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DElxiga. gQIiO- HOY. 16. 1886
. Still tlie rii me goes on.
What do yon think of the Indetvjn.
DKNT this wedk?
A number of our i>eo|>le lutve tlie
California fever.
A. C. llutler staked a ranch last
It. f). Wilmot and family are stop
ping at the Commercial House.
Tlie William's coal hank is delivering
•coal regularly, every other day.
tVhat's become of tlie sidewalks that
were to have been built tins fall?
A. C. Butler visited Montrose again
’last week, on business for the firm.
About two iiit'ho* of “the beautifill”
(this morning—the (list of the season.
Frank Knock, lately of Bloomington.
111., lots once more come to live among
ttlie Deltnites.
Arrangement are being made for a
•dance at Snow’s hall on Thanksgiving
eve, Xovemlier 24.
David Stephens and W. S. Coburn, of
?l*aoiiia. took out a large number of
trees butt week.
The D. & U.ti. are putting up an iron
bridge actoes the L'ucompuhgre river,
just west of town.
Commissioner-elect Aaron Clough
J. If. Uadolpli and A. F. Clark,of I*uo
nia, were visiting town to-day.
i Mrs. 8. Sherman left for her home in
New York Saturday morning. She
intends to return in April next. Mr.
8. has our sympathy.
L K. G. 1/6wis, John Freeman and 8.
M. Frady were. Delta visiters on Sat
urday and Sunday. All took .loads
back with them.
——- ♦ —— -
Jf the present cold sjmN continues
lung, the young people of Della will
have a chance to show their agility on
ice skates instead of rollera.
Henry Knowles, of North Fork,
brought a load of pork to town, last
week, and took home fruit trees. He
is still in pursuit of the tax-evader, us
liolly as ever.
— ■ ' ■■
Mr. Agard, of Montrose. Ex-Stock
Inspector, and Justice of the Peace
elect of precinct Xo. H. Montrose coun
ty. paid our burg and county u visit
this week.
They have a new way of playing
woven up in Delta, the joker being play
ed **cut and slash.” For further par
ticular* in regard to the game, inquire
of Shields A la»ve.
N. L. Travis and wife, of Otsego,
Mich., who have l»eeti visiting their
won. I„ N. Travis, of Tongue creek, left
for their home last work accompanied
by Mr. Travis and Ills little boy.
Rev. fcliawber’s exposition of the
Parable of “Dives and Uums," at
the M. K church, Sunday evening, was
listened to with deep interest by a
large audience. The address is son
widens! the l»e*t given by that gentle
umn in Delta.
\. J 1
Oding to our not having lieen out «f
town but once nr twice for tlie last
two or three years, our recent trip to
Denvnr caused considerable excite
ment in certain quarters. By tlie way
w hen we make up our mind to leave
•town fwi good, we will call on our
.friends and let them know the day wc
•expect to leave and our destination.
Utev. Win. Wsbuni.-nf Montrose, who
■supplbsl the pulpit at this place last
< year, met with a serious accident yes
terday. While engaged in repairing
the church .at that place, the scaffold
ing. iipon which he w its standing.broke,
-causing him to fall a distance of Hi
feet, breaking hi*might Jog. near the
ankle, and spraining Ills back.
■■ ■■■«■■- «♦ ~~
The Taffy pull, at’the rink on Thurs
day eve last, was a -decided success.
Among others we noticed, Col. and
Mrs. Hailey, Dr. and Mrs. Albers, Mr.
and Mrs. Hastings, Judge and Mrs.
King, Miss Walters, Mrs. Mathers.
Misses Minnie and Vida Hastings,
Miss Moody. Miss Cornell. Mrs. Jluok
land. Miss ]‘arks, Messrs. Midiratiahau.
Moody, McMurray, and Brow n.
—— •
W\ 8. Cohuru Itfosglit to town last
wwk a quart box of strawberries just
from tlie vino*. Me.Coburn hod lust
year V| acre which yielded over 1400
rpiart*. Alaiut a mouth ago Unw cowi
meuced bearing.mimJ have since tlmt
time furnished what berries wore
wanted for the family use. Tim ber
ries are of good sloe and fine llavor,
wild at that Utile hud not beeu injured
by ih#frost.
There will he a meeting, Saturday
evening,Nov. to, at tlm sclusd house,
for the jiuriMtHe of organising a f*ub
lic Idbhtiy Association. It lias been
proposed in order to raise a fund to
wtart with, that each person who wish
es to Hhcome a Member of the associa
tion give one dollar which will entitle
of drawing books,
Uributo a Imok. We
citixen* of Delta who
the fmblic, inoml. mnl
.war tha place, will
Mmi TCWI J to MMist 111
l« plan. Tlie subject
t I* Mourn. Ooudlt
■*< ami
Henry T. West has gone out on a
two weeks hunt. Venison will be
cheap when lie retnrns, doubtless?
Last evening, a man passing by
Hammond & Hamilton’s, noticed
a bright light in the barn; on opening
the door to accertain the cause, he
found a pile of hay, lying on the lloor,
in dailies, which he extinguished. Had
it not been discovered at the time, the
whole block would probably have been
Thanksgiving Proclamation.
liy the President of Hie United States.
