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Published Weekly by
Ptfltv :nri Proprietor
Mm« at too Pestefflos at Umir,
GMUnO*. u Motnd-ciiM matter.
MARCH 9, 1910.
Syllabi to lie Printed in the Rocky
Mountain .\ew* as Soon as
Decisions Are Made. |
The Rocky Mountain News has
mads arrangements to print the syl
labi of the decisions of the slate
supreme court.
This is a most unusual stroke of
enterprise and will prove of value
to every attorney In the state .
Heretofore the attorneys have
been compelled to wait until the ,
bound volumes of supreme court re
ports were printed and issued be
fore they could ascertain the exact (
principles laid down by the highest
court in the state in a paruculai
Now it will only be necessary for
them to aecure a copy of The News
containing the syllabi. The lau>
are prepared for The News by tu
reporter of the court. Judge E. i
.Weils, and they are printed w»u.
a few days alter the court has n
•d down its decisions. In order to
avoid mist sacs, it is said uiai
Judge Weils insists upon scrutinis
ing the proofs of the syllabi oe
fore they appear in the paper. *ue
Mate may well congratulate use**
upon having this learned and paiu»
tt id jurist as the otficiai re
porter of Us highest court.
A Concession lo The *.urupcau.
The house of reprise uuuiw
Efaguifl aui delay the passage of the
savings bans hiu, wiuci*
went through the aenate on aat
urday. The measure itself uiay oc
an “interlerehce with the vestcu
rights of wall street." hut that u
ho reason why it anouid be deicwwu
og awenhed to m - -• • it ie»s useiu*-
Fresidem Tall has promised it to
the country; it was m nis party •
platform and in operation
It v iu frtPftM the interests ot those
that are opposing 1L
To tho American proper the pos
tal savings bank with the paternal
istic government behind it will not
Offer inducements to interfere seri
ously with private institutions; hut
to tho foreigner who must nave
tho government stamp oa every
thing an a guarantee, due to uam
lag aad force of habit, the new ban
Will he of avail aad ueofui. Thous
ands upon thousands of immigrant*.
Wort to the postal money order a*
a ‘’savings bans." paying the ama**
fee willingly for the security af
forded by the national government »
credit. Many thousands more last
to tho ancillary stocking or
device. A postal savings hank will
draw from "nobody knows where
aaiy millions into the light of
<ar« —Daaver Republican.
Splendid Farm Conditions.
Mr. A. L Horton, chief agrlcul
turlat of the 1 aimer factory of the
American heel augax T- ti “psny and
a man well posted on local agricul
ture conditions in uus section of the
valley has the folio wing to say re
garding the sprang work. which
Will doubtless be of interest to
ovary farmer in the section .
"Owing to the past winter hav
ing set ih carry and continuing
practically unabated until a wees
or so ago. we are safe in predicting
an eariy spring, and it nenoove*
the farmer to immediately form his
plans lor the summers work.
Ground never plowed better than
At the present ume. It turns up
mellow and in excellent condition to
form a perfect seed bed tor any crop
The prevailing winds we generally
have in March and in the lore part
of April always dries out the soil.
After which plowing and preparing
the ground properly la vary difficult
and In many cases has to be post
poned until it rams or irrigation
water la available, aad in this local
ity experience has taught us that
tho former may never come, and
the later is always Ist*.
If a farmer la contemplating
breaking for beets or other
crops, it la bow aa excellent time to
do U, giving the roots time to dry
out before a second plowing."
Proof By Hearsay Evidence.
Thb Ballinger-Pine hot inquiry
hat been the absorbing topic of ln
tcmi in national affairs. This is
largely because of the fact that the
prosecutor. Gifford Pinchot.
has been glron an opportunity to
prove his charges, if he could, or
ta other words that the wrangle
fci. been brought down to brass
The weakness of his case
l« f been the sensation of the bear
lag. pi* ljt of accusations did not
create • stir .because the public had
been prepared in a measure for
them by his excellent press bureau,
hat ae one dreamed that his only
first haad evidence reflecting on Mr
In connection with the Cut
ptelhaa eases was a alngle letter
sent by Mr. Ballinger to the Presi
dent. Aside from this Mr. Pin
chot appears to be basing his charg
es on "unavoidable Inferences." Sec
retary Wilson, of the department of
agriculture, gave him the lie when
the former forester attempted to
prove that the secretary had given
him permission to send the senate
letter on the Glavis case. Altogeth
er the week has developed unfortu
nate evidence for Pinchot. He has
been forced to admit that he had
met Glavis but once when he rose
to defend him although he had pre
viously said that he "had known
him for years," and he has had to
confess that many of his charges
were based on a letter written by a
partner of Mr. Ballinger and not by
Mr. Ballinger himself.
The Firm of Mcl,«\an Bros. Dis
solves Partnership.
The firm of McLean Bros. has
dissolved partnership sa will be
seen by the notice In another col
umn. The drug business will be
conducted by N. N. McLean and
the livery business by D. A. McLean
This firm is one of the best
known In the valley and everyone
will be glad to know that each es
tablishment will still be conducted
under the same manager as hereto
The drug store was established
here in January, 1895, by N. N. Mc-
Lean and has been conducted un
der his management ever since. Its
wonderful growth In business and
popularity with the public has been
due to his constant care and en
deavors to accommodate the public.
In May. 1899. the firm of Mc-
Lean Bros, took charge of the busi
ness and in August bought out the
livery business, which has since
been conducted by D. A. McLean,
the other member of the firm. This
institution has also become deserved
ly popular with the public. This
firm has since conducted both in
stitutions with success, but they
decided this year to divide the busi
ness and each devote himself en
tirely to the work with which he
is familiar.
