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The Delta Independent.
—ln jtrtjmred to do all kind« of—
—-Such at—
4'ard*. I.eU.-r Head*, Bill Heads,
I’OHtera, Profranan, Kn
veloppH, legal Blanks.
Up.. Kte., Kir.
9i~l>o not *ttut oul&idefor u'ork that you can at
• tone at humr; them* y>,ur cnterjiritc by jtatnmising
JJumt lutUulru*m
One Year f 2 60 I Three mouths, . . » .76
Six months i if, | one Month 50
rrofuttinuul cards, per mouth 12 00
One inch, per month 2 00
Two inches, per in.nth • 3 00
inches. |»er mouth 3 75
4U inches, column,) per mouUi 450
Mne inches column.) per mouth KOO
in Ughtccacbc*. (1 column) per rnontii ... 14 00
notices ten cent* per line for each
( •■illy OlHrm.
Ceuiity Commissioner*—First district. Roh’t B
llstnllloii: sei'oiiddistrict,Thus. M. Mower; third
district, I>h vid Stephens.
Clerk and Recorder—K. L. Kellogg.
Hheriff—Bcii s. Uhecn.
Truunirer—T. 11. MciiraiuihHn.
County Judge—Alfred R. King.
Surveyor— Wm. L. Mercy.
Assessor—N. M. tioodwin.
superintendent of Schools—J. B. McOinty.
Coroner—Charles A. Davis.
Cnnulv Attorney—A. K. Amsharv.
Town OMr era.
MAYOR-R. It. Hamilton,
TRrsTKKS—J. R. h|wnrer, T. 11. Mctirana
lan. J. !’• Bassler, \\. L. Mathers, A. It. Howard.
**• * R. 44. Arrival* and Deparlsm.
N*. s. (going cast) a. m.
No. 22 (going cast • lhVu.m. 12.05 a. tn.
No. 7 (going westi 1:21 a. m.
No. SB (going west -340 p. in 3:45 p. m.
Yastern and wrestem mails close at SOO p. m.
PtsUilftcf hours from a a. m. to Ip.m.
Nassalr I.s4g>.
Meets the first and third Friday cveulngs ol
each mouth, iu Mis Masonic Hall.
K. L. Kn iana.. Secretary.
t hurrls Itlrerlsry.
PRESBYTERIAN—Itev. T. H. Day. pasU.r. Ser
' Ices every sabbath moiling and evening, at
the Presbyterian church.
MICTHODIBT.—Her. J chaw U r. pastor. Services
at their chun-h every Kahoaih morning,
except the third Sabbath of each mouUi. at 11
MAITIBT.—Rev James A llaycraft, pastor. Ker
vlcrs on the first and third Sabbath. of each
mauth iu the school house hall. Covenant and
hu.lrin* meeting the Saturday afternoon before
the third Suuday of each month, at 2 o'clock
hytrriau eburrh every Sabbath at lo A. M.
FHAYER MKKTIXfi every Wednesday evening
at 7 Jo o'clock. In the Methodist church.
AtirnsjaiflMoral Law
f*re-cmpttwi Final Proof taken at reasonable
rates. Accuracy guaranteed.
iVtll —
Money to Loan
«*■ Parmlag lands at Reasssabls
+ J*TKS OF f
AHBce at the COURT IIOCSK. Delta. Colorado.
. - »4
HTMUgrt Tt» IM\N_4S|
Bella, ( alarada.
rikAi PKK-KMprtoN moor taken
Office of County Clerk, Della. Colo.
Physicians and Sorpns,
Nnrgrnas tar the Ik. 4 R. 44 Railway.
Office at HeMnsray’s Brng Mlore.
OKI.TA. > 4 , 01,0RA1>0.
Delta County Bank
Traaaaeta a 44eweral Raahlag Rwal
sight draft* drawn on Denver and Now York,
also on the prtnclpal cities of Europe.
Interest paid ou time deposits.
