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The Delta Independent.
—lt prepared te do all kind* of—
—Such as —
Head*. Kill Heads,
l •Klt'rs, I ruKrammcM, Ed-
Telonvit, 1,,-Kai liiauks,
llr- Elf., Elr.
iiZ?j!XL£?U J ' mr
for srnw kiptionr.
S n . 0 » Vc ".J *- 50 I Tlm-c tiiomba, . . t .76
Six moutlia i as | one Mi,ml 50
Professional curds, imrmouth *2 00
Ouvluch.per month ’' ’ 00
Two luche*. jier m.nth 3 00
Thri-a inches. |H*r month 3 76
H «°>umn.) P« r mouth 4 50
Jl r ?S ?”*** <54 column,) per month HOO
in Klgb trenches, (1 column) per tnonili ... H 00
iiacrtlow'* 1 notice* ten cent* i>cr line for each
tonnij’ oniccrM.
Cwunty Commissioner*— First district, Rob't B
llamUton : second district. Thus. U. Mower, third
district, David btephcu*.
Clerk and Recorder—K. L. Kellogg.
RherirT-Ben. .S. Gbcen.
Treasurer—T. 11. McGrnnahan.
County Judgt—Alfred R. King.
Purveyor—Wm. 1. Marcy.
Ameasor— N. M. Goodwin,
wuperlntendeut of Schools—J. 11. McGlnty.
Coroner—Charles A. Davis.
«*onntv Attorney—A K. Amnbarv.
To it ii Officer*.
MAVOR-H. B. Hamilton.
TRUSTEES—J. It. Spencer, T. 11. McGrann
ban. J. I*. Russler. \V. L. Mathers, A. R. Howard.
■». Sc K. ti. Arrltul* nn<l De|»arliirc«.
N*» V toOlßg MS :■ '•_» a B
No. 2t tuning vu»t i 11:.56 a. m. 12:05 a. m
No. 7 timing we*t 1:21 a m.
No. 2 it igolng weal) S*op. in 3:45 p. m.
Kartcrn and western mail* close at 8:00 p. m.
Foslofiice hour* frwin hi m. U>R •>. iu.
Hatanlr l.odgr.
Meats the flnt and third Friday evening* of
each month. In Miw Masonic Hall.
K. L. KlLLaoo, Secretary.
C'ltnrrh Dlreeiary.
PRESBYTEKI AN—-Rev. T S Day. pastor Ser
vice* every Sabbath moiling and evening, at
the Presbyterian church.
METHODIST —Rev. J Shawbcr. t>astor. Service**
at their church every saht«lh morning,
except the third Sabbath of each month, at 11
BAPTIST—Rev Janie* a Harcraft,pastor. Ser
vices on the first and third hil Utlo of each
month In the school house hall, t 'ovenant anil
hustnc** meeting the Saturday afternoon before
the thin! Sunday of each tnenlh. at 2 o'clock.
byterian church every babbath at 10 A. M
PRAYER MKKTIN<* every Wednesday evening
at ~-M) o'clock, in the Mcthedlst church
AlmyaiiMoral Lav
P/r cmptlwn Kina! Proof taken at reasonable
rale*. Accuracy guaranteed.
Money to Loan
On Titrnsltig l.anrt* at Renwonnbl*
t OQ~RA TKS or iy TERKS f
Oltlce at the COURT lIOUHK. Delta. Colorado.
Delta, Colorado.
OfHce of County Clerk. Delta. Colo.
Physicians anil Snrpns,
Nnrgrona fbr Ike D. AK. ti Railway. j
Ofllc* nt MeMturay’s Urns Mlorc. I
" f
Delta County Bank !
olo»01ogo 1
TrnaiMla a Ueaeral Bunking Ituat. ■
am. 1
' . -c WOJoJo |
Might drafts drawn on Denver and New York, I
also on the principal cities of Europe. .
Interest paid on time deposits. (
DELTA. • €Ol.O. i
— _..._ :
This (Hlper Is kept m lie wt the wMlce wf !
