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The Lamar register. [volume] (Lamar, Colo.) 1889-1952, November 11, 1908, Image 10

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Outing Flannels Everything: for Everybody I Cotton Blankets I
Medium Weight, Light or br Double Fleece Cotton Blank-
Dark, Checks and Stripes. m _ _ —_ ets All different colors and
Worth 7c per yard. \||| \Jkj C'P/An ¥| Fancy borders. Worth 75c
Special 454 *"L PIIL W lURIV j 1 UK.JL . -
LAMAR, COLORADO | Special 4c/i|
On Saturday, November 14, our doors will be open to the Public, and you will see the best Bargains eoer off ire dto you in the Valley. Oar Store is filled with more new and stylish goods,
and in order to make room hr our Holiday Gooes we have cut the prices on all our Goods, and vou can see for yourself. Everything is marked in plain figures. The New York Store leads in
low prices. Tell your frinds about the “UNLOADING SALE” and be sure and make it a point to take advantage of this money saving Sale. We make a dollar look like five—see what you
can buy for your money at The NEW YORK STORE and compare our prices with what you have been paying elsewhere.
price per paper WOMEN’S CLOAKS evg, B, AQ r Ladies’ and Child,en’s
A .. Women's Coats that ecell In style, quality, lowness
I 10c Extra hoavy Outing, pretty patterns in .. ...... .7 ' . 10-4 Cotton Blanket heavy fleece apoolal __ . _ _ __
I P check, etc 7 4 0 of pric< ’’ coata th h,v « di.tinotion, style and cut that at . 7*lP I *»P 9 l lP.
: Storm Outing Flannel. In dark shade. ~ _ appeal *° “T* w °l man ' Fr ° m ' lo «”‘ ■» prl « “ ,M White or Gray. Cotton Blanket. ___ ‘
T . yrr at II C ,he ,inoat mad *' AII are careful| y planned and made Fancy border VI OK
ironing Wax Flannellettes for Dresse., Wrapper, and Q e.pecially for u>. Special effort, are made to show the UA Extra heavy Cotton blanket, dark IL J FanCV Collars
# I Kimonas at MU bo,t and mo *t desirable that can be procurred at colors S I / K ’
Wltn nanaic only Flannellettes, large line to select from ■ ■ popular prices, and it is surprising to see the excellent 11-4 Cotton Blankets “a bargain" _ " New Shapes a:'d Styles
q at |I C values we are offering. special HQ
UU 35c Eiderdowns, new snadec; pretty for sloo ° Black c ‘made well and very 11-4 White Wool Blankets, worth *5. OAe frs OCa
Cloak, for 29C .tyli.h, now $6.50 • pdcial $3.00 39C IO OSC
P» 27 inch wide Fanc y Plaids * or school || $14.00 Brown or Blue Ladies' Coat trimmed Special low prices in all better blankets mp f\g\ ———____..._
dresses for | now IbllsUU fl ra y* white, red and checks. Our low price.^KQ a nil
it • 36 inch w ide union Cashmere, special AA $20.00 Ladies' Coat in Tan, Brown, Blue, A■ s Good size Comfort and Quality special " DOy S OWCcItCfS
run size paper I * or 4vU I black, London smoke, tailored the best | 4sUw I at 90C I • 1 I
36 inch wide Serges all shades r A $25.00 Black Coat lined with the best Largesize Comfort *nd good materail a|. . _ Wltll Belt
»pecial for OUC aatin lining, stylish, newest design now... for I9R
38 inch wide wool Novelty Suiting - Extra value large aize Comfort ■ ‘— a* Kflp
• • , now OUC ,or SI 50 OUL
XVlenniCn S 85= plain black Brilllantine nr. OrV-IIV J. Fancy Cretomue Cover Comfort, good r.'.. ■ ——
now DOC 200 to .elect from. Skirt, that hang property. Made co | or ,, tor QQ t
Talcum Powder 40 Inch wide Panama Cloth, regular Q(- out of the beet Worsted, Panama., Broadcloth. Serge. Well made Comfort fancy .ateen border sftArft 'children S
$1.50 yard, now QUu «nd F * nc y Suitings. Our price from f or KM
!Z£ CARPETS and RUGS _ $2.00 <° SB.OO I weight 5 pounde 53.00 I |
Sandfords Black Ink L£ ard . w ' do ,nßra,n . c ‘ rp ° t ; BOOd p 4 a “ e t r o n ‘ ggg LADIES' WAISTS Wrappers, Kimonas, Bath Robes !i
Full size bottle 20x54 Tapeetra Rug worth »1.25 r»p 65c flannellette abort kimona. pn Q J T T
iruu S>IZC Dome now 95c Bl«ck Sateen Walat Extra value ajj. tor RQp OandOW HOSe
■ 27x60 Smyrua Rug worth *2.00 (H aa- ,or DOC *l.OO Fleece down .hort kimona. __ U _ ,
now $ 1.40 ,2 “ Black Bata<m Wai,t ' x -“ va * u ° ■nn .pedal ftK f* For the bov
27x54 Perdan Velvet Rug worth *2.50 . Q _ »or U> I .09 *1.75 Fleece down long kimonae w, .
