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Lecture Course
The Citizen’! Lecture Course com
mittee presents a six entertainment
course instead of the five number
course heretofore offered. The sup
port given to the course last year was
so good that the committee felt justi
fied in making a contract for an addi
tional entertainment without raising
the former low price for a season
ticket. Season tickets are now on sale
by high school students at the rate of
*2 each. Students’ tickets for school
children in any school in the county
$1 each. Single admission will be as
formerly, 76 cents per entertainment
for adults and 36 cents for school
children. You save more than half
by buying a season ticket. Seats may
be reserved at any time beginning on
Monday, October 26 at the Up-to-Date
drug store. No Saturday night dates,
three fine musical numbers, two en
tertainers, and a lecturer, Redpath
The course will begin October 80
with the Riners, followed November 6
by Opie Read. Buy your season tick
ets now.
Lamar High School Baseball Schedule
The Lamar high school will pluy a
series of games with the Holly
high school, the winners of the ser
ies to be awarded a silver loving cup
to be provided by the two schools.
Uames will also be played with Wiley
and Two Buttes. Byrnes’ federate de
feated the high school by a score of
11 to 10 in an interesting game play
ed at Association park last week.
Coach Koonsman was trying new ma
terial and hopes with the aid of the ex
cellent practice the federais give, to
get out a championship baseball team
for the spring games. The schedule
for October follows:
Oct. 9—Lamar vs. Federais, Laujar.
Oct. 12—Wiley at Wiley.
Oct. 17—Wiley at Lamar.
Oct. 24—Holly at Holly.
Oct. 31—Holly at Lamar.
Ross Weir entered high school this
week for the commercial course.
School reports to parents for the
first six weeks term will be out Fri
day afternoon. Parents are urged to
give these reports careful attention.
The attendance, effort, daaswork, the
rank in class, etc., of each pupil are
shown and their serious consideration
•m the part of the parents should stim
ulate pupils to improve their work.
October 12, Columbus Hay, will be
a holiday in the schools. Thanksgiv
ing day and the day following it will
lie holidaya There will be two
wrecks' vacation at Christmas, Decem
lier 19 to January 3 inclusive.
No Subscription List for Athletics
The board of education made plans
on Tuesday evening to take care of
the high school athletic fund this year
without taking it from the taxes and
without asking the annual subscrip
tion from the business men. The bus
iness men have for years responded
liberally to the request for funds for
high school activities and would no
doubt respond with their usual will
ingness this year, but it Beems an un
necessary burden to lay upon those
who are contributing liberally in many
other ways and the custom which has
been followed for so many years will
be discontinued.
The high school is planning great
things for this year’s sports. Coach
Koonsman is making good every day,
and the students are working hard to
support him in getting out the best
material the school affords.
A series of baseball games have
lieen arranged with Holly and Wiley
high schools and good schedules with
other schools in basket.ball, track and
spring baseball are in prospect.
Furnished front room for rent. Gen
tleman preferred. - 400 south Fifth
street. tf.
FOR SALK—9 choice lots on 9th
und 10th streets, between Olive and
Oak streets, at prices from 3126 to
$2OO on 3 per cent monthly payments
or 10 per cent quarterly if desired.
Also the B. F. Cooper residence cor
ner >Jth and Olive streets. E. E. Pike
or Liggett & Cole.
Council Proceedings
IsM.mar. Colo., Oct. sth, 1914.
City Council met In regular session.
The following were present: Mayor
Doughty. Aldermen Downing, Everett.
Huddleston. Pollard and Wheeler, City
Attorney W. E. Fee. City Clerk S. E.
(took Absent: Alderman Henklns.
Minutes of September. 21st were read
TBIII? P o? September having been aud
ited and approved were upon motion
, iT.lt JfetotffeiESdK
E&Sfpfa***'**' .. 00
C. W. Alberti, do I 70 oO
S. E. Cook, do 75 00
M. R. Sunday, do 40 00
D. J. Boring, salary for quarter
ending September 30 2 ’’j 00
W. E. Fee. do ;5 00
Dr. A. H. Crawford, do ....... 25 00
John AI Simpson. Jail board.. 17 75
Geo. B. Merrill, publishing 17 85
G. La Carrico, stenographic ser
vices 5 40
The Mt Sts T. & T. Co., phone
service • b
Sunday Garage, repairs and la
bor 3 64
I. R. D. & Power Co., lights at
city hall 3 08
Qermo Mfg. Co., Gerino Insect
icide 21 01
C. F. Daniel, salary for Septem
ber 60 00
E. W. Hills, do • • •• 00
Oscar Ayers, cleaning galler
jeg o uu
S. E. Cook, cash advanced ... 275
Alfred Elswlck. hauling coal. . 8 00
C. C. Huddleston, plumbing ... 2 80
L* J. Boring, cash advanced ... 45 27
Swastika Fuel Co., car of coal 59 67
1. R. L«. & Power Co., light at
Town of Holly. 15 meters 15 00
Pittsburg Meter Co., meter re
fialrs 1 8! *
ne & Smelter Co., repairs at
pump house • ••• 4 5
G. W. Gentry, salary for Sep
tember 70 00
Dock Cosper. do 104 70
I. R. U & Power Co., street
lights 1 62 00
C. M. Curry, acknowledgment
of deeds • 5
Curtis Gentry, labor at ceme
tery 8 00
I certify that the above is correct.