It has long been the custom of the
people of the United Stales on one day
in each year, especially set apart for
that purpose by the chief Executive,
to acknowledge the goodness and mer
cy of God, and to invoke iiis continued
cure and protection.
In the observance of such custom, I,
Grover Cleveland, President of the
United States, do hereby designate and
Ket apart Thursday, the 25th day of
November, to be observed and
kept as a day of thanksgiving and
prayer. On that day let all our people
forego their accustomed employments,
and assemble in their usual places of
worship, to give thanks to the ltuler of
the universe for our continued enjoy
ment of the blessings of free govern
ment, for the renewal of business pros
perity throughout our land, for the re
turn which has rewarded the labor of
those who till the soil, and for our
progress as a people in all that makes
a nation great.
And while we contemplate the infi
nite power of God in the earthquake,
the Hood and the storm, let Lite grate
ful hearts of those who have been
shielded from harm through his mercy
be turned in sympathy -and Lind ness
toward those who have suffered from
his visitations. Let us also in the
midst of our thanksgiving remember
the |M>or mid needy with cheerful gifts
and alms, so that our service -may by
deeds of charity, be made acceptable in
the sight of the Lord.
In witness whereof 3 have set my
hand ami caused the seal of the Unit
ed Stales to be utlixed.
Hone at the city of Wncbington this
first day of V»»veml*jr, InHUe year of
our I/ord one-thousand eight hundred
ami eighty srx. and of the Independ
enoe-of the United Slates -of America
the one hundred and -eleventh.
liy the President:
T. F. Uayaiid. Secretary of State.
International Labor Movement.
Nkw Yoj:k. Nov. §—An intelligent
ami well informed member of the
Knight* of .Lalior Wits the Commercial
liulleliu the following story, which, if
true, indicates Unit if the labor agitat
ors have taken a 4arge contract on
their ha mis.
A grand ir.termrtlon.il conference of
European and American latbor organ
izations is to be held in this city at the
l»eginning of the new year, or as soon
as practicable thereafter, for the pur
pose ,ot formulating a systematic plan
whereby labor en both solos of the
Atlantic will make 'common cause.
Corres|>onde»ic*« lietween the various
liodics on the subject is already in pro
gress. Giro of the first effects of this
roiiih'natioa would he the election of
the President of the United States in
the wo*kiugtueu's interests, inasmuch
as tlie financial basis ot their cam
paign fund would bo immensely broad
ened by contributions which would as
suredly come from brethren abroad.
For this policy they say they have a
satisfactory precedent in the contribu
tions hv Americans for the emancipa
tion of behind. In the recent munici
pal contest the experiment of foreign
contributions was tried to some extent
with very satisfactory result*, the
money sent on from Canada having
been placed in this city where it would
do the most good. Caro will lie taken
to exclude from the proposed confer
ence extremists, cranks and irreconcil
ahles «o nothing shall he said or done
to excite the apprehensions of conserv
ative people, or tojnstify the suspicion
that the movement is not in every
sense commendable, and one.therefore.
deserving of tlm commendation and
sup|Kirt of the country. The calcula
tion is that the National convention of
the two great |>olUical parties that will
he called upon to nominate their can
didates for the Presidency in 18S8,
would lie constrained to heed the wish
es of such a body, and If the hitter was
not strong enough to elect a President
it could at least prevent tne success of
any man or any party that was inimi
cal to the labor cause.—Ex.
A Wonderful Cat.
Said awm of Kriii yesterday: "Your
remarks on a mule remind mo of a cat
that troubled mo some time ago, Tlie
cut wiw nit old *he one.' lie became so
much bother to me that 1 made up my
mind to kill him. and so i knocked
him in the head with an ax. Hut up
on my word lie'll turn up the next
morning just as good as ever. Then
1 made up my mind to kill him. aouie
other way. One night 1 took him in
and laid his head on a hlock.as 1 would
a chicken, and witli hu mx I chopped
oir Ids head dune as a whistle. 1 took
up the two parts and threw them into
a pool at the hack of the garden. 1
took a ‘(trap of the crater on getting
id of the auld dlvil that night.' Well
sir. what de yea think V Wlhjii L got
up In the inoruin' to kindle a tire, ns
Its ine custom to do. and when I open
ed the hack door, what did I sim hut
that oat coming down the walk to
ward the house wid Ills bend In his
From our regular correspondent.
The strange results at the polls lust
week has not ceased to be discussed in
political circles here. The Republicans
are delighted with their gains, and the
Democrats are rather quiet, but they
are satislied in as much as Speaker Car
lisle has been returned and they hold
the power in the House of Representa
tives. At the White House little is
said except that they are content with
results, and that they do not construe 1
Democratic reverses in any quarter as
a rebuke to the Administration. Such
significance is discounted through the
fact that there were local lights and in
many cases many candidates in the
Protectionists claim that they have
gathered great strength in the House by
the fight, that Col. Mornsson’s defeat is
an immense victory for them, and that
they have secured their pet policy. The
Republicans feel that they have done
something to brerk up the solid South
and, in short, all sides are well pleased
with what they claim to possess in the
Fiftieth Congress. A man would
have u> be made up in a curious way
|»olitical!y who could not get some com
fort from tlie election returns.
