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Bntern'l nt thn Po«tolHce in Lmiiar, Colorado
M Mwoud cl«>n mnil matter.
i'liblibhed Weakly by
Editor and Proprietor
Sabaeription Hate*:
On* Year $1.50 Tbreo Months.... 4oc
Si* Moutba 76 Single Copy 6o
Wednesday, Novembeb 0, 1907
The republicans fared very well in
this fall elections. They held their
own every place else and oaptnred
The present Hurry will be worth
while if it induces congress to pass
a currency bill that is more calculat
ed to meet present day needs.
It is some consolation at this time
to know that the Wall Street stock
gamblers, who are responsible for
the present troubles, are the worst
atung by the pinch.
Billy Bryan now accuses the banks
of stealing his Ideas. It may be pos
sible. The new system has met with
just about as much public favor as
Mr. Bryan’s ideas usually do.
The U. S. oavalry are out making
the regular annual round-up of Ute
indians. If they would vary the
monotony by making a few "good
indians” it might save them the same
trouble neat year.
The same democratic papers that
have been accusing Roosevelt of imi
tating Bryan’s ideas,are now ohargiDg
Roosevelt with being responsible for
the present trouble and advocating
Bryan as the only hope of the coun
try. If an imitation can cramp the
oountry this bad, may we be deliver
ed from the real thing.
A foreign dispat oh states that the
Italian government has issued a de
oree appointing a commission to fix
maximum prices that all necessities
of life oan be sold for in the king
dom, and that ten editors have been
named as the commission. This is
aa it should be. If living is brought
down within reach of the editors ev
erybody oan live. We move the ap
pointment of similar commission in
this oountry, and offer our services
at so muoh per.
Nothing Lost.
Hearst, it is stated, is no longer
any kind of Democrat, but what’s the
difference as long as Bryan is all
kinds.—Philadelphia Press.
No Reason For Alarm.
A Kansas editor is guilty of the
following: A oouple were reoently
married. The ceremony over, the
wife began to weep copiously.
“What’s the matter?” asked the new
husband. “I never told you that 1
didn’t know how to cook,” sobbed the
bride. "Don’t fret,” said he, "I’ll
not have anything to cook; I’m an
Deciding His Future.
An old Dutohman had a beautiful
boy of whom he was very proud, and
he deoided to find out the bent of his
mind. He adopted a yery novel
method by which to test him. He
slipped into the little follow’s room
one rooming and placed on his table
a Bible, a bottle of whisky and a
sovereign. "Now,” ssid he, "ven
dot boy comes in, ef he dakes dot
sovereign he’s goin’ to be a beesnis
man; ef he dates dot Bible he’ll be a
breaoher; ef he dates dot whisky he’s
no goot—he’s goin’ to be a drunk
art,” and he hid behind the door to
see which his bob would choose. In
oame the boy, whistling. He ran up
to the table and picked up the sov
ereign and put it in bis pooket; he
pioked up the Bible and put it under
his arm; then he snatched up the
bottle of whisky and took two or three
drinks and went out smacking his
Upe. The old Dutohman poked his
head out from behind the door and
exolaimed: "Mine gracious—he’s
goin’ to be a bolitician.”—Tit-Bits.
An Important Induetry In Prospect.
Count Francois Joseph Paul de-
Grasse-Tilly, prominent manufactur
ers of airships in Paris, France, is
in the city this week, and will pre
sent a proposition to the Industrial
Club at its next meeting, looking to
the establishment of an airship fac
tory in Garden City.
The Count heard of Garden City
while attending the Areounautical
Congress in St. Louis, Mo., last week
and determined to come here to in
veetigate for himself, and says he
gwd« the conditions ideal for air
ships. There is nothing to inter
fore with the navigation of airships
for miles around and air currents can
always be depended upon to carry
the ships in some direction.
His firm manufactures a number
of different kindi of airships and he
proposes to make one here that is in
tended to oarry two people. This
bo thinks will be very useful to real
estate men who wish to get where the
knockers can’t get after the pros
pective buyer. This airship is equip
ped with a phonograph that oan be
brought into action when the real
(•state man is exhausted from talking.
A delicate instrument indicates the
size of a man’s bank account and the
limit to whioh he oan be touched, and
it also has a mechanical device for
pumping hot air into him as he sails
over the fertile fields and looks down
upon the sparkling waters in the ir
rigation canals and sees the beauties
of the alfalfa and beet fields at his
feet. —Garden City Herald.
We wouldn’t like to vouch for the
test of the above article, but there is
no question but what there is a plen
tiful supply of machines to pump
hot air into visitors walking the
streets of Garden City at all times.
All Good—Agriculture Best.
