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To the Electors of Prowers County:
In accordance with the provisions of Section 7, Primary Election Law 1910, Page 13,
Election Laws 1912, notice is hereby given that a Direct Primary Election will be held m the
lawful polling places in each of the voting precincts of the Count},
between the hours of 7a. m. and 7p. m. on the 10th day of September, A. D. 1912, at which
election the following named persons, for whom nomination papers have been til.il, attesting
the electors of said County, together with their addresses, the offices to be filled and the politi
cal party each reprseents, are to be voted for at said Primary Election:
United States Senators and Representatives In Congress
Address Office to be filled Party
Aka Adam* Pueblo U. S. Senator Long Term (6 years) Democratic
Denver U. S. Senator Lon* Term (6 years i Democrat c
ThLa j' tyDonnell 1627 ilace St.. Denver U. S. Senator Dons Term (« yeaiai Democratic
J ide c Dawaon 1211 Race St., Denver U. S. Senator Don* Term « year., Repub
Merle D. “"cent I-aonla. Colo. U. S. Senator Dons Term (6 years i Republican
I'Hoa Thnnisa Denver U. S. Senator to Fill Vacancy (- years) Democratic
w Waterman Prown Palace Hotel. Denver U. S. Senator to *UI Vacancy <2 years) Republican
Ja!mea U. toen UJI SherSran Ht7. Dinver U. 8. Senator to Fill Vacancy (2 year., Republican
l.'dward T Taylor Glen wood Springs Itep. in LaXIII Cong. U. S. at Larue Democrat c
Wm D. .Clayton*" Ureelay Hep. In DXIII Cons- U. S. at Large Democrats
Kdward Keatlna Pueblo Rep. In DXIII Cons. U. 8. at Darge Democratic
Katherine VViiliamsou Denver Hep. In LXIII Cong. U. S. at Large Democratic
Albtnus A. Johnson 138 So. Grant St., Denver Hep. In LXIII Cong. U. S. at Large
Jamas P Miller DrlM Colo. Hep. in LX-lil Cong. U. S. at Large Republican
Jlesse J. Laton 1336 Madison BL, Denver, Colo. Hep. in LXIII Cong. U. S. at Large Republican
Samuel H. Kinsley 1310 N. Weber St.. Colo. Spgs. Hep. in LXIII Cong. U. 8. at Large Republican
Clarence P. Dodge 431 No. Cascade Ave.. Colo. Spgs. Hep. in LXIII Cong. U. 8. at Large Republican
Louis J. Stark 636 Gaylord SL. Denver Hop- In LXIII Cong. U. 8. at Large Republican
Harry H. Seldomrkige Colorado Springs Rep.
Ttioe J. Ehrhart Sal Ida Hep. in LXill Cong. U. 8. 2d Cong. Democratic
BenJ. H. Kobey Aspen Hep. in LXIII Cong. U. 8. 2d Cong. Democratic
Cbas. A. Ballrelch Puebla Cola Hep. In LJCIII Cong. U. 8. 2d Cong. Republican
«. Van Busklrk 208 So. Bth St.. Rocky Ford Hep. in LXIII Cong. U. 8. 2d Cong. Republican
i nhn u nivnn id.,.. Judge of Supremo Court (Id years) Democratic
TiSlw iCreek Judge of Supremo Court (10 years) Democratic
Dlcker.on hIK ’ Judje o( Suprem. Court (1» year., Democratic
John Campbell 17 Espanola SL. Colorado Springs Judge of Supremo Court (10 years) sepu^!^“«s epu^!^“«
~eew D. Roea UHO Humboldt St., Denver Judge of iSuprems Court (10 years) Republican
Joseph H. Maupln Canon City Governor
Lilas H.. Ammons Pardhall Governor
ihoa J. Tynan Pueblo Governor
cmford C. Parka Glenwood Springs ..overaor
Philip B. Stewart 1228 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs Governor Republican
Benjamin F. Montgomery Meeker Lieut. Governor
Ben B. Beshoar Trinidad Lieut. Governor Democratic
Herman W. Kiugs Palisade HJeut. Governor
R. P Rubin sal Ida Lieut. Governor Democratic
Bara’ T. Elliott Del Norte Lieut. Governor Republican
