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11 w Sill
. i
and most novel sale of merchandise ever held in Delta. We expect to make an annual
feature of this sale from this date on and we want every person in this county to visit us
this week to see what real bargain giving is. Red price cards throughout the store tell a
tale of profit destruction that you can scarcely believe until you see it with your own
eyes. Every sale price for this week is 9c, and the goods selling formerly for 12, 15, 20,
25 and even 36 cents, have been made up in bargain lots and the price marked down to
9 cents. Q CENTS in flaming red is the mystic price that rules the hour. A dol
lar spent at the 9 cent sale will pay you the biggest interest a dollar ever brought. Come
and see how much goods you can carry away for it. This sale will last for one week and
possibly longer, but we want to urge you to come early, for many of these bargain lots
will go in a hurry.
Read Prices Below and Come
Silks for 9c Yard Domestic Dep’t Overalls 9c a Leg
*2OOO yards of Jap Silk, all colors and fancy 9“aVS"n U i^chT' shorl lem:l, "v Until all gone we will sell Underhill’s 50c
wash silks, worth up to 50 cents a yard 0, colorL-<1 c,1,c0 :,m: :v pant overall, double seams, copper riveted
black Satinc. colored percale, oil red %
Saturday afternoon only _ _ Qp “yiSi. 80 . inch wide ’ worlh '- c - var ' v lor Qr» 11 h'g or 18c a pair
10 yards to a customer. ” ” and 32 inch l pair to a customer
— ■ ——■■■■ ——— Good quality bed room towels, pr ‘.V ■ -
HOSIERY BARGAINS HANDKERCHIEFS All linen Hu ck.towd*,f u| l*i*c a Men’s Furnishings Wash Good* Department
Hero is where the magical 9-ccnt fig- Ladies white handkerchiefs 4 for !>c towchs'” or un ’ eac odTurkish ball Mens white linen collars our regular
ure shine, the brightest. Ladies colored border handkerchiefs Piil.m- .-a ,r," m.a. t i . 15c collar . 3c One lot of white striped and checked
* . ‘ ~, we r.., for— 3c £iS mßde ° f * ood ™“ , ‘" A big assortment of mens ties. 15 to Nainsook and Dimity 30 and 36 inch.
Ch'l ren b oa\y ri » •«* ° • Ladies extra good quality hemstitch- French check irincrbnm . 1 25 cent values 9c wide worth from 12c to 15c yard at 9c
black, worth 15c pair • ed colored border handkerchiefs 29c check nnd strinU? ’ color- Mens and boys suspenders, good 25c lnl . . .
Men’s fast black seamless, worth Ladiea white hemstitched hdkchf 29c Dark colored percale, worth 12 l-2e ' £“ ,ities 90 summer d£e£es?2 xlrdf laWns f °L
15c going at 9c Ladies 15*cent embroidered nnd lace a yard .... 9c Water proof collars, the 10c kind 29c
u • i .1 3c handkerchief 2 for 3c Mens canvas gloves 10c kind 2 3c 15 bolts of corded lawns, white and
Men. 15c quality tan hose .1 9c M<m , h . ntlkerchu . fs with NOTIONS r r- colors worth 15c a vard _ 3c
Men’s pray mixed hose worth 10c border and hemstitched 2 for Sc Just a few-we’ve many more iu-t . „ Toilet .soaps , , ,
pair 2 pair - 3c Men. extra K o«d 10-ccnt white hand- as good. Look for the 9-cent price fiat 9c w’d* f fawns 32 inches
Ladies fast black seamless hose kerchief all widths border 2 for 3c cal ? u P w, 7 , .a , wide, regular price 15c for 9c
-»»»■» MfcWSt! Str ,r ' b “’ ~
zt n lor A big lot of 5c soap big bars 3 bars 9c Laces and Embroidery
, at t/v. A Nnti«tnv A«r«i w Smoked and white pearl buttons do*9c —■■ .. ■■■■■ „ ,
Fancy atripo ribbons worth 10c yd moiions Again Smoked & white pearl buttons 2 doz9c Shoe Department One lot of fancy laces and insertion
9 yards for i,c , ai ‘ )rusa 5c Featherstitch ornid, 3 for 9c Quick White for canvas or duck worth up to Sc a yard, 2 vards... 9c
... . . it -. i NT.,- Pins, ‘.‘papers Pc Childs hand hags 9c shoes 9c
B 000 * Agate buttons 6 dozen Pc white bead necklace 9c Bixby’s Jet Oil for mens shoes or Lot of Valenciennes edging and in
,»nnd 2 > ards Pins 4 papers Pc toothpiek*. 2 boxe* 9c Bixby’s Royal Polish for womens portion. 4 yards Pc
10c. 12c, nnd 15c ribbons in both * i • * Crepe paper, 2 rolls Pc shoes q c
_i_r_ ..till fancy s trine ami IJrc>B shields Pc Black rubber dressing combs Pc . . e , , , . * Lot of one wide embroidery and in
pan color* and fanc> stripe an Dmi i%m f Croquet hooks bone or steel 5 for 9c ?'?, °q r sertion 1 1-2 yards 9c
I' I’-T ynnl Hooknuidcyc.4c.nt. Z Hose supporters 9. duck or tan. mcrccnxccpatent tip 9e ’
..... iiii ‘ u locket mirrors «v Mens, womens and childrens shoe
HAND COVERS White and black tape, 6 rolls 9c Mouth Harps 9c lace*. 6 pair for .. 9c n
300 fine white stand covers 30 inches ( <»llar forms 2 for 9e Sawing machine oil 9c Shoe brush and dauber 9c raper tS
square with dresser scarf to match 9c {£ * [ or . - * iv Ladles Collar, 36-inch curtain scrim 2 yards 9c
One lot of handsome stamped pillpw ~ .. " *■* ,c 10c toilet paper. 2 rolls 9o 16 dozen of the new linen turnover Wide ecru curtain scrim 15c quality
Inn. reeular nrice 2f,c on sale at 9c ” ou ™ in ? P in * 1 b " M ' a ! ‘c Small size safety pins 5 for 9c collars for ladies for 9c q..
