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Beet Situation.
The deadlock on tLo price of next
year's beet crop remains the same as
last week in the western part of the
▼alley. The farmers of Otero conn
try where the farms are cat np into
email tracts are greatly exoited, and
hold almost daily meetings. An at
tempt ia being made to get oapital
interested in an independent factory,
bat that is impossible at this time
with the present market situation and
the presidential election coming on.
In Prowers county, however, the sit
uation ia entirely different. The
farmers here own real farms, and can
raise any one of a dozen crops that
are profitable and muoh less work
attached than raising beets. They
were getting somewhat tired of the
hard labor connected with the indus
try and only their signed contracts
were holding them to the indrustry.
They are already plowing up their
beet ground for alfalfa and wheat,
and most of them seem relieved to
get baok to those old staple and re
liable crops. The man with a 100
aore farm is independent and don’t
have to raise any crop unless he
wishes. New farmers are crowding
into this county every day, hat the
acreage under irrigation is so large
all Ojq be provided for, aud still l ave
the big profitable farms for which
the oounty is noted.
Republican Enthusiasm.
The gathering of Republicans ia
Denver on Wednesday will go far to
ward dispelling any notion that apa
thy exists within the ranks of that
party. And it will likewise serve
notioe upon the Democracy that the
assembling of the national conven
tion of that party will not be permit
ted to divert the votes of the Repub
licans from their own candidates;
and furthermore, that the Republican
party expects to carry Colorado this
fall by its 900*1 large majority.
There was an exceptional amount
of enthusiasm and interest in the
gathering as may be evidenced from
the fact that more persons wished to
attend the banquet than could be ac
comodated; from the fact that at the
meeting of the eounty chairmen 53
•ut of the 58 chairmen in the state
were presentand discussed conditions
in their respective counties: and from
the further fact that at the organiza
tion of a Republican press association
eome 55 editors enrolled their names
as charter members.
All these things point to the fact
that there is harmony, ambition, en
thusiasm in the party ranks, and
that Colorado Republicanism is
stronger and more vigorous this year
than ever before. It is the eandid
opinion of those who were present on
Wednesday that the party majority
this year will be as large as it was
four years ago, and those figures may
be exceeded.
The convention for the election of
delegates to the Republican national
eonvention will be held in Pueblo on
April 28, and from that occasion on
ward until November there will be
no energy spared to achieve a deci
ded Republican victory. —Colorado
Springs Telegraph.
Colorado For The Farmer.
Probably there has never been a
winter during which so many farmers
from eastern states have sought and
made homes in Colorado.
Every week daring the last three
months there have been from one to
a dozen men who have made up
their minds to cast their lot in the
Centennial state and to gain a good
living, if not wealth, from its fertile
There it a great deal of land avail
able in this state. Some of it is al
ready irrigated and a good deal of it
is about ready for the water. Num
erous irrigation projects are under
way in various parts of the state, and
the land is being sold to the farmers
with the understanding that water
will be available when necessary.
There ie a lively interest upon the
western slope, at Glenwood, Grand
Junction, and at Montrose ahd Pao
nia. Then there are a number of
large enterprises in the Arkansas val
ley which are attracting the attention
of fruit growers and farmers. And
in the San Luis valley hundreds of
farmers have been attracted by the
glowing prospects for the future, in
«took raising and grain growing.
All the Colorado land offered,
The Lamar Register
though it differs in price, is suscep
tible of bringing a large return upon
the investment. All that is needed
to make a success is a knowledge of
the business to be undertaken. The
market for agiicultural produotsdur
ing the past few years has been most
excellent and is inviting the attention
of farmers from all over the country.
Hundreds have already come and
hundreds and thousands more will
come until the fame and importance
of Colorado agriculture will be world
wide. —Ex.
Colorado State Normal.
An excellent opportunity is given
to the teachers of the public schools
of Colorado who are so situated that
they have to teaoh during the regu
lar school year for a livelihood and
cannot attend daring the regular
session, to attend a summer session
at the Normal School at Greely, Col
orado, commencing June 16th and
lasting six weeks. Credit ie given
for work done in the summer school
uud the individual has a chance to
workout the course of the State Nor
mal School, come in close touch with
modern ideas in education, and get
a diploma which licenses to teach in
the schools of Colorado for life, etc.
This is an opportunity the teachers
of the schools of Colorado should
ake advantage of, for the benefit of
themselves and the children they
teach that they may come in touch
with modern notions and ideals in
Blount’s Defiance Wheat.
A fonr-ounoe bottle of pedigreed
Defiance wheat whioh Professor A. E.
Blount has grown in his wheat nur
sery, was fouod at the Colorado Ex
periment Station in 1903. As nearly
as it oould be determined, this wheat
had been grown twelve years before.
The entire bottle full of wheat was
seeded. Three kernels grew, one
throwing up fourteen spikes of wheat.