Various explanations are given of
the results and surprises of last week’s
vote. Senator Vest, who is just here
from Missouri, was asked what he
thought of the Republican gains. “Oh
they amount to very little/'said he;
“they gained a few seats in the House
where the Democrats did not vote;"
and he added that Civil Service Reform
cut no more figure in it than these loss
es will effect the national election,
which meant, nut at all.
Ex-Senator McDonald, who is here
from Indiana on legal business, attrib
uted Democratic severses in his State
to the fact that Democratic voters did
not go to the polls, and he thinks their
dissatisfaction is principally due to the I
appointments. He says the Civil Ser
vice Law is very unpopular in Indiana
and that it is ;is mqiopular to day as it
ever was.
A Randall Democrat, of the old
school from Pennsylvania, when asked
what lie thought was the cause of the
trouble, promptly replied: “First, con
tempt for the President’s Civil Service
Reform policy Secondly, the deter
mination of the laboring element in the
country to let the free trade dementia
the Democratic party kuow that the
former will not support any party
whose every movement is Lowaid
bringing the labor of ibis country in
contact willi the pauper lalnir ot
A striking exampleof the earnestness
of the labor movement, was the fact
that it nearly swept over such a states
man as Mr. Carlisle, the popular !>i»eak
er of the House. He is aduiited and
roqiected by both the great parties, be
loved by bis neighlMjrs, and the envy of
his fellow aspirants fur public honors.
Although lie comes to the Fiftieth
Congress, lie and Ids friends had a ter
rible scare, aud it goes without saying
that the Democrats of the Covington
district will work harder for him dur
ing tlitt next Congressional campaign.
To-day the President aud Mrs. Cleve
land are in iiusloii, where every possi
ble honor is being paid them. As the
whole country knows, the iioOth mini
versity of Harvard College is the occas
ion of their short visit. They were to
he escorted from the statiou to the ho
tel by Ihe military, entertained at
breakfast by the Slate, escorted to
Cambridge by the troops, take dinner
with the Dons, return to Huston al
tended by the students en mass, shake
hands with the Hostou public al Fan
euil llall, attend a card reception after
wards arranged by the city authorities,
and finally be escorted back to the rail
road station, all in one day.
11 was report ed that the President
was preparing an elaborate address for
the occasion, but this was untrue, as lie
bad neither the time nor the inclina
tion to do so. His speech wi'l be noth
ing more than all inipromtu reply to a
toast, lie usually thinks over what he
is going to say, and afterwards writes
it off fur preservation. Thu card re
ccpliou was said to lie the only feature
of the day’s programme not liked by
the President, but as the guest of the
Hostou inuuici|iality, he could not es
cape this piece of snobbery.
It is Kaid that Mr. Cleveland declin
ed to .accept Harvard's proferred honor
ary degree of Doctor of Laws. His ac
tion is probably attributed to liis de
sire not to take to himself honors that
lie feels lie lias not earned. Harvard
lias been very liberal in the bestowal
of this honor. Grant, Johnson, Hayes,
Garfield and Arthur were all dubbed
L. L. D. during their term of otlice,
and President Lincoln was the only
President wha was never honored by
such a degree by some college.
Ft. Mr oil. Km., flonllsr Naysi
While talking with 1). A. Camp, the
popula r book-keeper at Page’s lmph
muul House, lliu subject of Gmgli
Medicines was brought up. sn*vs
Camp, there is one to which 1 feel
deeply indebted. It has g.ven relief
time ami lime ag.ru to my wife and
children. In fact l feel under the
greatest obligations to Prichaid Urns.,
druggists, for persuading me to buy a
hoilta ot Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy. I would not he without a bottle
of it in the house for twice its cost, lit
regard to nil throat complaints of chil
dren oml for colds it is unsurpassed.
You just try it once and ycu will be
surprised at tlm results. Sold by
lailluiui & WUlhuus.
The residents of North Platte, Ne
braska, fully realize the fact that a liv
ing hero has his home among them,
and that the Hon. Win. F. Cody, who
is popularly known as “Buffalo Bill,” in
pluck and manliness, and all the attri
butes which combine to make a brave
and modest man, is just as he repre
sented in the exciting narratives of
real iife in the Wild West, which have
recently become so popular in the New
York Weekly. On Wednesday, Oct.
0, Mr. Cody returned to his home in
North Platte, and the occasion was
made memorable by the hearty wel
come accorded him by the populace.
