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(Continu#*! from flmt Page)
tensions by the »ak; of our Lrea*- y '
mock to our people, and In older j
that auc-h Investment may b : - j
aged our problem has b * i first to
reach every part of th* teriitory and
fumfch firm-class service, and
ond. to so manage that the Long
Distance System a* a whole will
yield a fair profit.
We are now facing the situation
of Itavfeig covered our territory with
a long distance system to mtrtu ted
piece by place, connecting together
not only all parts of the State and
Territory, but with the population of
the East; which conditions have ob
kHter to to make known to you their
study of our Long Distance rates as
a whole
This study was undertaken:
First, to enable u» to conform to
and malntlan a uniform method
throughout the system, and
- Second, because the bivdnex. Ii
our home company has so d?v-I
•eped. and methods of handling add
routing it have so changed, par
■ tlcularily with the projection of
. new Mis*, that a thorough st idy
of the toll rates in g**ieral has
seemed to me Imperative.
FV»r a year or more, experts horn
J.he East, assisted by our Oigineers.
have made a complete study of the
rate problem. The purpose of this
Uged us to make a new exhaustive
conclmlonfc upon this subject.
These are. In part, that an entire
readjustment of toll tariffs Is abso
luteiy necessary In this territory In
order to eliminate all discrimination
1n rules to the public.
It to obvious that one town 75 mil
es distant In one direction, and an
•ilpi - t wn the same distance ava-
Ip tit opplslte direct* m, each taking
an »t\ iiely dlffemet -»*» to the -tan.-
po.u ir. question, is dtocrlminatory
and treasonable.
1 siiull give some Utile detail of
the present scheme of quoting rates,
and this will, perhaps, better explain
why a readjustment of the existing
tariffs is necessary.
All Long Distance rates have here
tofore been baaed on pole Une mile
age; that Is, the distance was fig
ured between any two points via the
route of the line. Thus, the route
distance, at a given rate per mile,
determined the amuont to be charg
In following this rule, we have
been led to rates that In frequent
Instances have made conversations
almost prohibitive between certain
points; and yet, based on the haul,
these rates to the company, were
only producing the same average rev
enue per mile as all other rates.
In the above figure, we will as
sume that A, B, C and D represent
different towns which are connected
by Long Distance lines In the man
ner shown. We first built a line
from A to B—loo indies, and estab
lished a rate based on pole Une mile
age; then we extended the Une
from B to C—loo miles further. The
rate between B ami C was again fig
ured on the pole line mileage, but
we also wanted to quote a rate be
tween A and C, and according to
the pole Une mileage, we were oblig
ed to base the rate on a 200-mlle
haul Later on, the line was entend
ed to D—GO miles further, and a
rate made between. A and D. baaed
again on pole line milage via B and
C to D. Now, the air Une distance
between A and D to approximately
110 miles, while by the pole Une rout
through B and C, It is 250 miles.
It can be seen that a rate based
on a 250-snlle haul must necessarily
seem excessive when we consider the
actual distance between towns A and
This Is also true of the rate be
tween A and C; pole Une 200 miles,
direct line 141 miles; and between B
and D as well, where the pole Une
route amounts to 150 miles, while by
direct or “air Une” it Is only 110
It to clear from the above Illustra
tion that, as our lines were extended
and rates based upon pole Une mile
age or routes, taking It throughout
the whole system, there have grown
up in many cases, what appear to
the public, high charges for compare
lively short distances; while between
other points, as A to B, the charg** l
are consistent in nearly all cases.
However, this company has decid
ed that the only solution of this Im
portant problem will be a straight,
business-like readjustment of all
Long Distance rates from an entirely
basis; such basis. It has been
determined, to be entirely Just and
equitable to all. roust be figured, ap
proximately. on aLr line distances be
tween all altogether disre
garding the pole line routes.
We have, therefore, cut up the
territory by <*vldinlS th* into
sections five mi to* m™"'. ns Hhm
tented by Figure No. 2.
