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i §ii2£f APPLES |
l iq |jg®j§ I
= Mr H'fte We will«// >on nice Aamf- 1
£ rsAu.ni • l j w it 3
_ the shreds* picked Winetap or Jenetons g
| The Favorite Morning Dish f or on ... 3
i What you buy of me is the 3
| best, the freshest and the clean- V 1 A |
! est of foods or V • *** |
| Your Money Back Per Bushel 1
!»« C. .L MARGRAVE.)
jiiUiUiu m iiiiiiiuiuiuiuiuiuimiiiuiuiuiuiuiumiiiiuiuuwuiuiumiuiu iu iu lU'iu iu iur
City aßAltox
The only set of Numerical
Abstracts of the Records of
Protoers County. Abstracts
to Farm and City Proper
ty fumishel on shortest no
ttce. Also owners of BaUl
winy Jay dk Co.'s Abstracts
of Prowers County Rec
ords previous to the fire of
1888. Terms reasonable.
Address ,
aw, Coloredo
Plenty of OhMo Money for
Rood Farm and City Loans.
Call and see mo.
Lee Yager has some post cards pt
real live baby(?) for sale.
Earl Hoselton returned to his home
In Sioux City, lowa, on Tuesday.
Newman H. Lewis, the Granada ed
itor, paid Lamar a visit yesterday.
Football, Saturday at the High
School grounds. Trinidad vs. Lamar.
James H. Burnett, of Granada, was
looking after business in Lamar to
Mrs. Susa Johnstone of Los Ange
les Is visiting with relatives in La
Dr. and Mrs. O. P. Swope of Hart
man were visitors In Lamar the first
of the week.
The dinner set given away at the
Family theater this week went to
Claude Swann.
Mrs. C. M. Lee left yesterday for
Pueblo where she will visit relatives
for a short time.
Already candidates for water com
missioner are becoming thicker than
fleas in a dog kennel.
Mra. J. A. Rosebrough and son of
Granada were in Lamar last Tues
day visiting with friends.
8. N. Canfield came up from Hol
ly on Monday to attend to some bus
iness matters at the county seat.
Mr. J. K. Doughty was looking af
ter important 'business in Springfield
Monday and Tuesday of thl3 week.
Mrs. Chas. Baldwin came up from
Granada last week and visited with
her parents and friends a short time.
Mrs. W. J. Johnston leaves tonight
for Peabody, Kansas, and will visit in
Kansas and Oklahoma for several
Bannister's orchestra will Ki ye a
dance at the I. O. O. F. and K. of P
hall nextFrlday evening. Come and
have a fine time.
Mrs. W. A. Packard and Miss Ella
left the first of the week for Boulder
where they will visit relatives and
friends for two weeks.
Mrs. Thomas popplewell. of Gra
nada. enjoyed a two day visit with
Mrs. A. C. Hughes. She return
home Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. Theo. Hagan and Miss Fan
nie Jackson, a La Junta couple, were
married at the court house by Judge
Thorne Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. A. E. Bent and baby, who
have been visiting friends and rela
tives In Lamar since election,
returned to their home In Denver.
Mm J. B. Bashor returned to her
home in Oregon Tuesday morning
She has been visiting for several
week, with -Mra. Thomas
her daughter. In Granada. She has
also visited a short time with Mrs.
The oflclal canvass of the vote of
Prowers county has been delayed un
til Friday owing to the difficulty In
finding a democratic Justice to help
conduct It. Wilson Edwards of Alhr.
ny is the only one.
Dr. K. C. Sapero was here this
week looking after his many patients
Owing to other engagements for the
future the Doctor will make his next
visit a month earlier than usual, bri
ing him here in December about the
The ladles aid will be entertained
next Thursday by Mrs. A. N. Parrish
and Mrs. L. Wirt Markham at the
home of the latter, 401 Olive street.
This meeting will be play day and
the ladles will do no work but sim
ply have a good time.
Monday morning while Will Leigh
was practicing football he sprained
his ankle. It was not thought at firs
the injury was bad. but now he can
not get around without crutches and
will not be able to do any football
practice for several weelm.
Mr. Ray Lane and family returned
from extended visit at Centerville,
lowa, their former home Monday
morning. Mr. Lane was la very baa
health when he left Lamar about five
weeks ago. but now looks much bette
and says he feels so. He is now
coaching the football team, and is
getting the boys in fine working or
Following is the standing of the
Arkansas Valley Football League:
Won Lost Perct.
Las Animas 2 0.. ..1000
La Junta 1 0.. .. 1000
Rocky Ford 11.. .. 500
Lamar 0 1.. 000
Trinidad 0 2,. .. 000
Trinidad is worse off than Lamar
in league stading although they have
neither won a game. Trinidad is out
of the race while if Lamar wins the
three remaining games, they will be
tied with one of the other teams for
first place. Lamar will play its first
league game on the home grounds
next Saturday when they meet the
Trinidad team.
The P. E. O. chapter and a few
friends were entertained last Satur
day evening by Mrs. W. W. Cooper.
Mra. G. B. Huntington, Miss Bat
man and Miss Robinson, at the home
of the latter. The house was beauti
fully decorated in the colors of the
order, white and gold, and the same
color scheme was carried out in the
dainty refreshments which were af
terwards served to the guests. The
evening was passed in playing Mili
tary Euchre, and each of the guests
was presented with a warlike sou
venir in the shape of a beautiful silk
flag. The party was pronounced by
all present as one of the most de
lightful ever given In Lamar.
after our interest in Prowers and
adjacent counties. Salary or com
mission. Address The Victor Oil
Company, Cleveland, O.
is here displayed—a basketful of the
finest groceries.
obtainable—a complete stock, freah
appetizing and at prices that mean a
weekly saving to the family purse
bearer. Coffee and-Tea fit for the
gods. Jams. Canned Goods, whole
some Flour. Pickles that please—ev
erything to gladden the heart of the
appreciative housekeeper. The mis
take of a lifetime to pass our door.