The public buildings, and many of the
pri vote ones.were gayly decorated with
hunting, and the people turned out in
a body so receive the great scout. The
Mayor, Hon. George W. Hammond,
w doomed him in an affecting speech
at the depot and he was tendered u
banquet in the evening at the Pacific
Hotel. Among other pertinent re
marks made in response to the toast of
which lie was the subject. Buffalo Bill
■ lid, “I have tried to show that a cow
boy hat is not the emblem of brutality,
any more than a minister’s gown is al
ways the robe of righteousness; I have
tried to show that we uien of the west,
who made this wilderness blossom like
the rose deserve a place in the mem
ory of this mighty nation.” Truthful
words these, and spoken modestly too;
but if you would learn what the hero
wlio uttered them did toward linking
the Wild West a home for peaceful
people, you must read Ned Huntline's
great story of “Buffalo Bill’s Last Vic
tory,” just commenced in No. of the
New York Weekly. The exploits of
living characters are narrated in this
thrilling narrative, and among the
the brave scouts who ligure therein
are Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack. For
sale by all newsdealers, or will be sent
four months for #l. Sample copy will
In*sent free to any aderesa, on applica
tion. Addresss all letters to Street &
Smith, publishers, Rose street, New
Philadelphia Times.—Tlte rat ani
mals in the carnivora house ut the
"Zoo” took their first, outing recent
ly Superintendent Brown had told
Keeptr Shannon that if the day was
pl«\i-*nnt ho might give the brutes a
little fresh air and exercise in their
roomy outside cage*. When the sun
came out warm ami bright in the
morning—keeper Shannon npen«*d the
gate leading from the first inside cage
to theouter one. and the jaguar, who
is a sedate old fellow who has l»et*r«
there many seasons, walked out utui
gave himself a sun bath. George and
Minnie, the loving couple of lions,
were next let out. When the door was
raised they made a rush for the en
closure and then made a combined as
sault on the iron bars of the outside
cage. They shook them with their
paws until the entire row of cages
trembled to their foundations, and
tlnai, when thevfound that the> could
not break out to absolute liberty,
tiie}' showed their appreciation of their
extended liberty by leaping over each
otla-r's hacks and going through tl*
funny antic* of a pair of kittens.
The two leopards, who were given
the liberty of their outside rage, were
more sedate aud went about quietly
munching grass like n yoke of old oxen.
The fuu eHjne when Tiger Jim 2d was
ofLred the liberty of bis outside yard
for tin* first time. When the cnf* was
rais**d he was a little suspicious and
examined the hark part of his cage
closely. When he discovered that the
gate was open he seemed to suspect
that some trap had been laid for him
and instead of going out went to
the front of his cage and crouched
down os though waiting further devel
opments. Nothing happening, he made
another investigation, and closely ex
amined every bare* the tunnel leading
to the outside cage. Then he walked
into tin yard, fending his way at every
step In the meantime the big niima.
or mountain lion, had been t timed out
in the second cage above, and sat tliere
watching Jim 2d in bis tour of investi
gation. Finally their eyes met. and
Jim. with a roar that startled the
guards in Fail-mount Park, made a
spring and struck the intervening bars
wit h all four feet.
The luitna struck an attitude of de
fense and yelled hack to Jim as defi
antly as though he knew they could
not reach each other. Then Jim
caught sight of George and Minnie and
the three roared at cncli other until
the surrounding woods and hills re
sounded. After a time they nil settled
down to the quiet enjoyment of the
bright sunshine that they had not
basked in for six months, and hod a
thoroughly enjoyable day of it.
The animals out yesterday occupied
alternate rages, no that they could not
Jglit with each other bet,ween thehtrft,
vnd to-day the other half of the cat
»ntniuls wilt be givou a run in the out
ode cage*.
Before buying vour fall and winter
clothing, visit MeGrawahan & Butler’s
and look over their samples. They are
ageute for John Wanuniuker, of Phila
delphia, and guarentee iwioee and fit.
Watck for it! The first svraptnm o
true croup is hoarseness ami if Cham
berlain’s Cough Remedy is freely given
at once and the doses frequently re
|teat«*d the dread disease may l»« en
tirely prevented and all danger and
anxiety avoided. Sold by Latham &
Worse tkan m Fire Alarm.
One of the most dreadful alarms
that can he sounded ;n a mother's ears
is productvl bv croup; dreadful because
it is known to be tin ngv rout*; the more
dread!ill because the bte of a loved
tun* is in jeomutly. Chamberlains
Cough Remedy is a never failing safe
guard against this dangerous disease.
Its reputation as a preventive and
curt* of eroup is fully and firmly es
tab .shed. In fact it is the only reme
dy will eh can always be relied upon.
Sold by Latham & William*.
You fellow** that nrt> luilebtett «o n«
nauMl rail aud netlie by the Ist •* D«*f- j
ember. Tills Includes all »»d «lon*t you i
forget It. J. J. liarkvr. I
l»elia. Sox. lat. IMHO.
It you Wiint iiu overcoat, Baaler’s is
til© place to get it.
Before buying elsewhere go to Bns
ler’a and get the bargains ho is offer
A nice fresh stock of candies at Bai
All the latest styles in hats ait Mc-
GTamilian & Butler’s.
Now crop Timothy sieed now on sale
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For M»l«.
My entire business, including Build
ings. Lots. Furniture, Store, Shop and
Lumber Yard. Anyone desiring u
bargain will do well to consider the
above. R. Brkkse
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to me. please call and settle and
save expenses. K. BEEESE.
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Shiloh’s Porous Plaster. Price 25 cts.
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Call at John P. Ba&sler’s and exam
ine the Novelty Clothes Washer—it
saves the hands, time, clothes and gets
a washing out quicker than the com
mon wash-board. bole agent for Del
ta county.
J. P. Bassler’s is headquarters for
For Kale.
A good team of horses, harness and
wagon. For particulars inquire at
this office.
CAT AUK! I CUBED, health and
sweet breatli secured by Shiloh's
Catarrh Remedy. Price GO cts. Nasal
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na tilled Get. cigar in the market.