Weld county has a hundred and fifty
thousand sheep.
Berthoud will put in $6,000 water
works next spring.
The Golden smelter gives employ
ment to sixty-five men.
The rainfall in this Suite last year
was a little over 10 inches.
Macey B. Kams has been ap]>ointed
postmaster at Deuel, Weld county.
The Franceville coal mines were
damaged by fire the other day to the extent
of $15,000.
The Government land office at Lanmr
was opened on the 3d. A rushing business
is being done.
A mountain lion was killed near Pal
mer Lake last week which measured nine
feet in length.
Professor Martin, of Denver, has
been appointed veterinary surgeon at the
Agricultural College.
A report conics from Aspen that the
case of the Harrisburg mine against the
Bob Ingersoll has been compromised.
The bank clearings at Denver last
week were $3,:SJT»,fii5, a gain of 25 per cent,
over those of the corres}>onding week in last
Field and Farm, of Denver, donned a
new dress the first of the year. It has al
ways been a handsome paper but Is now
prettier than ever.
There are 645 school districts in the
State and (Bl school houses valued at $2,-
984.00. There was expended for teachers’
wages last year $497,968.30.
The Hockv Mountain Celt is rapidly
forging to the front as an influential family
newspa|»er. Under the energetic manage
ment of Mr. Mc.Sheehy It can not hut suc
According to the Rocky Mountain
News there were 700 buildings commenced
in Denver last year at an estimated cost of
$2,000,061. This Is a greater sum than has
been spent in any year since I*B2.
One of the Arapahoe members of the
Legislature has the names of between three
and four hundred boys on file who want to
sene their country by acting as page*.
Professor TUden, of the State School
of Mines, spent his recent vacation In Ari
zona where he was robbed of everything he
had wiUi him excepting the clothes he had
Boulder is advertised by 10,000
copies of an illustrated pamphlet, entitled.
“Boulder ami Its Surroundings,” hand
somely printed at the Daily Herald office,
and'paid for and distributed by public-spirit
ed citizens.
There are seven great markets in Colo
ra»lo for beef cattle. Follow ing are the places
together w ith the number of beeves slaugh
tered at each during the year 1*80; Denver,
18.604; 1/Cadville, 5.644: Pueblo, 2.GW2; As
pen and vicinity, 2,515; Durango and vicin
ity, 2,011; San Luis Valley, 1,044; Brand
Junction, 482.
The annual meeting of the State For
estry Association will la* held in Denver,
January 14th and 15th, IW7. at the Chamber
of Commerce, commencing at 9:30 a. m. on
the 14th. All interested in the subject of
the preservation of the woodlands of the
State are earnestly invited to attend and
Anms E. Nlckcns, a colored barber,
was found murdered in Ids si hi; on Seven
teenth street, Denver, cn the morning of
the 3d. A man who worked for him,named
Breen, haa been arrested accused of the
murder. A woman is mixed up in the rax*
and nil |iarties were pretty full of bug juice
at the time of the tragedy.
The Denver Republican lias liven in
terviewing the members of the legislature
regarding their choice for President, anil
finds that of 43 Republican members 36 are
for Blaine. I for Kvarts or Allison, 1 for
Kdmund* and 5 have no choice. Of the :t>
Democratic members 27 are for Bov. Hill, 3
for Cleveland, 1 for McDonald and 1 for
Henry George.
One farmer in Jefferson county who
had a pond or small lake covering leas than
fifty care* of ground, realized this last sea
son upwards of two thousand dollars for
carp fish taken from the same. He expects
with lair sticcesM.to gather twice the amount
of Uie finny beauties next season. Wheat
and corn growing for profit Is tame whefP
comparer I to fish culture.
A Hugo correspondent of the El tier t
Tribune says he recently came across n
hunch of about 900 cattle which were being
herded by a band of thirty wolves. Every
little while they would cut out a calf, throw
hlui, tear out his entrails, drink its blood,
and then hastily surround the then lleeing
cattle and repeat the performance. He
counted eleven calves which had been
treated In this way besides seven larger
one which hail been ham-strung.