This most desirable plant was allow
ed to mature seed, and the others
were destroyed.
Fiom this plant, seeded in 1903,
the Station has earefully developed
several hundred bushels of choice
seed wheat, the direct progeny of one
kernel of Defiance wheat. The Sta
tion has planned to distribute this
wheat to the farmers of Colorado who
*re growing a spring wheat, “under
the ditch," in amounts not to exoeed
100 pounds per larmer, at three oents
» pound.
This is far below the cost of pro
ducing this wheat, since it has re
< {aired constant care and attention to
maintain it absolutely pure.
Farmers who will sow this seed on
a clean, well-prepared seed bed,
should have enough pure, clean wheat
to seed the general field next year
and should use it to the exclusion of
all other seed in 1909 With each
saok is sent a pedigree of the wheat
registered with the Secretary of the
Colorado Grain & Seed Grower’s
Association, F. Knorr.
Probably the greatest work Prof.
A. E. Blount ever did for Colorado
was to improve her spring wheats.
Here is an opportunity to get an ab
solutely new and pure stock of the
best wheat he ever developed. Do
yeu want it?
If you do send your name and ad
dress to the writer at once. This wheat
will not be held longer than March
Ist, and orders will be filled accord
ing to date received.
We hope many farmers will be
content with fifty pounds of this
wheat instead of one hundred pounds
so we can send it to more farmers.
If you desire some of this seed, write
at once to
Agronomist, Experiment Station,
Fort Collins, Colorado.
Horn and Co to Quit.
Herschel Horn & Co. are selling
their stock of gents furnishing goods
at low prices in order to quit business
and the affairs of the store have been
placed in the hands of C. S. Rosen -
crans as trustee for the creditors.
The trouble was that the firm was
overstocked, and business getting
dull it is forced to quit. Then thsre
are too many firms doing business in
this line in Garden City to make it
profitable, and besides rents are too
high to enable a firm, unless backed
by considerable capital, to tide over
dull seasons The firm has made
many friends while here and they
97PZ3zxt< ©w' , fX»aßO'ssr:sne&e coTr>rrx
Fountain Syringes, Hot Water Bottles, Rubber Gloves and other Rubber Goods
We have just received a large invoice oi these goods which we purchased at 25 per cent off regular price and in
order to move these goods quick, we will make the following prices for the next two weeks only:
Extra Heavy Combination £ Gallon Syringe, goaran- Aa P A nAYxr (h I wp Good Regular Fountain A Gallon Syringe, guaran (h ■ CO | OO
teed. Regular price %|>Z.OU (plilO toed. Regular price I .01) HOW | a (JU
Extra Heavy Regular Fountain $ Gallon Syringe, An AP rirtHKT tft I CO Extra Heavy Hot Water Bottles J Gallon, guaranteed (h I *7C ri/wxr fffc I ap
guaranteed. Regular price SZsZO O ■ sOU Regular price %P Ia I 0 HOW | B ZO
Good Combination Fountain J Gallon Syringe, gnar- AOO n mir tft I AP Heavy Hot Water Dottles J Gallon, guaranteed A ■ CO lit I OO
anteed. Regular price M>Z.UU HOW j|) | .JQ Regular price M> I sOU HOW Q) | a |)||
Good Combination Fountain $ Gallon Syringe, guar- ft* I wp n Anr (h I ap Ordinary Hot Water Bottles, & Gallon, guaranteed rh I AC « wp
anteed. Regular price I. I 0 HOW | Regular price I sZO HOW |J)Q
Rubebr Cloves, regular price $ 1 .OO now 60c Good Bulb Syringe, regulrr price $ 1.00 now 65c Other Rubber Goods in proportion
A/l c* l F 7 A IVI RDHQ The ° ,d Re,iab,e
if I BA B AA I I Druggists, and Jewelers
regret the necessity of going out of
business. It ia stated that the firm
will pay out if reasonable prices eao
be bad.—Garden City Herald.
Prowers Items
Cecil Crispin has been spending a
few days at home lately.
Miss Sargent was visiting schools
in this vioinity last week.
A force of men are again working
on the Prowers bridge.
Mrs. Caswell been here during
the past week.
H. E. Darby has recently been de
livering books for whioh he canvass
ed some time ago.
Wiley Items.
Prom Wiloy Journal.
Mr. Boatright wh o purchased the
R. T. Hubbard place will move his
family down from Pueblo soon. He
has a wife and 4 children.
R. T. Hubbard's sale whioh was
held Wednesday was a hammer.
There was a large attendance and
everything brought good prices. The
stock was all in good condition for
selling and Trim had his sale well
advertised. There was some of the
best stock in tbs county sold at this
sale. The best team brought 9456.00
the best cow for 952.00, a span of
mule solts brought 9197.00.
