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»rt>N4 at IM r—torn— at Lamar,
«N«i.d«, a* •aaand-aia«B mattar.
MAY 25, 1910.
Organized Yesterday by the Vote
of the People.
The election for the new district
was held yesterday and In the three
divisions there were 38 votes cast
out of a possible 48 or 50. Every
vote cast was in favor of the dis
trict and it is therefore carried and
me district will be formally or
ganized as soon as the commission
ers meet and canvass the vote.
For directors Division No. 1 will
be represented by J. E. Newsom and
Division No. 3 Dy Thomas F. Bell,
in Division No. 2 mere is a tie be
tween V. Z. Haven and H. F. Deck
er, which will have to bo settled by
lot unless the official canvass shall
change the result.
The formation of this district
means the beginning of active work
on the promotion of this great Irri
gation enterprTse, which Is of vast
material promise to both Prowers
county and I.amar. The canal will
take its water supply from the
Mammoth reservoir on the Purga
toJre river and from tbe flood wa
ter of the Arkansas when the pres
ent canals are supplied.
It is to be so constructed that
It can safely carry water in the
winter months and the company has
filings on reservoirs north of Lamai
in which 80,000 acre feet of water
can be stored each winter.
Over 65,000 acres of land are
now either deeded lands in the
district or contracted for and then
are over 25,000 acres of state land
and desert claims that can be wa
tered by the canal. More than half
of this great body of land Is tribu
tary to Lamar, and can be brought
In easy railroad connections wltl
our city by an extension of a f«
miles added to the May Valle)
branch of the Arkansas Valley R
Hon. A. E. Bent, president and
general manager of the Purgatoin
development tx>., is here and In
forms us that he has the greatest
faith In the district and ballev
that It will appeal more strongly
to capital than any that has been
undertaken in the state. He expects
to use every endeavor to push the
promotion of the enterprise.
Once More. Mr. Taylor.
The sedulous care with which
the lion. Edward T. Taylor, cob
greasman-at-iarge from Colorado,
guards the interests of his constitu
ents may be illustrated by a pass
age from the Congressional Uecoid
Oi May 16. We quote verbatim
irom the Record:
“The first business on the Un
animous Consent calendar was the
bill (H K. 24012) granting certain
public lauds to the stale of Colo
rado for the use of the State Agri
culture 1 college, for agriculture, for
estry and other purposes.
“The clerk read the bill, as fol
lows: Providing for the sale to
the state at 91.25 per acre of 160 U
acres of land ‘for experimental, ed
ucational auu ainured uses.'
“The Speaker. Is there objec
tion T
"sr. biayueu: Mr. Speaker, re
serving the right to object, 1 woulu
like to have some word oi explana
tion with reference to this hill.
“The Speaker: Who has charge
of this bin 7
“Mr. Mann: Mr. Speaker, the
gentleman from Colorado tMr. Tay
lor) reported the bUL"
And Mr. Menu made tne explana
tion which was expected from the
member In charge of the hill, and
it went through.
Uf course »t would grieve Mr.
Taylor to assert or Imply that he
was not a “real friend" of this
hill; but when a bill la called, at
tne opportune ume for Its passage
by unanimous consent, and the mem
her in charge of It la absent and
sot ready to take advantage of the
opportunity, there Is surely reason
lor Inquiry on the part of his con
stituents. If Mr. Mann, in the ab
asnea of the gentleman In charge
of the bill (and apparently also of
hotlh the other gentlemen from
Colorado) had not kindly made
4h# necessary explanation, the bill
would not have been passed, and
Uf now forestry acnooi oi tne Ag
ricultural college would have had to
wait probably another year or two.
—Colorado Splrnga Telegraph.
Presbyterian Church.
Skbbath school at 9:45 a. m.
At hievetl o’clock we engage In
a union Memorial service in the
Methodist church.
Young people's meeting at 7:00
o’clock. Bvcnloc worcnlp at 8:00
nlonda and ,trao*era arc cor
dially Invited to all of tbeee eer
WM. O. KKIRT. Paetor.
V. HERE AS, the 30th day of May
.n c..-h year has been set apart as
.8 k o €*l howday under the name ol
Day. lor the purpose o*
paying tribute to the memory o
those ». no wore the blue, and tc
afford an opportunity tor all peo
ple to uecorate the graves of those
who have paaaed before, and
WHEREAS, it has been the cus
toin of Kit Carson Post No. 59, U.
