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Ths only tot of Numerical
Abstracts of the Records of
Procure County. Abstract*
to Farm a ul City Proper
ty fxnn'shtd on thorteet no
tice. Alto owner* of Bald
win, Jay As Co."* Abstract*
of Prowers County Rec
ords precious to the fire of
1688. Terms reasonable.
mu. Colorado
Plenty of OhMo Money for
yeed Perm end City Loene.
Oell end eee me.
C. L. Margrave Is in Pueblo this
week on buisuess.
R. R. Shaub and wife left Tut;
day for Las Animas.
darn —To Mr. and Mra. Alva Dei
ter on Monday, & fine girl.
Dr. Regnier of Regoier was in
umar iuesaay on ousiness.
H. L. Sallee came (Town from
Denver today for & short visit.
Jack Wilson and Chas. Beach <
Two Buttes spent Sunday in Lamar
W. A. Merrill nas been in Den
ver on legal buslnessseveral days
this week.
Mrs. Chas. Maxwell isin Puebl.
this week attending a Sunday school
Chas. Maxwell returned Wed
nesday from a short eastern busi
ness trip.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mace return
ed Sunday from an extended visit
in Missouri and lowa.
Guy McCory left Monday for i
few days pleasure trip to Denvei
and other western cities.
R. J. Rountree and family hav
moved into the house formerly o
■cupied by Geo. D. Robinson.
L- F. Pfeiffer left on No. 8 to
•day for Topeka, where he will get
his family and then return to stay.
W. A. Engleman of Claflin, Kan
aas, was in Lamar this week on bus
■iness. returning to his home Wed
Perry McMillen, who has been
suffering with blood poisoning i
one arm, is reported much improv
eo and out 01 danger.
Ray E.Pilloud now has charge ol
the largest exchange of the Colored
Telephone Co. in Denver, and is
well pleased with his new work.
A large audience was inatttend
ance at the Presbyterian church <
last Sunday evening and listened
to a very able and eloquent Bac
calure&te sermon by Rev. Kelry.
Mrs. Merle C. Ward leaves Fri
day for a month’s visit with home
(oiks in Klinaas. taking in the com
mencement exercises at the Law
rence University. Mr. Ward will
Join her In a few days.
The play given Friday evening
by the seniors was a pronounced
success financially and entertaining
ly. The receipts amounted to about
one hundred and fifty dollars, which
is to be divided equally for the
library, athletic, memorial and high
school library funds.
A straight, honest,
healthful cream of yi’y
11 tartar baking powder. 11
|| Made from Grapes. ||
l| Contains not a grain |1
■H of usurious ingredient PH
\ Bum Powder/
n\ Fifty rears MMM
tho Standard
Mrs. J. V. Sayler is up from Two
Buttes this week visiting with La
mar relatives and friends.
Mrs. Granby Hillyer returned
home Monday from Las Animas,
where she hud been visiting.
Ray Gould and H. J. Johnston
delivered Mr. Gould's car to Spriug
lield Tuesday, where it had been
Ed Person left Monday for Salt
i-aKe City, where he wiUl look io»-
a location and move his fami.y
The comet found a new tail in
time to furnish our citizens a goou
show on Monday night during the
W. H. Ryan and family of Ash
Grove, Missouri.arrived in Lamai
' luesday and will make their fu
ture home here.
Mias Bessie Spoon of North Yak
ima. Washington, arrived in Lama:
Tuesday to atteud the wedding u.
uer cousin. Miss Flossie Smith.
Mrs. C. A. Rawls left Saturday
to spend the summer with hei
uus'oand on the ranch. She will
ue greatly missed by her man}
Mr. E. C. Howe, general man
ager of the American Beet Sugai
company, is expected in Lamar tli«
latter part of the week for a few
uays business visit. He is spending
the week in the valley.
Commencement exercises for both
the Bth grade and high school will
be held this week. A class or til
•will graduate from the Bth grade
.omorrow night and 16 seniors will
graduate from the high school on
.•'riday evening.
Judge Julius C. Gunter of Ue
.er, formerly district judge for .
judicial district, has been In Lain
.oday looking up some legal in
ters. The Judge has a host oi
. rlends in Lamar who are always
glad to welcome him.
Agriculturists of tlTe Americai
tieet Sugar company report tha.
• his season only lour acres of beet.-
out of the total acreage in thi:
. actory district were forced to b
replanted. Deep planting is said
(Lo have aaused the poor stand on
lour acres.
C. V. Newman, cashier of thi
American Beet Sugar Co’s loca.
plant, drove down from Denver this
week in his new Flanderv car, pur
chased from the Lamar Hardware
Co. John Simpson also purchased
a car and iuu«lw the run with Mr.
