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Lamar. Colorado, Dec. 20. 1922. '
The Board of County Commission.-i s I
met In regular session. Present. Jl. F.
Decker, Chairman. A. P. Knuckey and i
Ray McGrath County Commissioners, 1
W. B. Gordon, County Attorney ana 1
Jno. W. Prowers. County Clerk.
Upon motion the following claim* J
were allowed In full and warrants or- J
dered drawn for the same: •
Ordinary County Revenue Fund. j
American Disinfecting Co., sup
plies for county jail ? 12 s . 7 2 *
Jno. W. Prowers, postuge . ... :>> 2:. '
Ml. States Tel. A Tel. Co., tele
phone calls S 3 10
Isaac Grimsley, Janitor's salary 85 0"
H. F. Decker, expense commis
sioners meeting
S. W. Cressey. saiary water
lommr Dlst . No. 1“ IS *.O
Jno. \V. Prowers, express and
freight _ It; 2.; 1
J. T. Kirkpatrick, election i" ft"
A. Deeter. election Id " •
F. W. Damson, election 2 5"
11. I*. Syp, salary water com
missioner Dlst. No. 07 * 2 mu
Itohert King, election 10 no ,
A. H. Prowers, salary deputy
county clerk 125 tin
Geo. A. Watson, election ft On
I. N. Swafford, do in no
Frank Sears, do - 10 .in -
J. Bussell Mayfield, salary co
treasurer 17.. uu
J. Hunsell Mayfield, postage 11 Of.
Joseph W. Hawley, salary dlst.
attorney, for November 1! >;• j
Joseph W. Hawley. expense
-list atty
11. Malcom Erickson, salary as
sistant dlst atty 1: 1.
Frank W. Smith, rent for poll
ing place 1>• tin (
Irene Sanford Mann, salary and
expense county nurse l“ v .
J. C. Horn, salary county
judge l5O n ;
J. S. McClung. election II"'
Jacob Rohrlg. hauling booth •
for No. 13 l n<
S. N. Edgiuon. election 19 3o
O. H. Brown Mfg. & Dumber
Co., material for election
booths ... :
J. E. Murphy, election 10 00
Harold K. llusted, do ...
Ray J. Grimsley, do ...
John C. Ford, do 11 1
Mrs. Dals.> M. Shelter, reg for
vital statistic* II I
Mt. State.- Tel. St Tel. Co., tele
phone calls 72 I'.
Bets Bubllshlng Co., election
printing .
Oeo. B. M rrill. do .
A. H. Fllkins. work for county
treaa in ft*
Mabel Rop. r. salary steno dlst
atty .
C. A. Pedersen, *xp county ex -
tensio nac< m
Vera M. Fllkins. taking testi
mony coroner's Inquest f* no
Ruth Infield, salary, clerk ""
A. E. Downer, salary district
dark ill 66
Out West Printing A Station
ery Co., supplies for court
bouse 31% l‘
A. If. Jones, election 10 5%
Dr. A. C. 4J-vla rent
8. W. Cressy. ext, water com
missioner .
C. A. Pedersen, exp county
agent .
Mary C. Rathbun. clerk of elec
C. A. Coker. Judge of election 5 O'
E. F. Barge, do
Dena N. Davis, clerk of elec
tion W
Della Bollinger. salary clerk 9" on
Nell Allen, do J- 75 00
Jno. W. Prowers, clerk county
Jno. W. Prowers, salary coun
ty clerk - 175 00
W. F. McCue Merc. Co., sup
plies .. 3 39
Ruby Fllkins. election ft 00
R. J. Adams, election 5 on
J. O. Stream, do —— 10 00
F. M do 10 01.
W. D. Burger. Juror's fees 2ft Ift
Vera Roaebrough. salary depu
ty county treas 121 I 1
C. A. Pedersen, salary exten
sion agent 75 00
Bess Koen. salary clerk on 00
J. B. Tuttle, drayage . M
Ethel Gordon, work for treas
urer —— 6 on
O. C. Thompson. Juror's fees 21 f'
Dale O. Marston. Juror’s fees 23 7
J W. Burke, do ... 2*
P H. Stutter, do 6 in
1* VI. Appel, do 19 20
Pauline Gilbert, salary and ex
pense county supt 235 9 7
Bert R. Dewls. election 7 50
B 8 Overfleld. do 10 0"
Harry Dee. do 15 0°
State Association Co. Cotnmrs.