A. R., located at Lamar, on Decor
ation Day to pay this tribute to the
memory ol theircomrades who have
ueeu mustered out of the services
of life, by decorating their graves,
and, also, by decorating the graves
of the Confederate soldiers whose
remains rest in the cemetery at La
mar, and
WHEREAS. Kit Carson Post No
ail, G. A. R., proposes on Monday,
the 30& day of May next, to ob
serve the patriotic and time-honor
ed custom.
Now, Therefore, 1, C. M. Lee,
Mayor of the Town of Lamar, d
request that during the afteruoo.
ol Monday next. May 30th, that a.
.justness houses in the towu ofLa
mar, shall close, and that the peo
ple of Lamar, generally, shall laj
aside the cares of busiues audjoi.
with the said G. A. R. Poet lu tin
services of decoration, for the put
pose that lessous of patriotism in a;.
do inculcated in the xniuds of tin
youth of our laud by the ohserv
ance of this time-honored custou
of the decoration of the graves
those who offered their lives in
Dehalf of their country’s welfare,
whose last resting place is in th.
cemetery at Lamar.
C. M. LEE,
Memorial services will he Den
on ouuday, lue gsth day oi May.
a6au, by union services of un
cuuicUes of Lamar in the Meiuodim
caurch at eleven a. m. Old sot
uiers and their lamilies, widows o.
o*u soldiers and tueir families, con
.euuiute soldiers and their lammeo,
opauish War veterans and u«»
..names and others are invited le
mi tend.
uiu soldiers, confederate sol
an «* and Spanish War veterans wi*.
meet at the Lamar Commercial Clud
moms at lu:ao a. m. and uiarcu
uuui mere to cue Me mount church.
i iy order ol nil carsou Post No.
j*, U. A. K.
Next Year's Faculty.
Ihe board of align bcuool Dl»-
irki ivo. 2 met last Friday aud re
appwfuled Proi. E. K. Jones as su
p«i luleuueui aud miss Anna C. Rai
ma, i as prluclpal of the high scnooi,
auu named tbe members of tut
Lamar school district board as a
committee to appoint tne rewaiuiug
Learners. mey have reappoinieu
Miss May Reilu McCaudliss, auu
nave appointee miss rva Marx barn
auu Prof. E. W. Day of Wiley as
teachers of the iughschool.
lu tne grades all of the old
teacuers, who applied, were re
appointed. Misses Nicnols auu
sauimons refused to make applica
tion as they nad accepted positions
elsewhere, ‘ine list for next year
wul he as fonows:
Grades at High School —Misses
May Buckley, Maxel Cunningham
and Ethel Bettys.
Central School—Mrs. Katherine
Smith, Misses Adda M. Starreu,
oaliy Reeder aud Xlyrue Marx.
Lincoln Scnooi —Misses Mabu>
Joy, Re lie Ureeu.fc.dua Mosher.Saru
Davis, Rosa moman, Lizzie Camp
bell, Agnes fortune and Nellie E.
Woman's Club.
On Wednesday, May 18, the Wo
man’s Club closed its tenth year
with a luncheon and afternoon ses
sion at the home of Mrs. Morton
strain. Eighteen active members
were present, aud two associate
members, Mrs. J. K. Doughty and
Mrs. L. P. Adams, also one ex
president, Mrs. D. E. Cooper. After
enjoying a three-course luncheon
music was the opening feature ol
me afternoon program, Mrs. Fred
cooper and Miss Doughty render
ing a medley wf patriotic airs with
much spirit, and responding to a
uearty encore with classical num
Mrs. Alma Leatherman and Miss
creaghe were in charge of the sub
ject, “Pen Pictures of the Hoos
iers," and presented the early his
tory of Indiana, with sketches of
prominent settlers, as well as a
mors. Some selections from James
vvmtcouib Kiiey were given and a
deserved tribute to Gen. Lew Wal
lace was read by Mias Creaghe.
Seven members of the club were
proud <to announce themselves as
lioosiers" by nativity, while others
could only claim celebrity by hav
ing married Rooster nus bands.
Miss Josie Silver, secretary for
tne past year, gave an interesting
resume of the work of Che club for
me nine months.
Mm. Lillie A. Robinson, retiring
president, responded gracefully to
a vote of thanks to the year’s of
ncers tor especially faithful and
eindent service.
The committee to arrange the
program for the coming year
appointed. Misses Sliver, Dougi ty,
Creaghe, and Mrs. Fred Cooper.
