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Dismissed After a Complete Recount
of the Vote on Sheriff.
Late Saturday night t'h/e canvass
of the votes cast at the recent
election for sheriff was completed
and the result showed a majority of
24 for John A. Simpson, tihe Incum
bent, with. 16 votes in dispute, which
would probbaly If passed on by the
court have been equally divided. At
tihe close of the count the attorney
for the contestant announced that
they were satisfied that 'he election
had been fairly conducted, no evi
dence being shown of any fraud what
ever, and they would therefore dis
miss the contest. He complimented
tihe people of the county on the fair
news shown and good nature prevail
ing in thle face of a contest, and al
so on thle substantial evidence of the
fairness If our elections.
The case has not been an ex pens! v
one and It Is probably worth all It
cost as a proof to all candidates and
their friends that evrbyone hod a
fair show and a fair count. No one
who had any knowledge of this re
count whatever can be convinced ot
herwise now.
Tlxe Register stated when the oon
itoewt was first died that It would be
welcomed by many for tills reason
and a recount could do no one harm
as the man with the most votes was
entitled to the office, but we also
stated that the talk about throwing
out any precinct was childish, and
Owe attorney for the contestant am
ply sustained us on that point, as
he stated that while there were some
Irregularities in making up Uie re
turns by the judges there was al»
solutely no evidence of any frauu
whatever in any of the precincts dis
puted. In fact Mr. Simpson's home
precinct on the count gave him the
worst of It, for they were so anxious
to do the fair thing that they over
did it. His largest gain was made
in Holly wliere five votes which the
judges refused to count for him were
admitted to justly belong to him by
Attorney Lamihright.
The county is to be congratulated
on tills early and peaceful conclu
sion of the contest.
One Benefit of Tiling.
TLLe al rentes the soLl through
which they pass which is about of as
much impor ante to liberating the
plant food and making crops grow
as is the drainage of the surplus
water from the soil. A certain
amount of air must penetrate the
soli to make plant food available to
sprout seed and grow plants. Tiling
performs a double function by taking
the surplus water out of the soil and
as tine water recedes, the air drawn
In to fill its plate which warms the
soil and makes plant food available
to grow seeds and plants. Tiles do
not rum full of water only when tihe
pressure of water above is very great
and even then, some air Is passing
down the tile with the water, and as
soon as the water pressure above
•the tile Is relieved to a certain ex
tent, a stream of air Ls passing down
the tile all the time. This air pass
ing through the soli makes 'the seeds
and plants grow much faster than
when there Is no surplus water so
that tiles are helping grow your crop<
of corn, beets and grain even in a
droughty, dry time. Soil that is
drained of its surplus water quickly
will always stand a drought much
better than soil that has simply sun
shine and wind to dry it out, as it
dries out merely the sunshine and
wind much more slowly and the top
•of the soil becomes plastic and then
cracks and bakes whereas if the
■water is drawn off quickly by tile
and air drawn through which tine tile
does, It leaves the soil Ln much more
of a pLiable condition. —Ex.
Godding's Sentence Commuted.
John E. Godding, convicted presi
dent of the State Bank of Rocky
Ford, faces a sentence of but two to
two and a half years in the peni
tentiary, instead of from eight to ten
years, as decreed by a court of jus
dice. Executive clemency was extend
ed Godding in the waning hours of
the regime of his personal friend.
Governor Henry A. Buohtel.
So indignant are the Rocky Ford
depositors of the defunct bank that
as soon as the news reached there,
talk of asking Governor John F.
Shafroth to sign an immediate par
don. that Godding may be rearrest
ed and tried within the statutes of
limitation, was rife. The same talk
was made Ln La Junta The Godding
trial cost Otero county over $6,000,
and It cost every taxpayer who pays
SIOO taxes over $3. There are proba
bly many SIOO tax payers in the
county who would be willing to do
nate that amount once more in order
rto give the district court another
•whack at the ex-bank president.
If Godding is permitted to serve
‘the time to which his sentence was
.fqduood it will be impossible to try
The Lamar Register
luiin again, because the time limits
under the statutes will have expired.
Governor Buchtel reduced the judg
ment of the court by three-fourths.
Deducting the time allowed for good
behavior, by the schedule on which
the reductions are operated, Mr. God
ding's sentence actually amounts to
one year and nine months, from the
date of his incarceration, December
12th, 1908. That means that he will
be entirely free on September 12th.
1910, even should he not further
shorten his time by road work. For
this class of employment a reduc
tion of ten days is made for every
thirty spent at labor.
George Hammond, a brother-in-law
of Banker Godding, acted as special
messenger of Governor Buchitel oa
last Tuesday morning and delivered
to Warden. Cleghorn the papers com
muting the sentence to two years.