A very narrow escape from the cold
embrace of an avalanche took place In Red
Mountain last week. A miner, whose
name we did not learn, was going from the
Bennessee mine to the Alexandria, and
while following the trail over a dangerous
place a slide came down which caught the
tali end of his overcoat. The slide ap
peared to partly stop at this plrcc and
the miner found his overcoat wedged In so
tight that he could not move. lie was not
long, however. In slipping out of (he coat
and reaching tho Alexandria mine, where
he was taken care of by Capt. Stanley.—San
The output of the Canon City Coal
Company at their Canon City, Williams
burg and Rockvale collieries aggregated for
the month of December 83,090 1-6 tons of
coal. This w-as loaded Into 1,000 broad gauge
cars, making over sixty train-loads, or two
trains daily, reaching a total length ot near
ly twenty miles. This coal product Is all
shipped to Kansas except What Is consumed
at Pueblo, and It is coming into prominence
In the Kansas City market as one of the
finest coals seen there*. This Is said to be
tt»# greatest output for any month since this
conjNWv wm orgftftU#*.
11l portions of Louisiana four iuchbs
of snow fell last week.
The last words uttered by General
were: *‘lf tills is the end, I am
The American ship Harvey Mills was
lost in the Pacific with twenty-one of her
Secretary Lamar was married to
Mrs. William S. Holt, of Macon, Georgia,
on the sth.
A delegation of 350 members of the
Canadian snow-shoe clubs is on a visit to
New York.
The President's siege of hand-shaking
on New Year’s day rather benefitted him
than otherwise.
Nine men were burned to death in
collision on the Southern Pacific railroad a
few days ago.
John lloach, the ship builder, is
dying from the same disease which carried
away General Grant.
E. Duncan Sniftin. advertising agent
at New York, has failed. Liabilities about
9100,000. Assets unknown.
It is officially announced that Mr.
Goschen will be Chancellor of the Ex-;
chequer in the Tory Cabinet.
During the month of December the
mints produced $637,405 in fractional silver
coin and 92.550,961 In standard dollars.
The Washington fund for Mrs. Logan
will Is* invested in four per cent bonds
which will be registered in her name.
Work oo the Panama canal is pro
gressing to the satisfaction of the contrac
tors. The sanitary condition is said to be
The President and Mrs. Cleveland en
dured a hand-shake from 7,000 or 8,000 peo
ple at the New Year’s reception at the
White House.
The debt statement for December
shows a reduction in the debt ot 90,358,303.
The total cash in the Treasury amounts to
9444.815.7 W
The bank examiner at New York
refused to resign at the request of the
Comptroller of the Treasury and he was
promptly tired.
John M. Woodward, of St. I«ouis.
has brought suit against the Missouri Pa
cific railroad for an even million of dollars
for breach of contract
The strikers on the cable road in
San Francisco tried to blow up the track
with dynamite. They made a big noise but
didn't do much damage -
Russia has borrowed 75,000,000
francs in Paris with which to construct a
canal across the neck of land joining the
Crimea to the main land.
At the semi-monthly meeting of the
National league in Dublin, the Treasurer
re |toiled the receipt of $25,000 from America
during the past two weeks.
A natural-gas explosion at Youngs
town. Ohio, destroyed the Andrews Block
and four other buildings together with a
church. Several |ieople were killed. la»s
In a fire at the People's Park in
Madras on Friday,which lasted only fifteen
minutes, 300 people were either burned to
death or suffocated, and as many more
were injured.
There is a movement in Washington
beaded, it is said, by Mr. Randall, looking
to the total repeal of the internal revenue
tax. This would lessen the taxes this coun
try has to pay by 9120,000,000 a year.
