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DSMJS. UOM>., iliH'V il. 1887.
( Surprise parties are all the rage at
0J present.
County Commissioner Clough, of Pa*
oma, is in town.
C. 1). .Johnson is suilering with the
quinsy sore throat.
K. M. McMunuy left for Denver
last Monday morning.
J. E. Han mu Look a short trip to
Graml Junction lust week.
For a wonder uoihing happened to
our friend Jiuiler last week.
There is talk of having a Masquer
ade Ball some time next mouth.
Win. Thomas is erectiug an iie house
back of his residcuce ou Palmer
Dr. McDonald lias returned from
Lake City and will locate here per
r •
Baptist Covenant meeting Saturday
at 2 o'clock p. in. Service. Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock.
Drs. McDonald A Albers have fixed
up auotlice in Ihe addition to McMur
ray's Drug Store.
■ ♦ - ■—
The ice men are commencing to till
.their ice houses with slough ice und
very thin ice at that.
Geo. W. Donley, u former partner of
A. C. Butler, Inis started out in the
real estate busmes in Escondido,
The D. A U. G. have a large gang of
men at work on the abutments of the
It .new bridge across the L'ncompahgie
west tif tow’ii.
Didn't "Uucle Tommy" step high
though when he came down town lust
Sunday morning, happiest mau in the
There were not many out to the
dance given by K. C. Snow last Thurs
day eve. hut those who attended report
a grand time.
The proceedings ol the Hoaid of
Commissiomrs, uud the semi-annual
statement will be published "next week
' providing the copy is received y
Mr. James Coudit, wiio h.u charge
.of the Trickle school, aud Mr. A. A.
.laquesol the Smith's Fork school spent
Ja»» Saturday and auuduy m iowii vis
iting friends.
The M. E. church was crowded lust
Sunday eveniug, to hear Presiding El
der Chauibei lain deliver oue ol Ins
excellent sermons. Our people always
.appreciate them.
Arthur Brown is buildiug quite an
addition on. and otherwise liufioviug
Ins house ou the California Mesa. We
.don't hardly think lie contemplates
matrimony, still It looks rather sus
Win. F. Johnson, who has been con
fined to his bed for the last few weeks
with mountain fever. Is. we are happy
.to leant, so far recovered as to be able
.to ait up a portion of the time.
A young lady tripped |Nist our office
this morning singing -Somebody’s
coming next Friday eve." Bather start- j
ling information but we wish her a tall j
time when he does come, just the |
Geo. Fogg, of the upper Tongue
.preek, called ou us yesterday, and re
ports that lie is milling an excellent
article of coal from his bank, lie will j
bring a load to town in a few days!
and give our folks a chance to test its
good qualities.
Boarder to new girl who had just
learned her role: What are wu to have
for dinner to day ? Girl: Miacepieup
Mauried—On Saturday eve Jan. s
by ltev, N. A. Chamberlain, Win.
Thomas mid Mrs. ilulda Cameron.
The Independent extends coiigrutu*
tlonstoMr. und Mrs. Thomas, ami
lioihjs that their future life may he a
happy and fruitful one.
“Army Scenes mill Anecdotes" by
ltev. X. A. Chamberlain was listened
to by quite n well tilled house. Inal
tint unlay eve. Tbe lecture was dial
elite. In every res|>ect, the old soldier*
present especially nppeclutlng it. We
li<t|ie the Elder onu be persuaded to
deliver another lecture 111 tbe near fu
The eeholare of tbe High school have
foraied an Anil-Slung society. The
member, are to keep an nocount of the
different klang phrases they hear, and
the name of person us!ng the same. Our
devil ie u member and last eve showed
il, Ilia list that be bud made nut, “tip
toe to cackle" heads it and miicli expres
sions ns “darnet," “too too," "Stunner
to ejaculate,” "shoot It," und "too In
tensely Intense" follow down the
page. Ylie devil says lie should “slob
ber" that It Is hard work to keep truck
of all lie hears aud talks of resigning.
We hope that tlm society will succeed,
# add advise the startlutt of ou Anti-
Oqin society, wlitui they get sick of
By a pupil of the Delta Ulgb School,
The rirat thing lu bo considered in
the structure of the human body, is
the holies aa they form the foundation
on which the body is' built. In the
perfect human body there are about
two hundred bones which are warm
pinkish bodies, full of blood vessels.
The muscles give form and symme
try to the body and also act ou the
hones to produce motion, in this body
j they are well developed and are hard
and dark colored.
The skin is. healthy performing its
otlices and not pale and tlahby but
dark colored aud renewing itself often
and til us keeping itself soft and
The liair is soft and oiled with na
tures dressing.
The complexion is clear and pure.
The teeth are perfect and white as
nature made them.
The iaruyx is full ami the vocal
cords give clear, musical sounds.
The chest is broad aud there are
large lungs which are iu such a per
fect condition ihut the impurities of
the body are thrown oil' aud llie blood
kept pure.
The Heart is strong aud healthy be
ing nourished by the pure blood.
Thu cells of blood ale numerous giv
ing heat and strength to the body aud
daily repairing tne waste and giviug
new strength and life.
The digestive apparatus is kept iu
pel feet oi'der by good nourishing food.
The nervous system is sucuguiened,
and not abused by excileuieut aud
uarcolics, and is so well balanced that
brain is not allowed lo overwore at
expense of body.
The brain is fully developed and
well balanced. The thinking power
of cerebrum, being put iu use by
llie executive power.of cerebellum.
The equalization of thought and
force will thus lead iu lime to the
most perfect development of man,
mentally, morally and physically.
Thus a mail In perfect heuith with
all the functions of body and mind in
good older would be us perfect as man
could be.
Rogers Jlesu.
The new school house on the above
mesa, was crowded on Saturday, the
-.'Sth uist, by a very appreciative au
dience lo hear the members of the
Mesa Literary Association carry out
liie following programme " which was
gone through with credit to ail ‘who
look parL
Declamation, U. Aahbaugh.