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Clothing over iu the Reservation just
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Lost Nlrnjcd or Nlolen !
A sorrel horse, with star in forehead
branded It on left slioulder, vented on
lelt hip. Ten dollars reward w ill be
gi\en for bis return to Hammond «S:
Hamilton’s stable at Delta.
T. 1L Mow eii
160 acre# of farming land ! miles
west of Delta on the north side of
the Gunnison River, with irrigating
ditch taking its water from the Gun
niMQO river. Now occupied by T.
Marcott. Address.
510. S Delaware Kansas City,
Xslirr to Teacher*.
The regular quarterly deamination
will l»e held iu Delta. Delta County.
Colorado, Nov. 20 and 27, A. I>. lSSt*.
J. it McGINTY.
Sclkhal Snpt.
SHI LOU’S COUGH sod Consmnp
titHi Oura is sold bjr us on » gnarantbn.
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UsMarray’s Drug lt«u
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ham & Williams.
10.0 acres land on Caeompnhgre
river,# miles from Delta: N.l acres
inid.r cnltivntion, Hrst-class wilier
riclil. 200 bearing fruit trees
small fruit iu altumliiiier. I.SOO
Imsliels of outs and over 6 lons poill
- raised this year, Gnod house,
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feuce. fan be liouglit for $2.00*1 if
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Della. Cato.
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dealers. Struby-Estabrook Co., sole
Agents. Denver, Colorado.
Hotel Drannrick, Denver, Colo. Linton
,fc ihigar, proprietors. Brunswick restaurant
on the European plau, iu connection. Ev
erything first-class.
so tpiickly cured by Shiloh’s Cure. We
guarantee it. For sale at McMurray’s
Drug .Store.
Remember that A. It. King will ad
vance lor making Dual proof at low
tates of interest.
you need for Constipation, 1-oss of A|*-
petite. Dizziness, and all symptoms of
Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents per |
bottle. For sale at McMurray’s.
- j
Pnrlle-* «t«*<ilriug to prove up will do |
well to rail on 11. A. Rxiley. it* he liiih i
Binili to loan nt n siual! rnto nml on
long time, uud will be In bit* ollicv ev
ery «lny tluriiiK bmtlurM lionn.
Land OrucK at Gunn won, Colo.,)
Oct. Mtii. lfy>s. /
Notice Is hereby given that the following named
»vlllwr has tiled notice .a hi* intention to mate
tiual pro.•! iu support of hi* claim. and that *-4..i
bruot will be uudv bvf<w A. K. King. county
Judge.nt l>e!t.s. i i.lorsd*. «M) Nof. -4th. lv*o. via:
Joseph Barker, D. S. W>7 Lie Series f«*r the
n«' 4 , n, *m Sec. fi, f. ISS. K. »'■ W. tth I*. M.
lie name* the f illotting witnesses to prove his
reuiinuous residence upm, and cultivation of.
M>id iMiid. viz: Luther J brtuiit.Lyxmiii ft»>lun,
Albert Williams. Edward Cody, all ol Dclu.
HM9-U-23 JOHN* J. THOMAS. Register.
Kotlr* far Publication.
L.tso orriea at Ui'vmhon, Colo..)
Oct. is, lsati. j
Notice Is hereby given that the follow iug named
•etlU-rhas tiled notice ot hi* intention t.» i*a*«
mini pro. a iusuptK>riof hi* claim, and that said
i>n»*iwill be made before* A. K. King. County
Judge at lx tut. Ce»lo.. on Nov. 2S. lhfew, viz
Warren t» rowu, I), o. IR* Ctc s«rn*». i«»r the
(Um 4 Sec. 23, w}-«wJi Sec. 24, T. Ids. K. $6 VX
*th r. M
He namrs the following wilnos'et to prove hi*
continuous residence upon, aml cull.t u.iou of
said laid, \ie hdwarti L. i\(ll <„ i ydut
Hi.igd.r., Camel McCarthy. George Muilh. -:l o
D-ltu. « 010.
jo-15— .t JOHN J. THOMAS. UecUtcr.
Notice wf Final JirtClomenf.
In the matter ol the estate of Luther T Clark
dee«*A». <l. Notice ia hereby Riven, that on \X ed
n*-*tl;ty. the 17th day of Kovcmltcr. A. I*. lxsti. be
ing one of the regmrr days ut ti»e October ter?*
of the County Court of lvita countv. in the
State of Co;..r.ido, 1. Melvina Clark. Executrix of
said estate, will appear before the Judge of »aid
Court, prvwnl my nnal settlement a.-* such Kxec
ntnx. pr:»\ tin* approval of tin* same, and wIU
then apnlv t*» be discharged aa juieli Exeeuirix.
At whicn time aud place any |icrson la inhere*
may appear ami present objections to thu sable,
It any turn* I*w
lk*le<l at l>clta Colorado, October 11th. IS*<J.
Executrix the estate of Luther 1\ Clark. da
Jkwtlce for Publicwllow.
