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The Buffalo Have Returned
“Buffal," fossa aomplataJ ra
raagsmsals lasi Thundsr whsraby
ha will astabliih bis bcaadiog and
hybiidixiug statioa at Osrdas Oily,
aad two son al buffalo, satalo, Far
■iaa aad Psraiariao sbaap arrivsd
Sunday bom tbs raosb io tbs Graad
Oaaaa of Ancona. Tbsaa animals
had boon brought as far as Daavsr
•welting dafioits aetioa span tha
part of Oardan Oltj io aatabltsbiog
tha station at this oily. Mr. Jonas
Hands his propoaitien to bring tbs
station bora soma months ago, bnt
tha asatlsr waa not oloasd np until
last wash.
This hybridising and sxpsriiasntal
station is bound to bring Gordon
ity into tbs ays of tha world, for
Mr. Janas axpasimanta along tbs
Una of produsiag nsw varialias of
aattls aad sbssp bars si toady sttraot
ot tha ays af tbs world. Ha first
aonssivsd tbs idaa of arssaing tbs
buffalo with saliva aattls, and tbs
aatalo was tha rasnlt, an animal oloaa
ly rsssmbliag tha buffalo in many
rsspsots, yal math mars valnabls in
avory way. It poossssas tbs hardy
aharastsrlstica af tbs bnffals som
biasd with tbs good qnalitiss of tbs
psUad Angus and otbar blank oattlo.
From this ha turasd bit attantion to
ahaap aad tba Fssaiariao is tbs ro
salt. Tha mast of this animal is
dalidsus and tba wool olip tba Boost
and bsavisst known, and bssidsa
that tha animals ara vary hardy. Mr.
Janas is vary anthusiastls ovar his
work, and that it opans a nsw Sold
la oolooal industry is bsyond disputa.
Ha dtairtd to gat his brooding
station nsaror tha maskata, and his
tboaghts naturally turnsd toward
gardsn City os tba moat avsilabls
spot for tha porpoas, and tba City is
aastalaly to ba songratulatad upon
Us wisdom in promptly assuring tha
Tba bnffals aad othsr animals ara
tamporasUy losatad al tba Finnnp
aad Sloan raaah at tbs santb adgs
af th* (Mr, aad many visitors want
than Sunday. Whan all tha arrnags
maats ssa aamplstsd aavsral hand
sad shgsp aad a nnmbsr af buffalo
md satalo wiU ba brought has*.—
Qardaa Oily Hosald-
The Seven Wonders Of The
World And One Extra.
An old aopps* aoin found in an
aid sanntsy aharob bad lbs fallowing
illustrations aad aaplanatians:
Tha Fops,—"l Isaak yon aU.”
Tha King.—"l govsra yon all.”
Tha Ssldias.—"l fight tor yoa alt”
Tha Dootor. —"I haul yoa nIL”
Tha Ministar. —“I pray tor yoa all.”
Tha Tailor.—“l sloths ysa alt”
Tha Farmsr. —“I fsad yon all.”
Uadstnaalh was tba piatnss af tba
davU with this inaaription:—“l taka
yoa alt"
Farmers Institute Plenic
Uadso tho dilution af tba Oslo
rade Agrisnltnral Oollsgo wdl ba
bald al Lamas, Sataaday, July 18.
Tha boat mstbsds of making asonay
in farming, staak raising, growing
grain, graaaas aad frail. Addrooooo
by thraa or mars mom bars af tha
Agrisaltnral Oollaga Fasalty, qnss
tioa box, gosdmasio, axhibiU af liva
gloah, farm and arsbard prod sots
aad asaohinsry. Pi onto dinnar, bring
a fail baskak Kvary man, woman
rad akild iataros tad in any way in
framing at fault growing is invitad
la at toad. Morning suasion, 10 to
anon. Fisuis dinnar, noon to 1:80.
Aftarnoan saasian, 1:80 to *-
Second-Crop Strawberries.
walls It Is not uncommon to pick
a iigsr, second-crop of fruit from the
atrawbarry bads of western Colorado.
inquiries couiuc to thit office
•urgent tin proper handling of
the bed to secure this second crop is
sot universally understood. It is
rather n novel experience to pick
fresh strawberrise from one’s own
patch ia September and October, yet
there Is mysterious about it,
and anyone who has his soil condi
tions well v nA * r control may pick
two crape from hie bed each year.