Robert O. Davenport 417 So. Maple SL. Trinidad i.ieut. Governor Republican
James B. Pearce l.a Junta necretary of Stats Democratic
M P Capp Boulder Secretary of Stats Democratic
Thus.’ M. Raney t.eadvllls decretory of Stats Democratic
Leo. ’ Vincent Denver Secretary of Stats Democratic
John E. Ramar So. Meldrum SL. Ft. Collins Sacretary of Stats Republican
itoady Kenehan Denver Auditor of Stats Democratic
Charles Leckenby Steamboat Springs Auditor of Stats Democratic
Lillian Hartman Johnson 15*1 Grant ,SL. Denver Auditor of Stats Democratic
Ben. C. Catren. Jr. Georgetown Auditor of Stats Republican
Arthur F. Malcom 77v Steel SL, Denver Auditor of State Republican
Michael A. Leddy Manitou Slate Treasurer Democratic
Marshall H. Van Fleet 209 San Juan SL. Alamosa state Treasurer Democratic
James B. Dick Walaenburg State Treasurer Republican
Oscar D. Case 7% E. Bth Ave.. Denver state Treasurer Republican
Fred Farrar Fort Collins Attorney General Democratic
Harry L. Lubera Las Animas Attorney General Democratic
William B. Gobln No. Bth St.. Rocky Ford Attorney General Republican
BenJ. Griffith 1147 Main £L. Grand Junction Attorney General Republican
iloselpha C. Pul ford Durango Supt. Public Instruction Democratic
Marie V. Donahue Victor Supt. Public instruction Democratic
Mary C. C. Bradford Denver Supt. Public Instruction Democratic
ines Johnson Lewis Colorado Spga. supL Public Instruction Democratic
Helen M. Wlxon . .»39 E. 12th Ave.. Denver Supt. Public Instruction Republican
Samuel I. Hauett Aspen Regent Unlv. of Cola to fill Vacancy Democratic
Chas. K. Dudley 1464 Marlon SL. Denver Regent Unlv. of Cola to fill Vacancy Republican
James B. Ragan Sterling Regent Unlv. of Colo. Full Term Democratic
illlam H. Bryant Denver Regent Unlv. of Cola Full T%rm Democratic
Geo. D. Statler Greeley Regent Unlv. of Colo. Full Term Republican
u. J. Pfeiffer fiCl E. Colfax Ave.,. Denver Regent Unlv. of Colo. Full Term Republican
Francis J. McCarty Lamar Diet. Judge 3rd Judicial District Democratic
Henry Hunter Trinidad Diet. Judge 3rd Judicial District Republican
John J. Hendrick Trinidad Dial. Attorney Srd Judicial Dial. Democratic
Charles L. Henderahot Walsenburg i»taL Attorney 3rd Judicial Dial. Republican!
Freuerte W. Clark Trinidad Dist. Attorney Srd Judicial Dlat. Republican
J. B. Traxler Lamar Representative 19th Genl. Assembly Democratlo
Prowers A Baca Counties
W. P. Ferguson Hartman Representative l»th Genl Assembly Democratic
Prowers a Baca Countisn
John S. Hasty Lamar Representative 19th Genl. Assembly Republican
Prowers A Baca Count las
C. B. Thom an Lamar County Judge Democratic
John W. Shlreman Lamar County Judge Democratic
W. B. Gordon Lamar county Judge Renublican
L. N. Zallnger HoUr * Loun* jiSK S2!SIISS
IL P. Syp l.arnar County Clark Damocratio
**• L. Btewart Lamar County Clark Republican
J. R Smith Lamar County Sharia Democratic
J. K. Houaoholder Lamar County Sheriff rjirioc ratio
John A. Simpson Lamar County Sheriff Rapubllcan
£ T '.““"‘T Treasurer Democratic
H- L. Chrtaty Lamar County Treasurer Democratic
John O. Stream County Treasurer Republican
*?. Downer Lamar County Asaeseor Democratic
A- J. Davy Amity County Aaseemr KESSSE
Nell® D. Reed Umar County Supt of Bohoole rJmncretm
W. R. Waldo Carlton County Hupt. of «oh™“ R^i?bl£«n
K- C. BaU Lamar County Surveyor Democratic
C. M. Spicer Lamar county Coroner rte».nnH>tin
Dr. J. H. Kellogg Lamar . ountV Coronar rnSlk.n
