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The Delta Independent.
—lt prepared to da all l-indi of—
—Such an —
Head*. Kill Heads,
rosier*. l*roaramiuea. En
velopes, I-ecal Blanks,
Ele.. Ele., Elr.
£“° Year «! so I Three raeiuh. (76
811 “°" u “ 1M I Oue M.mlh :! * m
riorcwipual CRrdn.pettoOßth . . . . 92 00
g no >pch. per month, ...
Two inches, per . . Z a!
1 tare* inches, per mouth ■ «
iKiifL* W «rt«raia.) Jwr month.* I .** *iw
inaJtuSSeSf V /t aa i a,) *^ r mo,,th •»
in ugutecDcht",, (l column.' |*er month ... 14 00
u£njij?* 1 "" eenu per line tor esch
< oumy OMreni.
/'•uiity Commissioners—First district, Rob't B
Hera I lien; second district, Thus. U. Mower: third
district. David Stephen*
Clerk and Recorder— E. L. Kellogg.
Sharlff— Brn. H. (iheen.
Treasurer—T. 11. McCrauahan.
«V*unty Judge—Alfred K. King.
Surveyor—\Vm. L. Man y.
Assessor—N. M. flood win.
superintendent of HcbooU—J. B. McGlii tv
< oroner—<*harlcs A. Davie.
•cnuuxv Attorney—A. K Amsharv.
Tow u flMrrn.
MAYOR—R. B. Hamilton.
TKt'STKRS— J. H. Spencer. T. 11. MeCraua
rleiit** *' lUt * S,l ’ r ' " L - Mather*. A. R. Howard.
■». * R. «. Arrivals sail Oeparlares.
No. K (going east) -jlfj a m
No £1 (going vast! 11:55a. ml l'j.dr. a. m.
No. . • going west) . 1.-/1 a m
No. B, (going wean :;.*0 p. in. 3:43 p. m .
K*>D-ru and western mails close at *.i» p. m.
I <»t**myfc hours fr*m a a. m. to b p. in.
■••MftMir l^ggr.
Mor.ta the first ami third Friday evenings ol
cact* month, in Hi« Masonic Hall.
K. L RtLlacc. HroreUry.
4ls arris Olrreiary.
Wt KK B YTKKIA N—Re v. T S Dav pastor Ser
every SabUth inoyiing and evening, at
the Presbyterian church.
METHODIST—Rev J Shawlx-r. pastor. Services
at their church every Sabbath morning,
except the third Sablaib of each mouth, at 11
MAFTIST— Rev James A Hayrraft. pastor. Ser
vh es on tbs first and third sahlwths ..f each
aisnlli in the M'hoil house hall. Covenant and
Misiness Hireling the Saturday afternoon before
tlie third Sunday of caeb month, at o'clock.
I NION SABBATH BCHOOI. -Meets in the Pies
byterian church every Sabbath at lo a m
I'KAVF.R MKETINti every Wednesday evening
at T a*o'clock. in the Mcthvdist church.
Attorair and Gomseloral Law
Pie-eiMptiou Final Proof taken at reavinallle
rales. Accuracy guaranteed.
Money to Loan
«• l urßslßg Uh«ls Ml Reasaaahl*
• AM Ti:s OF J.\ rKit AS {
rHim KRANCMICS i;ni» o A I P
1 »»•« COURT HOUSE. Delta. Colorado.
WTMuNn ra
■Sella. ('•lanitfa.
OlUce of County Clerk, I Vita. Colo.
lIpDOXAI.D a 41.R1.RN.
Physicians and Snrpns,
Mirgeoas tor tlir D. * K. U Rail way.
Ollier al NcMnsray's Drug more.
Delta County Bank
TonsniU a RcHrral Banking Hnil>
• • -dJoJOtOt®
Sight drafts drawn on Denver r.ud New York,
also on the principal c4tle* of Europe.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Wir«ri iiwriNMUJU.
Loveland is to have water works.
Fifty-four pupils are attending the'
ongmont College this term.
The total vote cast for Congressman
in the late election was 58,if*.
The Denver bank clearings show a
gratifying increase over those of last year.
