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Prowers County Unofficial Returns
Precincts. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 Totsl M*J.
For Presidential Electors.
Taft, rep 168 290 100 268 80 82 83 171 49 16 102 1468 429
Bryan, dem 117 149 99 173 50 60 110 160 32 6 78 1029
For Governor.
McDonald, rep 162 283 141 243 80 76 81 163 49 12 96 1376 317
Shafroth. dem 123 160 102 183 50 59 110 165 32 6 79 1069
For District Attorney.
A. Watson Mcllendrle, Hep 147 290 239 75 78 89 153 50 13 99 1133 235
James B. Traxler. Dem 135 142 202 44 61 121 174 33 C 80 898
For Representative.
Amos. N. Parrtah, Rep 158 298 145 238 80 77 86 164 55 15 96 1412 363
Joseph T. IsawlesH. Dem 117 140 100 194 45 59 111 159 33 5 86 1049
For County Clerk.
F. Hoag. Rep 152 281 148 248 75 87 153 181 56 16 116 1413 401
H. P. Syip, Dem 136 156 98 201 47 53 60 156 31 4 70 1012
For County Treasurer.
J. T. Adkins, Dem 117 243 122 245 41 80 142 200 62 11 124 1387 372
Samuel S. Smith. Rep 114 210 128 208 74 61 76 132 33 9 70 1115
For County Bheriff.
John B. Russell, Dem 189 141 82 271 46 79 120 186 48 8 86 1256
John Simpson, Rep 98 311 166 182 76 61 98 143 44 12 94 1285 29
For County Assessor.
Frank Means, Dem 145 172 81 224 56 65 124 179 25 7 43 1121
W. H. Wtoeelock, Rep 140 273 165 229 68 77 88 154 64 13 148 1419 398
For County Bupeerint*ndent.
Cora K. Polhemus, Dem 154 177 86 209 44 70 135 169 54 2 85 1185
Okas. G. Smeliz, Rep 135 278 160 244 81 70 86 166 41 18 110 1389 204
For County Judge.
Wellington jo. Pee, Rep .* 136 287 138 236 75 56 77 152 43 14 58 1272 423
W. P. Ferguson. Dem 73 119 104 106 38 56 95 103 29 6 120 849
J. C. Horn. Pro 83 117 4 31 57 82 28 22 424
For County Commissioner —Ist Dist
George J. Ikleman. Dem 118 205 111 166 45 59 112 164 46 4 102 1132
William W. Reynolds, Rep 163 247 134 264 73 78 87 165 40 16 83 1350 218
For County Commissioner —3rd. Dist.
Harry U. Manvllle, Rep 171 277 142 274 75 51 34 187 50 15 92 1368 217
C. B. Ray, Dem 116 152 106 172 47 90 179 156 35 5 93 1151
•Anawlkt the Poa to Aloe la Lamar, Colorado
SMSoeod olaaa mail matter.
Published Weekly by
Editor and Proprietor
Snbeeription Rates:
One Tear ttJO Three Moath*....«oe
His Moatha 74 btaglaCopy 5a
WwniDii, Novkmbsb 8, 1908
Monday's Locals.
C. M. Ward cme home from Wash
ington today.
Miss Mary Morris is In Prowera to
day getting registered.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Thatcher are
down from Rocky Ford today.
Will Mourning came home from
Wichita yesterday, so that he could
vote for Taft.
E. A. Lundgren, of the First Nat
ional Bank staff, returned yesterday
from a two weeks visit in the east.
Miss Bessie Gfimaley entertained
a number of her friends st her home
last Saturday night. Everyone bad a
splendid time.
Mias Edna Bllckhahn passed
through Lamar yesterday, on her waj
home from Garden City to Walaen
burg. She is going to vote.
Mias Ellen Robinson entertained a
number of her girl friends st ber
home on Halowe'en- A most enjoy
able evening was passed by all.