The principle involved Is an old
one; simply artiUcsily provide for a
resting period after the first crop is
off. This may bs dons by withhold
ing water nutU the bed is well dried
«p> As soon ns the first picking be
gin to get light, shut off the water
and leave the bed until the tops are
weU browned. Then mow end rake
the bed. Irrigate It thoroughly, and
give it frequent cultivation and irri
gation the second crop begins tc
We would natural ly expect that
each n system of caring for the bed
would shorten its life, and no doubt
It doss, hot n late crop ofberries is
often quite profitable, and the aver
age bad to grown to long anyway.lt
h often advisable to out the first
4PMg n little short hp withholding the
woter god thos increase the second
crop. In this way we get two light
i rnpe. end although they may not ex
oeed one good crop from a well growl
Hi they some on the market when
; \
the prices are good. In western Colo
rado second-crop berries often sell on
the retail market at twenty cents per
Colorado Experiment Station.
For Rent.
The Hottel property on Sixth st.,
8 room house and barn. Inquire of
W. C. Gould.
s9o*ooo just received for farm loans
No delays.
L. Wirt Markham.
Notice Of Dissolution Of Partnership
Notice is hereby given that the
firm of Carl Bros, in the town of
Lamar, County of Prowers, State of
Colo. i 3 dissolved and that the firm
of Carl and Hagamun takes the place
of the said firm.
All liabilities of the aforesaid firm
are to be met by the firm of Carl &
Hagaman and all the debts due the
said firm are to be paid to the said
Carl and Hagaman:
Carl Bros., By
Women Who Wear Well.
It Is astonishing how greet a change a
tor years of married life often make in
the appearance and disposition of many
womfn. Tha freshness, the charm, the
brilliance vanish like the bloom from a
peach which la rudely handled. The
matron to only a dim shadow, a faint echo
of tho charming maiden. Thera are two
reasons tor this change. Ignorance and
neglect. Tew young woman appreciate
tho shook to tho system through tho
change which comes with msrrlsgs and
motherhood. Many neglect to deal with
tbs unpleasant pelvic drains sad weak
nesses which too often eome with mar
riage aad motherhood, not understanding
that this secret drain Is robbing the cheek
of Its freshness and the torn of Its
As surely as tha general health suffers
when there Is tflfcagmement of the health
of tho delicate so surely
whsfPthme organs JuWHstabllshed la
health thetae wltnsss
tothslSetlnrSalWtid rnm runup Nearly
a million women have found health and
hsenlnras In the urn of Dr. Pierce’. Fs
vorlte Prescription. It makes weak wom
en strong aad sick women well. Ingredi
ents on label—contains no aleohol or
harmful habit - forming drugs. Mads
wholly of thooa native, American, medio
oral schools of practice for tbs curs of
woman's peculiar ailments.
For nursing mothers,orfor those broken
down In health by too frequent bearing of
children, also for the expectant mothers,
fs prepare the system tor tho coming of
Saby and making Its advent assy and
almost painless, there is no medicine quite
so goodas "Favorite Prescription." It
can do no harm In any condition of tho
system. It is a most potent Invigorating
tonic aad strengthening nervine nicely
adapted to woman’s delicate system by a
physician of largo sxpsrlsaos ia the tract
men t of woman’s peculiar ailments.
Dr. Ploreo may be consulted by letter
Department of the Interior.
U. 8. Land Offlca at Lamar, Colo.
Juna 27, 1901.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Mrs.
Emily Hays, of Lamar. Cola, who. on
June 14, 1207, made Homestead Entry
No. 9179, for Lota 1,2, and 8. half of
NHL quarter of Section 2, Township 21
8., Range 47 W. 4th Principal Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to make fi
nal commutation proof, to eatabllsl
claim to the land above described, be
fore the Register and Receiver, at La
mar, Cola, on th# 19th day of August,
Claimant names as witnesses:
MatUe A. Goodslll, Isaac Orlmsley,
Leanle IX Orlmsley, Richard B. Ball all
of Lamar, Cola
Department of the Interior.
