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The Delta Independent
—ln prepared to do all kinds of—
—Such um —■
('atrdx. Vetter llphUn. Kill llnidii,
I »Ml<‘rN. l*rot(rNinuiPN. Du*
v«‘I«»|»om. I.ckhl IklatnliN.
Kir.. El«., Kir.
: I>o not n nd outside /or uxrrk that you ran gt
ilmo at hoiur. thou your evlt ror hr by patron ui'ng
Home Iniluttri t ■. • « «
ron si'BM.niiiKist.
Orv Ye«r 12 '4 I Three mouths. . . I .7s
months 1 "St I One Month .'o
Professional cards, per month 92 00
One inch, per month 2 00
Two Inches, per in • nth 3 00
Three ini-hen. per mouth a 75
4U itu-hes, t% column,) per month 4 Ml
. Nine iucLcn(Ucolumn.) per mohtli 8 U 0
in lW|fbteen«%n. (1 column per month . . . II 00
J* notices ten cent* per line for each
• usertion.

roiinl) OHrm.
family Commissioner*—First district, Rob't li
XeiMil on . second district,Thou. U Mower, third
district, lo»\ id Stephens
4'lerk nihl Record er-?E. 1,. Kt-Hugg.
MiviWft —Ben. S. (>heyu
Treasurer—T. H. Mrnraniliin.
Oountjr Judge—Alfred P. King.
Surveyor—wm. I. Man y
Anceur-X. M (,Godwin
superintendent of Schools—J. It MclMnty.
Coroner—Charles A Daria.
Cminrv Attorney—A. E Ain*barv
lOw ii Officer*.
MAYOR -R. B Hamilton,
TKI'sTKES - J It Sjsearer, 1 II M<«.ran«
han. J. I’ h*»ler, W. I. Mathers, A. It. Lioward.
•- At R. V. trrliala nn«l lie|iarlnrr«.
s<» *. i£nin| ca»l C <2 a. in.
Xu ?? tgaing *-t*i- II Via in. 1 VAX‘> « m
Ho 3 going •**•■‘l l 21 a m.
No. 2’- •irolnic we*t . .340 p m " i.’« p. tn
Eastern and western mails rlr«se at AOO p m
Povtolßre hours from A a in to 8 p m
“T— <V
•Meets the first and third Friday evening* of
rwck month, iu Hi* Masonic Mall
K. L. KKt.UM.4i, ►o-nlary.
L 4'harrh Direnary.
PRr#BTTkAI W-Per 1 * Day pa*tor Ner
p vices •very Sabbath movimg and *\ening. at
' the Pr**bXlerlaH chltrr h
MFTIIOPIST Rev JAliaakr pastor Service*
at tbolr church • very ftat>l>atb morning
• iiept the third Sahtaath of each muny. at II
lIAITIRI Hot Jam's A Have raft. p»*t»>r
\l< es •« the §rst and third »*t>l>atbs .(odi
mouth in th« scbce-l house hall Covenant atfd*
hnslnes. meeting the s-aturda v afternia>n l>efore
the third Sunday *f narh mi nth. at 2 o'clock,
t NION S 4 Hit ATM h<T|4V»l Meets In lan. Pres
hyterlan church ig'O •■aPlUth at !<• A M*
PRAYER MKKTINO evary VtolnroUv evenfng
at 7 .On cUeK, in the Mrlbiallit rhuna
Attomr anlConnselorat Lav
I*rr-einptli*n Final Proof taken at reasonable
rate*. Acvuraev gnaranterrd
Money to Loan
*»i» I arming Lauda at Rsaaaaablr
}y*r HA TKS OF / V TURFS i
f HdltT KAXrflKs KHDCAI 1«
\ and CITY rKUPEKTY 1 \ •I\ \A j.
4)IB. i at the COURT llOl'ftK. Delta. Colorado.
IJ r
ra un>'
llelta, 4 olarada.
riKAt. I'RK IMITtON I K»*»r takkj*
aJtr* ««**<»** RRASOK Aiu.r.
Oilice of County Clerk, De lta. Colo.
.. 1 ' "
Pkysiciais and Sinuous,
Wiirgf—R tor Ihrli. A I. «• Rallnßy.
4MRe» M ■•lhway'* Drag Wore.
nr.i.TA. . isuiißo.
