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Uncle Dick listened for a minute at
the foot of the stMrs. At last Jimmie
was asleep! Evidently the hot water
bottle and toothache medicine had
done their work, for the moans and
groans had stopped. Jimmie s mother
had slipped away a few minutes be
fore, leaving Uncle Dick in charge.
"Poor Dick!” she reflected as she
departed. "He hasn’t been himself
since Mary Hempstead went away in
the fall. Here it's almost April and
he hasn't had any word from her yet.
I can't understand It at all. I always
had an idea that she promised to give
Dick an answer in that letter he's
looked for so eagerly and that has
never come.”
The front door stood open and the
breeze came in soft and warm from
the south. The sun. too, was as bright
and the sky as blue as June.
Near the shed door stood an old
fishing rod. Dick walked over and
picked it up. The soft wind and blue
sky and the whole outdoors were call
ing him toward the river.
Jimmie and his toothaehe were for
gotten while he made his way down
the muddy road with the Ashing rod
over his shoulder and a bucket of bait
in his hand.
As he turned ofT tho road to go
through the broken place in the Hemp
stead's fence, nnd thence through the
hickory grove toward the river, he
heard a horse behind him. He turned
and looked straight into the startled
blue eyes of Mary Hempstead. But
while he stood paralyzed, the look in
the blue eyes changed instantly to
one of contempt as her horse gal
loped by.
Mary home! Could it really be the
girl who had teasingly promised him
his answer in the first letter on her
visit West.
He turned blindly toward the river
and when he finally reached the place
threw himself down dejectedly on a
rock and tried to think.
Meanwhile, Jimmie had a nice com
fortable nap. thanks to his mother's
doctoring and a quiet house, after
which he wakened and hopped out of
bed, yelling for someone to come and
put his clothes on him.
No one answered. Jimmie went
down stairs to Investigate the silence.
There was no one there, but the front
door was open and the soft, warm
wind that blew In felt delicious. Jim
mie went out on to the porch.
What a bully wind for a kite, and
here he’d been shut up all day missing
it! Suddenly he remembered he had
no kite. Yesterday it had hooked on
top of the red oak and stuck there.
Jimmie started for the tree, the wind
blowing his night gown around his
bare legs and feet. The soft ground
oozed up through his toes and he
squealed delightedly. But the water
in the creek was cold—too cold to
wade through! Ooch!
He knew the very thing! Uncle
Ned's boots! Back to the house and
into Uncle Ned's room. He knew
where the boots were—ln a corner of
the cupboard. He carried them to the
porch and tried to put them on. They
were miles too high and too heavy.
Out of one boot shot something that
had been white. Now it was dirty,
wrinkled and twisted Jimmy grabbed
it and tore away the outside. "Well,
I’ll use this old letter for a kite, if 1
can’t get mine. Where's that string I
The creek and boots were forgotten.
Jimmie, still in midnight attire, defied
the proprieties and the toothache, by
dancing gleefully all over the farm
with his homemade kite.
Over in the Hempstead yard Mary
was pondering about the look of mis
ery in Dick Randall's eyes as she had
passed him. It was almost time to
feed the chickens, and she started for
the granary.
What In the world could that be
tearing along the fence and yelling at
something in the air?
Sharp of wits and speedy of limb.
Mary soon had little Jimmy in her
arms. She wrapped her apron about
him and carried him back to her
house, the kite training on the ground.
“Bless his heart, he's got a letter for
a kite,” said her mother. Mary grab
bed It up suddenly.
“Jimmie, where did you get this?"
“Out of Uncle Ned's boots," he gig
gled. “I Just found it!”
Mary made suddenly for the door. A
few minutes later Dick heard the
twigs breaking near him, but did not
look around. It mattered little who
was coming.
Suddenly two soft, warm hands cov
ered his eyes and Mary’s own sweet
voice whispered.
‘Guess who it is!”
Bewildered, he reached up and
touched her hands.
"I’re come." she cried gayly. re
leasing him. “to deliver some belated
mall, and after all I think I'm glad
you didn't get my letter until now,
Dick. I want to see If you look suffl
clently happy when you read it. Jim
mie Just found it in Ned's old boot.