U. & Lasd Office at Lamar, Cola
June 27. 1908.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Carrie
Hava, of Lamar, Cola, who, on June 14,
1997, made Homestead Entry No. 8177,
for SB. quarter Section 7, Township 24
8., Range 49 W. 9th Principal Meridian,
haa filed notice of intention to make fi
nal commutation proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore the Register aad Receiver, at La
mar, Cola, on tha 19th day qf August,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Harry B. Hack at t, Richard B. Ball
Lennle D. Orlmsley, Isaac Orlmsley, all
of Lamar, Cola
SLT> I f ~ TO /9
E V'ET? E HOD Y' C o Vf£-
Headquarters for Smokers'
Supplies of all kinds, Pipes,
Largest line of Clear Ha
vana, Key West, imported
and Domestic Cigars in the
Sole Agency for the famous
Key West Queen
the largest and best 5c cigar
Sole agency in Lamar for
Remington Typewriter
and Carbon Papers
WaiBSAS, C'bsrle* (i. Loos, s single men. did,
by his deed of trnet, dated June Ist, A. D. 1888
and recorded June Bth, A . D. 1888. in book 10
page 10/ thereof, of the Records in the office
of tho Clerk end Recorder ef Bent County,
Colorado, courey to 1 homes O. Moffett, Trus
tee, and incase of hie deaih.lnability.refusal to
act, or absence from the county In whieh the
premise# are situated, then the then Sheriff of
the County in which the premises are situated,
as Successor m trust, the following deecribed
real estate situate in Bent, County. Colorado,
now in Prowers County. Colorado, to-wlt: The
Northeast Quarter (h. E, It) of Section thirty
'3O). in Township Twenty-three (23). South.
Range Forty-four (44), Weet, of the Sixth prin
cipal Meridian, containing One hundred aud
sixty (M 0) acre# of land more or Use according
to the Government survey thereof; whieh deed
of trust was made to secure to the order of the
Farmers Loan and Trust Company, a Corpo
ration of the Blato of Kansas, the payment
by the said Charles (i. Long of a gertain prom
issory note, dated of even date with said deed
of trust, and payable five (5) yeurs after tbe
date thereof to the order of the said The
Farmers Loan aud Trust Company, of Kansas,
with interest thereon at the rate of seven per
cent (7 per cent) per annum from the date of
said note until the principal sum dua thsre
nuder shall ba due. said interaet payable seml
auuuully ou the first day of December and
June 111 each year, according to the tenor of
cortalu interest notes to said prmoipal note at
tached ■ aud
tk umbras, it is provided by said Dsed of
Trust that iu case or default in tbe payment of
said principal note or said interest notes or
any of them or in the payment of the interest
due thereon, or iu ease of a breach of any of
the oonveuants contained in said Daed of
Trust, the trusteeshall upon the application of
the legal holder aad owner of said notes or any
of thsm tell and dispose of tbe said above de
scribed premises and all the right, title, bene
fit and equity of redemption of the said
Charles O, Long, his heirs aad assigns therein
at public auction at the place and in the man
ner and for tbe purposes in sal I Deed of Trust
statod. after having first given twenty (20)
days public notice of the time, terms aud place
of sale and of tha property to be sold by adver
tisement in some newspaper printed and pub
lished in the said County of Prowers aud
State of Colorado, as provided in »aid Deed of
Trust, to whieh reference is hereby made for
greater certainty; and
Whshiai, default haw been made in
the payment of the said principal
note of Two hundred and fifty
dollars (9330.UU). dae five (5) years after Juue
Ist A. D. lKW.and of the interest notes due June
Ist, A. D. MW, and of tbe six interest notes
falling due on the first Jays of June and De
cember thereafter, as wsll as in the payment
of the taxes due on the above described prop
erty for the years A, D. 188 V and 1891. there be
ing due on said principal note tbe sum of Sev
en hundred dollars (9700.00) and on said inter
est notes the total sera of One hundred, seven
ty aud 87-100 dollars (8170.17), all of which sum
so due on said principal aud said interest
notos are now ovar due and unpaid, and in ac
cordance with tba terms of said deed of trust
the legal holder and owner of said note has
requested aud demanded the foreclosure of
the said deed of trust for tbe purpose of real
ising said sum so due on said promissory note
and tba interest notes attached thereto as
aforesaid; and
Wukbeab, tha said Thomas O. Moffett has
refused to act as Trustee and la now and for
h long time since has been absent from the
County of Prowers and State of Colorado, iu
which County the above deecribed pn-mises
■ire situated, aud is absent from tbe County of
Dent in said State, in which County the said
premises wore situated at the time of the exe
cution and delivery of said deed of trust,
whereby the undersigned, the Sheriff and act
ing Sheriff of the County of Prowers, in the
State of Colorado, has become his successor ia
I rust:
Now, THaaaroßß. Notice is bsreby given
that I. the undersigned sheriff and acting sher
iff of the County of Prowers, and State of
Colorado, said County of Prowars, in the
State of Colorado, being tbe County in which
the premises heraiubefore deecribed and con
veyed by said deed of trust are situated, suc
cessor in trust as aforesaid, upon tha appliea
-1 ion of tbe presont legal holder and owner of
tlie principal note of Two hundred and fifty
dollars (4250 00). and tbe said interest notes,
under and by virtue of the power and author
ity in me vested by said deed of trust, will on
Monday,the 29th day of June, A. U. 1004, at
the hour of four o'clock iu the afternoon of
Ihe said day, sell tbe above described premises
and all right, title, benefit and equity of re
demption tboreln of tbe said Charles O. Long,
his hairs and assigns, at public auction, for
tha hhrhest and best pries the same will bring
ineaan. at the weet front door of tbe Court
House in the town of Lamar, la tha County of
Prowers, in the State of Colorado, for the pur
pose of paying said priucipat note and interest
notes and the aocrued interest due thereon and
all the expenses of executing this trust.