, 8e ».) s, E. COOK. rk
An ordinance in relation to licenses;
providing penalties for the violation
thereof, ana repealing ordinances Num
bers 53, 80. 86. 133. 158 and all other
ordinances in conflict herewith.
Be it ordained by the City Council
of the City of L.ainar. Colorado,
That from and after the passage of
this ordinance it shall be unlawful for
any person or persons to engage In any
of the callings or vocations herein
named within the corporate limits of
the City of Lamar, Colorado, without
first having procured a license from
the City Clerk of the City of Lamar,
authorising the conduct of such calling
or vocation and paying to the said
Clerk for said City of Lamar the license
fee hereinbefore provided.
Every auctioneer shall pay a license
fee of $6.00 per day: except when en
gaged in malting sales at public auc
tion under and by virtue or legal pro
ceedings. or when engaged in making
sales of personal or household goods
for Uie bona fide residents who are
selling out.
Every peddler or Itinerant merchant
shall pay a license fee of Fifteen Dol
lars ($15.00) per day.
Every transient merchant doing bus
iness in or from any building, tent or
car. within the City of Lamar, Colo
rado. shall pay a license fee of Fifteen
Dollars ($15.00) per day during each
day such business shall oe conducted.
Every circus, menagerie, or circus
and menagerie combined, shall pay a
license fee of One Hundred Dollars
($100.00) per day. which fee shall cover
two entertainments during twenty-four
hours, and .which licence shall cover all
side shows .showiqg under one. manage
ment. Theatrical or other tent shows,
other than circus and menageries,
shall pay a license ree of Ten Dollars
($10.00) per day or Thirty Dollars
($30.00) per week.
That all theatrical troupes, shows,
vaudevilles and other public amuse
ment*. which shall hereafter exhibit
and perform In any opera bouse or pub
lic hall within the corporate limits of
the City of Lamar, ytiall pay a license
fee of Two Dollars ($2.00) for such
entertainment given, or Ten Dollars
($10.00) per week, for the term of one
week; provided, however, that the pro
visions of this section shall not be
construed to apply to any show or en
tertainment given by home talent, who
reeMe within the City of Lamar, ex
clusive moving picture shows, nor to
any entertainment given by religious
or educational bodies, such as churches,
schools and chautguquas.
That a keeper of a dog show for pro
fit or gain shall pay a license fee of
Five. Dollars ($5.00) per day.
That any transient or temporary
keeper of a lemonade stand or any
lemohade and peanut stand combined
for gain or proflt> shall pay a license
fee of Two Dollars ($2.00) per day.
That any keeper of any baby rack,
cane rack, striking machine, blowing
machine, transient shooting gallery,
Weel of fortune. paddle wheels,
weighing machine, lifting machines or
oth'.r device for gain or • profit, shall
pay a license fee of Two Dollars ($2.00)
per day.
That any keeper of any billiard or
pool table for gain or profit shall pay
an annual license fee of Thirty Dollars
($30.00). per annum for one table, and
an annual license fee of Ten Dollars
($10.t0) for each additional table, such
license fee to be paid quarterly in ad
The keeper of any shooting gallery
for gain or profit shall pay an annual
license lee of Sixty Dollars ($60.00) per
annum, said license fee to be paid quar
terly, in advance.
That the keeper of any bowling al
ley shall pay an annual license fee of
Forty Dollars ($40.00) per annum, said
license fee to be paid quarterly' in ad
That each ferris wheel, inerry-go
round, or bowery dancing floor shall
pay a license fee of Five Dollars
($5.00) per day.
Thai each street fakir or machine
peddler shall pay a license fee of Ten
Dollars ($10.00) per day.
That any person or persons engaging
In any of the business avocations or
amusements mentioned In this ordln
nnce without Aral having obtained ii
license therefor and puid the fee pro
vided therefor by this ordinance shall
be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall,
upon conviction thereof, be fined in :i
sum not less than Twenty-live Dol
lars ($25.00) and not more than Two
Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00)
lor each and every such offense, and
the police magistrate of the City or
Lamar, Colorado, is hereby given Juris
diction to hear and determine all
causes arising under this ordinance.
That all theatrical troupes, vaude
villes, shows, moving picture shows
and other public amusements are here
by forbidden and prohibited from ex
hibiting and performing In any opera
house or public hall. tent, street or
elsewhere on Sunday within the cor
porate limits of the City of Lamar.
It is hereby further provided that
any person or persons violating any of
the provisions cf the sections of this
ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction
thereof, be lined in the sum of not less
than Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) and
not more than Two Hundred and Fifty
Dollars ($250.00) for each and every
offensejand that the police magistrate
of the City of Lamar. Colorado, is here
by given Jurisdiction to hear and de
termine all causes arising under any
section of this ordinance.
