts against the
Harriman railroads and steamship
lieee for rebating. The fines will
range from $120,000 to $2,4000,000,
and it is hoped that the judge be
fore whom they will be tried is a
near enough relation to Judge Lan
dis to give them the full benefit of
the law. Harriman says he only
wants what is ooming to him, and
wo believe in giving him all the law
Costly Economy.
A Kansas man who ohews 20 oents
worth of tobaooo a week oonoluded
to try a tobaooo onre. In two weeks
he ate $1.50 worth of the oure, and
for the next two weeks he used 5
oents’ worth of gum, 5 oents’ worth
of oandy, 5 oents’ worth of peanuts
and 5 oents’ worth of oougb drope
per day. During the two weeks he
also oonsnmed two large rubber
erasers, ate the rubber tips from
fourteen lead pencils, ohewed up a
dosen penholders, and browsed off
his mustaohe as high as he oould
reach. He is now ohewing tobaooo
in the interest of eoonomy.—Ex.
Ganderbone's October Forecast.
Oopjrlf htod 1907 by C. U. BUth.
Welcome, wiloono, iVHt October,
when tho quail shall whistle shrill,
when the ooal men geU in action
with his pesky little bill; when the
froet and pumpkin poet sings the
old familiar strains, and the football
gladiators scramble one another's
Doubly welcome, hallowed season,
When the wild goose travels space,
When the hnater in the wildwood
Shoots the rabbit in the faoe.
When the last years hat mad» over
Shows np in the new fall stock,
And the bog-fed turkey shudders
Every time he sees the block.
Secretary Taft will be the leading
presidential candidate for the month.
He will reach Japan on his trip
around the world, and when he steps
ashore, the island will tip up. The
Mikado will have him lifted to the
Imperial Roof Garden with block aud
tackle, and the populaoe will hold
the roof up while Bill and Mutsuhito
eat rioe oakes together and open a
few bottles of saki to the continued
amity of nations.
In our own oountry, President
Booeevelt will prooeed early in the
month upon his annual fresh water
cruise. He will go down the Missis
sippi from Keokuk to Memphis,
while cheering multitudes congre
gate on the banks and oount his
teeth. Uncle Joe Cannon will boy
another thousand feet of lightning
rod, buckwheat oakes will renew
their tug-of-war with Epsom salts in
the innard of man, and the cost of
living will take a bird’s-eye view of
the eoonomio proposition.
The autumn nights inspiriting
shall grow a little longer, and the
breath of fall on cider sweet shall
grow a little stronger. The hus
bandman shall sell his hogs and
think to prosper on it, but the good
housewife will take the dougb and
buy a winter bonnet.
County fairs will be in full blast.
The heavy fragrance of roasted pea
nuts will decoy the oautious nickel
from the pants pocket of the loving
swain. The toy balloon will drag
the small boy around the grounds.
The man with the long awning on
his cap will sit on the tail of the
winged-footed trotter and slap her
around the traok with a barrel stave.
The mao in ied underwear will rise
in a balloon hanging by his toe
nails, and the fAmily that Roosevelt
is enthusiastic about will weave
through the crowd tied together on
a long olothes-line.
The husky hnsker in the corn
Will trill his little ballad,
The raoooon in the forest deep
Will eat persimmon salad,
The robin redbreast, growing okilled,
Will slowly southward flatter,
And the angels in the skies will catch
The scent of apple batter.
The moon will be fall on the 21st.
Campers will go off to the woods to
play poker all night and sleep all
day. Hog-killing time will till the
hog with oouoern for his near future,
and he will hustle around after
aoorns in philoeophio enjoyment of
bis last few days.
The football rooter, full of root,
will go off ou his Autumn toot; the
player with the college hair, the
while the horns aud trumpets* blare,
will butt around till, he is thrown
and someone breaks bis collar bone,
i'be lusty sound of ratr rakrrabs witl
urge the fell aud bloody oause; the
girls, iu mass and oolors come, will
sing and scream aud swallow gum.