dues 192* - 15 on
E. J. Gilmore, Juror's fees 7 ft' 1
H. R. Huated. do 2ft 15
T. M. Barger, do 21 »o
J. E. Fleshman. do 7 6'.
John Tetter, do 7 0 5
W. C. Eddleman. do ...
I. XI Morton witness fees 2 66
William Rouach. do and mileage
Guy Rourch. do •'
O. O. Bogusch. do z
11 Halter, fat
J W. Walton, do
T. H Heath, do
C. W. Hopkins, do 21 <•
Theo. J. Banta. do
A. C. Heckethorn. «1«
C B. Hart, do 30 ’
C. H. Glover, do **
D. 8. Perdue, do
Chaa. Thomas, do
W. B. Gordon, atty's fees
Ray McGrath, salary county
commissioner -
A. P. Knuckey. do *• 00
Isaac Grimsley. rent on stove _ r
for Judge > •'
Myrtle Tucker, election
A. R. Jaeke. Juror’s Tees
A. H. Fllkins. an
Jesse Dlnsacum. witness fees - * •
D. S. Nevfus. supplies court
house ‘
H. F. Decker, salary county
W. B. Gordon, attorney’s fees 15 "
H. P. Dong, election
Elmer D Markham, do , ‘ r '
Jennie Simons, do “ ..
D. T. Hammerley. do *
W. E. Weir, do }• JJ
B. A. Jones, election "
w. a. Briskey. do ;? "J;
B. F. Tucker, do - * ®
Dauretta Barnhill, do JO "
Frances Dole, do
J. K. Householder, do
D. M. Fowler, do - JO »®
W. R. Waldo, do « !!
Mrs. May Weir, do ..
Ida Mae Broderick, do
J. R. Sevier, election
O. M Smith, do jo
Ethel Peer, do
Adeline Kyte. do
Della Bollinger, do ;
J. B . Traxler. do •’ '
Pearl E. Scruton. do *5 '
J. A. Rourke. do jo
C. A. Scruton. do
Beulah William*, do J"
000. C. Atklnaon. do
Fred W. Marx, do J®
Dole C. Caaburn. do r n|)
H. J. Elevens, do - *5 ”
Holly Garage, do ‘ ..
Claud Swlnk. do .... i* on
J. O. Wadsworth, do J* ”
C. E. Christopher, do J®
J. Q. D#m#r#y dc 19
J. O. McMurtry. do . 16 00
" w James, do i" 00
G. W. Whitcomb, do 10 00
F. H. Saunders, do lo 00
Nola Wilcox, do lo 00
K. M. Olssne. do 16 10
Pearl E. Morris, do 16 10 I
L. H. Kelso, do lo O 0
A. E. Downer, do 10 I
Hayes Williams, do 12
li. D. Merrill, do 5 00 |
Geo. B. Merrill, printing 75 ::*• I
Rachael Rider, election 5 00
H XI. Noble, do 1
Gem Mendenhall, do ft 00
Out West Printing .* Station
ery Co., do 3 2.x
Out West Printing A Station
ery Co., supplies** 171 I!
I. E. Gordon, election If. ft*
S. H. Pickering, do . 21 90
Dee Franklin, do 10 00
C. A. Murphy, do ... 16 2"
Wllford D.puv. do •••■
Hartman Auto Co., do 15 on
Alzada Kuril. d<>.
