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i ARE YOUR ORANGES an apple a day §
g= Keepwell by eating f. uit especially
E tl „ _ Our apples are from Farmington, 3
r- 1 here are so many sour, green , T .. , - „ , ,? 3
E ... .. , , , N. Mex', and the flavor and quality is 3
E oranges sold this time ol the year that , -p. .... , ji ... 3
E n 4. , , ~ „ unsurpassed. The altitude is
fc m n/peop.e do not buy them at all. „ , , 3
fc Tt.„„ „ .. ~ . soil produce a delicious flavor. 3
fc: 1 here is practically only one . . . r 3
| good sweet, juicy orange now and we We have ,hc ***' TTt p'll' 1
| have them. The rind is thin and the ™r as you can see by this-hst. Roman g
| pulp is tender and very juicy. Order a |eaut,., Jen.ton, White |
1 dozen and you will want more. Winesaps, Jonithan, Mo. Pippins and |
g: Ben Davis. Ej
p Price per dozen 30 and 40c The price is 4 !ls 25c
The only eel of A r um erica l
Abstract* of the Record* of
Pro were Co unty. A betract*
to Farm a ol City Proper
ty 1 urniehed on short) *t no
tice. A!mo owners of Hohl
win. Joy tl* <'* Abstract*
of / *ro mers f ’/> onf >/ //. c
onl* prci'iou* to the fire of
188 f- Term* reoso/uil le.
mar. Colcrado
Plenty of Cfioou Money for
food Farm and City Loans.
Oall and see me.
Jamie Johnston is suffering from
an attack of tonsilitis. but is abl<
to be up town a little.
Art Jones and Mr. and Mrs. A1
Foster were up from Holly on busi
ness the first of the week.
Attorney William Merrill made r.
business trip to Springfield last
week returning home Saturday.
H. E. Noble the popular hard
ware man from Granada is spend
ing a few days in Lamar attendiiu
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Caulk re
turned from their honeymoon last
Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Caulk
will reside in Lamar.
The ladles of the Chrlstain church
will hold a bazar in the front room
of the News office on Friday and
Saturday of this week.
William Smith returned from Chi
cago Saturday morning. Mr. Smith
has been taking in the I«and Con
gress and visiting friends In Illinois.
C. M. Lee made a business trip
to Las Animas last week being call
ed on to help make a yearly ex
amination of the Fort Lyon Canal
The B. B. O. P. class, and the
Antl-Can’t class will be entertained
by their teachers in the basement
of the Methodist church Friday
and bny only
baking powder made ' ti M _
tan cream ol tartar
J. B. Kyle of Oklahoma City, Is
representing the firm of Durham &
Company in Lamar this week aud
is collecting a few bills due his
C. C. Goodale returned from the
oast Sunday and reports that rail
road and telegraph traffic Is de
layed considerable on account of
the weather.
The Bridge club enjoyed a very
delightful evening on Monday. Mrs.
-has. Smith was hostess and her
iome is always an occasion of
‘good times.”
The dance given by the married
oiks last Wednesday night was
well attended. The feature of the
ivenlng was the cake walk by Frau
ds McCarty.
Bryan Haywood, Manager of the
Colorado Alfalfa Products -Com
pany left for his home in Denver,
where he will spend a few weeks
with his family.
Miss Florence Morgan who has
»een employed at the Bennett
Bros. store for the past two years
eft for her home near Topeka, Kan
sas, Monday night.
The Y. M. B. C. met with Mr.
ind Mrs. U. P. Read at their home
in Seventh street. A full atten
dance was present and a very pleas
int evening enjoyed. -
The Young Peoples class of the
dethodist church had a merry time
it their monthly class social Tues
day evening in the basement of the
R. J. Rountree, chief bookkeeper
n the Two Buttes office left for
’hlcago last Saturday. Mr. Roun
.ree will return with his two child
ren as soon as possible.