£Grand Army posts throughout the
State are having their annual election of
Over a thousand people were out
coasting on one hill in Lcadville one night
ast week.
Mr. Joseph Briuker, a well-known
txlucal|iK in this State, died in Denver a few
The Tabor National Guards, of Den
ver, gave a grand ball at the new music hall
oirthe 3d.
New postoilices have been established
at Downing in lais Animas county and at
Gilman, Eagle county.
The articles of incorporation of the
Pueblo <&. Eastern railroad have been filed
witli the Secretary of State.
Surveyor General Dawson had a
stroke of paralysis last week while visiting
at his father’s home in Kentucky.
It is proposed by the El Paso county
Hunt to have a run on the 3rd of December,
to wind up with a hop at the Antlers.
Surveyor General Dawson, who has
been dangerously 111 at his former home In
Kentucky, Is reported to be improving.
The Colorado Telephone Company
have established exchanges at Canon City,
Florence, Coal Creek, Bock vole and Beaver
The Suite Teachers’ Association will
meet at Colorado Springs December2Bth,
‘■HUh ami 30th, and a large attendance is an
Prof. Fowler, the phrenologist.is lec
turing in Colorado, and every man who
thinks he is a genius may now have assur
ance of the fact.
In a quarrel between F. E. Wood ami
Allan Whitman, at Colorado Springs, a pis
tol was discharged severely wounding R.
W. Abbey, a bystander.
• The strike at the mines of the Mar
shall Coal Company. Is at an end, the old
rates having been restored. This is a vic
tory tor the Knights of l^abor
The Colorado Springs bachelors hail n
ball at the Antlers last week, and as the la
dles were out In full force there will doubt-
***** N* lower Imohclors shortly.
The cold wave of last week, which
hit Colorado at some points witli consider
able force, extended from the up|*er lakes to
the Gulf, and from the Kocky Mountains to
the Atlantic.
The houses in Denver are being all
r**-nmnbereil on the plan of a hundred to a
block, ami many of the streets have U*on
rc-iianit*d. The coufusion for the next few
months will be awful.
A large company of colonists loft
Denver last Friday for binaloa. a spot on
the taiilf of California which Is believed to
possess all of the attractions and none of
the drawbacks of the (ianlcn of Eden.
I*a-t wwk a man named Tobin, ar
rested at Sterling on the charge of running
a rambling house, jumped from theJules
burg train, but was captured by Officer
Kendell, who fired several shots at him.
A lino gray team which drew the
Ih'nver patnd wagon escaped from the
station recently and ran so fast and far that
they wen* not found for several days— in
fact they were still missing at last accounts.
The following scale of wages has
been agrce*l ujkih at the Marshal I coal
mines: Sixty-oue cents, tilling allcoal ami
furnish t«ads, powder, oil, etc., 95, room
turning; face entry; K.!iO, butt entry;
fc1.77», butt entry, double shift
Geo. F. Kmhkun has had twelve citi
zens of Yuma nm*ste*l on the charge of con*
splracy to defraud him of his right to take
up government land. The citizens are said
to allege that he was driven front the town
because of bis outrageously had character.
The State Canvassing Hoard have
completed tiio examination of the. vote on
Congressman in the recent election, ami
tlnd that Mr. Symos received a majority of
fO». Four of the sown constitutional
amendments wen* found to have carried.
In tin* trial at Omaha of Messrs.
Swindler and Wells, the Denver surveyors,
who were accused of attempting to defraud
the Government out of certain lands in Ne
braska, the jnry stood eleven for acquittal
on the first ballot, and on thethinl rendered
a verdict of not guilty.
The Kcho ami Advocate is jubilant
over the promising future of Glemvood
Springs,and expresses Its joy in the follow
ing hopeful assertion: “Never wen* Indi
cations so fnvornble for a boom of prosperi
ty in any city as they are for this place In
the spring. Glenwnod will bloom in the
spring, tra la.”