Emjieror William celebrated the
eightieth anniversary of his entrance into
the Prussian army on the Ist, by receiving
all the commanding Generals, headed by
the Crown lTincc. Frederick William.
Wittrock, Weaver and Haight, the
three men accused of the Express robbery
near St. lands, have plead guilty and been
sentenced to the penitentiary. Wittrock
and Haight for seven years and Weaver for
W. G. Deshler. banker and million
aire, of Columbus, 0., has given to the Col
umbus Female Benevolent Society 9100,000
to lx» invested and controlled by an ad
visory l*onrd of gentlemen for the use of the
At a convention of County Judges of
the Eighth Texaa-Dlstrict, it was reported
that 30,000 |teople there need food and
clothing while thousands more were with
out wad to plant during the coming year.
Aid isasked.
An unusual number of frightful rail
way accidents have occurred recently. On
the »lny of the terrible accident at Tiffin,
Oldo, a train on a Massachusetts road was
thrown from the track by a broken wheel
anil two persons killed and a large number
Since the recent railroad disaster at
Tiffin, Ohio, It is said that the Patent Office
Is tiesieged by representatives from the dif
ferent railroad companies making inquiries
concerning patents which hare been
granted for devices for heating cars in a
manner other than by stoves.
The Odessacalchi palace in Rome
was destroyed by Are a few days ago. All
the jewels belonging to the Princess, all
the valuable pictures, including a small
Raphael and the whole of a splendid col
lection of ancient furniture on the second
floor, were burned. The loss is 91,000,000.
The palace was not Insured
Carnegie Brothers & Company have
decided to erect a new steel rail mill a
Braddock, and work on the structure wll
be started within thirty days. The new
plant will cost upwards of 91,000,000. The
Company's work will then hare a capaci
ty of 400,000 tons of rails per annum, or
about one-third of the entire production of
the country.
At the masquerade ball in Adin last
week, St. Jacobs Oil took the first prise.
Nothing strange In this, as It Is highly
priced in every family where used-es
peclally In ours.—Bleber, Cal.. Xountwm
The sixth biennial session of the Col
orado Legislature convened at noon on the
sth. The Senate was called to order by
Lieutenant-Governor Rreene and praver
was offered by the Rev. C. D. Jeffries. The
President then read an address of welcome,
after which Secretary Clark read a com
munication from Secretary of State Hanley,
sending in the certificates of the members
eiect. These were referred to a Commit
tee on Credentials consisting of Senators
Freeman, Cornish and Barela, and a recess
of ten minutes was taken. The committee,
on its return, reported the names hereto
fore published, and the roll was called.
Chief Justice Beck swore in the members.
□ Senator Eddy,'Chairman of the commit
tee appointed at the last session to revise
the rules, presented a report of that com
The rules as amended were adopted and
the Senate then proceeded to the election
of officers with the following result: Presi
dent pro tern, of the Senate. Senator Chil
cott; Secretary, Sylvester Nichols; Assis
tant Secretary; C. v. Parks: Heading Clerk.
Robert Casey: Pocket Clerk, R. L. Barker:
Chaplain, Rev. C. I). Jeffries: Sergeant-at-
Anns, James Fitzgerald: Assistant Ser
geant-at-anns, Mr. Jefford: Doorkeeper.
James Moynahan, Jr.; Messenger. Joseph
Moore; Engrossing Clerk, Edgar Howbert:
interpreters, J. A. Garcia and J. P. Deus,
Tiie various officers were then sworn in ami
the Senate adjourned.
The House .—The House was called to
order by General Stevenson, Chief Clerk of
the last legislature, and Mr. Melvin Ed
wards was elected temjKirary speaker with
out opposition. The Chair appointed
Messrs. Wells, of Boulder, Bowen, of Chaf
fee ami Morrison,of Clear Creek, a commit
tee on credentials who retired and in a short
time brought in a report of members enti
tled to seats which was the same as that
read at the opening hour. In the-contested
counties Mr. Sweeney was returned as the
member from Huerfano and Messrs Suther
land and Garber from Pueblo.