The giant fullback, fieroe and stout,
will piok a little fellow out, kick in
his slats and ohange his face, aud
maul him up and down the place,
aud wheu the foe shall cease to
breathe, will proudly olaitn the vic
tors’ wreathe.
The farmer with the mortgage
Who is prone to giving notes
Will figure up the proceeds
From his wheat and corn and oats,
And wonder if his cash in hand
Will pull him out the hole
Or whether he will have to give
A “mortgage ou his soul.”
The hunting season will keep the
rabbit on the wing and the quail on
the jump. The oraok shot from
town will range into the oonntry
with his burr-proof gun and his
hammerleea corduroys. He will
flush a bird and almost hit a eow,
and then buy his game from a na
tive who sports a bored out army
The Amalgamated Game Self-
Preservation Sooiety will soon re
quire all hunters to carry a large
lioense tag so that all game may]
know when it is being legally shot at.
The baseball fan will lose his job,
the highball fiend is broke, the moth
ball orank is now abroad spreading
odors thick as smoke. The ice
cream soda has tilted out, the ice
man slaoks his pace, the small boys
save their nickels now to* buy a
comic face. For HaUowetoi will
soon be here with pumpkin spooks
and pranks, and if the hoodlums
pass us up we surely may give
Be glad, be glad, the worst is past,
The next few weeks look good,
'l’be tramp has quit the road because
It’s time for sawing wood.
November crisp is on the way
With oold Thanksgiving airs,
And the President will set the day
In time for turkey prayers.'
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pieoe and particulars of Dominocards.
Cards and dominoee combined.
Greatest household game ever in
vented. Instructive for young. Fas
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CARDS CO., 1807 Chouteau, St.
Louis, Mo.
Money to Loan—On term property
No appraisers,money paid as soon as ab
stract approved. J. 8. Hastt.
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out inflammation end poison? It is an
tiaeptie. For outs, bu rns^osemau)reek
ed hands it is immediate relief. 3So.
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If your liver is in normal oendition.
Dados Little Liver Pills sot on the live*
aod headache, const*pation and bilious
ness disappear. Price 25a Bold by
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Dressmaking and ladies tailoring to
order. Call on Mrs, fhillipo, 301 2nd St.
W. E. Noffal, haraeeamakor. Harness
and flynots oiled while you watt.
Sewer System
A visit to the hoe of the sower system
north of town whore work has- com.
menoed will eoeviooe anyone that the
work is beioff rapidly pushed. A gang
of shout twenty men is at work-at prae
ant, sod iu the short time sinos they bo.
gen bsvs put in over a half mile of the
big outlet sower, end are working at a
rate that will aoon bring them up into
town. A muuh larger force oan bo-work
ed when they get that flar along.
Church Notes
"The Practice of The Presence of
Icmis,” will be the theme of tbepnstor’s
-■etmon at the morning-worship next
Sunday at 11 o’clock.
Following the morning service will
occur the welcoming of now members
sad the observance of the Lord’s Slip*
Bible school Sunday morning at 10
Young People's servloes In the even*
ing at 7 o’clock.
Evening worship and sermon at 8
The ladles* aid society will hold their
first regular meeting since tbu vacation
months at the home of Mrs. Geo. A.
Everett, ou next Thursday-afternoon,
Oct. 10. All the ’i die* ere requested to
be present and to bring in their dollar
earned during the rummer.
Strangers and nnv without a church
home are oordially invited tnd heartily
we.corned at all the-e services.
The Base of Supplies.
The tall girl was looking over the
list of things that she needed to buy
before going away on her vacation.
“1 believe I've got everything," sh«
said, "except the souvenir postals, 1
always buy them here instead of ths
place I send them from. You can gel
postals right here in New York do
scrlptlve of every mudhole on the face
of the globe at cheaper rates than is
the mudholes themselves."
Layman and Missions.