Delta County Bank
* <i©|o|o»o
Trtaaaata n flenerwl Ranking Mmsl
■ -ij<4o;oj.—«
Sl,hi draft, drawn on D,nV«r ,n« Nrw Yo?k.
nlvo on the prlnolssl vlUra of In rope. '
Intwnrt snid on thns dsSnslS. , ,
•11.T4,, - 4W1.0.
Greeley i* to have a gymnasium.
Six million cigars are manufactured
yearly In Colorado.
The re-election of Mr. Symes to Con
gress is now conceded.
•An Odd Fellows' lodge is sodu to be
established in Sterling.
The question of the division of Gar
tleld county is Indiig agitated.
A couple of convicts escaped from
the penitentiary a few days ago.
An experiment is being made in Den
ver of slag os a building material.
Boulder boasts of an 18-year old l>oy
who can eat thirty-one pancakes at one sit
The transactions of the Denver
Clearing House for last week amounted to
2 A contract for 10,000 tons of steel
rails has been let by the Midland road to the
C. C. A 1. C. Co., of Pueblo.
An Agricultural and Industrial Ex
l»o*ition company Ims been organlied in Pu
eblo with a capital of *30.000.
It is said that one of the Denver
breweries makes ten gallons of beer a year
for every resident of the .State.
The next meeting of the Boulder
County Teachers’ Association will Is* held
at Ijoiigmont commencing November 20th.
Forty thousand dollar* was sub
scrllied In half an hour last Sunday towards
the erection of a new Methodist church in
The re|>ort of the Commissioner of
Internal Revenue shows that the col lect ions
made in tills State during the Inst fiscal
y car were 1(301.482.
The Midland is surveying a line to
the marble mines on Yule nnd Hock creeks,
and also a line from Glen wood springs
through to Salt Lake.
Over 6,000 pounds of oleomargarine
have been stamped by l’idled States Col*
lector Wolfe In Denver sines* the law went
inb* effect on the first of October.
The Pacific Mutual Telegraph Com
pany have made pn*p«»sitions to extend
their wires to Denver which have l*een aj*-
proved by theChaml*erof Commerce irf that
9 Two or three cooking clubs have
been organ Iml in Greeley. They hire a
rook ami claim tliat they have a tietter table
and at A ruAt not exceeding three dollars a
By the giving way of a scaffold in
the new M*-tlu»diM rliurch l*cing built at
Montrose two carpenters and ltev. Win.
Udbortic. the |*a»t<*r of the congregation,
were severely Injured.
Between three and four hundred
coal miners arc out on a strike in Boulder.
1 airliner and Weld cdunties. The cause of
the strike is a reduction of wages from
*l.l2S' to *l.uo |*er ton.
At the late election Yuma cast 120
vote*. Hyde and Otis about 94. Akron 157.
At the election one year ago these four
tow us cast, all told. 19 votes. One year
ffuNii now they will poll 1..*«n0 votes.
he Denver A: Rio Grande railroad
c<ftii|*aiiy Intend reducing their ]*asscnger
rates after the first of January to four and
six cents a mile—the former to be the rati
on the plains, the latter in the mountains.
The Midland offices, besides occupy
ing all the rooms in the Opera House at Col
orado Springs, have three additional nanus;
one of which is devoted to the stationery de
l*artiuent, and the other two an* devoted to
the machinery de|tartment.
Fred Friend, a Snlida tailor, was in
stantly killed the other day by a young
man named Wilbur Comstock, who was
looting with a riHe in an adjoining build
ing. the Imll going through the partitions
ami |*assing directly through Friend’s head.
Father llitlton. of Ouray, lias col
lected nearly $3,000 for the erection and puj*-
|*ort of a miners* hospital in Ouray. The
building will l*c of stone, 30x30 feet, and two
stories high. The hospital will lie under the
direction and *u|*enision of the Sisters of
The apex question at Aspen is fur
nishing employment to a large number of
mining engineers. The case will l*c very
hotly contested. It will l*e railed at I**ad
rille oil the 13th and should the h|m*x |*enp|e
lose the suit Asjhmi will have one of the big
gest celebrations Aver seen in Colorado.
George F. Richardson, a clerk of A.
I*. Arhuckle, one of the suit-contractors on
the Midland, was killed by ills employer in
’ a quarrel las* Wednesday. Arhuckle was ar
rested. As he refuses to make a statement
and as no one witnessed thequarrel the par
ticulars camiet In* given.