•• W. CtAlen.
•• W. S. Reynolds.
•* Kstellu Cot ten.
Select Herding, J. Patterson.
** ...... G. A.shbuugh.*
- . . ..XIU4S Aggie Cotton.
- . L. Barnes.
•• J. T. Reynolds..
•• * K. Parsons.
* - K.
Miss Annie Cotten read the “Mesa
Times/' edited by Miss Annie Cotleu
assisted by Mr. Jessie T. Reynolds.
The paper was well gotten up, and sev
eral “lilts’* elicited applause from the
audience. After ruc««ss the following
question was debated: Resolved, that
George Washington was a greater man
lb an Napoleon lh .impart. J. W. Green
led the iiftlrm.ilive aud A. L. Cook the
negative. The judges, who were J. W.
Hurst, John & wan and J. S. 1 leister,
decided ill efavor of Ike immortal
George. The question for the next
meeting will be very interesting fo the
liachelor community so alt should ul
tend, it is as follows* Resolved; that
there is more pleasure iu siugie than
in married life. The Society meets
every Saturday evening uud much cre
dit is due to J. W. Green. Pres., J. T.
j Reynolds. Assistant Sec'y., for the in
j Ideal taken by them in the Society.
('rnwhird Items.
The children of Smith's Fork and
vicinity bad a g vvl lime on Christmas
eve in the school bouse, where their
friends, married and single, had a
Cunstmas trite prepared‘for them un
der the auspices of Ihu Smith's Fork
Nibbulh school. The tree, which bore
all kinds of fruits in übundunce, was
loaded down, from h pair of bubv's
shoes to a burro uud laiodle dog.
About 7 o'clock p. in. the meeting was
called to order by llie chairman, E. G.
Johnson, who iu a neat speech ex
plained to the children the reason for
keeping Christmas, after which the
following programme was prosenlod;
Singing. (Jewels) by the school; Re
citation, (Christmas Greeting) by Mrs.
Kiue's class; Declamation, (Boundaries
of Christmas) by Eddie Grant; Recita
tion, (l think when 1 read) by Mrs. J.
R. Foster's class; Reading, (Santa
Claus) by If. Grunt; Singing, (Jesus
Loves me) by the school. Santa Claus
was then admitted and introduced to
the school by the chairman mid the
lire lit up. After Santa Claus had ad
dressed|ttie children he then proceeded
to distribute the presents not forget
ting any one from theyourtgest to the
oldest. Refreshments were theu pass
ed around aud you? reporter secured
the best part of u chicken and feels if
all fared aa lie did they had no reason
to grumble. After the inner man was
supplied the choir sang a Clirislmua
Anthem and all separated well pleased
with the Urst visit of Santa Claus to
the Smith’s Fork valley and hope lie
will not forget to cull next year.
The children of Mi's. 11. R. Rico’s
and Mrs. J. R. Foster’s classes, went
through tlieir part of the programme
in good style and reflect much credit
on those ladies for the pains taken by
them i;i llioiii imslrtfcUoih
Pttrtiex deMlritiic to prove up will do
welt to cult on 11. A. tint ley. uw lie liou
fuinU to lonu at a »nmll rate unit o»
louk tliue. and will be In lilm otllee ev
•ry day dariuir bnulpm liuurs.
Call of County Warrants.
TuiiA-sniKus Onkick, )
Delta, Colo., Jan’y 4, 1867. i
There are fund* in the hands of the
County Tresurer tor the payment of
the fulfowiugcounty warrants, viz:
Xos.. .174-401-475-401-47:1-471-455-
449-521-520 *5:11-528-520-5:10-458—459
585-482-519 -587-187-512-534-4 84 —440-
508-511-524 505.-525-512-520-485 -494-
Xoiice is hereby given to the hol
ders of said warrants that interest
will cease after thirty days from date.
County Treasurer.
Annual Meellng or the Hurt
laud I>itch llompuu)’.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the llartland Ditch
Co. w’Ul lie held at the residence of
Josiph .Bond, on the Ist Monday in
.Jan’y, 1887, at 7 o’clock p. m., for the
election of ollicers, and such other bus
iness as may properly come before
saitl meeting. W. F. Johnson,
Call of County' Warrants.
Treiisurers Otlice. t
Delta. Dec. 14th 1880. i
There are funds in the hands of the
County Treasurer for the payment ot
the following County Warrants viz: .
408-128-342-419-415 420-144-426 432 j
444-400-470-447-478-448-472- 441 - 402 i
Notice is hereby given to the holders
of said warrants that interest will cease j
•after thirty days froin date.
T.H. McGkanaiian
County Treasurer
Tongue Creek Coal.
All ]»ersons desiring coal wilMlnd it
in any quantity at the Independent
MJne on Surface Creek. Orders left at
Shields .& I»ve*s or Hammond A Ham
ilton'* will be promptly filled.
4-3-i-ui A. X. Williams
Notice! **
In 6rder to meet uiy bills, it will be i
necessary that all notes due for thresh- |
iogure paid by Jaiiaury Ist. All notes j
not paid by that date will be pl.iceil in j
the hands of an attorney for. collect- {
ion. Jack Dauuy.
.• .. . t —♦-—
For Salt*.
My Pimm. dewing Machine, Cook
stove and .Household <jo«mls.
K. lJreese
SLKEPLKss NIGHTS, made miser
able by .that lerrjlde cough. Shiloh's
Cure is the remedy for you.* For-sale
at McMurray's.
I have a quantity of Choice Fresh
Alfalfa Seed, of my own raising,
whirli 1 niu ojTering for stile, at the
market price.
All llie latent styles in hats at Me-
Granahan A Butler's.
Still on Earth.