If the professional and business men
In the civilised lands of the west will
devote to the study of missions ths
same enterprise, energy and enthusi
asm that they have brought Into requl-'
sttton in- their secular occupations, the
cause will receive such an impulse
forward as will come little short of
revolutionising the work from every
point of view.—North Chins Herald.
Hans Tooted.
"But, Oretchen." protested the dig
nified mistress, “you should be mere
dignified and not call your fiance
tootsie.’ ”
“But he va# a ’toosle/" replied
Oretchen, blushing all the way up
to the roots of her flaxen hair.
"How do you make him a ‘toosle?*"
"Why, you see. ir.a’am, he blays dei
biggest' horn in dor German band."
Friend —I suppose, Mrs. Comenp.
your daughter who* Is abroad under
sands French?
Mrs. C.—Yes, but she writes that
what pussies her Is the people she
meets In Paris don’t seem to. —Balti-
more American.
Unsatisfactory Religion.
The religion that does not work for
sanitation has little hope of reattxlns
One Water Right in Fort Lyon
Canal. Inquire of
Ia Ui« bull at Mu K. Hu-
Notioe ia hereby given. That oa Tuesday the
Mb day of Rot. A. D. 1907, being ooe of the
regular days of the September term of the County
Court of Prowero County, in the State of Colo
rado, L Jamee L Mayfield. Administrator of
said estate, will appear befare the Judge of
said Court, present my Dual settlement aa such
Administrator, pray tha approval of the same,
and will then apply to bo discharged as such
Administrator. At which time end plaee any
person in interest stay appear and pe resat ob
jections to the same if any there be.
Dated at Lamar. Colorado. Sept. 90, 1907.
J Anas L MAsssatm
Administrator of tha estate of PeMt X. Hansen,
129,000 just received for farm loans
No delays.
la War Maskmam.
Mothers with little children need no
longer fear croup, oolda or whooping
oough. Beee Laxative Oougb Syrup
test so good. -It wo'tm off * the cold
through the bowels, outs ths phlegm,
dears the head. For young and old.
Guaranteed. Secure e bottle nt onoe.
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Try Carley's Cough Cure
You never have any trouble to get
children to take Kennedy’s Laxative
Cough Syrup. They like it because it
tastes nearly! like maple sugar. Ken
nedy’s Lexafir* Cough Syrup ia s safe
sure nod prompt remedy for oougha and
colds and la good for every member of
the family. Bold by The Up to Date
Daug Co.
$90,009 just received tor farm loans
No delaya.
I*. Wnrr Maukwam.
Thomas A. Edison, the great American
inventor, soya “Fully eighty per cent of
the illness of mankind oomea from anting
improper food or too muoh food; people
are still iaollned to over-indulge them
selves.” This is where indigestion finds
its beginning in nnarly every oaas. The
stomach oan do just oo muoh work nod
no nance, and whan yen overload it, or
wbao yon sn| the wrong kind of food,the
digestive otgiba oan not possibly do ths
work demanded of them. It is at saoh
times that th* stomach needs help; it
demands balk and warns you by hand
aches, belch Ml, soar stomach, naaasa
and indig astjSb Yon should attend to
this nt oooe M inking something that
will aotually do the weak for the stom
ach. Kodorwlll do thft* It is a com
bination of natural digsetnntn and vega
table nnids and oootateo tha same juioes
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ant So taka.' It dictate- what you nut
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Elite Steam Laundry.
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Inquire of C. f. Margrave.
FOR SALE OR RENT —5 room house
possession given Nov. Ist Inquire M. J.
MoMillin, 906 S. 4th street, Lamar.
Trial Catarrh treatments are being
mailed out tree on request, by Dr.Sboop
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the people—without a penny’s cost—the
great valus of this scientific prescription
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burns, small scratches or bruises and big
ones. It ia healing and soothing. Good
for piles. Sola by The Up-to-Date Drug
Stomach troubles, heart and kidne/
ailment, can be quickly oorreoted with a
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where as Dr. Sboop’s Restorative. The
prompt and surprising relisf whioh this
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kidneys, and inflammation of the blrd
der. A week’s treatment 25c. Sold by
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A week atomauh, causiog dyspepsia, a
weak heart with palpitation or intermit
tent pule*,-always means weak stomach
nsrvis or weak heart nerves. Strength
en thsss inside or controlling nerves
with Dr. Rhoop’s Restorative and see
bow quickly these ailirents disappear.