He must have dropped it there when
ha was carrying the mail to the house
tne day it came, ana nere i ve Deen
wondering and wondering why—"
But Dick had heard enough Just
what Mary had been wondering didn’t
matter half so much Just then as the
seal he put upon her willing lips.
Good Reason.
"Why do autocratic governments try
to muzzle the press?”
"They don't want It to make any
biting comments.”
Los Angeles Lad Held Up as a Won
der Is One of Many That the
Land May Claim.
A Los Angeles (Cal.) paper prints
the account of the return to the owner
of a flve-dollar piece paid by accident
to a newsboy. It seems to regard the
incident as remarkable, and one phase
of It was, but the paper overlooked this.
There are many honest boys. The in
stincts of youth are predatory only in
a mischievous fashion. In a real test,
the average boy would come out with
colors flying. The industrious lad
who would steal Is an exception. No
normal boy accustomed to dealing in
pennies could see an accidental gold
coin In his day’s collection without
the immediate impulse to place it In
the hands of the owner.
The remarkable phase of the inci
dent was that the owner, upon receiv
ing his coin, rewarded the boy with 60
cents. Doubtless the newsie felt more
Jubilation in possession of this hon
est piece of silver than in the larger
piece that could have been retained
only by a process virtually pilfering.
Ordinarily the person who loves mon
ey and recovers it is remarkably
Btlngy in the matter of reward. A
nickel handed over in exchange for a
fat purse rescued from the street is
about the rule. Sometimes there is
no proffer, but a look of dark suspi
It would be wise to have a statutory
regulation of the whole matter A re
ward of ten per cent would not be out
of reason. If a poor person happens
upon a vagrant roll of money, it is but
nutural that he become conscious of
temptation. He has reason to think
the owner will pay little or nothing,
end be more apt to display toward him
a sort of resentment than gratitude.
If he knew that under the law he was
entitled to a fair commission, the
temptation would vanish, the finder be
satisfied, and the owner restrained
from assuming the too frequent role of
In the District Court
State of Colorado.
<*ounty of Prowers. ss.
It. I>. Nevlus.
Zenas W. DeCamp. the Public
Trustee In Prowera County.
Colorado, and Citizens State
Under and by virtue of a decree and
order of sale entered In the Diatrict
Court in and for the County of Prowera
and State of Colorado on the 30th day
of December. A. D. 1915. wherein It la
d.-creed that there la due the above
named plaintiff. It. D. Nevlua. from the
above named defendant. Zenaa W. De-
Camp, on a certain note secured by a
mortgage, the huiii of Two Thousand
Three Hundred Sixty-two Dollars and
Ten Cents (13,362.10) and Interest
thereon from the said 30th day of De
cember. A. D. 1915. to the date of sale
hereinafter set forth at the rate of
Eight* (8) per cent per annum, and.
Whereas, in and by virtue of said
decree and order of sale 1. the under
signed. 1. C. Downing, sheriff of said
County of Prowers and State of Col
orado am authorized, directed and em
powered to expose for sale certain
property hereinafter described at pub
lic auction after giving notice of the
time and place of said sale by previous
ly publishing the same for four (4)
weeks in a weekly newspaper publish
ed in the City of Lamar. County of
I’rowera and State of Colorado, for the
purpose of realizing the amount so
found due the plaintiff as aforesaid
with interest, cost of suit and expense
of said sale.
Now. Therefore, public notice is here
by given that I will on Saturday, the
sth day of February. A. D. 1916. at the
hour of ten o'clock In the forenoon ol
said day at the West front door of
the County Court House in the City ol
Lamar. County of Prowera and Stat*
of Colorado sell at public auction for
rash in hand to the highest and best
bidder the following described real es
atate situate in the County of Prowers
and State of Colorado, to-wit:
The South Half of the West one-third
(S' 3 of W 1-3) of Block Forty-five
(15) in the West Side Addition to the
Town of Lamar, more particularly de
scribed as follows, to-wit: Commenc
ing at the southwest corner of said
Block Forty-five (45) in said West
Sid*- Addition to the Town of Lamar
and running thence east one hundred
(100) )feet; thence running north one
hundred and fifty (150) feet; thence
west one hundred (100) feet; thence
south one hundred and fifty (150) feet
to the point of beginning, being tht
west one hundred (100) feet of Lot;
Seven (7). Eight (8). and Nine (9). In
Block Forty-five (45) In the West Side
\dd 11 ion to the Town Sf Larnnr, as
show-n by the plat of said addition re
corded in the office of the County Clerk
and Recorder of Prowera County, Col
orado. together with all the privileges,
improvements and appurtenances
(hereunto belonging under the terms
of the mortgage set out In said com
plaint. for the purpose of realizing
the amount so found due the plain
tiff. It. D. Nevius. as above set forth, to
gether with interest, ccst of suit and
expenses of said sale.
