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The Delta Independent.
—la prepared lo do all kinds of—
—Such as —
Cuda, Letter Heads, Bill Heads,
rOKlern, Programme*, Kn
velopeM, Legal Blank*,
Kle., Kle., Etc.
*9“ Do no! rend outride for work that you ran ge
Sm^JSSIUtrSJ^ r aUir l' rUc bv lonizing
® ne Year fi 50 I Three month*, .. * .75
■lx mouth* 1 25 | One Mouth M
Professional cant*, per mouth 92 00
One inch, per month 2 00
Two iuchca, per in.nth 3 00
Three inches, per month S 75
4!£lncoeii. (% column.) per month 4 60
f®* inche* (if column,) per moutl 8 00
lu Kightocncbcs, (l column l per mouth ... 14 00
Ag-Local notices ten cents per Hoe for each
CORRIy oarer*.
Counljr C’otmn lee toners—Fl ret ilistrict. Rob't B
..nil lion : second district, Thu*. If. Mower; third
district. David Stephen*.
Clerk aud Recorder— E. L. Kellogg.
Sheriff- Ben. H. Uhcen.
Treasurer—T. 11. McGranahan.
County Judge—Al frtil R. Kina.
Surveyor—Win. L. Man y.
Anuaur—N. M. Goodwin,
hiipcrlulendeut of School*—J. B. McGinty.
< 'oroncr—< baric* A. Da via.
tSoontv Attorney—A. K. Ainxbarv.
Town oarer*.
MAYOR—K. 11. Hamilton.
TRL’HTEEB—J. R. Hficncer, T. 11. McGrana
l»an. J. I*, lia*»lcr, W. L. Mathers, A. It. Howard,
-*»• A R. U. Arrival* and Departure*.
No. 8. (going *a*t> tM a. m .
No. 22 (going vast) 11:55 a. m. 12.-05 a. m.
No. 7 (going weili 1:21 a. in.
No. 25 (going weal) 340 p.m. 3.45 p. ai
Kaatcrw and western mail* close at 800 p. m.
ruktofficc hour* from » a. m. to h p. m.
Kaaonie Lodge.
Meets the find and third Friday evening* ol
each month, lu Itio Maaonlc Hall.
E. L. Ksu.or.4i, Secretary.
I'tiurrti Directory.
PRESBYTERIAN—Rev. T. S. I»ay. pastor Ser
vices every Sabbath m<-*»ing and evening, at
the Presbyterian church.
METHODIST.—Rev. J. Shaw her. paator. Service*
at their church every Rahlatli morning,
except the third Sabbath of each month, at 11
■ APTIHT.—Rev. Jame* A Haycraft. pastor. Ser
vice* on the find and third Sabbath* of each
month in the m bool boon hall. (Ytvenanland
hunitu-M meeting the Saturday afternoon before
the third Sunday of each month, at 2 o'clock.
byterian church every Sabbath at 10 A. M.
PRAYER MEETING every Wcdncttlay evening
at 7*o o'clock. In the Me4bodb>t church.
Attorney anflComiselorat Law
Pre-emption Final l*rnof taken at re.vMßiablo
rote**. Accuracy guaranteed.
Money to Loan
On I’armlug land* at ReaMtaalile
L«niiuitv I'Kuritirrv r( IK oALII.
nan. si 111- COURT lIUUKR. Dells. Dotanulu.
O-llit. nlsrsds.
—II —
Oillcc of County Clerk, DoHn, Colo.
Physicians aid Snrpns,
Niirgeon* for the D. A R. (1 Railway.
Office nf RrMniray'* Drag more.
Delta County Bank
TraasMU * Urnrral Raaklng Basal*
Right draft* drawn on Denver and New York,
nl*Q on the prln«'lj*al Nile* of Europe.
Interest paid on time deposits.
This paper la kep«e«*l« as the MBeeeT
tut# mi tORIIRMIUMi
A herd of 125 antelope was scon on
the Frenchman last week.
Mountain lions are reported to be
unusually nuinerous*near Leadville.
The product of the Grant smelter for
the past year amounted to (4,021,619.21.
The shipment of ore from Silver
Plume has been unusually heavy lately.
The real estates transfers in Denver
for 1880 amounted to nearly (11,000,000.
