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la fi LA aIAK AEuidifiK
Published Weekly by
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription price $1.50 per Year
Entered at the Postotfico at Lamar,
Colorudo. us second c'.aut matter.
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 24, 1917.
Immunized Hogs the Money Maker
Never before was the farmer offer
ed such an opportunity to realize such
good returns on his hog investment.
Statistics show that the population of
the United States has increased 15
per cent within the last decade while
the production of meat animals has
gradually fallen off. Faced by the
war demand for meat products the
American farmer should recognize it
as a definite duty to increase the pro
duction of hogs. This country will
be called upon to make heavy exports
of meat for years to come, thus guar
anteeing continued high prices, but
in order to participate in these prof
its with reasonable certainty the hog
grower must take every precaution to
insure raising his hogs to maturity
to get their market worth.
It is well known that hog cholera
is the worst foe the hog grower has
to contend with and up until a few
years ago the hog industry' suffered
enormously from cholera outbreaks,
not altogether from the loss occasion
ed by the disease but by being forced
to maiket breeding stock and half
fat hogs. Fortunately sci
ence has discovered a preventative in
Anti-hog Cholera Serum and with the
interest the U. S. government has tak
en in eradicating this swine malady,
Why Delay?
When you can buy goods
that may be scarce before
Spring at prices that make
all wonder.
Diamond M.
Flour, cwt. .
Best Granulated O
Beet Sugar, cwt. » *OL/
Searchlight Matches flCl
the box . . •
Jonathan Apples, 1
the bushel 1
The secret of these low
prices is due to our System
of Cash Buying and Selling
and the large quantity we
Retail at Wholesale Prices
Quality — Price---Service
all Tear from cholera loss is practi
cally eliminated.
It is essential that you vaccinate
your hogs because it means dollars to
you. No matter if you have no chol
era in your neighborhood make it a
point to see the local veterinarian if
not experienced yourself and have
your hogs treated. The expense is
small and the protection is consider
able. Cholera may come when you
least expect it and since it kills with
such rapidity your loss may prove
disastrous. See that reliable Serum
is used and that cleanliness is exer
cised in its application. Do not ex
pect to get 100 per cent good results
unless you heed this advice. It
l»c borne in mind that serum is a
preventitive of cholera and not a
cure, hence the time to vaccinate is
before your drove has become exposed
to the disease.
Scrum plants doing an interstate
business manufacture their serum un
der government supervision. That is,
the Bureau of Animal Industry at
Washington have rigid regulations
governing the production of serum al
such plants, and to know these regu
lations are carefully followed they
maintain inspectors at these plants.
Should any serum not come up to the
prescribed test for potency which the
government requires, that lot of serum
is destroyed and means that other
serum must undergo a satisfactory
test before it can be offered for sale.
In this way you do not have to take
the producers word for it but me rely
see that the label on the bottle hears
a U. S. Veterinary License number
and you can rest assured it has been
government tested.
Lost —last evening a bunch of keys.
Finder please bring same to U. S.
Land Office and receive reward.
A wire was just received from Hon.
Allyn Cole from Canadian, Texas, that
che 1918 D-C-D convention had been
captured by Lamar at the meeting
iast night. He leaves for Hobart to
day to attend a meeing there.
Bristol Meeting
Last evening a Liberty Loan meet
ing was held in Bristol. E. R. Jones,
C. R. Strain and A. L. Beavers of La
mar and Rev. McDonald of Wiley
were among the list of speakers. They
report a good meeting, and while the
.subscriptions have not been heavy
from there as yet many of the people
are getting enthused nnd promise to
do their share during the balance of
the week, and see that Bristol meets
her share of the common obligation
of the citizens of the county.
Grocery Prices
Umar grocery men have met the
demands of the government by reduc
ing prices on staple groceries. Our
city is now buying groceries delivered
at the same prices the big retail
houses of Denver are giving to their
“carry-your-own-goods” custom© r s
Sugar, flour, potatoes ami most fruits
and vegetables are cheaper than they
have been since the war started. The
Snodgrass Food Co. is always a lead
er in bringing down prices and you
will always find some fine opportuni
ties to save money in their weekly
ads in the Register.
Tony Star Boarder
W. S. Bybcc, the promoter of big
-eal estate deals, who has been star
boarder at the Ben-Mar for some
lime, became entirely too tony for
that institution finally and was turned
jver to Sheriff Downing. He is now
doing the star boarder stunt at the
•ounty’s boarding emporium —he
would not stop at anything less than
Three Cent Postage
Write all the letters you can the
next week for on Thursday, Novem
ber Ist, you will begin to pry three
•ents postage on them. The extra
sent is war revenue and will help pay
your share of carrying on the big
druggie so don't kick. It is all in
the family anyway—and Uncle Sam
needs the pennies.
