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Three Months of Taft.
Three months of Mr. Taft In the
White Houee. What la the state of
•the country?
Here to Washington, where the
course that Mr. Taft is pursuing is
being constantly viewed with, refer
ence to Its relations to domestic busi
ness conditions, the Impression is
strong that a modem magic worker
has been busy to bring, about a busi
ness iboorn during the revision of the
tariff, undertaking low level depres
sion following a panic. AdtuinJatra
tious are held responsible for pan ice.
Why should they not be given credit
for prosperity? That is the argu
Tumult has been transferred from
the White House to the Senate.
When men are called liars it hap
pens now under the dome of the cap
ital. Mt. Taft has been in the of
fice 94 day**. There have been but
three messages to Congress making
recommendations. One, of 340 words
related to Uhe tariff; another relat
ed to the failure of self-government
In Porto Rico; another related to
t lie success of self government In
There have been no proseo-iUone
instktuted against corporations witu
a oross baud, but tnui uocsu l iaieu..
that no prosecutions will bu ioogi4.u
rater with dignity and sobriety. There
have been no altercations with Na
ture laairs, rlilc mauuiacture>s o.
pnotographers. There lias been b
one luspired statement as to whu.
the President wanted Congress to dJ,
and the Nebraskan who put it fortn
was placed under the '‘lid” and the
lid was sat upon.
Oh, lots of things have not been
done since March 4. The patriot wh<
wanted commissions for this, that
and the other. In opposition to Con
gress, has gone home to wait for
better and brighter times. The muc k
raker has departed to roost at the
health Tesort and the ibreak/aat-food
factory. The Idealist, who desired
congressional laws overridden, has
turned hte attention to architecture
and landscape gardening. The Cab
inet minister who would spend SI,OOO
000 on a government building with
out complying with the law had his
ambitious wings clipped.
Comparisons are odious. It will be
more to the point to show what Mr.
Taft h**- Initiated and how be has
done It. What are the signs and fin
ger boards he placed along his court**
during the three months.?
Well, for one thing, Senator Hale
and Representative Tawney.chairman
of the House Committee on Appro
print ions, are quite convinced that
the government of the United States
in now a lawablding concern. The
government Itself is setting an ex
ample, according to these men, that
the laws of the United State* must
be obeyed by officials, as well as
by the corporations, and the •latboi'
unions. Hard as the pill has been
to swallow, the navy department has
yielded its contention that the com
ma nder-fn-chief Is supreme, and l>
obedience to a law of Congress, mar
ines have gone back on board the
The Department of Justice, the De
partment of Commerce and Ladorand
the Interstate Commerce Commission
have flown from an ok! praetdee. and
•no longer 1* the Bureau of Corpora
tions used as a collector of evidence
in criminal prosecutions. Hardship
though it may he, retired naval off!
cers, hale and hearty, have been re
Meved from assignments to active
duty and have gone into retirement,
because the Attorney General said
the practice was illegal. The Sec
ret Service has been restored to It*
statutory operations.
Very long steps have been taken
in the direction of the reign of the
Haw. A great believer in terminating
•the law’s delay and Insuring even
handed justice to all classes, Mr. Taft
has been the mainspring in this re
But he has gone further than this.
Hand in hand with the restoration of
•the law lias come a fixed and serious
policy on the part of the President to
take the Federal Judiciary out of pol
itics. It is aso his effort to raise
the standard of Federal Judges as
high as intelligent selection can ele
vate It. Mr. Taft Is deeply interest
ed Jn this, and his friends regard it
«s one of the great moves of his car
reer as President. He has shown it
tin almost every appointment. Wash
ington Dispatch in New York Herald.
Leading Democrats on Bryan.
Said Senator Simmons, of North
Carolina, recently in the Senate:
“After following Mr. Bryan for
twelve years to defeat and disaster,
I do not see what right he has to
dictate to us in the Senate, who are
attempting to put the party before
the people in a manner which will
enable It .to recover from the effects
of his leadership. As far as I am
concerned, it Is wholly immaterial
-what he says about me. For'unately
Mj. Bryan la not in the position to
The Lamar Register
decide who is and who i* not a Dem
ocrat. In voting on the tariff 1 am
considering the interest and the will
of the peopJe of my state, just as
Mr. Bryan did. I have onrty to u.i
s.wer to the people of North Caro.i .
and care absolutely nothing as to
what Bryau thinks or writes.”