Nearly thirty tons of dressed poultry
were received by express in Denver for
A number of women were arrested
in Denver for shop-lifting during the holi
day season.
Rev. J. H. Phillips has resigned the
pastorate of the Congregational church at
Twenty families from North Bend,
Nebraska, were to arrive at Ster
ling this week.
C. Sum Nichols, of Montrose,has been
presented a 1 gold-headed cane by the citi
zens of that town.
The twelfth annual session of the
StAtc Teacher’s Association is in session at
Colorado Springs.
A meeting of the Gunnison County
Snow-shoe Club has been called to meet at
(iunnison on the hist.
There is a dead lock in Denver be
tween the Alderman and Hoard of Su|ier
visors over the appropriations.
A fire in the Gem drug store in
Ihieblo on Thursday caused damage to the
extent of (8,500, fully insured.
Ninety men were sent from Denver
to Ked Cliff Monday to work on the Denver
4c Kio (Iramie near tliat place.
Willaim Staclly, a railroad employe,
was drowned In the Grand. a few miles
above Glenwoud Springs, last week.
The bank clearings at Denver last
week were (6,396,615, a gain of 25 per cent,
over those of the corresponding week in last
Mr. and Mrs. Florence are furnish
ing amusement for the theater-going peo
ple at the Tabor Grand In Denver this
The citizens of Aspen feel very de
spondent over the apex decision, but an
nounce their determination to fight that
theory to the death.
The announcement of the death of
Gen. I»gan caused universal grief all over
the State. A number of towns will hold
memorial sendees.
Rosa Sarbrugg, a laundress, commit
ted suicide at Glenwttod Springs, by chloro
form. She left a note saying she hod no
friends in the world.
The Central Presbyterian church, of
Denver, have extended a call to Rev. Dr.
Nichols, of Hinghainpton, New York, at a
salary of (5.000 a year.
Hugh McKenna fell into a slag pot
at the American Smelter at I.<eadville last
week ami died a few days afterward after
suffering terrible agony.
The Denver newsboys were given an
elegant dinner on Christmas, and in Uie af
ternoon the AVtra gave them all tickets to
the matinee at the Opera House.
The Union Stock Yards of Denver
did a much larger business last year than
ever before, having handled 1,001 more cars
of cattle, sheep and hogs than in ISKS.
The following is the product of the
Boston and Colorado Works (Argo) for
I*Bo ns near as can Ik* approxintated: gold,
(827,300; silver, (2,440,555; c0pper,(413,145;
total (3,681,000.
The six indictments which remained
against Charles 11. Scott, the county clerk
of Arapahoe, have been nnlled by the pros
ecuting attorney, and Mr. Scott is now sup
posed to bo vindicated.
According to the Rocky Mountain
News there were TOO buildings commenced
in Denver last year at an estimated cost of
(2,000,601. This is a greater sunt tlinn lias
been spent in any year since ISSS.
The best dairy butter, that which
may be termed gilt-edge, commands a trifle
more in the Denver market than it has be
fore for many years. The larger number of
retail buyers are paying forty-five cents.
The Colorado Coal and Iron Com
pany produced 615,380 tons of coal and 112,-
200 tons of coke during 1880. They also
manufactured 53,250 kegs of nails, 5,872 tons
of steel rails, 9,323 tons of pig iron and
8,370 kegs of railroad spikes.
Junction Precinct, a small settle
ment seven miles south of and tributary to
the town of Evergreen, raised the past sea
son 450 tons of potatoes. Tills enterpris
ing little town produces great quantities of
lumber and this year sent 500,000 feet of
lumber to the Denver market.
Travelers nr© commencing to arrive
In Leadville from points over the range on
snow shoes. In places in the mountains the
snow Is four and five feet deep on a level
where it has not drifted at all. In such
places as it lias drifted, however, it is any
where from ten to 100 feet deep.
President Jackson, of the Denvor &
Kio Grande, is reported to have said that
his company would immediately build the
extension from Rod Cliff to Aspen via Glen
wood, and that the work will be pushed
with all possible speed, lie sets the time
for reaching the Springs in the early partof
The MoanT toll rond system in the
San Juan covers 200 miles of road and has
cost about (400,000, annual repairs (15,000,
not counting washouts. Ore pays a toll of
30 cents per ton the average, other freight
(1 per ton. Tho roads are kept open as long
as possible, many routes all winter. The
Ouray-Sllverton road Is closed about no days
generally. Much of the freighting is done
by Mr. Mears who has 120 draught mules.