Whisper It Low
Member of the L. O. force inform
us that several prominent business
nen were caught right in the act of
doing the second story stunt in the
Markham and Masonic blocks on
Monday. It is not known whether it
was for a movie outfit or a deep dark
Dr. K. C. Sapero
of Denver, the well known eye, ear,
nose and throat specialist, will again
visit Lamar on Saturday, Nov. 3rd,
for one day only, stopping at the
Ben Mar hotel. If you have any eye
trouble or need new glasses consult
Dr. Sapero. Hundreds cf pntirr ts in
this locality are his reference. Call
For Loan or Trade
Bob Christy has the most carefillly
prepared and rehearsed four-minute
speech in town that is just as good as
new, because Bob alwrays gets there
just too late to deliver it. He will
loan or trade it on application.
First Church of God
Eighth and Maple
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 tf. m.
Will be glad to see you there. Come
you are welcome.
J. W. BLOYD, Pastor.
Colors of the Rainbow.
The colors of the rainbow vary ac
cording to their size, and the size dif
fers according to the bigness of the
raindrops. Large drops produce nar
row rainbows nnd bright, clearly de
fined colors. The colors are general
ly us follows: When the raindrops are
in the average one millimeter In diam
eter we see a violet, pale blue, bluish
green, green, yellow, orange, pale red
and deep red rainbow; when the drops
average three-tenths millimeter, the
rainbow Is violet, pale blue, bluish
green, green, yellow and orange. Drops
of one-tentb millimeter produce the
succession of a very pale violet, vio
let. whitish blue, whitish green, bluish
yellow and pale yellow. Drops of one
twentieth millimeter (fog) give white
tinted with violet, a very vivid white,
a white tinted with yellow and a very
pale yellow.
We must hope that Germany win
have a new birth as Russia Is being
reborn. We must pray, as we fight
against the evil that Is In Germany,
that the good which is In Germany
nmy somehow prevail. We must trust
that In the end a Germany really
great with the strength of a wonder
ful race may find its place as one of
the brotherhood of nations In the new
world that Is to be.
Europe must be fed In our own defense:
"An army 111-fed can not fight; people ill-nourished can not maintain
their armies; if the women and children cry for bread the soldiers lose heart.
If the bread line is lowered, the battle line breaks.”
Cnder the Food Administration, all that is known of stocks of food and
requirements Is being compiled; all that is known of food values and equiva
lents is being compared.
You are asked now to sign the food pledge. You will be told what to do
as conditions change. One potato Instead of a slice of bread Is so many mil
lion bushels of wheat a year, a corn muffin at breakfast instead of a piece of
toast is so many million bushels more. National quotas of sugar and butter
are likewise told by the teaspoonful.
The Test of Democracy in this struggle Is “to make the world safe for
democracy," to prove democracy safe for the world,” “to make sure, that
government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish,” the
cause will be won on the battle line and the bread line.
Autocracy sets up the food dictator, doles out rations. Issues decrees and
bread cards. Democracy exalts self-control. Invites cooperation, sends out
Information and advice. Autocracy may be more efficient: democracy Is
more effective.
To fail in provisioning our allies would be abandonment of the first line
of defense. To fail In unity of purpose would be the undoing of America.
To fail In self control would be betrayal of democracy Food will win the
war Don't waste it. That’s your share In the food problem.
Pledge Card for United States Food Administration.
I am glad to Join you In the service of food conservation for our nation
and I hereby accept membership in the United States Food Administration,
pledging myself to carry out the directions and advice of the Food Adminis
trator in my home. Insofar as my circumstences permit.
City State
There are no fees or dues to be paid. The Food Administration wishes to
have as members all of those actually handling fooil In the home.
Anyone may have the Home Card of Instruction, but only those signing
pledges are entitled to Membership Window Card, which will be delivered
upon receipt of the signed pledge.
The man who doubts it
should take a peep at
the thermometer these
mornings, and read / >int\
what the weather prof. 4k? J \
has to say. Here’s an
Army ffX #
Type (J I "M
just the practical sort 9
of Coat most men like, /
warm as toast, roomy, / ’
easily to get in and out. / j i|
short or long length. 9 f V
Comes in all wool coat- 1
in gw, warmth w ithout M j|B| f^H
weight fabrics. Many ifll
other models also to
choose from.
“Patrick” Mackinaws, uE^
here only in Umar. #
_ r..prri r ht 1917
■■■■■nnwi i< KurmiMiMr
Palace Clothier
A. Pultz
"We have to find In the United
States, an amount of food stuff for ex
port during the next year, two or
three times more than we ever
dreamed of exporting from this coun
try, and we must find it In such a
manner as not to Injure our current
"It appears to us that no right mind
ed man in this community wants ex
tra profit from the war. If he does he
should be branded with the brand of
Judas for selling the blood of our sons
for profit.”
"Eat plenty wisely without
The individual program, this or Its
“One wheatless meal dally.
Two meatless meals dally.
And cut down a third of an ounce
of butter a day.”
"This is a campaign for Food Econ
omy—to carry on tho war and to
serve humanity.”
"To save food—not pennies.
To use fool- not to go without.
To set free what Europe wants by
using what Europe can’t.”

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