Sheriff of the County of Prowers, and
State of Colorado.
First pub. Jany 5. 1916.
Last pub. Feby. 2, 1916.
Department of the Interior
United States Land Office. Lamar, Colo
rado. December 18, 1915. •
T«> Jacob T. Jantz of Mulllnville, Kan
sas. Contested:
You are hereby notified that Neal D
Redger. who gives Tyrone. Oklahoma,
as his postoffice address, did on No
vember 17th. 1915. file in this office
his duly corroborated application to
contest and secure the cancellation of
your Homestead Entry. Serial No.
015367. made November 13th. 1914. for
Lots 3. t.
2, and N'W V* of Section ID. Town
ship 25 South. Range 47 West 6th
Principal Meridian, and as grounds for
his contest ho alleges that said Jacob
T. Jantz has wholly failed to establish
.md maintuln residence on said land,
lias wholly abandoned the same and
has wholly failed to cultivate and Im
prove said land since the date of entry
and all or said defaults exist to this
You are. therefore, further notified
that the said allegations will be taken
as confessed, and your said entry will
be canceled without further right to
be heard, either before this office or on
appeal, if you fall to file in this office
within twenty days after the FOURTH
I publication of this notice, as shown
below, your answer, under oath, specl
fically responding to these allegations
of contest, together with due proof
that you have served n copy of your
answer on the said contestant either in
person or by registered mail.
You should state in your answer the
uaine of the post office to which you
desire future notices to be sent to you.
Date of first pub. Jany. 5. 1916.
Date of second pub. Jany. 12. 1916.
Date of third pub. Jany. 19. 1916.
Date of fourth pub. Jany. 26, 1916
Office of City Treasurer. Lamar. Colo
rado. Jan. 12. 1916.
Notice Is hereby given that l will re
deem at my office the following war
Urnrral Fund
Number Date of Registry Amount
.202 Aug. 4. 1915 I 76 00
1200 Aug. 4. 1915 80 00
| 1208 Aug. 6. 1915 16 60
4 206 Aug. 6, 1915 10 00
1211 Vug. 7, 1915 . . 5 69
1*203 Vug. 7, 1915 40 00
.121 Vug. 9. 1915 6 00
(305 Aug. 9. 1915 5 00
1210 Aug. 10. 1915 70 20
1301 Aug. 10. 1915 . 70 00
1209 Aug 12. 1915 . 19 50
.204 Aug. 12. 1916 80 00
i 108 Aug. 16. 1915 2 25
1298 Sept. 7. 1915 75 00
I2IM •-"■pi •. I»l* BO o|
.... i .Sept. 7, 1915 . . 70 00
4299 Sept. 7. 1915 22 00
1309 Sept. 7. i'jlo 5 oo
1306 Sept. 8. 1915 5 77
1297 Sept. 8. 1915 . 70 00
4507 Sept. 9. 1915 25 00
1302 Sept. 9. 1915 9 75
1290 Sept. 9. 1915 6 90
1304 Sept. 10. 1915 8 75
1303 Sept. 10. 1915 1 60
4308 Sept. 10. 1915 6 20
1305 Sept. 10. 1915 15 40
1312 Sept. 10. 1915 2 75
1310 Sept. 16. 1915 11 43
1300 Sept. 25. 1915 40 00
1311 Sept. 26. 1915 . . 11 45
Publlt* Library
3739 Oct. 5. 1914 26 25
3741 (Jet. 7. 1914 38 85
3743 Oct. 7, 1914 60 00
1746 . Oct. 8. 1914 1 00
3738 Oct. 16, 1914 3 45
3776 Nov. 5. 1914 47 70
Interest on above warrants will cease
after February 12. 1916.