If you are in any way interested in
tint subjevl, the e.\|>erieuce of Mr. A.
s'. McUrtjw, a merchant at Manhattan,
Jown, may be ol value to you* Rend
tv hat lie says: About a year ago I was
t cry sick with a severe attack of lung
trouble, lined a great many phisi
< tans. and they all told me I had quick
tonsumpiioii, and 1 was entirely given
up. so weak that 1 could hardly walk.
1 traveled all through Nebraska and
('olomdo to try and get relief, Imt with
out effect. Often times alter a severe
*»l*ell of coughing my friends wuulc
cover me up. expecting every moment
1 would breathe my hist. 1 was then
brought back home and as a last resort
“like a drowning man catching at a
straw,” 1 began using Chamberlain's
Cough Ketuody, and tlie result is lam
strong, healthy and well, attending to
my business. Chamberlains Cough
Remedy 1 shall reccommend as long as
1 live, for to that 1 owe everyiihing.
Sold by Latham& Williams.
- -*
Mr. F. H. Goodrich, a St. Louis Trav
eling Man, representing the Graham
Paper Co., contributes the following,
it may be of value to you: “I have
been troubled with colds and soreness
of the breast the past year and tiud
great relief in Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedy. I cheerfully reccommend it
to any one troubled with coughs or
colds, give it a trial.” L. Harry a mer
chant of Sweet Home, Mo., has also
used it for several years and knows its
value, ho says Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy never fails to give quipk relief
and that lie always keeps it in the
house and would not be without it for
live times ita cost. Sold by Latham &
€?AV«ftl* Mid Trade Murkn Obtained, and
ail other bualnesa In thn l?, 8. I‘aioiit Otttco at
tended to for MoDKKN KKKS.
Our office la opiMwitu the l?. H. Patent Office,
anil we can obtain Patent* in lea time than
thuao remote fr«ra WASHINGTON.
Send MOOKI. OH UHAWINO. Weodvbte a* to
patentability free ofchantv: and we make NO
We refer, here, to the Postmaster. the Supu lof
Mouey Order btv., and to offielali of the U. S.
Intent Offieo. For oirrular, advise, terms and
references to aetnal clients iu your own Mate or
Oouety, writ* to
C, A. SNOW & CO..
Opposite Pateat Office, Washington, I». C.
Nolle? for FultUcalion.
LaM> Of KICK AT GtNNIno:. OjD»UAIM>, i
!>«••*. -jj, mi. r
Nutlue Is hereby given that the foil • vitig-naia
. e<l settler has iiled u»tiue el' l«i- iuiuimiou »»>
niuku litml pruui* in fcuppurl of his claim, .uul
that tan! proof will be made before hi. 1.. Kol
l<ar«, Clerk I>i*t. Court, nt Delta, Colorado, . n
Feb.y 10. IHH7, viz: Thomas H. Mower. D. S. ‘MO
Lite Series, for the ej4 ne)4,eU moL Sec:. l. r >, T. 11
S. K. Ho W. fith I*. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his eontiiioiis residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land via: Charles Mundry, Daniel S, bald
win, George Fogg. Jtobert 11. Hamilton, all of
Della. Cola.
12-2H —it-1 JOHN J. THOMAS, Kegistcr.
Notice for Publlcntlon.
I.ani> Orncr. at Ginmsov, Colo., >
Dee. IT. IS.MI. {
Notice is hereby given that the following no ic ed
settler has tiled notice of his intention t» make
linal proof in support of his claim, and that raid
l»n*of will la* untile before A. K. King, County
Judge at Delta. Colo., on Fob’y viz:
John II h nuly, D. I s , 2.lft l,te f*crie>. for tlie
n]A sw l 4 See. Jt>, n'4 lwJ4 HeC. 3ft, T. 14 S. It. t«3 \V.
lith I*. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz: James Hutchinson, Amos Rey
nolds, Joint Doughty, Jesse navis, al) of
HotchkDf Colo,
lii-iil—l-2ft JOHN J. THOMAS. Kevin ter,
| INotico Is hereby given that the -ntiuul Meet
ing of the Stockholder* of tlte Garnet Ditch Com.
puny, will lie held at their olTiee in Delta, Colo.r
Sutnrday, February ft, l*r>7. at 10 o'clock a.in., fos;
the pur|»ose of electing a l.i«ar«l of eight director
to serve flic ensuing year, and fir the trausac
tion of such other buniuexi as may prc>i*erly come
before the meeting.
It. D.IH.AIK, H. A. Baii.kv.
Secretary. President.
« .voriii:
You follow* Unit art* iiiilrblnl In me
inuNt call mid Kettle by (bo l*t ot Dec*
ember. 'I blk include* nil and don't you
forget It. J. J. Barker.
Delta, Nov. Ut, ISSO.
Tne Montrovr Live Stork Coinmis*
klou Co., have *|ieeial Dm-i'll lies for
Dandling Jlulcs. llnru-s. Uange 4'nt
| tie. (irmlo Bulls for range u*«* and
I*ure-bre«l Bulls, dnllnany. Hereford
j and Sliorlborn*. ConslgtiiiieniH null
<‘orreK|»oiidenee solicited. Otliee uitts
| IScorgi* It. Jonc*. Broker. Ttilnt Strwt,
Montrose. C olorado. S. 11.
Remember that A. H. King will ad
vance for making linal proof at low
lated ot interest.
Strawberry Plants.
S. I?. Hope at Delta Colo, has the ex
clusive sale of A. \V. Carr's new vari
ety of strawberry plants. All those
that wish plants of fliif^variety can ?e-’
cure them of S. R. Hoi»e, in the future,
at a reasonable price.
who wish to secure lows at
the present low prices, would do well
to call uLor.co us they are going like
hot cakes. J. .J. Barker.
sia and Liver Complaint? Shiloh s
Vitalizcr is guaranteed to cure you.
For sale at McMurray’s Drug Store.
California underwear from 81.75 to
85.50 « suit, at McGranalian &
For Sale.
My entire business, including Build
ings, Lots. Furniture. Store, Shop and
Lumber Yard. Anyone desiring a
bargain will do well to consider the
above. It. Brekse.