Gaoaoa H. Thomas,
Sheriff and acting Sheriff of
tha County of Prowers and
tbe Sts to of Colorado, Suc
cessor in Trust.
The Columbia Savings and \
Loan Aseoclation. a corpo- J
ration. Plaintiff, l SUMMONS
M. Simon and Jennie Simon, 1
Defendants. /
Tha People of the State of Colorado,
To M. Simon and Jaonia Simon, tha defend
ante above earned. Greeting:
Yon ara hereby required to appear in aa
action brought against yoa by tha above named
plaintiff in the District Court of Prowers County,
State of Colorado, and answer the complaint
therein within twenty days after tba aervice
hereof. If carved within this County: or. if
served out of this County, or by paalieatlon,
within thirty days after tbs ssrvlaa hsrjof,
exalnsive ef tha dayofeervioe or Judgment by
default will be taken against you aocording to
the prayer of the oomrlaint. And if a oopy ef
the complaint In tba above a u tit led action be not
served with this summons, or if thessrvioe here,
of ba made oat of this State, than tan day*
additional to the time hereinbefore specified for
appearanee and answer will be allowed before
tha taking of Judgment by default as aforesaid.
The said action ie brought for a judgment
and decree that 14 shares or D. Loan Stock of
Tha Colombia Savinas and Loan Association
represented by Certificate No. 514. n-uignsd by
defendant M Simon to plaintiff as collateral
security for a note far sixteen hundred dollars
given by said defendant M, Simon to plaintiff
of data May 27th. 1907, ba sold for not lass than
$17.90 and the proceeds applied as payment on
said note: That a mortgage given by defend
ant M, Simon to plaintiff to eeoure said noto
on iota on# (1) two (2) and three (|) block four
teen 414) First Subdivision of J. W. Bent’s Cot
tage Place Additionjto Lamar, Colorado, re
oorded May 27th, 1997, in book 58 page 197 of the
records of Prowers County, Colorado, be fore
closed, and that the premises therein describ
ed be sold under order of Court and the pro
ceeds of said sal# be applied as payment for tbe
unsatisfied portien of said note, attorney fees,
and ooste of this suit: That a receiver be ap
pointed to take charge of said premises, rent
the same, collect the rente, aud pay taxes and
insuranoe in said property, and for other re
lief, as will more fully appear from tbe com
plaint in said action to which reference is here
made: a copy of which is hereto attached.
And yon are hereby notified that if you fall
io appear, and to answer the said complaint as
above required, the said plaintiff will take
Judgment by default against you according to
the prayer of its complaint.
Given under mv hand and official seal at
Lamar, Colo., in said coon
{Cl District 1 ty, this 16th day of Jans, A.
Coart Seal j D. 1908.
1. L CONVELL, Pro;
Department of tha Interior.
U. 8r Land Office at Lamar, Colo.
July 3, *9OB. ,
NOTICE la hereby given that Sylves
ter C. Zeara, of Wiley, Colorado, who
on May 11, 1907, made Homestead Entry
No. 013, (H. K. No. 7976) for northeast
quarter of Section 19. Township 20
Range 47 W. 6th Principal Meridian, has
filed notice of Intention to make final
commutation proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before tht
Register and Receiver, at Lamar, Colo.,
on the 25th day of August, 1908.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Ralph H. Minehouse. Norman L. Smltl
Lewis H. Minehouse, Lemuel Ellis, all of
Wiley. Colorado.
Attorney and Counselor at Lae
Lamii | Colorado.
