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Barley adapted to most sections
of Colorado. It makes its growth
and ripens in fewer days than the
other grain crops. This particularly
fits it for dry lads of the plains,
as the moisture of the early spring
is often sufficient to mature a fair
crop before the summer draugh. Bar
ley matures in the short seasons of
high altitudes.
The yield on the plains is from 15
to 40 bushels per acre, depending
largely upon eprliness of seeding,
preparation of the soil, and selection
of seed.
Barley ripens in many sections of
Colorado at altitudes as high as 9,000
feet. In Gunnison county, on a farm
at an alitude of 8,500 feet, barley has
ripened every year without fail for
thirteen years.
In the lower Irrigated sections, the
average yield per acre is 50 bushels,
and often runs as high as 80 to 100
According to the U. S. Department
of Agriculture, the average yield of
barley, per acre, in Colorado, for the
past five years, has been the highest
of all the states east of the Rocky
According to the same authority
the average yield per acre, for 19oJ
Colorado 40.0 bushelc
California 28.9 bushels
Wisconsin 23.0 bushels
Minnesota ..22.5 bushels
North Dakota 18.3 bushels
Unite Kingdom 34.3 bushels
Germany 33.5 bushels
Frrance 22.4 bushels
The yield per acre of barley in
Colorado was much larger than that
of the chief barley states of the
union, and larger than that of the
principal barley growing countries of
The farm values per acre were:
Colorado $24.00
California 22.54
Wisconsin 15.86
Minnesota 15.08
North Dakota 10.61
Barley is a cheap crop to raise and
brings good returns. It usually sells
for 80 cents to SI.OO per hundred
pounds, and in November, 1908, was
worth $1.35 per hundred pounds in
Fort Collins. If more were raised it
would be largely used to take the
place of corn in fattening sheep and
hogs. The flavor of meat produced
from borley feeding is better than
that produced from corn.
The following “minutes" of the
recent athletic meeting at La Junta,
by Brother Wick of the Bent County
Democrat, are too spicy to lose, so
we reproduce them:
Pursuant to a call issued by the
president a meeting of the represen
tatives of the S. C. & N. N. M. Inter
scholastic League was held at the
Sherman House, La Junta, on Novem
ber 28, 1908, and the following busi
ness transacted:
Meeting called to order, roll call
•and reading the minutes of previous
The following motions were then
made, duly seconded and unanimous
ly carried:
That the railroad fares for the vari
ous football teams be equalized and
balances assessed to each representa
That the schedule committee be
authorized to arrange a basket ball
schedule and to notify all concerned
at once.
That Supt. Jones, of Lamar, be ap
pointed chief detective of the League
and authorized to purchase a pair of
gum shoes and spectacles and to ex
amine all records of football players.
That the Rocky Ford football team
be penalized for refusing to accept
the hospitality of the victors after
their defeat in Las Animas and that
Prof. Robbins, the manager of the
Rocky Ford team, be spanked.
That the La Junta foot ball team
be penalized for switching ringers in
the Lamar game and that Prof.
Thompson, the La Junta coach, be
required to apologize in open church
to Pastor Pingree, the Lamar coach.
That the La Junta team be penal
ized for playing Kennedy, who is not
a boni fide student of La Junta
schools and that Supt. Hess be re
quired to sign an affidavit that said
Kennedy has a passing grade which
affidavit shall be o. k'd. by the min
isterial association of La Junta.
That the representatives of the
various schools in the League shall
be the superintendents of such
schools with the exception of Lamar
■whose representative shall be Doc.
Hasty de facto it.
That the congratulations of the
League be extended to Trinidad
Superintendent of school* upon his
selection as president of the Baptist
Woman’s College, as a fitting recogni
tlon of the record of the Trinidad
football team.
That Messrs. Love and Lubers,
having played upon the Las Animas
team for the past ten years, be re
The Lamar Register
leased t<\ Raton to reorganize the
team for them.
That Manuger McClure of Trini
dad be disciplined for misdirecting a
letter tainted with collusion and that
ue be fined five dollars worth of
chips. Amended to read, “no Rocky
Ford chips accepted.”
That the Las Animas football teapi
not having lost a game or scored
against, be declared the 1908 cham
pions of the S. C. & N. N. M. Inter
scholastic League, and that they be
awarded the denatured pennant now
in the possession of La Junta«upo.i
condition that Kreybill shall reform.
That hereafter at any meeting of
the representatives of the League no
one shall be indicted, tried, convicted
sentenced and executed or otherwise
Ixxlily mutilated without first being
given an opportunity to defend him
iself. Amended to read, ‘Except its
Las Animas."
That the constitution and bylaws
be and hereby are amended to con
form to these minutes.
That the meeting stand adjourned
sine die.
Next to a million dollars a hearty
laugh is about as pleasant a thing
as one can have. Everybody really
wants to laugh. No man and no'
newspaper can be really great with
out a sense of humor. The Chicago
•itecord-Herald regards the promoting
of smiles and laughter as a part of
the legitimate missions of the press.