Clark Jones who is trapping along
the ponds in the valley was very
muoh amused one day this week
finding some young men shooting
the game in bis traps, thinking they
were at large. The boys when they
discovered their mistake felt like
thirty cents. Mr. Jones reports trap
ping good.
Cnaa. F, Hoag, County Clerk, was
in Wiley attending the telephone
Notes from The Lamar Reglater of
Feb. 18, 1888
Lamar’s first leap year ball was
held on Valentine’s evening, and a
big time was had by all. Among
those in attendance were noted Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Huddleston, E. L.
Koen, I. L. Maxwell.
Work has commenced on the now
briok hotel, and the exoavation will
Boon be completed. [The hole is
still there.]
I. L. Maxwell is preparing to start
a branch store at Ohivington.
Card in the paper stated that a
pocket book containing two shares
of stock in the Lamar Water Co. had
been lost, bat ws notice no reward
was offered.
Judge Frybarger and bride of
Carlton were in town Wednesday.
The Methodist Cburoh was holding
a raffle of a ohina set.
An ordinance was published to
compel the hitching of horses on the
streets of Lamar. In one form or
another it has been passed and pnb
lished ’steen times since then, and
yet the town has steadily maintained
an average of two runaways per day
for all the years.
For Rent.
Ws ha«s a few farms of from 40 to 60
sores for rent. Beet, amnll grain and
alfalfa land. Good improvements Call
at tbe American Best Sugar Co. Fact
ory, Lamar, or S. E. Browno, Farm ttupt.
Manvel Farm, Granada, Colo.
FOR SALE —Fins Piano at a reason
able prioe. Inquire 107 S Main.
Try Carley’s Cough Cure
FOR RENT —5 acres of good land and
a 3 room house in eaat eu<! of town; poa
session any time. Inquire at Register
$30,000 juat received for farm loana
No delays.
L, Wikt Makkham.
The Best Farm Insurance
on Earth
Of New York. 53 years old. Assets
$16,384,000. Capital and Surplus
99,425,000. Low rates. Losses
promptly paid. Insures all kinds of
farm propecty. Your business so
A. L. Beavers
Lamar. Colo.
Our Girls The Flyers ELLIS'—ao Titles
Harrison Fisher Book The Best Man . Queen of the Clouds The Forest Messenger
Lincoln Year Book DOUKS TOT UlllS Those Que«*r Browns Marjorie’s Vacation
Uivota The Girl Graduate Hilda and the Wishes The Sand Man
The One Way Out For You foi" ROVS The Young Train Dispatcher
A Cheerful Year Book Holly J The (Jlierryoroft Series, n titles
Spirit Royal Billy Whiskers Twinkle Tales, 11 titles
Teddy Dears Wizard of Oz RoflkS fol* Dutton’s Series One Syllable
Osman of Oz John Dough OUUIVS lUI Heart of a Boy
Capt. January Delsarte Manual EVerVDOdy Bible Stories, 4 volumes
Receipts of My b nends and My Own J J Young Folks Puzzle Pictorial Series,
Cupid’s Game with Hearts Hursts Padded Poets, 35 titles
Love Sonnets of an Office Boy Here are just a few titles. Now (these are not the imitation)
Over the Nuts and Wine L v
Reflections of the Morning After DON’T think these are all we PIFTY TITLES OP TUB VERY LATB3T
Girls’ Own Library—Ten titles FICTION
Boys’ Own Library—Thirty titles have, because If we gave the title ...
Young People 1 Library—26 titles A few of the titles include:
Children’s Handy Library— lo titles of every book we have In stock |j etll Norvel | o Satan Sanderson
Little Cousin Series- 15 titles ' younger Set The Weaver.
Grim’s Fairy Teles we would h.ve to make a regu- Trait £ r Fruit of the Tree
Anderson’. Fairy Tales . ct.loirue Days Off Light Fingered Gentry
Artemns Classics, three tttles Old Peabodv Pew Daughter of Anderson Crow
The Wink Aw«*y * and , .
Hoosier l.yrics—The Clink of the Ice and othor »
119 Main Street, Lamar
Even extensively advertised articles cannot long survive without'merit.
Lines that have tbe widest publicity aud the largest sale have a rep
utation built solely upon the merits of the goods advertised.
Among those that have “made good” in this age of competition we find
D. Ghirardelli’s Ground Chocolate
Wedding Breakfast Coffee
Schilling Brothers’ Teas, Extracts and Spices
Curtice Brothers’ Blue Label Catsup and Canned Goods
Heinz’s 57 Varieties Pickles, Chow Chow, Baked Beans, etc
You arc sure of the best if jyou trade here.
Only dependable goods carried.
Leading Cash~Grocers
The W.M.Dickinson Lumber Co.
Yellow and White Pine Finish
Sash,lDoors! and Mouldinjgs
Lime, Cementland Brick
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