The Harbinger, the annaul put
lication of the Junior class of the
nigh school, is now on sale. It w*»
printed by the Sparks office ano
is a highly creditable production,
ootn typograpnicaiiy and edltoria.
ly. Ibe young people are to be
greatly congratuaited on their suc
The Central Hotel changed hand*
this week, Mrs. S. H. Pike selling to
Mr. Hal Kerr, who is now in charge
Mr. Kerr is well known and popu
lar with the public in Lamar and
will continue to enjoy the liberal
patronage for which the hotel has
ueen noted. The purchase price
was f 12,000.
Fred Rosacrans has Jeased the
business room recently occupied b>
u.d Person and is putting in a com
piete line of plumbing supplies am
repairs. He will be prepared t<
contract for any Job big or srnal
in his line, and as he is a gooi
workman and well equipped forth
business he will enjoy a fine bus!
ness In his new location.
E. K. Curran returned last Tues- I (
day from an extended visit on the !
Mr. and Mrs. John Mace return
ed this week from a month’s visit
in Missouri and lowa.
Alias Margie Denning, who has
been visiting her uncle, Paul Den- '
ning, the past winter, returned to*-
her home in Leoti, Kansas, this i
57V. and Mrs. C.A. Rawls enter
tained a very delightful dinner part
at the Ben-Mar on Thursday even
ing. Covers were laid for eight,
aucf the latter part ol tne evening
was spent in playing ’’Five Hund
A. E. Seymour, district manager
for the Knight-Campbell Music Co.,
of Denver, was here this week and
rented the room formerly occupied
by the Davis Drug Co. on north
Main street. He expects to be here
about next Friday with over twenty
instruments and will send down a
fine Vlctrola with fine records and
give a grand free concert.
The crop outlook for beets,and
ill other crops, never looked bet
ter, not only in this section but i:
whole vaCey. The last rain
averaging an inch and a halt over
,ne entire valley assured the farm
ers of the biggt'st year of the his
.ory of the valley is the general
oncensuK of opinions of tnose who
lave expressed themselves.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Goodale, of
tie no. Miss Lva Uoodale, of Se
ittle, and Mr. H. J. Goodale, ol
Helena, are visiting this week wltl
•.heir parents, Hon. and Mrs. C. C.
.loodale. Tonight is the fortieth
inniveraary of the wedding of Mr
and Mrs. Gooaale and all the fam
ily are at home for the occaaion.
Hon. A. E. Bent is planning tl
erection of a handsome block o
•usiness houses on Olive street Jm
east of the Ben-Mar hotel. Ther<
will be four store rooms on the
lower floor fitted up with all mod
>rn conveniences in the shape o
light and heat, and the second floo
will be connected across the alle;
with the Ben-Mar and used as an
annex to that hotel.
WANTED—A girl for housework.
Mrs. D. E. Cooper, 400 Third St.
Phone Prowers 60.
Successor to Dr Packard
206 South Mai* Street
Office Hrs.—-10 to 12. S to 4. 7 to S
ftargery a Specialty
Physician and Surgeon
OAee over New York etore, or
inquire et XoLmm Bn*.' drug
Physician and Sergeen,
(Ms. Interne Md. General Heepltal.)
Baltimore. Ml
Reem • Land Offlee Building
Tel. Lamar 4*.
wriu MU Dry Unrated UMd*gg»>
lUsahM end en elude mi Uw Ssd
Sheep a Specialty
LMt Yrar Stuff wMh Me
Fhene Prewrara ISS
»«T-T- * M'OAXTT
ittorMji S OanaiaUsra at Law.
ita i mmt <
a ,«*«r*l frmetict k aB (Ml ■*«-
m la all Ik* Mk.
•ttoroay and Counsalor at Law
OtOe* la riist Natloaal Bask Blk.
Attorney and Coonaalor at Law
Offloa in Ooodal. Ueak
Attorney and ConnaaloratLaw,
Linn, OoLoanno.
onto. In Bant Blk.. Kant Main Bt
JL.ttor2s.e3r et Law
Lamar, Colorado.
Ctrll Engineer and Surveyor
Ofßoeover 107 south Main
Lamar, Colo.
Offlee Phone. Lamar 82
Residence Phone, Lamar 127
To Inspect the Greatest Line of New Furniture ever shown in this city
We are Much Gratified
To note the growing demini for both furniture and carpets of the higher class
es ana are glad to announce that this end of the business has not been neglected.
Oar stock of finer goods has keen greatly broadened and strengthened by the receipt
of a car of goods of the best grade which will tally equip as to take care of the most
exacting high-class trade.
This Has Not Been Done, However
At the expense of the medium and staple lines, and constant surprises are in
store for the people who have house furnishings to bay, bat feel it necessary to prac
tice economy.