On motion of Mr. Hoover, of the
members were sworn in. the Representa
tives forming a semi-circle in front of the
Speaker’s desk.
An informal ballot for Speaker w’as then
taken which resulted in the election of Mr.
T. B. Stuart by a vote of 26 to 21—a strictly
party vote, with the exception of Mr. F. Q.
Stuart who voted for his brother. Mr. T.
B. Stuart voted for Mr. Morrison and Mr.
Morrison returned the compliment.
Upon being conducted to the Speaker's
chair Mr. Stuart addressed the House as
Gkxtlbmexof tiii: Horse of Rkpke
skxtativks: I am sincerely thankful to
you for the honor of elevating me to this
position. 1 wish it understood, gentlemen,
that lam strictly your servant. I hope to
conduct myself in such a manner as to mer
it your confidence and support. I hotie for
your assistance in the conduct of ail busi
ness before the House, and mar earnest en
deavors will be to do what is right, though
often I’ll be wrong. What is your pleasure,
Other officers of the House were then
elected as follows: Chief clerk, M. R.
Moore, of Salida: sergeant-at-anns, Charles
T. Linton, of Arapahoe: assistant sergeant
at-arms. William Aichers: assistant chief
clerk, Stanley Stokes.
A motion to adjourn until 10 o’clock on
Thursday was then carried, and the House
adjourned, the Republican members re
maining in their seats, at the request of the
Speaker, for the purpose of caucussing.
Senate —Senator Greene offered a me
morial to Congress asking for the estab
lishment of a grass experiment station in
Colorado, to Ik* constructed under the di
rection of the Department of Agriculture.
The committee apitoiuted by the Secre
tary of Stale to examine and verity the ac
counts of the Treasurer of State and State
Auditor, reported that they had performed
the duty and had found (lie accounts cor
Bills were introduced as follows: By
SenatoitGreen. to regulate practice in the
Supreme Court; by Senator llarkisou, to
encourage the destruction of wolves and
coyotes and offering |thercfor; by
Senator liarkison, to exempt certain wages
of debtors from levy and attachment; Dy
Senator Ilarkison.to settle disputes between
employers and employes; by Senator Ar
chuleta. fixing the terms of tin* District
Court of the Sixth Judicial District: by
Senator Carpenter, fixing the nay of em
ployes of the legislature; ny Senator
(inH*n, submitting to the voters an amend
ment to Article X of the State
Constitution ;by Senator Car]tenter, abolish
ing theCriuiinaiCourtKof Arapahoe. l*akeaml
l*ueblocounties;by Seuator.Caipenterto in
creasethe number of judges in the 2d ami sth
Judicial districts: by Senator Poole, to au
thorize the issuance of duplicate State war
rants: by Senator Freeman to provide a
premium for killing wolves and coyotes; by
Senator Freeman,to establish a State Board
of Health.
After the appointment of committees to
draft resolutions upon the deaths of Ex-
Governor Pitkin and Senators Elkins ami
Til ford the Senate adjourned until after
At the afternoon session the following
standing committees were appointed:
Judiciary —Senators Green. Freeman.
Campbell, Ballard and Kinknid.
Re\ ision—Carpenter. Eddy and Wilson.
Finance. Banking and Insurance—Newell.
Wells, Campbell, Archuleta and Adams.
Corporations and Railroads—Eddy. Car
penter. Freeman, Cornish ami Wilson.
Education and Educational Institutions—
Beckwith, Eddy ami Kiukaid.
Mines and Mining—Cornish, Abbott.
Christian. Kiukaid and liyan.
Agriculture and Irrigation Freeman.
Wells. McCandless. Monte/, ami Lee.
Stock—Woodworth. Beckwith and Barela.
State Affairs and Public. lainris —Wells.
Campbell and Poole.