H. E. Walton, do 15 20
Estelle Clark, do ... . 10 0(1
H. M. Cox. do ............ 15 On
W. E. Sallee, do 15 o'
Geo. R. Malika, do 10 00
1 Brumfield, do
Mildred Stuller, do 10 On
Paulina Dark, do 16 90
Walter A. Decker, do 10 "•
J. E. Branner, do 10 no
J. A. Roaebrough, do 10
Frances Straney. do 10 00
I lisa bath Wrad. do 1" I"
Bristol Dand Co., do 2 50
Bert Merwln. do 12 5
C. Florence Merwln, do 12 S'
Geo. Brown, do 10 00
R. w. McDeod. do 13 fi<
Thomas U. Dynch. do In 0'
r 1. Piet 1 msn. do
«’arl Paulsen. do in 0'
• ’ M Epler, do 15 0'
Ruth Ward, do 1
Jay XI. Hatfield, do 15
E Nelson, do 10 6'
Torn F. Hover, election 10 00
llackett Srnartt. do ...... 10 0"
Guy Flrebaugh. do 16 Of
Carl S. Hlgbee. do 5 00
Ira Fasnacht. do 14 50
Chas. Dewls. do 15 00
Frank Dane, do 29 50
Eugene Harper, do 24 5‘
Henry Hanson, do 15 O'
Wm. Letngo. do 10 00
linrry Hlgbee, do r, o<
Florence L. Hover, do 5 00
Carl H. Davis, do 14 f»'
R h Horn* r. do I
J. P. O'Donnell, do .. 7 5'
K itherlne Col*-, do 5 00
L.-uls* B Crai-y. d..
8. A. Crary, do
Elton I. Leighton, J" i" S'
John R Massai do IS
I N Si hi ood< 1. do
Eagles Hall, do 10 or
U. rtle B Pollard, •!..
Mary B. O'Donnell, do .ft 0 r
Gao U uni e, do 11 W
Howard 11. Cane, do 10 00
II ■ Dowe do
J H. Durrlck. ilo 12 30
I. Needham ii- II SI
\'.-i in*- Chlldi■ * do 12'"
r 11 Glover, do l« •••
P II Elliott, <lo I V
A R. Jaeke. d< I I
Clyde Grantham, do IS S#
'’ W I 1 1" "O
Ira R. Eta] di

J ■ Btlvoi. do
W J. Johnston Merc. Co., do 2 88
Lyle McGrath, do - ft Of
Dlzzle Crowder. Sec. Dlst. No
Olrlch Miller, do
Jesse D, Spooner, do
Hlgbee. do . 12 3"
John Barnhill, salary US On
Smiley Irwin, election 12 9c
\ I. Preston, do . . l ft SS
Sec. Dlst No. 29. do 10 «0
Otto C. Dubbers. do . ft o<
Addle F. Hover, do 12 90
Mrs. J. A. Simpson, board for
prisoners . Ifl
Dlllle Fasnacht, election 10 So
J F. Rowe, do 16 00
Cora Lovelace, do 10 <•<
Dela Blosser. do —— 15 t»c
Gall P. Darrick, do 5 00
Coral E. Gentry, do IS "
R C. Hlltabldsl. do 10 '•<
Adelaide Fleshman. do ft 0e
11. P. Syp. salary water com
missioner SO 00
Allle Moury. election 10 00
School Dlst. No. 24. do ft O'*
J A. Silver. Juror's fees 20 if,
.Meyer Dumber Co., erecting
and taking down booths 21 2ft
Western Dumber A Coal Co., do 1 70
A. J Davy, salary and exp. co
assessor 172 2ft
D. M. Davy, salary deputy co
iwmnr Itf M
W B Gordon, attorney's fees 15 O'*
A Deeter. Justice fees I 65
R D Gibson. Juror's fees 1 85
Roh't Ziegler. Juror's fees 1 8^
A. A. Conawsy. do 1 8 >
Amiy Van Cleve. witness fees 4 75
Grant Van Cleve. do
Walter Zellers, do J <5
J. A Smith, do 2 O'*
J W. Smith, do 2 00
A Deeter. Justice fees -7
Gordon A Gordon attorney fees 500 0*
G H. Brown Mfg A Lumber Co.
material for election booths 12 20
Oeo. A. Watson, motor vehicle
Inspection ——3 ft 00
Jno. W. Prowers, telephone
John A. Simpson, salary and
expenses county sheriff 465 -1
Support of Poor Fund.