The Tlonradez Cigarettes arc known
throughout the world. Pure rice paper and
Havana tobacco. No opium or drugs. Con- 1
noimeurs will nppn-eiate their mild and del- J
icatc tiavor. If no dealer in your towu has
them, send 33c. for l*ox of »JO cigarette* by
mail, u» S. M. Simpson, Distribution Cigar
Store. Denver. July 20-»t
Sant pies of carpets at McGraualian
A Butler’s.
you need for Constipation, Loss of Ap
petite. Dizziness, and .til symptoms of
Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents. |ier
bottle. For sale at McMurray's.
SHILOH’S COUGH and Consump
tion Cure is sold by us on a guarantee,
ll cures Consumption. For sale at
Mo Murray’s Drug Store.
Smoke "Harvest King” full Havana
tilled Bet cigar. Hand made, free
smoker, delicious flavor. Sold by all
dealers. Struby-Estabrook Co., sole
Agents, Denver. Colorado.
Hotel Brunswick, Denver, Colo. Lintou
& ilagnr, j*ruprietors. Brunswick restaurant
on the European plan, in connection. Ev
erything firi»i-c!aRH.
so quickly cured by Shiloh’s Cure. We
guarantee it. For sale at McMurray’s
Drug Store.
Bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shiloh’s Cure. For sale at McMurray’s
Drug Store.
All persons knowing themselves m
! debted to me, please call and settle and
save expenses. K. BREKSE.
Fur lame back, side or chest, use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cts.
For sale at McMurray’s.
Smoke N. A*. M. Co's.. l*rinciprs the
only Sumatro Wrapper and Lung Hava
na tilled Bet. cigar in tho market.
Guaranteed. Struby Kslerbook Co.
Sole Agents. Denver. Colo.
At McGraualian A Butler’s—A large
assortment of the latest styles just re-,
ceived. You cannot fail to be suited
New crop Timothy Seed now on sale
at J, .1. Barker’s V-f tf
CATARRH CURED, health and
sweet breath secured by Shiloh’s
Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cts. Nasal
Injector free. For sale at McMurray's
Drug fetor*.
Palmistry is the science of the palm mystery.
of t!ie Northwestern Mutual Endowmant Society is to assistita members at marriage -to famish
them money with which to bay a home or start in business.
I Certificates are issued for $l,OOO. of which a person may take either one or two. On nno certificate he
will receive the following amounts ' for two it would be twice as much • $7OO at end of three years if he
i marries before two years—the remaining S2CO in two years more $5OO if he marries after two years--
! remaining $5OO in three years mere; $7OO if he marries after three years, $9OO if he marries aft r four
years, and the balance of the $lOOO ?*. the end of five years, $lOOO if he marries at any time after five
year 3, $5OO if he never marries, • after fiive years.' A young man or woman can each take out DOUBLE .
CERTIFICATES thus giving them $4,000 in five years at marriage.
For full particulars call at Photograph Gallery. Parties wishing
to sell Real Estate will do well to call on Geo. H. Bigelow,
Photogographer and Real Estate Agent. Also General Agent
for the N. W. M. E. Society. DELTA, - COLORADO.
Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, j
Ladies and Gents Furnishing Goods,
Hardware, Wagons andßtiggies,
Agricultural Implements.etc.
Meat Market !n Connection. !
% *
Will pay Cush'for Bn tier. EggH.Pork.Grnin. Hides anti Fnr».
“RED ROCK,” opposite Paonia, Colorado.
Agent for the New Home Sewing Machine.
Notice for I*nbl Icwtiou.
Usn office at csunmson Cow.. ' I
1Vc.24. Ij
Notice i«* hereby gtven that the following-named
vttlcr h:v fll«I iirti'P of hi* lutcntinu t<» make I
final pn»of ill AU|t;iort of hi* claim, ami that said
j'f.mf "111 lx* made before K_ 1.. Kellogg, Clerk
i*iet- Oo.irf.at Delta. Colo.. mi feb'y u. I**7. viz: i
Ilerl»ert K. Perkin*. I*. >. _-,«j l ie Series. f,r
the c t ne*i. .<l*o. Ij. w> 4 im - t See. II.T. II S. K.
-C. NV.fllh I’. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove liis
continue*. r»*sMlenee itj**»n. and cultivation of.
wiid land, viz : licence F«vh.. Daniels,
wen. Thomas W. Slower. Cuune* Mumlry. ail of ,
Della, l oio.
IS -*s 1 JOHN J. TIIOII.VS. Register.
Notice for Pablicatiou.
I.ANU OFFICE Afy i: s s i <> • \.« M. 0.. i
IH>\ •_*!. IS-V. |'
Notice is hereby civeil that the following named '
ttltier luu tiled notice ot lu> in: .*miou t« make •
final proof m support o! hi-, c'.auu. and that said
proof util l»e nutdc If.-forr K. i. ib iiv;. Clerk
Dist. Court, at iJeiUt. Colorado, ou Feb > K\ l**V, ;
VI/.: Uauitl & lia.aA -»zil «J(0 KfitH for
Hie e * lieI.* 1 .* Sec. lu. vv, svv' 4 S< c. 11. 1. 14 S’ lv. !
as W. Idh I*. M.
He names the following w itneanes to prove his *
continuous residence upon and cultivation 01,
said land, viz : Charles .'niiulry. Herbert K. Per- j
kius, 1 hoiiias H. Mower, lhuKiiey c. Krulns, i
ali of Delta, t oio.
12-us— s-i Uqdnrr. j
Notice for I*uhlicm ion.
Land Opfiv kat Ovnnison, ('olmkaDO, t I
fiCC. INS». »
Notice is hereby given that the following-nam- !
ed settler has tiled uotiec «>t l»i> in Pullen to
make nn.il proof In .support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made ttcforv E. L. Kel- !
