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CHAPTER I.—Andrea Pellor, handaoma
daughter of Lord Pellor. Impecunious
aristocrat. Is doomed to marry an lllit
•ret# but wealthy middle-aged diamond
mins owner. She disconsolately wanders
from her hotel In South Africa and dis
covers an aviator about to fly from the
beach. Impulsively, of course Imagining
that tlie trip will be merely a pleasant
excursion, and a welcome relief from
thoughts of her impending loveless mar
rlsgs. shs begs to be taken for a flight,
although she doeu not know him. He
somewhat unwillingly agrees, and they
CHAPTER ll.—When she realises hsr
unknown aviator is not going back An
drea In desperation tries to choke him
with one of her stockings Hs thwarts
tier and they sail on into the very heart
of Africa. Landing In an Immense craal,
Andrea finds the natives all bow In wor
ship to hsr mysterious companion. She
Is given a slave boy, ‘‘Bathtub," and the
White Man sets about building a hut for
CHAPTER lll.—Andrea Is given a
glimpse of the home which Is to be hers,
and wonders at Its completeness. White
Man Invites her to dinner that evening,
and In spite of the fact that he has re
fused to take her back to civilisation An
drea accepts his invitation, but be con
tinues deaf to her pleading that ha ra
•tore hsr to her friends.
CHAPTER IV.—Andrea Is awakened
from sound sleep next morning by loud
pounding on her doorway and Is told to
prepare for a day's hunt with White Man.
■he thoroughly enloys the exciting trip
and bag!ns to understand more of he
"host'*' character and the reason for
his apparently ruthless slaughtering of
animals. He Is providing for the force
of blacks he employs and who look to
him for sustenance.
CHAPTER V.—Andrea, worrying ova*
bar deplorable lack of change of clothing,
!• surprised and delighted when a trunk,
iaadaa with everything in the way of
clothing dear to the feminine heart. If
dropped at hsr doorway by stalwart na>
tlves and she Is told by white Man that
they are hers. Whits Man by a skillful
•hot eaves hsr from ths attack of a
•able bull and shs is fast becoming roc-
hsr fats aftsr eight days In
CHAPTER Vl.—On another expedition
the donkey on which Andrea la mounted
runs away with her and oh# is for a
moment made ridiculous. White Man ex
plains ths African method of wife pur.
ifcaa* “obolo."' She Is horrified. After
ward shs listens to the report of native
runner# that a herd of elephants Is In
the diet riot and la invited to the hunt by
Whits Man. They start down a croco
dile-infested stream for ths scans of ths
CHAPTER VII —Aftsr a tedious tramp
three bull elephants ars sighted and An
drea te transfixed by the excitement of
the ohase. Overcome by the spectacle
of the killing of two elephants Andrea
suddanly finds herself In the warm em
braoe of White Man. To her surprise
•be ta by no means Indignant. Andraa
learns that another white man la en
camped near their craal. but when shs
declares she would like to see him White
Man warn# her ehe must never try to
see or communicate with the stranger.
He refuses to give his reasons, and An
drea resolves to meet the other man
CHAPTER VIII. White Man an
neuncee that his work Is ended, and prep
arations ars made for the shipment of
the material on hand. One rainy nigh
Andrea allows herself to become de
spondent. She gives the signal agreed
on between them to summon White Men
to her In case of danger With a mix
ture of ridicule and comfort he coaxes
her from her despondent fit. His strong
character and his Ideas of a life of use
fulness are something of a revelation to
Andrea, used to the frivolous sxlstence
common to most "aristocrats.'’ and she
begins to realise with a little alarm that
she Is beginning to care deeply for him.
dhAPTER IX.—Next day Andrea Is
seised with a violent attack of pernicious
malaria and for three days Wftilte Man
wages a desperate flßht for her life. He
succeeds and the Incident results In the
discovery of their love for each other.
Andrea learns that her companion Is
Robert Oddman Trevor, once famous
flyer, victim of nervous shock and Inca,
pacltated for work In the air. The trip
to the coast, where he met Andrea, was
undertaksn through necessity, and he is
afraid to risk her safety In another
CHAPTER X.—A dinner for which they
had both dressed In Kuropean style Is In
terrupted by *he sound of a chantey
White Man knew Andrea suspected.
