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s-The Delta Independent. **
Entered at the Delta, Colorado, postoffice for transmission through the mails
as second class matter.
Miscellaneous Kates.
Resolutions of respect and condolence, obituraries, etc., 50c; for each addi
tional line over one inch 5c per line.
Card of thanks—61.00 for each insertion.
Display advertising rates made known on application.
Findley Duffield is the new edi
tor of the Delta Independent.
He is fin experienced publisher
and takes hold like a veteran.
Welcome to Delta county Mr.
Duffield—The Newspaper (Pao
The first issue of the Delta
INDEPENDENT under the manage
ment of Editor Duffieid made its
appearance this week. In his
introductory remarks the new
editor shows evidence of being a
long winded cuss. Here’s hoping
that many of the good things will
fall to his lot and that Delta will
grow to be a big city—Grand
Junction Herald.
Findley Duffield, an old lowa
friend of the editor of the Tri
bune, has purchased the Inde
pendent. of Delta, Colo., and
the first paper under his manage
ment was issued last week. Mr.
Duffield was for ten years editor
and publisher of the Record at
North English, lowa, and was
postmaster of that town for two
terms. He is a desirable citizen !
for any town anti a first-class j
newspaper man, and the people j
of Delta are assured a good news-1
paper so long as he is at the helm j
of the Independent!— Elbert
The Delta Independent this j
week changes hands and will,
hereafter bo published and edited
by Mr. Findley Duffield. We do;
not know Mr. I. fi old, hut opine!
from his introductory that he is j
a man of much experience in I
newspaper work yet a newcomer |
to this part of the world. Hej
promises to give the people of;
Delta county a good newspaper
and one which, incidentally, 1
will be of good, clean Republican j
principles. With the rest of the!
newspaper men of the Western j
Slope, Republican and Democrat!
—for they’re all good fellows—
we welcome Mr. Duffield and I
wish him all kinds of happiness
and prosperity in that garden j
spot of Colorado. Lake City j
Delta Independent is now in
the hands of Findley Duffield of
lowa. Mr. Duffield is an up-to
date man and we look for the
Independent to be kept up to the
standard of excellence set by
Rood. We are not advised what
Rood will do in the future but
wish him all the success possible
in whatever line he may choose
to work. Paonia Booster.
The Delta Independent has!
been purchased from L. VV.'
Kood by Findley Duffield and we
look forward to a rattling good i
paper in the future. Mr. Rood i
made a decided improvement in j
that sheet while he had charge, j
but we still look for greater j
things from Mr. Duffield. The]
Independent has a good field to j
work from and will surely im-j
prove under the proper manage
ment. Hotchkiss Herald.
The latest exchange to reach j
our desk is the Delta Independent j
of Delta, Colorado, and at the
head of the editorial column are
the words “Findley Duffield,
proprietor.” And Findley is back
in the harness again. We knew
he contemplated such an act, but
did not look for its consummation
just quite so soon. The people
of Delta are indeed fortunate to
have as good a newspaper man
as Findley Duffield guiding the
destinies of their town for we
know his ability to do that very
! thing and do it right. Words of
| praise for Findley as an editor J
and all around newspaper man
: would be superfluous. All who
' know him will coincide with that
j statement. We herewith append
an extract from his introductory
! which has the Duffield stamp
upon it and rings true.—North
English (Iowa) Record.
Editorial Briefs.
The Newspaper, published at
Paonia, celebrates the beginning |
of its third year by coming out
in enlarged size. Editor Rawaltj
gets out one of the neatest and j
best edited papers that comes to
this office.
It seems that a tempest in a
teapot has been stirred up at 1
Paonia over the disposition of
some ranchmen to use Japanese
labor. The Paonia papers j umped !
on to the idea with both feet and!
advertisements have been sent
all over the country in an effort
to obtain white labor. This is,
none of the INDEPENDENT’S!
affair, but we imagine the ranch
men will do about as they please
in regard to whom they employ. '
The writer has been on the East
ern Slope for several years where
much Jap labor is used in the,
cultivation of beets and we are
under the impression that they
are quite well thought of.
The Democratic state convention
will oe held in Denver September 11.
With almost a complete county ticket

to nominate this fall there are un
doubtedly numerous citiz-ena of the
county who aspire to the offices. We (
are accustomed to seeing prospective ,
candidates announce their intentions i
and we believe.it is a good plan as it
gives the people a chance to view the
field from the standpoint the best
selections. It is not going to do the
strong aspirant any harm> to let the
people know' that he want a- a certain
Advertised Letter Lise.
1 Letters remaining uncalled for in the
j postofiice at Delta, Colo., for the week ■
ending August 24, 1900.