•ogg, Clerk Hist. v onrt. at iH-itu. Colorado, on :
Keo y :». IkkT. viz; Clarence M Kenuiev.lt, I>. S.
JSk’ ltc scries lor the e'v aw w•, nri. See. - i
I. Its. K .W. nui r. :C.
He names the following witnesses to prove his !
continous residence up«n, and cultivation 01, '
said land, viz; George . ilrowcr. Charles Muu- !
dry, Win. M. Spalding. John 11. Burton, all mt !
He. (a, Colo.
Ix-JS-iM JOHN,J.THOMAS. Reginter.
Notice for l’ublirntiun.
Ike .Si, lose / !
Notice is hereby given that the fullowiug-nain- I
ed settler ha* nicu notice of his nnvuu. ii to I
make final proof in support oi ni> claim, and j
that Mini proof will be made before L 1.. Kel
logg.Cler*: lilsU Court, at Delta. Colorado, on
Feb'y 3. lt*7. viz; Eugenia 1». Kvunleo'.t. H. S.
•/y7 Lie Series, fur tlic eSswda, " sc 4 . Sec. '■
T. 14 s. K. S> IV. fill I*. M.
lie names the billowing witnesses to prove his
coniinou* residence and cultivation 01, j
said land, viz: George .W. Brower. Charles Mun
dry. Mm. M. Spalding. Joun H. lUm.cn, ail ol
Indut, Colo.
l. -.s- J l JOHN J. THOMAS, Register.
Notice for l*uhlientlon.
Land Omos at ui-nmson. Cm.oh.vno. •
Inc. ill, :«kk t_ j
Notice Is hereby given that the following-nam- ;
cd settlor has ;i:od novice oi hi- internum to !
make final proof in support of his cpma, and 1
that said pr.mf will m> made In*fore r.. 1.. K. .
logy. Clerk DIM. court. Ml lb'ita. Colorado, on ;
Keo y 11, ISS7, viz: Charles Mumiry. I>. k. JU
lie rarr.o-. mr tuw c'j nc n■ j >«•* nc. 22, T. 14
S. It. y» \V. till! I*. M.
He name* the tallowing witnesses to prove hi* .
conlinous residence u|>ou, am. cultivation of. 1
said land. »u. tH i m-rt K. l'vrkita. Darnel
Italdvvin, Thomas 11. M. vwr. Piltkiicy v . Bncge>,
ail of Delta, Colo.
11 JOHN J. THOMAS. Register, j
Notice for |[*ubltmtioii.
l.ANDOrncr. at Utyxis'S, t\»j >kv:«o. < I
Dee. .»». its" I **, v
Notice is hereby given that the follow Ing-nom !
ed settler has filed limicw of his Uitcuuon to !
make final pr\Hd in aupimri of nls elauu, amt I
that said proof will be made before K. Kel- |
logg,Clerk DUt. Court, at Delta, Coioruclo, on
Keb'y t», Pv>7. viz: Charles A. States. l>. a. 7.S I'n t
Series, for lUe ei^ sw*y,Sec. I-X. lAS. K. Vk» W.
iUti I*. M.
He names the following witnesses t«» prove his ;
eoniin*u* rvMdvuce u|k<h, ami v'ultivaUou «•!. i
said land, vie; Joseph lbmd. vieorgu .v. Stanton. !
C»iarles D. Juunson. John McAllister, all of Del j
t.\ Colo.
1J JS-J-1 JOHN J. THOMAS, liesuter.
Notice for I'ublieiktlon.
Lamp Oi fu k at OrsxtsoN. IV»lorais'. i
Dec. il, KV«i. »
Notice Is hereby given that th«* foUowing-uain*
vnl settler has tiled notice of hi* intciitiou u>
make final prtsd m support of las claim, and
that said proof will Im made before K. L. Kel
logg. Clerk Dlxt. Ccurt, at Delta. Colorado, on
l .Vy I*J. IkST. viz. Charles U. Miller. i>. S. -js;
l*to Series, for the link nw St, »W nv *,
Stv. 3S. subset* - . See. tI,T. ISB. It. 9S \V, «tu
P. M.
lie iiMiitM th« following witnesses to prove hl»
Coiitinoua tvMdvuw upon, amt einttvati n of,
said lami, viz; Kdwurd K. Hal!. VVdUuiu Y. Duke,
Krt ward M. Duke. Rim O. Wiluiat.ail el lluteh*
ki-n. i oio.
JOHN J. TUOM.vs. Register, j
IJfollfp for Publication.
Land Ofuce at Gunnison. Coin.,)
ihm'.is, i?*s. ;
Notice is hereby given that the following named
! settler ha* fti»sl notice of his intention u> make
filial proof in support of hi* claim, and that said
proof will ho made before K. L. Kollnyg. ClerK
! I*l*.;. Court at Delia. * oio, on Jau y JG, IW7, viz;
! Jacoi. 11. Adam.*. I). a. :v.j. Ut« berie?. for the
~e‘ t >c«-. :«.T. lb S. K. W. Gin k\ M.
lie names the follow ing witnesses to prove his
continuous rc-idoix-e upon, amt cultivation of,
.-aid laud, vie John J. Marsh. Jauies A. McCoy.
Set h K. Crockett. Charles W. tiehangu, ull ol
' Delta. I oh*.
1--11—l-If* JOHN J. THOMAS. Register.
Notice far Publication.
| I-ANl* OKKICK AT (il MMSOX.CO!/).. I.
Dec. 11, ISSG. )
Notice is hereby given that me following uamed
' ■♦cttler h.-vs filed notice of tus intention to make
; liiiM proof in sup|M»n «»t his ciiiini. ami that said
pnas! will be made lie!ore A It. King. County
Judge at Delta. Ouionuio, on Jao'y istii. 1887.
