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Published Weekly by
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription price, $1.60 per Year
Entered at U>« Postoiaoe at lanur,
Colorado, aa Mcond claaa mat tar.
Work Begins on Temple
The necessary stock having been
sold to insure the building of the ad
dition to the Masonic Temple the
directors on Tuesday afternoon signed
the contracts with the Brown Lumber
Co. and C. C. Huddleston for the con
struction and heating and light plants,
and the former company already has a
force of men on the ground getting
ready to begin the work of construc
tion. The contracts call for the lower
floor to be ready for occupancy in
June, and the lodge room by the sec
ond week in August.
Big Show
The production of the great spec
tacular play, “The Birth of a Nation”
at the opera house this week has at
tracted large audiences even at the
high price which is always maintain
ed for seats by this company. From
a scenic standpoint it has had no eq
ual in the line of picture shows and
the ability to make the striking scenes
of armies inarching and buildings
burning, and especially the asassina
tion of President Lincoln seem lifelike
has made the pictures the greatest
theatrical success of many seasons,
when the play itself on the stage was
in no sense a success. From a his
torical standpoint the sins both of
commission and omision are flagrant,
but this does not detract from its
upertucular effect.
Going Some
The tirst of this week an addition
al one cent was added to the price of
gasoline. With the ever swelling
price of this necessary of life, the
question naturally arises who is put
ting the gas in the price of gasoline.
It used to be the fashion to lay it all
on poor old Jawn L>., but they are all
doing it now —and the war is the
goat. War, however, can’t explain
why it is arbitrarily placed four cents
a gallon higher in Colorado than in
Kansas. No difference how high or
how cheap it gets a mile trip across
the state line adds four cents to its
price, and there is the great injustice.
Colorado won't kick on paying its fait
share of anything, but a jump of four
cents on Ford juice over Kansas is
some tough. Still it is better than
living in Kansas, so cheer up.
Large Attendance at the Regular In- j
spection of Local C ompany
Captain W. T. Bates of Denver, the
regular army inspector for this divis f
ion, wus in Lamar this week for the
regulur inspection of Co. C, which oc
curred W’ednesday evening at the
armory. There was a good attend
ance of the militia boys, Holly send
ing up a delegation of twenty-two,
and Umar enough to make the full
roll call forty-five. Several more came
in from the country around here to)
late to get in on the work. Capt. 11.
C. Byrnes hus aroused considerable
interest in the drills of the company
of late, and finds the greatest diiti
culty to overcome is the fact that a
lurge portion of the company lives at
such a distance that it is hard to get
enough out to the regular drills to
muke them effective. A number of
the young men of Lainar have been
considering the proposition of joining
the company of late, and it is hoped
that the muster roll will soon be con
siderably enlarged. The drills from
the standpoint of health and training
are superior to any form of athletics;
while at the present time with the
great question of preparedness before
before the people, a large enlistment
in the militia on the part of the young
men of the country would be a great
encouragement to those favoring the
proposition, and an argument of great
force in converting others. Every pos
sible help and encouragement should
be given Capt. Byrnes in the work he
has undertaken of recruiting the lo
cal company up to full strength. A
fine militia company is a splendid ad
vertisement for a city, it builds up a
patriotic and stable spirit among the,
young men, and their armory if the
company is large enough to maintain
it properly is a fine social club for
them. With a little boosting on the
part of our citizens a big impetus
could be given to this worthy organ
ization. Capt. Bates complimented the
local company and its officers or. the
large attendance and the efficiency
manifested in the drills.
The Evangelist Campaign
The executive committee of the
evangelistic meeting met on Monday
evening in the lecture room of the
Presbyterian church. Estimates from
the several committees as to the prob
able expense of the proposed cam
paign were heard. The figures are
yet incomplete, but will soon be com
pleted so that the Tabernacle Com
mittee which has the raising of the
guarantee fund, can begin its work
this week. All expanses of the meet
ing will be cared for in the meetings.
The guarantee fund is only a guaran
tee, and is not to be called for ex
cepting in case of some unexpected
emergency. The Evangelist, Hugh A.
Knowles, informs the Committee that
never has he had to draw upon the
guarante fund in any of his meetings.
It was decided last evening that the
tabernacle shall be erected on the
vacant lot at the northwest corner of
the intersection of West Olive ami
South Fifth streets. Evangelist
Knowles has been engaged for some
weeks in union meetings with some
of the churches in the city of Chi
and Arizona
Tickets on sale daily
_March2s to April 14
$32.50 way
Modern \
sleepers .
and chair cars
on fast Santa Fe trains.