Jno. W. Prowers, cash advanc
ed - ..... - 465
C. R. Hinton, mdse to poor . 15 0‘
Lamar Drug Co., do 10 6 r
Frank McGrath, coal to poor 12 ft"
Marx & Wheeler, mdse to poor 36 0"
Mayfield Merc. Co., do 15 0"
Mayfield Merc. Co., do 16 0«
Snodgrass Food Co., do < ft"
Lamar Hospital Ass’n. care of
alck In
I H. Myers, rent 2B 0"
C. T. Knuckey. x-ray 2 00
Snodgrass Food Co., mdse to
MrfyHeld Merc. Co., do 15 0"
State Industrial School for
Girls, care and board of In
mates l6 00
F. H. Kelsey, mdse to poor 85 0"
J. B. Byars Co., do - —— 12 Oft
Umar Seed Co., do - * oft
J. V. Oolladay. agent, rent 13 00
| State of Colorado.
County ot Prowers.—ns.
I Jno. W Prowers. County Clerk and
Recorder In and for said County in the
State aforesaid, do hereby certify that
the foregoing Is a full, true and cor
rect abstract of the proceedings of the
Board of County Commissioners In said
County as relate to the allowance of
bills, letting of contracts and the grant
Ing of rebate of taxes or assessments
as the same appears upon the records
in my office ,
Given under my hand and official
seal this 22nd day of December. A. D..
County Clerk.
Colorado. December 8. 1922.
The Board of County Commissioner*
met In special adjourned session. Pres
ent H. F. Decker. Chairman; A. P.
Knuckey and Ray McGrath. County
Commissioners; W. B. Gordon. County
Attorney and Jno W Prowers. County
"'upon motion the following claims
were allowed to full aod warrant# or
dered drawn for the same
Ordinary County Rrvruur Knud.
Geo. A. Watson. Jury bailiff. $ 2ft ftft
Geo. A. Watson, court bailiff. 35 00
Hcrscliul Horn, attorney's fees 2 5 0"
j Al. S. Atwood, courl steno 1 Ift "ft
I M. S. Atwood, do —7 3 *ix
L. & P. Electric Co., bulbs for
Juil and courl house ... 1 9ft
M. D. Creaghe. courl bullin' <-2 00
Support o t Poor Fund.
IJ. B Byars Co., mdse to poor lo *"•
John Durfee. two mos allow -
, a nee - - 60 oft
State of Colorado,
County of Prowers. —ss.
I. Jno. W. Prowers, County Clerk and j
Recorder In and for said County in 1
the State aforesaid, de hereby certify
that the foregoing la « full, true and
correct abstract or the proceedings «>i
the Board of County Commissioners In
said County as relate to the allowance
of bills, letting of contracts and the
granting or rebate of luxes or asac.-la
ments as the same appears upon tile
records In my office.
Given under my hand and official
seal this 22nd day of December. A. D
County Clerk
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Dand Office at Datnnr .Colorado.
December 18. 1922.
Notice la hereby given that Lester
W. Huston, of Caddoa, Colorado, who.
on 8-19-1921. made Homestead Entry,
No. "28011. for N’KUKWI,. S<«SW>«.
See. !. N'W '* and SW'iNE I *. Section
1". Township 23 South. Range 4% Went.
Mb Prln. West Meridian, has filed no
lle. or Intention to make Final Three
Year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Register.
V. B. Land Office, at Damai. Colorado,
on the 14th day of February. 1925
Claimant names as witnesses
Ulvsses G. Bear, of Caddoa. Colo
John 8. Scott, of Caddoa. Colo
Wilson AI. Harris, of Caddoa. Colo
Dena Bear, of Caddoa. Colo.
First Pub.. Dec. 20. 1922.
D.int Pub., Jan. 24. 1923.