Bunds and Mortgages, an eastern
financial journal, has this to say of
Colorado. Unquestionably there is
a great future for Colorado as an in
vestment field. Colorado is an em
pire of over 103,000 square miles,
embracing limitless opportunities
and possessing inexhaustible resourc
es. Her industries—still in their iu
fancy—are as varied as oan be found
auy where. From a scenio and cli
matic view point, Colorado is seoond
to no other section of the globe. She
has been fittingly named the "Swit
/.erland of America”—only that tnere
ure more rays of sunshine, more min
eral springs with equal virtue in
medicinal properties, and thirty five
peaks on the Continental Divide
higher than the famous Matterhorn
of Switzerland. The past year has
totally eclipsed all previous years in
the materialization of values along
all lines of industry in the state, but
more notioeab'.e than any has been
the phenomenal development in agri
culture. The state is producing in
agricultural products alone 20 per
cent more wealth than its entire min
eral output. In all departments of
iudustry Colorado produces in the
aggregate and adds more to the
wealth of the world, according to
population, than any equal area on
the globe.
House Cleaning Time.
Senator W. A. Clark is back in
this oountry after a three months’
swing around Europe, and he has
something to say about business con
ditions abroad. His remarks are well
worth noting. Senator Clark is one
of the riohest men in the world. His
money has been made in mining in
the west in which he has been phe
nomenally fortunate. He is interest
ed like most of the rich men of the
country with "the Amalgamated
Crowd” in New York, and this means
as well as the Standard Oil group
which controls so large a share of the
finances of the world. But he is not
a Wall Street man in the usual sense
of the term, though muoh of his sur
plus wealth has of necessity to be in
vested there. So his view of busi
ness conditions abroad are not exact
ly inspired by what Mr. Thomas
Lawson of Frenzied Finanoe fame,
calls "the system.” Senator Olaik
says that business conditions in Eu
rope are muoh the same as they are
here. There is the same tightness
of money without the yast natural
resources back of In countries. Eu
rope is not in a condition nor has it
inclinatiuu to lend us money, and he
says that this distrust of things
American is due to the revelations in
the American business world, the
life insurance scandals, the packing
scandals, the Standard Oil revela
tions and the general railroad situa
tion. Europe does not want any
American securities, but she has to
have our food stuffs and raw produots.
We cannot expect any financial aid
there except what we get from sell
ing produots that Europe must have.
The moral of this is that we should
clean up our business affairs so that
any oountry in the world would be
willing to take American securities,
and meantime we must depend on
ourselves for financial help and thank
Heaven for the natural resources
back of the country.-National Farm
Grocery Prices.
Granulated Sugar, 15 lbs 11.00
100 Cans Etnpeon Soup 05c
White Beans, 5 lbs 25c
Sweet Prunes, per lb 100
Wheat Berries, NEW 10c
Pitted Sour Cherries, gal. cans.... 760
Fanoy Cherries, gal. cans ... 450
Heinz Pickles, gal GOo
Hominy, large 15c cans 100
Phone Lamar 76.
Beet quality, low prioes at the big
sale Nov. 15. New York Store.
Notes from The Lamar Register of
Nov. 5, 1887
There was plenty evidence in the
Register of above date that history
repeats itself in twenty years, as fol
lows: —Rev. Forrester preached to a
large congregation the previous Sun
day.—Dr. J. S. Hasty was building
a new residence on Third street in
Holmes & Parmenter’s addition.—
There was great excitement in bank
ing circles.
Nearly 400 voters have been reg
istered for the election next Tuesday.
[The women did not vote at that
A. V. Scott’s bank closed their
doors yesterday afternoon. A card
in the window states that this step
was taken in the interest of the de
positors, and there is no cause for
alarm whatever. The cashier, Mr.
Scott, is dangerously ill and the bank
will probably be reopened as soon as
he reoovers. It would never havo
been olosed but for his illness, and
he has the universal sympathy of the
people. [This sympathy oozed out
gradually when Mr. Scott recovered
and the bank failed to open. A num
ber who are still residents had de
posits in the bank, and got a settle
ment wheu they readied a frame of
mind where they would take Idaho
Falls swamp lots in exchange fur
their deposit slips.]
Everything marked in plain figures.
Come and get our prices at the big sale,
Nov. 15. New York Store.
If you wish photographs for Christ
mas deli very come early and give us a
chance to do you good work. Denning,
Don’t worry about your kidneys when
you can obtaiu 30 days’ treatment of
Piueules for 81.00. These little globules
bring relief in the first dose. Backashe,
Lumbago and Rheumatism yield quick
ly. If not satisfied our money refund
ed. This is a fair offer tyou can’t lose.
Sold by The Up-to-Oate i>rug Co.
For Sale.
The West Side Livery Barn at Gra
nada and fine residence just south of it,
together with a full block except one
lot. The property will be sold reason
able and on easy terms. Address,
Greeley County Hurt, Kansas
Blue Ribbon Cantaloup Seed.
