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Filter ntf Proprietor
—UK at the Poetoffflee at Lamar,
Oetai m*a, as second-eliu matter.
MARCH 30, 1010.
Booster's Campaign.
The Arkansas valley campaign Is
taking hold.
The faithful and elaborate ac
counts in the newspapers of the
La Junta conference last Thursday
when preliminary steps looking to
the formation of the central organ
ization of commercial bodies be
tween Canon City and Lodge City
—the Arkansas Valley Commercial
Association —fix that fact.
L. W. Markham, in some clos
ing words at the La Junta con
ference, said:
"Go home and put this up to your
commercial body -and don’t forget
your newspaper. The more you
get this idea fixed in the mind ol
your newspapermen, the furtkei
and the more quickly we shall pro
The greatest two papers of the
wonderful Arkansas valley are the
Chieftain and Star-Journal of Pue
blo. Each had several stories about
the conference, and boosted it
Each has had a story dally since
Each now has a fine editorial.
The Star-Journal says, in part:
"This valley, as all residents in
It know full well, is fortunate in
the possession of resources with
which other sections vainly attempt
to compete; but in the past it has
suffered through lack of proper ami
concerted publicity, than which ther
Is no agency more valuable in aid
log a section or a community.
"The present boosters movement
*S Intended to supply the lack that
has existed, and it bids fair to dc
SO. The men who are busy pushing
the movement are capable and earn
•st, and with the material with
which they have to work, there if
reason to expect that they will suc
ceed In rendering the advantages
of the Arkansas valley far bettei
known than they are at present.
"There should be absolute com-,
munlty of Interest among all th<
cities of the Arkansas Valley. What
Is good for one of them Is undoubt
•dly good for all; and the soone.
they are brought to recognize this
fact, the better It will be for each,
and for the valley as a whole."
The Chieftain says:
"It must be apparent to anyone
at all familiar with local conditions
that the present time is exception
ally favorable for an advance move
ment In the development of the
Arkansas valley region.
"It Is a fact that cannot be dis
puted that southeastern Coloradc
and the adjoluing region of south
western Kaunas have not progress
ad In recent years to the extern
that would seem reasonable in com
parison with other districts under
aimliar conditions. Northeastern
Colorado and certain regions ol
Oklahoma, Texas aud New Mexico
have had a much more rapid growth
and have gained more rapidly in
population than has the Arkansas
Valley in Colorado and Kansas."
After commending the La Junta
conference of last week, and the
formation of the Arkansas Valley
Commercial association, the Chief
tain aays:
The newspapers of the valley
are especially In a position to be
Of utmost benefit to themselves and
to the communities in which they
aro located by forwarding this
movemeut and by doing all In their
power to spread the lame of Ark
ansas Valley opportunities."
Both papers speak ol the great
opportunity in the Valley of Con
tent this year, with this new force
at work, and with the Eighteenth
National Irrigation Congress, with
the powerlul leverage that that
brings, and the New tiuuta Fe Trail
campaign, the greatest roadmaking
movement in the West, on at the
same time.
The Irrigation Congress alone
la a tremendous uplift factor for
the Valley of Content, and the
valley is showing its appreciation
by such encouragement as was given
by the resolution of hearty indorse
ment at the La Junta conference.
The Irrigation Congerss is the first
big. definite, vital thing that comes
before the valley —and there are
many other things, too.
Meanwhile, the special committee
selected at the La Junta conierence
consisting of K. Phillips, La Junta,
chairman; L. W. Markham, Lamar,
R. H. Paxton. Garden City; C. W.
Benedict, Powler; aud W. A. How
ard, Lae Animas, Is at work pre
paring the report as to the exact
and permanent working plan for
the Arkansas Valley Commercial as
sociation, and a second conference
will soon he held.
Local clubs are preparing to rat
ify the La Junta agreement, aud
when that Is doue, the committee
will be ready, aud the second con
ference held.
It is the Golden Age for the
Valley of Content.
The Democratic Press.
"Honest John’s" idea of calling
tbo extra session during dog-days
in August Is at least appropriate—
decidsdly so.— Durango Democrat
At Ike recent mr H "f of the Dem
ocr&tic editors the prevailing senti
ment was that the present state ad
ministration is the greatest asaet
the Democratic party of Colorado
has today. The fact that even
loose editors who have been find
ing fault with Shafroth acknowl
edge this to be the case makes
it rather hard to wnderstand the
why and wherefore, of their belliger
ent attitude toward the governor. —
Montrose Enterprise.
It certalnfy is about all they
have had for many years.
The Ilocky Mountain News on
Thursday printed an Interview with
itoady Keneliau in which former
State Treasurer Bent and the First
National Bank of Denver were ac
cused of defrauding the state out
of interest money. Roady Kenehan
never gave that interview and it
was manufactured in the office o
that paper. It was printed for the
sole purpose of injuring thosi
whom it mentioned.—a policy this
trouble outfit has followed foi
some years. —Denver Democrat.