Alter many expressions or pleas
ure in the afternoon g* Ihering, air.l
appreciation of a rarely happy and
successful year of work, the club
adjourned until the first Wednes
day in October.
Decoration Day—May 30.
In announcing the program for
Decoration Day tne G. a. R. Post
extends un Invitation to every
citizen of Lamar and vicinity to at-
Leud tue exercises and, so far as
poss.bic, participate in the services,
me liuternai orders are Invited to
attend in a body and march with
us to the cemetery. It is request
ed that all places of business be
closed during the exercises.
The proces2fon will be formed
at tbe postoffice corner at 2 p. m.
and march to the cemetery.
All old soldiers, confederate sol
diers and Spanish War veterans are
invited to rileet witn the Post at
the Commercial Club rooms at 1:30
i) clock and form in tne procession
at 2 o’clock. Any wbo may not be
able to march are requested to Join
our ranks on arrival at the ceme
Seats will be arranged for the
meeting at the cemetery, where the
•ipeaxing and other exrclses will
nee carried ouL
Rev. Henry M. Pingree will
.lellver the main address. Other
xercises at the speakers’ stand
will be followed at the soldiers’
monument, by decoration exercises.
Two of the farternal orders have
already accepted our invitation to
ittend and march witn us in the
The Lamar Citizens Band has
Kindly volunteered to furnish mus
ic for the afternoon
Ry order ot TTit Carson Post
G. A. R.
A Fine Car.
iliii Register man had the pleas
ure tue pubk weex ol a ride wltu
Mr. r'taux Dowler in his new Rid
er-Lewis ju touring car, aud ua*
uu nesitaucy in pronouncing it oue
oi tue smootnest riding and best
cure among tuose sold at reasou
aole prices. The price, 910&U,
oriiigs it within tue reacU of most
people, aud a test of its merits wlii
von vinca anyone tuat it equals rnauj
oi tue mum signer priced maemnes.
it Is a well built car, strong anu
durable, and is haviug a wonder
tui sale for a new maebiue. The
uiuei-Lewis promises to he a gc.
era* lavortle, aud It will pay all lu
uiuaiug purchasers to Investigate
its merits.
A youug man from Las Aminas
named Ueotge Kimzier was louuu
uy Nigbl Maisuai Okey on tbe
Height depot platform Mouda>
moruiug iu a badly battered up
conailiou. lie was laxeu to the
uospitai aud when he recovered
cousciousuess it was found he re
membered hearing tbe couducloi
call "Lamar” and getting up. hut
ue was evidently too sleepy to
realise what he did afterwards
.\eituer his money or otner valu
ables were missing, so there wtu,
evidently no foul play. He is slow
iy recovering.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Whereas, Death has again in
vaded our circle aud removed from
our memuersmp our well beioveu
neighbor, Mrs. Jessie Velut, one
of the most faithful and entDusias
uc workers in our ranxs: there
lore be it
Resolved, itutt tne members ol
Lamar Circle No. 188, Women of
woodcraft, extend to tbe bereaved
uusbaod and tbe orphaned little
ones tbelr sincere sympathy in their
uour of sorrow.
Resolved, Abut p* a mark oi
respect to our deceased neighbor
the charter of this camp be draped
in mourning for a period of thirty
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions he Mut to the husband
of our dnusased neighbor, and also
that they be spread on tne records
of our circle aud published in the
uaniar papers.
Mrs. Alice Coover,
Mrs. C. Florence Merwin,
Mrs. Corn A. De Camp.
For Sale —S. C. Brown Leghorn
! Eggs for hatching. Fine laying
strain. 75c for 15.
Btt F. H. Friend.
Baptllt Church.
1 Sunday School »:«* a.II
1 Preaching 11: at A.M.
B. T. P. U P.M.
Preaching J:8» P.M.
Prayer and Praia, mcetlag aach
; Wadneeday m
Five room house for rent three
'• blocks from postoffice. Inquire of
) W. J. Johnston, at store.
I *'
For Sale.
) Four room house on easy terms.
Inquire of W. L. Gamble, McLean’s
Drug store.
WE Call attention to our
Prescription Department
The really professional part, of our business
We solicit your patronage in this department because we offer you superior service.
backed by years of experience In handling medicines.
when you entrust the welfare and possibly the lives of your loved ones with os.
Our prescription department has a separate telephone—Lamar 134 for the nse of thoss dashing
communication direct with our pharmacist. - •» *v
Regular Phone, Tamar K , v ''Z'
No Order Too Small
We dttiei i everything in oar line any day of
tbe weak.