Mdvertising !
tTmes buildliw ftjgvl Phiuorphul ,
Denver is overrun with crooks, holtl
• ups ami burglars.
Forefathers Day was celebrated at
' Greeley on the 21st.
Ex-Governor Pitkin died in Pueblo
on the night of the 11th.
/ The holiday trade has been 50 per
cent better in Denver this year than last.
Seven hundred and lifty feet have
been completed on the Hagennan tunnel up
5 to date. *
u Mr. It. W. Woodbury has sold the
Times building in Denver to Mr. Samuel
3 Lesem for #06,000.
3 Monte Vista is having something of
3 a boom. A large (louring mill and a bank
u are soon to be started there.
1 Alice Hums, the girl who murdered
Robert Wright, her betrayer, last summer
at Elizabeth, has been acquitted.
» The annual meeting of the Inter.
1 National Range Association will be held in
Denver on the second Tuesday of February,
The big mining suits now on trial in
Denver will cost over fioo.ooo. It is said
that the attorneys on either side will receive
The farmers, stockmen and dairy
men of Evergreen and vicinity have organ
ized an industrial club, the objects of which
i are mutual advancement and benefit, to se
• cure better recognition and prices for their
products; improvement in soli, crops, live
stock and all agricultural and pastoral pro
Mr. I). Hnuman, editor of Mine,
Steck ami Rail, has offered to take charge
and make a success of the mining depart
ment in the State Fair to l>e held at Pueblo
next year, liauman is a rustler and thor
oughly understands the mining industry
and will make a rattling success of anything
1 he tackles.
The Santa Fc company's railroad
bridge over the Arkansas river, twenty-five
miles west of Pueblo, was burned Tuesday
morning. The company is already badly
behind with coal orders, and two big coal
trains are beyond the gap. The company
has over 000 miners at work now. Repairs
are being rushed.
A twenty mile skating race for a
purse of #250 and the championship of
America took place at the ice
rink last Tuesday between Rudolph Goetz,
of Milwaukee, and William Harnett, of Col
orado, and was won bv the latter In 1 hour,
37 minutes. seconds, about six minutes
slower than the record.
The Small Hopes Mining Company
has declared a dividend of 40 cents a share,
aggregating #IOO,OOO, payable on Christmas.
The total dividends during the year an*
#787,500, and to date £2.512,500. The Morn
ing Star and Adams Coui|tntties also pay
dividends this month, and the lM*adville
Consolidated is expected to declare a #20,-
000 dividend before the close of the year.
The Denver News says: **A young en
gineer by thefname of Hamcs ha.*sistonished
Ids associates older in the profession by his
wonderful skill in driving tunnels on the
Colorado Midland read. Out of some eight
tunnels run under his direction but one
missed exnct connection, ami that by less
than nn inch. That young man has a future
before him."
The question of taxing mines is one
of the most Important that will come up be
fore tlie legislature this winter. In regard
to It Mr.’Spruance, the State Auditor says:
‘*l have, with some delicacy, ventured the
opinion that if all our mines w hich have ob
tained or applled for Government patents
were valued at #SOO, the revenue of the State
would be increased to a large extent. 1
find on file in the Unit«*d States Surveyor-
General’s office 11,505 patents or applica
tions. which, at #SOO per patent, would In
crease the assessed valuation $5,752,500."
According to the biennial roj»ort of
State Auditor Spruance which has just boon
issued, on November 30, ISS4, there re
mained In the treasury in cash and securi
ties $513,135.01; there was received from nil
sources during the two years ending Noveni
hcr.’W, ISMO. $1,537,3U5.24, making a total of
#2,350,530.55. The total disbursements dur
ing this period were $1,515,051.80, leaving a
balance In cash and securities of $534,579.05.
A horrible story of cruelty toward a
young girl sixteen years old is reported
trom Rod Cliff which resulted in the girl’s
death. A man and wife named Clark had
brought her there with them ns a domestic
on the promise of tmard, clothing and reg
ular wages. But if reports are correct the
girl has boon cruelly overworked, beaten
with clubs until black and blue and held up
as a prostitute. She tiled from her injuries
a few days ago. ami a lynching party Is
strongly talked of to avenge her death.