Notice of Stockholders' Annual Meeting
of the Lamar Building and
Loan Association.
kIHIH ■■ - i**-.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Dainnr Building and
Doan Association will be held on Mon
day. the 29th day of January. 1923. at
% o'clock P. M., at the office of said
Association. 107 West Olive street. I-m
--mar. Colorado, for the purpose of elect
ing a hoard of directors for the ensu
ing year and for the transaction of
such other business as may legally
come before the meeting.
Pres. I H. MYERB.
By virtue of a decree entered in the
District Court In and for the I'ounl)
of Prowers and State of Colorado on
the 7th day of December. A. D. 1922. In
sn action therein pending wherein
Henrietta Mick. formerly Henrietta
Jones. Is plaintiff, and R. A. Jarboe.
The Prowers County Oil and Gas Com
pany. a corporation, the Public Trus
tee or Prowers County. Colorado; Th«
Schleter investment Compan> The Wll
liaina Ac Maxwell Land and Cattle Com
pany. a Corporation; and The Doll-
Damb Dand A Mortgage Company. u
Corporation, are defendants, and to me
directed, whereby the sheriff of said
County' Is cbmfhanded to make tbs sum
of Three Thousand Eighty-four and
U 3-100 Dollars (13084.03) and coats of
suit, the amount of a certain Judgment
recently obtained against said defend
ants by the said plaintiff out of the
following described real estate, to-wit:
The West Half (W«*> of Section
Twenty-fout (24). in Township
Twenty-three (23) South, of Range
Forty-six (16) West of the Sixth
Principal Meridian. containing
three hundred twenty t 320) acrea.
more or less, according to Govern
ment survey thereof.
Therefore. According to said com
mund. 1. or the then acting sheriff,
shall expose for sale, at Ihibllc Auction,
all the right, title and interest of th.
above named defendants. In and to the
above described property, on Tuesday,
the 23rd day of January. A. I>. 192*. at
ten o'clock A M. at the V% eat Front
Door of the Court House at Lamar, in
Prowers County. Colorado.
Dated at Lamar. Colorado, this 21st
-lav of December. A. D.. 1922.
Sheriff of Prowers County.
First Pub.. Dec. 27. 1922.
Last Pub.. Jan. 17. 192*.
Estate of Mary A. Field. Deceased.
No. 2122.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent them for adjustment to the Coun
ty court of Prowers County. Colorado,
on the 29th day of December. A. D
Administrator with the Will Annexed
J. K. Doughty. Attorney.
First Pub.. Nov. 29. 1922.
Last Pub.. Dec. 27. 1922.
Notice of Annuel Meeting of The Stock
holders of The Lamar Canal &
Irrigation Company.
The annual meeting of the Stock
holders of The Lamar Canal A Irriga
tion Company will be held on the sec
ond Monday In January, being the Blh
day of January. 1923. at the office of
O C Ooodale. Dainsr. Colorado, at 1 30
p m. for the purpose of electing a
Board of Directors for the ensuing year
and the transaction of such other busi
ness as may properly come before the
aald meeting
Rocky Ford. Colorado.
December 6. 1922.
First Pub . Dec. 20. 1922.
Last Pub.. Jan. 3. 1923.
West Bonn# Trains.
’No. 1. The Scout
N’o 3. Calif. Limited, no stop— 9.17 pm
No. 6. Colo, and Utah Exp ‘* ni
Vo. 7. Fargo Exp., no stop 10:#3 pm
No. 9. The Navajo, no atop 11:08 am
No. 11. Colorado Flyer — \o:ot am
No. 6*. Valley Express 12:*0pm
Arkansas Valley.
Arrive . , 2.25 am
L-enve. except Sunday —— 8:30 am
Fast B»and Tralas.
Vo 2. The Navajo, no stop 4 :20 c.n
No! 4. Calif. Limited, no stop «46 am
N’o 6 K. C. and Chicago Exp. 2:42 am
No. 8. Santa Fe Eight 12:11 Pm
No. 10. The Scout 11:57 pm
No. 12. Chicago Flyer 4:15 pm
No. 64. Mixed - 11.22 cm
Arkaasaa Valley.