The drills at llagcrman tunnel are
now gnawing through an. average of four
teen feet of rock per day or about 100 feet
a week. There is now al*out 400 feet |*cr
formed, leaving a balance of 1,701. At the
rate of 100 feet |*er week and allowing for de
lays, it Is reasonable to look forward to its
completion in February next.
The l«cadvilln “Herald-Democrat'*
says It requires 8,000 ears a week to transact
the business of the Denver and Rio Grande
railway. A comparison between them and
the sc to freight wagons that used to pull into
lajadvllle, will convince any body of the per
manency nr that section, or whether nr not
that Is a supply point for the neighboring
• At the* request of the Colorado Cattle.
Growers* Association, Governor Eaton has
appointed lion. J. L. Brush and State Sena
tor Woodworth as delegates to Ute comet)-
ttnu of the Cattle Growers* Association, to
be held al Chicago on* the 16th and ittg *n
atojatH. ; Tim meeting is to be a general on*
Of Igpfgjitwtatlvaw from all tho stock asnt
tgatjdf tgthgoaantry, amt Messrs. Brush
&4jfr|.|»»tt trill rapfeseat CoioMh
■l&iKpwiiM*. »Mia«v<'*.wh
ajiiinrsil 1 '■ fgfirii ir tan-KUw
The Farmers’ elevator lias taken in 75,000
bushels of wheat of the crop of 1886 thus
far.—Fort Collins Express.
Ed. Williams this week sold 80 head of
fat hogs to a Denver man for $3.80 ]»er hun
dred on foot—Evans Journal.
Utah and Kansas ]»otatoes are partial fail
ures. and dealers are looking to the Colora
do market l'or a supply. This means good
prices for the farmers who have good crops.
—Saguache Democrat.
Some twelve hundred steers were driven
down from Pluteau this week to the winter
range on West Salt creek. They were the
property of the Grove Creek ltanch Associa
tion, Harrison Brothers & Fulwider and
Needles & Co.—Grand Junction News.
There is no change in the local market
price for wheat to report this week, the
price paid remaining at 95 cents a hundred
for the best grades. The eastern market is
slowly gaining strength, ami there is a de
cidedly letter feeling among dealers.—Fort
Collins Express.
The oat crop of the State has this year
yielded thirty-five bushels to the acre.
There has been as high as seventy-five and
eighty in some instances.. So far as we
have been informed the greatest yield has
bsen in the San I.uis valley and in La Plata
county.—Field aud Farm.
Mace Slaughter has just turned loose 1,000
head of she cattle at Monument Springs,
New Mexico. Two herds of 700 and .VW re
spectively are laying up at Bright's Lake,
fifteen miles east of the American valley.
They are looking for ranches. Grass and
water are plentiful, and cattle are fat and
will winter well in that section.
The crop report from eastern Colorado,
out beyond irrigation, entirely staggers cal
culations where water had been the rule.
Forty bushels of corn and as many more
oats to the acre would not have been be
lieved if it had not l>eou seen. The onward
march of settlement in Weld and Elbert
counties w ill la* wonderful next season. —
Field and Farm.
One of the jrfirtners in the Norman-Per
cheron horn* breeding company of this
Mate who invested lort> thousand
in the concern four years ago was offered
-eveuty-five thousand a few days since, but
refuse*! the offer with the remark: ‘My in
terests iu those horses ami lands in Colora
do are to-day worth a hundred thousand
dollars if they arc worth a dollar.**—Field
and Fanil.
On two acre** of land at the Windsor
Farm, the Messrs. Bush A Morse this fall
harvested seventy-eight tons of mauglc
wurxeL They had t>ccn planted iu drills
three feet apart. Mr. Morse Is confident he
can grow sixty tons to the acre by plauting
them a little closer together. It Is ids
opinion he can grow this great feed plaut
at a cost not to exceed five dollars j*er ton.
—Field and Farm.
The State Auditor lias completed his list
of the tax valuations as returned by the as
s«*ssorsof the various counties, and the total
shows an increase of alMiut ten million dol
lars. It takes only a glance over the table
to show where the increase is. It is in the
agricultural counties, and the iucrease is on
tlie farms. It has Iteeii so year after year:
and the )teople of Colorado are awakening
to the fact that it w ill pay to foster the agri
cultural interests.—Colorado Farmer.