Frank McPherson, a contractor on
the Midlnnd railroad, received a check for
#7,000 from the construction company for
w ork done on the grade. Out of this amount
he paid Leadville merchants #3,500 for sup
plies furnished anti the rest was due bis
men. But be seems to have forgotten this
fnrt. for be failed to pay them, in fact
skipped out and left without an much as tell
ing them where he was going. The con
struction company, with remarkable gener
osity, made arrangements to pay the men
before they even bad a chance to kick.
“Brick" Pomeroy, President of the
Atlantic Pacific Tunnel Company, lias pub
lished nn address to the stockholders
through bis New York pnper. lie states ,
that work will In* resumed on the tunnel on
March next, and that its size will be en
larged to 15x30 feet. The work is to lx* car
ried on simultaneously from both ends ot ,
the tunnel, to meet at or near the center,
and will be completed on or before June 1,
IKW Now the question Is, how Is be going
to make the east ami west tunnels connect? ,
Work was started at the west end of the ,
tunnel Indore the survey bad been com
pleted. It is nheut 900 feet higher than at ,
the east end, and 40 feet off the surveyed
line.—Georgetown Courier.
*MrT~Arthur ShurtletT. Parker, Dakota,
writes that he suffered for two years with a
lame knee, which was entirely cured by the
use of St. .Jacobs Oil. lie considers It Is
a most wonderful remedy. It conquers
ptlU. )
Rear Admiral Worden has been ro
• tired with the highest pay of his grade.
The Cunard line has cut steerage
• tickets to sls,and a lively war is now looked
An estimate upon the costs of the
Colin Campbell divorce case places the fig
. ures at £25,000 sterling.
» Land has been purchased from the
Egyptian Government for the purpose of
» widening the Suez Canal.
I A fire at Galveston, Texas, burned
twenty-eight dwellings and two stores. Loss
j $170,000, Insurance $75,000.
: M. De Lesseps is credited with the
statement that it will cost 137,500,000 francs
| to complete the Panama canal,
r Ex-Alderman McQuade.of New York,
has been sentenced to seven years’ impris
onment and to pay a fine of $5,000.
i Mr. Parnell is very ill in London,and
, his physicians have prohibited Idm from
taking any part in political discussions,
i The coal miners and operators of the
I Mahoning Valley, in Ohio, have agreed to
• arbitrate their differences, and the men will
resume work.
A memorial building costing $500,-
• 000 is projected at Sioux City, lowa, in
i memory of Rev. Goorge C. Haddock, who
• was killed in August last.
The private banking house of V. G.
Hush & Co. at MinncajMilis has suspended.
The head of the house was overloaded with
the paper of an iron mine.
The men on the lines of the Brooklyn
City Railway Company struck, and the peo
i pie on its eleven lines were forced to walk.
The strike ended at night.
The gTeat snow storm in Germany
has ceased, but the railway blockade has
not been raised. There is suffering in some
places for want of provisions.
Six Knights of Labor are on trial at
Wyandotte, Kansas, for wrecking a Mis
souri Pacific train during the strike last
Spring and causiug the death of two men.
The German students in Switzerlana
have been ordered to rejoin their regiments
immediately. Many officers who'are on
furlough have also been ordered to return
to Germany.
William Musscll, who murdered
Daniel Christman at Eaton. Ohio, Decein
l**r 7, was arrested at Greencastle, Indiana,
ami taken back to Eaton where a mob
lynched him.
Two men drove up in front of a Min
neapolis jewelry store, fastened the door so
that nobody could get out, smashed the win
dow with an axe, ami captunu SB,OOO worth
of diamonds.
Reports come from Chicago of a
movement among the Knights of I.abor
there to have Mr. Powderly deposed, on ac
count of his action in connection with the
stock yards strike.
The Cashier of the First National
Rank at Milwaukee left $2,000 in partly
signed notes in his office while he went to
dinner, and before he returned some expert
thief had stolen them.
Obey E. Owens, who was sent to
prison for five years for embezzling $200.-
000 from the Third National Bank of St.