Rev. Gilbert C. Huntington, formerly
•Secretary of the Young Men's Christian As
sociation of Denver, has gone to Fort Mor
gan, where* ho will enter Into ministerial
labors. He will bo the pastor of the Fort
Morgan Presbyterian church, also the
clmttMi at Brush, which Is a few miles from
Fort Morgan.
An unsuccessful effort having been
made in Denver to compel the saloons to re
move from t he neighborhood of the A raiwhoc
street school, an attempt Is now being made
lo have the Hoard of Education remove the
school us It Interferes with business. Tliq
saloon keepers seem to have decided that
the “schools must go.”
For October the net earnings of the
Colorado Coal and Iron company were 942,-
000, exclusive of royalties, etc., which
amounted to 90,000. After paying Interest,
this would leave a surplus of 923,000. or
nearly as much as the total surplus for the
year 1W». Oolormlo folk* will bo find to
hm of on# of their home tndufitrtof being
to twit MOWliUUtfi MMuUtlon.
Cholera is raging in Buenos Ayres.
It is proposed to build a ship canal
across the peninsula of Florida.
Henry George is to start a weekly
paper to be called the Standard.
The public debt was decreased three
million dollars during November.
Henry M. Stanley, the African ex
plorer, lias arrived in this country.
The number of cholera cases and
deaths in Buenos Ayres is increasing.
Earthquake shocks continue to be
felt in South Carolina, but not to a damag
ing extent.
The extradition treaty With Japan
has become operative by the President’s pro
It is reported that the President’s
message will be considerably shorter than it
was last year.
A new telephone has been invented
which is said to be greatly superior to the
Bell patent.
The Canadian surveyors in the North
west Territory report the discovery of im
mense beds-of coal in that region.
General Hazen will present a bill this
winter to have the Signal Sendee made a
bureau of the War Department.
John Bright does not think England
will return to protective duties until the
United States restores slavery.
President Cleveland has been »uffer
ing from an attack of rheumatism which
confined him to his room for several days.
The widow of Judge David Davis is
afflicted with paralysis, which, while not
endangering her life, renders her unable to
In the suit of the National Soldiers*
Home against General Butler the jury as
sessed a verdict for $16,537 against the war
rior. *
A proposition to impose a license of
•2.000 a year ou book makers and pool sel
lers is before the city government of St
Nine youths have l>een sentenced to
death at Sidney. New South Wales, for
committing an outruge on a ten-year-old
servant girl.
Mr. Sullivan hv been re-elected Lord
Mayor of Dublin and Mr. O’Keefe lias been
chosen as Mayor of Limerick. Both are
Frank Kerner, :i crazy Anarchist at
Heading. Pean.. choked ids wife to death
and endeavored to blow up his house with
a keg of powder.
fiMerlntti. after fasting thirty-nine
days in Paris, fell from extreme weakness,
and his attendants left him because he re
fused to end his fast
Reports from the principal winter
wheat growing States indicate that the crop
has started in under its snow blanket in
unusually fine condition.
The Delaware. Lackawanna & West
ern Railroad has suspended all its firemen
under 21 years of age in order to give full
employment to the married men.
The Attorney General for Ireland ad
vises the landlords to seek some method of
getting money from their tenants which will
not involve government assistance.
William Ktirz attempted suicide by
jumping from the Brooklyn bridge. He
turned two somersaults and struck the
water on his tack, but was fished out alive.
The President has decided that im
prisonment for life in Florida will be the
extent of the punishment for the Apaches.
They are dying off rapidly in that climate.
George Hazlett and Miss Sadie Al
len, of Buffalo, went through the Niagara
river rapids and whirlpool in a tarrel and
were fished up afterwanl in good condi
William Herbst, ex-President and
Cashier Seitz, of the First National Bank
of Glen Stock, Pennsylvania, are under ar
rest for defrauding that concern out of $50,-
The terms for an extradition treaty
haw been definitely settled between Eng
land and the United States that will keep
thieves from running into Canada, and vice
By the burningof Mackendorf’s store
at Mason, Nebraska, his son and two other
persons lost their lives, and Mr. Mncketi
dorf broke his legs by jumping from the
second story.