The freighting on the east side of the San
Juan mountain Is chiefly done by Mears,the
m»t aid* tiypare Wtiw.-Mlns. Stow* *h4
A special from Greeley to the Den
ver Republican says: The Third An
nual Rhetor leal contest of the Greeley j
High School took place at Hunter’s new
Opera House Monday night The house
was packed to hear the productions of these
bright young people. Miss Maude Curtis
was awarded first prize on her essay, and
Miss Clara F. Lyman second; Albert W.
Durkee was awarded first prize on declama
tion and Edgar H. Thomas second. All the
contestants acquitted themselves with
The following officers were elected
at the meeting of the State Teachers’ Asso
ciation at Colorado Springs last week: Pres
ident, W. W. Remington, of Fort Collins;
Vice-President, E. C. Stevens, of Alamosa;
Secretary, W. E. Knapp, West Denver:
First Assistant Secretary, Miss Fanny Man
ley, of Georgetown; Second Assistant, Miss
Mellon, of Golden; Treasurer, J. C. Shat
tuck, of Denver; Executive Committee;
Aaron Gove of Denver,F. B. Gault of South
Pueblo, and J. 11. Freeman of Canon City.
The next meeting will be held in Denver.
About 5,000 pounds of elk meat was
shipped into this market last Saturday by
Jack Burns and the Boroh brothers. These
gentlemen form a trio of the most success
ful deer hunters in the Rocky mountains,
and are well known to every old timer in
tliis section of the country. The Boroh boys
have followed hunting professionally, for
nearly twenty years, and are famous as
guides to eastern tourists, who make Lead
ville a center from which to visit the wild
recesses of the surrouning hills, to hunt the
game with which they abound. They lead
from three to five parties of pleasure-seek
ers into Uie mountains every season, and
knowing the haunts and habitsof the game,
they furnish the tenderfoot nimrod with
every variety of sport known to the hills.
Mr. Boroh rei>orts that upon the trip from
which he has just returned, he encountered
a band of about one hundred mouutain sheep
down In the Sweetwater country. These
animals, although protected by the law. are
not numerous, and but for the protection
thus afforded, wonld have long since been
extinct—Leadvllle Herald-Democrat
Moat of tho Money Stolon by "Cum
mlnp" Recovered.
Leavenworth. Kansas, December
29.— 1 t was learned at a late hour last night
that Detective Pinkerton came to tills city
in response to a summons from Mrs. Wit
ruck, “Jim Cumming’s” mother, who in
formed him (Pinkerton) that she had some
important information for him. When
Pinkerton arrived at Mrs. Witrock’s house
he was handed an express package con
taining $22,000 in currency, which Witrock
had sent to his family after the robbery,
sending word by the messengers who
brought the money that tie had won it by
gambling and speculating. lie directed
his family to keep the money secreted for
him as he had shot a man in Chicago, and
he told them it would be attached for dam
ages, and that he was obliged to leave Chi
cago on account of this shooting.
The money had not been disturbed and it
was in the original wrappers. It is sup
posed that Witrock during one of ills visits
to this city, hid large sums of money that
was stolen, and tiiat lie will now turn over
to the detectives. There has already been
recovered of the stolen money about $45,-
Shortly after midnight thedetectives who
brought Fred Witrock, alias “Jim Cum
mings," to this city, left Witrock’s house
with their prisoner and repaired to a hotel
and took a room and retired.
While the two officers were absent with
young Witrock from the house Mrs. Wit
rock was Induced by a reporter to tell what
she knew of the case, as her son's connec
tion witli it could not be concealed.
