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Delta Independent
Published Every Friday.
The County Papers.
Zed Watson is having another 10x18
room built on his brick house on Pitkin
The brick work on the W. T. Bross
house, 30x50 started yesterday, and a
large, handsome structure will s*K>n
rise from the stone foundation. A
basement extends under the whole
building which will have a cement floor
and will contain the laundry storrage
room and also the heating apparatus for
the building.
Evidence of mineral seem to be mul
tiplying in the country above us, sever
al parties having encountered rich float.
J. M. Livesay is erecting him a very
convenient and comfortable residence
on his property just east of the Ham
mond addition. It is roofed with gal
vanized iron, the sides being of iron
imitation brick.
Apples are begining to be brought
to the canning factory, which will be
gin canning them next Monday with
prospects for a big run. Bring apples
now as rapidly as you wish and they
will be taken care of. We hope this
enterprise will meet with the same
success as attended the evaporator, as
then; is abundant room for both.
Cedaredge Notes.
The Woodmen are planning an enter
tainment for the evening of the thirty
Apple packers and pickers are much
in evidence in Cedaredge. The crop is
large and but for a few unfortunate
hail specks would be nearly perfect.
The public sale of the goods of Col.
F. E. Boyd was largely attended and
was an all day afTair. Besides Cedaredge
people there were others in attendance
from Rogers Mesa and from Delta.
Newton Castle acted as auctioneer.
Cedaredge people wish the Colonel a
prosperous winter in California whither
he is soon going.
Mrs. C E. Springer this week sold
20 acres of land situated two miles
north of Cedaredge to Philip Weston of
Breckenridge, sor a cosideration of $800.
Wm. Hart has sold three acres of
land adjoining Cedaredge for the sum
$75 an acre without water. J. H. Sim
mons is tnc purchas?r aad has already
constructed a small rosidancc thereon.
J. B. Killian this week drove about
20 cars of fat cattle down from the
range and shipped them to the Kansas
city market. The animtls were in very
tine condition and will bring the top
pi ice on the mirket. A large number
of beef cattle will be shipped from
the valley this fall. i
When your lungs are tore and inflamed from coughing. Iff
■*sS la the time when the germs of PNEUMONIA, PLEURISY B
I and CONSUMPTION find lodgment and multiply. ■
I Honeyand jl
I atops the cough, heals and strengthens the : it con- I
H \ WWW/ 5 tains no harsh expectorants that strain at; <» the ||§
« }j V JOJr lungs, or opiates that cause constipation, a that ■
H retards recorery from a cold. FOLEY’S AND gf§
S MPy jHL TflJtJs a safe and never tailing remedy for .t and |
|BWCTjIJ The Beelers SaM h lad Oeatiaqrtlen- f rare. 9
I ' smnpSwl'JSfflwt no better until I used FOLEY” I'AR. 9
tSB mtl/llrmkfiWiMlSimnV I nsdBrrfIHBMBMnOB 11 h,, P* d tne right from the etert end stopped the : :he HI
H || min pain »»y lunfa end todey lam sound snd well. EH
■ 1111 l I »l I«111 111 one-halt times ae much aa the small else on," R
almost sis times aa much. RKFVSE M
PEOPLES’ *l W, "^sflT
Wm. Hart is build. n / i neat 6 roomed
residence on the sou L*.srn portion of
his land and just wes. of foe Hojfrefe’s
The house is to b* .n »iirn in every
respect and will be co n » ited this t'al
as the foundation is already started
Apple picking is it v v ill und : r
through the valley. T ie crop is
ceptionally fine and the growers .
receiving fair prices for this produ
The prices received ayerage from
to $1.50 per box acco ding to vari«
and quality. »
Caller Accepted Commonplace State
ment Too Literally.
In many rural districts there Is usu
ally one accommodating man. who is
called upon, gratuitously, too. to shave
when necessary, those who depart this
life. The writer remembers this cus
tom as in vogue at Plymouth, Me., a
small town off the railway in Penob
scot county, and a gentleman by the
name of Blanchard was usually sought
at such times.
One day an old gentleman had
passed, away and Mr. Blanchard was
sent for; the messenger, being in a
hurry himself, thought the occasion
demanded more signs of activity on
Mr. Blanchard’s part, and expressed
his mind to that effect to which ht
received the reply: “Well, he can
wait, can’t he?"