Arrive - l:2# rin
Leave, except Bunday - **° P" 1
We are now rtble to take care of
your farm loans. Drop In and see us
T»]rtor * Frick. Eli W. Gregg, Mgr
Agreeable to the provisions of an act
of th* Ninth General Assembly of the
•Stsit.- of Colorado, entitled "An Act t.-
regulate the procuring of books, sta
tionery and Muplpius for county officers
by the Board of County Commissioners
in the counties of this State.’’ notice
i» hereby given that the BoatU of
County Commissioner* of Prowers
County. Colorado, will receive at their
office in Dainar up to noon of Tuesday.
January oth. 1923. sealed proposals lo
furnl <h Prowers County with such <>l
the articles herein named and describ
ed us may be required by said County
during the year 1923:
Eight quire warranty deed record,
leuular stundurd printed form; eight
quire chattel niortgng" record, reguiai
tundard printed forms, eight qulr. •
trust deed record. regular Colorado
Public Trustee form; eight quire record,
printed head; eight quire miscellaneous
record, plain and unruled except mar
ginal and head line. These records l«, 1
be equal in every respect, as to quality
of material, workmanship. binding
patent backs, canvas covers, with Rus
sia leather binding, etc., as Is used in
Reception Book lettered “O’*. Th. >
shall he fitted with letter Index tab
when needed, with letters and numbers
on backs arid sides of same, nnd to h
made from D. D. Brown's Linen Ledger
paper or Byron Weston's Ledger paper
of weight equal to that used in Reccp
tlon Book lettered ''G*'.
All other book* not herein described
but which are fully set out In specifica
tions on file In the office of the County
Clerk of Prowers County. Colorado
which the County may require during
the year 1923. to be furnished hv th.
successful bidder and to be mHtl. ot
same kind and quality of material
the same kind of book already In it*"
by the County, at a price not greater
Ilian heretofore has been paid by the
County for such books.
All Colorado standard blanks to h*
furnished In tenth, eighth, sixth, quar
ter. third, half and full sheet cap and
half and full sheet folio, quotations t.
be made by the dozen and by the hun
Letter heads. note heads, of good
quality of linen or cream laid paper In
600 lots.
Envelopes. Nos. CVfc and 10. white
wove XX. per 500 lots.
Inks. Arnold's. Banford’s or Carter’?
writing fulld, per dozen quarts. San
ford's black. 2 oz. bottles, per dozen.
Lead Pencils—Faber's No. 2 Hexagon
per dozen and per gross. Faber's 6H
hexagon per dozen. Dixon No. 2 or other
standard grades and numbers, per doz
en and gross.
Pens —Isaac's No. 26 Glucinium. Es
terbrook's Falcon No. 048. Hunt's trl
piles tor No. 64. Hpencerlnn No. 1. per
g r oss.
Rubber Bands—Eberhard Faber, sizes
10. 14. 18. per box 600: sites 29. 31. 33
per box 6fto; sizes 0(4. 000(4. per box
All copy for printed record blanks,
etc. to be furnished by the County
clerk or other official making the <<r
All bidders are requested to mak.
their proposals upon the form of pro
posal provided by the County Clerk
and In compliant- with the specifica
tions on file In his office. Other forms
of proposals will not he considered Th-
Rosrd of County Commissioners r
serves the right to reject any and all
hid* or accept a part of any bid r.-
Jeetlng the remainder thereof
All proposals to be sealed and mark
ed “Stationery Proposal” and directed
to Jno. W Prowers. County Clerk La
mar. Colorado.
By order of the Board of County
County Clerk
Dated at I«ainar. Colorado. December
6th. 1922.
First pub . Dec. 6. 1922
Last Pub.. Jsn 3. 1923.
Whereas, default has occured In the
payment of Installments due March 27.