.las. O. Hamilton, Wm. O. Olmsted. 1
| Mrs. Pat Sullivan Ross Thompson.
| < lid Wallace, Miss Katherine Watson.
• In calling for above letters please say
' “advertised.”
I -
j 8 per cent money to loan on short no- 1
i lice on all good applications.
Stephan & Obekt.
A Prize For The
Prize Baby? Oh No!!
For every Baby is
a Prize you know
And every one that
joins the Shov;
(C'ontiuunl from pajju 1.)
‘ and residence property located at the J
corner of Third street and Box Elder
avenue. This you know is to be the
site of the new Christian church. The |
- residence will be moved September
5 1 first to the rear end of the lots, and fit
ted up as a parsonage. The new mod
ern church building will then be erected
on the corner facing Third street and
Box Elder avenue.
From tli«> Herald.
I Mrs. Martha Willoughby, mother of
* Fred Willoughby, the local hotel man,
? has collected something over 83,000 in
• j surance from the Mutual Reserve Life |
[ Insurance company of New York.
M It now appears that Delta will have
two good papers since both have
changed hands in the past two months.
Delta deserves good papers and busi
ness men are willing to patronize them.
C. F. Wheeler, at Elberta, came near
losing his residence by fire on Tuesday
evening. A fire had been started in
the stove, which is in the canvas addi
tion, and in some way the roof caught. ,
1 The damage was slight.
C. Rutler yesterday purchased the
fine 400 acre ranch of Wm. McMil
lan, near Crawford, at 849’ per acre.
Mr. butler will still continue to supply
the needs of the people in the furniture
line. Mr. McMillan has another ranch
on which he will live.
The excellent write-up of the Surfac l *
Creek country in the Delta Independ
ent speaks well for the entsrpr se of
the new editor. In that one article
ihe said more for that country than
1 their home paper has since' it was
started. That is the kind of boosting
that the* country needs and %ve hope lo
j tee more of it in the future.
From tin* * 'riUTion.
Work on the bc<rt dump will lte?rm »jd
1 tea days. Lt will cost about
Or. Gish in having a nice residence
buMt on his lots in the Picker addition.
A. K Hawstn has the contract.
The schooliouse » being pair tad in
side. the walla-calcisained and othoawise .
put in good rtpair far the comingftusm.
W. E. Gallup of tlu» firm of Gallup &
Gyer,. plastereaa of Delta, has a force*
of workmen here executing sewcral
E. L. Youag bait returns aijty ;
double deck caro of ftheep shipped last
week. For lambs that averaged SSMba.
he received $7.36-per cwt. J
An agent of the M«w York Life- In
surance-Co. waa-here this week racking
settleraont on the fieath of Mt*3. Mat .
Patrick, The ;-mouot of the instance;
82,000, was paid* in full.
Edmonds A. Lx*e on Tuescicy. pur
-1 chased from Nettie E. Allen 27 uoros < T
! fine bottom land* the consideration be - ‘
i ing The la-id is located, aboub .
miles below. Olathe and is valuable |
j property. i
I by tite*end of this week tin potato <
shipments for the-preceding 10 days v;»U !
have-cached the total of 30 o« mere ; 1
| cars. The j,\u\d is extra Urge t'n»
; year., the tubers large and the quality I
i fine. The prevailing price in 03 cos£»
; andill.o ) poa-hundred.
.• Harton W. Marsh, of Momtrose, has i
j brought fcuit against A. M. Miles ot the j
! Western I and Jfe Investment Co., the
” Cfui.se beirg a mo.ioy demand for ?3,00T.
In connect'on with this a writ at
! taehment has been served upca Mr.
1 Niles. Mr. Marsh was formerly a mem
ber of Mr. Niles’ company and claims
that the foregoing amount is due him !
from the commissioners «*f: the concern, j
The Olathe Realty Ctv last week sold ,
| to Littrell & Paschal of lowa, 160 acres j
I of land on East mesa* belonging to C. j
|s. Ralston and R. 11. Nowell, of Bel- f
! laire, Ohio. The price was 83,200. Mr. !
i Littrell is a banker and Mr. Paschal is!
a farmer and both have much faith in
I the future of this section. This land is
! located one-half mile east of town and
j was purchased one year ago by Messrs.
Ralston and Nowell for 81,6)0. This
gives an idea of the rapid rise in the
value of Olathe real estate.
$12,000 Ranch Sold.
W. D. Nelson sold his 200 acre ranch
near Cory to Cripple Creek parties for
$12,000 spot cash. Delta county real
estate is sure to move lively from
now on.

For Kknt— Carson place, on Garnet
mesa, 5 rooms. Mrs. Byram Luce.