Very soon, however, the shaving kit
was gathered up and a start for the
work was made. When the house was
reached the daughter of the departed
one. thinking the call was made to in
quire her father's condition, came to
the door and said: "Well, father has
"Gone! • Where in h —1 has he
gone? I came over to shave hi in.’’ re
plied Mr. Blanchard. — Boston Herald.
Woman Writer Explains From What
Type She Drew Heroine.
Kate Jordan, the author of "Time,
the Comedian. ’* was asked by a seek
er after knowledge why it was that
the modern school of women writers
all take for their heroines a girl of
backbone and of steadfast purpose.
"The girl heroine.” said this critic,
"never discovers that she is beautiful
until she is 26."
"My heroine knew Just how she
looked, but she didn't care. After she
fell in love she began to care a lot.
That Is right and natural. You seem
o think women naturally are dishon
est. What less could a girl do in com
mon honesty than my heroine did?
Having money that she didn’t want
on account of its associations, and
hat she was not entitled to. she la
bored to restore It. Hundreds of men
are doing that thing every day. labor
ing honestly to repay their debts, and
yet you seem to think It remarkable
that a woman does It."
Pure Obstinacy.
A little girl who reads nature books,
studies natural history and is devoted
to pets, was discovered holding bunny
in her lap. trying to direct bis atten
tion to a book that she had and ever
and anon boxing his long ears vigor
ously. Auntie was shocked, of course,
and Inquired what was the moving
cause of such cruelty.
"He’s so stubborn." replied the little
“A rabbit stubborn! Why. child, I
never heard of such a thing. What Is
he stubborn about?"
"I’m trying to teach him the multi
plication table, and he just won’t try
to learn, nor even say It over after
me. Now. you say it, sir. 'Three times
two arc six—three times three arc
But the rabbit didn't say it. and
again auntie inquired Into her little
niece's conduct as two or three more
cuffs wore administered to tho poor
creature's all too convenient ears.
"Why. auntie," explained the girl,
“the hooka all say that rabbits multi
ply faster than any other animals, am 1
this obstinate little creature won’t
even go through the three times three
with me.” —Llpplncott's.
Be Sure to Use
of Tariff
:.li a!u
.:ag po Jwi j carries alu
the stomach unchan gee
jcientiils have positively
ier.ionStrated this and that
such food is partly indi
gestible and unhealthful.
Nil of Tragic Meaning. _
are these lines from J. H. Simmons, of
Casey. la. Think what might have re
suited from his terrible cough if he had
not taken the medicine about which he
writes: “I had a fearful cough, that
disturbed my night’s rest. I tried
everything, but nothing would relieve
it. until I took Dr. King’s New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, which completely cured me.”
Instantly relieves and i>ermanently
cures all throat and lung diseases; pre
vents grip and pneumonia. At all drug
gists: guaranteed; 50c and £1.00. Trial
bottle free.
Wonderful Restorative Force In As
pect of Cheerfulness.
There is a great restorative force in
cheerfulness. It is a sovereign reme
dy. The physician who can inspire
expectancy oi sum* thing better to
come, who can give you confidence In
jour power to overcome disease, and
cuu make you feel that it is a shame
for a man made to do u great work in
the world to he ailing, has very little j
use for drugs. Sick people do not re
alize how much their faith and confi
dence in physician have to do with .
theli cure. If he is cheerful, happy, j
hopeful, they feel huoyed up. sustain
ed by his very presence. They feel
the thrill of his splendid vitality, and
gutter strength from his courage.
They catch the contagion of his cheer
fulness and reflect his moods and ccjRu
dltion. Invalids who have draggt <!
along In misery for years have been
suddenly, as If by magic, lifted out of'
their bondage by the cheer and en
couragement which have come from
some unexpected good fortune. This
shows us how dependent the body is
upon the mind, how it sympathizes
with it and takes on Its colorings,
which ure represented in the different
functions.—O. S. Maiden in Success
Smm SushiMc Advice.
It may be a piece of superfluous ad
vice to urge people at this season of
the year to lay in a supply of Chamber
lain’s Cough Remedy. It is almost
sure to be needed before winter is over
and much more prompt and satisfac
tory results are obtained when taken
as soon as a cold is contracted and be
fore it has become settled in the sys
tem, which can only be done by keep
ing the remedy at hand. This remedy
is so widely known and so altogether
good that no one should hesitate about
buying it in preference to any other.
It is for sale by Peoples Pharmacy.
Unrfe Reuben Get Left No Matter
How the Market Went.