I>ouis, has been pardoned by the President
after serving one half his term.
Governor Hill of New York has
granted a respite until February to Mrs.
Druse, who is under sentence of death, but
he refuses to pardon her. If theLegisla§
ture chooses to do it he will not object.
Commissioner Sparks says the recent
decision of Judge Blair in Wyoming on a
Homestead case where one entry has been
commuted and a second made that it Is
contrary to the statute and will not stand.
Mrs. McClure and her grown daugh
ter and son, residing In Maplewood, south
of Chicago, fastened all the windows of
their house closely and filled the stove full
of coal. They forgot to put on the lid ami
the gas killed them all.
Mrs. Susannah Warren, who was
born a slave In Florida in 1750. died Decem
ber 5 Inst, in the Seminole Indian Nation in
tin* Indian Territory. She leaves one daugh
ter who is 07 years old, and many grand
children, some of whom an* nearly 70 years
of age.
A committee has been organized in
London with a view of raising a fund for a
woman’s and girl’s offering to Queen Vic
toria in honor of the fiftieth year of her
reign. Donations of from one penny to £1
will be received. The Queen will decide on
the nature of the offering. All the great
ladles are helping the movement ami com
mlttics have been formed throughout the
It is said Emperor William has writ
ten a long autograph letter to the Czar with
out having consulted Prince Bismarck, urg
ing the maintenance of peace ami asking
his forbearance of any policy tending to
bring about an European war. In his letter
the Emperor asks the Czar to give hhu an
explicit assurance that he will assist in the
preservation of peace during Ids closing
days. The Czar has sent an affectionate :
response to the Ktnjwror assuring him of
his co-operation.
A communication from the Secretary
of the Treasury was laid before the House a
few days ago in which he says that the ca
pacity of the vaults already constructed for
the storage of silver dollars is now practi
cally exhausted. There is, therefore, he
says, a necessity that provision be made for
the storage of silver dollars at the earliest
practicable day. Estimates an* transmitted
of the cost of a storage vault of $100,000,000
capacity, within the court-yard of the Treas
ury building. For a double steel-lined vault,
the estimates aro $100,073, and for a simple
vault, without a steel lining, they am $27,-
The probability of the Fiftieth Con
gress being convened In extra session at an
early day In the spring Is being discussed
among public men. Unless the present
Congress shall provide some means oi re
Having tlm Treasury from the steadily in
creasing surplus, it is the belief of some
prominent Democrats that Congress will be
called together to perform that task. One
of the high oflicers of the Treasury says he
has no doubt of an extra session unless this
Congress shall deal with the surplus ques
tion. lie expressed the opinion that the
President would convene the Fiftieth Con
gress within thirty days after the fourth of
March should nothing be done in the way
of relief for the Treasury by that time.
The notorious Campbell divorce case
in London has been concluded. The jury
found that Lord Colin Campbell had not
committed adultery with any of the co-re
spondents. The jury added a rider that the
conduct of General Butler was unworthy of
a gentleman and an officer, and had caused
the only difficulty which the jury experi
enced in reaching a decision. The an
nouncement of the verdict was received
with applause. The newspaj»ers in their
comments uj>on the Campbell trial express
the opinion that although the verdict is un
satisfactory, the jury could have come to
.no other conclusion, and that this case
shows an alteration of divorce proceedings
in the direction of “Camera” trials.
A Break in the Kuglish Cablcet.
London, December 23.—The resig
nation of Lord Randolph Churchill from
the Cabinet has caused a great sensation.
The desire to increase the expenses of the
Admiralty and War offices to which Lord
Randolph was opj>osed, indicates, it is be
lieved, that the Government are of the opin
ion that a European war is imminent, and
that extra naval and military prei»arations
on the part of England are required to
make her Influence felt on the Continent.
The Queen summoned Lord Randolph
Churchill and Lord George Hamilton, First
Lord of the Admiralty, to Windsor on
Tuesday. Failing to reconcile Ixml Itan
dolph to her Cabinet views, the Queen gave
him time to consider the j>oints at issue.