The Warden notified Mr. Godding
and while the prisoner seemed to he
slightly disappointed at not receiv
ing a fuli pardon, lie expressed him
self as much gratified with the action
of his friend. Hie late Governor.
The prisoner’s health is said to be
good now, and he has been assigned
to duty in tiiie commissary depart
ment, where lie wears a blue suit In
stead of the regal at ion stripes. He is
said to be Industrious and one of the
best workers in the prison gang as
signed to tlve commissary depart
ment. —Da Junta Tribune.
Notes from Wiley Journal.
The search, for the bodies of Dr.
Scarlett and Mr. McNealey who were
drowned in the Ne No Shoe reservoir
two weeks ago, has been suspended
for the present on account of the
thick Ice. It is the intention to run
several feet of the water out of the
reservoir as soon as the weather
moderates. It was impossible for the
divers to work where there is so
much ice.
A mass meeting was held at the
opera house Monday according to the
call for the purpose of nominating
a ticket to be voted upon for town
officials Jan 26th. The meeting was
an enthusiastic one os there was
good attendance and much Interest
was manifested. The following ticket
as finally selected: Mayor, H G.
Damson; Trustees, John R. Pearson.
Chas. W. Guy, F. H. Tanner, F. S.
Southard, E. A. Pierson, Guy Hudson.
Wlille there was a spirited contest
on some of the candidates, the result
was generally satisfactory.
Good Company for 1909.
You are careful what choice of
friends the young people of your
household make. You do not open
wide the door to those whose speech
and behavior betray 111-breeding and
lax morals. Are you as careful to
shut It against hooks and periodicals
that present vulgar and demoraliz
ing pictures of life and its purpose?
Perhaps you are among those who
have found that The Youth's Com
panion occupies the same place in
the family reading that the high
minded young man or woman holds
among your associates. The Com
panion is good without being “goody
goody.” It is entertaining. It is in
forming. In its stories it depicts
Life truly, but It chooses those phas
es of life in which duty, honor, loy
alty are the guiding motives.
A full description of the current
volume will be sent with sample cop
ies of the paper to any adress on re
quest. The new subscriber who at
once sends $1.75 for a year’s sub
scription will receive free The Com
panion’s new Calendar for 1909. “In
Grandmother’s Garden,” lithographed
in thirteen colors.
144 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass.
The Best Family Newspaper.
An Ideal newspaper for the Ameri
can home must he habitually clean
and high-minded. It must offer some
thing of interest to every member of
the family, and it must present daily
tine news of the whole world ln auth
entic and readable form. A large
contract, you will say. Well the news
paper that comes nearest to filling
it in the West is The Chicago Re
cord-Herald. Its moral tone is al
ways high. Its news service is unsur
passed, and probably no other paper
in the United States has so brilliant
an array of special features suited
to the tastes and needs of every mem
her of the family.
Business and professional men hav«
long regarded The Record-Herald as
the best paper for their own reeding
because of Its unequaled faculty for
getting all the news of the world and
putting it Into the briefest possible
form for the busy man. They also
estejoan It for the reliability of
financial, agricultural and market re
ports. Young men perhaps find its
greatest attraction In the excellent
sporting department, which fills four
entire pages on Sunday and a page
or more oa aUwr days- Wives sad
OFrzszaz< xtji utifawb* or pnourEita cottmtt
Cure Your Cold for Twenty-Five Cents
With McLean’s Cold Cure
This preparation which we consider the peer of anything on the market for Colds and
LaGrippe, is put up especially for us and sold on our positive guorantee to releive all
Colds and LaGrippe, or we will cheerfully refund your money.
Only 25 cents, at
mothers emphatically prefer Tihe Re
cord-Herald on account of Its well
conducted fetninlne departments- —Its
daily -recipes and menus. Its dally
fashion news and hints for home
dressmaking. Mme. QuJ Vive’s pun
gent and sensible beauty talks, Mar
ion Harland's famous page and the
nest of the good things that make up
the handsome Woman's Section ln
the Sunday paper. Children enjoy
the Bit Lie Nemo and other Comic
Section pictures, with the bright
stories for boys agnd ris every Sun
day. And aU the family together can
enjoy the Interesting travels and
special articles of William E. Curtis,
Mr. Kiser’s humor and verse, the ser
ial stories and many slmiiiar featur
es outside Che news columns.
The Chicago Record-Herald has
every right to call itsedf the best all
around family newspaper in tlie
The recent report of the Chief of
the Bureau of Statistics In tihe de
partment of Commerce and
conn-Calns some excellent signs of a
general Improvement in conditions
of all kinds In the country, and one
of these is that In whldh falling pric
es for Imports and rising prices for
exports are declared. The trade ln !
the fiscal year 1908 has shown much j
lower prices for the raw material
imported, while the values on the
foodstuffs increased In price. Cof
fee, tea and sugar, for instance, have
advanced slightly. But the amounts
lias been largely overbalanced by the
Increase on corn and wheat sent to
feed the people of Europe.