Mr. N. N. McLean now has men
at work remodelling and Improv
ing hla store room, and experts to
.•nlarge the business. He intends
he says, to keep it in the lead of
any drug store In the valley east
of Pueblo, both In quality and quan
tity of goods kept and to maintain
his system of lowest prices for
goods of the quality .
Presbyterian Church.
The delegates to the Laymen’s Ml
sionary convention made their in
teresting report tonight at a meet
ing of the men.
Another meeting of the men of
the church will be held next Wed
nesday evening.
The Sabbath services occur as
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Public worship at 11a. m.
Vesper at 5 p. m. a little later
than heretofore. Subject of ad
dress "The beauty that lasts.**
Young people's meeting at 6 p. m
Friends and strangers are cordial
ly Invited to all our service*.
Wm. O. KEIRY, Minister
I wish to state that 1 am not
reporting for the Denver Post and
havn't been for the past year. I
make this statement as some peo
ple are under the Impression that
I am still reporting for that paper
The operation performed by Dr's
Burnett and Spicer upon John Blan
chart last week has proven very
successful. Mr. Blanchart was in
jured some ten years ago in a
wreck and had his skull broken
with a small piece pressing upon
the brain Mrs. Blanchart has
spent many thousands of dollars
lor operations but none up to the
present one has proven successful.
Blsnchart’s life has been a blank
lor over ten years and for nine
years he has had to use an invalids
chair and could never say a word
during this time. Within twenty
four hours after the operation he
called his wife by name and is now
talking freely. The Dr's, predict
that Blanchart will be out and
walking around in a few weeks.
At the regular meeting of the
City Council Monday night the
election Judges for precinct No. l
and 2 were selected. The Judges
at precinct No. 1 are: W. P. Bell,
W. A. Merrill and J. H. Hardin, for
No. 2: E. M. Stewart, J. T. Law
less and Mrs. M. L. Stewart. The
council was given a very interesting
lecture by J. D. Schuyler, one of
the most promlent consulting en
gineers In the United States.
A marriage license was issued to
William M. Watkins and Larina
House, both of Lamar.
Coming Again To Lamar.
Dr. K. C. Sapero, the well known
eye, ear and throat specialist, will
again be in Lamar at the Ben Mgr
hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday.
March 18 and 16. Consultation and
exassiMtion free. Call early.
Mercantile Company
YOU’LL never find as sure an in-
t vestment for your boy as a
“Best-Ever” Suit. You’ll never find
Jvfs puckering in the cloth or fading of
/faA because “Best-Ever”
are Rain-Proof. The ad
► vantages of its use are evident when
you see a “Best-Ever” Suit—best
= realized when your boy wears a “Best-
Priced from $6.00 ap Ever Suit
Look for “Best-Ever” Label
You Dont Need to be an
EXPERT JUDGE sweet-orr
ot shoe qiuut. m TROUSERS Ml |
if you buy the \17 E what ? ou I xIU fLj j
\ Iff*l TV went—a caretully (elect- \ J
mm «»ee»eee ee#eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee»eee»eee llfm "Aa
S * M * / 1 ee stock of separate trousers of ml t Mi! i Kfflflw
|W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE 1 Jb/A '^LT km Jriil
J J xffV/IT which will harmonize with any /'wfllJ ,/M il .ill
• MMMtMMMMM.MMMtMMtMtMtMM* //f'V ... .. ... '■S/1 HM 8 W’i
* u>t - WeU made, well fitting, VV
Just look for the name. It stands well looking trousers, generally A IJJ f||| 1
for all the qualities a REAL GOOD I jjjr do have the name Sweet-Orr on J
shoe must have. Lf the buttons-its a good name |jg |
to look for when you want Hbl
Patent, Gun Metal, Tan, Oxblood. trousers. Wjj. anl
Prices $1.50 to $7.50 Uj Idj
$2.50, $3.50 and $4.00
Does It not seem strange that so
many people suffer year In and
year out with ecsema? J
A 25-cent bottle of a simple wash
stops the Itch and will surely con
vince any patient.
This wash is composed of mild
and soothing oil of winlergreen mix
ed with thymol and glycerine, etc.. •
and known as D. D. D. Prescription
We do not know how long the D-
D. D. Laboratories will continue the
25c offer, as the remedy is regular
ly sold only in 11.00 bottles and has
never before been put on the mar
ket on any special offers .
If you want relief to-night try a
bottle at 25c on our personal recom
The Up-To-Date Drug Co., Umar.
Dr. K. C. Sapero
the well known eye, ear, nose and
throat specialist of Denver, will be
at the Ben Mar hotel In Lamar' on
Tuesday and Wednesday, March 16
and 16. Consultation and examina
tion free. Call early.
Notice is hereby given that the
firm of McLean Broa has been dis
solved by mutual consent. D. A. ,
Mi Lean takes the Livery. Hones
and Automobile business and will .
assume all responsibility connected
with said line of business and col
lect all bills due same. N. N. Mc-
Lean takes the Drug, Jewelry and
Stationery business and will assume
all responsibility connected with It
snd collect all bills due same .
D. A. McLEAX. *
N. N. McLEAX 1
Eighth Annual Free Distribution
Ae is our custom we have secured" the very finest Sweet Pea seeds that it is possible 'to get con
sidering of course this climate.
We give you FREE all you will plant. Don't wait longer than March 17th, that is the date the
seeds should be planted .
COME EARLY* ami ask for aU you want. We expect to giTe away several hundred pounds.
The Up-to-Date Drug Co.,
Dealers in Meets
Contractors Cement Work
D. E. COOPER * CO. •
Real Estate, Loan
Insurance Agrer?

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