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Sight and Sounds to Windward.
The president has shot a bear.
The triok was tamed at last by his
going after the animal and not sit
ting in a oanbrake to await its ar
rival. What exasperates the pnblio
mind, and lashes into fnry the patri
otic impulses of a proud people, is
that evidence accumulates of his
having been stationed to windward of
the paok. We have touched upon
this matter before now, but we re
turn to it because no state sovereign
ty is high enough to forbid a feder
al protest in such a case. The bear
which esoaped at sunset on Wednes
day did so only because, though fol
lowed by the dogs in full cry, beat
ing in toward where the hopes of
this nation were centered, it swerved
suddenly, and “with a snort heard
for and near,” nearly doubled on its
trail in getting away in an opposite
What else but the faot that the
president was to windward oan ex
plain this, particularly the snort? If
the snort oan be aooounted for in
any way at all, the only possible
way is that bruin smelled the presi
dent. Snorting is not the habit of
bears. While positive personal
identification can not be supposed,
what was identified by the brute’s
keen sense of smell was the presenoe
to windward of a mighty hunter be
fore the Lord, who exudes the odor
of his many victories as a sweet
aavour. The animal would have
risked a tenderfoot, and oh urged
straight ahead rather than have
taken the risk of doubling. The
men who pot the president to wind
ward didn't know that the wind,
whioh bloweth where it listeth, bean
news of him to every thing for
whioh he is out gunning.
Look at those as they are now
breaking for cover, who but a short
while ago were going at full speed
their own appointed ways. Trust
magnates, high financiers, captains
of industry, and all and singular the
men who had left a trail behind
them so hot as to prove they didn’t
oare who struck it, have all caught
wind of him. And they have all
turned tails. If he should sit and
wait for them he would never get
them. —Globe-Democrat.
A Jolt for Mr. Heinze.
Soon or late, the frenzied finan
cier strikes a snag. A short time
ago it was John W. Gates; now it is
F. Augustus Heinze. For several
years this daring manipulator of
mines and markets has out a very
wide swath both in the oopper in
dustry and in the stock market. He
rose suddenly from obsourity and
poverty by the exercise of energy,
ability and a great deal of “gall.’’
He fought to a standstill with first
one big financial interStt and then
another, and eventually oame out on
top. He has probably been mixed
np in more mining litigation than
any other man ia the country, if we
exoept a certain local oelebrity, but
contrary to the usual rule, the more
he went to law, the more monfty he
But Heinze’s evil day has come at
last, and things have been happen
ing to him in quiok succession. He
has resigned the presidency of a
New York bank, his brokerage firm
in New York has suspended. Amal
gamated Copper and Boston and
Montana have cut their dividends iu
two, and his bank in Butte has sus
pended. The total extent of his
losses is unknown, but it will prob
ably run well up into the millions.
It is the same old story of too
muoh speculation; the orase to get
rioh quick regardless of the chanoes
involved. Heinze is still ahead of
the game, for he started with noth
ing and has money left, but not as
muoh as he would have if he had
not played it so reckleasly.—Colora
do Springs Gazette.
Fool Killer Asleep.
At the Colorado state fair recently
held at Pueblo, dry farm produots
took 250 premiums over irrigated
land produots. Inoluded in the list
of prises were those for winter and
epring wheat, oats, rye, barley, Irish
potatoes, field peas and the like. The
Denver Post reports that already
there has been a great awakening
in the eastern portions of the oountry
•a to the snoceas of farming without
the aesai-and west. —Ex.
The Lamar Register
Only Hope Now.
A little girl of four or five was
quietly playing on the porch one af
ternoon, says Harper’s Weekly,
while her father and one of his
friends were enjoying a smoke and
a ohat on political matters. They
paid no attention to the little girl,
who in turn seemed entirely absorb
ed in her dolls and her teddy bettr.
When the gnest had gone and bed
time oame, the child’s mother notic
ed that she was unusually silent and
thoughtful. And when she knelt to
say her prbyers there came a pause
after the usual petitions, and then
she resumed very earnestly: “And
now, God, please take great care ef
yourself, for if anything should hap
pen to 100, we should only have
Mr. Roosevelt--and he hasn’t come
up to papa’s expectations.”