lictweeu her broken sobs she admitted
that Fred had |iarticipatcd in the robbery,
but he would be released, as he had con
fessed all to tho detectives. She said that
shortly after the robbery Oscar Cook came
to lawvcnworth and visited her one eve
ning, and after talking to her for some
time, he said Fred was in trouble; that lie
had made a large sum of money on a wtieat
ileal in Chicago, and had some difficulty
with a broker over the matter, which ended
by his shooting the latter. That he had to
llee from the country and he wanted his
mother to’take care of the money until she
heard from him further. This she agreed
to do and the money was left in her posses
Some time after tills another young man
who lives in this city, but whose identity
she refuses Ut divulge, called and left an
other package of money, and that on two
other occasions two oilier young men called
at different times and left money, which
they said had come from Fred. When asked
if she knew the amounts by the sum total,
she said she did not; that they were large
packages, but she had never counted it, be
lieving implicitly in Fred's story, and
thinking she was doing him a favor by car
ing for the property and not dreaming but
that lie came by it honestly, And had no oc
casion to use Aliy of it, having money of his
When asked how the detect!res happened
to be here searching her house she said:
“When I heard of Fred’s arrest I immedi
ately wrote to the express company, telling
them of ttio money and requesting them to
come to Leavenworth, and that is undoubt
edly why they are here."
Bequests to Harvard.
Boston, Massachusetts, I)oc. 28.
Harvard College receives some >400,000
from the will of John O. A. Williams,which
was filed In the Suffolk County Probate
Court to-day. The estate Is left In trust,
and after the bequest of several legacies,
when the residue shall have reached *400,-
000, It Is to be given to the President and
fellows of Harvard College. The sum of
9900,000 is to bo set apart and known as the
Abraham Williams fund, Jn memory of the
testator's father and grandfather, the lat
ter being a membertif the class of 1744.
The fund of *400,000 is to bo used in aid
ing needy and meritorious students who
are to consider such as a debt of honor,and
also for the library of the College.
A prominent farmer of Bowling Green,
Howard County, Md., Mr. J. T. Kidgely,
said his four children were sick with sore
throota and coughs at the some time. Red
Star Cough Cur® cured them In o week. No
Patti claims that the altitude affects
her voice at the City of Mexico.
Senator Logan died at his residence
in Washington at 3 o’clock Sunday after
A severe snow storm visited England,
blowing down telegraph lines and blocking
railway trains.
The Secretary of the Treasury has
called for $10,000,000 in 3 percents. The call
matures February 1.
Prince Nicholas, of has
called out 85,000 troops. They will be armed
with breech-loaders.
Pliny Nickerson, an extensive ship
owner of Boston has assigned. Liabilities
9200,000; nominal assets 9250,000.
A policeman at Lyons, France,found
a smoking bomb under a church porch and
extinguished the fuse before the thing ex
The trial of Professor Smytlie for al
leged heresy, on account of his publica
tions in the Andover Review has begun in
3 The steamers R. S. Hayes and City
of Natchez with four loaded barges burned
at Cairo. The total loss is estimated at
The employes of the Philadelphia
brewers, numbering 2.000 men, have struck
against a proposed reduction of 20 |>er cent,
in wages.
Isaac Brickel. living twelve miles
from Springville, lowa, was killed by his
son because the old man objected to his go
ing to a dance.
Mr. Springer proposes to labor in
the House for the admission of Dak<>ta,Mon
tana. New Mexico and Washington Terri
ories in a bunch.
The San Francisco street car strikers
made a violent assault upon the new men bn
two lines, and two rioters were wounded by
a !K>liceman*s bullets.
According to reports at the General
Land Office fences have recently been re
moved from 274,000 acres of land principally
in the Denver District.
The Navy Department claims a sav
ing of between 955,000 and ffiO.ooo by the sub
stitute of marines for watchmen and ship
keepers at the navy yards.
Sadie Bigelow and Lizzie Hart, two
Boston girls, after a little spree on Christ
mas night with two young men, took
“Bough on Bats” and died.
England will send iwclvc eighty-ton
guns for the defense of Victoria, British
Columbia, and the Canadian Pari tic Boad
is preparing for their trnnsj.ortat.on.
A duel with swords was fought near
the City of Mexico between Prince Augus
tin Iturbide and Senor Carcedo, and the
latter was slightly wounded in the left
A. T. Brown ami Chloe Robinson,
both colored, nre under arrest at Montezu
ma, lowa, charged with Hogging a six-year
old child until it died. There is a talk of
a lynching.
The Temple Theatre in Philadelphia
burned and two firemen were buried in the
ruins. The Washington House adjoining
was damaged. Loss about £5)0.000; insur
ance 9127,000.