, vi’.. Hugh Williams D. N 71 > He Senes. lor
the uw'4. stvl* Sec.ll. T. 13 >. 1L :0 W. Util
lie names the following witnesses to prove his
. contiuuouA residence up-*n. and cultivation of
I said land, viz : Joseph Darker. Lymnu Sessions,
1 David 1,. King, James Slaughter all of Delta,
12-14—I-18 JOHN J. THOMAS.
Notice for Publirntloa.
Land«»mck at ucscmsos, Co do.. (
Dec. lu, IScG. *
j Noti«*e is hereby given that tue t.iUmvmg named
settler has tiled notice of hi* mteutlou to make
final proof in snp|M>rt of Ids claim, and that saui
proof will in* matte before Wm. A. Eckerly
Clerk DisL Court, at Montrose, <% Horatio. ou Jan.
t:», INB7. \tz : Thomas M. Kerr. U S 370. I’te Ser
U-s, lor tiie set* uw •*. »w‘, lie'.. nw'T s*e l «, ue l ,
s\v ’ Sec. M. T. MN.K.IuW..V M. t\ M. J
lie names the following wilucses to prove liis
I continuous residence upon, ami cultivation of, |
sanl land, viz: David K. ltatle.v. iioiuce M. j
: Corey, of ltn»wn. t'olo., Ldwnrd K*duu*ou.
: Richard T. Jones, ol iloiitr»»se. t ‘oh*.
| 12-U-I-18 Register. !
Notice for CuiilU-ntiou.
!' Land Okkxck at Gunnison, Colo.,)
Dec. 17. Ins*..
i Notice is hereby given that the following naiaed
' settler »us tiled muiev of his mreatiou lo make
tinal proof lu supis«ri of nis claim, null mat said
SPHii will be made before A. K. King. County
udge, ut India. Colo., on February 2, Ins*. viz:
I Kiiletl G. Led is. D. s j.y fte scrips, lor tiie
1 mpp II 1 J awry*. See. 3.V f. ItS. K. yJ \V. Gtil l*. ,
He names the following witnesses to pr**ve his
coiiiinuoits residence U|sm. uinl eulitvation of, 1 1
said iand, m. James lluteamsoii. Amos Key- |
I.*’els. .loku iKiUglity.Jessc l*uv Is ail of Hotcn* j
hiss. Colt*.
UK*—!l*M> JOHN J.THOMAS, Register.
i !
Notice for PnblicHllon.
Land OrriiE AT Gl NMSON. C0L0.,)
lac. 14. InsG. ,
Notice Ib hereby given that the follow iug named
i se-.iler lias Hied notice ■ t his iuu-ullou to itmkv
' final proof in sUp|>on ol his claim. uud that said
proof vv;ii be uuuic before A. R. King. County
! Judge, ut Dei la, Colorado, ou Fcb'y o. Ins*, vu:
] JiwoielMcCarUiy. D. n. lu* Series for the
lie *. See. No. T. l>s. K. \\ . OUI V. d.
lie names the following witnesses to prove hLn
! er*mlbUou* residence upon, ami culdvuti. n «>i.
said laud, viz: Warren t*. Urewu. Charles Ke
I lutu.M ii, Hemy llaumiuud, John J. Marsh, all of
I Delta. 1 mu.
I JOHN J THOMAS. Register.

Notice for Publication.
11. V M* (>KKU N AT Gl NNIBOS. C 01.0., *
Ikv. 17. IsNU. i
, Notice is herebygiTen that the following named
, v-nlt-r lias aietl notice ot his intention u> make
dual prowl m sup|N<rt of lu* claim, amt that said
i proof will Ik* made before E. L. Wcdogg. clerk
t»i>i. Cinirt at Deltu. Colorado. Jou Jan.mry.il,
UfrV. via.: Joim K. Nmllii, U. S Cte Series.
G>r the wSsvV,. e\*w•, see. hg, ip. 11 s. t\. >1
! W. mu I*. M.
; He names the following witneusen to prove his
: mutinous residence U|*uti, luid euittval.olt uf
* said la id, viz.: Henry 1.. KolH-rts, deed |>'. Rob*
1 ertv. odui T. innighty. Robert L. Irving.all uf
lion nkiss. Colo.
IS-JI -1 Jo JOHN J .Tilt) MAS. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Land okpiok at gi nni. •**♦>.Cut.o., i
Jait yj. ttM7. i
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice ot' his iutvulluu to
tuwkc thnti prtKtt in »upts>rt of hU claim, uud
Vi o*i skid proof will be mado bufitro A. U. King,
V.'wuniy Judge, hi IHso*. * alo., utt Feb y 12, i.s*;,
vU; *» UUh.u il. Kinilotll, I>. S. dttt Vre Seti««,
fer tisw sVji *c S*c. M, *wb «*■» Nyc. 13. nw'4
nw , s*c. 24. 1.14 s*. li. sfc \V. ttrh r. M.
Il«» nuni'-s the toUoWmg wuucwses to nruvs Rfo
ccnrmuvais resideuce um»n. uud eultivsUvU of
►aid iand. viz: Kreuaru Vuric**. New ton U C«j
Ue. John H. Rurren, C.wruncc M. KemucotV all 1
•f DTlta.Cwio.
j 1-4—d-A JI«UN J. ’I HOMcib, Kegattr. J
' > XrWrnw
B’rtrUi .of
'yjf 25? * <£;.*
Jir M.«. r*.«ni<ntn»
T iviim. •
*£!££» G.lll *\V:ty -dl*
farm at Delta. Report nil drnys.
lU—t On left hip
w-nitk* in Qu*o
between the
Hunen for «lv.
\oClrr Tor Publication.