Rev. C. C. Cunningham of the
Jhrlstain church has been sick in
>ed for the past two weeks, but) now
s Improving and expects to preach
oth the morning and evening ser
On Tuesday the president sent
o the senate the name of Ed. M.
dears for confirmation as postmas
er at Lamar, and he Is receiving
.he congratulations of his many
Two of the largest engines in
he world have passed through I-a
:nar in the past week. Numbers
1300 and 1301, the two largest en
gines ever built by the Baldwin Lo
omotlve works of Pittsburg, Pa.,
vtll be used on the Santa Fe In Cal
ifornia and Arizona. The engines
ire of the big oil burner type.
The Y. M. B. Club met at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. U. P. Read
on South Seventh street last Fri
day. A very enjoyable afternoon
was passed by the sewing club.
Miss Bessie Farmer of Canada
is visiting the family of T. J. Swan.
Miss Farmer will remain In Lamar
for some time as she has accepted
a position with the Family Theater.
Mrs. St. Clair of Denver, presi
dent of the Rebekah lodge spent
last Friday evening with the local
lodge, and loft on Saturday for WII
ey to visit the Rebekah lodge at
that place.
The Dowler Automobile Company
of Lamar will make regular trips
to the Two Buttes town and other
points south, twice every week. Per
son’s wishing for further Informa
tion should see F .A. Dowler.
Dr. R. A. Chase, District Super
intendent from Colorado Springs
will hold Quarterly Conference In
the Study at the Methodist church,
Friday evening at 7:30 and will
precah Sunday night.
Mrs. E. M. Willoughby and son
returned from a six weeks visit
with friends and relatives at Anna.
Illinois. Both Mr. Willoughby
and William, her son, were glad to
have her back home again.
The December term of County
Court was opened Monday, Judge
Wellington E. Fee presiding. A num
her of Important cases were set
for trial. All cases will be tried
before the regular pannel of Jurors.
Elmer Wagner has completed the
buying of sheep to feed this winter.
Mr. Wagner has Just arrived home
with a consignment of 5000 sheep.
This makes the total number of
sheep being fed by Drake and Spen
cer over 10,000.
Mr. L. Wirt Markham returned
from Chicago last Friday, where he.
lias been attending the U. S. Irri
gation Congress, and boosting Prow
ers county. Mr. Markham is now
sick In bed, suffering from a severe
attack of tonsalltis.
On Wednesday afternoon while
a freight train was backing on the
Morse switch, six cars passed over
a little six year old boy with the
result as he said that he was “most
scared to death.” Otherwise he
was not hurt.
Fred L. Harris General Manager
of the Two Buttes project returned
from Chicago last week and reports
that the United States Irrigation
congress Is having a good attendance
and that plenty of literature can
be circulated.
The local sugar factory has been
running on half capacity for the
past ten days, and the management
is expecting to close the mill most
every day. This campaign has
been the shortest ever known in
the valley.
The moving picture show In the
Opera house was discontinued last
Saturday night. The manager Mr.
King spent considerable money get
ting a first class moving picture
show outfit in Lamar, but the town
has not enough aheater going peo
ple to support two shows.
Mrs. James Bradly who was tak
en suddenly 111 on Wednesday night
with appendicitis was taken on
Thursday to La Junta hospital for
an operation when It was found
that gangreen of the appendix had
set in and the surgeons that
she cannot live but a few days.
The meeting of the Prowers Coun
ty Fair Association was held last
Wednesday night, and a large per
cent of the stock was present. Dir
ectors for the annual Fair of 1910
were elected.
Chas. Maxwell, G. A. Watson, C.
R. Strain, N. N. McLean, F. H. Kel
sey, A. N. Parrish, C. C. Huddles
ton, J. 8. Hasty, L. E. Butler, W.
C. Gould, W. M. Dickinson, A. Mar
burg and F. H. Rosacrans.
The officers are President, C. R.
Wednesday night and a large per
Strain; Vice President, Geo. A. Wat
son, Treasurer, W. M. Dickinson;
Secretary, Cham Maxwell.
The Methodist S. S. will give a
children’s cantata on Christmas eve.