Our attention was called this week to the
fact that fires are l*eeoining very numerous
on the plains in this county, ami •‘onietbing
should N* done to protect w hat little grass
we have, for we haven’t any more than is
needed in our business. One promi uent
stockman informs us that he extinguished
three in one day recently. Fin* notices have
been printed by the county commissioners
and an* now being circulated throughout Uie
county warning campers against leaving
fires when breaking camp. Any |M*rson vio
lating the law on this question w ill be pros
ecuted to the full extent of the law. —Las
Animas Democrat.
Farming, gardening, poultry-raising.fruit
growing, bee culture and butter making
may be said to In* still in their infancy in
Southern Colorado, and yet they have ail
vanned sufficiently to be imi*ortant,to prom
ise great future development,and to deserve
fostering. The breeding of fine stock is also
only fairly under w ay. but Colorado is noth
ing if not adapted to that. The altitude and
climate. like that of Montana, is especially
favorable for grow ing horses of great endur
ance. The manufacturing ami smelting in
dustries of Pueblo are oonsjdcuous for their
magnitude, especially tn iron and the pre
cious metals. In view of the facts* here ont
llned, nothing could Im* more appropriate
than for this city and the counties tributary,
to join hands and organize a {southern Colo
rado Industrial association. Thetmbject has
been touched upon In then* columns at In
tervals for a year or more past. It is now
ln'ing generally discussed among business
men. and a goodly number of Influent ial cit
izens have spoken approvingly of it. The
organization ought to Im* accomplished with
out delay, and ample tlfut* will then be had
for giving amexhibition in the fall of next
year. Pueblo Keview and Standard.
The Governor's Proclamation.
S i xth ok Goi*oß4.i>o.
ExKrrnvK Dkimrtmext. >
By the (iovtirnor:
The President of the I'nited States has
designated Thursday. November Jk*». as a
dav of dinnksgiving and prayer. The peo
ple of Colorado have abundant cause to be
grntefnl for the many evidences of divine
blessings vouchsafed them dnrtng the past
year, and it is eminently proper that they
should give expression to their appreciation
of such blessings in a fitting manner.
Now therefore I. Beniamin H. Eaton.
<»o\ernor of the State of Colorado, do here
bv issue myc proelamatloii setting apart
T'huraday, the «th day of November, Whf».
tiered by the poor and dlstre«fsea.q|fc agcotmt
ciiux- to n-doke in ThnnWtyjn* ItoJf'
ltooe it nwir. thnCnpNU. win Miitoy
Adrtow’ ; d tfa.
The suit testing the validity of Bell's
telephone patent was decided in Bell’s favor.
St. Peters Homan Catholic Cathedral
in Allegheny City has been destroyed by
A squad of soldiers now guard the
statue of Liberty on Bedloe’s island. New
The season’s yield of corn is estim
ated at 1.064,000,000 bushels, or 22 bushels to
the acre.
Troops have been sent to Caldwell,
Kansas, to prevent an influx into Indian
Sullivan and,Ryan hud a light in San
Francisco on the 12th in which Ryan was
badly punished.
A sailors’ chapel is to be built in New
York by money left by W. 11. Vanderbilt
for that purjH)s<*.
It is said that 213 men have signed a
roll agreeing to join Cutting’s filibustering
exj»edition into Mexico.
Southern California will show a wine
crop of 17,000,000 gallons tins year, and a
raisin crop of 7.000.000 boxes.
A convention of all the Trades Union
in file United States and Canada is called t<>
meet at Columbus, Ohio, December h.
The New York “Sun” declares in
favor of Samuel J. Randall for the Demo
cratic Presidential candidate for I*W4.
The cost of the United States navy
for the past fiscal year was $17,676,464, and
that of Indian maintainances6,B2s,s23.
Prince Waldemar, the third son of
flic King of Denmark, has been unanimous
ly selected as the new ruler of Bulgaria.
The Executive Committee of the Paris
Exposition has granted 1.500,000 francs with
which to construct a tower i*44 teet high.
Archer, the famous English jockey,
committed suicide while suffering from
typhoid fever. He leaves a fortune of £250.-
Evidence is said to be accumulating
that Fotheriughangthe express messenger.is
guilty of the recent express robbery in Mis
Rev. Archibald Alexander Hodge. D.