Lasp Okkk kat Quxmskv, Colo.. »
Oct. 23. ls.*v \
Notice 5s hereby given that the following named
settler has tiled notice of. his intention tu make
final proof m «up|H»rt of his cUitu. and that said
pr.Nif will l»e mad** liefore Win. A. Kckeriv
Clerk l'ist Court, at Montrose. C«>iorui«>. on lx*e
XI ISBO. viz : John W. Nlteher. l> S Jius. Vte Ser
les. ft*r the seV» S,*e. git. Y r,l N. K. 11 W. N. M \i.
He names the following witu«'«e> to pr-*ve lus
coutuiiioiis Tcsiilenre and cultivation of.
said laud, viz : J.isenh Hall, of ICTown. Colo..
Km met li Walkor. Herman v.) itear. Ceorge S.
Jackson, of i»elta. Colorado. Special noLsce Is
givcu to John W. Li>ug.
10-M-11-JO KegioXcr.
Weller for i*nUlirsiion.
Lajid Orrtca at GivsisoN Coro.)
Nov . 12. IAV,. ,
Notice is hereby given that Out following named
•cttlei h»* Hied xoiire of hi* intention to utikv
tiual proof : s support of his-laiui, and taut said
rrouf will s# made before A K King. Countv
wdge. *t Drill. Colo . *n Imc 2's . *«*. vl*
Fmnk HUhtower I) s'. V& L'ts Scries, fr.r ths e' t
•e', sec i. T. 14 s*. K vi W .Hu !’ V!
Be nsruostho folloMiag wltussse* to prove hV»
eontinuoua rcsideues up-*, and rultivstion ox.
•old laud vie; John Turner. John lane. George
wade. Bzra Wn-ie, nil of I‘aouia, Colo.
14 I*—l2 21 JOHN J THOM AS, ttvgister.
Notice for Pwbllewtloaa.
Land Orriea at Gcmmiaox. Colo .)
Nov.lA.lU6. ;
Notice ia giran that the follow ing uatued
•rttler has tiled notice of Ilia intention to make
dual prv«»f in support ef hi* claim, and that utld
srv»of will he made before A K. King, c«*unty
udge. at l>elta. « ole. • n 1 e•. - &s, 16U. viz :
tieerge K. Carver. I>. * «). Lie Scries, for IhO se
Vk See. n.T. 51 > K. It W \ XI M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his (
continuous resideuco up»u. and culilvatlun of.
MidlsuJ. via ticoru Cone, .James Com.
WtlJuuu J. Craut. James Kef. all ot llrown.
11 16-12 21 JOHN J. THOMAS. Ressatcr.
Nallee for Publicistl«n.
Land orricx atGvnmoom. Cui.oa*nn, t
Nov. 15. 18*d. (
Notice la hereby given that the following nam
ed settler has 6lra notice of his mention to make
llnal itnaif ia aup|K>rt of Ins claim, aud that said
proof will be made betora A. H. Ki**>c. County
Judge, a*- Itelta. Colo., on lb e .‘.A. Ikbt, via :
.lidiu W . Krwenmn. I>. d. 471 lt* .'Series, for the
n l i nwU, nw v awfo ue«% Jte« 26, Jt 11 SI IX.
r. W. Jit r M
lie name* the («dlowlnf wltueseo* to prove hla
eontiuiHHis rvstdeuco aj*o*. and cultivation «|
aahl la-mI. viz • William K I hike. Warms Acker.
JohM Krady. William Boucr*. nil ol H duhMM.
Colo. ,
1114 11-tl JOHN J. THOMAS, Mefcftir.
Range north ©*
xJ3I Delta «» «©«»h
v off slope of Grand
* M'*S». IN»FO«eO
rddvcw Delta. 00l
Galloway nud Sh
. " nrl horn stook
farm at Delta. ke|>ort all atf*yz.
I—■- ■-»■*• " ■ ■L-’JJHJBL J. ■ IWMl.'.m IIM
t. n. dowrj.
On hip
EgSHRBg9| 'kh. _•’— < >n Tongue
*n*ek. Delta i 0.. ('olf.
E7 Til Postoftir*; address—
fw —lj~.\?l.- t.fdontAo.
Report «ll
Hon-es for sale.
Kullro far Pui»ll«-«ti*u.
.Land Office at QiNSianjr, Cci.o., )
October ‘.'l. Inm;. J
N*tlro Is hereby (riven that the following imuiod
settler hn» filed notic e of his iunintiou to make
timtl pr.-af in support of his claim, ami that tutu!
proof will he made before A. K. King, t.oun■'>*
I 'udf .nt Delta, *‘ol—., on Dceeuibyr V ls fc '». via:*
1 James. Ziininelti. D. 116 lte the s',
• nrH* .-«•» i. aw l 4 no t . uw l . »vv ~. &ec. 1- id
H. h VI W. 6th 1’ \|
He mtmus the following witnesses to pr*vc his
contiuuoua residence upon, aud cultivutioii of,
-aid land, via: Robert Trickle. Willi..in M>|«1(1-
ing, John It. Hart. William A. Shcthuni. all of
Delta. C...1n, >
lu-26—11-ao JOHN J. TllOllAS. Register.
■dative lor i*ubltendon.