Personally conducted
Tourist sleepers three
times a week.
Fred H«rvey me.! jervlce.
* bo write to C. I.Sesgrmv™, Gen. CnloMMtua Agt.
2301 Kail» ay Lichan**. » ‘hlogo
U Aritufi* nixl San Jumjutn Valley latxl C *M
Write or c*U for details.
Regardless of advance in our list of Paints, you can
buy, this week only
McMurtry’s Honse Paints $2.00 per gal.
Lincoln House Paints $2.00 per gal.
Barn Paints $l. per gal.
We are headquarters for all refinishing
Paints, Varnishes, and all Stains
All House Furnishing at marked down prices.
Special cut prices this week on Auto Accessories.
The W. M. Dickinson Co. Store
It’s a Little Further But It Pays to Walk
W c invite your attention to our new Spring Goods just coming
in. Our lines are now very complete. Why wait u til
warm weather to do your sewing.
5000 yards Cheviots, mill ends, suit- 7l f The ideal material for 20r
able for petticoats, waists, etc., special 1 shirts and waists
Both plain and fancy. They Children’s gingham and percale, all CO
never fade sizes and styles, from 50c to v
The best fancy, nothing prettier 1 C_ Percale, well made and neatly 4-1 A A
for dresses . 10C trimmed JI.UU
A very serviceable material for romp- 101 _ Dainty colors and de- $1.50
ers, dresses, etc., in good patterns - signs, $1.25 and
_ , i . „„i A bargain counter of Shoes and Slip-ff 1 OQ
ors,"best grade'ltot ' fo'/c lSc "'° rth an<l sl * 39
special at 2 CAps
THREAD Auto Sport Caps 75c, $l, $1.25, *2.00
Clark’s & Coates, per spool 4c
A new line Suits and Sport (oats must be
Our remnant counter is always attractive seen to be appreciated
208 South Main, Lamar, Colorado.
Want New School House
The large settlement of recent
months in the region on upper Clay
creek brings with it a great need fo:
school facilities, and the enterprising
people in 26-46 have organized a dis
trict and aa there ia very little prop
erty as yet they are building a school
by popular subscription. They raised
$l4O themselves, ami a committee
composed of Dr. F. E. Cashbum. Rev.
R. D. Webster and W\ E. Bebout cam.*
to Lamar this week and inet with
great success in raising the rest of
the amount needed.
It is a violation of the law to move
bees without first notifying the in
spector, so they can be examined and
a permit given to move them. This
is to prevent the spread of bee dis
uses. The inspector wishes the co
operation of all interested in bee
keeping so that Prowers county may
be free from bee disease.
D. C. POLEMUS, Inspector.
Seeds that have been tested
When buying your feeds from us you can rest as
sured that you get the best seeds obtainable. Seeds
that do nut show proper vitality under our germa
nation test is de-troyed, rt*gar«ile>B of what they are or
what they cost. Thin assurance can’t be had when you
buy from other than a reliable seed firm who are equip
pod to look after your interests and give you seeds of
■ strong vitality .
ANION SRTS ln all the varitie * and * n an y *
Ul'lUli «JL I quantity you may wish.
ALFALFA SFFD article but we
We also have the following field seeds
Millet, Milo Maize, Feterita, Cane,
Sudan Grass and Sweet Clover
You will find our prices right and the quality
is unsurpassed.
I tS* Strain Bros -1
B Phone Lamar 9 Lamar, Colo. I
Will Sacrifice
High Grade Piano
For immediate sale THE DENVER
MUSIC COMPANY will sacrifice u
strictly high grade piano which is at
Lamar. Liberal terms. Particulars
will be furnished upon application to
Denver, Colo.
Lamar, Colo.. Feb. 24, 1916
Hi.; .stockholders of The W F Mc
' Lumber Company are hereby notl
.' 1 I'*'' annual meeting of the
« Ha, 2 company will be
!, * .it the office of the company. In
»• V'ty °. f Lamar, Colo., on Tuesday,
th- Hth day of March. A. D. 1916. at
the hour often thirty (10:30) o'clock
llr \ cald date, for the election of
the f .°M the # ensu,n a year and for
~,t r sn K a ci l on °J * uc i l other business
• s may be brought before the meeting

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