Then when he sent her to her hut she
knew that the "other man' waa ap
proaching. From her hut Andrea hear*
the stranger (a tenor who had disap
pearad after a short career which had
made him famous) sing the aria from
"fkust," and hla wonderful voice at
tracted her. Then seeing his horribly
mutilated faoe aha Is overwhelmed with
terror. He knocks her down and carries
her to his boat and to hla craal.
CHAPTER Xl.—Arriving there Andrea
Is attacked by MacCloater, the "other
man." She repels him. wounding him se
riously with a club, and as hs falls she
hears the whirr of an airplane motor and
Is overjoyed when White Man appears.
He rescues her. In the act destroying the
craal and killing MacCloater.
The bishop entered the hut and
raised his eyebrows inquiringly as Tre
vor cloaed the door. "Mosquitoes?”
he murmured and politely didn't wait
for an answer. “Charming quarters.
Quite the comfortable thing." Then
he caught sight of Andrea who was
half-sitting on the comer of the tablf
and swinging her free leg. Once mor#
hla eyebrows went up but this tlm#
with a snap that would have carried
them over the buck ot his head had
they not been rooted.
“The bishop of Mourn; the Honor
able Andrea Pellor,” said Trevor la
bualuesalike tunep.
"So pleased, my lord,” said Andrea
with a smile that turned Into a rip
pling laugh. "I—l beg your pardon/
she stammered, “b—but a—surprise
doesn’t go well with your face.”
It was true; the bishop's astonish
ment seemed to have startled his fea
tures separately, scattering them ovei
his eoiureiiiince at grotesque angles.
"Andrea.” lie gasped. “Andrea Pellor!”
"Ye>," said Trevor, "that's the nuiue
Now, bishop, if you'll sit down. I'll
soon lie able to satisfy you that tlie
arguments I used .to gel you here are
more than Justified."
"Andreu Pel lor!" repeated Ids lord
"You have It correctly, bishop," as
sured Trevor. “Won’t you tuke this
The bishop's eyes gradually gath
ered themselves to a single focus on
Andrea’s face. "Young woman." he
said, "do you know that the entire
world has been perturbed for weeks a
to your whereabouts? Do you know
that your family lias been suffering
agonies of suspense as to your fate?
Do you know (hut the man to whom
you are betrothed has offered a thou
sand pounds for your discovery alive?”
Audrcu gluured triumphantly at Tre
vor. "A thousand pounds." she mur
"Alive," lie countered, also murmur
The bishop rapped on the table with
his knuckles. "Do you know all then*
Andrea slipped from the table and
stood before her inquisitor. "It's quite
natural!” she said in a clean-cut tone
Trevor had never heard her use be
fore. "that you should be a little ex
cited. Of course. I'm dying to hear all
the news about the world and dear old
Auuty (lwen and things In general, but
do let's sit down. It always seems st
greedy to me to gossip standing."
She turned from him to the chaii
that Trevor held for her and tnotloued
the suddenly tamed prelate to an
other. His lips had snapped shut at
the shocking aspersion flint lie e&im
bearing tlt-blts on his tongue and he
snt down on the extreme edge of the
Indicated seat as though by hla pose
he would register « continued but
silent protest.
“You wouldn’t thluk to look at him,”
said Andrea to Trevor, "that In half
an hour' he’ll be taking comfort out of
that chair and out of a good cigar and
out of a long drink.” Her eyes
laughed at the blahop In Just the way
to take the edge off her words.
He slowly smiled and Just as slowly
slid back Into the depths of the chair;
his hands, without ths aid of hts eyes,
found the box of cigars that Trevor
held out to him and his lips formed,
in reply to n murmured inquiry, the
follow ing words. "A small one. please
—not at all mahogany." Then be
turned to Andres and said In a louder
voice. "Now tell me all about It."
"There really Isn't much to tell.”
said Andrea. "I was tired of dancing
mid climbed down the dllT from the
hotel. It must have been about four
o’clock in the morning. I found thia
white man—hla real name Is Robert
oddman Trevor —tinkering with an
'airplane and I asked him to take
me with him and he did.” She dropped
her eyes. “Now he's agreed to marry
Trevor turned white-lipped from the
door where he had been giving an or
der to Bathtub. "Andrea,” he said, his
eyes M.ixing with anger, "you will
please keep out of this conversation
until you are called upon for a few
responses." He turned to the bishop.