Cash Grocer
Butler’s Bargain Bulletin
For November
f ,F rou « ** jil ZL*
OR OVERCOAT . Tailoring and Unasnal
mmk s2ao °
I turn « Bn ■; i iff JT pm a Tblt you can't canal outslda of US
afU der * 36 Kt your uu ° r ’*' ™* !• a
You can be positive that the gar- Mj -Wllhj’ Jf, j appearance. It will man
meats are of the most advanced W 1' 1 'ISI li. ■."'Pm loo*c decidedly "well-dreaMd,** aad
jpi V r.'uiVr I In It 41 give you that nifty, well-groomed air
•tyle, that the materials are thorough f<fcf ■ IbP I vs\ SOM Y of the of fashion.
ly dependable and that the fabric /ti.M : Coat la slightly shaped to waist,
„ . , lTtT® Bi 1-; fIY - - Ym \ bae three buttons eet close, to close:
patterns are correct and fashionable fct I JP la, I |\ ~ . „ , ’ , *
Ml K. Li fancy pocket flaps; long seml-peaked
lapela and gracefully rounded fronts.
° han * gracefully and set graoefslly
tic an tin nn vll ov * r tu l “ u *- TL * ***** «
+ID.UU iO +4U.UU V. V worsted, cassimeree and cfeortoU la
V wsi Vim beautiful stripes, shadow stripes.
Is shown by us in every new model wBH t check and mixtures in rtch shades
.. . . . . . _.. YH§ of brown, gray, green and blue.
T X m. W . W „. m * nd Fail wear. 11 Thl. l«-t tb. uaual >2O.
smC Irian fwtlO rwams a If you want exceptional value in ex- W : D| a special, worth every penaj at |M,
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„ „ . “PECK CLOTHING." \\fU VffS
Can get one here that will equal In j jjDONT FAIL TO SEE OUR
quality any $lB. and many $2O. values s-kw %
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rr;. rt r :rr a Bargain Cotton Flannel Gloves
13.50 value., we wIU oloee chia entire dll QC w „ have about 100 auJ , s u,at we are going to ,11a- Wo h “ ve »|>oat !00 doaen cotton flannel work glov« Una.
line at leas than coat. The pair I .510 f t Ba ,. r | fiM They are of the well-known line we “ re ® oln ® l ° clc “ up • * m,Jl prlc ®' 11 ta “**
of “Wera Better- anJ-OapUtln KTu.he .o“T X
all wool. They run from Bto 16 years. g* Jf
Outing Flannel Sale All Wool Sweaters 98c
We have several thousand yards of good Outing Flannel A ■ • y a | |
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in thle aeaorunent. Alt high grade good. O p from 3 V to 42. A bargain while
Mill ende, abort .engtha, youra by the yd .P it Heavy Pant Over- P they laat. They go at. the neater .98C
Ginghams at 5c a yard alls at - - - • I
We have about 1000 yards of good count seersucker ging
ham that we will clean up. It la a regular 8 and l-3c 9 OuilCC HcaVV UenOlTl, P U/n AHA rlnCinOT Allf
value. The whole lot goes at the amall .C .. / TV C Ul v LIOSUIg 0111
price of. the yard aCO high and low back overalls • 1 t/v .
our entire Ime of Car-
Specials in Underwear BoysCottonadcb,; pant rn Lots of good
We have about 300 or 400 garments In odds and ends to tO 3- Ddfgdin ifj V V *
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ment or two. this is just what you are looking |J|- T} .
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The Store on the Corner The Store on the eorne r
Department of the Interior.
U. £lu4 Office et Lamar. Colo.
Sept. 28. 1908.
NOTICE l» hereby given that Iva D.
Hutchinson, of Lamar., Colo., who on
August 28, 1807, made homestead entry
(0593), No. 8516, for NW Vi Section 32,
Township 83 8., Range 48 w. 6th Prln.
Meridian, hM filed notice of Intention to
make final commutation proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above described,
before the Register and Receiver at La
mar, Cola, on the 12th day of November
Claimant nemse aa witnesses:
duy Bremer, H. 8. Brock, Walter Hut
chlnson, Mary Morris, all of Umar, Col
Department of the Interior
U. & Land Offloo at Lamar, Cola
Sept. 28, 1908.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Carrie
C. Hutchinson, of Lamar, Colo., who, on
August 28th. 1607, made homestead en
try (0592), Na 8518, for SW V 4 Section
29, Township 28 south. Range 48
west of the 6th Principal Meridian,
has filed notice of Intention to make fi
nal commutation proof, to establish
cLJm to the land above described, be
fore tho Register and Receiver at Lamai
Cola, on the 12th day of November,
1908 -
Claimant names as witnesses:
duy Bremer, H. 8. Brock, Walter Hut
chinson, Mary Morris, all of Lamar, Col
Pure Food Specials
” Rom of Sharon aaoj
w co«r 25c “ Great care is giotn to tke • eUe -
Wedding Breakfast t,on of all food products. Spec,al Grifflne oalabratad eoHd
Spices 5 & ioc effort gwen to the mamtauiance P* ok fnJu
Wedding Break fast of a uniformly low price.
Syrup 50c, $l.OO •iae For best Satisfaction trade at Diamond G ■agar our
ad ham aad baoou.

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