Corine Strain gave a Halowe'en pa
t j for some of her young friends ou
last Saturday evening,' and the little
folks had a moat Joyous time of it.
Mr. Ray Adama left for Colorado
Springs yesterday morning on No. 9.
He has accepted a responsible posi
tion with a large Doan Company
Senator Drake of Fort Collins who
wss taken ill hero yesterday morning
was taken on No. 9 to St. Joseph's
Hospital at Denver. Dr. Kellogg ac
companied him.
The boys and “men" did very lit
tle real damage this Halloween. Som
fences were lorn down but that Is
the only complaint. Most of the Jok
es were all right.
A bunch of boys thought that there
wasn't enough nolee Saturday night
so they tied down the whistle on a
Santa Fe engine and let her go for
about half an hour.
Some ingenlus boy or boys got lu
to the school house Saturday night
and took the bell clapper away, that
explains the weird sounding bell
that was heard this morning. There
were no other tricks of any conse
quence at the High School building.
The Ladles of the Methodist churc)
will serve an election dinner in the
basement of the church, between the
hours of 5 and 8 P. M. Commencing
at 7 P. M. they will serve Hot Chilli
and coffee in the old g&rrage room.
Go there and enjoy yourself all of th
evening and hear the election returns
as they come hot off the wires.
Weil Rocky Ford trimmed us, and
took our measure last Saturday u> th
tune of s—o. The touchdown was
made in the first two minutes of pi a.'
and it was the result of an Illegal foi
ward pass, and the referee Mr. WhJt
tenhurg or whatever his name ie. As
far as the treatment received from tl
Ford boys we are satisfied, but we
are not with the “referee.”
Tuesday's Locals.
Veen GoUiday was In Prowers to
Mias Diliian Grimsley Is reported
to bo very sick.
AM of the hack drive™ are being
kept busy today.
Mias Mary Morse went to Prowers
os morning to vote tor Taft.
Mr. Haywood left tor Denver on
iNo. 9 morning. He voted before
be ML
I Mr. L. M. Markham came up from
Gardeu City this morning so that he
could vote.
Miss Marian Webb has returned
from Canon City, where she was vis
iting friends.
Dee Yager got the live baby? that
was given away at the Family Theat
er loot night. Lee is very proud of
his new property.
The different candidates ou the
street today, certainly have some an
xious looks on their faces today. The
look is worried and an uneasy feeling
for some reason or other.
The Presbyterian Social Circle will
meet at the home of Mrs. Kirkpatrlcl
Friday afternoon at half past two. A1
members and ladies of the congrega
tion are urged to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bent came dowi
from Denver last nigh to vote. Mrs.
Bent will visit for a few days with h
many friends here, but Mr. Bent re
turned to Denver on No. 9 this morn
The following Is the standing of
the teams In the Arkansas Valley
Football League.
Team Won Lost Percent.
Las Animas 1 0 1000.
La Junta 1 0 100.
Rocky Ford 11 .600
Lamar 0 1 000.
Trinidad 0 1 000
Wednesday’s Locals.
Allen Skinner was up from Holly
Rollin C. Goodale left for Denver
last night.
Jaddo Parrish returned to Boulder
last night.
The High School bell is alright
again now.
Oscar Downing is up from his
Butte Creek ranch today.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McKinley came
down from Pueblo yesterday, so they
could vote for Taft.
You can buy post cards now with
a email high school pennant on them
at Gerotenlauer s Jewelry store. They
make a very nice card and ought to
Bell fast.
The Bryan people at the dance last
night were very much in evidence,
when the first returns came in, but
seemed to be very quiet towards the
last of the evening.
Made from healthful
grape cream of tartar
Will make twice as much good
bread, biscuit and cake,pound for
pound,as the low priced imitations
made from alum and alum phos
phates, and will make the food
appetizing and healthful.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
is not only economical but makes
the food more wholesome.
Mr. Harry McDowell was In Lamar
Ray O’Donnell arrived home from
Denver yesterday morning and la
visiting his old friends again.
