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i |ftbggp W * A ' I
= IYe mill s< // >oa nice Aan J-
e picked Winesap or Jenetons
E The Favorite Morning Dish for only ... 3
= What you buy of me is the
| best, the freshest and the clean- m I
~ est of foods or • *
1 Your Money Back Per Bushel 1
\nrr\~* C. L. MARGRAVE.!
: liuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiumiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiumiuuiiuiuiuiuiuiuiul
City Editor
The only net of Numerical
Abstracta of the liecords of
Prowers County. Abstracts
to Farm and City Proper
ty furnished on shortest no
tice. Also owners of Paid
win, Jay it Co.'s Abstracts
of Prowers County liec
ords previous to the fire oj
1888. Term* reasonable.
Address ,
m*r. Colorado
Plenty of Cheao Money for
Rood Farm and City Loans.
Gall and see me.
The county commissioners were in
session this week.
.Mrs. W. W. Jones, of Granada was
a Lamar visitor today.
The county court was convened for
Ihe December term on Monday.
The work of grading the road nortl
of the bridge commenced this week.
The Holly sugar factory has closed
down after a short run of thirty one
Frank Tweedie Is now entirely out
of danger. His friends are glad to
hear it.
E. S. Darrough, mayor of Granada,
was transacting business in Lamar
Mr. John Duncan, Holly’s big real
estate man, was a Lamar visitor
this week.
Mr. Frank Stewart returned last
night from a few days visit in the
capitol city.
Miss Ella Packard returned today
from a visit of several weeks with
friends in Boulder.
Mrs. J. F. Dillon, of Winterset,
lowa, is visiting at the home of her
sister, Mrs. B. F. Cooper.
E. R. Yager has almost completed
a fine residence for Mr. A. Friedman
on the corner of Ninth and Elm Sts.
Mrs. M. J. Dickinson, of Grana.la,
■was a Lamar visitor last week at
tending to matters before the county
S. R. Hurson. of Carlton, was In
Lamar this week attending the ditch
meeting and looking after business
Mr. A. E. Downer went to La Junta
Saturday and enjoyed a short visit
with his brother Gil, who resides at
that place.
Rex Bennett of the City Electric
Company is able to attend to busi
ness once more after a long siege
of sickness.
W. W. Reynolds and S. C. Gregory
-were Lamar visitors this week at
tending the sessions of the board oi
county commissioners.
Mr. Delbert Mourning is finishing
a neat little house on Ninth and Ol
ive streets, just north of Prof. E. R.
Jones’ residence.
Mr. Harry Pettee, one of the numer
ous candidates for Water Commission
ier of this district, was up from Holly
IMonday, looking after his Interests.
Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Wilson enter
tained a few friends Wednesday
evening in honor of Miss Underwood.
Quite a pleasant evening was spent.
Mrs. W. J. Johnston returned the
first of the week from a visit of
several weeks with relatives and
friends in Kansas and Oklahoma
The marriage licenses of the week
are: Mr. Gotfried Soklofski and
i.Misß Katie iMai, both of Lamar. Re
fugla G. Hernandez and Sotorio Gar
cia, both of Holly.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller, who
lhave been visiting for several monthr
in California, stopped off in Lumai
.)on their return trip to Elma. Mo.,
'They have several friends living in
The Lamar Bar Association met
at the court house Monday, and re
elected the following officers: C. C.
Good ale. president; J. K. Doughty,
'vice-president; and W. A. Merrill,
secretary and treasurer.
The next meeting of the Indies
Aid will be held in the basement of
Ithe church, December 17. The meet
ing will be an all day session, and
will be turned in to an old time
Iquilting bee. All the ladies of the
,church are invited to come, and bring
their dinners and make a day of it.
Flaming headlines in the Denver
Times this week announce that “No
Rent Trust Shall Rule This Town.'
We have a suspicion that our friend.
John Duncan must be sojourning at
the capital this week, and indulging
in his usual game of jollying the
i press.
"ashler Smith of the Rocky Ford
State Bank was given his by a jury
at La Junta this week. If you want
to escape the law keep out of the
banking business. Sell the bankers
a golu brick and you will be a hero,
but the way of the banker is hard.
They catch him coming and going.
If he escapes the bunco man, the
sheriff is waiting to take him in.