For years the “Alternating Currents"
column of S. E. Kiser in that paper
las been a daily source of delight
. o its readers. The cartoons of
Ralph Wilder on the first page also
are designed to make people laugh—
and to make them think aB well. In
fact, the humor of the Chicago
Record-Herald, like its nows columns,
is always clean and kindly as well
as amusing and entertaining. It af
fords a striking example of the right
way to “tell the truth laughing."
Famous humorists contribute to the
'Sunday Magazine of the Record-Her
ald, with the popular novelists and
celebrated writers on timely questions
Both text and illustrations are of the
highest standard of periodical litera
ture —the new idea in Sunday jour
nalism perfected.
Miss Flossie Armour is attending
business college at Pueblo.
Mrs. Mutchler, of Lamar, visited at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Coopei
one day last week.
Quite a good many of the beets
are still In the ground owing to the
wet conditions of the ground.
Mr. Arthur Butler has returned
home after quite a long visit at his
old home in Lawrence, Kansas.
We never saw the ground so wet
nor the roads so bad as at the
present time, in Prowers County.
We understand Samuel Wright and
family and Mr. Lambs family, who
have been under quarantine for some
time on account of diphtheria, will
soon bje set free.
Mr. Roy Wright is taking a two
weeks vacation from his arduous
duties as mail carrier, and will spend
the time in Pueblo and Denver. Mr.
Roy Cooper will carry the mail dur
ing the absence of Mr. Wright.
We are informed that quite a num
ber of good cattle will be fed on the
Lane this winter. Mr. Dey is feeding
180 head of two year olds and B. F.
Cooper will feed 37 one thousand
pound three year olds for the May
Grinning Isaac.
Notes from The Lamar Register of
December 8, 1888
G. S. Hunter and W. O. Butler have
taken a contract on the Henry ditch
and are looking for twenty teams and
men to work.
Geo. R. Witherell. who murdered
Chas. McCain, of Granada, in the
mountains near Canon City, was cap
tured and hung by a mob at Canon
City Tuesday morning.
Hon. C. C. Goodale last Thursday
celebrated the 24th anniversary of
his being paroled from Andersonville
prison. In speaking of it he said it
was one of thehappiestdays of his
Hay was worth $lO. a ton in the
stack and the Registerpredicted that
it would never be as low as si> in
the stack inthisvalley. The paper s
hindsight always was better than it?
Five Duroc Jersey Boars, eligible
to registry. Also a number of goou
J. C. Horn, Lamar, Colo.
orTicijLt. asrxD ow pko-sters ©otramr
We ask all Book Buyers—
School Teachers, Sunday School Teachers or anyone buying books in quantities to not send away
until you see oar immense line of BOOKS inducing Gift Books of all kinds, jj
Booklets, Bibles, Testaments, Xmas Cards, Calendars, etc., etc.
Books from 5c up—
Wt believe we can save yov money, and besides you see exactly what you are getting. Watch
for our Grand Display of Holiday Goods. $ 85.00 in presents given away free. See our windows.
TMl rl FAN Th e °,dße,lab,e
IT £ W JLaL9i VI i Druggists, Stationers and Jewelers
What shall I select for Christmas re
membrances? That all perplexing
question is again before us.
Here in our large DEPARTMENT STORE- -you will find it a pleasure to make your selections.
The assortment is very large, the quality is good and die prices are reasonable.
and MUFFLERS A fine line of Hosiery. Silk Theyre
We have here the largest line ol Neckwear, Mufilers and ai>< * S * C t * le c debra\e& ™
Handkerchiefs, etc., ever shown in Lamar. All the newest shades
and weaves. Men’s from 5c to $l.OO. Ladies’ from 5c to $2.00 BLAUS. LAI BRAND Stand
each A very large assortment to seicct from. For Children-none better jMjl AbUSC
DRAWN WORK I and every pair guaranteed. KJIW Black Cat
A nice line of Pillow Tops and Linens of different patterns of Mens piain black Hose,
Drawn werk. A very large assortment good quality, 6 pair in a fancy box - CR
■ ■ - —for $l.OO
JfTe y s S S t h S a ncos t t w DRESS GLOVES
Wc arc showing a very large line of Dress Gloves for Ladies
2 Pieces, Jacket and one pair of and Gentlemen. Plain and Silk lined. Cape Mocha and Dog Skin,
Strafght pants. We have deter- in all colors, from $l.OO to $2.00.
mined th close out this line. "■ - -
$4.50 Suits now $3.00 LADIES’ COLLARS
-n « UI,S n °* t!1!c A nice line of Ladies' Collars put up one in
$2.50 Suits now $1.35
_ , a box especially for Christmas presents.
The quality is gnod-we are not _
We have received a very large consignment ol Trunks,
Leather Suit Cases and Traveling Bags. Any cf these would make
- - —a handsome present.
IF you are troubled with colt THE
ankles, come in and get a pair of
Bootees. We hcvethem in the Flor- W . J. JoHnStOIl
shetm make, tight as a shoe ana
rz * w ”"Mercantile Co.
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