I know a shrewd deacon of the
church who went to buy pigs, and
the farmer said: “If I select them
for you the price is $3.00 each, if
you select ihe price is $4.00 each.”
After deliberation the deaoon said,
“You may seleot them.” Was the
deaoon really shrewd ? Events so
indicated. He backed his wagon np
to the pen and the farmer pioked out
and dropped pigs into it before ask
ing, “How many will you take?” “I
will take all,” said the pious deaoon.
—Farmer and Stockman.
Carlton Notes.
Misa Oliye Pittman teaches the
school in Diet No. 34 west of Carl
Frank Laahmet and family have
moved to the city of Lancaster this
W. R. Waldo is teaching the Carl
ton sohool. We understand he is
doing good work.
W. R. Allen moved to Carlton the
first of this week. He expects to
ran a hay baler this winter.
S. J. Higbee, ex-County Com
missioner, of Carlton, transacted
business in Lamar on Mouday.
G. N. MoMannan, one of Carl
ton’s leading apiarists, has been
quite busy lately extracting honey
Miss Mabel MoMillin of Lamar,
visited her grandmother at the Me-
Millin ranch on Saturday and Sun
Ed Holloway, one of the promin
ent farmers on the Sand Creek ranch
left last week to visit relatives in
Ord, Neb.
Albert Nioholls, one of the Wolf
Creek claim holders, visited his
claim last Sunday. He is now em
ployed by Geo. E. Case.
J. T. Cook has been seriously ill
lately. He has had a severe attack
of typhoid fever but is thought to
be getting better now.
James MoAfee and family who
left here about six weeks ago for old
Kentucky, came back last week will
ing to live in Colorado indefinitely.
Mr. MoAfee had been employed on
the Mcßride ranch for about a year
and will now resume work at the
omoiitj zrzarapjLPßJi oxmpwoutbbs t~
sftimne ait
—■— l^— ■—■———
_ Beginning Saturday, October 12th.
el J* Everything throughout the store will be
Days The store will be closed Friday, Oct. J J, to arrange stock I
OUR Store will be open all through the campaign from 6:30 a. m. until 9 p. m.
Saturdays and pay-days until 10 p. m.
Our store is crowded with stock that is serviceable and seasonable and we are
determined to get the cash
The Golden Rule Store.
M. SIMON, Proprietor
Sticking To It.
Downer Bros, and Mr. Hoisington
of Lamar, aud C. I. Davis Ihe mining
man of Carrizo, stopped over night
at Springfield, Tuesday. The La
mar gentlemen were on their return
to that town after spending a few
days looking after mining interests
in the Carrizo country. —Springfield
. »
If anybody but Teddy would tell
about killing a whole banoh of bear
and deer and eating it all in camp,
the people would only langh.
Fish and Harriman have post
poned their boat until December 18.
Each expects to get the other’s scalp
for a X-mas present.
OUR BUYER has just recently returned from the eastern markets. While there he purchased the latest Novelties
as well as the largest and most complete Fall and Holiday Line ever brought to Lamar, consisting of Jewelry, Brace
lets, Pins, Brooches, Combs, Silverware, Cut Glass, Fancy Chinaware, Toilet, Manicure and Traveling Sets in Ebony, Cellu
loid, Sterling Silver and Plated Ware, Medallion and other Pictures
BOOKS == The Largest Variety Of All Kinds
Christmas Cards, Booklets, Etc.
%K7 E ALSO have Dolls, Teddy Bears (all sizes) and Toys of all descriptions. We are now engaged in remodelling
’ ” our store in order to make room for our immense stock and expect to have most of it in place by, November 15th.
Watch for our opening. It will be a treat to see our goods even if you don’t buy. Everything is new and up to date.
We always carry the lines that please both young and old. j?emember the old reliable McLean Brothers, Lamar, Colorado
I Our Removal Sale I
| S
• We have leased the room in the State Bank Block now occupied by C. L. Margrave, and we 2
J will sell for the next thirty days all our J
• .
s Jewelry, Silverware, Watches, Clocks and Chinaware at Greatly Reduced Prices :
• s
J Everything in stock has been cut in prices so as to save moving and make room for our large 2
• Holiday Stock to be opened in the new store. J
1 H. GERSTENUUJER, Jeweler & Optician j
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