"Please overlook Miss Pellor’s flip
pancy." he continued. "There Is only
one reason why I should marry her
and she me and that is that we love
each other beyond the power of the
words to express."
"But. my dear man,” said the bish
op. "1 know who Lady Andrea Is.
only too well; the question is who on
earth are you? I take It I'iu not wron •
In thinking that you have got ine here
with the Idea of persuading me to per
form a ceremony which will shower
me with lime-light for the next six
“Nine days Is the accepted limit."
murmured Andrea, and udded hastily,
"I was Just speaking to myself."
Trevor Ignored her. "Your question.'
he said to the bishop, "is a natural
one." He went to the high desk, look
certain papers and, flushing’ slightly,
handed thum to Lbs hisixm who
glanced over them with undisguised
"So.” he said finally, “you are a re
tired officer of the Itoyal Flying Corps,
a D. S. O. and you also hold the crolx
de guerre!" He tupped a devil’s tuttoo
on the arm of his chair and gradually
the furrow on )*is brow cleared and he
smiled. “Unexceptional credentials;
but as 1 am In peril of becoming a
very much Interested third party, I
can not refrain from asking if you are
in a position to render such financial
comfort to this youug ludy and to her
family as I believe it has reason to ex
pect from her original betrothed.”
“I am not buying Andrea.” said Tre
vor quickly. “Millions for herself If
she needs them; not a cent of tribute
for the family. Not to waste your time
further," he continued, ‘T wish to say
that I consider you entitled to the
thousand pounds’ reward offered for
her discovery alive and am prepared
to hand you the sum In gold at once.
If you have any scruples ns to taking
It personally, there is surely no reason
why you should not accept It for your
mission. In return yon will marry ns
immediately by the rites of your
church, which you doubtless know will
be nccepted us legally binding In my
own country.
"If you refuse." said Trevor grim
ly, "you and your companions will be
detained, forcibly If necessary, as
witnesses to a ceremony performed In
accordance with native custom."
“What!" exclaimed tlie bishop,
"This Isn’t an argument," said Tre
vor dryly; “It's a proposition, quite
“You Will Marry Us Immsdiatsly by
ths Rltss of Your Church.“
fair and above-board. You take It or
leave It—lnside of five minutes."
The blahop turned to Andros.
“Would you—” he stammered and
“I am quite Indifferent as to
method,” said Andrea quietly. "No cer
emony can add to the pledge that I
have made In my heart. He has my
love. He can have my body and soul
for the asking.”
The bishop was silent for a moment,
hte eyes fixed on the sudden glow that
Illuminated Trevor’s face; then he
■eld. "Well, my dear, that aettlee It—
settles It finally. In fact, that I can’t
help but perceive that you are both
equally In haste to repent at leisure.”
He arose with a resigned algh. "Five
minutes sre soon up.” he said to Tre
vor. "Will you agree to take time oat
while I talk to my associates?"
“Most certainly." answered Trevor
gravely and opened the door for hie
In ten minutes the associates were
persuaded; in half an hour, with the
assistance of the diamond magnate’s
engagement ring. Andrea and Trevor
were made man and wife according to
the ancient usage of the Church of
England; and Just five minutes after
that. Bathtub announced dinner. It
was high time, for In spite of the toast
'hat she had had with her tea, Andrea
was faint and pale with hunger. Noth
ing short of the stimulus In the ex
citement of being married for the very
first time In her Ilfs could hav* saved
her from collause.
(Continued next week)
A lew appeared Men paused to look
With satisfaction deep
It crept Into e »iatute book
And there It went to sleep.
Thorough Preparation.
“If it Is your ambition to go Into
tbe movies, why do you devote so
much time to the study of elocution?"
"I wish to become a director and
producer and I want to develop
enough eloquence to hold my own Is
an argument with the acton.”
A. N. PARRISH. President J. H. THATCHER. Vies pnaMsat
J. F. MAURER, Caakiw
NO. »74»
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safe keeping, besides the saving habit ia a
producer of self-reliance, independence and
freedom from anxiety and worry.
We offer the people of this community every
inducement to save, consistent with safe
Citizens State Bank
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extends to all its best
wishes for a i
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