WINTON’S is the best
for domestic purposes-
It is clean and nice to hold fire. Will have plenty on hand,
both here and at the mines. Roads good to mines and no
mountains to pull.
Another thing to remember is that when you
buy Win ton's Coal you support a home industry
and your money pays for home labor that in
turn buys home products.
* HAY. •» GRAIN. - AND- FEED ♦
t ZEj. C. RIST :
t t
, Keeps everything in this
* line, including nil kinds of j
I ' +
t Poultry and Stock Food, Sulphurized Salt; l
i Ground Bone, Shells and prepared Bloodl ;
— - !•
+ Leave ac 1 elephone your irdcrs and. they will receive prompt attentions.
■l /' Yojl II see* there are the good qualities-
we 'ilainu for it scKctioa of gra !♦,
y 1 I rff.' deadlines* in handling am! storing, n>»-
■fefl : v/ () VI/ triticniH elements for horse and ratJll
/**Sr//nr: time econon ywork and weight -
W*/ »t (/ of the animals fed u; urs- it considered;
j* '* . Naturally we want n* big »tain* of y« tr
n wonucw idluiw !
At •Im.iuf* it luwl a lirsftlt
_ Thcrrwtiob » pUco in m*Sior htavti.
1 m fjk not a twk to nnuiUAd)tin««.
Vrl »bW—uut or*«c~.
5 I jL_ Tlnrci* ii(rtaiwlili>i>iT. )'c*x>wiin
11 M V 3=s ' Tli«rfM imluilifi'. i« (ini' Aovbiftli,
’1 lisUlkim a tfeatli'T n weiglSol! ■***•!>
j V.'uiM.ti ■ wimaii i: it.
I You TiJnn.. >.. y.Hir vrir... J.w. jt. youmwlf and >«m «iiuiw~ wti«-n >oa
8 onlorypitr <1 4Hn> innilu to tn«-:.>^rr-•*>'
r *®TflE HOME CAFE*- 5
5 = 5
> t
f Try Us Just Once. . Wc arc Contident ol Our Ability.
Oti. 4sb -and Main. - Datta, CJolo 4
> 5
I School Supplies
Here are some things that may be needed: S
Tablets, Pencils, Pens, Pen Holders, Ink. Rulers,
Erasers, Composition Books, Drawing Pencils,
Writing Paper, Etc.
You will avoid a great deal of inconvenience
by buying your School Supplies early. Later
the store will be crowded. Our assortment will
be complete and you can get what you want.
We have extended the time for the Prize
Competition on Ads until Aug. 22. Be sure
that you get in on this.
: The Seaton Drug Co.
t Delta’s Progressive Prescription Drvggists.
l. M
Professional Cards
Special attention gtren to
Preemption, Itenerl raaiid mod
Coal Pre-emption fllinga.
Desert Land Y'early Proof*, Pre emp*
1 tion Hoineetead and Deser Land Pina
Proofe taken,
Della Colorado
Mil. I. A 111) KAIHI.AM 11.
attorney at law,
I)BW S«mh Mil'll Ht.
| attorney-at-law.
!V« rllrrrn mtut v* «M«f Fnlernt f'uwrtm
h 2l ttol,r,e T s ‘ at ‘^ aw
* Real Estate, Loans and
* Insurance.
> Dr. H. K. (ilbln,
* J. I. tH lili I'k. Kelts. Colorado
► _
Rtoslrtun nnd Nurcfon
’ 1 wttli-i- In room, |ir»il"U»]> uciiitil.il
, j liy Hr Hunter.
Office idonc tied 2,2. Rcildtncc. Red c. 73
Physician and Surgeon.
Office >1 till, St. Drift,, l ulu
Physician & Surgeon.
Delta Colorado.
( ITice over Ste|4ian & Obert
Office 1 fount
; Office a 10 to 12 n. m.
liraiht *1 Pudding 2 to 4 p. m.
Veterinary Survcon and Dentist
IleulquarterH at
£unningham & Hornsby’it barn
Ham Phone Red 652
Rea. Phone Red fc-’KI
Delta Colorado
Repairing naatl; tlotio. DELTA, COLO
| W. R. GALE
I Contractor
and Builder
Plans made and
Estimates given on
All classes or buildings
Delta, Colorado
ii Gun and Bicycle f
! Repairing. |
if 1 braze cant iron, cun hraze cunt 5
! jj >ron and Btoel together. 2
j Melt, Rubber NlnmpN to order |
! I KtiiveK, Shourn, Sleateß nnd \
j edged toole Hhurpcned. If you I
« have anything that needs re- 2
1 | pairing bring it in. B
jjj Now* Hied and Mel. i

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