Our oantaloupes too* first prize at the
Rocky Ford Fair. I have a few care
fully selected seed at three dollars per
L D. Ken inon,
Fowler, Colo.
Want Column
LOST—Oct. 31, between 01 era house
and First street, a fan. F nder will be
rewarded by returning same to Mias
Helen Creaghe.
FOR RENT—Three furnished rooms.
Inquire of Mrs. Chas. Wright.
LOST—A heavy felt jacket near the
Sugardale beet dump. Finder will be
rewarded on returning same to this of
—All makes of sewing machines re
paired by J. L. Simpson, otUoe at the
Lamar Machine Co., opposite poetoflice.
ioom bouse, well finished, good well,out
buildings, 4 blocks from poetoflice, will
rent furnised to responsible parties.
Call at this office.
Trial Catarrh treatments are being
mailed out free on request, by Dr.Shoop
Racine, Wia. These tests are proving to
the people—without a penny’s cost—the
great value of this scientific prescription
known to druggists every where as Dr.
.*S hoop’s Catarrh Remedy. Sold by Mc-
Lean Bros.
DeWitt’s Carbolised Witch Hazel
Salve is good for little burns and big
burns, small scratches or bruises and big
ones. It is healing and soothing. Good
for piles. Sola by The Up-to-Date Drug
Stomach troubles, heart and kidney
ailment, can be quickly corrected with a
prescription known to druggists every
where as Dr. Shoop’s Restorative. The
prompt and surprising relief which this
remedy immediately brings is entirely
due to its reetsrative aotion upon the
controlling nerves of the stomaeb, etc.
Sold by MoCLean Bros.
It is claimed indigestiou is the Nation
al disease. Thats why the demand for
Rings Dyspepsia Tablets increasing be
cause they do the work. Stomach
trouble, dyspepsia, indigestion, bloating,
etc., yield quickly. Two days treatment
free. Ask your druggist about them.
Sold by The Up-to Date Drug Co.
You never have any trouble to get
children to take Kennedy’s Laxative
Cough Syrup. They line it because it
tustee nearly like maple sugar. Ken
nedy’s Laxative Cough Syrup is a safe
sure and prompt remedy for coughs and
colds and ia good for every member of
the family. Sold by The Up to Dale
Daug Co.
To check a cold quickly, gel from your
druggist some little Candy Cold Tablets
called Preventioa. Druggists every
where are now dispensing Preventics,for
they are noi only sa.'e, but decidedly
oertain and promrt. Preveutius contain
no quinine, no laxative, nothing harsh
nor sickening. Taken at the “sneeziug
stage” Preventics will prevent Pneu
monia, Bronohitis.LaGrippe, etc. Hence
the name, Preventics. Good for feverish
children, 48 Preventios 25o. ! rial boxes
5o. Sold by McLean Bros.
If you take DeWitt's Kidney and Blad
der Pills you will get prompt relief from
backache, weak kidneys, inflammation
of the bladder and urinary troubles. A
week’s treatment 25 cents. Sold by Tue
Up to-Date Drug Co.
$30, 000 just received for farm loans
No delays.
L. Wist Markham.
Overloading Sale
■ Owing to the unusual conditions of the warm weather we
W Mil are having, also other conditions, we have determined to
Sjj unload our large stock of the newest and up-to-date Dry
| J Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Ladies’ and Children’s Cloaks,
t ~^~~~~~~^ —
y f and Underwear. Everything in our store will be slashed and
< f
\ f cut to such low prices, at the time when you need the merchan-
V t dise. We will not consider any wholesale cost or any \ profit,
jj jj Our store will be closed to re-mark the entire stock of goods
5J 12, 13 and 14.
A\ \ f . ;
/jy and will continue until Saturday evening, November 30. This
will be the greatest cur-price sale ever inaugurated in Lamar.
The New York Store
Lamar, Colorado
Queensware Graniteware
ehinaware Tinware
Does your back ache? Do you fsel
tired and drowsy and lacking in ambi
tion? If so, there is something wrong
with your -kidneys. DeWitt’s Kidney
and Bladder Pills relieve backache,weak
kidneys, and inflammation of the blrd
der. A week’s treatment 250. Sold by
The Up to Date Drug Co.
A week stomach, causing dyspepsia, a
weak heart with palpitation or intermit
tent pulse, alwa\s means weak stomach
□ervis or weak heart nerves. Strength
en these inside or controlling nerves
with Dr. Shoop's Restorative and see
how quickly these ailments disappear.
Dr. Snoop of Racine, Wis.. will mm)l
samples free. Write for them. A test
will tell. Your health is certainly worth
this simple trial. Sold by McLean Bros.
Your skin should be oiear and bright
•f your liver is in normal condition.