! 'I've alius hail a curiosity to know
j what a bucket shop was.” said Uncle
! Reuben as he got back from the city
; ami was waiting for his mail at the
; jxistoffice, "and when I got up town to
day I asked a policeman to direct me
; to one.
" Mister.* says I *o a teller when I
1 cot inside, 'is this what you call a
; bucket shop?’
" It is.’ he replied. ‘We keep all
kinds of buckets lure.*
“ "How much for a dozen?’
" Want to buy 'em on spec?’
" I reckon.*
*• ‘All right. You put tip $2 and
: route in half an hour later.’
"1 give up my $2 and took a stroll,
-aid Uncle Reuben, "and 1 was back
there within an hour.
" Thickets went down after you left.’
-a\s the feller, ‘and you've lost your
$2. Better put In two more and see if
you can't hit the* market.’
! handed over two more and took
! another stroll. When I got back the
feller says to nie:
" Buckets went up after you left
and you have lost your $2.’
" 'Buckets went down and I lost, and
bucket's wont up and I lost. How does
a feller ever make anything?’
“ 'Oh. you buy a well to go with
your bucket,’ says he. 'Gimme $4 and
lake another walk.’ ”
"But you didn’t?’ was asked.
"Not much! 1 hunted around and
found a place where they was holdin*
a markdown sale on hoi-water bags
and got a dozen for 50 cents apiece.
They beat buckets all lo smash for
carrvin' hot water around the house!’’
—Baltimore American.
Two Judge Thompson Stories.
Judge Thompson, who sat upon the
bench of the superior court of this
-tate for some years prior to his death
; stuttered dreadfully, but was a great
I joker, says a writer in the Boston
j Boston Herald.
The first case to l>e tried at a ses
sion of the superior court held at
Fitchburg, a short time prior to his
decease, had just been opened, the
plaintiffs attorney had said. ‘‘May it
please the court. Turning to the
judge he said:
"Can I trouble your honor.
‘‘N-N-N-No, Sir!” exploded the
“But I beg your honor's pardon. I
want to make a motion,” said the
"M-M-Mnke your motion, sir! You
j c c-can't trouble me.”
It was the same Judge Thompson
' who was met on the streets in Boston
by another lawyer with a lx*ok in his
hand. The lawyer asked him what
| the lK>ok was. The judge replied:
••T-T-Thompcon*s overruled c-c-cases.”
He had a copy of the latest volume of
the reports of the suuretue court.
Have Yon uves ipted Idaho!
It has truth! i'lin been termed THE
Land of Opportunities
In Mh i Soon
L x elled
Would y t more about
the stat- -xiKinK for a
new hon. .vrite* us. If
you are u*w mining
camp wi or ountain
folder, t
D. E. b 3PENCER,
G \ G. I* T. A.
O it.
itv Utah.
It so One Trip via
:: will convince you of the ::
; ; THROUGH Standard Puiman Sleepers, « *
, > - - Tourist Puiman Sleepers ; \
: * * - . Free Reclining Chair Cars < ►
- - High Back Seat Coaches J '
. ► Tc Kansas City, and St. Louis, Missouri. *
Through Ton rift t Puiman Sleeper* to Chicago. |
! ! Boftton and point ft Ead. Z
, ' • For furthur information address. ?
GW .FA. P A. T. P. A. t
J 1700 stout «t., Denver, Colorado. #
The Standard Visible Writer.
Its Record Has Never Been Equalled
I3S Wabash. Ave., Chicago. 111.
Only $25 I
To California. I
from Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
Ooillw Tickets on sale daily Sept. 15th to Oct. 31.
Good in chair cars, tourist sleepers or coaches.
Pn Tourist sleeper to California without change leaving
1 ® Denver daily at 8 y. m.
All the Way. Comfortable end economical.
Elegant Service on the Santa Fe.
Write J. P. HALL, of A. T, & 8. F. Ry,
1700 Lawrence St., Denver, Colo.
Union Pacific, Oregon
Short Line and
O. R. & N.
Lewis & Clark A rid* over tft* Owrtaad RnU I
■»•••• «ft* ad\Mtac* *1 avary
■odaf railroad c*ov*oi*oc« sad a
; Exposition is On ——a
June ist to October 15th,
Write for liatex and Information
O. B. BURLEY. O. P. a f, A. D. 8. SPENCER. A. O. P. a T. A.
Oregon Short Line Railroad Co.
Salt Laka City, Utah.

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