Special Lines We Carry
Caloric Cookstoves, Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets,
Leggett and Plait Springs, Monobat Mattresses,
Leonard Cleanable Refrigerators.
Together with—"EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME”—lncluding
Ruga, Dishes, Queensware, Graniteware, Stoves, Mattings, and Linoleum
Call Bt the store end aee these things
W *■ tf
206 South Main St. - - Lamar, Colorado
Notice of Redemption
Office of County Treeeurer.
Prow ere County, Colo.
May 18. 1910.
Notice le hereby given that I will
redeem at my office In Lamar, Prow
*tw County, Colorado, aB School Ort
re aumberod ae folio we:
Amount of
No. Oato of issue Warrant
School Dlat. No. 11, Oonaral-
UH Mar. 3. 190*
.149 Mar. 30. I*o* 80 00
302 May 22. I*o* 80 00
Kept. 1. I*o9 16 80
Ibl Apr. 27. 1909 80 00
3.u» OcL 26. 190* 75 00
360 Dec. 18. 1909 66 00
36< Feb. 17. 1910 65 00
3<u Apr. 14, 1910 65 00
Interest will cease on above nam
-d school orders and bond after
June 18, 1910.
County Treasurer.
Notice of Redemption
of School Orders.
Office of County Treaanrer, )
Pro wore County, Colo. f
April 27. 1910
Notion is hereby given that I will
i adeem at my office in Prowers
county,all schoo. orders numbered
as follows:
Amount of
No. Dato of lout Ordor
School Diat. No. 8, General.
383, May 22, 1908 65 00
382, May 22. 1908 65 00
393, Sept. 25. 1908.... 65 00
394, Sept. 25. 1908 60 00
391, Sept 25, 1908 75 00
390, Sept. 25, 1908 60 00
393, Oct. 23. 1908 60 00
401, Nov. 6, 1908 60 00
399, Oct. 23. 1908 76 00
400, Oct. 23. 1908 60 00
407, Nov. 20, 1908 60 00
408, Nov. 20, 1908 60 00
409, Nov. 20. 1908 76 00
410, Nov. 20, 1908 60 00
414. Dec. 18. 1908 60 00
Inter set will cease on above named
school orderaafter May 27. 1910. j
County Treasurer.
Two Tracts Under the Clilvlngtort
One tract, 46 acres, the north
west part and the other tract, 180
acres, in the northeast part of Sec
tion 16, Township 22, Range 44,
Prowers county, Colorado. About
three miles west of Bristol and one
mile north of therallroad. Easy
payments on one half the purchase
price. Write for full particulars.
Address Box 631, Chanute, Kan.
1. H. Myers wants a few go
conservative loans at 7 per c*.
interest plus a small commission
Farm or city property. See me
you are paying a higher rate of lu
te rest.
102 N 9th St.
Putting oft Wall Paper that is
antiquated is a waste of money
wnfen you can get hew and hand
some designs for the same price.
Don’t decide on a pattern until
you have seen our display. You
know styles change frequently.
Our stock Is up-to-date, and in case
you don’t find Just what you want
we will be pleased to order it for
you. tsy this means you nave the
entire stock of the factories to se
lect from.
Lamar Wall PapsrS Paint Co
6. Ea CURRAN, Mmwgar.
How Much Do You Waste?
' 'h® differ®®®® bctwen tnsvollaM I
mpenm ul tbm <M at •
The Colorado Telephone Co.
Custer No. 3311
Custer No. 3311 is a rich light chestnut In color, will whit® hlud
feet and star; he stands 15 3-4 hands high and weighs shoot IlfO
pounds; was foaled In 1906; he has great style, action and haaatjr.
with good conformation and plenty of substance. He U a thorough sad
dle* horse, going the five saddle gaits with ease, action, grao® and fa
cility. He traces through a long line of Ulustrous ancestors, carvyfag
in his reins the blood of Rex Denmark 8 40. Black Squlrr®l ft, Ken
tucky Prince, Jeff Darls, Forrest Squirrel 801, Fancy 844, Psasock
498, Sample Cadmus, Squrrel Denmark 1358, Lucille P«acoek ITfC,
Cadmus Chief 1097, Peacock Chief 1585 and Modal Sqilml t#ft.
This hors® Is the pr jgsrtj of j f J
and will be kept at 'V i *'7T*
McLean’s Livery Bam
Tabulated pedigree can be seen by asking.
W— $l5 to insure mare in foal. If mar® la traded «r re
moved from th® county fee becomes due and payable at eaoa. Baa
car® will b® taken to prevent accidents, but will hot ha luagUMlbl®
should nay occur.

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