The French Ministry was defeated in
the Chamber of Deputies on the motion to
abolish the office of sub-Prefects which the
Government opposed. The Ministers have
It is proposed to connect New South
Wales with British Columbia by submarine
cables touching nt New Zealand, the Fiji
islands Fanning Island and the Sandwich
A St. Louis syndicate has purchased
the property of the Rio Bravo Land and Cat
tle Company, comprising a strip on the
Mexican side of the Rio Grande 160 miles
long and six miles wide.
The steamer Westernlaud from Ant
werp for New York encountered a hurri
cane last week and an immense sea stove in
a part of the deck killing four seamen and
two passengers and injuring fifteen others
A recent consignment of United
States mail en route for Russia was
robbed of 141 registered packages while
passing through Belgium. The mouey and
valuables taken are estimated os worth
The Directors of the Missouri Pa
cific railway have appointed S. 11. 11. Clark,
formerly manager of the Union Pacific
railroad, as First Vice-President of the Mis
souri Pacific railroad, vice Hoxie, de
The life-saving crow at Point Sauble.
Mich., started out to save a schooner which
showed distress signals, but the signal was
(’hanged ami tha boat waa swamped In at*
templing to returfr and three of the crew
lost their lives, f
A stay of execution has been granted
in the pascs of W. H. L. Maxwell, Preller’s
murderer, and the Chinese highbinders,
under sentence to be hanged January 1 and
February 1, in order that a transcript of the
cases may be finished before an appeal is
The British Home Rule association
and the Home Rule League of the united
Kingdom will amalgamate under the name
of the Home Rule union, and support a sin
gle ticket in futhre elections for the purpose
of assisting the Irish people in obtaining
the right or local self-government. A con
ference of the two associations is called for
December 9.
Admiral Porter has submitted his
suggestions for*promoting the efficiency of
the Navy. He says that in rehabilitating
the Navy there is no subject worthy of
more consideration than that of home de
fense. He considers it of vastly more inter
est at the present moment than the construc
tion of cruisers and iron-clads, which are
now laid up at City Point-
Onr Lift Saving Service
Washington, Nov. 28*—The report
of the Life Saving Service shows that at the
close of the last fiscal year that establish
ment embraced 211 stations, 165 being on the
Atlantic, thirty-eight on the lakes, seven on
the Pacific and one at the falls of the Ohio,
at Louisville, Kentucky. The number of
disasters to documented vessels during the
year was 822.
The report says the number, violence ami
destructiveness of the storms which oc
curred during the year exceeded the record
of any previous year since the general ex
tension of the sendee to the sea and lake
coasts. In one storm there were no less than
thirty ship-wrecks within the scope of the
oj>erations of the sendee, and in a single
day (the ninth of January') there were twen
ty-three. Tiie sendee, however, did not fail
to match its previous record of effectiveness
in saving life and property. The number of
casualit ies was greater by twenty-eight than
of any former year. Yet the loss of life is
fifteen less than the average, and although
the vessels and cargoes which were totally
lost were twenty more than in any former
year, the amount of property lost was only
about 965,000 greater than the average of
preceding years, while the amount saved is
increased by nearly 92,000.000.
A Ctt'l to lh« Ltagnr.
Lincoln, Neb.. November3o.—The
following circular has been addressed by
President Fitzgerald to the State delegates
of the Irish National League of America in
view of the present crisis in Ireland:
Slit—The Tory Government of Great
Britain lias once more evinced its Incapacity
to govern Ireland by other means than co
ercion. Our brethren in Ireland are again
called upon to show by courage, suffering,
and self-sacrifice that they* are the heirs of
their father's heroism. The time has come
when we should prove by our actions that
our hearts beat in unison with theirs in a
common love for Ireland ami liberty . A
few weeks since we promised that should
England again have recourse to coercion we
would stand by them.