Every exchange or toll
when geoßrnpWfJLlly located, falls In
some one of those aeoUons. We then
quote a rate from that section to
an other sections in the system, has
led on air Une distance* from section |
i center to section centor.
in the above diagram, we will as
sume that La Junta, Colorado, falto
lu sectioi A. wbl’e Trinidad. Colo
rado falto in section .\i. The dis
tance to then det- -rmined between
the center*- of *>Ulcn A and M, and
the rate between thjse two points.to
Ijas'-d on. thi: air H ie mileage. <S
Clack line).
By the dotted Une is shewn th<
route of our pole lines, which, of
Js considerably f irth r. and
’.early llluscratts the difference Le
tt ween the oH aul th*3 new basto of
figuring long distance tariffs.
It has been ia h-r difficult to de
cide that such a schedule bas :d on
•air line” distances would prov
■satisfactory to the Company In th!
•peculiarly mountainous country
•where, for the raw part, our Hn
rave to follow '.alley* or war>
roads, often In a very cln.nito
However, since it seems that t c
method la the only Olr one w.
which to base lon-t distance rate*, w
believe we hat" made no mistake 1 i
adoption it. We hope the inanv r
(factions which it incurs, will en on
a«e a heavier patronage b»tw«eo tl
points where such redtv Uo'u ar
mad-*, and that this in time. »1V
offset the lost whlrh we * xptet a
present will result from this rat'
Wheo we commenced to build U P
our Long Distant-- S.vstem we knew
very little about how to do it. The
telephone buslnese was new and we.
found that we had to be the pioneer
In mountainous telephone Une engin.
eerlng. Because of these conditions
we made some rates too high and
others too low. In view of what we
now know. The present readjust
met corrects both these points and
rmkos them consistent and fair
it is very essential that the peo
ple in any town wthere some of the
rates may be raised shaU bear In
-mind that upon the whole their toll
line rates have been lowered. In
other wools if the whole State and
country are to be brought to your
local telephone door. It can only
be done by means of rates that will
bo fair to all and at the aame time
pay a proper return upon the Invest
ment. In order that every one may
know how the readjustment has work
ed out. the following statement will
be of Interest:
58 per cent of all rate, are lower
-26 per cent of all rates are raised.
16 per cent of all rates are tm
changed. t
In some cases rates have been tow
ered as much as 300 per rent. while
the maximum raise between any two
points Is le» than 35 per cent-
In conclusion. I wish only to add
that rate problems of any public ser
vice corporation must be met and
solved with absolute fairness to the
public, in that they shall be treated
without discrimination and with as
low rates as will pay fair returns up
on the investment: and to the stock
holders. In that they are entitled to
receive such rates for long Distance
traffic as will Insure a fair and leg
itimate return upon th«lr Investment.
The new rates will become effec
tive beginning May 26th. 1909. and
all present tarlrfs to and between alk
points are on that date annulled.
AU «>U!s for the month of June
will show the new rates, or if de
sired. they may be obtained before
hand by application to the toll oper
ator or to any of our authorized rep
Very respectfully.
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Coal, which makes a cheap cook
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best Coal mined for foundry and
blacksmith use.
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spring planting will soon be in.
We also deal in all kinds of
Feed and Poultry supplies.
F. H. KELSEY, Manager.
I HUic of Colorado )
(an In the District
j Count of Frowenn Court
Alury A. Kreldei. Plaintiff.
bU 31 • ’ - v *
| Mary Jane Wilcox, John Krelder, Alex
ander Krelder, Ann Ooodell, Ellen _Arn-
old, Wlham Krelder and Joseph Ki«-id
er. Defendant*. . ~ ,
The People of the State of Colorado,
To Mary Jan- Wilcox, John Kre-uer,
Alexander Kr**ider, Ann Ooodell. Ellen
Arnold. William Krelder and Joseph
Ki eider, the defendant* above named,
iou are hereby required to appear in
ua action brought against you by me u
bove named plaintiff In the District
Court of prowera County, State or Col
oiado and answer Uie conip.amt u.ere
ui within twenty days after me service
Hereof, If served within this County.
