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Lamar vs Colorado Springs.
The Lamar football squad left
for Colorado Springs last Friday
morning and on the following day
fifty-two other persons left for tha.
place. Many of the Lamar bust
ness men subscribed fare for one
person, and they either sent some
one or let the school board choose
some one to send.
The result from the game was
not Just what was expected by the
lotmar people but never the less
not enough courage and praise can
be given the Lamar team for their
good work. J'ae boys went in tin.
game on very poor grounds for
either team, and it was seen that
the game would be hard fought. In
the first half the Springs boys
played hard and by out nissing
our boys they were abi j to for-’e
too pig-skin over the goal line on
a fluke, and missed goai. Between
Halves the boys were feeling in the
bist spirits and had tu~ intentiat
of winning the game. But to theii
sad dissapointmeut the "Terrors
forced the second touchdown over
the goal, and also kicked a goal.
The game went on for a few min
utes and it was seen that the La
mar team was outclassed, mosti>
being in the swiftness of the op
ponents. The Lamar team have n.
•if’s’ or ‘an’s’ to give, but are wii.
iug to admit that they were ou
classed. The score stood 11—0 ii
favor of the Colorado Springs Tei
rors. The season will close Thun*
day. Thanksgiving day when tin
"Savages will meet the Pueblo hig.
team, better known s* tm. "Centen
The high school faculty have de
cided to place the champioushii
pennant of the Southern Colorado
and Northern N. Mexico league, ove.
tue statue, "Victory," in the assem
bly hall. A place was selected foi
the state pennant but owing to som
difficulty in selection, it has beei.
decided to leave this matter unti.
next year.
James Dye of the Commercia
studio spent last week ou the Two
Buttes project taking photos of the
landscapes. A special invitation I*,
sent to everybody to come and loos
this work over.
J. W. Hodges, was in town lasi
Saturday and while here made a
bid on some construction work a:
the Two Buttes Townslte. Mr.
Hodges is talking of going intc
business at the new town.
The high school team, faculty am
pupils wish to thank the buslncs.
men of Lamar for their loyal h.
port during the season of ’O9, and
also the Up-to-Date Drug Co., fo
presenting of the goal post on tl.
football gridiron. The closing o
the season will be played at Lamar
Thanksgiving afternoon.
The Ladies of the Methodlsi
church will give a musical progran
In the church Friday evening Dec.
<», after which they will adjourn t«
the basement for a social time. Ad
mission 10c. In connection witl.
this will be a Japanese Tea room,
where those wishing may be servei
with tea and wafers and take th
dainty Japanese cups as souvenir*
for the price of 26c.
Marvin Taylor, of La Junta wh
is employed by the Santa Fe, wo
crew east of Lamar, met with a
very .a )l\ us accident Satin-lay
nlgnt. While riding a trlcyda on
r;. tall road,the wot i tr.r.ti over
took Lim and he \vu* *hr*»ii ofi
the treak, sustaining severul bod
ily injuries. A special trftM was
ordered from Syracuse and he was
rushed to the La Junta hospital
His injuries are serious, but Ltu
tuuM’.ered dangerous.
A change will be made in th
local Santa Fe freight office
week. Robert Latham, cashier
the local freight office will be
agent for that place. Chas. Hurt
oven working for the
the local freight office will be
transferred to Las Animas and be
the vacant place left by Mr. Lath
am. Mr. Asher from Hutchinson
ivansas will fill the position ot
clerk. The people in Lamar w.
miss Mr. Latham, but we wish
him the best of success in his .
The Youth’s Companion Calendar
For 1910.
The publishers of the Youth’s
Companion will, as always at this
season, present to every subscriber
whose subscription ($1.76) is paid
for 1910 a beautiful calendar for
the new year. The picture panel
which suggests the title, "Vene
tian," for the calendar was paint
ed by the famous marine artist,
Thomas Moran. His Venetian scene
reproduced in the calendar by thir
teen-color lithography, will be
found well worth preserving, long
fefter 1910 is gone by.
The Lamar Register
.New Sunta Fe Locomotive Weigh
ing (100,000 pounds Just l>u...
ered. Intended for Fast
Passenger Trains.
Others to Follow.
The largest, heaviest and most
powerful pusseuger engine eve.
ouiit has just been completed, ...
tue Baldwin Locomotive wonts »~
i'uiiaucipliia, and delivered to Un
o.tuut r’e, for use iu uaunug Uo
Limited and oiuer ta~.
passenger trains oetweeu beligmun.
Arizona, and i\eedles, caiuoruui.
This monster of tue ranioau
Menu is waul is kuowu as a aim
let urticuiated compound, being i..
.Utility two engines in one.
iU;> teet long, iu feet, to inches L.
.teigiit ana weighs buu.uuo puu«u.
oi uue petroleum is used as fu«-
aud it is estimated that tue
ganous of oil, and 12,0uu g..-
aoid, will carry a train 100 miles
witnout a stop, even ou tue mouu
tain grades of western Arizona.
iue engine is designed for speee
as well as to develop great powei.
