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12 Pas os
A Series of Ridiculous Blunders in Law-
Making Which Brought Expense and
Humiliation upon the People of the State
of Colorado.
Denver* Co!o.. Oct. 17, 13:3.
Hon. "Honest john” Shafro.h,
Democrat Candidate fa/ Gavercior.
Sir:—Give me your ear. “Haiast-
John,*' while I tell jou of same of
tlie howling absurdities of duma-.in'.-
ic lawmaking in Colorado. Fio.n
these you will bo abla ta UiiJera’.n id
why the people will not elect a dim
o.ratio legis'ature thin fall.
Da you recall the E'.eve it'.i Gener
al Assembly,which existed durius the
reign of Governor A Jama.’ You a.u
te3meu ia th’c 3;osloi faigst to ap
propriate funds to ran the geveru
rneat and Governor Adama ha 1 to,
call them back to give him money
wherewith to keep the convicts, the
from bugging from doar to door for
Insane and the school dependents
their fool. This extra session alto
produced a bristling batch of reso
lutions upon the foreign relations of
the government.
Dut after all Alva Adams went out ;
of office leaving a deficit of over
Then followed Governor Charles S.
Thoma 3. who was obliged to skirm
ish aroaad among his fric.idj and
unofficially borrow $73,000 where
with to prevent the sheriff from levy
ing upon the state house aid peultea
tiary. This was tho Thomas “debt
of honor** of which profane history
speaks so feelingly.
The next genera! assembly biindiy
rushed to the opposite extreme, aid
flew In the faee of Provide ice and
the constitution fcy appropriating ov
er $>00,030 in excess of the revenues
of the state. This was unlawful, but
they did not know it.
Just at that time Colorado needed
advertising in the east, co yon pass
ed a prize fight bill inviting sluggers
to come to Colorado and assault oie
another. Covernor Thomar., true to
his pugnacious instincts, slgied the
bliU. This splendid mo lament to dem
ocratic constructive statesmanship
was afterwards killed by a perverse
popular sentiment.
In the Twolvth General Assembly,
yon passed an eight-hour law' which
gave the people a delightful labor
r.trlke, costing lots of mo icy aid giv
ing the police courts aul surgeons
much, active employment. This wonld
have been a real law if yon had not
aga n overlooked the co i/.t!tutlo i; but
yon forgot It and a democratic su
preme cosrt scratched It off hooka.
Don't it beat all how the co muta
tion get 3 la the way of democratic
And then came the Thirteenth Gen
eral Assembly, which restricted the
state to Insure demo.-rat!-? supremacy
They provided 36 state senators and
•tried to put the law Into effect be
fore they discovered that that g o",
ous but troublesome document, the
constitution, permitted but 3.1.
Another evidence of the exlraerdl
nary wisdom of your party was fi:<
submitting of a 3:1512 tax amp id
meat which the people promptly
wiped off the map at the polls.
This asr.emb y akto paosJ a llvelj
grist of joint memorials and resold
ticuo about foreign matters. I \va:
especially concerned about the Eo:
Then the Tanquary employers* 1;
abllily law, which would have bee;
uselul if the great statrr.men of youi
party nau not forgotten to have th<
third reading appear upo 1 the roc
ords ct the senate, bat they did, a:u
so th s rotrts were obliged to cLiorc
f irtu 11
Don’t you swell aid glow wit
pride, “Hoaeotjohn," when yon co 1
template this record?
Then the democrat!? governor cal!
ed a special session;the corporation
Write the Word ‘‘Republican” in th: Blank
Space on Your Ballot, as follows:
I hereby Vole ihe Straight “Republican” Ticket
except where I li:ts milled cp? ait: rite nam: tf seme o her candidate
The Lamar Register
were to be regulated. A bill was
passed arranging for tho obsequies
of cows killed by railways. Railways
are operated Ly corporations, you
I I almost forgot to mention the rev
enue law. The highest Intelligence
aid legal talent of tire party was
brought to bear upon this bill. Day
1 after day and night after night It
wa3 cihawed and pawed over. In the
s.res, of the contest the basic- law
war again forgotten and after the
session was over it was found that
the revenue law was passed three
hours after the general assembly had
ceased to exist under the constitutlo:
and was therefore invalid.
Dut this was net all. Don’t you
remember that when the senate vot
ed upo 1 and adopted the report of
the conference committee on this bill
you democratic statesmen somehow
got it into your heads that in doing
tihs the bill had passed the senate,
which of course it had not? So, if
the bill had been passed before the
session closed, it would have been
a mere m?ss of words —not a law?
Moreover, “Ilonestjohn” your law
makers and state officcin did not no
tice these blunders aid actually unde
tool: to put this imaginary law Into
effect; but as usual tho supreme
ouct was forced to put it out of
Isn’t it an outrage, “Hone3tjohn/*
tho way tho constitution has inter
f?red with the democratic party?
Governor Orman then called a spe
cial 5233.0 n, provided each member
with a copy of the constitution, and
asked them to make tho laws pass
ed at the regular session conform
to it.
Again you democrats took advan
tage of a 1 extra session to pass
seme ringing reso'.utlo is regarding
the Admiral Schley coutroversy.Phil
ipplae war, foreign labor, irrigation,
ihe Congo Free State, etc., etc.
Dnt yonr statesmen were still un
able to coicentrate their minds up
o 1 the co istitutio 1, for the flat tax
part of this revised revenue law was
found to be ua.-oastitutlo lal aid a
republican legislature had to revise
This oversight wonld have been
overlooked perhaps If Governor Or
man had not la h!o excitement for
gotten to authorize in his proclama
lio 1 the special session to pass an
appropriation providing for its own
Dei.ng in the hole, he appointed
hlms'lf a committee of the whole
and deliberately ml appropriated the
funds ptovldcd Ly the r,C3sioi to get
Governor Thomas out of the hole by
.laying the ‘debt of hotior” for the
.noiey ho ha 1 borrowed from his
rie ids to run the state. This didn’t
l'.s urb Governor Orman; but Gover
nor Thomas grew tart, testy and
ai:s !• , In his comments upon the
natter, as did also your Journalistic
; -.pporters, the Denver News. Times
a id Post. •
The constitution also undertook to
interfere 'when the governor unlaw
ally authorized the payment for the
World's Fair exhibit out of the ge 1
•ral fund; but “Hoaestjim" won.
Democratic governors Lave som
isht3 that even the coistitutlon has
;ot to respect.
I wish I had time. “Honestjohn.’
o list a 1 the absurdities and Hie
:a itlcs of the democratic law-mak
irr. an l administrators in this state,
jut It would make this letter too
0.15. Eut there is enough here to
suable you to tell the people why
.hey should not elect a democratic
egisiature in Colorado.
Yours very truly.
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