Judge Sloan, of Milwaukee, has lim
ited the defense in the riot cases to six wit
nesses. He tells them further that a thous
and witnesses could not make him believe
there was no riot at Bayview.
Captain Six-Killer, Chief of Police in
the Indian Territory, was murdered by Alt
Cunningham and Dick Vann, two Chero
kees. Vann was recently released from the
Penitentiary by the President’s pardon.
Henry M. Stanley, the explorer, is
still in Ixmdon. lie will start this week for
Zanzibar. It is asserted that he Ims de
clined an offer of 9400,000 to return to
America and complete his lecturing tour.
Mr. Gladstone has written for the
.January number of the Nineteenth Century
an article entitled “Locksley Hall and the
Jubilee.*’ The article Isa criticism of the
poem by the light of events of the past fifty
The large mills of the Dean Woolen
Company at Newark. Delaware, were en
tirely consumed by fire Christinas morning,
causing a loss of about 9200,000. and throw
ing two hundred ami forty hands out of cm
It is stated that Oscar Cook has made
a confession that Fothcringham. the ex
press messenger who is now in jail charged
with complicity in the robbery, knew all
about the plan to rob his car.and was a will
ing victim to the attack of the robl>er. He
was promised 910,000 of the amount stolen
as his share of the boodle.
A dispatch from Berlin says that the
removnl of the snow which fell in the late
storm has revealed an appalling loss of life.
Many travelers were overtaken by the
storm. 50 bodies have been found in Saxony,
thirty in Thuringia and forty in Southern
Germany. It is estimated that the total loss
of life will be nearly 900.
Tho shipments of Christmas pack
ages to New York was so great that they
could not be delivered by the express com
panies, who had nearly 1,000,000 packages
on hand. Many parcels contained perish
able articles. The Su|>eriiitendent of Po
lice issued an order permitting the com
panies to deliver packages containing such
articles c.n Sunday.
The Vienna press is becoming con
vinced that Russia is determined on war.
Reports of increased Russian armaments
are continually coming to hand from vari
ous sources. The latest intelligence of this
kind is to the effect that 300,000 Russian
troops have been ordered to mass in Kieff,
and that the occupants of 10,000 Ilouses
have received official notification that the
soldiers will soon be billeted In them.
Seventy or eighty little boys and
girl*, luontly tho ohllUrtin uj people in offi*
cial life, were entertained at a Christmas
party by Secretary and Mrs. Whit
ney. A huge pine Christinas tree, gaily
decorated, was set up in the ball-room, and
around it the children danced for an hour
or two. Great bundles of presents were
piled on benches around the tree and were
distributed among the children. Among
the older folks present were Mrs. Endicott
and Mrs. Vilas, and a large number of Sen
ators and Diplomats with their wives. Mrs.
Cleveland and Mrs. Folsom, with little Miss
May Cadwell, were expected, but did not
come. The Christmas tree, with all its de
corations, will be left standing for the de
light of the orphan children, whom Secre
tary and Mrs. Whitney will entertain to
Pinkerton’s detectives, after a most
exciting and romantic chase, have arrested
the following parties accused of the robbery
of the Adams Express ear near St. Louis in
October: Frederick Witrock, who is the
author of the “Jim Cummings” letters and
who is claimed to be the man who perpe
trated the robbery- W. W. llaight, an ex
einploye of the express company, who is
supposed to have aided in planning the rob
bery from his knowledge of the run. Thos.
Weaver, of Chicago, laundryinan, who was
with Witrock before and after the robbery.
Edward Kinney, brother-in-law of Witrock,
upon whose j>erson was found a consider
able portion of the express money. Oscar
Cook, who hid Witrock after the robbery
and afterward divided the money and mailed
the “Jim Cummings” letters. The detec
tives have turned up about $15,000 and es
timate that from $40,000 to $45,000 is still un
accounted for.
Fred Archer, the I/ondon jockey, left an
estate valued at a little over five hundred
thousand dollars.
Salvation Gil the celebrated American
remedy for cuts, bruises, sprains, scalds,
chilblains, Ac., can be had of all druggists.
It kills pain. Price twenty-five cents.
The Russian Minister at Washington Is
allowed £25,000 a year by his government
for the purpose ot giving entertainments.
Bflloaanea*, DlzzineM, N'aoaea, Etc.,
Are relieved by Carter's Little Liver
The total prohibition vote polled this year
was about 312.000.0 r nearly double that cast
for SL John in IStH.