City Treasurer.
Sealed proposals addressed to The
Fort Bent Ditch Company will be re
ceived up to 2 o'clock P. M. on Wed- .
nesday, the 2nd day of February. A '
I). 1916, for the construction of a dam
with two bulkheada where the Arkan
sas River ia attempting to wash around
the north end of th*- present dam at
Ihe headgate of the Colorado & Kansas
• 'anal, belonging to The Fort Bent
Ditch Company, in Rent County. Colo
rado. according to plans which may be
examined at the Citizens State Bank at
Lamar, Colorado.
Each bidder must make a personal
examination of the location and site of
the dam and make borings to satisfy
himself as to the nature of the mater
ial to be excavated for the construction
of the same and for the driving of
The lumber, oak pilings and hard
ware for the said work will be fur
nished the contractor by The Fort
Bent Ditch Co. f ... b. at McClave,
Bent County, Colorado, and must be un
loaded from the cars by the contractor
and hauled to the site of the dam on
the north side of the Arkansas River.
All bids must h*- upon blank forms
to be obtained of The Fort Bent Ditch
Co. at the Citizens .State Bank at La
ma r. Colorado, and he In a lump sum
expressed in both words and figures for
the full completion of the dam and
bulkheads In accordance with the
plans, specifications and contract.
The full name and address of the
bidder must he given.
A bond of Two Thousand (62,000.00)
Dollars will he required for the faith
ful performance of the contract. the
sureties to be sat i - f actory to the direc
tors of The Fort Bent Ditch Co.
The person or persons to whom the
contract may he .warded will be re-
S Hired to execute the contrnct within I
ve days from th. date of the notifl- ]
cation of the award.
The Fort Bent Ditch Company re
serves the right to reject any and all
By Order of th*- Board of Directors
of The Fort Bent Ditch Co.
First pub. Jan. 20. 1916.
Last pub. Jan. 27, 1916.
Office of City Treasurer, Lamar, Colo
rado. Jan. 12. 1916.
Notice ia hereby given that I will re
deem at my office or at the Chemical
National Bank In the City of New
York, the following bonds:
*nnltnr> Sewer District No. 1
No. 34 6500.00
No. 3 5 JT, i
No. 36 $600.00
*itlewnlk anti Crncllng District No. 2
No. 39 6500.00
No. 40 6500.00
No 41 $500.00
Interest on above bonds will cease
after February 12. 1916.
City Treasurer.
Whereas, John Peters and Dora Pet
ers. husband and wife, whose post of
fice address is Lamar. Prowers Coun
ty. Colorado, by their certain deed of
trust, dated November 7th, 1914. which
deed of trust was duly recorded In
book 95. page 226 of the records In the
office of the County Clerk and Record
er of Prowers County, Colorado. did
convey to the Public Trustee In and
for said County of Prowera and State 1
of Colorado, in trust, the following de- I
scribed property, to-wit:
The North Half of the Northwest 1
quarter (N(A NW *4) of Section Eight '
(8). Township Twsnty-two (62) South. S
B. B. BROWN, Pres. A. N. PARRISH, V. Pres.
W. C. GOULD, Cashier J. F. MAURER, Asst. Cash.
CopiLal Stock - $50,000.
Surplus - $40,000.
President Vice Pres. Cashier
CAPITAL $50,000
Lamar National Bank
B. T. McClave Ray Adams M. J. McMillin C. M. Lee A. DeeUr
We want your business, large and small, and offer every
facility consistent with safe and conservative banking
Accounts Received Subject to Check Money Orders Bold
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware.: Harness, etc.
We carry the largest stock in our line ever carried in
eastern Colorado and can sell to you at lowest price#
ever known in the Arkansas valley.
We Can Give You Service
That’s Worth While
/J 5 1-2 South Main St.
Telephone Lamar 35W
Range Forty-six (46) West of the 6th
P. M.. together with one-half of one
full paid perpetual water right repre
senting 72-100 cubic feet of water per
second of time, originally derived from
the canal of the Arkansas River. Land.