Dr. Shoop of Racine, Wis.. will mail I
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you can obtain 30 days' treatment of
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ly, If not satisfied our money refund
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Tour heart or ki Ineve, then try this
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ssatched old Java and Mocha Coffee in
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outs, etc. Made in ons minute. No
tedious long wait. You will surely like
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It ia a well known feet that persons
living in the pine forests do not suffer
from kMney diapause. One doee of Pine
ulee st night usually relieves backache.
30 days treatment 91.00 Your money
refunded if not satisfied. Sold by The
Up-to-Date Drng Co.
Ladies of Lamar—Mrs Phillips, of]
Chicago, will make to order coats, jack
ets, tailor suits and evaning gowns, has
had yaarsof practical experience in this
work. Call at 301 2nd street.
It oomee put up in a collapsible tube
with a nozzle, aaav to apply to the sore
noaa and inflammation, for any form of
piles; it soothes an I relieves pain, itch
mg and burning. Man Zan Pile Reme
dy. Prioe 500. Guaranteed. Sold by
ini Up-to-Data Drug Co.
To check a cold quickly, get from your
druggist some little Gandy Oold Tablets
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#hsrs are now dispensing Proventios,for
thsy are noi only sa.'e, but decidedly
Certain and promrt. Preventive contain
so quinine, no laxative, nothing harsh
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stage” Preventios will prevent Pneu
monia, BroDcbltiaLaQrippe, etc. Hence
the name, Preventios. Good for feverish
children, 18 Preventios 250. * rial boxes
sc. Sold by McLean Bros
If you take DsWitt’s Kidney nod Blad
der Pills you will get prompt rel»ef from
backache, weak kidneys, inflammation
of the bladder aod uriuary trouble. A
week’s treatment 25 cents. Sold by Tue
Up to-Date Drug Co.
... Lamar’s Best Flour is selling at Mar
grave’s for 91.35 for 501 be. He makee
the low prices.
■state of John A. Mutcbler. Deceased.
The undersigned, haviae been appointed ad
ministratrix of the eetate of John A. Mutchler,
late of the county of Prowers, in the State of
Colorado, deceased, hereby gives notice that
■he will appear before the County Court of •aid
Prowara County, at the Court House in Lamar,
in said County, oa Monday, the twenty-tlrat
day of October. A. D. 1907, at the hofti of 2
o’clock P. M. of said day, at which time all per
aoaa baring claims agumt said estate are noti
fied and requested to attend for the purpose of
baring tha same adjusted. All peraoua indebt
ed to said eetate are request to make immedi
ate payment to tha underaigued.
Administratrix of the estate of John A.
Matchler. Deceased.
J. K. Doughty. Attorney.
It is olaimad indigestion is the Nation
al disease. Thste why the demand for
Rings Dyspepsia Tablsts increasing be
cause they do the work. Stomach
trouble, dyspepsia, indigestion, bloating,
etc., yield quiokly. Two days treatment
free. Ask your druggist about them.
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Obstinate oases of oonstipation and
nasty, mean headaches promptly disap
pear when you take Little
Early Riser Pills. BoUJ by The Up-ta
Date Drug 00.
Lend Office at Lamar. Colo.,
Sept. 23. 1907.
Notice ia hereby given that William E. Nogal,
of Lamar, Colorado, he* filed notice of bis in
tention to make final commutation proof in
support of his «l«lm- via: Homestead Entry
No. 6187 made August 29th, 1906. for the
NW U Section U Township 22 8.
Benge 47 W, end thet said proof will be mede
before Register A Receiver, at Lamar, Colo.,
oo November stb, 1907.