Harry Traxler is home from the
State University to spend the spring
vacation with his parents.
Monday night the dry people h<
a meeting in the opera house wbL
onsldering the bad weather was
quite well attended.
Mrs. J. K. Doughty left Friday
for Boulder where she will spend
a few days with her son Charles
who Is enjoying the spring vacation.
Fred Marx who was taken to La
Junta several days ago for an oper
ation on bis arm returned to Lamar
Monday morning much improved an
on a good road to speedy recovery
John A. Davis of University Park.
Colo., was in Lamar the latter part
>f last week soliciting for a fund
for a new chapel to be built in con
nection with the Denver University.
The new pipe organ is now install
d in the Methodist church and an
•Xpert worked Friday aud Saturday
tuning It for the concert to be held
Thursday evening, the 31st. Con
dderable changes had to be made
in the church to obtain more ligi
;9venl new windows being put in
on the north side.
The tax collections for the month
>f February amounted to about eigl.
y five thousand dollars which If
ibout thirty thousand dollars grea
•r than any previous collections in
>nc month in the history of Prow
rs county. This is about two fifth
>f the total taxes for the whole yeai
md there is still one more sent!
innual payment to be made in Aug
'I st.
The Darktown Minstrels put oi
i heir big show Friday and Saturda>
night playing to large houses bolt
nights. The show was a good one
throughout and everybody was ex
iremely well pleased unless perhaps
it was some of the people who wert
subject to Jokes. Monday night
the minstrels went to Wiley and It
would not be surprising to the La
mar people if the troop went on the
road for a short season.
Messrs. L. Wirt Markham and I
F. Adams were in La Junta Frida)
to attend a meeting of representa
tives of all the commercial associa
tions of the Arkansas Valley. Thi
object of the meeting was to form
a boosters club of all the towns to
advertise and boost for the valley
as it has never been boosted before
Towns from Garden City, Kansas
to Canon City, Colorado were
Notice to Pythian Sisters.
Lamar Temple No. 65 Pythian
dialers holds their regular session
Wednesday evening April 6th. Al.
memoers are urged to be present
as business of importance is to
oo transacted after which a social
entertainment will be held for all
those present.
M. of R. and C.
iiarry Waiters, a young man who
used to live in Lamar several years
ago, aud returned the past week
irom Texas, committed suicide at
me Santa Fe restaurant about
midnight tonight, lie was engaged
to work at the restaurant begin
ning tomorrow morning, aud en
tered the place alter spending sev
eral hours at the dance. He took
a revolver from one ol the shelves,
aud when no one was loosing plac
ed it to his.head aud shot himself.
Heath was instantaneous. He had
uo relatives here, aud the body
was turned over to Coroner Kellogg
lor official investigation.
The city registration boards were
in session yesterday aud today auu
will be again next Monday. Nearly
one thousand voters nave been reg
istered and there promises to be
some contest, though a friendly one,
over the city government for the
next year. Lamar has so far re
sisted the wave of prohibition that,
has become a temporary fad in u
large portion of the country, anc
will certainly look considerably like
a back number to adopt it Jus>
when most of the progressive cities
that have temporarily taken up witl
it are finding out their mistake
and discarding it. It is so oontrar>
to the principle on which our gov
ernment is founded that it cai
never have more than a temporary
fGood Enough For Sunday
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Just the sort of coat that you are sure to find
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This label guarantee pure
> \V6pljreX | ' wool and two full season’s
iwMMviLwwml satisfactory service.
On thit guarantee we are authorized, by
the manufacturers, to make good, without ques
tion, whenever called on to do so.
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Mercantile Company
Mr. B. F. Sparr and son. Perry,
of Wellington, Kansas, have been
in Lamar the past week visiting
with friends and looking over the
country. They were old boom day
residents of Baca County and have
come back to Colorado after many
years satisfied it is the best place
of all. They have about decided
to make Lamar their home .
Baptist Church.
Sunday School 9:46 A.M.
Preaching 11:09 A.M.
B. Y. P. U 0:99 P.M.
Preaching 7:10 P.M.
Prayer and praise meeting each
Wednesday era.
For Beat.
Mix room house and garden.
Inquire of P. 8. Lynch.
For Rent.
Steam heated office rooms either
single or in suite.
inquire of C. C. Huddleston.
Itch Relieved At Once.
That terrible Itch disappears with
the First Drops of a simple com
pound of oil of wintergreen, thymol
aud glycerine mixed in D. D. D.
prescription. This soothing, heal
•ug lotion, used externally kills the
jezema germ instantly.
Heretofore the D. D. D. remedy
oas been sold only in fl.oo bottles;
jut as a special offer, any sufferer
n this town who has never tried D.
J. D. can now try this remedy in a
peclal bottle at 26c. It cures the
tch instantly. WE KNOW this. Up-
To-Date Drug Co., Lamar, Colorado.
This is the only genuine “Rexall” Store
1 t
Dealers m Meats
Contractors Dement Work
Real Estate, Loan
Insurance Agent

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