Maoond Floor QyyJale SJIIIMU.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Ijahah, Uolobado.
Offlon In dunt nik.. But Main at.
-S.ttora.e3r at Lanr
Lamar, Colorado.
Office in Foley Bldg.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Office in Goodale Block
Civil Engineer and Surveyor
Offio, o„r 107 south Main
Lamar, Colo.
Try It One Month
Take advantage of our Electric
Light Service for One month and
you will never again return to the
use of smoky, ill smelling kero
sene oil lamps. Let us have your
house wired at once
Lamar Electric Co.
Phone Lamar 8
A. E. BENT. President W. P. BELL. Manager
Are yoa going to paper your house thi i
spring? Ask to be shown samples af
The Fair Store. We haoe the largest
stock of Wall Paper in Lamar, showing
all the newest designs. Oar unheard of
low prices will be a pleasant surprise to
} you.
All Paper Trimmed
By Us Free of Charge
We Also Handle
Window Shades}* Oil doth
We sell JAP-A-LAC, the Great
Finish—All Shades
WM. WARBURO, Prop. Opera Heaae Black
Register and Globe-Democrat $2
Department of tho Interior
U. 8. Land Offlca at Lamar, Cola
Juna 2. 1908.
NOTICE la hereby given that Adam
Karr, of Lamar, Colorado, who, on Nov.
14. 1908. made Homestead Entry No.
5961. for Lots three and Tour of Sec
tion 12, Township 22 S., Range 48 W.,
6th P. M., has filed notion of intention
to make final five year proof to es
tablish claim to the land above de
scribed, before tbe Register and Re
ceiver, at Lamar, Cola, on the 23rd day
of July, 1992.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William H. Guy, of Lamar, and Har
aCUne, William 8. BUenberger, John
Eagar, all three of Prowers. Cola
Physician and Surgeon
Offlot oyst Nsw York rtora, or
inquire et MoLsea Brno.' drug
J. m. HASTY, a*, o.
Rooms 1 A 3 orsr First Notional Bank
Phono Lamar 57 offloo.
Offioe hoar* •to 12 and 1 to S; by appoint
bant after boon and Sandora. Phono, resident
Blaek IN; offio. Bod I*2.
Un*r, Oh
Firm u 4 City Lmis
Seal Estate and losaraice
E. I. STEW All, fnfi
manufaoturor of
granite and marblo
▲U kinds of Out Stooo Trim
mings for Briok or Btooo
Housso (urnishod on short
MO ETON STRAIN, ProoMoat B. T. MoCLAVB. YUo Pm. L. 9. Site MR Wash
CAPITAL 050,000
Wo wool your business, largo or smell, and off or every
facility ooneistoat with sofo end oonaorvotiro beskteg
Accounts Received Sabiact tm Ckstfc. Mosey ffriaii loli
Real Estate, Loan t?
Insurance Agent
| 1 L- =V P 1 000. U. Leo's Chiokoo and Stock tonio and foods '
■ [ft j Los's Egg Makar is largely Granulated Blood (Da
” I oderized). The moot highly (Jonooatested form of
. meat food, ono pound of which is equal to 16 pounds
V I of frooh moot. That foot aloao should ooovinoo
g I any Poltry raioor of tho valuo of thin food asaa ogg '
Ml produoor or ohiok grower. Food nt tho rate «f
< I fire pounds to 100 pounds of mash or grain, it o ill |
S I increase tho egg production, nod keep tne fouls in a
■ I good healthy condition. 25 cents per package.
P I Also hsodls Loo's Lioo Killer, Gormozono and In*
soot Powder, Canon City Coal. Artitioial 100, Pond*
g— ■ “ moot Blacksmith ooal, hay and grain.
ij The Lamar Seed Co.
Dealers in Meats
ill bills ise Is SI fays Phase 47S Kick
Coal Facts
There are a number of grade, of Canon City Coal but when
you buv from us you get the BEST that is mined, beyond
question. We can also supply the cheaper grades of Trini
dad and other coals. We ale always in the market for your
ALFALFA SEED, paying the highest prices.
Hbest ranges
market. Throw out
buy a range that-will
save its price in coal,
and make the work
its wy Bmf Mnterinls Rod thsmoot
Expert Workmen
C. C. Huddleston
Hardware, Inpleoeots, Haraess
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware, Harness, etc.
We eurry the largest stoek in our line me emied *
in eastern Colorado and eun anti to yon at losnat
prioae mr known in the I rheum Talley.

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