Land Office at tlUMNisov. 4*nLn.,\
Oei. 19. IN**', »
Notice Is hereby fitch that the foil owing named
•cttler has tiled it. tit** of his Intention to make
: final proof in support of his claim, au«l that said
proof will U* made la-fun; K. L. Kellogg. clerk of
1 idstrlct r-jnrt. at Delta. Colo., on iW. 1. !«►•,
I viz- Hear Kubhr, Dc lte Series, for thn« **
>w*4. sc l , Set* 29. nr 1 ,. riiei, svc. 32, T. IS
K 91 W. Gin I- M
He names the following witnesses to prove hit
continuous residence mj-ou, and cultivation ot.
said land viz i ari ri Gresham. <’;e-ar Zaiiola,
Alfr.sl' . Kjtuford, william A. Nhepa**rd, all of
Delhi. Colo.
ion—ll-30 JOHN J. THOMAS. Regl.-ter.
dotirr for l*ublira:i»n.
Land Okfick at C«*i.o., I
Oct. 20, is *ti. j
Notice is hereby given that thofollowlng it a mrd
settler has tdi*d notice of his liitontio.t to make
final pr»*«d in support of lihs chum. a.*d that said
j.-vrt will be t".« ti before K. 1.. till vr cork
Disc < *ttrr :it Delta, Colorado. on De**eiuber l*’..
l*s».\iz ■ James* . i-.rown, Dr S. Tts. ' te >*ri«—,
for the *c--w. . nr sec. 27. ip. l .
s. h w otii i* ‘i.
Hr nan:*;, the following witnesses to pro\c h:s
c<'tit it tijs.it, ami cultivation of
••aid land, viz CluivT**- 1). Johnson, Whliant >.
J dnus .n. Tie.mas ii. lhmnnu. John Ul*crgt« 11.
allot I: ta Cm.
J1 :■ -12-14 JOHN J .THOMAS. Uegbtcr
Notice for Publication.
Land Ufitck at Uoyyisnx Coro., »
(>C*. ID, IHfclj. »
Notice ~ i-.er ‘ y given that thcfollowinc-named
settb r has tiled imtiw of his .ntontiou to mako
hi:a' rn.ij .!• support t.f his claim, and that said
priH t »i!l !>•• made before A. K. King, t'oiiutv
•ludgc. J.elta, Colo.. iu hwtlliltT Wt.lhs'ti,
mz : d • i*i 11. liurt-.0, D. S. n.;.. L'te Ser
i for the . r.e'. 4 .. •.se .* See. 23. I. 14 S. B.
lie W .01*1 I’. M .
He > toi-, the following witnesses to prove ht •
continuous residenre stud cultivation of.
sairi in.-u. viz :hranees K. Uoyd. William N.
I\ei,menrt. George .rower William H. Kiuiltull.
all of I Hit a. t'olo.
10- 11-30 JOHN J. THOMAS, li eg inter.
Notice for Publication.
LAM.OrKICF AT r.WNMSn.V. Cv 1.0., l
November 2nd. 1*36. )
Notice is hcrehv git * n that the following tiain
•*d s«*ttier has tiled notice of his intent on to make
lliml proof in support of his cisiini. amt that said ,
imK.f w ill |»* tiutrte Is-forc L. 1,. Ke||i*gg, c|eok ’■( 3
IhitrietCourt at lH*lt.i. Cop., on IV.-cmher loth
Is**, vi/. - O.sear a. Kites., i.. s. i n- Seri.a. J
lor the sc'4 sec. ji. T. 15 s. K. rr; W. uth I*. At.
He names the following witnesses to prove hi«
v.ajtiiiiiHua residence iiimmi. and eulttvatton of
'Aid land. v:z : Kobert F. iitlloit. I>aniel Met* »r
-thv. Albert ii. Swan, Wia. li Joaes. all of 1 vi
ta. Goto.
11- i JOnN J. THOMAS. Register^
Notice for Publication.
Land OrnrE at i'iVnnws, Colo.,
Augnst 27, ISS6. f
Noths* is hereby given that the following B*no4
s«*ttJer Was jilts! tiiUiee of his intention to mako
final pn»<.f in support of his claim, and that said
T.nH.f will U; mode i • fore Win. A. fckerlv. t'lerk
I»i«trk*t I'miit nt .Moutnue. Colorado, on Nov. 24.
isad. viz: Mark Power. I> S. 40t Lie Series, for
the s. c. 1 4 . n w •*,. i w H.n. eVn. w. \». n. c.
l j. and e. kj. u e S*.fcec. 1.1 p. 50. N K. 11 W.
N M. M.
He names the fallowing witnesses to prove bis
routiuuoaa residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz l.yman Hubbard. Daniel Nf. Kelly,
• 'alvin O’Neil. Robert A. Austin, all of Brown,
10-19—11-23 JOHN J. THOMAS. P.effiaier.
Notice for Publicntioa.
Land Ornct at Gcnnisoji. C010.,1
wet. 14. lh*6. » **
Notice Is hereby given that the following named "
so:;Ur ha* filed notice of his luuuiiou to mini
final nrnof in support of I.is claim, aud that nkt
proof vtil be inane before K. L. Kolrngg. Ch rk
I»ist. t ourt at ..a. t.’obi on Nov. 24. IMA, tlr.
Frank W i hiMs. D s. 912. Lte Series. Cur tfco
m- ; . in*I*. 1 *. uo> 4 .sv ~ Sec. 7. sw-4 n«!{ a»J^
- T. 13 s. li. >i w.fitn t*. M.