Reservoir and Canal Company, and now
I evidenced by 72 shares of the capital
stock of tho Fort Lyon Canal Com
pany. situate, lying and being In the
County of Prowers and State of Colo
rado. to secure the payment of on.
certain promissory note given by the
said John Peters and, Dora Peters,
dated November 7th. 1914. for the prin
cipal sum of Sixteen Hundred and
Sixty-four Dollars ($1664.00t. and pa>-
able to The Payne Investment Com
pany of Omaha. Nebraska, on or before
November Ist. 1915. together with in
terest thereon from date until paid, at
the rate of 6 per cent per annum; and
Whereas, said trust deed
provides. amon, , oth A r r.„,. th In
that “In case of default in
the payment of said note, or any part
thereof, or In the payment of the in
terest thereon according to the tenor
and effect of said note, then upon no
tice and demand in writing filed with
the said party of the second part b>
;Ke beneficiary In said deed of trust
named, or the legal holder of sai.l
indebtedness, or any part ‘hereof, se
cured thereby, that said beneficiary or
legal holder has declared a violation of
any of the covenants in said deed of
trust contained, and has elected to ad
vertise said premises for sale and de
mands such sale. It shall and may be
lawful for said party of the second part
to sell and dispose of said premises
<en tnas.se or In separate parcels, ns
said Public Trustee may think best),
and all the right, title and Interest of
the said parties of the first part, their
heirs or assigns, therein at public auc
tion at the front door of the County
Court House In the County of Prowers
and State of Colorudo. or on said prem
ises or any part thereof, as may b.
specified In the notice of such sale, for
the highest and best price the same
will bring In cash, four weeks public
notice having been previously given of
the time and place of such sale by ad
vertisement weekly in some newspaper
of general circulation, nt that time
published In said Prowers County, and
Whereas, default lias been made In
the payment of said note and the In
terest thereon accrued. In the sum or
Bovsntso Hundred Sevsnty-six Dollars
and Thirty-two Cents ($1776.32), and
1 Whereas, the said The Payne In
| vestment Company of Omaha, Nebras
; Ua. the beneficiary In said deed of
[ trust named, and the legal holder and
owner of said note, has declared the
violation of th* covenants In said deed
of trust contained, and has elected to
| advertise said premises for sale. and
| has made demand in writing upon the
undersigned, the Public Trustee in and
for the County *>f Prowers and State of
Colorado, to sell and dispose of said
premises, as provided by said deed of
trust, and all the right, title and In
ter. St of the said John Peters and Dora
Peters, their heirs and assigns there
in. ut public auction, as provided by
the terms of said deed of trust;
„ *^V W ' TTwefore. 1. It. L. Christy.
I uldle Trustee in nnd for the County
of Prowers and State of Colorado at
the request of the said The Payne In
vestment Company of Omaha. Nebras
ka. the beneficiary named, and the leg
al holder and owner of said note, us
aforesaid, and by and under the au
thority and power of sale in me vest
ed by the terms of said deed of tru
and by law, will, on Monday. t;
thirty-first day of January. A. D 191
at the front door of the Court Huut
in the City of Lamar. County of Prow
ers and State of Colorado. «t the hour
«d ten o clock in the forenoon of said
• lay. sell the above described real es
*»«*, Property. and all the
l Ji ,e ' „ Interest, benefit
“ nd of redemption of
iw. ® a ,» . J *; hn I’etera and Dora
in a ,M ’ a . nd a *"lKns. In and
to the said described property, at pub
ic auction, for the highest and best
price the same will bring in cash, for
the purpose of paying the above men
tioned indebtedness, and all the costs,
charges and fees, as provided i n said
deed of trust, and that at such sale
said property will be offered and sold
fP "If*??, °L ,n separate parcels, as
thfnk “beiS. TrU “" ; “ * uc, ‘ “<••
ninth day of December. A. D. 1916.
Treasurer and Public Trustee In and
Sr caRiSSS. r of , ’ row ' r ‘ st.t.
J. K. DOUGHTY. Lamar. Colo., Attor
ney for The Payne Investment Co.
First pub. Dec. 29, 1916.
Last pub. Jan. 26. 1916.

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