T J*. ’SeS Ho?lv adl county Commlaeioner Flrai Ulatrlct Democratic
James tPhrce S?!!j Comm eatoner First Ulatrlct Democratic
i county Commlaelonar Flr,t Dietrtct Republican
l<rad Wllllame VVUey county Commissioner Third Dlatriei Democratic
h' nrttonan County Commissioner Third District Republican
S. H. Huffman Wllay County Commtaatonar Third sEtrllt Republican
SSSr- 9SS tISU °I ‘J* ?•’“=• Pr «'"cl NO. 1 Democratic
Oe!me A Wataon tiStt Juatlce of the Peace Precinct No. 1 Democratic
u ™ juatlce of the Peace Precinct No. 1 Republican
c T? Darnel 1 Conatahla Precinct No. 1 Democratic
b* u Lamar constable Precinct No. 1 Democratic
“■ ,?*■ *1” Constable Precinct No. 1 Republican
i a wT Constable Precinct No. 1 K^bhcan
o’ EHaon w . Ju,tl f e ,,° r the Peace Precinct No. 2 Democratic
u. a. Dixon Wiley • Constable Precinct No. i Democratic
JnhT'T W mlrton “°!! ) ' Justice of the Peace Precinct No. 4 Republlcet,
Holly consteble Precinct No. 4 Democratic
j" N Urlaa Hmlv constab e Precinct No. 4 Republican
. ■ n~T “°,“f, constable Precinct No. 4 Republican
J - \ S “" dl Brtatol Constable Precinct No. s Republican
nlaßOTta Hartman Juatlce of the t-eaee. Precinct No • Democratic
HMeer i Conatab e Precinct No. 8 Democratic
Z H '*,? Hartman constable Precinct N|o. 8 Democratic
J T irtrknatrick Committeeman Precinct No. l Democratic
no™ n pShlmu Committeeman Precinct No. 1 Republican
V, ™ Currv commltteewomen Precinct No. 1 Democratic
Mrs. Cordelia Curry Lamar Lommltteswoman Precinct No. 1 Republican
SSSSL* MmiVm committeeman Precinct No. 2 Democratic
fc* J£n»!f ,lay 22!!v Committeeman Precinct No. 2 Republican
_ Holly Lommltteewoman Precinct No 2 Democratic
Mrs. Clara Duncan Holly Commltteewoman Precinct No. 2 Republican
C. D. Baldwin Granada 'committeeman Precinct No. 3 Democratic
Charles Maxwell Lamar committeeman Precinct No. 4 Democratic
Ed Hunt Lamar Committeeman Precinct No. 4 Democratic
U Lamar ICornmltteeman Precinct No. 4 Republican
uiile M. Smith Lamar Commltteewoman Precinct No 4 Democratic
Mabelle A. Mean Lamar Uommlttenwoman Freest No. 4 R^ubllcan
.jdwpv Msssar Carltion Committeeman precl
k case Carlton Committeeman Precrt
uiazll Hoffman '-arlutn Commiueewotnaa pjl
p Thurston Lamar Committeeman i'recll
Alli(p Moury Lamar commuteewonmn pjl
frad Williams Wiley Committeeman Precll
o H Hutfman H Hey I-ommitteenian l'recl
Lela H. Blosser Wiley commltteewoman pj
C. E. Byers Lamar Committeeman Precl
J. A. Downing Lamar Committeeman T^recil
Anna Beavers Lamar commltteewoman pjl
V Z Haven Bristiol committeeman Precl
j. R. Mayfield BriaUol Committeeman precl
o. Pattlson Hartman Committeeman J J rec|
r ihnk H. Puntenney Hartman committeeman Precl
.»lrs. S.. Pattlson Hartman Commltteewoman pjl
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affil
of Prowers, this 26th day of August, A. D. 1912.
11. p. 4
(SEAL) County Clerk and IWordJ
BOYS WANTED—To sell our Sun
day papers; libera] inducements to
hustlers. Write to Manager Circu
tion, The Denver Times, Denver,
For Exchange
1 have Colorado Springs and La
iuar property to exchange for ir.
rigated land in the vicinity of
Lamar. If interested see me at
Room 1, Cooper Building, Lamar.
Frightful Polar Winds
blow with terrific force at the far
north and play havoc with the
skin, causing red, rough or sore
chapped hands and lips,, that need
Bucklen’s Arnica Salve to heal then:
It makes the skin soft and smooth.