' V la.ND Office, at UcimmiL <S>ln. >
■'■' NhV 21, 1a»o. i
Not ire is hereby given tlmt the follnwimr-imm
ed **ttVr Iris filed nolle.* of Ills intention to
make final pro.if in supfinrt <<f his claim. and that
nsdd imwl will be mane before A. K. King Con ity
.iiniiP. at i>pH-a. r..:0,. on F«n’v u>, ins;, viz :
Peter K. lit rim. I>. S 914 Ute Series, for the so
b 4 \ See. 22. r. -.1 \. It. 11 W. N. M. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove hit
coutiimu* residence u|m»ii. ami cultivation of. *:dtl
land, viz:
Herman O. Bear. Charles A. Bear. Samuel
A. Caines. Albert 11. Swan, all of Delta, Colo.
I ll -2-15 JOHN J. THOMAS, Renter.
X«tl«’p for Piibllcntiou.
Land Office at Ucnnbon. Colo.»
Nov.ii.lNi;. I
Notice is hereby given that the following n»'n
eii seiiier inis tlle.i notice of liLs iutcnuon to
make filial pr *.»f in xnppor. of hU claim, ami mat
saM pro.if will be made bcftit** A R. King,
Couat. .fudge, at lx*ita,Co|o, on Feb'y 16* bo,,
viz: ihoiims a. (rriJeih ,D. S. ;>«2 L'te Series
for tin- rJ-j mv‘ i. nwVi in*'-. See. IS. se!£ svvW
Sec. 7, T. .5 .■*. j... 95 t*. h.ii l*. M.
H«* names the following wimesse-. to prove Ids
continuous rosuleiisc up-.M, and cultivation of,
said la id. v / ; Lc.tper Gill, John *J. Adams.
Jlenry T West, Aifr d a. lamia. ail of be.u,
Col *.
1-11-1-15 JOHN J. THOMAS. Register
Notice tor I*«i 1»1 lent ion.
Land Office at Gunnison. Colo.,)
Dec. :». issfi [
Notice i» hereby given that the following named
settler ha> riled notice of hi* intention to cn .o
final in supjx.rt of his claim, and that a..:d
pro.ii wilt !»..• made before K. L. Kellogg. rWrk ot
District Court, at Delta. Colo., on Jan’y 13. Ini7*
viz: Jonathan Weir, D. s. _ H .«y lie Series, for i.te
l wlj sw ue, * S'V 4, swmJ. T. 14 .S. K. SM \V„ sc K
ee*4 Sec. 1, T. *4 - it. 9* W.Orti P. M.
lie names the following Witnesses to Drove his
continuous residence upon, and eultivaihm of,
mm laud, viz: John !<. ltart, fi'm. M. ."panidi < r
Frick Johnson. Wm. 11. Jolihsou, alt or Del.a,
1.-7—l-11 JOHN J. THOMAS. Re-gister
Notice for Publicattou.
Land office at Ginxison, C010..>
Dee. J, lN >:i. f
Notice is herchy given tliat the following named
settler ha* s.led uot.ee oi his iuu-nui.n to make
filial proof in Mipix.ri of his claim, and tuat uid
pnuf w«U l*e made bcioro iV'iu. a. Fckerly. Ch .*k
District court at Moiaro-e. Colorado. on Jan. 22.
In-6. viz: George H. Cone, D :Ut* l te Men x-i.
lor the «sV£ iw‘. Sec.:*, T. *d N. K. 11 \V„ \r% uw
’ *. Sec. 41 ,T. 41 ,\. it. m VV. N. M. P. M.
He names the fallowing witness*** to pmve ids
conuuuous re-idence uim.ii, aim cultivation of,
said.land, viz: Horace M.» *rey, Win. J. Gaunt,
George F. Carver, Samuel 11. Nye, ail of brow ji,
*l2-7—l-11 JJOHN J. THOMAS. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Gunnison, Colo., I
* Dec. 25. 1W». )
Niilirr is hereby riven that the following named
settler has filed nolii’u ol his intention tomato
■ ijtiai proof in support of his claim, and that said
:/•roof will be made before .V. K. King, t'ountr
Judge, at DeU(,l.'ol'«.. on Feb y Ihh7. viz:
liarimi G. Aemiiddl, D.S. Jlx Ute Serie< forth*
sffa *e-. See. n ~ lie* . 27, T. 11 S. R. 96 \V.
<Uu P M.
lie :ia*.ne> the following witnesses to prove hu
cuutiuooua reside lan upmi, and enitivatiou of,
said laud, viz: «»e*-rge W. llrower, CUur.es Muu
dry. J«*hu li. Durtuii, Wiu. M. f>puiUiug. all ot
lmitu, (aliO. »
12-2h—2 1 JOHN J. THOMAS. Register
Notice for Pui>llcnti*n.
Land omc* at Gunnison. Colorado, »
Dec. 2U. INS*. »
Notice is hereby givon tliat the loiiowing uam
ed setUer lias Hied uotice of fouiilehtlmi U* inaKd
lmai proof in »uju»or. ot Ins claim, amt Unit add
j Iliad Will be made beiore A. it. King, Cou.it/
Judge, at iMla, Colo., oil Feb’y 9. IN>7. »iZ :
Jonn 11. barrow’ I*. S. 211 Lie Series, for tlm
se * Sc••. _-4. 1 14 Sk • it. 30 W. ttth I*. Al.
lie names Die toihftruig wiUidssri to prove his
eaudnOtfu re"i(lruce iiikhi. ;utd CiitlivalUMi of
.-sii.l tiuid. viz : Joiui f. Asabaugh. Samuel Gray,
John a. I’riwsiHi. swan a. Johiuiai, an of
liofehkLss Colo. Sfieciui notice to James »V
‘ JOHN J. THOMAS. Regisur.
Nwtlcc tor Publication.
Land office at Uvnnimin. o>lo.. »
la*e. 90. ISM*, f
Notice is hereby given that ihe follow Sag un..:**-
sett.c-r mo* bleu uotlee >d lil-i mteuuwi io iu .se
nuai proot in support -n ui«* claitu. and Uuu*4id
pruot w;li be iy*.i»ie before A. K- Kmg, Cui.nl)'
Judge,.at OeUa. » .*. »*u Feb y iss,’. vL. ;
loan tC. barrow. 1». o. 242 I'le Series, fur The
mi Ja. s\v , lie-*- ue;, m* t See. 21, T. 14S. K. M
W.lUl i’. M.