He nemos the foUowing witnesses to prove
his eontinuous residence upon, end cultivetion
of, the lend, vis:
Prod W. Lovejoy, Alosworth M. Jo»pui>, Mil
ton K. Taylor end (leorge D. McGregor, ell of
Lamar, Colo redo,
John A. Wii.ltaxis.
Pfl Excursions
Summer Excursion Rates effec
tive Mav 18-19 to O to her 31 1907. Sat
urday or Sunday, return Monriay;Colo
rado Springs and return.s6.2o; Manitou
and return. $6.35; Pa'met Lake and
return, $7.05 Sunday only: Colorado
Spring* and return, $4 66; Manitou and
return, $4 70; Palmer Lake and return,
$5 .*10; Pueblo and return, $3.50.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, New
Mexico Territorial Pair, October 7-12;
Hate $l2 round trip; Dates of Hale.
October 4-8; Final return llmtt Octo
ber 14, 1907.
Special Summer Tourists Rates
to Lauatiian ami Northern New York
Resorts, on sale daily to Sept. 30tb,
aI no to New Borland Resorts on sale
Aug. 10th, 20ib and 24ib, Sept. 10, 14
24, 28, one fare plm two dollars for the
round trip, final limit 30days from date
of nale. Also low round trio rates to
Chicago and St. Louis, in effect daily,
final limit Oct. 31st.
Jamestown Exposition, Norfolk,
Virginia, April 26 to Novemoer3o, 1907.
Kor the above occasion the Santa Pe
route will sell tickets at the following
rates: Season tickets on sale April 2*
to November 30. 1907; final return limit,
December 15, 1907; Rate, $67.40 Sixty
day tickets on sale daily April 26 to
November 30, 1907; final reuro limit
sixty days from date of sale; rate $58.9.:>.
Fifteen-day tickets on sale dailv April
*6 to November 30. 1907, and good for
return leaving Norfolk not later than
16 days from date of sale; rate $46.95
Season and 60 day tickets quoted above
mav a so he so'd in one direction via
New York only at a slight advanoe over
-ales quoted. Por further particulars
call ou Santa Pe agent, Lamar.
Q. J GARVIN. Agent. Umar, Col.
The Modesty of Women
Naturally makes them shrink from the
Indelicate questions, the obnoxious ex
aminations, and unpleasant losal treat
ments, which some physicians consider
essential In the treatment of diseases of
women. Yet, If help can be had. It Is
better to submit to this ordeal than let
the disease grow and spread. The trouble
is that so often the woman undergoes all
the annoyance and shame for nothing.
ThonsandOqf women who have been
cured 8v Dr. iHprce’s Favorlto Prescrip
tion writhyln of the cure
which dispdMnSimh the examinations
and local treatment^There la no other
medicine Sft ,«nro and sxfa for rielirAte
women s» "Favorite Prescription." It
cures debilitating drains. Irregularity and
female weakness. It always helps. It
almost always cures. It Is strictly non
alcoholic, non - secret, all Its Ingredients
being printed on Its bottle-wrapper; eon*
tains no deleterious or habit-forming
drugs, and every native medicinal root
entering into its composition has the full
endorsement of those most eminent in the
several schools of medical practice. Some
of these numerous and strongest of pro
fessional endorsements of its ingredients,
will be found In a pamphlet wrapped
around the bottle, also la a booklet mailed
free on request, by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of
Buffalo, N. Y. These professional en
dorsements should have far more weight
than any amount of the ordinary lay, or
non-professional testimonials.
The most intelligent women now-a-days
Insist on knowing what they take as med
icine Instead of opening their mouths like
a lot of young birds and gulping down
whatever is offered them. "Favorite Pre
scription "is of KNOWN COMPOSITION. It
makes wrttk women strong and tick
women well.
Dr. Pierce’s Medical Adviser Is sent free
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing only. Sena to Dr. K. V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y., 21 one-ccnt stamps for pa
per-covered, or 31 stamps for cloth-bound.