»r. ll served o-it of this County, or b>
publication, within thirty days aftei
li,e service Hereof, exclusive of tie
lay oi service. or judgment by default
will be taken against ou according to
il,o pia>ei of me complaint. Ana if »•
copy of the complaint In the above
entitled action be not served with tut*
summons, or If the service hereof U*t
made out of tills slate, then ten da,»
...iuioonal to the time hereinbefore
peel i ie«i for appearance and an.vwei
will be ai.owed before the taking o.
judgment by default as aforesaid.
The said action Is brought for a par
tition and division or the following de
scribed real estate situate In Prowers
County. Colorado. to-wit: The
of Section 11 anu the Ntfc of Section 1 ..
In Township 25 South, of Range 42 »•
blh P. M. in Colorado, containing 64"
acres; also the following described r-.:!
.-state situate in Baca County, Colorado,
. ,-wit: Lois 1, 3 and I In Section
;3. of Township -S, South of Range tl
.vest. Clh P. M. in Colorado, contain
ing One hundred anJ sixty seven and
.--1 Ou acre*, accoro.,.. «.« »..o respec
tive right* of the parties aforesaid. or
if a partition cannot be l.ad wi.nout ma
terial Injury to those rights then for a
.-ale of the said piemise* and a diwaion
>1 tne proceed* between the parties. a< -
cording to their right* after payment of
■he costs of this action.
The complaint herein alleges that the
plaintiff has an estate of Inheritance In
lie above described land to the extent
>f one undivided hah interest in the
ee thereof, and that each of the above
■lamed del en.hu. ts nave a similar es
.ate of one undivided o.»e fourteenth
.herein, u* will more fully app.-ar from
.be complaint In said a- tlun to v.. i ..
1 reference Is here made: a copy of
which Is hereto attached.
And you are hereby notified that If
/ou full to appear, and to answer the
.all complaint as above required, the
talJ plaintiff will apply to the Court lor
.lie relief asked for In the prayer of
.he said complaint.
Given under u.y hand ns clerk of the
district Court at Lamar in said County,
Ids 10th day of April A- D. ’SO*.
( Seal ) CHAB. XV. LUCK.
Clerk District Court.
1 deputy.
*.V. A. Mepill and F. J. McCarty, at
torneys for Plaintiff.
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Dt.paitment of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Lamar, Colorado,
April 20, 1909-
NOTICE la hereby given that William
11. Troutinun, of Queen Beach. Colo.,
who on Dec. 6, 1907, made homestead
entry No. 03949, Hd. No. 8094. for the
Southwevt quarter of Section 26 Town
*hlp 20 South, Range 46 Weat of the
of Intention to mnko Final commutation
6th Principal Meridian, has filed notice
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before the register and
receiver, at Lamar, Colorado, on the
10th day of June, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Charles H. NVltherell, Walter A. Smith
both of Queen Beach, and Ora E. Dodd,
Charles E. Skilling, both of Lainar. Col.-
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U. S. l.und Office at Lamar, Colorado,
April 20. 1909.
NOTICE Is hereby given that John W.
Troutman, of Queun li.-uch. Colo., who,
on L»ec. 19, 1907, mail • homestead entry
No. 03958, lid. No. 9136. for the south
east quarter of Section 27, Township
-0 South, Range 47 West of the
6th Principal Meridian, has filed notice
of Intention to make Final commutation
Proof, to ustublixh cluiin to the land
above described, befoi •• the register and
receiver, at Lamar, Colo., on the 10th
<lay of June, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Elmer J. Wagner, John O- Stream,
both of Umar, Colo., Charles H. Withe
red, Constance Otter, both of Queen
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