Lord Salisbury was aware of Lord Ran
dolph’s decision yesterday morning, and
the matter was whispered at a ball tnat was
given at the Hatfield House last evening.
Lord Randolph's premature divulgence of
his decision to the Times is considered as a
breach of faith.
Ix>rd Randolph, in an interview to-day.
said that his health was better than it had
been for months past. His decision tore
tire, he said, was the result of due delibera
tion, and it arose from no ill temper or
weariness of office. He has abandoned his
contemplated visit to Ireland.
The Cabinet will not meet till next Wed
nesday, the Ministers passing Christmas at
their country seats. Lord Randolph Church
ill authorizes the statement that he will
continue to give a general support to the
Government, and on disputed questions in
Parliament he will hold aloof rather than
oppose the Government, avoiding every
thing that might tend to jeopardize
tente between the Tories ami the Liberals on
unionists principles.
. It is reported that Lord Salisbnry has re
newed his offer of the I*remiership to Ixmi
llartington, he himself proposing to take
the foreign portfolio, and Lord Hartington
to have tile right to select a portion of the
The Carlton ami other Conservative club£
are almost deserted owing to the holidays,
but the few members remaining give un
limited expression to their fury against
lx>rd Churchill, stigmatizing him as a
traitor who will be forever unworthy of
party confidence. The Conservative Asso
ciation in Lord Randolph's constituency is
arranging for the appointment of a commit
tee to call upon Ixml Randolph and demand
of him an explanation of his conduct.
An informal meeting of the Ghulstonians
was held at the National Liberal Club to
night, and there was much rejoicing over
the prospective break-up of the Conserva
tive Unionist coalition, and the hope was
expressed of a gradual approachment of the
Churchill-Chamberlin alliance to the Giad
stonians which will result in the course of
the coming session of )tarliament in the re
turn of Mr. Gladstone to office.
The Standard announces that Lord Ran
dolph Churchill in his letter of resignation
to Ixml Salisbury gave as the sole reason
for resigning his unwillingness to accept
the naval and military estimates.
Inl«re*ttu( to
Dublin. December 21.—The court
to-day refused John Dillon’s application for
a stay of the order against him to furnish
bonds in the sum of £I,OOO, with two sure
ties in the sum of £I,OOO, for his future good
conduct pending the 'outcome of his appe
from the sentence.
At the regular fortnightly meeting of the
Executive Committee of the Irish National
league to-day it was announced that since
the last meeting there had been received in
donations fjom Ireland #22.000. and from
America 996,000. John Dillon said he would
continue to carry out “the plan of the cam
paign” in defiance of the Government No
body, he said, has the right to say that “the
plan of campaign” is illegal until a jury has
decided on the facts. Mr. Dillon also said
the leaders in this movement desire to bene
fit the tenants in Ireland without the assist
ance of the “Moonlighters.”
The tenants of the Duke of Leinster, in
County Kildare, met again and modified
their demand for a reduction in rent, ask
ing now for instead of 35 per cent. The
tenants also joined in the request of the
Duke’s tenants at A thy, that they be given
the benefit of the purchase clauses in the
land act.
The friends of Mr. Parnell sny.his illness
has been of a very serious nature for sever
al weeks, and he is in a dangerous condi
tion. When he is able to actively resume
work he will convene the Irish Parliamen
tary party in the council chambers of the
Dublin corporation.
Three farms belonging to Mr. Parnell’s
brother John were sold at auction to-day in
Armagh for 50 per cent, less than they were
valued at three months ago.
In the ease of the persons who were ac
cused of assault ing the bailiffs on the Claur
learde estate at Woodford, the jury at the
Connaught Assizes yesterday found that
the prisoners had committed an assault, but
several of the jurymen considered that the
assault was justifiable. The counsel for
the prisoners submitted that no verdict had
been found. The Judge directed the jury
to again retin*, and when they returned
they announced a verdict of guilty, but
they expressed the belief that the prison
ers had the right to defend a neighbor's
home, and had acted m ignorance of the
law. i'he Judge entered a verdict of
Saturday, drc. 18.
The Senate was uot in session.