We must now redeem that pledge. Pub
11c meetings are proclaimed :soldiers are be
ing crowded into the country to overcome,
and should the the opportunity offer, to
slaughter the people. Prison cells
await the Nation's leaders, and every' en
gine of oppression ami unconstitutional leg
islation is about to be used to prop up tyr
anny and injustice, ami to crush the legiti
mate aspirations of Ireland. We must see to
it that our promise of assistance was no idle
boast. The State delegates are called on to
proceed at once to the work of organizing
the league in their respective States ami
I*rovinces. They should use every means to
increase tin* membership of the existing
branches and establish liewones.ami should
urge the officers of the brunches within tlieir
jurisdiction to devise means to promptly
raise funds and forward them to the Nation
al Treasurer, Rev. Charles O'Reilly, I>. 1)..
Detroit. Michigan, in aid of the anti-evic
tion fund. We must not stand idle in the
face of tiie present crisis. Experience has
proven the futility of coercion to crush a de
termined and united people. With the loyal
aid of her exiled children, Ireland mus
come out of tills struggle unconquered, un
conquerable and victorious. Yours faith
(Signed) John Fitzgkkald.
Contribution Askud For.
Philadelphia, Penn., Nov. 30.
The Press tomorrow will publish a se
cret circular issued by the General Officer
of the Knights of Labor, in which the fol
lowing are the principal points of general
The address opens with a reference to an
appeal that was issued for funds to assist
the victimized ami iockcd-out members in
various parts of the country ami the unsat
isfactory response which left many thou
sand members who were thrown upon the
hands of the Order by the lock-out illy pro
vided for. thereby crippling the power ami
usefulness of the Order. Mr. Powderly
then says the Order has reached a most
critical period in its history. He refers to
a contract which tin* employes were made
to sign, conqH'lllng them to leave the
Knights « f Labor, ami says:
“Every man who has joined the Knights
of Labor has pledged himself to do his duty
in tiie cause of mankind. No oaths bind
him to any act that is contrary to tiie duty
which he owes to -God or ids country, hut
something more sacred even than his oath
—lds pledge of honor—binds him to loyally
defend the principles of truth, honor, jus
tice ami citizenship. The alternatives pre
sent. themselves—unconditional surrender
or manly defense. Which should it lie*.*
“Iu order to alleviate the distress of many
Knights who have been thrown out of em
ployment. the address says the General
Executive Board unanimously resolved to
levy an assessment of twenty-five cents per
member from all local assemblies of tlio or
der. The assessment should be credited to
those who responded to the previous special
defense assessment.
Could Boat Him.
“My pa,’* said one small boy. “is a
preacher* and is suits to go to heaven."
“Huht" said the other small boy. “that
ain’t nothin*. My pa is a doctor and fan
your old Nctr York Pun.
The dividends paid by the Adams mining
company to date number 35 and aggregate
The Small Hopes Consolidated Mining
company on last Saturday declared divi
dend Xo. 47, of 25 cents a share. The books
closed on the 22d instant.
St. Louis people are as anxious for Lead
ville mining properties as ever, and a great
deal more money from the Future Great
city promises to find its way to the City of
the Clouds.
The Franklin shaft is down 500 feet
seventy-five feet west of the Veteran tun
nel and fifteen feet below the level of the
tunnel. It Is estimated that 27 feet more
will reach the ore deposits.—Aspen Times.
The Farwell gold properties at Indepen
dence, thirty miles southwest of Leadville,
are dropping twenty stamps continually on
rich gold ore. In the absence of Mr. W. S.
Davis, the property is managed by Mr. J.K.
A Georgetown dispatch says: “John
O'Connell brought down a mill run the
other day from one of the Bertha Mining
Company's properties which returned 300
ounces in gold to the ton. The Bertha
Company's properties are situated near Ir
win’s Peak.”
Captain Sanborn and a number of others
who are interested in the lease of the O. K.
mine, are feeling unusually jubilant over
the recent strike of good mineral. It is the
intention of the lessees to take up the bond
at no distant day. Xow look out for more
bonanza kings in Aspen.—Aspen Times.
The following is going the rounds of the
press at present, and is being read with in
terest: “A curious phenomenom has just
l>een brought to light by the removal of a
lightning-rod. To the end of the rod, which
has been imbedded in ferruginous earth for
about fifteen years, was found attached a
lump of iron ore. weighing ninety-six
pounds, supposed to liave been aggregated
by the action of electricity from the sur
rounding earth.