“Who gave Bryan the right to say
who is and who is not a Democrat?”
snorted Senator Tillman, of South
Carolina. “I am not worrying about
what he or anyone else says. 1 an
swer only to the people of my State.
They wild attend to me if I am not
doing right, and 1 am willing to sub
mit my record to them. 1 am
against free raw material, and believ
as Senator Bailey does, that such a
policy is not Dineocraic doctrine.”
‘‘lt appears to me,” said Senator
Smith, of Marylnd, “that Mr. Br.vai
should give the Democrats in Con
gress an opportunity to work out the
salvation of tiie party. He has had
his opportunity to lead the party to
victory, and has uterly failed. We
are trying to make a record in the
Senate, which can. be defended be
fore the country, and Mr. Bryan
should at least wait untH the bill Is
passed before he begins to attack the
members of his party In Congress.”
Bristol's Church Cleared of Debt.
The program of dedication services
.vere cavrled out in a creuitable ma.i
ler tor the dedication- of the Bristol
->l. E. church latrt. Sunday. The musi*
•van furnished by a chorus of over
-wenty voices and the manner of ax
;<ution showed careful preparation.
The solo by Miss Belle Haven; duel
uiy Della Drugger and Grace Kenney.
inA quartette by Mrs. Stivers, Mrs.
Nichols and Welter Punt coney and
J. B. Nichols deserves special men
At 10:30 o’clock Chancellor Iluch
tel delivered a masterful sermon and
at the close read the statement of
receipts and expenditures furnished
by the Board of Trustees. S6OO was
needed to pay all Indebtedness and
at he call of the Chancellor a liber
al resiponce was given and before the
meeting "closed $702 was sutoscrilxMl.
This amount was increased to over
S3OO before the close of the evening
At 2:30 o’clock after the picnic
linner, the Chancellor preached agai
and the church was presented for de
dication by the Trustees and officers
of the church. The beautiful dedi
catory service was read by Rev. R.
A. Chase- and Chancellor Buchtel.
In the evening an appropriate ser
mon was delivered by the Rev. R. A.
Chose, which was a fitting close of
the day’s services. The Board of
Trustees are to be congrautlated on
their work and the people in general
are to be highly praised for their
liberal offerings.
Barge crowds attended each ser
vice and there were but few who did
not contribute something to show
there lutereat in the work of th«
church. We understand that the
basement will be fitted up for a soc
ial hall in the near future and when
this Is done Bristol will boast of a
church that will be adequate to all
their needs. —Granada Times.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the stockholder:-:
of The Comm recta! Club As
sociation will be held at the Club
Rooms of the said Association in the
Town of lanmr. County of Prowers
and State of Colorado, on Tuesday,
the 13th day of J-uly. A. D. 1909 a:
7:30 o’clock p. m. for the election of
a Board of Directors for the ensuing
year and such other business- as inay
properly come before the meeting.
June 9, 1909.
C. C. GOODALE. Secretary.
Notes From Lamar Register of
June 22. 1889.
The first meeting of the Prowers
County Teachers Association was
called for July 29, 1889, by County
Superintendent F. E. Irwin.
Prowers and Bent county Commis
sioners were still holding joint ses
sions trying to make a settlement.
E. B. Leatherman was appointed
superintendent of the eastern divi
sion of the Henry ditch this week.
SaJairy S9O per month.
C. C. Goodale and D. E. Cooper
will get water from the Bed Rock
ditch next week when it will be
completed to their farms.
J. W. Golladay left Monday for Pue
bio to join the Ogden excursion. He
proposes to see Utah for himself.
The ladies of Lamar took charge ol
the Fourth of July preparations. Mrs.
Goodale, Mrs. Cooper and and Mrs.
Fuller were the only present day
Lamarltea In the large Hat of com
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