There will be the Queen of Christ
mas in her snow palace, the Fair
ies and Brownies and Elves and
many others who will take part In
this, and it promises to be one of
the best the S. S.
lias ever given.
Postmaster and Mrs. D. E. Coop
er left last Sunday for California
to spend the winter. Mr. Cooper
is on a leave of absence and will
return for the purpose of turning
over the office to Mr. Mears when
he is ready to take charge. Mr.
and Mrs. Cooper will make Cali
fornia their home If the latter’s
health Improves there.
The water tank at Goodale, Col
orado, on the Arkansas Valley was
destroyed by fire Monday afternoon.
Nothing definite is known of the
tire and the east bound combination
train crew were the first to discov
er the loss. It was thought that
the tank was set on fire by tVampß
who were seen near by In the morn
ing by the west bound freight crew.
The loss was about S3OO and the
repair will be made at once.
Another delightful event took
place last evening when Mr. and
Mrs. Johnston entertained at Mili
tary Euchre. Forty-eight guests
were present and that all thorough
ly enjoyed the affair was certainly
demonstrated by the fierce and hil
arious fighting of the different
camps of soldiers. Captain Pack
ard seemed to understand the Mili
tary Tactics best and with his
helpers carried off the trophies.
On Friday of last week a few of
the friends of Mrs. G. J. Garvin
had the pleasure of enjoying her
hospitality at a beautifully appoint
ed luncheon. Covers were laid for
twelve. After a delicious repast of
four courses were served the guets
adjourned to the parlor where each
was presented with a charming
little book Into which the favorite
receipe of each guest was faithfully
recorded .
The Two Buttes Company have
some very attractive pictures on
the screen at the Family Theater
this week. The pictures are taken
from the different construction
camps on the project, and also •
few views from the town site, show
ing that a small town has grown
up on the flat prairie lands, In
two months. The pictures show the
location of the dam which will be
105 feet high, winter construction
quarters, the location of the tun
nel, which passes through over 200
feet of solid rock and several other
views. The management of the Two
Buttea Co. expects to change this
picture from time to time and give
the people a real picture of actual
progress on the greatest Irrlgatloh
project In eastern Colorado.
The Junior class of 1910, called
a special meeting Tuesday to pre
pare for their class duties. The one
question before the house was to
elect officers for the class and also
for the annual. The following of
ficers for the annual were elected:
Editor, Kathleen Lawless
tss’t Editor, Alva Carrico
Class Artist, Ruby Johnston .
vthletic Editor, Horace Frlsble.
Exchange Editor. Amy Nevlus.
facial and Alumni, Ellen Robinson.
Business Manager, Frank Tweedle
Aas’t Business Manager, Floyd Ball.
Treasurer, Miss Anna C. Batman.
Comic Editor, Maria Waller.
I’he following class officers were
('resident, George Mathews.
Vice President, Gale Lee.
Secretary-Treasurer, Lola Creaghe.
Class Colors—Brown and Cream.
Endurance Plano Record.
The Interest of the public In the
tiano endurance contest undertaken
iuccessfully by Perry Horton, son of
)r. and Mrs. J. W. Horton, was
proven by the large and enthusias
tic audience that gathered at the
Ellis opera house Saturday evening
*o witness the conclusion of the
very marvelous performance, and
who cheered lustily when the new
-hamplon after 37 hours and 30 min
utes of consecutive play closed the
performance by one or two lively
'-ag time pieces which ran off into
“Home Sweet Home.” At the close
of the performance he was pro
nounced the world’s champion en
durance piano player by A. J. Har
mon, master of ceremonies and At
torney E. P. Honan’s stentorian
voice from the gallery proposed
three cheers for the young hero
which the audience lustily partici
pated in. Then there was a rush
.or the stage to congratulate him
and It was necessary for the doc
tors in attendance to stop the rush
in order to give them room to re
move the adhesive tape bandages
that covered his hands and wrists,
j&thed his arms, wiped his face
'.nd bundled him up. He finished
in fine condition and was of the
opinion that hecould have proceed
ed for some length of time, but
fearing he might suffer a collapse
‘hat would be Injurious he quit of
his own choice.