Fay Stockings SIM $2.50 fi-“ per pair 25c
need no supporters I 6x9 feet NepperhewTapeatra Rug worth | Extra »*"•* ln N *'t Welete. All waiete are greatly re- | i . wA, I 0 I j
fXtp ™ 30c $14.50 we s,vc you soc on ever, $l.OO \xs?~.rrr..-. 51.00
Buttons - Eurek .V Ta . P '‘ ,r .V ßuB “ orth . s22 00 . $16.50 you spend at the New York Store sp“i.?,or*' e w : app °:*. in .. dark . pa “ er . n *... $|;00 35C and 50c
Satin Covered, for skirts Pa “ a .' C .. Va ‘.'; at W ° rth . ,3 °' 0 °.....522.50 ; ——
per doz. 15c n.w A<m .' n . ia i::. R . ug . w .° rth .. s3s .' oo $24.50 Cut Prices in Our Clothing BtarSklnHos '
Wool Sox SHOES FOR EVERYBODY npnnptmpnt For boys and gnls
Our Shoe Department le more exteneive then any B L P®*" P «UT |QQ
in all colors I other Store in the City. We don’t confine ourselves I I I
to one make of Shoes, but have a number of different - - $
2 pair for 35c makc, ‘ ° ur ranfle of pricca ia accordin 8 y° ur p° cket We carry the largest stock of Clothing in your City. We haoe the best represented s shirts
- book—what you afford to pay and only the beet i. . , - n ... . a i . i i 1 l.f
C j makes are represented in our Men’s, Ladies’, Misses’ and tO Select fTOm. UUr Hottling IS guaranteed} it IS the best tnOUCy Can buyj CVCry ITiaCIC iIK.C a COat
uspen ers cmidren. shoe.. Saif is guranteed to keep its shape. All ths new shades and cats being shown this season C _- )ai nn
OfnrtK qK_ Children'. Shoe., gcod .tyle. .Ize. 5 to 8 n _ , •jpCCiai A |
wui ui jjv now OuC as ’ ,e ’ ore y° u ° a y; we can saoe y° * money.
. AP. Hoavy School Bhoea for all kinds of a. . ... w v # T-1 .1 « «
our price 25c wear, ~ze. 81 / 2 ,o 12, p.r pair $1.25 MEN'S SUITS Mpn’d Men s Ribbed
■' Misses’ School Shoes, made to give satis- a. .aa a WULUdIS
Men's Heavy ? c,ion ’ in box ca,f ' D ° nßC " o or vlci kld »P > -50 * B -°°sun m wor... d or w.,, ,9.00 M .n-. h .avy iri.h Friez.ui.ter Underwear
7 Ladle.- Fine Shoes, high or medium heel, (hM FA round cut special a. _—_ —tHKA (f wnv with i,„.
Cotton Sweaters «t.n.lon e-lo price $4.75 collar, .a", price $5.75 each 29c
Utz &. Dunn Fine Shoes, the shoe that is g\o\ >mi
HI. aold in »" * ar B e stores. Special SO.UU ,10 00 M ' n '* Suit ’ we " made - flood * lO 00 Man ’ a Overcoat in black only, " <
VUlf Selz Royal Blue fine droae ahoo for Men A* An eerviceable cloth, &7 Eft velvet collar good w. __ Ties
~ in all styles vlci kid or box calf *3.50 and *p4aUU " al ® priC “ $* eOU #i - ini material, special $6 50
Men's and Boy's £r: tr ..$4.00 Men ' a Bu '*’ ,hi * da *. u„.J The best line in the City
Warm Caps ph«“! TT. $9 50 $8.75 for 25C
Qfip ( 'i&Sti We are sole agents in We lxL/ar , ~50° Men ' a Black dream Overcoats, - A
A . * ,so ° M “ n '* Su "’ * inßle ° r dOUbl “ » h «y now are a,, ,
_ T7 . f Lamar for the World breasted, in the newest patterns sew- • mK; l ! /Jffl * 3le pric ® *sp I I ■(#(# I * B
Wool Dress Skirts od with allk thr<>ad . tailored u P -to- : j ml/fnim i n
4/ Y\ „ Renowned date. They now are AIA pa Atm iv jMI *lB.OO Men’. OvercoaU In black Ker- Corduroy PantS
In blue, red, brown y ' •«!. pnc. $ I Z,OU / ,cy or ,aney coatin <>, tai|or « d » h ®
dll EH HAWES »' B -00 Men-, suite, ,h. bee. mak M / «.T X $19.95 SI-60
WI.OU IITIWIuU we will tell at a great reduced price • I ||iV|
Wc Coals $3.00 HAT $14.50 <J? 1 IM Hand knit jackets
Gray Blue Special Sale on ail - - $j.25 MEN'S PANTS U] If \| J * 3lepric “ 9 * s ® or Men
dh ■ PA C z z ».x ea. uv f llMli IMB *lB.OO Men's Cravenette Raincoat Ir* (Q PA
51.50 Special Sale sn all - - $1.75 Vou will find hero a big line at IVW black only, full sizes and made to V4.OU
Champion Hat, SpecUl - - $2.50 pric “ '° W ° r ,han ® Ver be, ° re ' Th ® :fj wA fIL every coat I. guaranteed special '
Men's Boston Garters John B. Stciaxi, Special - - 53.55 I “fjg" g $12.50 Heav y, blue
Velvet Grip Remember the Date Remember the Date J ere£yShi « a
S»*' Nov - 14—For One Week-Sat Nov. 21
™' The New York Store, Lamar, Colo. 2SI

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