There will. If It be possible, be a
football game here next Saturday. Th
boys would like to play against the
Rocky Ford, in Lamar, and show
them what they are, but Rocky Ford
does not seem to be very much im
pressed with the idea of coming here
Syracuse will be the second choice.
The Methodist Church dinner that
was served by the Ladies’ Aid last
evening was very well patronised and
those who were there did not regret
it. The chilli and coffee lunch prov
ed to be a financial success. Al
though the election returns were not
to the liking of many, still everyone
enjoyed themselves. The ladies'
cleared about SBO. and feel well re
paid for their work.
Last night there was a dance at
the opera house given by the Eagles
of Ijimar, and it was one of the
best and most enjoyable affairs of
the season. A very large number
of couples were In attendance and
the affair was so admirably managed
that ail are enthusiastic In its praise.
There has been nothing the past yeai
to surpass it. and the order Is to be
congratulated on Its success.
Bannister’s Orchestra furnished their
usual high standard of music.
Resolutions of Respect.
Lamar, Colorado.
November 2, 1908.
Whereas. God in His Infinite wis
dom, has seen fit to remove from
our midst our beloved friend. Mrs.
Julia A. Hoselton, and
Whereas, ber death has left her
home desolate, and taken from our
Society a valued member, therefore
be it
Resolved. That we. the members
of the Social Circle of the Presby
terian Church extend to the be
reaved husband, children and rela
tives. our deepest sympathy In their
great sorrow.
Resolved, that a copy of these
resolutions be forwarded to the
family; also that they be printed In
the local papers; and also placed on
the minutes of the Social Circle.
Mrs. H. L. Marx. President.
Mrs. J. B. Dickinson, Mrs. Gertrude
D. Downer. Committee.
Doesn't SB
gfo erp =5 J
the Flue
Yon receive intense, direct heet £/ \ /
from every ounce of fuel burned — M
there are no damp chimneys or long
pipes to waste the heat from a
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
Csrry it from room to room. Turn the wick high __
or low —no bother —no smoke—no smell—automatic
smokeless device prevents. Brass lent holds 4 quarts. r —\
burns 9 hours. Beautihifly finished in nickel or S.
(span. Every heater warranted. / \
Lamp *obr; 0 br ;L hd
just what you want lor the long
evenings. Made ol brass, nickel plated—latest im- "y
proved central draft burner. Every lamp warranted.
II your desDr cannot supply the Perfection Oil y\
0. Heater or Rayo Lamp write our nearest agency. V V M
D ID you ever sit around outside
your house on a Sunday after
noon, or of an evening, maybe,
and watch the paint, and see it
go, when it ought to be holding
on tight?
Some paints are so poor that you can almost
see them as they dry out, and crumble, and
powder, and blow away.
Why do they do this? Why does this happen?
Something the matter with the materials—too
much lead, maybe, or poor oil, or not
scientifically ground and mixed might have
been good materials but not balanced right
for wear.
At this store we make it our business to KNOW what
paint will wear—because it pays us to handle the kind
that pays you. And that’s why we handle MOUND
made of pure lead and zinc and aged linseed oil, the
necessary drier and coloring matter and nothing
else. Every atom of every gallon of it is good paint.
Paint that is balanced for longest wear, for finest looks
and to spread over the largest surface to the gallon.
So much for the outside of the house, but don’t forget there’s a
HORSE SHOE BRAND PAINT for every use —one for kitchen
floors and steps —one for borders around rugs—one for screens—
one for buggies, another for wagons, and one for practically every
other purpose.