He names the follow ing witnesbes to prove fils
continuous resideuee up»u. aa*i cuitivaiiou 01,
said iaad, viz Juaa T. ANttbuugh. S.uinu-1 Gray,
ooau A. tcietsoii, swuu A. Jouuaou, ail of
Hod-tiKlsa. vauu.
:2 2>-2l JOHN J. THOMAS. Register.
Notice fur Publication.
Land off ten at glnnison. Uimk. *
lire. at. IK-Ni. f
Notice is hereby given that ute lollowiug ii.uh
«t settler has u.m uotice «•& auuwativii u» ai.au
loial pr*joi in xipisirt of ins claim, and uial s Ud
(•1-I*l aid or* iiu ic uciorr -V. iL a mg, C aunty
! Judge al Lh-lu, CVMu.. ou Feb'y 10. i? 67, \iz:
, toy one Uwigo.l.l i». s. SI tic Mert.' for in*
■»\\ uw! 4 arc* 29, ue 1 * Sec. JO, i. 15 A. K. M
\«. «d*i i*. M .
He name* the following witnesses to prove LiLs
it'Ulluumiv niicruce Uiam aim cMuiiiainai oC
>aHi land, viz : cnlis i. StumlLdi. \Vartcu l>.
mown. ov.u a. tines. Adrc-d Aidr.dg, all
oi i»*-ua. c o*o. JOHN J. THOMAS, Register.
Notice for Publication.
IAC. Jt.. I tlkti. f
Notice i' hereby given Ihallheloiiewiugua. ol
solder has alcvl aviivti of un tuicnuou w in ia*
nuai proof in supfaurv ol Disclaim, auu vuai .ud
pivH»i will be ui.wic belorxs a. u. Aiug. Cou.iiy
, judge, al Delia. vSOIo., <*a ro.i’y U>. i»«, .iE
; MIC, JIHIUMHI, l>. S. ,M) Uh) SCHC.i Dr I4«t uilM
,iw ,mi i*e4.»; 4 ac 4 Sec. 12, 1. 14 m. U. u 5 IV.
! bin i\ Al.
| tie unices the following wiluesses to prove his
I continuous reMdeiuc K t . <l, and culuiauo.i of,
I sum la.»d viz : cimiikUC. tame, il roei. A.
I easin'. VviiL »t. Jou.isju, .louutiiau tVeu', a*l of
iK-da, 1.0.0.
1-4-2 s JOHN J. fllOAlAs, UeglslvE.
Notice tor PubiacwUoa.
U N IT Kb STATE* Land Off ICN, 1
OLNNi."ON.CUUJ., Dec. 41. last. |
Not ice is Ucreoy given that toe mg uu aed
uilk'i uai u.vU notice <»i m-* unvuauu 10 i..aa*
nuAl pDxd iu .>up|MU oi ms cml.u. auu m.n aid
ptbut viu oe utauo before r- ivcllagg, Cierß
Dm net luuA, ut Del Li. Colo., on Feutdar/ Ilia,
ls*t, viz: Cu.tilw* ua.l.-gii-r. I*. v v_i ot*
.series lo»-lac . )»« v .>c «. c;-* nw .4 .see. 06 4.
14 s. u. A* Vv.olu I*. M.
lie names niv tmi.ia .ug aUaciscs to provo hi*
eonutiuoOs rtuidcucc up. at uin eolti vad.*a of
suit i,.ud viz: t.vniiik *s»..t.i-. ilcaiy tt> iu,
a lulwia J. Gal.l. iieoTge e .>«g, Ou vt Ut.ll,
t 0..». JOHN 4. TTiiI.UA-->, Rogi.de> .
I--4 -2-a
Notice lor Pultacaava.
Land uuat ai GvxNumj.l, Colix, I
Dt— A I t.son. |
Notice G hereby g.veu tuat thei'olUw titgua ti«d
iwL.er nas UivU u>*».ev 01 uis mu-UGoii 10 Lu4<*
uuitl ))(uui iu sdpp.ni ot a u * hunt, and tuat aid
prooi wta Oe Utuuc aefore A. r 4. ..lug, ui<iQ|y
Ji.'tge. ut 1 h..tit, Cota.. OU t. u.mtr,. U,
; .lo.m bt.iAor. I>. S. J2»l Liln .iviiiu ha t&*
wS nt 4aw , *»e. 4 See. Jl. i. It S. 14. ya W. .tb
Hu names U\ti follow mg whikhmm to prove hi*
eviuiuuo.ts rcsidw.iee upon, and cultivation 01
s.ud n.4.d 11... iiato.a („ rv, naieou, C«. .rIM *■ "i
•uuid*) , Gout go G. ...a..n.u..u, tV.u. J. Grow, uU
ot bvuta. Gnu.
I-I .*o J'JtlN J. iIIoMAS, Rogiwtur,
Notice for Puoii««UM, ~~~
Lasd of rtc k at gl nnuon, Co lor a do. t >' %-
iHni. tOk lslF, f.
Notice la hereby given that the following.mat, ;
cd svtWer ha* nl-tt notice of hU jKAfel
liiuzo anal (-am iu support oi hi* eiathl, tM'.
vu*«t saitl pr»H*t will bu made be fore e. L.
legs, v-iera Dial, t t.urt. at Dutta, Onionutm.
Fe'* y •*». viz, FnarurU I*. barrow, dTs, jKfS
lte Series, tor the uv;4 dec* Zh» T. \i S. it. M
tiUik*. M.
He luxiaca t)»u following WMttvzen. Uh MW|*
e *ii; 11.11 \a r.- t U nc.j upon- *2d I'ultirkliZl
sst . ..kid. wz. »•••■■.-r
X) a. 1 • .*;*».l.. -* a* *
I Li" 1 old
La . *— '£ i.

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