April 27. May 27. June 27. July 27. Aug
ust 27. September 27. October 27. No
vember 27. 1922. each for the respec
tive sum of Thirty-six and no-lOftths
Dollar*,, total sum Two Hundred Six
teen and no-lOOths Dollars of on* In
stallment note for Twenty-seven Hun
dred and Seventy-1 wo and no-tftOth*
Dollar.-, payable to the order of K I
Crockett and secured by Deed of Trust
of John E Doll and Anna E Doll, ins
wife, of the County of Prowera. State
of Colorado, dated the 27th day of Feb
ruary. 1920. and recorded In the office
of the County Clerk and Recorder
Prowers County. Colorado, on th« 10th
day of March. 1920. In hook 126 at pag*
459 of the records of said Prowers
County. Colorado, and
Whereas, the legal holder of said in
debtedness secured by deed of trust
acting under the terma of said deed of
trust, has In writing declared a viola
tion of the covenants of said Deed of
Trust and has elected to advertise th*
property and premises in said Deed of
Trust described for sale under th*
terms of said Deed of Trust and did
o n the 6th day of December. 1922. fll*
In writing with the undersign'd as
Public Trustee within and for the said
Prowers County. Colorado, a notice of
said violation and election, and a de
mand for such sale
Now. Therefore. Public Notice is
hereby given that the undersigned Pub
lic Trustee of Prowers County. Colo
rado. under and by virtue of the pow.-i
and authority vested In me by said
Deed of Trust, and according to th*
law in such cases made and provld- U
for the purpose of paying all of said
Interest, principal and taxes and all the
costs and expenses of this Trust, will
on the 22nd day of January. 1923. t;
the hour of Ten o'clock at public auc
tion. at the West front door of the
County Court House In Lamar. 111 th*
County of Prowers, In the State of Col
orado. for the highest and best pric*
same will bring in cash, sell and dis
pose of all the premises and property
described In said Deed of Trust, situat
ed In the County of Prowers and th*:
State of Colorado, known and describ
ed as follows, to-wlt:
Commencing at a point on the South
line of Block 1 In McKeever's Addition
to the Town of Lamar. 160 feet West
of the West lino of Seventh Street In
said Town of Lamar as now established,
thence West along said South line of
Block 1. 70 feet; thence North on a line
parallel to aald Seventh Street. 11l
feet, more or less, to the center of
what was formerly Bent Avenue, now
vacated; thence East along said center
line of vacated Bent Avenue. 7ft feet to j
a point north of the point of coni- j
intncemenl thence South 111 fe.-t. more
or leas, to the point of commencement; I
being a tract 70 feet East md West .
and 111 feet North and South, and em
bracing a part of I-ot 2 in Block 1 in I
said McKeever's Addition, according t--
the original plat thereof, and vacated |
portions of Eighth Street and Bent ;
Avenue, also all the right, title, interest
and equity of redemption of aald John
E. Doll and Anna E. Doll, his wife
Dated at Lamar. Prowers County. .
Colorado. Dec. 20. 1922.
Public Trustee of Prowers County.
First Pub., Dec. 20. 1922
Last Pub.. Jan. 17. 19||.
Notice of Annual Stockholders Meeting
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholder# of
The VV-W Feed Grinder Company will
be held on Monday, January bth, 1923,
at 11 o’clock a. m., at the otfice of the
Company, in the City of Lamur, Prow
ers County, Coloradr. Said meeting
will be held for the purpose of elect
ing a board of directors and transact
ing such other business as may come
before the meeting.
The W-W Feed Grinder Company,
K. E. NYE, Secretary
First Pub., Dec. 6, 1922.
Lust Pub., Jan. 3, 1923.
Notice of Stockholders's Meeting.
Notice Is hereby given thut the an
nual meeting of the Stockholders of the
Valley State Bank, of Lamar, Colorado,
will be held In the banking room of
suid bunk, on Tuesday, January 9. 1923.
at 7:30 p. in., for the purpose of elect
Inga Board of Directors for the ensu
ing year and to transact such other
business us may properly come before
said meeting.
J. V. SAYLER. Cashier
Dated at Lamar. Colorado. December
I 6. 1922.