Dades Little Liver Pills acton the liver
and headache, constipation and bilious
ness disappear. Price 25c. Sold by
The Up-to-Date Drug Co.
■ljgent people to use only
wn composition. There
’. Pierce’s medicines, the
i print every Ingredient
>m upon the bottle wraj>
.s correctness under oath,
ig In favor. The cotn
lerce’s medicines is open
r. Pierce being desirous
Of having the’sTTrrh light of
tlon turned fully - upon his formulae, being
confident that (he better ine composition
oi uieselmedlcineg Is known the more
" 111 their grpat rnratlve merits bc recon
nized. _ Being wholly made ofThe active
medicinal principles extracted - from na
tive forest roots, by exact processes
original with Dr. Pierce, and without the
use of a drop of alcohol, triple-refined and
chemically pore glycerine being usod,ln
stead In Attracting and preserving the
curative virtues residing in the roots
employed, these medicines aro entirely
free from the objection of doing harm
by creating an appetite for either al
coholic beverages or habit - forming
drugs. Examine the formula on their
bottle wrappers—the same as sworn to by
Dr. Pierce, and you will find that his
"Golden Medical Discovery," tho great,
blood-purifier, stomach tonic and bowel
regulator—tho medicine which, while not
recommended to cure consumption in its
advanced stages (no medicine will do that)
yet does ours all those catarrhal condi
tions of head and throat, weak stomach,
torpid liver and bronchial troubles, weak
lungs and hang-on-coughs, which, if neg
lected or badly treated lead up to and
finally terminate In consumption.
Take tho "Golden Medical Discovery"
In time and It Is not likely to disappoint
you If only you give It a thorough and
fair trial, oon’t expect miracles. It
won’t do supernatural things. You nanst
exercise your patfonoe and persevere in its
use for a reasonable length of time to get
Its full benefits. The fngredlents 0 f which
Dr. Pierce’s medicines are composed have
the unqualified endorsement of soores of
medical leaders—better than any amount
of lay, or non-pmfeesional. testimonials.
They are not given away to be experi
mented with but are sold by all dealers fo
medicines at reasonable prices*
It comes put up m a collapsible tube
with a nozzle, easv to apply to the sore
nees and inflammation, for any form of
piles; it soothes and relieves pain, itoh
ing and burning. Men Zan Pile Reme
dy. Price 500. Guaranteed. Sold by
The Un-to-Date Drug Co.
Jamestown Exposition, Nor /oik,
Virgiaia, April 26 to November 30, 1907.
For the above occasion the Santa Fe
route wilt sell tickets at the following
rates: Season tickets on sale April 26
to November 30, 1907; final return limit,
December 15, 1907; Rate, 867.40. Sixty
day tickets on -ale daily April 26 to
November 30, 1907; final return limit
sixty davs from date of sale; rate $68.9
Fifteen-day ticket? on saledailv April
26 to Vovember 30. 1907, and good for
return luaviug Norfolk not later than
15 days from date of sale; rate $46.95.
Seasonand 60 lay tickets quoted above
tnav aso be sjld In one direction via
New York ooly at a slight advance over
-ate- quoted. For further particulars
call on Santa Fe agent, Lamar.
O. J GARVIN. Agent. Lamar, Col.
can be kept up with our bicycles with
out dauger. Every part is so per
fectly adjusted and strongly made
that no amount of bard riding will af
feet your wheel, if it comes from us.
friends every day because riders fiud
it so easy and smooth riding. They
also appreciate the strength which
makes repairs very seldom necessary.
Better get one. With it yon can go
far from home and get back safely
n time for turkey.
The Lamar Automobile Co.
The W.M.Dickinson Lumber Co.
Yellow and White Pine Finish
Sash, Doors and Mouldings
Lime, Cement and Brick
Two Years for $1.25 .
A complete history of two history-making years—l9o7
aadgl9oB. The entire proceedings of ail the important
sessions of Congress to be held daring those two years. The
fight to a finish of the impending battle against the gigantio
trnsts and monopolies, Ever? detail of the next national
campaign, including all the party conventions and the final
result of the Presidential election of November, 1908. In
The Twice-a-Week Issue
of the
Two hi* papersevery week. Eiifht or more pages each Tnes
day and Fnday. The BEST NEWSPAPER io ibe Unite-! .
States Pre-emment as a jonrnal for THE HOME. Un
rivalled as an exponent of the principles of the Repnblioan
RUHR •'ways clean, always newsy, always
RELIABLE Write for Free Sample oopy or send One
Uollar for Oae Year s subscription. BETTER STILL re
mitt 1.25 To-Day to the GLOBE PRINTING CO.’ St, A
Louis, Mo., aud secure this Great Semi-Weekly Paper Twc •
Years, under special ‘‘long-time” campaign offer, which must
be accepted within 30 days from dale of this paper.
Two Years for $1.25

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