1 h ‘ ... Wire hair pins 9 bunches 9c Carpet tacka 800 to box 2 boxes for !‘c ~ 1 ' . x
Embroidery outfit consisting of 112 x Black pins 2 ounces <io Tooth brush u.. Mstlonery 10 Patterns fancy silkoline, per vard
12 inch pure linen center piece 1 W|w hajr p|n> , • nvrio »«* »" 9e
akoln UicharfMn sem roi ery si . Large bone hair pins 4 for 9c fie pencil or ink tablets 3 for <v Memorandum books 2 for 9c Four foot oak curtain rods complete
1 agram e ' nnturnl stiml A big 15c box hair pins 9c 7c nnd 8c tablets 2 for iv Leather bound memorandum EhhiUs with fixtures 9c
1 color study showing natural shad- Kta col ivr buttons 2 for 9c 12c and 15c tablets iv worth 15c 9c Brass extension rods for sash cur
ing of flowers, all f6r— 8e Thimble* 2 for 9c Big pencil tablets it) for 9c Box paper and envelopes 9c tains 9c
ill uni ii ii imm
Successors to the GOLDEN RULE Store
Bits by the Editor.
The Montrose Enterprise says that
the Laborer is loaded for bear. Inci
dentally he adds that “there is to be
things doing.” Hurry lip, Mr. Hop
kins, the time is fast approaching and
vou don’t want to miss fire. This of
course, anent election.
There are several new business deals
‘ndincr which will go throueh to a fin
:=h if the Tax Payer’s ticket is elected.
T he deals will probablv be consumated
for the Taxpayer’s Ticket is now con
ceded to be the winner. And why
shouldn’t it be. Are not the majority of
business men and taxpayers behind it?
The Criterion editor is now a happy
father. He says his boy is a booster.
In that regard he has the privilege of
no distinction for there are many other
boosters. In fact it occurs to us that
all mankind are brought into this w’orld
with a good sized booster bump already
developed but before many years elapse
have passed often experience a decided
contraction of the bump.
j There is some exception being taken
to a squib in this paper last week con
i cerning the improvement on the main
| street of Delta. It is claimed th:t this
; work was done or instigated under the
' reign of a previous administration. All
right. We will give credit. Yet it is
also very noticeable these days that
many a man starts something and the
“other fellow’’ has to finish. This in
stance is an occasion of that sort. And
the “other fellow 1 ' is the present ad
If the people of Colorado are shown,
by true and conclusive evidence, that
the men at the head of the miners union
are responsible for many of the deaths
and murders which occured during the
recent trouble in the mining camps, will
Governor Peabody’s actions at that time
look as “ut constitutional” to many of
the commonwealth as they have appear
ed in the past? We believe that the
lawabiding citizens of the state will ex •
perience a change of feeling toward the
actions of the past administration, if
such be the case.
The Business Mens Ticket is sorely
afraid of C. S. Gibbs, nominee on the
Taxpayer’s Ticket for trustee. All
j sorts of tales have been rumored and
one is that Gibbs will not be seated if
j elected, it being illegal to hold two of
: rices at once. Mr. Gibbs is county
; sheriff. The law has been consulted on
1 this matter and there is no question
I but what Mr. Gibbs may be seated with
perfect impunity. There is no proviso
' which bars a man from holding the of
fice of a county official and one of the
town. This is final and all tales to the
contrary are wrong. So don’t be fooled
by any rumors that your vote on Gibbs
will be wasted. It will only swell his
; majority, already admitted by both
j parties to be a big one.
I The resignation of N. J. Bradley
from the nomination for town clerk is a
loss to the Town of Delta. Mr. Bradley
has been a well equipped and conscien
tious town officer for the past year and
no one doubted but what he would be
re-elected. The resignation of A. E.
Penley from a position with F. P. Hunt
& Co.. openeJ a position for Mr. Brad
j ley that he could well refuse to ignore.
| The stipend received by the Town
Clerk is not overly desirable. However
the Taxpayer’s ticket have selected
another nominee who will make a trust
worthy and efficient officer. His name
is Sam Mcßride. He is an efficient
man. well known and generally liked.
Give him your vote. He deserves it.
The Independent office experienced a
sensation the other day. It wus mob
bed. Not by a genuine, thrifty, h althy
mob but by one composed of the youn -
er set in the city. The government
supplied this office with a few packages
of free seeds. Very inopportunely, as
is now apparent, the office gave a few
packagi s to children whom it thought
would carry the seeds to parents. About
4 p. nv on Tuesday afternoon about one
half of the primary grade visited the
office anil each demanded a package.
There was an immediate slump in the
free seed market and the outlook
seemed bud for the while. We are
still doing business, however, but are
giving thanks.

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