First l’ub., Dee 6 1922.
j Last Pub. Jan. 3. 1923.
Notice of Stockholders'Meeting.
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the First National Bank
of Lamar. Colorado, will be held at the
banking rooms of the said bank on
Tuesday. January Bth. 1923, at ten
o'clock a. m.. for the purpose of elect
ing a Board of Directors for the ensu
Ing year and for the transaction of any
other business that may properly con.,
before the said meeting.
Duted at Lamar, Colorado, December
2. 1922.
A. N. PARRISH. President
First Pub., Dec. 6. 1922.
Last Pub.. Jan. 3. 1923.
Wt* are now able to take care of
your farm loann. Drop in and nee ua.
Taylor & Frick, Eli W. Gregg, Mgr.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Latnar. Colorado.
November 21. 1922.
Notice is hereby given that Edward
lialzer, of Colorado Springs, Colorado
assignee of Will P. Lara be*, who. on
May 6. 1908, mad- Desert Land Entry.
Serial No. 0491 1, for the Southwest
quarter of S*-. tlon 11. Township 21* 8..
Range 4 5 W 6th Prln. Meridian, has
filed notice of Intention to make final
proof by purchase under the terms of
Paragraph 3 of th.- Relief Art of March
4. 1916. to <*tahll*h claim to the land
abov* described, before the Register of
the L'. S Land Office, at Lamar. Cob*
radn. on the 12th day of January. 1923
Claimant names as witnesses:
G. N. Cowen. Manvel Farm. Granada.
Colorado. Thornton Green, lamar. Col
orado. Gem-ral Delivery. Edgar Smith,
of Bristol Colorado. W. It. Hillings). >
of Bristol. Colorado.
First Pub.. Nov. 22. 1922.
Is»l Pub.. Dec. 27. 1822.
Department of the Interior.
8. Land Office at Izmir, Colored--
mber 12. 1922.
Notice Is hereby given that Harr%
M. Hesrcy. of Lamar. Colorado, who. on
October 4. 1920. made Original Horn*
stead Entry. No. 0277&4. for V.% of Se*
tlon 35. and on the same date ma*h
Additional Hd. App 027766 for W(4 or
Section 35, all In Township 26 S
Rang* 48 W . 6th Principal M.-rldlan
>l*l filed notice of Intention to inak*
final three year proof, to establish
■ l*lm to the lurid above described, b*
fore Register United States Land Of
fice. at Lamar. Colorado, on the 23rd
day of January. 1923.
Claimant names as witness*-*.
Chas. Johnson. Earl Hill. Calvin Hill.
It. Piper, all of Colorado.
First Pub.. Dec. 13. 1922
Isist Pub.. Jan. 17. 1923.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Lamar, Colorado
December 12. 1922.
Notice is hereby given that Ralph E
White, of Caddoa. Colorado. Route
who. on November 13. 1919. made home
stead entry No 026819, for the West
Half (W(4) of Section 27. Township
South. Range 49 West. 6th Principal
.Meridian, and who. on September
1920. made additional homestead entry
No. 027263. for the SViSW(4. S*ctmn
22. Township 2.* South. Rang* 49 W< •
6th Principal Meridian, has filed note •
of Intention to mak* three year pro
to establish claim to the land abov.
described, before Tie Register of th.
United Staten Land Office, at Lamm
Colorado, on the 20th day of January
Claimant name.- us witnesses:
W. C. Nelson. H. M Alford. W. \\
White. Fred DeVauli. all of ('add...
Colorado. Route •‘C.”
Regis'. 1
First Pub.. Dec. 13. 1922
Las' Pub., Jan 17. 192?.
The regular examination of Appli
cants for Teachers Certificates will bo
held in the Prowers County Court
House, Lamar, Colorado; also in the
Holly High School Building, Holly.
Colorado, December 21st and 22nd,
1922. Morning session will open at
9 o’clock.
Co. Supt. of Schools
Coover Can’t Fix It,
Throw It Away!
Phone 178 W 500 S. 6th

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