D.JL. L. D.. Professor of Didactic and Po
lemic Theology at Princeton College is
An increase of $5,617 in the average
daily receipts is noticed since the recent re
duction of tare- on the New York Elevated
The Hualpai Indians in Northwestern
Arizona are reported to in* in a destitute
condition, aud tieneral Miles has orders to
feed them.
The Chicago pork packers have re
scinded their resolutions by which they
agreed not to employ any member of a labor
Statistics show that in October, 1886,
the percentage of }iaui>ers in London was 22
to the thousand. In 1460 the percentage was
42 to the thousand.
The Austrian explorer, Henklemanu,
has been murdered by the native Africans.
His ears and heart were presented to the
oldest meinlier of the tribe. *
A boiler explosion and subsequent
fire in a Philadelphia cigar-box factory was
the cause of many girls and women being
badly maimed am! burned.
Nice has been Vi si toil by enormous
waves from the Mediterranean Sea and a
great mauy lives were lost and an immense
amount of property destroyed.
The Adjutant-General makes a very
flattering report upon theimssibUities of the
militia of the States, but he says they need
letter arms and more instruction.
McCabe.the boodle Alderman of New
York, has been placed under the care of his
wife, but he is held under $20,000 bonds for
trial should he recover his reason.
The Methodist Church in Canada has
three praachers who are millionaires—\Y. E.
Sanford of Hamilton. John Macdonald of
Toronto, aud ti. A. Cox of Peterboro.
An attempt at Chadwick. Missouri,
by 100 **Bald Knobbers” to spill all the
whisky in town was reseuted by tlu* people,
who drove them oft with the loss of one
Snit hawbeen brought-against Mayor!
Brace, of New York, by the Receiver of I
tinuit A- Ward to recover $130,000, which it
is asserted he received through fictitious
contracts with Ferdinand Ward.
An expert visited the Metnqiolitan
theatre, New York, at it-ojK’ningone night
last week, and figures out that the wealth
represented in the partem* boxes was s?(*-.-
210.000, and in the first tier boxess<2,2so,ooo.
The receipt/* from Internal Revenue
taxation during the fiscal year were #116.-
002,660. The Commissioner estimates the re
ceipts for the current year at $118,000,000.
with oleomargarine as an unknown factor.
The atorkingmen of New York are so
elated over Hie result of their recent muni
cipal ennq»aign that they have decided to is
sue a call for a convention for the purpose
of forming a permanent national organiza
Dr. Vcasey of the Agricultural De
partment recommends the establishment of
an experimental station to ascertain if tiu*
buffalo and granuna grass may not lie re
placed by some more nutritious food for
cat Ma.
Priuce Uoccnjovim*. Bonaparte, who
was wounded when serving ns a volunteer
In the Frditche'army la Tonquin, has ootu£
mitted Miicfde by tdMMgNug himself with a
revolver. He bad latotynMniwh signs of In
sanity. ‘
jyfijttflKtteeretary 9t\ klba 4 "
distribute about $10,000,000 among the hold
ers of coupons.
On November 1 there were 31*2 iro
furnaces in fdast in the United States with
an aggregate weekly capacity of 122,641
tons. At the same time last year there were
233 furnaces in operation with a weekly ca
pacity of 76,723 tons.
It will pay all our readers to peruse
very carefully, the article elsewhere copied
from tlie “Scientific American,” addressed
to that dispassionate paper, and reproducer!
herein because it is of very great value to
everyone, containing some ini]>ortant scien
tific facts very plainly put.
Second Comptroller Maynard has de
cided that a soldier who. after having
served two years or more in the army, de
serted some months after the close of the
war. but who subsequently received an hon
orable discharge, is entitled to n bounty of
SSO under the thirteenth section of the act
of July 26,1866.
In Chicago a crowd of strikers at
tempted to prevent packing-house employes
from crossing the Ashland avenue bridge.
The bridge was guarded by soldiers, who
charged upon the strikers, without effect.
Lieutenant McMillan then ordered his men
to load their guns with halls, and this hud
the effect of dispersing the crowd.