.lie five pairs of driving wueeis.
.acu 76 inches in diameter a.
wonted iu two sets. Tue rear thre.
pairs are driven by high preso-*.
> tinders, and the two forwaiu
pairs by low pressure cyiiudors.
An engine as long as this levi
-tiuan built aloug ordinary line
witu rigid frame, would have dii
tlculty in negotiating even ordin
ary curves. To overcome this mos.
serious objection, the designer h..
ouiit the frame of these monster*
ii two parts so arranged that i
will give on the curves. In *
official tests this engine took
sixteen degree curve as easily as
switch engine and without reduc
tion of speed.
me feed water-pipes are equip
ped with a heater that raises the
temperature of the water to above
ooiling point before admiting it
to the boiler. After the steam has
.seen generated to a register c
juut 200 pounds to the square
inch it is sent through a super
uealer before passing to the higi.
pressure cylinders. After perform
ing this duty, the steam goes into
a reheater for rejuvenation before
mtering the low pressure cylin
ders, from here it exhausts through
rue stack.
This engine is the first one for
passcpger service, built on Mallet s
design. and the * lrat to combine
fet-u water-heater, super-heater auu
.ebeater in the same machine. As
a measure of comparison it may be
stated that this locomotive develops
a traeuon power of 65,000 pouups
of 2.- pounds in the next most
powerful passenger engines ever
ouiit .
A second locomotive exactly dup
li.uting the one described is nei.il>
iearly for delivery. In addition to
ibo*e passenger engines, the Bald
win company have under way t*o
Mallet compounds for Santa Fe
ireigui service. These machines are
larger in every way than those lu
te no*: il for passenger service, save
.u the matter of drive wheels, they
are but 62 Inches in diameter. Thel
weight is to be 700,000 pounds each.
The ordering of these monster
machines is in line with the advanc
ed ideas that characterize the
Santa Fe in all departments .
If these engines perform the work
expected of them, others will be
ordered for use on the several
.nountain divisions of the Santa
The development of the Ameri
can locomotive is one of the mar
vels of the age. Twenty years
ago the monsters of the rails were
48 feet long, 10 feet high anu
weighed but 116,000 pounds. These
new mountain climbers of the Santa
Fe will make the old time heavy
weights look like toys.
The big engine will be put on ex
hibition for a few days, in Chicago,
after which it will proceed west to
enter regular service.
H. W. Koen made*a trip to Pu
eblo last week on business.
Notes From Lamar Register of
November 23, 1880.
The election bills showed it cost
over SIOO per precinct for judges
and clerks for the county seat e
Mrs. A. Deetor, two daughters
and son arrived on Monday evening
and will make their home here.
F. H. Rosacrans moved to Lamai
from Granada this week.
Notice was published of the dis
solution of the law firm of Goodale
& Cooper.
Lamarsports were busy killing an
telope. Six were brought In that
Dirpisiat. srs oar catrxTTTr
We are busy opening up our immense line of Holiday Goods and
will have on display in a few days the largest line of
Holiday Goods and Toys
Ever Shown in Lamar, Including
Toilet, Manicure and Travelling Setts, Post Cards, Autograph and Photo Albums, Fancy Box Paper,
Perfumes, Fine China, Cut Glass, Jewelry of all kinds. Diamonds, Sterling Silver Novelties, Plated
ware, etc., as well as a large line of Dolls and Toys, Books of all kinds, Xmas Cards, Booklets, etc.
Call early and Inspect our line and compare prices
Yours for a Happy and Prosperous Thanksgiving and Xmas,
The Old Reliable
Mercantile Company
f ClothinG / jonston «.oo hat
Wearing apparel bought
because it is cheap is gen
erally a poor investment. 7 'he rather small shape with ’ flat set'brims are the
This is truer of Clothing prefereJ styles in derbies this season, while in soft hats,
than of anything else, fancy has the widest latitude for choice. Colors seem to
Good Clothing is always be the go everywhere---olives, maroons, blues and, modes
cherpest in the end and in — anything is in good taste if becoming to the individual.
buying J. Capps & Sons As to quality, of course, the Johnston $3.00 Hats will be
Suits and Overcoats you the choice of discerning men.
get better protection and
the comforting feeling that
o„. U ri ,h, JOHNSTON $3.00 HAT
$12.50 to $25.00 1
sl2-50 In $25.00 UNDERWEAR
BOOTEES The largest and best line in Lamar.
Wehave one style Underwear to fit everybody. Union Suits
of Bootees made by and two-piece, in Cotton, Wool and Cotton,
Shoe Co.°of which |Hv W ° ol FleCce ' Cotton Fleccc and All WooL
we are offering at = -
For cold weather Union Suits $ 1.00 to $4.50
nothing will answ- Two-piece $l.OO to $4.50
er the purpose so -
COLO. I/TlirV/fJJfef aw COLO.
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