Ordinance No. 53. entitled. "An Or
dlpance In Relation to * Licenses and
Providing Penalties for the Violation
£!\ er , eo f.\ a “ d .Ordinance No. 86. en
i titled. An Ordinance Repealing Or
dinance No. 80 and Amending Section
5 of Ordinance No. 56" being an ordi
nance in relation to licenses and pro
viding penalties for the violation there
of: ordinances No. 133, 158, and all
other ordinances and parts of ordi
nances in conflict with the provisions
hereof and inconsistent herewith, are
hereby repealed.
This ordinance will be in force and
effect in five days from and after its
publication in The Lamar Register, af
ter its Anal passage.
This ordinandfe was introduced, read
and ordered published at a regular
meeting of the City Council of the
City of Lamar, Colorado, held on the
sth day of October. A. D. 1914.
Attested by the undersigned with the
Corporate Seal of the City of Lamar.
Colorado, thereto attached.
(SEAL) „
Clerk of the City of Lamar. Colorado.
Built for Service. This is
the strongest WAGON
of its kind made.
Buy the Boy the best
there is in WAGONS.
They cost a little more
but will outlast several
of the cheap, lightly con
structed WAGONS.
Extra heavy Wheels:
Channel Steel Gearing
Bolted through Cleat
and Bottom of the Bed;
Curved Tongue made to
stand where you leave
it—does not fall to the
ground; New Idea Steel
Hand Loop.
From a standpoint of con
struction. durability and
Service.the NORLEIGH
are worth the price.
State of Colorado.
County of Prowers, mm.
In the District Court.
C. C. Springer.
P, ;l nl " r SUMMONS
Gerd N. Johnsen, Fred Benja
min and R. L. Christy.
County Treasurer and Ex
offlcio Public Trustee of
Prowers County, end-State
of Colorado,
. Defendants.
The People of the State of Colorado.
To Gerd N. Johnsen. Fred Benjamin
and R. L. Christy, County Treasurer
and Ex-offlcio Public Trustee of Prow
ers County and State of Colorado, the
Defendants above named. Greeting:
You are hereby required to appear In
an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff In the District
Court of Prowers County, State of Col- 1
orado, and answer the complaint there
in within twenty days after the seryice
hereof, if served within this County; or.
if served out of this County, or by pub
licatlon, within thirty days after the!
service hereof, exclusive of the day of i
service; or Judgment by default will 1
be taken against you according to the
prayer of the complaint. And if a
copy of the complaint In the above en
titled action be not served with this
summons, or if the service hereof be
made out of this State, then ten days
additional to the time hereinbefore
specified for appearance and ansWer
will be allowed before the taking of
Judgment by default aa aforesaid.
The said action is brought to recover
the sum of Four Thousand and ninety
nine Dollars ($4099.00) upon two cer
tain promissory notes dated March Ist.,
A. D. 1912, executed by Gerd N. John
sen. and to secure a decree for the fore
closure of a certain mortgage deed
given by the said Gerd N. Johnsen to
secure the payment of the said prom
issory notes and for the sale of the
property in said mortgage deed des
cribed, as follows, to-wit: _
'The Southeast quarter of Section
Thirty-three (33) In Township Twenty
one (21) South, of Range Forty-six (46)
West of the Sixth Principal Merldan;
together with all water rights, ditch
rights and reservoir rights used upon
or appertaining to said land and in
cluding one full paid perpetual water
right of one and forty-four hundredths
(1.14) cubic feet of water per second of
time from the canal of The Fort Lyon
Canal Company, formerly the canal of
The Arkansas River Land. Reservoir
and Canal Company, and" being the
water right used and applied to said
land; said water right is also evidenc
ed by one hundred and forty-four (144)
shares of the capital stock of the said
The Fort Lyon Canal Company. And
to have a receiver appointed to tgke
charge of said property; as will more
fully appear from the complaint in said
action to which reference is here made:
a copy of which complaint Is hereto
And you are hereby notified that of
you fall to appear, and to answer the
said complaint as above required, the
said plaintiff will take Judgment as
prayed for in said complaint.
Given under my hand at Lamar, in
said County, this twentieth day of June
A. D. 1914.
PlalntifTs Attorney.
First publication Sept. 16. 1914.
Last publication Oct. 14. 1914.
I’isito Moving
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French Cleaning Parlor
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All goods called for and delivered in any part of the city.
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Our shop a the most up-to-date and largest in the valley.
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1)R. E. E. BARTELT Attorney and Counselor at Law
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Office over New York Store, or in- '
quire at McLean's Drug Store. FIXE LIABILITY
° eP m D e^u A ll Tm-carty KIRKPATRICK A CO.
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Lamar Nat'l Bank Bldg. Automobile Loaaar, Colo. AccMaut
Roon ; 8 3 ’. 4 3 " d 6 DR. 1. D. PIXLEY ~
A general practice in all civil matters -
in all the courts Osteopathic Physicisn
■ Graduate American School of Osteo-
J. K. DOUGHTY pathy, Kirksville, Missouri
Attorney and Counselor at Law FIRST NAT’L BANK BLDG.
LAMAR, COLORADO Phone Lamar 116
Office in Bent Blk. East Main Street Hour*, 91012A. M. 2to«P, u.

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