The above is taken from the Rens
salaer, Indiana, Republican, and
Perry is well known to many of our
Which makes the better Christ
mas present—the 52 issues of The
Youth's Companion, costing only
$1.75 for the whole year, or one
book, coating $1.50 to $2.00?
In quantity, variety and value of
reading The Companion excels, la
During Christmas time, the same High Class Candy is
here for you—fresh from the factory. Just as good as skilled
hands, pure fruit flavors and sugar can make. Samples free.
not such a paper, bringing every
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ing stories, articles on a thousand
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anecdotes, and an infinite variety
of other wholesome, entertain
ing reading—is not such a paper
the very one for an appropriate, ac
ceptable Christmas present? Think
of it! In a year The Companion
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ty 400-page books of travel, history,
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shakes one’s faith in truth and
honor, not a phrase that makes
light of the things that are sweet
and pure. Is it not a Christmas
gift worth having—a Christinas gift
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Send your subscription ($1.75) at
once so as to receive free all the
issues of The Companion for the
remaining weeks of 1909, as well
as The Companion’s “Venetian’’ Cal
endar for 1910, lithographed in
thirteen colors and gold.
Office Phone, Lamar 83
Residence Phone, Umar 127
A Bag of Gold
was saved by a boy. Ha
started with only
10 cents.
Some days he saved
20 cents.
One holiday he saved
50 cents.
Oat of his first week's salary
be saved
Ho fast did his money grow
that be soo»* had
Ther he worked and saved
to get
At the nd of one year he
was delighted to ft d that he
had saved up
Yon can do the seme
Come to us and get a Beauti
ful Pocket Sevltigi Bank
The First National Bank
It Is Just As Easy
to gain a good name as a bad one
when you place yourself before the
public. Competitors cannot hurt a
good name, and it is hard to change
a bad one.
In the
our name stands for reliability,
fair dealing and reasonable prices.
The public know this, and as a
result our business grows fast. A
good name is better than riches.
I amar Wall Paper & Paint Co
C. ft. CURRAN, Manager
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware, Harness, etc,.
We carry the largeet stock iu onr hue ever carried
in eastern Colorado and can sell to yon at lowest
prioee ever known in the Arkansaa valley.
We will present, absolutely f «*e, one So E-Z Dust Pan with all
orders for one ton of genuine Canon City Coal, (the best domestic
oal mined). These puns are *< nietliliig entirely new, no more bend
ing over, no more backaches. I. I us have your order now as oar
supply of dust pans is limited. A i of our customers who have put
in storage coal, may obtain one by calling at our office.
Remember, we handle Conkey's and Geo. 11. Lee's E(g Ma'.rr
and Roup Cure, also Poultry umi Stock Tonics. AH kinds of grain,
bay and mill feeds. We hate a i cry fine grade of Pea Ooal
14.50 per ton, delivered.
The Lamar Seed Company
Queensware Granite ware
Qhinaware Tinware
president Vice Pres. Ossbler AsoL Cs shier
Citizens State Bank
CAPITAL 8 T OCK $35,000.00
L L. Maxwell. G. M. Smith, Geo. A. Everett. J. M. WilHssss, J. R. BaM*-h.
Chas. Maxwell and E. H. Gerocke.
President. Vies Pres. OasMsr
CAPITAL $50,000
Mortos Strain, B. T. McClave L. F. Adcrra, M. J. McMlllln.
C. M. Leo C. S. Smith, A. Deeter.
We want your bueinnen, large or small. and <>4Ter every
foci lit* oonsistsnt with oaf** wod oonswrvative banktm?
leconnta Received Snbkct to Check. .Roney Orders fell
Of course when we say Hea* r, we mean the old reliable
Cole Hot Blast, the stove hat has no peer, the stove
that has stood the Test In saving Fuel and holding Fire.
Yes we have other Heaters any price you want. Come
in and let us tell you about them, and of course, as the
oldest Furniture House in the valley we have a complete
Carl & Hagaman

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