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The only set of Numerical
Abstracts of the Records' of
Prowers County. Abstracts
to Farm and City Property
furnished on shortest notice. ■
Also owners of Baldwin,
Jay db Go's., Abstracts of
Prowers County Records
previous to the fire of 1888.
Terms reasonable.
Plant* •» OIIMD Monattar
naan Farm and City Loans.
.Mil and ana ma.l
Fred Marx went to Las Aniinas this
week on business.
E. R. Jones made a business trip to
Pueblo the first of the week.
Dr. J. V. Sayler of Two Buttes has
been a Lamar visitor this week.
Oscar Strain, mayor of the city of
McClave, was a Lamar visitor today.
H. V. Decker of Bristol was trans
acting business at the county seat on
J. J. Hendin of the Las Animas
Leader was a visitor at the Register
office today.
Misa Florence Sayler went to La
Junta this week for a visit with
frienda there.
Mrs. Anna Chenoweth returned to
day to her home in Holly after a vis
it with her father here.
George Ikleman, the Holly drug
giat, was in Lamar on business mat
ters the first of the week.
Messrs. J. S. McClung, S. J. Hig
her and V. Z. Haven were county seat
visitors the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Syp left the
first of the week for Baltimore, Mary
land, to be gone several weeks.
Attorney F. J. M’Carty returned
this week from a visit to Denver ami
other points in Colorado on business.
Sheriff John A. Simpson visited
Holly the first of the week ami his
brother, W. C. Simpson, came back
with him.
Mrs. Mable Green of Bristol was
in Lamar last Saturday visiting her
parents and transacting business be
fore the land office.
Mrs. W. L. Morehouse arrived this
week from Long Beach, California,
and will visit with her children in La
mar. She has a host of friends here
who will give her a hearty welcome.
W. R. Wright, formerly publicity
agent for the American Beet Sugar
Co., in the Arkansas valley, was vis
iting old friends in Lamar this week
and sizing up the political situation.
R. B. Brown, who is one of the
switching crew of the local Santa Fe
yards, was taken to the La Junta
hospital this week to be operated on
for appendicitis. His friends here
hope for a speedy recovery.
Yesterday was picnic day for sev
eral of the Sunday schools and classes
of the high school. It was also the
day of the big rain and there were
some drenched young folks that even
ing. However no reports of anything
serious have been made so far.
Dancing Class
A. J. Mollins, a dancing teacher, and
E. R. Yager are giving a series of
dances at the armory now at which
all kinds of danciqg will be taught
and the charges will be five cents a
Orient Chapter Class
A large number of the members of
Orient Chapter No. 32 R. A. M. turn
ed out last night to assist in proper
ly conferring the Royal Arch degree
on a class consisting of Messrs. *E. G.
Meyer, Chas. Owens and A. E. Fox.
After the ceremonies were completed
a lunch was served and a general so
cial good time passed until almost
Oil Well to Start
The outfit for drilling the first well
in the new Mustang oil field started
south this week and the work of drill
ing will begin sometime during next
week. The company has ample capi
tal back of it to develop the field and
settle the question of whether there is
oil there or not.
City Water
For the past week the Clay creek
galleries have been supplying all the
water needed to supply the city and
flush the mains so as to carry off
every vestige of the alkali surface
water that has been pumped in the
past month, and has also been storing
up considerable surplus in the big city
reservoir. There has been a run of
190 gallons per minute from the gal
leries and under the present conditions
the city gets it all. With a continua
tion of normal conditions it will not
be necessary to develop a very large
extra supply of water, and that only
for about four months.
Teachers Reappointed
The new school board met last week
and reappointed the full staff of
teachers from Supt. Momyer down on
the strength of the good work of the
past year. This action was merited
and was the right move on the part
of the board to show appreciation for
the conscientious work done. We un
derstand though there will be a num
ber of vacancies later owing to ac
ceptances of other positions and viola
tions of the board’s rule in favor of
single blessedness.
Daring Glide
Chas. P. Cleo entertained a large
crowd on last Saturday afternoon by
his daring glide down a wire across
Main street from the roof of the
Markham block hanging by his teeth.
He repeated the performance in the
evening and gave two entertainments
at the Lyric theatre showing his
strong man feats. He packed the the
atre at both entertainments and all
who had the privilege of seeing him
pronounce it one of the best acts ever
given here.
New Alderman
Thgcity council on Monday evening
met and one of the matters coming
before them was the vacancy on the
board caused by the resignation of J.
J. Hagaman of the 3rd ward, who has
removed to Granada. The council
promptly elected J. A. Downing of
the 3rd ward to the place. Mr. Down
ing is one of the pioneers of
a business man of experience and suc
cess, who is thoroughly familiar with
the city’s needs is an enterprising cit
izen and a man of broad principles
and integrity. He will make an able
addition to the city council and his
influence will be felt.