It is reported that the old Tabor mill is to
be remodeled, refitted with crushers, pul
verizers and tables, and put in good shape
generally for the treatment of low grade
ores. We certainly wish the enterprise
success, as it will put in circulation thous
ands of dollars that are now lying useless
in the many dumps of low grade ore that
are scattered all through the camp. A good
concentrator can certainly make money if
the hand jig can.—Leadville Dispatch.
The ore product of the Man - Murphy mine
in Chaffee county for the present year has
been 12.000 tons, and the output for Decern
l>er will probably be 1.500 tons. The ore, we
believe, averages about S4O to the ton, and
as winter is the most favorable time for
working the mine, the chances are that next
> ear's product will be very largely increased
with the second tramway running. The
force at present employed in the mine is 70
men. but there are between SO and 90 on the
pay roll, including carpenters, teamsters
and other employes.—Leadville Dispatch.
St. Jacobs Oil is pronounced a most ex
traordinary cure for rheumatism by Hon.
Janies Harlan. ex-Vice Chancellor, lx>uis
ville. Ky.
Jesse Brown,
S**~Keeps (he fittest novelties in his lin
at the lowest pried ami
optk .il <;oonw.
l ine unlrh rfpiiirinc n KprriMlt).
Delta Sample Rooms,
Best billiard tables in the city.
The best of Wines, Liquors uad C igars iu the
W. THOMAS, Proprietor.
At fair rate of interest on farming lauds.
.VoNri/ .tdoiHrot for I'innl I‘nummta on
I'oloraado l.oaia »ii«t I.miml t ontp'y
W K. LABOR, Italia CXuiutv Agent,
•Mta.t olorado
OTfco ■TIKIU't I'IDI k
bawd Do pa. aM Mini,
Mwh ywr. tr 311 pogoo,
ISillS tadtM,wttha*«r
3.500 - to
trtMk Ptotan flalkiy.
GIVES Whalml* Prim
fhori to omnawmrrm toll |Mii *r
pumul «r Oually aw. ToUa haw to
m4mT| «ai |tm uari cmt a(«v«r
(Mac an, Ml, Irimk, mar, •«
itowtoa wtUa. Oy iiyALIAMJ
wm mmu »^«nr
a co.
Wholesale and retail dealers in
Ranchmen’s, Cattlemen’s & Miners’ Supplies
A complete line ol
Genl Merchandise,
Consisting of—
Dry ClotUig, Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Ele
Also a fall stock of
Broils, Stoves, Tinware. Tin Shop in eomneetien. Tin work of all De
scriptions O specialty. Farm machinery, agents for the cele
brated .(Hidden Barb Wire, McCormick's Harvest
lag Machines, Etc.. Etc.
Southwestern Agents for the
ijg g=T -gTW S* =S
e* 1 •<—; ~
John Deere and Oliver Chilled Walking Plows.
Finest and Largest Stack of Boats and Shoes la the valley. A goad stock of
Staple Drags always on hand. California Clothing and Fnrniaklng
Goads a specialty. All goods strictly Srst-slsaa and prices
as low as the lowest. Call and see ns at
Cor. 3d St. and I'ncompahgre Ate., .... MOXTROSE. COLB.
Delta Town Comp’y
The GARDEN SPOT OF COLORADO, Ou the line of the Denver A Rio Graude rail
road, Utah extension, at the juuctiou of the Uncompahgre and Gunnison rivers.
Three different railroads staked through as tu&uv corner* of the town! Midway between
Denver and Salt Lake.
Irrigable Land as Extensive as Salt Lake
Unsurpassed as a FARM AND FRUIT REGION Climate unrivalled in Colorado. No
snow or wiuter jere.
Wiuter resort for the Mountain towns. Howe for the health-seeker. Mineral spriug* ad
ioiuiug the town. Now is the time to iuvest
Business Lots, each $75 to $250
Residence Lots, each $25 to $lOO
. HOUSEa - A
v, M
RATKM. S|.S« »U D«'
Special Sates fori Soarjtfo^
NO. 41.

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