The engineer of the new ice plant
which is being constructed Just north
of the Lamar mill sent several sam
ples of the water from the artesian
well at the cement factory to Chicago
and Kansas City for analysis and
received replies stating that it was
the best water for ice making pur
poses that could be obtained, but was
really too valuable to be used in that
Messrs. Dick, Larry and St. George
Creaghe went to Denver Saturday
morning and witnessed the great
•Carlisle - Denver University foot ball
game, which resulted in a score of
8 to 4 In favor of Carlisle. Larry
says, that the Indians were affected
Iby the high altitude and that at the
end of the game most of them were
all in. Whether they were or not,
Ithis game will force the recognition
of the western college teams by the
eastern colleges.
Bring the School Children
to the Union hotel on Saturday, De
cember 19, where Dr. Sapero, the
'well known eye, ea.r nose and throat
specialist of Denver, will examine
their eyes and yours free. Call early
Found.—A lady’s fur boa. Owner
phone Lamar 147, describe properyt
and pay /or this notice.
.. „ - / ■_••••
on the goodness of our stock, fresher
finer than ever, high-grade coffees
and teas, frliits dried and fresh, flour,
butter —
from all over the world — a perpetual
feast for particular housekeepers.
Note our attractive prices.
Cash Grocer
Phona Lamar 81
of Seasonable Merchandise
Specials combination suits.
our offerings of previous years, and * I "HIS stylish Combination suit, with two pairs of I j $ \\ I ill |{TJ|SkM*
you will act wisely in purchasing a X knee pants, is guaranteed to stand the hardest U )'
suit at these Interesting prices. The wear wit hout ripping or tearing. \\
garments Involved are all specimens «r» d . . i « , . . I•*
of the noted The Pants are taped and sewed twice. The Plain f! | [JnI J( 1! A
Pants are made with Double Seat and Knees from ' r jr. I- = JB
Peck Clothing ‘ eam,oseam - $ ;•<
For Men and Young Msn _ H /?-■■■# t I '
which in Itself should be sufficient
incentive to bring you here at the 18 11 I cw mmm
The $15.00 and $2O 00 Suits Riveted buttons that can’t pull off. All edges are double stitched; jjj af
include all new models in all the cloth scientifically shrunk —and sanitarilj’ camphorated to protect It ESf'j BBMtt
popular shades and patterns, in fab- from moths and germs. Eg? TBrajl
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in “TynanMii chase In every way—and be dol- hav ® about thirty boys' knee Captain Kidd all wool guaranteed
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others. wear and hard servlce . 5Uc the Uarment 1.95 the Pair B °' d at and up -
The Store on the Corner The Store on the Corner
Department of the Interior.
I U. ST Land Offlne at Umar. Colo.
' November 14, 190 S
» NOTICE Is hereby given that Ellen
! M. Mulchler, widow of John a. Mutch
• lor, deceased, of Lamar, Colo., who, on
! October 22, 1903, made homestead entry
' No. 0884. H. E. Nft 6652. for the north
; east quarter of Section 27. Township 23
! south. Range 46 west of the 6th Prin
i cl pal Meridian, has filed notice of In
! tention to make final five year proof,
i to establish claim to the land above de
[ scribed, before the Register and Uecelv
i er at Lamar, Colorado, on the 30th day
! of December, 1908.
Claimant names aa witnesses;
! Jesse M. Wright, Jack A. Seaman, John
j Barnhill, George E. Eagan, all of La
i mar, Colo.
! In the Matter of the Estate of John A.
Mutchler, Deceased.
; Notice Is hereby given, that on Mon
i flay, the fourteenth day of December. A.
! D. 1908, being one of the regular days
• of the December Term of the County
! Court of Prowers County, In the State
i of Colorado, I. Ellen M. Mutchler, ad
[ ministratrix of said estate, will appear
' before the -Judge of said Court, present
[ my final settlement as such adminls-
J tratrlx, pray the approval of the same,
i and will then apply to be discharged as
' such administratrix. At which time
and place any person In interest may ap
pear and present objections to tho same
' if any there he.
Dated at Lamar, Colorado, November
9th, 1908.
! Administratrix of the Estate of John A.
Mutchler, Deceased.
J. K. Doughty, Attorney.
Pure Food Specials
Rose of Sharon fancy
Wedding Breakfast /"» _ « _ • • , .» > New York fruit and
Coffee 25C P«r .b Great Cart U given to fk fcfe- vegetablea.
Wedding Breakfast * , ® n . * 00 “ P r °ducts. Special Griffins celebrated solid
Spices s & ioc effort given to the maintainance p»<* fruits.
Wedding Breakfast of a Uniformly low price. Golden Robin brand
Syrup 50c, $l.OO »«< For best satisfaction trade at ißgii-ciasa fruit.
Diamond G sugar oar
- ■ i ■—. ed hams and bacon.

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