Anniversary of Lamar
That a man does not have to be
old to be an old timer here is dem
Graduation Presents
Now Is the Time
Oar Store is the place to hay GRADUATION PRESENTS, WEDDING PRESENTS or
any other kind of presents, in Diamonds, Watches, Necklaces, Broaches, Lockets,
Charms, Etc. Fine line of Gilt Books, Poems, Standard Fiction, Etc.
Good* and Price* Always Right
Druggist N. N. McLEAN Jeweler
The Old Reliable
onstrated by a look backward to when
Lamar was started. The city will be
only 28 years old on Sunday and yet
of those who were present at that
memorable lot sale which was consid
ered the birth of Lamar, only George
W. Hunter is now a resident here.
J. A. McDowell and family, M. J. Me-
Millin, J. C. Ford, Wm. Dargie, A. N.
Parrish, E. L. Koen and Henry Koen
had been residents of this vicinity for
several years and there are a few
others who had been in what is now
Prowers county previous to that date.
The entire population though at that
time could live in a single city block
now easily. If you cut the time to
between 27 and 28 years, however,
there are possibly one hundred people
still here who could qualify in the
list, too many at any rate to attempt
I to give an accurate list.
Game Between Militia and Postoffice
Telephone Combine a Warm One
On Sunday a large crowd turned
out to see the Militia and P. 0.-T. &
T. teams met on the diamond at As
sociation park. For about four in
nings it was a real ball game, and
gave promise of being too good to be
funny. The pitchers weakened then
however and things began to happen.
From then on it was a real enjoyable
event giving a good laugh to the
friends of both teams. They tied at
12 runs each in the 6th inning and on
14 in the seventh. Both were white
washed in the eighth. The ninth
opened with the militia at the bat and
they promptly batted out two runs.
The postoffice and telephone boys not
to be outdone came right back and
when their smoke lifted they were
found to have put four runs across
the plate and were declared the win
Dairy and Silo Expert Will Talk at
Club Rooms on Saturday After
G. E. Townsend of Omaha, an ex
perienced dairyman and silo silage
expert, will be in I.ainar the latter
part of the week and on Saturday af
ternoon at 1:30 will deliver a free
lecture at the Commercial Club rooms
to which all farmers and citizens are
cordially invited to come out and lis
ten. He has had years of experience
along these lines and makes a special
ty of telling the value of different
kinds of silage and the construction
of silos. If interested or thinking of
becoming interested in the dairy bus
iness you cannot afford to miss Mr.
Townsend’s talk as he will not only
give many facts of experience and
value but will be prepared to answer
all questions along these lines which
those present care to ask him.
311 S. Sixth Street.
Tomato and Cabbage Plants for
sale. East end of East Elm street.
Edward Williams.
City property for sals or ex.
change. F. J. M’Carty.
J. M. WILLIAMS, Pres. L. J. BORING, Cashier
CHAS. MAXWELL. Vice Pres. J. D. SPOONER. Asst. Cashier
Citizens State Bank
Capital-Stock - $35,000
Surplus ... $lO,OOO
We invite you to transact your buaine** with thia bank, and .endeavor to Rive prompt aervice
by poraonal and courteous treatment to our cuatomera.
gDirector*—J. U. William*, Chari** Maxwell, Goo.'A.'EveraU.lL. J. Borins, I. L. Maxwell
We have opened up at 206 South Main
St., Lamar, a Large Variety of 5-10 &
15c article*, every thing a bargain.
We also have a
Cash Grocery
What Does Your Home
Need This Season
Wliat about that rug?
Have you given any thought to the question
of curtains?
How alout a new chair for the living room—
a library table—or ail extra bureau in the guest
Now <luring the house-cleaning season you
ought to make sure that these little odds and
ends are taken care of. You ought to make
sure that your home U properly equipped with
the little things that make it homelike and com
We are making an exhibit this week, particu
larly for women who are cleaning house. It will
pay you to come in and look around.
Furniture and House Furnisher*
217-1* s. Mai, Lamar, Colorado
..The building occupied by the Horn
Hardware & Furniture Co. for rent
or sale. Inquire of J. C. Horn.
Household Goods For Sale
Glass and Earthenware, Fruit Jars.
Kitchen Chairs, Tables, Washstand,
Old Bureau, Kitchen Cabinet and oth
er articles.
I still have a few two and three
year old high grade milking Hol
stein heifers for sale. See them at
the farm.
for Painting, Papering and Deo
orating see Dickinson Lnmber On.

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