The best place in this town to buy paint is the place where they know
most about paint and can help you and advise you what particular
paint to use for the purpose, how to get the surface ready, how to
put it on, and all that; things you naturally want to know to get the
best results. So if you want the best paint and the best paint service
(and you do, if you come here,) come here. *
Now—This Week
is your opportunity to buy
Wall Paper and Decorations
At prices that cannot be dapliated. Badness in these lines is qaiet
* now, and we want to get things mooing. You are to haoe the ben
efit, and you should realize it. ALL PAPERS ARE RIGHT HERE
Ht STOCK. You do not haoe to wait for some one to send away and
order more than you want and make yoa pay tor it, or less thaii
you want and nahe yoa wait a week or two for the last strip. Come
and see oar new Wall Paper Room. See the large stock carried

Two Days
Tuesday & Wednesday
Nov. 10th & 11th
Union Hotel
Dr.K.C, Sapero
Oculist and Aurlst
Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat vfCjl #
of Denver <•
'stoo well kuowu to need any introduction.
His references are his patients—your friends
and neighbors.
Kindreds of Patients in this Viciaity
No lucnrable Patieots Takes
Cataracts removed and cross-eyes straightened-
Uranulated eyelids, sore eyes and catarrh su c
ceasfully treatod. Glasses scientifically adjusted
by the latest aud most approved up-to-date
methods. Difficult cases and school children
Over 7,000 Patients
Treatod in Colorado. A large stock of glassos
and artificial eyes on hand. A large proportion
of headache and hysteria, insomnia, cores, (St.
Vitus Dance j and nervous prostration are caused
by eyestraiu. The removal of the cause etlects
a permanent cure.
Physician Especially Isvited
to call and investigate his methods of correct
ing errors of refraction
Dr. Sapero
has been practicing in Colorado for many years*
He is a graduate of the leading medical colleg
es of Europe and this country, aud is licensed
to practice by tue State Board of Medical Ex
aminers of Colorado aud other states.
Those unfortunate aud uuablo to pay will re
oeivo medical attention freo.
furnished from some of tbo loading citisons of
Lamar and vicinity, now undor troatmeut.
Dr. Sapero does not experiment. He cures
where others fail. Over 17 years practical ex
of tostimouials from grateful pationts whom
he has cured, furnished ou demand. Dr. Sapero
has been visitiug Lamar for many years.
All Work Guaranteed or Money
If you desire to consult the doctor, please make
appointments early
Consultation and Fxamination for G lasers
Agents for the Celebrated
S Coles Hot Blast
Second Story for a full line of up-to
date Furniture.
Full line of Hardware and Stoves al
ways on hand.
Phone Lamar 133 117 S. Main
Incubators and Brooders I
represent the very best I
obtainable In machines
of this description. (IVW- [ff/Kk jVR
There is no guesswork v/(' 1 1 f f/tjrJ/h
about a "Mandy Lee.”
Heat, ventilation and
mol stare—the three es> 1
srntinls of a successful I
hatch—are nndcr perfect K ■MU I
and separate control of ) VRF'IBU B
the oi>erator all the time.
The only Incnbator In I
which every element of
doubt and uncertainty
Is removed. Favorable^^^^^^^^^^^^ -
hatching conditions In the egg-chamber
can always be made regardless of outside
The handsomest, most substantial, and
most satisfactory Incubatoron the market
The only direct contact heat brooder
ever manufactured. The only brooder
that will raise every chick placed in It.
The only brooder that provides natural
heat in a natural way—“just like the hen,”
|Vs Pay ike Freifbi. ■ W
Omaha. Neb. V CstslotfhM.
A lull line of the above goods are
handled bv os. • L'ce K ; 'lrr, Egg Mak*r,
Flv C«f and Spray Pumps. Grnoire
Canon City Coal, Aolhracite Furnace and
Steam, Piedmont Smithing. Farm Seeds
Alfalfa Seed a specialty
there is nothing more comfortable
than a nice couch. For a short rest
or a little nap there is nothing more
f erfect.
come iin and let \is show you a few.
There's comfort in every inch of
them. Beauty, too, in no small de
gree. They are a perfect combina
tion of the useful and the ornament
al. Also the economical.
J. T. Kirkpatrick
200 8. Main St. Phone Red 27

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