If sick consult the Doctor, free of charge
by letter. All such communications are
held sacredly confidential.
Dr. Pierce f s Pleasant Pellets Invigorate
and regulate stomach, liver and bowels.
Notice of Trustee's Sale
WHKRKAS, Walter J. Waste, of the County
of Sau Praneiaco, in the State of California,
did by his certain deed of trnat. dated the 19th
dey of December. A. D. 1901, which said deed of
trust was duly recorded in Book 2S, on pace 37»
thereof, of the records of the county of Prowers
in the State of Colorado, convey to the Public
Trustee in and for said County of Prowers. State
of Colorado, in trust tlio following described
real property, situate, lying and being in the
County of Prowers and State of Colorado, to
wit: Lot* Eleven [II] and Twelve [lll. in Pur
rest Park Place, a Sub division, as ahowu by
the plat of said Hub-divirion recorded in the
olHce of tho County Clerk and Recorder of
Piowere County, Colorado, said lots con tain in«
Fifteen and W 100 [15.86] acres more or leas, the
title so conveyed being a fee Utle to the above
described premises thou vested in said grantor
and subject only to the lein of a certain deed of
trust theretofore made to the Public Trustee
of said County and State, [to secure the pay
ment of a certain promissory note for One thou
sand, five hundred Dollars (91,500.00),] to secure
i he payment of tw>> [2] certain promissory untee
made by the saiil Walter J. Wayte. dated De
cember 19th. A. D. 1904. and payable to the or
der of W. C. Could, both said notes bearing in
terest at tho rato of Ten per centum [lO% | per
annum, from maturity until paid, tba first of
which being for the sura of Seven Hundred Dol
lars [97U0.00J, payable thirty [9o] days after
date, and the second of which being for tba
sum of Six bun I red Dollars [9800.00], payable
ninety (U)j day. after date, and
Whereas, tho said deed of trust provided,
among other things, that in case of default in
tho payment of the principal or internet of said
notes, or eithor of them, or any part thereof,
according to the the tenor and effect of the said
notes, as set forth in the said dead of truat, on
the writ(en application of the legal owner and
holder thoroof the said trustee shall sell and
disposo of all the right, title, benefit and equity
of redemption of the said Walter J. Wayte. bis
heirs and assigns, in and to the above described
premises, at public auction in the manner in
said deed of trust provided; and
Wherens, dofault has bceu made in the pay
ment of the principal of the said note for Bix
huudrod Doll or* (9800.00 J. and of a portion of
the interest due upon the said note for Seven
hundred Dollars 19700.00] and said principal
sum. together with the interest due on said
notes, is long overdue and unpaid, and tba said
promissory notes are by their terms past due
and wholly unpaid ; and
Whoreas. the said W. C. Gould, the legal own
er and holder of said notea, has applied to the
undersigned, the Public Trustee in and for the
County of Prowers and State of Colorado, as
provided by the said deed of trust and the stat
ute in such case nmde and provided to sell aud
dispose of tho above described premises, and of
all tho right, title, benefit and equity of redemp
tion tbereiu, of the said Walter J. Wayte. liu
heirs, representatives or assigns, at public auc
tion. as provided by the terms of the said deed
or trust.
Now, Therefore. I, John T. Adkins, public
trustees in and for the said County of Prowors,
State of Colorado, at the request of the legal
owner and hohlor of said notes, and undor and
by the power and authority in me vestod by the
terms of the said deod of trust and of the stat
ute in such case made and provided, will, on
Monday, the 7th day of October. A. D. 1907, at
the west front door of tbo County Court House,
in the Town of Lamar, in the County of Prow
ers and State of Colorado. at ths hour of 10
o'clock in tho forenoon of said day. sell the
above described roal estate, and all the right,
title, benefit and equity of redemption, of the
said Walter H. Wayte. his heirs, representatives
or assigns, in aud to the said property, at public
auction for the highest price tho same will
bring in cash for the purpose of paying the
above montioueil indebtedness, and all costs,
charges and fees, as provided in said deed of
There is duo upon said promissory notes up to
and inclusive of this 19th day of August, A. D.