County Affairs—Archuleta, Freeman ami
State Institutions and Public Buildings—
liarkison. Campbell and Ballard.
Privileges and Elections—Campbell. Ab
bott and Ryan.
Supplies ami Senate Expenditures— Mc-
Camlless, Beckwith and Poole.
military Affairs—Montez, Can*enter ami
Printing—Waters, Woodworth ami Poole.
Engrossment—Abbott, Greene ami Ryan.
Enrollment Christian. llnrkisDU and
Rules—Chilcott, Newell and Barela.
House.-— The following officers were
elected In addition to those elected on Wed
nesday: Interpreters, E. J. Marlines of
Huerfano and ( . Garcia, of Conejos: en
rolling clerk, Timothy O’Connor, of Bould
er: engrossing clerk, E. Boedeeker, of
Boulder; assistant engrossing clerk. Wil
liam Whist, of Arapahoe ; door keeper, W.
J. Thompson, of Douglas; chaplain.
Rev. Thomas A. Uzzell of Arapahoe; read
ing clerk. William Kisknden; docket clerk,
Henry llimber.
Most of the afternoon session was spent
In the consideration of rules for the govern
ment of the House.
two Trttlua Coma* on ih« Baltimore *
Tiffin, Ohio, Jan. 4.—The fast train
on the Baltimore * Ohio Railway, which
left New York about l» o'clock yesterday for
Chicago with live coaches ami four sleepers,
all well filled with passengers, collided
with an eastern-bound freight train seven
miles east of this city about 4 o'clock this
morning. The fast train was about fifty
minutes late and was running at the rate of
sixty miles an hour. Passing Republic, a
small station, like a Hash, they rushed along
to the curve one mile west of that town
when suddenly the engineer saw a freight
train under full headway within 100 yards
9* him* lie *t once applied tt»« brake* and,
reversed his engine, but it did no good, and
the next instant the crash came. The attest
of the collision can be better imagiffed tlmn
described. The engines of the two trains
reared into the air like a pair of enraged
living monsters, and then settled down up
on the track, driven into each other until
their cylinders touched. The force of the
impact jammed the baggage cars into the
tender of the fast train, the express car into
the baggage car, and the smoker Into the ex
press car.
In less than five minutes from the
moment of the collision, and before any or
ganized effort at a rescue could be made,
the fire from the overturned stoves commu
nicated to tiie \vo<Kiwork and the flames
leaped high in the air, their roar mingling
with the cries of anguish of the imprisoned
victims, to whom death in its most terrible
form was a horrid presence. The train
men and uninjured passengers were power
less and they could do nothing to rescue the
sufferers. - ——
C. P. Bradley, of Washington, I). C., was
found hanging from a window of the
smoker, but his legs were fast and he could
not be moved. There he remained until he
was burned to death, and his charred re
mains fell to the ground a black and shape
less mass. He was conscious, and gave
his address to the bystanders, and also said
that he was an officer of the Knights of La
bor organization. He gave his watch and
other variables that he could get from his
pockets, to Conductor Fletcher of the
freight train.
Joseph Pcistelthwaite, aged 57 years, and
his Mins. Spencer, aged 18, and Henry,
aged 11. were sitting in the same seat in
the smoker, and their charred remains were
found in the ruins of the cars.
M. 11. Parks, whose address could not lie
learned, was also wedged in the wreck and
burned to death, after handing his money,
letters and cards to one of the railroad em
ployes. His body was also consumed as wer
those of several others, whose names are not
known ami jierhaps never will be.
When the reporter reached the scene of
the holocaust at 1 o’clock to-day. the ruins
of the baggage car, express car and smoker
and the coach were still burning and scores
of hands were endeavoring to clear the
track. Here and there could be seen sheets
of blood and pieces of half burned and
frozen human flesh, and the workmen
were still finding portions of bodies in the
bunting wreck. The uiail.express and bag
gage were burned, including large sums of
The scene at Chamberlain's establishment
w’as one calculated to make the stoutest
hearts quail. Nine shapeless trunks of hu
man beings were stretched out in a row.like
so many charred logs. There were Mr.Pos
telthwaitc and his two sous, side by side,
and seven others, none of whom could be
recognized, and near them was a mass of
flesh ami bones that may have been ]iarts of
the Indies of a duztffi different people.