Hour*.—When the morning hour ex
pired in the house to-day the noise in the
galleries ceased, and all eyes were turned
upon Morrison, who, arising in his seat,
“Mr. Speaker, I move that the House re
solve itself into Committee of the Whole on
the state of the Union for the purpose of
considering revenue bills.”
McKinly, of Ohio—“ And on that I de
mand the ayes and nays.”
During the roll call absolute silence pre
vailed in the House, and many members,
with pencil in hand, were figuring up the
vote. Morrison and Randall were apparent
ly among ihe least iuterested members.each
leaning back in his chair within a few feet
of the other, while now and then a pleasant
remark was exchanged between them.
The motion was lost—ayes 149. nays 154.
The announcement was received with
some applause on the Republican side, but
it was quickly suppressed.
Senate.' —Several petitions were present
ed in favor of a reduction in the oleomarga
rine tax. A substitute was introduced for
the bill tjo incorporate the Eads’ ship rail
way. The company only asks for a char
ter. The Pacific Railroad Funding bill was
]K>stponed until the second Tuesday in Jan
uary. The House bill for the relief of the
Jeannette survivors and the widows and
children of those who i**rished was passed.
A number of vacancies in committees were
filled. The House bill granting to a rail
road a right of way through the (lila river
reservation was amended and passed. After
an executive session the Senate adjourned.
Hqijsk.—A resolution was introduced for
a holiday recess from December 22 to Janu
ary 4. A large number of bills were intro
duced and referred. An attempt to suspend
the rules and pass a bill to reduce the duty
on Sumatra tobacco failed. A similar at
tempt to amend the patent laws was de
feated by an adjournment.
Senate. —A resolution was adopted call
ing on the President for correspondence
with Nicaragua in relation to the Nicarag
uan ship canal. The House resolution for
a recess from December 93 to January 4,
was adopted. A communication was re
ceived from the SujK*rvising Architect of
the Treasury in relation to storage vaults
for silvei. aiid a communication from the
Interior Department with the report of the
(Jovemment Directors of the Union Pacific
road. The Deficieurv bill for the public
printing was amended and passed. Sena
tor Vilson of lowa spoke in favor of the
Inter State Commerce bill. The Senate bill,
relative to the location of the town of Wal
lace. Kansas, was passed.
House.— I The Holiday recess resolution
was agreed to. The Senate amendments to
the bill for the relief of the survivors of tlie
Jeannette expedition were concurred in.
The Indian Appropriation bill was reported
and referred to the Committee of the
Whole. The ventilation of the House was
discussed. The Army Appropriation bill
was passed. The Invalid Pension bill was
report«»d and referred to the Committee of
the Whole. The Printing Deficiency bill,
as amended by the Senate, was passed.
Senate—Senator Edmunds re|*orted a
bill to provide for the execution of Articles
of the Chinese treaty of 1881, relating to the
opium traffic. A resolution was adopted
calling for a detailed statement of the items
in the River and Harbor bill. A resolution
in relation to revenue reduction was adopt
ed, and the Senate adjourned until Janu
ary 4.
House—Conferees were appointed on the
bill increasing the annual appropriation for
the militia. The bill granting the right of
way to the St.Paul.Minneapolis & Manitoba
Railroad through Indian lands in Dakota
and Montana, passed. The Oklahoma bill
was discussed in Committee of the Whole.
An adjournment was taken until Jan. 4.
At fair rate of interest on farming lands.
- tttj&r
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I *
Three different railroads staked through as many corners ot the town! Midway be ween
Denver and Salt Lake.
Irrigable Land as Extensive as Salt Lake
Unsurpassed as a FARM AND FRUIT REGION Climate unrivalled iu Colorado. No
snow or wintei tere.
Winter resort for the Mountain towns. Home for the health-seeker. Mineral springs ad*
joining the town. Now is the time to invest
Business Lots, each $75 to $250
Residence Lots, each $25 to $lOO
' * M
Rtm. - 11.911 PER DAY. j
W- J
Special Kates for Board by the yiHlfcf T 4»~af
-v at .»■ - H * •'
NO. 44.

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