He name-the following witnesses to provo kl«
continuous rv'ideiM-e up «n. and euittvatiou of.
mv: *. Inii.l, viz. William Kiser. William A. Young.
Ldwanl L. story, James Zaumwili, all of Doit*,
Col*’. . ‘1
’.O-19—11-23 JOHN J. THOMAS. RegUter
Notice lor PuldivuiiaOt
Land Office at OfNNtsow, Cou>. 1
Oct. h. ISM. /
No:.. .* is hereby given that the toll- % lug named
s.-y < • : ns filed acfev of his int«mti«*u w> tnaao
tiuai ;»r« v*f in -upnort of hie *laun, aud that i*aid
prooi wili L>e l -Hue ceiora A. K. King, Oouutjr
Jmi_ at IVKa. C*»lo.. on November 17. !«*•.
viz M> I. ina’Cla. k. I>. s. 7t*7 L’lo Seriea. K»r the
s’2 tiw 4 . lots 3aul l, rice. T 14 s. R. »l W.. <th
1. Jr™
He names the followUtg witiv-ses to prove D 4.«
c nuiuuous residem-e ui-jo. and cultivatkw of
s«4i«l land, viz Henry Marot. Henry J. liam
niuiid. Aaron (Tough. Jacxvb U. Kudolph. all of
Ihiouia. t’olo.
UAks—ll 1« JOHN J. THOMAS, Ueghrtar.
Notice lor Publirwtlon.
Land OfXickat Gunnison. Colo \
OCt. 16. lw> j
Notice Is hetvbv given that the folio a■ ug
unmed -cttler has riled notice of his intention i»»
make liiutl proot iu support of his claim, Mild that
sanl proof w ill Ik* tuiute oefoie Wa. A. Eckerty.
Clerk Iu triet Court, at Montrose, 0010.. on Not
2. tv*6, vr.*: Horace M. Corey. L*. 8. COD I'teSer
ie> for the »\v’ i m 4 Sec. 2b. •• « UCy, u» * --e' i
><« W. T. 1 N R tl W N M M.
He names the following witnesses t*» pp»>e h.a
continuous residence ii[m*u. and eultlvniioii of.
sai«t lutuJ. viz: George 11 Coue, Lewis W. Unite.
John Wilson. John W DoutUttl, all ol liruwn.
10 19—li st JOHN J. TIIO.MA!*. Register.
Notice for Pnlilicutton.
Land OFFivr. at Gcknuov. Celo. 1
Oet 4. 1&36. j
Notice !> hereby given that the toliow ilig
num ed settler Inis blevt notice ot bis intention ia
make tiuai proof in suppoit ot his vlaiui. iu.A
that »aid proof will be made before A K
t'otmiy Judge ut lvtta. Colorado, on N**v,l» lav;,
vie Sylvester llutUnglou. l> S. 291 l te aerie.-,
for tl.e lot ■’>. See. 13. 'e , m‘S sec. 11. n’4 n«‘4 uo
! , ut 1 , Set:. St. T. li S. K.’>i W. 6th IV Si.
He nniue.x the following witnesses to prove his
cuitinuous revidenee ui*<>rt, and cultivation of,
►aid l«u*i, viz: Georgv tv Moody, Oliver A.
ITielp*. James A. lisyeruft, Thaotiure Xlaieolt, ait
of Delta. L'u)o.
HM2—Udo JOHN J. TAOMAB llcghla*.
Not fee for Publlcailou.
I. \>D t/FFICK. AT IIrNVIHoN.CotjO.. I
Oct. l«Ul. IMtk |
Notice IH hereby given that tlic following named
sc.tier has tiled notice ut tits mteutUiu te uiaka
linal prooi m MtpiHirt or hia claim, and that vtt.l
pn*<d will be made before A K. King L'oUUty
Judge at Delta. Colorado, tin Nor. Jim Ueuf,
\lz . l.ntlier J. bryant, It. N 1-20* -lie »«*ries, to#
the *\v, svv',% See. 2u. HWL, iiwM N«e.
36, T. US, IL 91 W. Uli t\ M.
lie iiatneaiha following wUnesoea to pr*>va Ida
eoniiituotis rvsuleme upvMt. and cut t* atom of
s.*t«| lautl. vie; Joncpli lliirker, Edward (Italy,
L\ man Desxiejto, Alhotl N. SViiiiaUA ar ,ali ol Uvila,
10-Hl -ll*« JOHN J. THOMAS.
, frßpgjg^
Saliva for PabltcaUao.
L.vN U OmCK AT G^NN»OUg4 t tvOUa^|
Notice H tie rah v given lltnl flbrfnttiri BM batm 4
saltier ha» filed fioiwc of bM4(O«|l4NirMI BMskf
final pr.H.i tn supieirf ol hi* tlaWi.BlUiiMM«a»4
l<r>ol will be litatla hc(*<«c Af-M»jßiiEPlMO. jg
Judge, at Deita, HMk
Viz : I'll mot! t9wd ,<V
the iiw*v See. 33. T. |a
lie name* th« hJI
c*aitliiuous rvstdmtuv
satel Land. vie.
ptou. la-amter M. *# *
Uaua.toiv. i m n

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