The Commercial (Gazette’s Tiffin. Ohio,
special reports a diversity of opinion re
garding the real cause of the accident. All
reports agree that there was carelessness
on the part of the railroad employes, but
whether the blame should attach to the
freight or passenger crew, is a matter of
conjecture. A thorough investigation will
be made. The Coroner has taken charge of
the dead. The Commercial's correspondent
gives seven as the number who were killed,
and says that out of fifteen passengers in
the smoker, but tine escaped.
At fair rate of interest on farming lands.
Monty Atlmnrt'H /»r Pinal Payments on
( oloraslß Loan anal Lanai tonap'y
\V. K. TABOR. Delta County Agent.
Jesse Brown,
Pr** AVr/w the I ate ft uorclties in Ms tin
at the loicrtt priori anti oharaiUef*t.~ti£\
Fine antrh repairing a Nperially.
Delta Sample Rooms,
Best billiard tables in the city.
Th« best of Wines, Liquors und Cigars iu the
W. THOM A?, I’roprielot,
Inwd Brpt anl lawlii
aadiywr. Wl» paps,
IH> US taafc—,wM> em
«2? ssw;
enril WMnala PaCaan
MnH to totmaisra «a aU naia far
pirn—l nr Pally mm. TeUsiMW to
atoir, aal gitra uaal can* af erny
tMaa vaa an, aal, iriak, waar, w
lura tea with. Tkw> WVAMAILI
ftManlarisHa •€ tin watfiTw!
will ansa a eapj PUB to aap a*>
*m apaa to^stofrar
WT ft HtTMtolAMpii, cm—IIM
j c FRESH. E. I. OSBORN. .1. J. DAVIB.
Wholesale and retail dealers in——
Ranchmen’s, Cattlemen’s & Miners’ Supplies
A complete Hue ol
Gen'l Merchandise,
Consist int: of
Dry Ciloadi, Clothing. Staple and Fancy (iroerrie*, ProvialoM, Etc
Also a full stock of
Sail". Moves. Tinware. Tin Nhop in connection. Tin work of all De
srriplions a specially. Farm machinery, agents for the cele
brated ;t>lld«len Barb Wire. McCormick's Harvest
ins; Machine*. Etc., Etc.
Koiithwcntcrn Agent** Tor tlie
I 3 | j :
John Deere and Oliver (’hilled Walking Plows.
Finest and larsest Mock of Bools and Hkoes In the valley. A good slock of
Maple Drugs always on hunt!. California Clothing and Furnishing
Bonds a specialty. All goods strictly first-elaan and prices
as low as the lowest. Call and see ns at
Cor. 3d Nt. and 1 nronipnhgrc Ave.. - - - - nOk'TRONE, COLO.
Delta Town Comp’y
The GARDEN SPOI OF COLORADO, On the line of the Denver A. Rio Grande rail
road, Utah extension, at the juuction of the Uucompuhgre and Gunnison rivers.
Three different railroads staked through as many corners of the town! Midway beween
Denver and Salt Lake.
Irrigable Land as Extensive as Salt Lake
Unsurpassed as a FARM AND FRUIT REGION Climate unrivalled in Colorado. No
snow or winter lere.
Winter resort for the Mouutaiu towns, llouie for the health-seeker. Mineral springs ad
joining the town. Now is the time to invest
i.nr* are ai by 125 feet.
Business Lots, each $75 to $250
Residence Lots, each $25 to $lOO
■W- -- ■ W ■<h ■ ♦ \ H ~Jk
Special Hates for Board by tht W^LJLMSjjaM
NO. 46.

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