White Palace ice Cream
Parlor and Bakery
Fred Lee Phone Prouert 35
Dealers in Meats
Contractors Cement Work
Cream Separators
The Worl ; ; Standard Do I aval
Cream S**p»Hitor* ere net s< in
the''m*ul t J, r ’ wny and there
fore not ad : r:uod with the big
newspaper .-pu arid big “word
claims’* to sell second and
third gnuir neparators iu this
Part of the money spent in costly
advertising hji*l catalogue* to wll
inferior separators iu the “mail
order” way is put into vastly
better made machines in the cane
of De Laval .«• par&tors, ami part
of it into c imiiiittions to local
ngents who !.<«>k after the setting
up of the machine and the in
struction < f the buyer in its proper
M use. as well the prompt sup
plying of any needed parts for it
In the year* to come.
That's the difference in the
method of Bale between the
De Laval and meat other makes
of cream separators, of which the
De Laval buyer gets the benefit in
stead of tho newspaper and printer.
If you don’t know the nearest
De Laval agent to you send for
a catalogue and his address.
E. 11. GREGG, Lamar
Agent for Prowers County
Green MusaUln Croame.-y
Ely’s Oream Balm
This Remedy Is a Ipsolfls,
Burs to Qi vs Satisfaction.
h aleensss, soothes, heals, and protects the
R-Hint It cures Catarrh sod
a Gold is the Head qMekly.
• Bssaes of Taste sad Bad.
Contains no injurious drum.
» the nostrils and absorbed.
60 cents at Druggists or by
Biss, 10 oeats by mail. •
KY MttMtt. SB Worms th. Nsw Y6*
Scientists are now agreed that
the eczema germs are lodged not
in tbe outer skin or epidermis, but
in the Inner skin. Hence, a pene
trating liquid is required, not an
outward salve that clogs the pores.
We reccommend to all eczema
patients the standard prescription
Oil of Wintergreen as compounded
in liquid form knowu as D. D. D.
Prescription. A trial bottle of this
D. D. D. Prescription, at only 2 r j
cents, will Instantly relieve the Itch.
We have sold and recommended this
remedy for years, and know of
wonderful cures from Its use. We
recotniurdd It patrons.
The Up-to-LsTu Drug Company.
If you have anything saleable
that you with to dispose of call and
let me investigate. We cea offer
Many Bargains in
Second Hand Good*
Com* and is us
East of Lamar National Bank
The Percheron Stallion
Registered No. 6341
will make the season of 1910 at
the undersigned Livery Barn.
TERMS—To insure, g 15.00.
Pedigree: Parole by Pluton No.
11.381 (15,389) he by Mouton II
(5705) out of Poule (15,388) etc.
D&m: Beckey 5196 by Montezuma
2364 (1254) by Luther (792) etc.
Also die well known Trotting
Regittered No. 31033
Sire Donald C., grandslre Don Cos
sick. Dam Flora U., sire Transfer,
he by Allen.
Terms same as above.
For further particulars see
At McLean’s Livery Barn.
Award has been made to
this establishment for \ fa]
the exclusive sale of \ m i ll
the time tested I fiAlfv}
Combination *• j J|j
Consisting of a XLjijHj
Double-Breasted Jacket [
and Two Pairs of y- * WiLj
Knickerbocker Knee
These suits are practically indestructible; the ma
terial will retain its new aspect, and the garments will
give good service until the boy out.grows them.
The Wearbetter Young Men', suits, and other styles
ChHdren’s suits are on sale at
The storage season is now on for all kinds of coal. From
our experience of last year we find that if we and our cus
tomers had not stored coal very liberally there would have
been quite a shortage here, as the mines are unabel to sup
ply euough during the cold months. Besides, the coal la
better, having less slack In It where It la handled but once
out of the cars. You also save on the price. We advise ev
eryone to store coal that can, whether they live In tow . 4 or
in the country. Bills for storage coal are due and payable
Oct. 1. mo.
To broom corn raisers, remember we have the genu
ine Oklahoma Dwarf broom corn seed. There Is some on the
market that is not Dwarf. Price for the genuine. $3.60 per
The Lamar Seed Company
r. H. KELSEY, Manager.
Real Estate, Loan
Insurance A Bent
Rider-Lewis 30 Touring Car
- - $lO5O =
Equipped with magneto, full set of lamps and horn. The best
car on the market for the mohey. inis information is free.
W© also do a general Livery, Repair and Oarage business. The
best of care taken
Dowler Automobile Company

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