On the export side, com shows
an average export price of 64.7 cents
per bushel, against 53 cents In 1907;
wheat 99.3 cents per bushel, against
79 cents in 1907. The corn crop,
which is this year in the bountiful
class.will enrich the American farmer
by many thousands.
Business in general in cities and
towns throughout the country has
not Improved as rapidly as some had
hoped but the slight reaction after
the first spurt has passed and a sec
ond wave has started which should
constantly, but steadily increase.
There is every indication of a con
tinuance of good prices for farm pro
ducts and with average good crops
the years of 1909 annd 1910 promise
to be record breakers for the Ameri
can farmer. And when he is pros
perous every department of industry
in the state catches the fever. —Ex.
The Prowers County Teachers As
sociation meets Saturday, Jan. 23,
Geography—Miss Minnie Barrington.
Discussion —Miss Elizabeth Simmons,
Miss Edna .Mosiher.
Teacher's Reading Circle—Education
by Plays and Games—Miss Edna
Discussion —Miss Agnes Fortune.
Miss Laura Appel.
Electives in High School —Miss Alice
Discussion —Mias Matte McCall.
Primary Language—Miss Glady Bar
Discusalon-Miss Elizabeth Tate, M-iss
Mary Buckley.
Banquet—6. P. M. to 8. P. M.
Lecture —8 P. M. -by Dr. Frank H. H.
Roberts oa Robert E. Lee.
A Wonderful Shot.
They were telling how well they
could shoot and Tom Dawson recall
ed a duck bunt in which he luul
brought down five birds with one
• Talk about shooiln,” said Old
Man Tllford; ”1 saw Jim Ferris do
a mighty neat piece of work one day
last week. He! wife was puttin' out
the washin’ and she was complainin’
about -the pesky sparrows inakln’ dirt
marks on the damp clothes with
their feet.
’ They're thick as bees ‘round here’
says he. ‘There's seven of ’em Hit
fin’ on -the clothes line this blessed
" ‘l’ll fix 'em.' says Jlin, takin’
down his dhotgun. which he alius
keeps loaded with fine bird shot. He
-tiptoed to Hie door, took aim, and—
“ Killed evivy one of them spar
rows," broke tn Dawson.
“You're wrong,” corrected Tllford,
calmly; "he never teched ’em, hut
when his wife took in -the washin'
she found she had three pair of op
enwork s toe kin’s and a fine peek-a
boo shirtwaist.”—Success Magazine.
Clay Creek Reservoir.
At a meeting of the land owners
and homesteaders under the Clay
Creek Reservoir -bold in the Commer
icial Club rooms last Saturday, it
j was decided to make an effort to
have sakl reservoir and ditch, there
from const rue ted in time for the 1910
crop season. There will he another
meeting held at the same place on
Monday afternoon January 25th to
which everybody is Invited and urged
to be present to formulate plans and
encourage the building of this ir
rigation system which to Lamar and
vicinity is so important.
E. A. Bannister, Director.
Music furnished for all occasions.
Prices reasonable.
Phone No. Red 1984 or address P. O.
Box 801.
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is your opportunity to buy
Wall Paper and Decorations
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efit, and you should realize it. ALL PAPERS ARE RIGHT HERE
IN STOCK. You do not haoe to wait for some one to send away and
order more than you want and make you pay for it, or less than
you want and r*ake you wait a week or two for the last strip. Come
and see our new Wall Paper Room. See the large stock carried
Notes from The Lamar Register of
January 19, 1889
Hon. E. O. Wolcott was elected
U. S. Senator from Colorado.
The contest of Cumml-ngs vs. Swift
for a seal in the house was dismiss
Everybody nearly was In Denver
and each one thad a different county
division hill.
J. W. Golladay runs, the only
sleigh in town.
A mountain lion was alleged to be
killing stock on lie range.
Judge Heaton was holding an ex
citing term of justice court.
The first pay day on the Ilenry
ditch caused much rejoicing thin
Step in now and look at a few of the Fall and Winter
Styles we are showing at reductions that tempt anybody wear
ing good clothes. At first glance you'll see style, distinction and
perfect workmanship in our Suits. They are made to satisfy.
They fit perfectly and permanently and are absolutely correct in
every detail. All we ask is an inspection.
Try It One Month
Take advantage of our Electric
Light Service for one month and
you will never again return to the
use of smoky, ill smelling kero
sene oil lamps. Let us have your
house wired at once
Lamar Electric Co.
Phone Lamar 8
A. E. BENT. President W. P. BELL. Manager
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