Unrivaled for cold-so res, also ul
cers, burns, bolls, sores, bruises,
cuts and piles. Only 25c at N. N.
McLean's, the Old Reliable Drug-
To Ihe Public
1 will resume my practice in
Lamar on Monday, August 22. 1912
and after that date can be found,
at my office overd the New York
For Heat
Modern • room brick residence,
bath, cistern, hot and cold water,
nice lawn and shade trees. Close
In. Inquire of N. N. McLean.
For Bold
Perfection oil stove, new, three
hole burner. Also other furniture.
Call at 511 W. Olive street. Two
almost new ranges.
Blamed a Good Worker
'*l blamed my heart for severe
distress In my left side for two
years,” writes W. Evans, Danville,
Va., “but I know now it was in
digestion, as Dr. King’s New Life
Pills completely cured me.” Best
for stomach, liver and kidney trou
bles, constipation, headache or de
bility. 25c at N. N. McLean's, the
Old Reliable Druggist.
Stepping on a rusty nail has
been the cause of many cases of
lockjaw. The nail was not so much
the faule as neglect of the wound.
If such wounds were promptly
cleaned and Ballard’s Snow Lini
ment applied there wrould be no
lockjaw, as th'e antiseptic proper
ties of the liniment would coun
teract the poison and the wound
would heal quickly. Price 25c, 50c
and SI.OO per bottle. Sold by N.
N. McLean, the Old Reliable Drug,
Shocking Sounds
In the earth are sometimes heard
before a terrible earthquake, that
warn of the coming peril. Nature's
warmings are kind. That dull pain
or ache In tfie back warns you the
kidneys need attention If you would
escape those dangerous maladies,
dropsy, diabetes or Bright’s disease.
Take Electric Bitters at once and
see backache fly and all your best
feelings return. “My son received
great benefit from their use for
kidney and bladder trouble,” writes
Peter Bandy, South Rockwood, Mich
“It Is certainly great kidneyy med
icine.” Try It. 50 cents at N N.
McLean’s, the Old Reliable Drug,
Automobile . Lamm-, Colo. Accident
Oklls Aiumemd t'aj or Nlglit
Dr. C. V, Williams
At Mcljean’s Htalihw
Phone Prower' 13
are the real cause of the dis- I
ease wherever your trouble
may be. We know that nerves nm
supply life and motion to ev. j
ery organ and muscle of the
body. The nerves come down \ B
from the braLn through the / I
spinal column aud pass inside ■
through holes between the tv I
bones of the back like the one > H
in. the picture marked ‘‘First I
Opening.” At these points
nerve force is often impeded. 11
For any everyday fall.or.strain B
if severe enough, will displace ■
one of the bone pieces or ver- I
tebra. Then the bony opening 1
almost closes up, like the one I
marked “Second opening,” am ■
the great trunk nerve that I
goes through it is squeezed to ■
a third or quarter’ its normal
size. Do you wonder the part
of you supplied by that nerve
gets out 9 order? vl
You don’t notice the fall,
perhaps, but the local effects I
may make life a burden to I
you. You call them “dls- fl
eases,” but the cause is the (fl
same for all, though at dif
ferent places along the spine.
Our method is simple and tjABH
certain—remove that deadly
nerve pressure by bringing
back the vertebra to its ran-
ural position. This Is what
we are successfully doing ev- VjJ||
ery day. Our easy scientific
method removes the reason
for your sickness or disability
and relieved nature does the
rest. This is fact proved in
hundreds of cases of heart B
disease, rheumatism, Indiges- I
tlon and other serious Illness. H
We can readily show you H
Just which spinal nerves are B
pinched aud Just as readily take
the Invigorating power of normal Bl
store HEALTH and STRENGTH in abH
back the joy of living. Call on us
and get at the ROOT of your trouble.™
Consultation and Examination mi<l
Walther & VM
Room 14 First Nationl
Lamar, Coloral
“Meet Me at the I
Rocky Ford, Sefl
Grand Carnival of
bibition of Agricultural
of Music. Splendid
premiums, best of
everything usually seen
some. Entertainment for
For Conc4‘Bsions, PrivilegeßH
Committeeman precl
Committeeman p rec ,|
* 'ommiue*- woman pJ

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