The total collections of internal rev
enue from the time when the present sys
tem was organized. July 1. 1862. up to June
30, lss»;, were $3,438,290,456. “The aggre
gate receipts from internal revenue,” re
marked an officer of the Treasury to-day,
“were sufficient to have j»aid the entire pub
lic debt at its highest figure ($2,756,431,371,)
and leave a balance of $68,858,884, if they
had been applied to that purpose.”
Prince Komatsu, the uncle of the
Mikado of Japan, called at the White House
in company with the Princess Komatsu and
the members of his suite, and paid their re
spects to the President. They were received
in the Blue Parlor. The presentations were
inode by Secretary Bayard. During the re
ception. which was quite informal, Mrs.
Cleveland entered the parlor and the visit
ore were individually presented to her.
Mr. Gladstone publishes a letter in
viting the Liberals to reunite. He says:
“After reading the Marquis of Salisbury’s
speech it seems that me that we have ar
rived at the testing station for all Liberals
really desiring Liberal union. We have no
right to demand, when the Government
have produced their plans that they shall
pursue an altered course upon them, but we
have already tolerated a long delay in the
production of those plans. The beginning
of new delays in February will virtually be
making indefinite the production of the
plans. I am unable to understand how any
body promoting or inviting such delay can
be said to desire the re-union of the Liberal
Mr. A. Fuegar. 606 Walnut street,St
Ix»uis. Mo., suffered for two years with lum
bago. and was confined to his bed for sev
eral months. He was entirely cured by the
use of St. Jacobs Oil. which he says is also
the best cure for sprains and all other pains.
Another year, it is predicted, there will be
a Buddhist temple in New York, if suffi
cient Hindoosements are offered to build it.
Jesse Brown,
Z-G~Keeps the latest novelties in his lin
at the loicest pricei and ouarantesd. "liT;
Fine HHirh repairing a Specialty.
Delta Sample Dooms,
Best billiard tables in tie city.
The best of NVines. Liquors :.»*i Clears iu the
W. THOMAS, Propriety.
At fair rate of interest on Otrminp 'a»*is
ar»M«p AdmussH for Final faymrnts
-JKt it-
L oAoradfft 1.000 mm* Load Comp*)
W. K FA BOR, Pelt* Count > A«eut.
•rgr wgMßcrrsgjr
J. C KRjESflt. ; K. L. OSBORN. J. J. DATA i
Wholesale and retail dealers ia
Ranchmen’s, Cattlemen’s & Miners’ Supplies
—A complete line of——
Gen'l Merchandise,
Consisting of
Dry flssis, Cltlhliff, CMsple aid Fancy Groceries, PrarUioas, Ele
Also a fall stock of—
Mafia, ailTti, Tinware. Tin Ibep la eeaneeftoa. Tin aerkef all Be
" ' lac ■aiUm Et«„ ik. -
- - mikwntcrß Agent ■ ftr tkt
“ a sij e | i|
% i * I s : |
Jokw Pttrt aid Oliver Ckillcd Flaw*. ; |
Finrat ansi Larral Mark af Beets aad Bhem la the valley. A B—djf >*
Mtaalie Bm always ea haad. Calftffansla CMfelat
BlMla aprcialiy. All esals atrictly Brat alaaa aad pvftaae
aw law asilse Csaest. C'allaadseeaaat j
Cor. M H. me Camper* Ayr.. .... mrrsws, «•'
■ ■ ——■! in-- . ■ ■ »r '. ..
Delta Town Comi
-M>B- V,
V ~ ' flCn y '.
. k m
• j|cSp
Tii« GARDEN SPOT OF COLORADO, Oi» the tiuf of the tKuMjjjf Rk, Oranda n«I
road, Utah extension, at the junetiojt of the Uncompahgre lira*. * ..
Ttu-ee different railroads staked through as many corner* of the Hh! Midway
Denver aud Salt Lake. ■ W
Irrigable Land as Extensive ai Salt Lakeqi
b'lisurnaand u * FARM AND FRUIT REGION Climate iu Colon-*
snow or winter rere. .f *
Winter resort for the Mountain town*. Howe for the health-seeker. Mlnijp
ioiuing the town. Now is the time to invest r
Business Lots, oaeli ml to s2Sfl||
Residence Lots, eech, wR to slo#^
■ ■ ■■ ■ : » >
'•Mb ~ ‘ 3ff
Kfcta " *v- ■ ..Li" a
NO. 88.

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