Our Progress.
All stages are quickly abandoned with the
completion of railroads,so the huge, drastic,
cathartic pills, composed of crude and bulky
medicines, are quickly abandoned with the
introduction of Dr. Pierce's “Pleasant
I’urgative Pellets,” which are sugar-coated,
and little larger than mustard-seeds, but
composed of highly concentrated vegetable
extracts. By druggists.
The word “travel” first implied toil, be
cause journeying was such a sore discom
fort. To travel was to endure.
For colds, fever and inflammatory attacks,
as well as for cholera morbus. aiarrbo*a,
dysentery or bloody-flux, colic or cramps in
stomach, use Dr. Pierce’s Extract of Smart-
Weed, composed of best Grape Brandy,
Smart-Weed or Water Pepper, Jamaica
Ginger and Camphor Water.
“What 1 want,” cried an impetuous wo
man. struggling to reach a ribbon counter
in a crowded store the other day, “what 1
waut is free trade.”
(’oDMumpt ioa.-For the cure of this dis
tressing disease there has been no medicine
yet discovered that can show more evidence
bt real merit than Allen’s Lung Balsam.
25c.. 50.. ami s!.(*) a bottle.
At fair rate of interest on forming lands.
\ '•
31 on rtf Ad vat tent for filial l'affmrnt* on
Colorado Loan and Land Con«p*y
W. K. TABOK, DvlUt County Agent,
Jesse Brown,
J&T Keeps the latest novelties in his lin
•it the luirest prices and truaranteed.-^X.
Fine watch repairing; a Specially .
Delta Sample Booms,
Best billiard tables in the city.
The best of Wines, Liquors und Cigars iu the
TV. THOMAS, Proprietor.
lirar* Sept. and Much,
each year. «TIU PH»S
•HSUS Inch**,with over
3,500 mnaOwOans -a
whole Ptetare Gallery.
GIVES Wholesale Prftvea
■M to •« »«■*■ •>»
pmoHl or ftmllj Me- WUtawta
oMtr, ud |IM «Ml cM •( nw
Ikbm r*o w> Wt, drlmk, m
terTlk. WIU>. TKm. nviuuu
BOOK.. r«.Ui. 1..r..H.» «»«md
Um Mrbk a Om wrtd. W,
wiu mu . kb nu » ■» •*-
drill mpmm mil.. d 1» «W. toMhr
—I -r —MI-, Malwkw
IK Blip lUBlIlp,
Wholesale and retail dealers in
Ranchmen's, Cattlemen’s & Miners’ Supplies
——A complete line of
Genl Merchandise,
Consisting of
l>ry Good*. Clothing, Ntaplr and Fancy Groceries, Provision*, Eta
Also a ftill stock of
Kails, Stoves. Tinware. Tin Nhop in connection. Tin work of all Ik-
McriptlonN a specialty. Farm marhinery, agent* for the cele
brated ICilidden Barb Wire. McCormick’* Harvest
ing Machine*, Etc., Etc.
Southwestern Agents for the
i 2 ijjjgg.UJ
John Deere and Oliver Chilled Walking Plows.
Fine*t and largest Stock of Boot* and Shoe* In tke valley. A good »toek off
Staple Drug* ala ay *on band. California Clothing and Faratehing
Coods a specialty. All good* strictly flr*t-olaaa and prices
a* low a* the lowest. Call and nee n* at
Cor. Sd St. and Cncompahgre Are., - - - - HONTROSE. COLO.
Delta Town Comp y
The GARDEN SPOT OF COLORADO, On the Hue of the Denver A Rio Grande rail
road, Utah extension, at the junction of the Uucompahgre ami Gunnison rivers.
Three different railroads staked through as many corners of the town! Midway beween
Denver and Salt I-akc.
Irrigable Land as Extensive as S,alt Lake
Unsurpassed as a FARM AND FRUIT RF.GION Climate unrivalled in Colorado. No
snow or winter aere.
Winter resort for the Mountain towns. Home for the health-seeker. Mineral spring* ad
joining the town. Now is the time to iuvest
Business Lots, each $75 to $250
Residence Lots, each, $25 to $lOO
Special Rates for Boards by th
NO. 45.

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