1907, both principal and interest, the sum of Six
hundred, thirty-eight and 89-100 D011ar5 [9694.99]
which sum is secured by tho said deed of trust,
hereinbefore referred to, and under the terms of
which this Notice of Sale is made.
Dated at Lamar, County of Prowers. State of
Colorado, this |9th day of August, A. D. 1907,
Treasurer and Publio Trustee in end for
the County of Prowers aad State
[uui>] of Colored#.
| Ladies Tailoring {
® My olom ia Ladi—-Tailoring and Draaatnakiog bagias now. This ie •
Z a school for ladieat youngoed old, to laao bow to new, out and fit, taka J
SmaHauraa, designing, make tbair own dramas, ate, Thia ia a school for •
dreeeniHkere in improve in tbetr-work, by taking thorough oouras in Btor •
J ey’a Ladies Tailor System, by an sxpsrisnosd teaohsr and ladiaa tailor J
a and dreea maker. Perfect Ht.ing dreas patterns out to order for anyone •
i • leaving the order. •
o Potter— farWdSj fllatvtf, Collar. Jockot or Pi hit—9. J
O Every young lady should learn to saw. The present styles demand •
• better cutting than can be done by charts, patterns, models, etc. The •
2 genuine Tailor system is the only thing now end always will be. The Mao 2
• of cutting garments out wrong and then tryktgto make them right by fit- o
• ting them! Oh No! Two wrongs never make a right. •
: Mrs. 3Ol 2nd St*., Lamar j
Tbe W.M.Dickinson Lumber Co.
Yellow and White Pine Finish
Sash, Doorsl and Mouldings
Lime, Cement and Brick
im Cali- $25.00 j
jQQ forma
• Daily until October 31, 1907, •
! Accepted in tourist sleeper on payment 2
t Pullman fare; also in free chair cars. 2
2 Through service on fast trains. 2
• Stop-overs enable you to visit Grand Canyoo, •
2 Phoenix, Prescott, and maay other paints. J
S s^lf. SojthwMt L GAR>HN. Agent, •
TUAfch LAM O XR > fc coLo ßrCo ' •
• ••••• ffffff ffff ff ffffff ffffff ffff ffffffff Off
;; We will present you with one of these
I j SO E-Z Dust Pans Free ;;
: ; with a $2.00 or more cash purchase / ;
! ! on returning this ad S
Wm. Warburg BUt. 1!
!_ < >
Two Years for $1.25
A oomplst, hiator/.of two hiator,-making jun 1907 4
andjlBoB. The entire proseeding. of ,11 the important
Beamon, of Ooogresa to b. hold daring thoM two ;uri The
Sght to a finish of the impending battle against tbs gigantia
triut, and monopolies, Erar, dstail of tba nszt national
campaign, including all tba part, conventions and tbs final
resalt of ths Praaidential alaction of Norembar, 1908, In
The Twice-a-Week Issue
ef the
Two big paparaa.ar, week. Eight or mora pagaa aaob Tnas.
o? T .“ d n rid * 7 Tba BEST NBWSPAPBRdn iha TJnilad
S . ut *V Prw-ataroaat a*.* journal for THS HOME. On
rivalled me an exponent of tba prinoiplaa of the
# ‘w ,r *o U * 0 ’ “•"LaJwe/l
n Julv^ L nxLS- 3 *“ pU °°P7 W read One
D “ H V, Ooa Yuar-wmbaenpttoo. BUTTER SPILL, re
mit *1.25 To-Da, to the GLOBE PRINTING 00. at
Lima, Ha, sad seeareahis Great Hemi-Weefcl, Paper Twc
Years, under *PMia[ ‘'long-time” campaign offar, which moat
be aoceptad within 80 da/a from dais of thia paper. $
Two Years for $1.25

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